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Divots Bar quotes by Frigyes Karinthy
#1. My head ached. I was thinking of the pain, and wondering how it was possible for physical agony to be so intense. I had never imagined that such a torture could be endured. Yet here was I, both conscious and able to think clearly. And not only to think, but to observe the process and make calculations about it. The steel circle round my skull was closing in with faint cracking noises. How much farther could it shrink? I counted the cracking sounds. Since I took the triple dose of pain-killer, there had been two more. …I took out my watch and laid it on the table.

"Give me morphia," I said in a calm, hostile, icy tone.

"You mustn't take morphia! You know perfectly well. The very idea! And what are you doing with that watch?"

"You will give me morphia within three minutes."

They looked me uneasily up and down. No one moved. Three minutes went by. Then ten more. I slipped the watch calmly into my pocket and rose unsteadily to my feet.

"Then take me to the Fiakker Bar. They say it's a good show, and to-night I want to enjoy myself."

The others jumped up with a feeling of relief.

I never confessed the secret to anyone, either then or afterwards. I had made up my mind at the end of those three minutes - for the first and last time in my life - that if my headache had not stopped within the next ten I should throw myself under the nearest tram.

It never came out whether I should have kept to #Quote by Frigyes Karinthy
Divots Bar quotes by Dana Gould
#2. Whoever thought to name a candy bar Butterfinger has either never seen Last Tango In Paris or seen it far too many times. #Quote by Dana Gould
Divots Bar quotes by John Boehner
#3. I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working odd jobs and night shifts. I poured my heart and soul into a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office. #Quote by John Boehner
Divots Bar quotes by Ben Fountain
#4. Hummer with six doors to a side and black-tinted windows for maximum privacy. "What I'm talking a-bout!" cried Sergeant Dime as he pounced on the bar, everyone whooping over all the pimp finery, but after destroying all hopes for a quick recovery Billy subsides into a gnarled, secret funk. "Billy," says #Quote by Ben Fountain
Divots Bar quotes by Noah Hawley
#5. Two nights later, she was out with some work friends at a blue-plate hipster joint near the L train when she spotted Doug. He had a heavy beard and wore overalls. She liked his eyes, the way they crinkled when he smiled. When he came up to the bar for another pitcher, she struck up a conversation. He told her he was a writer who avoided writing by hosting elaborate dinner parties. His apartment was full of obscure food prep machinery, vintage pasta rollers and a three-hundred-pound cappuccino machine he'd rebuilt screw by screw. #Quote by Noah Hawley
Divots Bar quotes by Neal Stephenson
#6. Hey, Hiro," the black-and-white guy says, "you want to try some Snow Crash?"
A lot of people hang around in front of The Black Sun saying weird things. You
ignore them. But this gets Hiro's attention.
Oddity the first: The guy knows Hiro's name. But people have ways of getting
that information. It's probably nothing.
The second: This sounds like an offer from a drug pusher. Which would be normal
in front of a Reality bar. But this is the Metaverse. And you can't sell drugs
in the Metaverse, because you can't get high by looking at something.
The third: The name of the drug. Hiro's never heard of a drug called Snow Crash
before. That's not unusual -- a thousand new drugs get invented each year, and
each of them sells under half a dozen brand names.
But a "snow crash" is computer lingo. It means a system crash -- a bug -- at
such a fundamental level that it frags the part of the computer that controls
the electron beam in the monitor, making it spray wildly across the screen,
turning the perfect gridwork of pixels into a gyrating blizzard. Hiro has seen
it happen a million times. But it's a very peculiar name for a drug.
The thing that really gets Hiro's attention is his confidence. He has an
utterly calm, stolid presence. It's like talking to an asteroid. Which would
be okay if he were doing something that made the tiniest little bit of sense.
Hiro's trying to read some clues in the #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Divots Bar quotes by Dennis Miller
#7. Ray Lewis knifed through those offensive linemen like a sucker-punch switchblade slicing between the ribs of some inebriated trash-talking punk outside a sports bar. #Quote by Dennis Miller
Divots Bar quotes by Karina Halle
#8. You can take me to the shittiest restaurant or bar and I'll seriously be happy if I can sit at a booth. I don't even have to drink. Sitting is one of life's most underrated pleasures. #Quote by Karina Halle
Divots Bar quotes by David Foster Wallace
#9. You want to know the story? I'd be happy to tell you. I think I have just enough caloric energy stored up to make it through the telling of the tale. It's short. I am monstrously fat. I am a glutton. My wife was disgusted and repulsed. She gave me six months to lose one hundred pounds. I joined Weight Watchers . . . see it there, right across the street, that gaunt storefront? This afternoon was the big six-month weigh-in. So to speak. I had gained almost seventy pounds in the six months. An errant Snickers bar fell out of the cuff of my pants and rolled against my wife's foot as I stepped on the scale. The scale over there across the street is truly an ingenious device. One preprograms the desired new weight into it, and if one has achieved or gone below that new low weight, the scale bursts into recorded whistles and cheers and some lively marching-band tune. Apparently, tiny flags protrude from the top and wave mechanically back and forth. A failure--see for instance mine--results in a flatulent dirge of disappointed and contemptuous tuba. To the strains of the latter my wife left, the establishment, me, on the arm of a svelte yogurt distributor whom I am even now planning to crush, financially speaking, first thing tomorrow morning. Ms. Beadsman, you will find an eclair on the floor to the left of your chair. Could you perhaps manipulate it onto this plate with minimal chocolate loss and pass it to me. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Divots Bar quotes by Zara Keane
#10. The bar door creaked open. "Jaysus, Ruairi. You've not gone and pissed off your new girlfriend before you've had a chance to shag her? #Quote by Zara Keane
