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Discipline Yourself quotes by Arthur Lydiard
#1. It's just a matter of understanding what's necessary and discipline yourself to do it. #Quote by Arthur Lydiard
Discipline Yourself quotes by Peter Lynch
#2. The trick is not to learn to trust your gut feelings, but rather to discipline yourself to ignore them. Stand by your stocks as long as the fundamental story of the company hasn't changed. #Quote by Peter Lynch
Discipline Yourself quotes by Gautama Buddha
#3. You are your own master, you make your own future. Therefore discipline yourself as a horse-dealer trains a thoroughbred #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Discipline Yourself quotes by Joel Stein
#4. It's hard to discipline yourself not to explain yourself or apologize. #Quote by Joel Stein
Discipline Yourself quotes by John Wooden
#5. Discipline yourself - so others don't have to. #Quote by John Wooden
Discipline Yourself quotes by Mark F. LaMoure
#6. Excellence begins in the mind. Discipline yourself to be an excellent person at what you want. Everything big, once started little. #Quote by Mark F. LaMoure
Discipline Yourself quotes by Anonymous
#7. Wine and women make wise men dote and forsake God's law and do wrong.
However, the fault is not in the wine, and often not in the woman. The fault is in the one who misuses the wine or the woman or other of God's crations. Even if you get drunk on the wine and through this greed you lapse into lechery, the wine is not to blame but you are, in being unable or unwilling to discipline yourself. And even if you look at a woman and become caught up in her beauty and assent to sin [= adultery; extramarital sex], the woman is not to blame nor is the beauty given her by God to be disparaged: rather, you are to blame for not keeping your heart more clear of wicked thoughts ... If you feel yourself tempted by the sight of a woman, control your gaze better ... You are free to leave her. Nothing constrains you to commit lechery but your own lecherous heart. #Quote by Anonymous
Discipline Yourself quotes by Elizabeth George
#8. To live out God's plan for your life calls for you to discipline yourself ... and your body. To push yourself. To deny yourself. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Discipline Yourself quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#9. No matter how sweet is smells, if you know it will give you a discomfort later, don't even attempt to taste it. Discipline yourself to stay out of sin! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Discipline Yourself quotes by Billy Graham
#10. Don't give Satan a foothold, but discipline yourself to stay close to God. He alone is your security. #Quote by Billy Graham
Discipline Yourself quotes by John Wooden
#11. Discipline yourself so others won't have to. #Quote by John Wooden
Discipline Yourself quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#12. If you wish to live in peace and harmony with others, you must learn to discipline yourself in many ways. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Discipline Yourself quotes by Brian Tracy
#13. Discipline yourself to find something positive in every situation every day. You attract positivity when you are positive within. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Discipline Yourself quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#14. Your job is to control yourself. Your job is to discipline yourself. Your job is to deal with everything in life with affection, love and kindness. #Quote by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Discipline Yourself quotes by Seth Godin
#15. If you can discipline yourself to read, you can free up two years of your life for the good stuff!) #Quote by Seth Godin
Discipline Yourself quotes by Wilferd Peterson
#16. Read! Read something every day. Discipline yourself to a regular schedule of reading. In fifteen minutes a day you can read twenty books a year. #Quote by Wilferd Peterson
Discipline Yourself quotes by Charlize Theron
#17. You have to discipline yourself and not carry the character with you. You need to switch it off and take time to re-energize. #Quote by Charlize Theron
Discipline Yourself quotes by Brian Tracy
#18. Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Discipline Yourself quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#19. Today I wish to remind & encourage you to examine your current flow to see where you are heading. After all your life is not a practice session & dress rehearsal anymore. Therefore you can't allow your neglects, errors in judgment, repetition of mistakes, temptations & bad habits to make you loose the track of your life at any cost. You can't afford to continue flowing unintentionally & unwarrantedly for long. You can't forget that whatever you do today will have matching consequences tomorrow. You can't allow your stupid ideas, impulsive decisions, recklessness, uncalled reactions, negativism, false egos & careless acts to eat up almost all the precious resources, time & opportunities. You can't continue doing things that may imprison your future & hold you from achieving the fullness of who really you are. Let you motivate yourself to take some corrective measures immediately & then as a normal part of each day. Let you remain involved in intense & intelligent activities, pursue healthy lifestyles & good habits, discipline yourself a bit more, keep positive outlook, become more inquisitive, follow your passions, find & chase your real objectives, no matter what. Let you figure out your top priorities to live a blissful life. Let God make all your good efforts & good deeds successful. Stay Improving & Progressing! #Quote by Rajesh Goyal
