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Director quotes by Richard Ayoade
#1. A writer/director is a tough thing to gauge when someone hasn't directed a movie before. You just don't know. Sometimes it will be a great script that's written beautifully, and then the director who has also written it does not have the facility to translate it. #Quote by Richard Ayoade
Director quotes by Christina Ricci
#2. What you feel is important may not be what the director feels is important. #Quote by Christina Ricci
Director quotes by Brendan Dooling
#3. I grew up in Bellport, Long Island where I attended Gateway Acting School and met Robin Allan. She was the school's director who took me under her wing and was the one who told me that I could do this for real. #Quote by Brendan Dooling
Director quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#4. I always feel that if you put me in a room with a director and a writer and let me talk about the script, I can give a good account of myself. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Director quotes by Gail Godwin
#5. When I was in seminary," Father Edward had told other guests around the table when he was purchasing his books, "my spiritual director told me not to read theology. 'Read novels,' he said, and I have. #Quote by Gail Godwin
Director quotes by Mary Harron
#6. The good part of working in TV is it's like being a studio director in old Hollywood and approaching different genres. It's a chance to try out different styles. #Quote by Mary Harron
Director quotes by Julia Leigh
#7. Although filmmaking is collaborative and involves trust, ultimately it is the director who holds the whole picture together in their head. #Quote by Julia Leigh
Director quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#8. I want to direct every now and then, but I don't want to be a director. #Quote by Gael Garcia Bernal
Director quotes by Jason Moore
#9. Ultimately, as a director, you try and tell people where to look, but unlike film or television, where you force them to look at something, you can't control it completely. #Quote by Jason Moore
Director quotes by Eric Balfour
#10. Nothing is worse for me, as an actor, than when I walk on a set and the director goes, "Okay, you're going to be standing here, the other person is going to be standing here, and you're going to move to there and then do the scene." That doesn't help actors. #Quote by Eric Balfour
Director quotes by Francois Truffaut
#11. There are two kinds of directors; those who have the public in mind when they conceive and make their films and those who don't consider the public at all. For the former, cinema is an art of spectacle; for the latter, it is an individual adventure. There is nothing intrinsically better about one or the other; it's simply a matter of different approaches. For Hitchcock as for Renoir, as for that matter almost all American directors, a film has not succeeded unless it is a success, that is, unless it touches the public that one has had in mind right from the moment of choosing the subject matter to the end of production. While Bresson, Tati, Rossellini, Ray make films their own way and then invite the public to join the "game," Renoir, Clouzot, Hitchcock and Hawks make movies for the public, and ask themselves all the questions they think will interest their audience. Alfred Hitchcock, who is a remarkably intelligent man, formed the habit early--right from the start of his career in England--of predicting each aspect of his films. All his life he has worked to make his own tastes coincide with the public', emphasizing humor in his English period and suspense in his American period. This dosage of humor and suspense has made Hitchcock one of the most commercial directors in the world (his films regularly bring in four times what they cost). It is the strict demands he makes on himself and on his art that have made him a great director. #Quote by Francois Truffaut
Director quotes by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
#12. And then, with a European director and Norwegian actors speaking in Norwegian, it was going to be very interesting. So, whatever initial trepidation or fear I may have had was alleviated by those factors. I just said, "This is something to get on board with." #Quote by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Director quotes by Rob Reiner
#13. As far as getting my start, it was really Norman Lear, even aside from being on 'All in the Family.' He helped me get my start as a director. He was the one who said, 'Let him do 'Spinal Tap.' Let him give it a try,' because I had been trying for years to get that thing off the ground. #Quote by Rob Reiner
Director quotes by Naomie Harris
#14. I love Sam Mendes. He's a fantastic director. #Quote by Naomie Harris
Director quotes by Christopher Eccleston
#15. I think film and television are really a director's medium, whereas theatre is the actor's medium. #Quote by Christopher Eccleston
Director quotes by Owen Gleiberman
#16. Josh Radnor is that rare thing: a writer-director who thinks like an actor but still knows how to create a comedy with shape and vision. Liberal Arts is the best movie about college I've seen since I don't know what ... Dryly affectionate and super-sharp. Elizabeth Olsen is every inch a star. #Quote by Owen Gleiberman
Director quotes by Mathieu Amalric
#17. Acting is about animality. It's great to be allowed to be animal. But I feel more alive as a director. Every morning, I have to write. #Quote by Mathieu Amalric
Director quotes by M.G. Lord