Divots Bar quotes by J.D. Robb
#11. She didn't want the medi-techs. She wanted a fucking candy bar. [ ... ] She reached down [ ... ] and chose a Galaxy bar [ ... ] "I'm going home." "You didn't pay for that," Francois shouted after her. "Fuck you, Frank," she shouted back and kept going. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Divots Bar quotes by Mal Peet
#12. History is the heavy traffic that prevents us from crossing the road. We're not especially interested in what it consists of. We wait, more or less patiently, for it to pause, so that we can get to the liquor store or the laundromat or the burger bar. #Quote by Mal Peet
Divots Bar quotes by James Cameron
#13. James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is ... James Cameron. #Quote by James Cameron
Divots Bar quotes by Jim Knight
#14. The changing economic situation, the changing global market means it is understandable that employers are constantly raising the bar. It is challenging the education system to come up with ever higher standards to meet the expectation of employers. #Quote by Jim Knight
Divots Bar quotes by Herman Melville
#15. Where do murderers go, man! Who's to doom, when the judge himself is dragged to the bar? #Quote by Herman Melville
Divots Bar quotes by Aries Spears
#16. I think Chappelle set the bar when he came out with his show. To be as great as him or greater you have to push it a little further - as long as there's substance in terms of the material. #Quote by Aries Spears
Divots Bar quotes by Ophelia London
#17. Hooking up with a tall, dark stranger in a bar wasn't anywhere on her to do-do list, but as she eyed those broad shoulders, the thick neck, strong-looking hands, and gorgeous mouth ...
What the hell, maybe he should be on the top of her "to-do" list. #Quote by Ophelia London
Divots Bar quotes by Marc Bolan
#18. I tend to play a lot of blues things at home, because most blues things are basically within a 12-bar pattern. #Quote by Marc Bolan
Divots Bar quotes by Ricki-Lee Coulter
#19. Music is my number one, it's my life, it's my everything. I'm enjoying challenging myself; I want to raise the bar and set a new standard for Australian pop artists. #Quote by Ricki-Lee Coulter
Divots Bar quotes by Darcey Steinke
#20. For awhile, staring at my paper bag of clothes, my freaked-out eyes in the mirror behind the bar, I convinced myself I would go back to Bell. He was the only man that ever made me feel in life instead of just a spectator, and if he did that by fear and pain, it was still better then when I looked numbly at some man on the couch thinking, I will leave you soon. #Quote by Darcey Steinke
Divots Bar quotes by Thomas Jordan Jarvis
#21. I use the term bar-room to represent every means for the sale and traffic in liquor, and I earnestly appeal to the people to put an end to the traffic, no matter under what name or guise it may be carried on. #Quote by Thomas Jordan Jarvis
Divots Bar quotes by Nina Bawden
#22. The train we had so confidently boarded had been speeding at almost 100 miles an hour and it had derailed. Someone, I can't remember who, showed me a newspaper photograph of the carriage we had been sitting in tilted on its side on a station platform next to a large notice that said Welcome to Potters Bar. #Quote by Nina Bawden
Divots Bar quotes by Jill Shalvis
#23. He handed her the other half of his candy bar.
She stared at it like it was a brick of gold. "I'm on a diet." But she took it. "A see-food diet, apparently. I see food and I eat it. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Divots Bar quotes by Andrew Luck
#24. I think chocolate in moderation is not bad for you, but I eat way too much. I tell myself I'm going to eat two squares, and then I end up eating half a big bar. #Quote by Andrew Luck
Divots Bar quotes by Neal Stephenson
#25. The uniform has a hundred pockets, big flat pockets for deliveries and eensy narrow pockets for gear, pockets sewn into sleeves, thighs, shins. The equipment stuck into these multifarious pockets tends to be small, tricky, lightweight: pens, markers, penlights, penknives, lock picks, bar-code scanners, flares, screwdrivers, Liquid Knuckles, bundy stunners, and lightsticks. A calculator is stuck upside-down to her right thigh, doubling as a taxi meter and a stopwatch. On #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Divots Bar quotes by Drew Carey
#26. Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so?
There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar. #Quote by Drew Carey
Divots Bar quotes by James Baldwin
#27. Many have given up. They stay home and watch the TV screen, living on the earnings of their parents, cousins, bothers, or uncles, and only leave the house to go to the movies or to the nearest bar. "How're you making it?" on may ask, running into them along the block, or in the bar. "Oh, I'm TV-ing it"; with the saddest, sweetest, most shamefaced of smiles, and from a great distance. This distance one is compelled to respect; anyone who has traveled so far will not easily be dragged again into the world. There are further retreats, of course, than the TV screen or the bar. There are those who are simply sitting on their stoops, "stoned," animated for a moment only, and hideously, by the approach of someone who may lend them the money for a "fix." Or by the approach of someone from whom they can purchase it, one of the shrewd ones, on the way to prison or just coming out. #Quote by James Baldwin
Divots Bar quotes by Count Basie
#28. I don't dig that two-beat jive the New Orleans cats play. My boys and I have to have four heavy beats to the bar and no cheating. #Quote by Count Basie
Divots Bar quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#29. Vee is my un-twin. She's green-eyed, milky blond, and a few pounds over curvy. I'm a smoky-eyed brunette with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatiron. And I'm all legs, like a bar stool. But there is an invisible thread the ties us together; both of us swear that tie began long before birth. Both of us swear it will continue to hold for the rest of our lives. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Divots Bar quotes by James Corden
#30. Look at bread, and see it as a Dairy Milk Cadbury's chocolate bar, and say to yourself, 'OK, you don't need that.' Bread is bad. #Quote by James Corden
Divots Bar quotes by A.J. Walters
#31. Both of us take a moment to put our thoughts in order. I'm staring down at my glass when the pause in conversation is interrupted. "Come with me, now!"