Discipline Yourself quotes by Rajneesh
#20. With me, meditation is the only essential religion. And everything that follows it is virtue, because it comes of its own accord. You don't have to drag it, you don't have to discipline yourself for it. I have nothing to do with vegetarianism, but I know that if you meditate you are going to grow new perceptivity, new sensitivity, and you cannot kill animals. #Quote by Rajneesh
Discipline Yourself quotes by Clyde Lee Dennis
#21. We all suffer one of two pains. Either the pain of developing self discipline or the pain associated with not having it. #Quote by Clyde Lee Dennis
Discipline Yourself quotes by Arturo Sandoval
#22. To rise above the crowd, you must discipline yourself unceasingly to the strict demand and realities of your ambition. #Quote by Arturo Sandoval
Discipline Yourself quotes by Seth Godin
#23. One way to become creative is to discipline yourself to generate bad ideas. The worse the better. Do it a lot and magically you'll discover that some good ones slip through. #Quote by Seth Godin
Discipline Yourself quotes by Brian Tracy
#24. The starting point of great success in your life begins, in the simplest terms, when you discipline yourself to think and talk about only the things you want and refuse to think and talk about anything you don't want. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Discipline Yourself quotes by John Wooden
#25. Discipline yourself and others won't need to. #Quote by John Wooden
Discipline Yourself quotes by Leonard Orr
#26. If you are willing to discipline yourself, the physical universe won't need to discipline you. #Quote by Leonard Orr
Discipline Yourself quotes by Brian Tracy
#27. First, make a decision to develop the habit of task completion. Second, discipline yourself to practice the principles you are about to learn over and over until they become automatic. And third, back everything you do with determination until the habit is locked in and becomes a permanent part of your personality. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Discipline Yourself quotes by Bernard Baruch
#28. Get to know yourself. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see. Know also when you actually have thought through to the nature of the thing with which you are dealing and when you are not thinking at all ... Knowing yourself and knowing the facts, you can judge whether you can change the situation so it is more to your liking. If you cannot
or if you do not know how to improve on things
then discipline yourself to the adjustments that will be necessary. #Quote by Bernard Baruch
Discipline Yourself quotes by Brian Tracy
#29. The more you discipline yourself to use your time well, the happier you will feel and the better will be the quality of your life in every area. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Discipline Yourself quotes by Michael Josephson
#30. Discipline yourself to start each day identifying something to be grateful about. The world opens to those who approach it with a grateful heart. #Quote by Michael Josephson
Discipline Yourself quotes by Bui Tin
#31. Everybody's experience of life is a profound lesson and one which is very useful. In the old days, wise men educated themselves through much study. They still do even now. Besides, every nation grows up by experiencing glory and shame, victory and defeat, and learning through its own experience and the experience of others. If it is incapable of doing so, then it becomes subjective and complacent, sufficient unto itself and isolated from the rest of the world like an orphan who cannot relate to society or its prevailing discipline. #Quote by Bui Tin
Discipline Yourself quotes by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
#32. A perfect life is like that of a ship of war which has its own place in the fleet and can share in its strength and discipline, but can also go forth alone in the solitude of the infinite sea. We ought to belong to society, to have our place in it, and yet be capable of a complete individual existence outside of it. #Quote by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Discipline Yourself quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#33. Spiritual education is not a distinct and separate discipline; it is part and parcel of all types and levels of education, In fact, it is the very foundation on which a lasting edifice can be built. #Quote by Sathya Sai Baba
Discipline Yourself quotes by Pope John XXIII