#18. AS STRATEGY SESSIONS BEGAN IN HAWTHORNE, THE Handlers made a brilliant tactical move. They commissioned a toy study from Ernest Dichter, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Motivational Research in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. The study cost a staggering $12,000 and took six months to complete, but when it was finished the charge seemed low. Dichter had masterminded a cunning campaign to peddle Barbie. Dichter was already a legend when the Handlers approached him. Quoted on nearly every page of Vance Packard's The Hidden Persuaders, a bestseller in 1957, Dichter was hailed as a marketing Einstein - an evil Einstein, but an Einstein nonetheless. He pioneered what he called "motivational research," advertising's newest, hippest, and, in Packard's view, scariest trend - the manipulation of deep-seated psychological cravings to sell merchandise. #Quote by M.G. Lord
Director quotes by Liza Minnelli
#19. The director, of course, was Bob Fosse. But again, I worked with my father to prepare for the role. #Quote by Liza Minnelli
Director quotes by Todd Phillips
#20. Well, it's so cheesy to say but you can't find a comedy director who makes movies for critics. When a movie does $580 million worldwide, I'm not saying that proves anything except people were enjoying the experience. #Quote by Todd Phillips
Director quotes by Chris Lowell
#21. I learned so much about being an actor by being a director. More than I ever thought I would. #Quote by Chris Lowell
Director quotes by George Clooney
#22. As a director, I do very few takes, because I feel like you hire the right actor and they'll do the job right. And the directors that I've worked with and had the best luck with - Jason and [ Steven] Soderbergh and the Coen brothers - all have been that kind of director. #Quote by George Clooney
Director quotes by Anonymous
#23. The Catholic Church also opposes any effort to make it easier to deport children; last week, the archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis E. George, said he had offered facilities in his diocese to house some of the children, and on Monday, bishops in Dallas and Fort Worth called for lawyers to volunteer to represent the children at immigration proceedings. "We have to put our money where our mouth is in this country," said Kevin Appleby, the director of migration policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. "We tell other countries to protect human rights and accept refugees, but when we get a crisis on our border, we don't know how to respond." Republicans have rejected calls by Democrats for $2.7 billion in funds to respond to the crisis, demanding changes in immigration law to make it easier to send children back to Central America. And while President Obama says he is open to some changes, many Democrats have opposed them, and Congress is now deadlocked. #Quote by Anonymous
Director quotes by Emily Deschanel
#24. But actually my dad is a very talented director and not just his use of shots and camera, but he's very good with actors and he knows acting well. It's great to see him do that and be really good at it and he's been doing it for a while and he certainly knows how to make movies, and little movies I guess for a television show, and he's going to come back in November to direct a second episode, which I'm really excited about. #Quote by Emily Deschanel
Director quotes by J. Michael Straczynski
#25. You can only have one voice on set, and that has to be the director. #Quote by J. Michael Straczynski
Director quotes by Daniel Quinn
#26. I didn't want a guru or a kung fu master or a spiritual director. I didn't want to become a sorcerer or learn the zen of archery or meditate or align my chakras or uncover mast incarnations ... I was after something else entirely, but it wasn't in the Yellow Pages or anywhere else that I could discover. #Quote by Daniel Quinn
Director quotes by Fred Durst
#27. I'm a real director. #Quote by Fred Durst
Director quotes by Fede Alvarez
#28. I thought that Hollywood was just for geniuses and that directors come from three generations of directors. I was worried that I was not up to the challenge of making a movie. Then realized that all a director has to do is know what he wants to do. #Quote by Fede Alvarez
Director quotes by Gary Sinise
#29. I started as an actor. I started directing because Steppenwolf needed another strong director. #Quote by Gary Sinise
Director quotes by Kim Fields
#30. As a director, I love being able to really be a contributing factor to the overall vision of a project. #Quote by Kim Fields
Director quotes by Paul Scofield
#31. The Actor should make you forget the existence of author and director, and even forget the actor. #Quote by Paul Scofield
Director quotes by Reid Scott
#32. I actually started as a director, but then I saw Mark Ruffalo in 'You Can Count on Me,' and I thought to myself, 'I want to do that.' #Quote by Reid Scott
Director quotes by Jim Brown
#33. When I'm on a picture, I have two bosses - the director and the producer. My co-star is not my boss. #Quote by Jim Brown
Director quotes by Ruba Nadda
#34. As a director I always look at someone's eyes. How truthful are they? Will this person take me on this journey? #Quote by Ruba Nadda
Director quotes by Saoirse Ronan
#35. Sometimes the director will want you to write about the character, sometimes he'll want you to live in the location that the character is from or something like that, but I don't usually make a lot of notes or anything like that. #Quote by Saoirse Ronan
Director quotes by Charles Keating
#36. Indeed, the actor's lot is a much harder one than that of the director's, from one simple standpoint: The actor has to play the eight shows a week. #Quote by Charles Keating
Director quotes by Nestor Carbonell
#37. I remember, working on 'Lost,' I learned very quickly the way that I had to approach the material or even ask the director questions. It was always prefaced with, 'Would it be wrong for me to assume?' Because I didn't know where my character on 'Lost' was going. #Quote by Nestor Carbonell
Director quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
#38. I became, and remain, my characters' close and intent watcher: their director, never. Their creator I cannot feel that I was, or am. #Quote by Elizabeth Bowen
