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Disciplining Employees quotes by Rachel Maddow
#1. The American public doesn't mourn contractor deaths the way we do the deaths of our soldiers. We rarely even hear about them. Private companies are under no obligation to report when their employees are killed while, say, providing armed security to tractor-trailer convoys running supplies into Iraq. In the 1991 Gulf War, the United States employed one private contract worker for every one hundred American soldiers on the ground; in the Clinton-era Balkans, it neared one to one - about 20,000 privateers tops. In early 2011, there were 45,000 US soldiers stationed inside Iraq, and 65,000 private contract workers there. #Quote by Rachel Maddow
Disciplining Employees quotes by Brian Roberts
#2. I'm a spreadsheet guy. But you get to that moment of truth, and it has nothing to do with a spreadsheet. You've got to factor in what your competitors are doing, what the technology is doing, what your shareholders want, what your employees want, what your customers want, and you've got to make it happen sometimes. #Quote by Brian Roberts
Disciplining Employees quotes by Devin Nunes
#3. Pointing out that overspending on public-employee benefits leads to fiscal instability does not mean that public employees are bad people or that they deserve to fall on hard times; it's just observing a simple truth. #Quote by Devin Nunes
Disciplining Employees quotes by Brad Wilkerson
#4. Sure, companies say they're sensitive to their employees' cultural heritages, but show up on casual Friday wearing a necklace made from the ears of your vanquished enemies and all hell breaks loose. #Quote by Brad Wilkerson
Disciplining Employees quotes by Terry Gross
#5. Dad mistook - for some reason unbeknownst to me - he mistook his family for a platoon of Marines. I mean, he - the exact same thing he brought to the disciplining of a squadron, a battalion, a platoon, he brought to the disciplining of his children. He ran the house - he had Saturday morning inspections for us, he had white-glove inspections for us as kids. #Quote by Terry Gross
Disciplining Employees quotes by James F. Bell, III
#6. Management, in the sense of employer, is merely the agent for the public, the stockholders and the employees. It is management's job to preserve the balance fairly between all these interests, that each may have his fair share without imperiling the continuity of the effort upon which the whole depends. #Quote by James F. Bell, III
Disciplining Employees quotes by Stephan Pastis
#7. Perhaps it is a secret yearning of all Hallmark employees to use the phrase 'you big fat pain in the butt' in an anniversary card. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Disciplining Employees quotes by Patrick Lencioni
#8. In order to be the kind of leader who demonstrates genuine interest in employees and who can help people discover the relevance of their work, a person must have a level of personal confidence and emotional vulnerability. #Quote by Patrick Lencioni
Disciplining Employees quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#9. Typically, my eighteen-month plan sets goals on two fronts. First and most important, I set targets for what my team can accomplish. Employees who concentrate on results and impact are the most valuable - like #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Disciplining Employees quotes by Jack Markell
#10. As one of the first employees at a small cellular phone start-up called Nextel, I gained firsthand experience in how a business grows from an idea to a company that, at its peak, employed many thousands. #Quote by Jack Markell
Disciplining Employees quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#11. She never says gracias because life is made of survival not grace, she says, and servants are paid to bring what they're asked. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Disciplining Employees quotes by Jack Ma
#12. A leader should never compare his technical skills with his employee's. #Quote by Jack Ma
Disciplining Employees quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#13. The grandeur of the opera house thrilled Laura too. It took thousand of employees to keep such a vast place running. There were hundreds of artists involved behind the scenes - stagehands, electricians, set builders, property masters, costumers, dressers, wigmakers, and milliners.
There is a beehive under every pot of honey on the island of Manhattan, thought Enza. #Quote by Adriana Trigiani
Disciplining Employees quotes by Kathryn Harrison
#14. I was the good girl who never needed disciplining, who made straight A's. I applied and was accepted to Stanford University. #Quote by Kathryn Harrison
Disciplining Employees quotes by Jack Welch
#15. Ninety-nine point nine percent of all employees are in the pile because they don't think. #Quote by Jack Welch
Disciplining Employees quotes by Stephen Potter
#16. Remember the basic rule. Make friends with your caddie and the game will make friends with you. How true this is. It is easy to arrange that your guest opponent shall be deceived in to undertipping his caddie at the end of the morning round, so that the news gets round among the club employees that your opponent is a no good, and the boys will gang up against him. #Quote by Stephen Potter
Disciplining Employees quotes by Keith Rabois
#17. If people start going to a desk, some one individual employees desk and they don't report to them ... it's a sign that they believe that person can help them. So if you see that consistently, those are your barrels. Just promote them, give them more opportunity as fast as you can. #Quote by Keith Rabois
Disciplining Employees quotes by Adeline Yen Mah
#18. To celebrate his prosperity, fellow employees and friends urged him to take a young concubine to "serve him". Even Ye Ye's boss, the London-educated K. C. Li, jokingly volunteered to "give" him a couple of girls with his bonus. Ye Ye reported all this in a matter-of-fact way in a letter to his wife, adding touchingly that he was a "one-woman man". #Quote by Adeline Yen Mah
Disciplining Employees quotes by John G. Miller
#19. Don't get me wrong, loyalty is an admirable quality. But the number of years one has been around does not automatically equate with being a good leader, any more than does merely having the title of manager or vice president. And certainly the things we acquire- fine cars, nice homes- are not measures of our leadership ability.
Leadership, more than anything else, is about the way we think. It's a moment-to-moment disciplining of our thoughts. It's about practicing personal accountability and choosing to make a positive contribution, no matter what out role or "level". #Quote by John G. Miller
Disciplining Employees quotes by Cate Marvin
#20. My day does not truly begin until I've acquired and consumed a 32-ounce Big Gulp of diet coke from 7-Eleven. It's the Big Gulp that's important, not 7-Eleven, where I find the employees rather disagreeable. #Quote by Cate Marvin
Disciplining Employees quotes by Simon Winchester
#21. According to an equally lovingly preserved English translation of the prospectus, the purpose of Ibuka's firm was "to establish an ideal factory that stresses a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, and where engineers with sincere motivation can exercise their technological skills to the highest level." We shall, he pledged, "eliminate any unfair profit-seeking exercises" and "seek expansion not only for the sake of size." Further, "we shall carefully select employees ... we shall avoid to have [sic] formal positions for the mere sake of having them, and shall place emphasis on a person's ability, performance and character, so that each #Quote by Simon Winchester
Disciplining Employees quotes by Fran Tarkenton
#22. Profit isn't and shouldn't be the mission of business. The mission of business is to help people. To help your customers, your co-workers, your employees, and your partners. Success is not a number - it's not X dollars or Y customers - it's a measurement of VALUE. #Quote by Fran Tarkenton
Disciplining Employees quotes by Robert Reich
#23. Public employees should have the right to bargain for better wages and working conditions, just like all employees do. #Quote by Robert Reich
Disciplining Employees quotes by Roman Collins
#24. For many years, it was believed that the pyramids were created on the sweat, blood and tears of slaves (with Hollywood often portraying this notion in films) but instead, we now know that they were built by a specialized team of around 5000 permanent employees and aided by up to 20,000 men on a temporary basis. These temporary employees would provide labor and other skills for around four months before being sent home. The #Quote by Roman Collins
Disciplining Employees quotes by James Comey
#25. I laid out my five expectations that first day [as FBI Director] and many times thereafter:

I expected [FBI employees] would find joy in their work. They were part of an organization devoted to doing good, protecting the weak, rescuing the taken, and catching criminals. That was work with moral content. Doing it should be a source of great joy.

I expected they would treat all people with respect and dignity, without regard to position or station in life.

I expected they would protect the institution's reservoir of trust and credibility that makes possible all their work.

I expected they would work hard, because they owe that to the taxpayer.

I expected they would fight for balance in their lives.

I emphasized that last one because I worried many people in the FBI worked too hard, driven by the mission, and absorbed too much stress from what they saw. I talked about what I had learned from a year of watching [a previous mentor]. I expected them to fight to keep a life, to fight for the balance of other interests, other activities, other people, outside of work. I explained that judgment was essential to the sound exercise of power. Because they would have great power to do good or, if they abused that power, to do harm, I needed sound judgment, which is the ability to orbit a problem and see it well, including through the eyes of people very different from you. I told them that although I wasn't sure where it ca #Quote by James Comey
Disciplining Employees quotes by Robert Reich
#26. Well-trained and dedicated employees are the only sustainable source of competitive strength. #Quote by Robert Reich
Disciplining Employees quotes by Jose Saramago
#27. The distribution of tasks among the various employees follows a simple rule, which is that the duty of the members of each category is to do as much work as they possibly can, so that only a small part of that work need be passed to the category above. This means that the clerks are obliged to work without cease from morning to night, whereas the senior clerks do so only now and then, the deputies very rarely, and the Registrar almost never. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Disciplining Employees quotes by Kent Alan Robinson
#28. People act in ways to maximize their self-interest within a company, so create incentives that align employee's objectives with the organization's mission statement. Reward compliance with core values as much as profitability, especially in the face of competitive pressures. #Quote by Kent Alan Robinson
Disciplining Employees quotes by Bill Shorten
#29. Modern Australian trade unionism and the unionist that I am doesn't rely on a class war view that somehow that the interests of employees and managers are in two separate spheres and they're irreconcilable. I believe that when people can go to work and be happy, satisfied, engaged, where the employer is getting employees who feel their interests are aligned with the employer, you get productivity. This is the future of Australian workplaces. #Quote by Bill Shorten
Disciplining Employees quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#30. How do people get to this clandestine Archipelago? Hour by hour planes fly there, ships steer their course there, and trains thunder off to it--but all with nary a mark on them to tell of their destination. And at ticket windows or at travel bureaus for Soviet or foreign tourists the employees would be astounded if you were to ask for a ticket to go there. They know nothing and they've never heard of the Archipelago as a whole or any one of its innumerable islands.