#34. O Jesus, come back into our society, our family life, our souls and reign there as our peaceful Sovereign. Enlighten with the splendor of faith and the charity of Your tender heart the souls of those who work for the good of the people, for Your poor. Impart to them Your own spirit, a spirit of discipline, order and gentleness, preserving the flame of enthusiasm ever alight in their hearts ... May that day come very soon, when we shall see You restored to the center of civic life, borne on the shoulders of Your joyful people. #Quote by Pope John XXIII
Discipline Yourself quotes by Rebecca Stringer
#35. Neoliberal victim theory is characterized first and foremost by a victim-blaming conception of victimization as subjective and psychological rather than social and political. According to this conception, victimization does not so much happen 'to' someone as arise from the self – through the having of a 'victim personality', through the making of bad choices, through inadequate practice of personal vigilance and risk management, through the failure to practise the rigorous discipline of positive thinking. This way of knowing victimization transforms social vulnerability into personal responsibility, erasing the social foundations of suffering in order to mask rising inequality, and making it seem logical to regard victims of poverty, inequality, discrimination and violence as the authors of their own suffering. #Quote by Rebecca Stringer
Discipline Yourself quotes by Stuart Firestein
#36. Persistence in the face of failure is of course important, but it is not the same thing as dedication or passion. Persistence is a discipline that you learn; devotion is a dedication you can't ignore. #Quote by Stuart Firestein
Discipline Yourself quotes by Amartya Sen
#37. He wrote extensively on how schools should be made more attractive to boys and girls and thus more productive. His own co-educational school at Santiniketan had many progressive features. The emphasis here was on self-motivation rather than on discipline, and on fostering intellectual curiosity rather than competitive excellence. #Quote by Amartya Sen
Discipline Yourself quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#38. The question is whether you can bear freedom. At present the vast majority of men, whether white or black, require the discipline of labor which enslaves them for their own good. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Discipline Yourself quotes by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
#39. The role of metaphysics in relation to other disciplines, whether philosophical or not and including the natural sciences, is thus a foundational role. Lack of clarity in the concepts of metaphysics implies lack of clarity in other disciplines - both theoretical and practical disciplines - employing those concepts or employing concepts that depend on those of metaphysics. #Quote by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
Discipline Yourself quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#40. Scientists have power by virtue of the respect commanded by the discipline ... We live with poets and politicians, preachers and philosophers. All have their ways of knowing, and all are valid in their proper domain. The world is too complex and interesting for one way to hold all the answers. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Discipline Yourself quotes by Livy
#41. Numa turned his attention to domestic matters. The removal of all danger from without would induce his subjects to luxuriate in idleness, as they would be no longer restrained by the fear of an enemy or by military discipline. To prevent this, he strove to inculcate in their minds the fear of the gods, regarding this as the most powerful influence which could act upon an uncivilised and, in those ages, a barbarous people. #Quote by Livy
Discipline Yourself quotes by Pravin Agarwal
#42. Discipline sets you free. #Quote by Pravin Agarwal
Discipline Yourself quotes by Neeraj Agnihotri
#43. Indiscipline is the major pillar on which a procrasdemon stands still. #Quote by Neeraj Agnihotri
Discipline Yourself quotes by Noreena Hertz
#44. Language is too complex for a computer to understand. It's not going to be able to make sense of what people are saying en masse. We need a new type of discipline that puts together computer scientists and social scientists, who can add context to the situation. #Quote by Noreena Hertz
Discipline Yourself quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#45. The Way of Bayes is also an imprecise art, at least the way I'm holding forth upon it. These blog posts are still fumbling attempts to put into words lessons that would be better taught by experience. But at least there's underlying math, plus experimental evidence from cognitive psychology on how humans actually think. Maybe that will be enough to cross the stratospherically high threshold required for a discipline that lets you actually get it right, instead of just constraining you into interesting new mistakes. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Discipline Yourself quotes by Billy Witt
#46. 1 Cor 3:15a If any man's work is burned up, he will suffer loss, but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.