Director quotes by Leander Paes
#39. Director of any film is very important, and an actor has to leave himself in his hands to mould. #Quote by Leander Paes
Director quotes by Jude Law
#40. I'm keen to do as little or as much reading and watching as the director may advise, and often off that you kind of stem into other things that you find of influence, perhaps the things that you're watching. It's a good excuse to get to know a new profession, or a new approach, or a new era. It's about authenticity. It's about having the confidence to really feel that you're saturated and know the world you're about to step into and understand the person you're about to be. #Quote by Jude Law
Director quotes by Terrence McNally
#41. Work with good directors. Without them your play is doomed. At the time of my first play, I thought a good director was someone who liked my play. I was rudely awakened from that fantasy when he directed it as if he loathed it ... Work with good actors. A good actor hears the way you (and no one else) write. A good actor makes rewrites easy. A good actor tells you things about your play you didn't know. #Quote by Terrence McNally
Director quotes by Michael Emerson
#42. I think of myself as a problem-solver. I want to go in and help the director and the writer to get the best they can out of the text they're working with. #Quote by Michael Emerson
Director quotes by Joe Swanberg
#43. I'm a pretty hands-off director. I let people try things, and if it gets over-jokey, then I'll try and rein it in a little bit. #Quote by Joe Swanberg
Director quotes by James Patterson
#44. You were designed to be very smart, Max,' she told me. 'We electrically stimulated your synaptic nerve endings while your brain was developing.' (The director)
And yet I still can't program my DVD player,' I said. (Max) #Quote by James Patterson
Director quotes by Chad Lowe
#45. Adrian Lyne is such an incredible director. #Quote by Chad Lowe
Director quotes by Joe Dante
#46. It's a lot of power to give the director to edit his own stuff. It's also a time thing: you don't want to have to wait for the guy to finish shooting before he starts editing. #Quote by Joe Dante
Director quotes by Ian Rush
#47. I've done my coaching badges, I've got my Pro Licence, but I enjoy what I'm doing now. I'm also the elite performance director of the Welsh FA. The main thing for me was always Liverpool Football Club and my country, Wales - and I'm lucky enough to still be involved with both of them. #Quote by Ian Rush
Director quotes by Ian Doescher
#48. I do a lot of writing in my capacity as the creative director for a marketing agency. These days, though, I'm trying to write a little bit most evenings just to keep the creative juices flowing. #Quote by Ian Doescher
Director quotes by Saul Zaentz
#49. I don't worry about what everyone wants to see. I make movies that please a writer, director and myself. I always think there are enough people smart as me and sensitive as me. #Quote by Saul Zaentz
Director quotes by Ang Lee
#50. Now I'm kind of established as a director, I much prefer directing to writing. #Quote by Ang Lee
Director quotes by Shirley Eaton
#51. I worked with Roger Moore on three episodes of 'The Saint.' He is a lovely man, a good director, and was my favourite actor to work with. #Quote by Shirley Eaton
Director quotes by Daniel Handler
#52. There are so many movies like this, where you thought you were smarter than the screen but the director was smarter than you, of course he's the one, of course it was a dream, of course she's dead, of course, it's hidden right there, of course it's the truth and you in your seat have failed to notice in the dark. #Quote by Daniel Handler
Director quotes by Morgan Freeman
#53. I feel fine, I don't care who the director is. All you have to do is know what your doing - all of us - everybody in the business - that's all you ask anyone - you know your job, I know mine, let's go do it. #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Director quotes by Ben Affleck
#54. I like acting for myself as a director. I act and I know that I'll have a chance to have some say in what gets used and that I'll be able to give myself enough takes and be on the same page as myself about how the scene should play. #Quote by Ben Affleck
Director quotes by Andy Serkis
#55. (The) process of acting is no different to conventional screen acting, in that it's providing a perfect interface between the director and the performer. So there's no sort of long way around a viral committee of animators. #Quote by Andy Serkis
Director quotes by Nicolas Winding Refn
#56. Film works when a director and a star have a connection. You know, when there's something telekinetic between them, there's a partnership, it's like alter egos. It's like James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock, or Fellini and Mastroianni. I'm not comparing, I'm just saying, if you can come into a relationship where the director and star have such a bond, it's so much easier to make a movie. #Quote by Nicolas Winding Refn
Director quotes by Clint Eastwood
#57. I've always said the one advantage an actor has of converting to a director is that he's been in front of the camera. He doesn't have to get in front of the camera again, subliminally or otherwise. #Quote by Clint Eastwood
Director quotes by Warwick Middleton
#58. It's been very interesting over the years just how many of those psychiatrists that were openly incredulous and dismissive have become stalwart admitants to the [trauma and dissociation] unit. In fact I can remember one psychiatrist ... this is going back more than a decade and a half ... it says something about the ambivalence about this area ... who rang me saying he doesn't believe that DID exists but nevertheless he's got a patient with it that he'd like to refer. That's called Psychiatrist Multiple Reality Disorder.
