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Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#1. Here is part of the problem, girls: we've been sold a bill of goods. Back in the day, women didn't run themselves ragged trying to achieve some impressively developed life in eight different categories. No one constructed fairy-tale childhoods for their spawn, developed an innate set of personal talents, fostered a stimulating and world-changing career, created stunning homes and yardscapes, provided homemade food for every meal (locally sourced, of course), kept all marriage fires burning, sustained meaningful relationships in various environments, carved out plenty of time for "self care," served neighbors/church/world, and maintained a fulfilling, active relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. You can't balance that job description. Listen to me: No one can pull this off. No one is pulling this off. The women who seem to ride this unicorn only display the best parts of their stories. Trust me. No one can fragment her time and attention into this many segments. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#2. It will be a welcome change for her to feel his hands on her hips and his breath in her hair; She's been forlorn, but like all emotions, even loneliness doesn't last. She has fallen in love with the man with the quiet strength, the confident humility and the hands that show the flame of the heart. #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Leslie Ludy
#3. When we are passionately in love with our Prince, we put Him above all else
not just in theory, but also practically, in every moment of our day-to-day lives. We do not live for the applause of heaven. Our longings are not for people's approval but only for more and more of Him. We are marked by an effortless, unshakable strength that is found in the presence of our perfect Lover. #Quote by Leslie Ludy
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by John Eldredge
#4. We reframe everything by one simple choice: I am accepting God's invitation to become a man. From there we interpret jobs, money, relationships, flat tires, bad dates, even our play time as the context in which the boy is becoming a man. We take an active role, asking our Father to speak to us, speak to our identity, to validate us. We step into our fears and accept hardship as discipline #Quote by John Eldredge
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#5. Why?" She asked in a confused whisper. "Out of all the women in the world, why did you choose this mortal?"
"Because fate drove me to you. #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Lebo Grand
#6. A ship in a harbour is a safe ship, but that's not what ships are built for. In the same way, a woman in a good relationship feels safe. But truth is, she innately knows she was not built for unnecessary safety, but rather for a sea of passion. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Lebo Grand
#7. A truly sensual woman almost never gets heartbroken. Why? Because she doesn't attract heartbreakers in the first place, and not that the men she attracts are perfect, but I think the universe seems to value her a little bit too much. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Barbra Streisand
#8. I do have friends that are Republicans, and we have very spirited conversations on a whole range of issues. I am often baffled by why they are Republicans, but I enjoy the dialogue and can move beyond politics to find common ground in my personal relationships. #Quote by Barbra Streisand
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Tucker Elliot
#9. I thought, Dad.
Could I go to Vietnam for you?
Dad, I could do it. I could do it for you. I could go to the places you fought. I could find the bits and pieces of your heart and soul left behind. If I bring them back, would it heal your pain?
Dad, you gave me life. You made possible every good thing in my life. Why do you insist on fighting your nightmares and memories and monsters alone?
You don't have to do it alone, Dad. I could help you fight.
Dad, you know what?
I'll be back before you find out so you don't have to be afraid. I'm going to Vietnam. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#10. The love between a brother and sister just over a year apart in age held fast. It wasn't twinship, and it wasn't romance, but it was more like a passionate loyalty to a dying brand. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Gary Chapman
#11. Lack of love from parents often motivates their children to go searching for love in other relationships. This search is often misguided and leads to further disappointment. #Quote by Gary Chapman
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Robert Downs
#12. That's where your definition of attachment comes in. I'm in a monogamous relationship with two people. #Quote by Robert Downs
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Robin McKinley
#13. There remained a strange formality between them, and her pleasure in his presence felt too much like missing him had felt during the last week. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Melina Marchetta
#14. But say he forgets about me or meets someone else or pretends I don't exist.
I look at her and then at Trini and Raffy.
"Teresa, Teresa. Have we taught you nothing?" Raffy says in an irritated voice. "It's war. You go in and you hunt him down until he realises that he's made a mistake"
Teresa looks hopeful.
"It's not as if men haven't gone to war for dumber reasons" Trini adds. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Sandhya Menon
#15. We humans think we exist like this." Dadi gestured to the powders in their individual bowls. "Apart. Single. Beautiful and vivid, but alone." … She upended the two bowls into the center of the larger container, and the powders came together. They were mixed somewhat, but still in their separate piles for the most part - "Then" Dad continued, " with each interaction with another soul, we begin to change." She put a finger into the pile of powders and began to stir gently. The powders mixed more the longer she stirred, red mingling with orange, losing its distinct form. "We take pieces of them, and they take pieces of us. It's not bad. It's not good. It just is." By now the powders were completely mixed together, indistinguishable from each other. "Our best friends, the ones we love the most, are the ones who can hurt us the most. Because look." She pointed down to the powders. "We have had so many interactions, that we cannot separate their pieces from ours. And if we try, we would only be getting rid of ourselves. #Quote by Sandhya Menon
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Kurt Cobain
#16. My songs have always been frustrating themes, relationships that I've had. And now that I'm in love, I expect it to be really happy, or at least there won't be half as much anger as there was. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Rebekah Lyons
#17. truth hit me in that moment. All my life, I've been running. Running to the next greatest thing. An adventurer. A thrill seeker. Hungry for more. If things got hard, fight or flight. I would kick and scream for a while, and when that didn't yield the proper results, I would take flight. It happened in my closest relationships. Including my arguments with Gabe. If I was not able to win or be understood, I'd grow silent and escape. Far away. To a place that allowed me to maintain control. But the silent treatment and hibernation never brought relief; instead, I felt abandoned by my own doing. All alone. By my own choosing. This defense of self-preservation left me on the altar of self-destruction. My greatest fear is feeling trapped - it has followed me all my life. #Quote by Rebekah Lyons