Number Five is one many deem unimportant, but the apostles and I do not. I tell you now the results of that day will last for all eternities, and though I haven't fully grasped them I tell you there's a huge reason their labeled in the line of disciplinary actions. That day will make big men small, small men big, and seal it for all eternity's to come. Who can dare think they will hear a well done good and faithful servant if they've been a bad and unfaithful servant regarding Christ commands? Remember this discipline carries more weight than I can rightly understand. #Quote by Billy Witt
Discipline Yourself quotes by Tyler Cowen
#47. Most of us are not pure self-starters; most people need role models, they need coaches, they need exemplars, they maybe need some discipline or some rewards. We need to be motivated. #Quote by Tyler Cowen
Discipline Yourself quotes by Nicholas Monsarrat
#48. Sailors, with their built in sense of order, service and discipline, should really be running the world. #Quote by Nicholas Monsarrat
Discipline Yourself quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#49. None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army. To keep ours armed and disciplined is therefore at all times important. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Discipline Yourself quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
#50. Discipline for me is about respect. It's not even about self-respect; it's about respect for life and all it offers. #Quote by Robert Downey, Jr.
Discipline Yourself quotes by Adalbert De Vogue
#51. When I walk in the forest just before the meal, while reciting the scriptural phrase that I "meditate" for that day, spiritual joy comes over me as if by appointment. #Quote by Adalbert De Vogue
Discipline Yourself quotes by Steven Pressfield
#52. Phobologic discipline is comprised of twenty-eight exercises, each focusing upon a separate nexus of the nervous system. The five primaries are the knees and hams, lungs and heart, loins and bowels, the lower back, and the girdle of the shoulders, particularly the trapezius muscles, which yoke the shoulder to the neck.
A secondary nexus, for which the Lakedaemonians have twelve more exercises, is the face, specifically the muscles of the jaw, the neck and the four ocular constrictors around the eye sockets. These nexuses are termed by the Spartans phobosynakteres, fear accumulators.
Fear spawns in the body, phonologic science teaches, and must be combated there. For once the flesh is seized, a phobokyklos, or loop of fear, may commence, feeding upon itself, mounting into a "runaway" of terror. Put the body into a state of phobia, fearlessness, the Spartans believe, and the mind will follow. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Discipline Yourself quotes by Margot Sunderland
#53. Society reaps what it sows in the way it nurtures its children, because stress sculpts the brain to exhibit several antisocial behaviors. Stress can set off a ripple of hormonal changes that permanently wire a child's brain to cope with a malevolent world. Through this chain of events, violence and abuse pass from generation to generation as well as from one society to the next. Many world leaders who have been disciplined through anger and cruelty go in to treat their own people abominably, or to bully other nations. As long as we continue to discipline children like this, we will continue to have terrible wars on both the family and the world stage. One very powerful study illustrates the point. Researchers tracked down Germans who, in World War II, risked their own lives by hiding a Jewish person in their house. When interviewed, the researchers found one common feature of all these people. They had all been socialized in ways that respected their personal dignity. #Quote by Margot Sunderland
Discipline Yourself quotes by Marianne De Pierres
#54. Ixion exists as an antidote to the rules and conventions of other places. We believe that indulging in pleasure will make better people. Self-denial and discipline and virtue are all myths invented to control you. #Quote by Marianne De Pierres
Discipline Yourself quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#55. Popularity makes no sense If your fame is a shame. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Discipline Yourself quotes by Michael S. Horton
#56. The object is evident in the name of the discipline. Similarly, theology (theologia) is the study of God. The object of theology is not the church's teaching or the experience of pious souls. It is not a subset of ethics, religious studies, cultural anthropology, or psychology. God is the object of this discipline. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Discipline Yourself quotes by Bear Bryant
#57. Sacrifice. Work. Self-discipline. I teach these things, and my boys don't forget them when they leave. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Discipline Yourself quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#58. Stephen nodded. 'Tell me,' he said, in a low voice, some moments later. 'Were I under naval discipline, could that fellow have me whipped?'He nodded towards Mr Marshall.
'The master?' cried Jack, with inexpressible amazement.
'Yes,' said Stephen looking attentively at him, with his head slightly inclined to the left.