- 15 years as the director of a trauma and dissociation unit: Perspectives on Trauma-informed Care #Quote by Warwick Middleton
Director quotes by Columbus Short
#59. You stay with the foundation and then you just try different things because you don't know how the director will cut it and you want to give him, what will work, and you want to give him some options, give yourself some options, discover some things when you start to play. That's what we do; we get paid to play. #Quote by Columbus Short
Director quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#60. The Hollywood model is to develop scripts for 10 years, sell them, transfer them, attach this actor, then attach a director. This isn't what I'm about. I'm much more of a creator and a doer. #Quote by Mike Birbiglia
Director quotes by Amy Poehler
#61. Ang Lee's been nominated for Best Director for Life of Pi, which is what I'm going to call the six weeks after I take this dress off! #Quote by Amy Poehler
Director quotes by Ava Gardner
#62. I have only one rule in acting
trust the director, and give him heart and soul. #Quote by Ava Gardner
Director quotes by Jason Winer
#63. You have to move really fast, as a director in television. If you're able to keep things moving on set, everybody has more fun, and when everybody has more fun, the end result is funnier. #Quote by Jason Winer
Director quotes by David Quammen
#64. There was a very important superintendent of Yellowstone, a man who was involved in the founding of the National Park Service itself, Horace Albright. And he became superintendent, which is the boss of Yellowstone Park, in 1919 - from 1919 to 1929. Later, he was director of the park service itself. Albright embraced the idea that in order for the national parks - and Yellowstone in particular - to have support from the American people and from politicians, there needed to be wildlife as spectacle. #Quote by David Quammen
Director quotes by Kevin Hart
#65. I've done auditions where the casting director is taking the paper out of my hand in the middle of reading. #Quote by Kevin Hart
Director quotes by Peter Jacobson
#66. Steve Zaillian is just the sweetest. A very, very wonderful and interesting director. #Quote by Peter Jacobson
Director quotes by Robert Morse
#67. My memorization skills aren't that great so I need help in that area. As far as everything else, I listen to the director. I'm someone who doesn't argue. I hit my marks and say the lines. #Quote by Robert Morse
Director quotes by Aidan Gillen
#68. I don't like DVD extras. No. Especially when they do things like put out alternative endings? I find all of that a little bizarre, because there should only be one ending. I don't like to be told, 'Oh, we could have had it this way,' for the director's cut. #Quote by Aidan Gillen
Director quotes by Luciano Vincenzoni
#69. Do you imagine Sergio Leone with a philosophy? Come on! He was a primitive of movies, a great director on set. #Quote by Luciano Vincenzoni
Director quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#70. From a writing point of view, you now have teams of screenwriters working with a director. What's lost in the process is the power of that one heart, brain, gut and soul that makes something an original piece of writing. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Director quotes by Philip Seymour Hoffman
#71. We really enjoy that, having a relationship with writers, developing material and getting a director, actors, that we have kind of that family kind of as a group we're going to do it together mentality in a project. Then the tough part is - so what actually goes has very little to do with us sometimes. #Quote by Philip Seymour Hoffman
Director quotes by Glen Weldon
#72. According to Finger, the panel in which Batman mows down his enemies from on high led to an editorial crackdown on firearms. "I was called on the carpet by [editorial director] Whit Ellsworth. He said, 'Never let us have Batman [use] a gun again.' #Quote by Glen Weldon
Director quotes by John Gofman
#73. In truth, Edward Teller ran the Livermore Lab, but for public purposes he liked it better to be known as only an associate director #Quote by John Gofman
Director quotes by Roman Coppola
#74. On 'Darjeeling,' I was on set every day and I acted as the second unit director and a producer on that film. I was there throughout the whole process. On 'Moonrise Kingdom,' I showed up for one day. #Quote by Roman Coppola
Director quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#75. According to the director, Primer is a movie about the relationship between risk and trust. This is true. But it also makes a concrete point about the potential purpose of time travel - it's too important to use only for money, but too dangerous to use for anything else. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Director quotes by Jaimie Alexander
#76. I'm probably one of the worst actors as far as preparation goes, because I actually don't prepare. I find it easier to read the script and whatever hits me in my stomach, like deep down, I just go with it. And the director kind of molds me whether to go right or left with it. #Quote by Jaimie Alexander
Director quotes by Kevin Spacey
#77. I was on a couple of scholarships. I had a job in the school administrative office. I had a job as a hat-check boy in a restaurant. I had another job as an assistant to a casting director. It took a lot to get myself enough money to put myself through Juilliard. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Director quotes by Misha Collins