He grabs hold of my drink just as I'm about to take a swig, and puts it back down on the bar before dragging me off the stool. I was really looking forward to that as well! However, he doesn't give me much choice as he downs what he had left in his glass and leaves the new pint untouched. Intensity flickers in his eyes. #Quote by A.J. Walters
Divots Bar quotes by Michael Montoure
#32. In the dim light of the closed bar, he thought at first it was silver, but as he reached inside and held it up, he saw that it was a gleaming white, so dazzling he knew he had never properly seen the color white before, only paler, inferior shades. #Quote by Michael Montoure
Divots Bar quotes by Charles Dickens
#33. system. I mustn't look to individuals. It's the system. I mustn't go into court and say, 'My Lord, I beg to know this from you - is this right or wrong? Have you the face to tell me I have received justice and therefore am dismissed?' My Lord knows nothing of it. He sits there to administer the system. I mustn't go to Mr. Tulkinghorn, the solicitor in Lincoln's Inn Fields, and say to him when he makes me furious by being so cool and satisfied - as they all do, for I know they gain by it while I lose, don't I? - I mustn't say to him, 'I will have something out of some one for my ruin, by fair means or foul!' HE is not responsible. It's the system. But, if I do no violence to any of them, here - I may! I don't know what may happen if I am carried beyond myself at last! I will accuse the individual workers of that system against me, face to face, before the great eternal bar! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Divots Bar quotes by Hugh Jackman
#34. I once sang 'Summer Nights,' from 'Grease,' at a bar in Melbourne with John Travolta, who's a good friend of mine. He looked cool singing the part of Danny - sitting in an armchair, smoking a cigar - while I got stuck playing Sandy. #Quote by Hugh Jackman
Divots Bar quotes by Jodi Picoult
#35. Cards seven and eight were the enemies plotting against him.
"These are both great cards," I said. "This is a child who's important to you, and who brings balance to your life."
"I don't really know any kids."
"A brother or sister?" I asked. "No nieces, nephews?"
"Not even a cousin."
I started scrubbing down the bar, although it was perfectly clean. "Then maybe it's yours," I said, "Sometime."
His hand crossed the wood, fingered the card. "What's she don't to look like?"
The suit was Cups. "Light-skinned and dark-haired."
"Like you," he said.
I blushed, and busied myself by turning over the last card. "This lets you know if your wish will come true, or if all those other things will get in the way."
The card was the Seven of Cups - a wedding or alliance he would regret for the rest of his life. "So?" Charlie asked, and his voice rang with the future. "Do I get what I want?"
"Absolutely", I lied, and then I leaned across the bar and kissed him over the map of our lives. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Divots Bar quotes by M. Leighton
#36. I nearly swallow my tongue when Cash pops up from behind the bar. "You must be Olivia."
"Holy mother of hell!" I say, grabbing my chest to still my racing heart.
He laughs. "With a mouth like that, you'll fit right in here."
If I weren't so surprised, I'd probably take exception to that comment. Instead, I laugh.
"You bring out the worst in me. What can I say? #Quote by M. Leighton
Divots Bar quotes by Valerio Varesi
#37. All that remained for him was the Po, his landscape, the mist and that little corner of his past which opened up inside the doors of Il Sordo (a local bar). #Quote by Valerio Varesi

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