'But he is the master...' said Jack. If Stephen had called the sophies stem her stern, or her truck her keel, he would have understood the situation directly; but that Stephen should confuse the chain of command, the relative status of a captain and a master, of a commissioned officer and a warrant officer, so subverted the natural order, so undermined the sempiternal universe, that for a moment his mind could hardly encompass it. Yet Jack, though no great scholar, no judge of a hexameter, was tolerably quick, and after gasping no more than twice he said, 'My dear sir, I beleive you have been lead astray by the words master and master and commander- illogical terms, I must confess. The first is subordinate to the second. You must allow me to explain our naval ranks some time. But in any case you will never be flogged- no, no; you shall not be flogged,' he added, gazing with pure affection, and with something like awe, at so magnificent a prodigy, at an ignorance so very far beyond anything that even his wide-ranging mind had yet conceived. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Discipline Yourself quotes by John C. Maxwell
#59. Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is usually painful. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Discipline Yourself quotes by Geddy Lee
#60. I was taking piano lessons with a very good piano instructor in Toronto, and I'm afraid due to my schedule and discipline, it kind of fell apart. One thing lead to another and I was unable to practice as much as I wanted to. #Quote by Geddy Lee
Discipline Yourself quotes by Chris Hardwick
#61. If I wasn't acting or doing stand-up, I would be in animation. Or if I had the discipline I might studies physics. #Quote by Chris Hardwick
Discipline Yourself quotes by Svetlana Khorkina
#62. This is how [the] sport has contributed to my personality, toughness and discipline. I have a plan, and I work on it. I was going to add [the] before the word sport since I thought was either a typo or a problem translating what she said, but then I thought it made sense without it too , so I left it as is. Just know that that's not a typo on my part. #Quote by Svetlana Khorkina
Discipline Yourself quotes by Beth Moore
#63. God loves you. His chastisements can be painful, but God never turns His back on us. He will discipline us, but He will not forsake us. He will always seek to draw us back to a place where He can bless us once more. #Quote by Beth Moore
Discipline Yourself quotes by Saint Basil
#64. He who is guilty of unseemliness with males will be under discipline for the same time as adulterers. #Quote by Saint Basil
Discipline Yourself quotes by Jenny Lewis
#65. If you're a songwriter, you have to do homework. You can exist for a while on the inspiration, but at some point, you have to sit down and have the discipline to write - to finish the poem, as they say. #Quote by Jenny Lewis
Discipline Yourself quotes by Henry C. Link
#66. No discovery of modern psychology is, in my opinion, so important as its scientific proof of the necessity of self-sacrifice (or discipline) to self-realization and happiness. #Quote by Henry C. Link
Discipline Yourself quotes by Rajasaraswathii
#67. Richness is the output of lengthy years full of discipline, hard work, persistence and Self-Belief. #Quote by Rajasaraswathii
Discipline Yourself quotes by E.B. White
#68. Being the owner of Dachshunds, to me a book on dog discipline becomes a volume of inspired humor. Every sentence is a riot. Some day, if I ever get a chance, I shall write a book, or warning, on the character and temperament of the Dachshund and why he can't be trained and shouldn't be. I would rather train a striped zebra to balance an Indian club than induce a Dachshund to heed my slightest command. When I address Fred I never have to raise either my voice or my hopes. He even disobeys me when I instruct him in something he wants to do. #Quote by E.B. White
Discipline Yourself quotes by Steve Wynn
#69. If you run a business, if you are responsible for a lot of people, you come to grips with the reality that you have to have discipline. You have to protect the enterprise in order to take care of the employees. So, therefore, you can't be wasteful. You can't squander things, or you jeopardize other people. #Quote by Steve Wynn
Discipline Yourself quotes by Richard Rohr
#70. If you do not acquire good training in detachment, you may attach to all the wrong things. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Discipline Yourself quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#71. An artist's studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Discipline Yourself quotes by Rumi
#72. Discipline enabled Heaven to be filled with light; discipline enabled the angels to be immaculate and holy. #Quote by Rumi
Discipline Yourself quotes by Aleister Crowley
#73. Of course," agreed Basil, "if you read it carelessly, and act on it rashly, with the blind faith of a fanatic; it might very well lead to trouble. But nature is full of devices for eliminating anything that cannot master its environment. The words 'to worship me' are all-important. The only excuse for using a drug of any sort, whether it's quinine or Epsom-salt, is to assist nature to overcome some obstacle to her proper functions. The danger of the so-called habit-forming drugs is that they fool you into trying to dodge the toil essential to spiritual and intellectual development. But they are not simply man-traps. There is nothing in nature which cannot be used for our benefit, and it is up to us to use it wisely. Now, in the work you have been doing in the last week, heroin might have helped you to concentrate your mind, and cocaine to overcome the effects of fatigue. And the reason you did not use them was that a burnt child dreads fire. We had the same trouble with teaching Hermes and Dionysus to swim. They found themselves in danger of being drowned and thought the best way was to avoid going near the water. But that didn't help them to use their natural faculties to the best advantage, so I made them confront the sea again and again, until they decided that the best way to avoid drowning was to learn how to deal with oceans in every detail. It sounds pretty obvious when you put it like that, yet while every one agrees with me about the swimming, I am howled down on all #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Discipline Yourself quotes by Edmund Burke
#74. What has been said of the Roman empire, is at least as true of the British constitution - "This mighty structure has come together thanks to eight hundred years of good fortune and discipline, which cannot be uprooted without destroying the uprooters." This British constitution has not been struck out at an heat by a set of presumptuous men, like the assembly of pettifoggers run mad in Paris.