#78. I was amazed by how much you have to think about as a director. As an actor, you don't have to think about much at all, as it turns out. It's very easy. And then when you step into the director's role, there's this whole universe of stuff that you have to pay attention to that's amazing to me. #Quote by Misha Collins
Director quotes by Laura Spencer
#79. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and I got the opportunity to take some on-camera classes while I was in school and met a casting director who informed me quite a bit before my move out to L.A.; it made L.A. feel possible, coming from Oklahoma and not having a family that was in the industry. #Quote by Laura Spencer
Director quotes by David Denby
#80. The director, Antoine Fuqua, relies on small details, which anchor the vigilante-as-saint myth in at least a minimal degree of reality. #Quote by David Denby
Director quotes by Patti Stanger
#81. I was a VP of marketing, I was regional sales manager in fashion, and marketing director in communications and product development. I was always a corporate Fortune 500 girl. #Quote by Patti Stanger
Director quotes by Woody Allen
#82. I can't imagine any director directing a screenplay of mine, because the great directors all have very personal styles, and the ones that don't are not very interesting directors. #Quote by Woody Allen
Director quotes by Jim Shepard
#83. I have written screenplays. Most recently for Errol Morris, who was thinking about doing his first fiction movie, and with a young director who wanted to adopt Project X. Errol was a hoot. I loved talking with him. We were a good match, too, because we both kept joking that we'd found the only other person on earth more ambivalent than we were about the project. #Quote by Jim Shepard
Director quotes by Jonathan Frakes
#84. I think I'm a better director than I ever was an actor. I'd love to go back to acting, but nobody seems to want me. #Quote by Jonathan Frakes
Director quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#85. My wife, Jill, and I have an incredibly close working relationship, and an incredibly happy married one. We met through work. I was the world's worst advertising copywriter. She had the misfortune to be my account director, so from the very start she was my boss, and she still is. #Quote by Anthony Horowitz
Director quotes by Whittaker Chambers
#86. Hence that morganatic bond between the forces of the left and the forces of the right (a director of a big steel company, the co-owner of a great department store, a figure high in the Republican organization, come quickly to mind) which made confusing common cause in exculpating Hiss by defaming Chambers. #Quote by Whittaker Chambers
Director quotes by Adam Ferrara
#87. When I walked in to read with Edie Falco, it was nice, because I auditioned in New York, and it was very quick. You walk in, there's Edie, the producers, the director, and a camera. I read three scenes, and it was done. #Quote by Adam Ferrara
Director quotes by John Stuart Mill
#88. There are nations in whom the passion for governing others is so much stronger than the desire of personal independence, that for the mere shadow of the one they are found ready to sacrifice the whole of the other. Each one of their number is willing, like the private soldier in an army, to abdicate his personal freedom of action into the hands of his general, provided the army is triumphant and victorious, and he is able to flatter himself that he is one of a conquering host, though the notion that he has himself any share in the domination exercised over the conquered is an illusion. A government strictly limited in its powers and attributions, required to hold its hands from overmeddling, and to let most things go on without its assuming the part of guardian or director, is not to the taste of such a people. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Director quotes by George Cukor
#89. I suppose they call me a woman's director because there were all these movie queens in the old days, and I directed most of them. But I also directed Jack Barrymore and Ronald Colman and James Stewart, to name a few. #Quote by George Cukor
Director quotes by Max Von Sydow
#90. Film work can be very interesting, but it also can be awfully boring because who creates the film? The actors? No. It is the director. It's his piece of work. #Quote by Max Von Sydow
Director quotes by Michael Hayden
#91. There's this movie, 'Zero Dark Thirty' about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Some have complained that too many 'secrets' were dished out by the intelligence and special operations communities to director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal and their crew, part of a broader pattern of using intelligence for political effect. #Quote by Michael Hayden
Director quotes by St. Lucia
#92. I'm a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan. He might be my favorite director of all time - the beauty that he sees in the world and the attention to detail. I try and focus on that while making music: trying to use as many real instruments as possible, have it feel as tactile and tangible as possible. #Quote by St. Lucia
Director quotes by Justin Timberlake
#93. In creating music you are the writer, the director, the producer, you create it from scratch. Obviously in playing a role in a film, you take guidance and put your trust into the director. You come into it and you really trust people. #Quote by Justin Timberlake
Director quotes by Chadwick Boseman
#94. As a director, it is important to understand the actor's process. #Quote by Chadwick Boseman
Director quotes by Maddie Hasson
#95. I met my agent through a casting director here in Wilmington after I auditioned for a Disney movie. #Quote by Maddie Hasson