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#18. But when we are locked in a toxic relationship or community, spiritual pollution can murder everything tender and Christlike in us; and a watching world doesn't always witness those private kill shots. Unhealthy relationships can destroy our hope, optimism, gentleness. We can lose our heart and lose our way while pouring endless energy into an abyss that has no bottom. There is a time to put redemption in the hands of God and walk away before destroying your spirit with futile diligence. Sometimes the bravest thing is to stop fighting for something that is never going to produce a winner. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Jeffery Deaver
#19. In suspense novels even subplots about relationships have to have conflict. #Quote by Jeffery Deaver
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Nick Vujicic
#20. despair of ever making it out of slavery and the slum. Psychologists often see the same resistance to escaping in women who are in abusive relationships. They may live in fear and pain, but they refuse to leave the abuser because they are more fearful of the unknown. #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by J.A. ANUM
#21. I tasted danger on his lips and became an addict.
A slave to adrenaline and irrational behaviour.
We lived recklessly in a dramatic whirl;
Clubbing and Cutting,
Drinking and Driving,
Fighting and Fucking,
Smoking and Snorting,
Overdoing and Overdosing.
I tasted danger on his lips and lost my way. #Quote by J.A. ANUM
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Harriet Lerner
#22. But here is the real point when it comes to the challenge of apologies in family relationships. If our intention is to have a better relationship, we need to be our best and most mature self, rather than reacting to the other person's reactivity. Also, some of the other person's complaints will be true, since we can't possibly get it right all the time. #Quote by Harriet Lerner
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Drew Pinsky
#23. The very wealthy and the very famous have a much closer affinity with the indigent street person than with the rest of us. There's the narcissism, the addiction, even the outlandish dress. Often they don't put great value in relationships. #Quote by Drew Pinsky
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Melanie James
#24. You're approaching these men and relationships as projects. You can't fix assholes, baby girl. Move on and find a real man - one who doesn't come with an airplane full of baggage." "Do men like that actually exist? They sound like mythical creatures, even in our magical world. I'd probably have more luck finding a unicorn-shifter or dragon-shifter." Her #Quote by Melanie James
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Olaotan Fawehinmi
#25. Best (male-female) friends hardly differ from lovers, but not too many lovers are best friends.
It's just ironical that you are in love and want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is not good enough to be your best friend. #Quote by Olaotan Fawehinmi
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Krystal Kuehn
#26. A clear indication that something is not resolved is that it is brought up over and over again. In this situation, working out a plan to make some changes may be necessary. Relationships require teamwork. #Quote by Krystal Kuehn
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Aimee Bender
#27. YOU'RE IN MY MOUTH, I said. GET OUT OF MY MOUTH. #Quote by Aimee Bender
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#28. We ran our brokenness against each other, in pure abandon. I knew you weren't in it for the long run. I could feel it in the yearning of our bodies, the way our skin merged with desperation over and over, the way we held on too tight. I knew you weren't the answer to my loneliness or the cure for all that ailed me, but you changed my life.
You helped me realize that I could love again.
And for that I am thankful.
So thankful. #Quote by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by John William Tuohy
#29. Then there are all of those children, the ones who aren't resilient. The ones who slowly, quietly die. I think the difference is that the kids who bounce back learn to bear a little bit more than they thought they could, and they soon understand that the secret to surviving foster care is to accept finite disappointments while never losing infinite hope. I think that was how Donald survived as long as he did, by never losing his faith in the wish that tomorrow would be better. But as time went by, day after day, the tomorrows never got better; they got worse, and he simply gave up. In the way he saw the world, pain was inevitable, but no one ever explained to him that suffering was optional. #Quote by John William Tuohy
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Amy Poehler
#30. Some people give their demon so much room that there is no space in their head or bed for love. They feed their demon and it gets really strong and then it makes them stay in abusive relationships or starve their beautiful bodies. But sometimes, you get a little older and get a little bored of the demon. Through good therapy and friends and self-love you can practice treating the demon like a hacky, annoying cousin. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Mooji
#31. If you make human company too important you will not discover your true Self. Relationships not based in truth are never entirely reliable and are rarely enduring.
Taking time to discover yourself is the best use of time.
Prioritize this.
One should not excessively seek partners or friends, one should seek to know and be oneself. As you begin to awaken to the Truth, you start noticing how well life flows by itself and how well you are cared for. Life supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the one who is open to self-discovery. Trust opens your eyes to the recognition of this. Surrender allows you to merge in your own eternal being. #Quote by Mooji
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Tiffany Lee Brown
#32. COMMITMENT is like rain in Oregon. You wake up every morning and there it is. It cups your house in its liquid hands and fills your gutters to overflowing. It makes green things grow tall and lush, rivers run deep and invincible. On sunny days it seeps up through petals and pine needles, roots and aqueducts.

Other days, it makes mud too thick for walking, and you cannot leave the house. You pace the house, restless and lonely. Then you smell its perfume in a dry, empty room and part the curtains, watch it finger the window with long, slow rivulets.

From 'A Compendium of Miniatures #Quote by Tiffany Lee Brown
Disappointments In Relationships quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
#33. More than friends, eh? More than friends... You know, my mother once told me that half of the hatred that springs up between people is rooted in this mistaken belief that there's any human relationship more sacred than friendship. #Quote by Helen Oyeyemi

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