'Tis not the hasty product of a day,
But the well-ripen'd fruit of wise delay.
It is the result of the thoughts of many minds, in many ages. It is no simple, no superficial thing, nor to be estimated by superficial understandings. An ignorant man, who is not fool enough to meddle with his clock, is however sufficiently confident to think he can safely take to pieces, and put together at his pleasure, a moral machine of another guise, importance and complexity, composed of far other wheels, and springs, and balances, and counteracting and co-operating powers. Men little think how immorally they act in rashly meddling with what they do not understand. Their delusive good intention is no sort of excuse for their presumption. They who truly mean well must be fearful of acting ill. The British constitution may have its advantages pointed out to wise and reflecting minds; but it is of too high an order of excellence to be adapted to those which are common. It takes in too many views, it makes too many combinations, to be so much as comprehended by shallow and superficial under #Quote by Edmund Burke
Discipline Yourself quotes by Midori Goto
#75. Honesty comes only with sound health, physically and psychologically, and an honest mind cannot be separated from the most genuine acknowledgment of expression. It should be recognized that pure perfection is unobtainable. Therefore, the realization that one's irrevocable faults and deficiencies must be faced guides us toward the first step of learning. We must each accept any situation as it actually is, with dignity. In that fine balance of acceptance of self and the mission to better oneself, compassion, humility, and discipline are nurtured. #Quote by Midori Goto
Discipline Yourself quotes by Hans J. Morgenthau
#76. The main signpost that helps political realism to find its way through the landscape of international politics is the concept of interest defined in terms of power. This concept provides the link between reason trying to understand international politics and the facts to be understood. It sets politics as an autonomous sphere of action and understanding apart from other spheres, such as economics (understood in terms of interest defined as wealth), ethics, aesthetics, or religion. Without such a concept a theory of politics, international or domestic, would be altogether impossible, for without it we could not distinguish between political and nonpolitical facts, nor could we bring at least a measure of systematic order to the political sphere.
We assume that statesmen think and act in terms of interest defined as power, and the evidence of history bears that assumption out. That assumption allows us to retrace and anticipate, as it were, the steps a statesman - past, present, or future - has taken or will take on the political scene. We look over his shoulder when he writes his dispatches; we listen in on his conversation with other statesmen; we read and anticipate his very thoughts. Thinking in terms of interest defined as power, we think as he does, and as disinterested observers we understand his thoughts and actions perhaps better than he, the actor on the political scene, does himself.
The concept of interest defined as power imposes intellectual discipline u #Quote by Hans J. Morgenthau
Discipline Yourself quotes by Daniel Inouye
#77. One doesn't become a soldier in a week - it takes training, study and discipline. There is no question that the finest Army in the world is found in the United States. #Quote by Daniel Inouye
Discipline Yourself quotes by John Collins
#78. Self-discipline is always going to be an unreachable target until you tackle the question of 'why'. Once you nail down your motivation and keep it clear in the front of your mind, you can move to making all of your dreams turn into realities. #Quote by John Collins

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