Director quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#96. Truth be told, actually, my favorite director of the Movie Brats was not Scorsese. Loved him. But my favorite director of the Movie Brats was Brian de Palma. I actually met De Palma right after I'd done 'Reservoir Dogs,' and I was very beside myself. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Director quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#97. Two days later, two days before Christmas, I am judged fat and sane enough to be kicked out of the hospital. The plan to send me straight back to New Seasons won't work. There is no room at the inn for a leather Lia-skin plumped full of messy things. Not yet. The director promises Dr. Marrigan he'll have a bed for me next week. I'm stable enough to go home until then. They all say I'm stable. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Director quotes by Nick Cannon
#98. One thing about being a stand-up is it's a one-man show. You gotta do everything. You're the producer, writer, director, and the actor. You just gotta be out there and perform and give your all. It's such an honest form of art that it just taught me so much, and it kind of prepared me for manhood at an early age. #Quote by Nick Cannon
Director quotes by Brett Somers
#99. My musical director, Mark Cherry, is the most wonderful person who ever lived on God's good green Earth. He's my director, he does the arrangements. Really, he does everything - including certain janitorial chores! #Quote by Brett Somers
Director quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
#100. I majored in Chinese Studies. I'm probably the only director of chicken Indian zombie movies who can speak pretty good Mandarin. #Quote by Lloyd Kaufman
Director quotes by Helen Mirren
#101. When I'm choosing projects to be a part of it's always a combination of so many different things. The primary thing is the director. But a very important element is, is it different enough from anything else I've ever done, or what I've last done. #Quote by Helen Mirren
Director quotes by Juan Antonio Bayona
#102. As a director, you never think about how an audience would respond. You can think about that, but you will never change what you're going to do. #Quote by Juan Antonio Bayona
Director quotes by Derek Landy
#103. Take him to an Egyptian funeral parlour. They'll wrap him in bandages and put him in a sarcophagus and he'll be right as rain come Judgement Day." - Funeral director
"Really?" - Scapegrace
"No. Those idiots across the road paid you to come in here and waste my valuable time, didn't they? #Quote by Derek Landy
Director quotes by Abigail Roux
#104. Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once," Ty muttered as they walked to their gate. "I don't talk when I fly. I sleep. And I don't listen when I eat, understand? I don't wanna be buddies. I don't wanna chat," he said with a sarcastic lilt to the word. "I don't wanna know about your childhood or how your momma whipped you with a rubber glove or how much therapy you had to go through 'cause you flunked out of preschool. I don't wanna hear about how you want to be Director someday or how many collars you got chasin' those Internet freaks or how proud you are of your bowel movements. I don't wanna go shopping at Barney's with you, and I'm not gonna help you pick out your ties to match your socks and, I swear to God, if you get me shot, I'll kill you. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Director quotes by Ellen Page
#105. I've always been a huge fan of Patricia's [Rozema ], as a director and as a writer, and she's a friend. For me, Patricia is one of those people who can cross genre in a way that I think has been pretty incredible, if you look at her career and the versatility of her work. #Quote by Ellen Page
Director quotes by Stephen Chow
#106. I like working as a director most. #Quote by Stephen Chow
Director quotes by Edward Zwick
#107. There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive - in fact, each can fuel the other. As a filmmaker, I want to entertain people first and foremost. If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen. #Quote by Edward Zwick
Director quotes by Toby Jones
#108. They seem much rarer now, those auteur films that come out of a director's imagination and are elliptical and hermetic. All those films that got me into independent cinema when I was watching it seem thin on the ground. #Quote by Toby Jones
Director quotes by Sidney Blumenthal
#109. And Louis Freeh was a completely dysfunctional FBI Director, who was actually waging his own private war against the Clinton Administration. #Quote by Sidney Blumenthal
Director quotes by Liane Balaban
#110. I've learned over the years that the best way to develop as an artist is to make things. So I tell young artists it's not enough to be an actor anymore, you have to be a filmmaker/writer/director. There's no excuse for waiting around for a job. You have to be active and make things. #Quote by Liane Balaban
Director quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#111. You're going to say that you're a tractor specialist," I said to Slyunkov, he'd been a director of a tractor factory, "and that you didn't understand what radiation could do, but I'm a physicist, I know what the consequences are." But from his point of view, what was this? Some professor, a bunch of physicists, were going to tell the Central Committee what to do? No, they weren't a gang of criminals. It was more like a conspiracy of ignorance and obedience. #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Director quotes by Taya Kyle
#112. Where do the biggest movie star of his generation and a revered director (and great actor in his own right) stay when they are visiting someone?