Those who go to the Archipelago to administer it get there via the training schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Those who go there to be guards are conscripted via the military conscription centers.

And those who, like you and me, dear reader, go there to die, must get there solely and compulsorily via arrest.

Arrest! Need it be said that it is a breaking point in your life, a bolt of lightning which has scored a direct hit on you? That it is an unassimilable spiritual earthquake not every person can cope with, as a result of which people often slip into insanity?

The Universe has as many different centers as there are living beings in it. Each of us is a center of the Universe, and that Universe is shattered when they hiss at you: "You are under arrest."

If you are arrested, can anything else remain unshattered by this cataclysm?

But the darkened mind is incapable of embracing these dis­placements in our universe, and both the mo #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Disciplining Employees quotes by Stephen Covey
#31. Only 20 percent of employees working in large organizations surveyed feel their strengths are in play every day. Thus, eight our of ten employees surveyed feel somewhat miscast in their role. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Disciplining Employees quotes by Sam Harris
#32. Countries with high levels of atheism are also the most charitable both in terms of the percentage of their wealth they devote to social welfare programs and the percentage they give in aid to the developing world. The dubious link between Christian literalism and Christian values is belied by other indices of social equality. Consider the ratio of salaries paid to top-tier CEOs and those paid to the same firms' average employees: in Britain it is 24:1; in France, 15:1; in Sweden, 13:1; in the United States, where 80 percent of the population expects to be called before God on Judgment Day, it is 475:1. Many a camel, it would seem, expects to pass easily through the eye of a needle. #Quote by Sam Harris
Disciplining Employees quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#33. To be enslaved then, you needed to be ignorant. To be enslaved today, you need to be knowledgeable. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Disciplining Employees quotes by Joel E. McPhee
#34. Engaging employees and connecting with #Quote by Joel E. McPhee
Disciplining Employees quotes by Robert Peston
#35. The New Capitalism (arising from the global economic downturn) ... those running our biggest commercial businesses will have to be more visible. They'll have to manifest a genuine understanding not only of the anxieties of their employees but of all taxpayers. Those chief executives who succeed will be those who imbue in their businesses very simple, commonsense standards of decency #Quote by Robert Peston
Disciplining Employees quotes by Scott Weiss
#36. As a decision maker, you rely on information being passed to you by the people who report to you. As the CEO, however, you cannot rely solely on this information. You also need to 'dip' down into your organization and learn directly from employees at all levels and virtually all skill sets. #Quote by Scott Weiss
Disciplining Employees quotes by John J. Sarno
#37. When a chief executive says, 'people are our most important asset' he (almost always 'he' since by 2008, only 12 of the Fortune 500 companies had CEOs who were women)is really speaking of a small percentage of the firm's employees. Everyone else is merely labor cost. #Quote by John J. Sarno
Disciplining Employees quotes by Sam Altman
#38. I believe in fighting with investors to reduce the amount of equity they get and then being as generous as you possibly can with employees. #Quote by Sam Altman
Disciplining Employees quotes by Alex Berenson
#39. Most unfortunately, Enron's plunge into bankruptcy court also cost many of its rank-and-file employees their savings. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Disciplining Employees quotes by Anonymous
#40. Find ways for people to shape their work and the company In addition to stripping leaders of the traditional tools of power and relying on facts to make decisions, we give Googlers uncommon freedom in shaping their own work and the company. Google isn't the first to do so. For over sixty-five years, 3M has offered its employees 15 percent of their time to explore: "A core belief of 3M is that creativity needs freedom. That's why, since about 1948, we've encouraged our employees to spend 15% of their working time on their own projects. To take our resources, to build up a unique team, and to follow their own insights in pursuit of problem-solving."103 Post-it Notes famously came out of this program, as did a clever abrasive material, Trizact, which somehow sharpens itself as it's used. #Quote by Anonymous
Disciplining Employees quotes by Milton Berle
#41. My brother applied for work, but was told by the company that it had more employees than it needed. My brother said, "Don't worry. The little bit of work I do won't be noticed !!!" #Quote by Milton Berle
Disciplining Employees quotes by Trey Gowdy
#42. I don't like bonuses for public services employees who do great jobs, like prosecutors or judges. #Quote by Trey Gowdy
Disciplining Employees quotes by Sam Altman
#43. Most great companies in tech have been built by personal referrals for the first ... at least 100 employees and often many more. #Quote by Sam Altman

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