Would you believe the local Holiday Inn?
Hoping to forge a better connection to Chris, Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper came to see me and the rest of the family in early spring of 2014, before they started filming American Sniper. The unpretentiousness of their visit and their genuine goodwill floored me. It was a great omen for the movie.
Bubba and I picked them up at the local airport and brought them home; within minutes Bubba had Bradley out in the back playing soccer. Meanwhile, Clint and I talked inside. He reminded me of my grandfather with his courtly manners and gracious ways. He was very funny, with a quiet, quick wit and dry sense of humor. After dinner--it was an oryx Chris had killed shortly before he died--Bradley took Bubba to the Dairy Queen for dessert.
Even in small-town Texas, he couldn't quite get away without being recognized, and when someone asked for his photo, he stepped aside to pose. Bubba folded his arms across his chest and scanned the area much as his dad would have: on overwatch.
I guess I didn't really understand how unusual the situation was until later, when I dropped them off at the Holiday Inn. I watched them walk into the lobby and disappear.
That's Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper! Awesome! #Quote by Taya Kyle
Director quotes by Sophie Turner
#113. Stephen Daldry would be a director that I would love to work with as well as Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and I'm very lucky to have worked with Isabel Coixet, who is also one of my favourite directors. #Quote by Sophie Turner
Director quotes by Ruth E. Carter
#114. My favorite part about costume designing is the artistry of the job. You meet with a director and a visionary to discuss ideas. You research the characters and figure out the components of their look through your own vision. You create a color palette for a film, television or stage medium and discuss it with the director of photography who then lights your colored subjects. #Quote by Ruth E. Carter
Director quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#115. My taste in the films I've taken as an actor is similar to what I'd do a director or writer: all quite odd, challenging stuff, slightly off-the-wall. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Director quotes by Sebastian Smee
#116. Pastoureau combines a charming, conversational tone with a haughtiness I found entirely endearing. A director of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes at the Sorbonne in Paris, he writes from a position of professorial confidence. He has conducted extensive research into the history of colour for a quarter century and his aim is to correct misapprehensions and banish ignorance. His style is not to inquire, explore or interrogate, in the fashion of academic studies today. It is to impart knowledge. #Quote by Sebastian Smee
Director quotes by Mike Figgis
#117. I had no plans to be a director. #Quote by Mike Figgis
Director quotes by Salman Rushdie
#118. I think people direct good films when they feel personal to them, not because it's a famous book or something. It has to something move over that and somehow become personal to the director. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Director quotes by Jeff Greenfield
#119. By every measure, John Kennedy's sex life was compulsive and reckless. At one level, it had clear public consequences. Knowledge of Kennedy's behavior gave FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover absolute job security, as well as the potential power to derail Kennedy's re-election had he survived assassination. #Quote by Jeff Greenfield
Director quotes by Michael Biehn
#120. I think every director's different. Every director's got his own style. I mean, when I directed, I basically just screamed for eight hours a day, twelve hours a day. #Quote by Michael Biehn
Director quotes by Vincent Frank
#121. I would first recommend we appoint a Police Director that commands the respect of the rank and file. #Quote by Vincent Frank
Director quotes by Deborah Day
#122. Rewriting the negative beliefs you have learned is the essence of becoming the director of your life. #Quote by Deborah Day
Director quotes by Susan Cain
#123. The amount of space per employee shrank from 500 square feet in the 1970s to 200 square feet in 2010, according to Peter Miscovich, a managing director at the real estate brokerage firm Jones Lang LaSalle. #Quote by Susan Cain
Director quotes by Tom Cruise
#124. When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that level of dedication. And I depend on that from everyone. From the director to my crews that I work with. #Quote by Tom Cruise
Director quotes by Eric Bogosian
#125. I provide the bricks and mortar with the words and situations - the director and the actors and the designers build the house. #Quote by Eric Bogosian
Director quotes by Michael Keaton
#126. I liked 'Robocop' because of the director, and it was an intelligent, big-action studio movie. #Quote by Michael Keaton
Director quotes by Mark Winne
#127. As a 25 year director of a non-profit program I began to see the need to shift from only doing projects/programs to also doing policy work. #Quote by Mark Winne
Director quotes by James Cameron
#128. Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee. #Quote by James Cameron
Director quotes by Scott Ellis
#129. I don't consider myself a flashy director. A lot of times, people will look and don't even know what I do. #Quote by Scott Ellis
Director quotes by Norman Lear
#130. You're in the business - when you're a writer, producer, director - to get ratings. #Quote by Norman Lear
Director quotes by Andrew O'Hagan
#131. Given that most movies are bad, and that there are whole categories and sub-categories of badness - the sequel, the Madonna Movie, the Friday 13th Series, or Movies Starring John Travolta Before Pulp Fiction - it is almost impossible to choose a single film for worst movie of all time. But strangely, I do have a nomination and I believe it is actually the worst movie ever made. It is Boxing Helena. The director is David Lynch's daughter, and the film comes with the almost insane-making faults that the family connection might imply. #Quote by Andrew O'Hagan
Director quotes by Joan Crawford
#132. Mr. Cukor is a hard task-master, a fine director and he took me over the coals giving me the roughest time I have ever had. And I am eternally grateful. #Quote by Joan Crawford
Director quotes by Cate Blanchett
#133. I think the atmosphere on set really comes from the material, but also the director. #Quote by Cate Blanchett
Director quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#134. When you grow up in the [film] industry, the director is your father. You follow your father's lead, but you make your own way. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
Director quotes by Roger Corman
#135. I think one of the reasons movies are the quintessential modern art form is that it is partially a business. The director needs a crew - the writer, the producer, etcetera - and to have that, he needs money. #Quote by Roger Corman
Director quotes by Guillaume Canet
#136. I think it's very boring for a director to always do the same kind of movies. #Quote by Guillaume Canet
Director quotes by Edward Norton
#137. You dream as an actor's director of letting moments breathe through two-shots. #Quote by Edward Norton
Director quotes by Katie Holmes
#138. I used to get so worried that if a scene didn't go a certain way, then it was horrible. But then I realized that it was better to give the director options in the editing room than just being locked into how it's supposed to be. #Quote by Katie Holmes
Director quotes by Julia Angwin
#139. Some research suggests that collecting vast amounts of data simply can't predict rare events like terrorism. A 2006 paper by Jeff Jonas, an IBM research scientist, and Jim Harper, the director of information policy at the Cato Institute, concluded that terrorism events aren't common enough to lend themselves to large-scale computer data mining. #Quote by Julia Angwin
Director quotes by Jean-Claude Van Damme
#140. What I promise to my actors, and to my director, is to give them the salary and everything they need. #Quote by Jean-Claude Van Damme
Director quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#141. As an actor, it's always important to understand what the director is after. That, to me, is my job. When I'm acting, I like to ask a lot of questions and understand exactly why the director is doing what they're doing, so that I can provide him or her with the ingredients that they need to get the scene that they want. It's not to challenge them, in any way. It's just so that I can do my job best. #Quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Director quotes by Frank Darabont
#142. A director shouldn't get in the way of the movie, the story should. #Quote by Frank Darabont
Director quotes by Walter Hill
#143. I wouldn't not want to be a director and write as I wouldn't not to want to be a writer and direct movies. #Quote by Walter Hill
Director quotes by Joel Osteen
#144. Don't let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind. You are the director and the audience. You are in charge. Take the remote control. Change the channel. If you let your imagination run wild, let it run wild in a positive direction. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Director quotes by Jonah Hill
#145. I learn a lot from every director that I work with. I sit on set and watch them, every one. #Quote by Jonah Hill
Director quotes by Peter Jackson
#146. I think that's the job of a director really - to sort of funnel all the creativity into one centralized point of being. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Director quotes by Alden Ehrenreich
#147. I would say that it's mainly about the director. It's a hard quality to find, but I always know whether I want to do something or not. The character is important to me, as is getting to work with people that I feel like I can learn from and make a great movie with. #Quote by Alden Ehrenreich
Director quotes by Logan Lerman
#148. I'm just trying to find a good project. Work with a good director, someone I really admire. Find a good role. #Quote by Logan Lerman
Director quotes by Kimora Lee Simmons
#149. I worked with the best - Givenchy, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent - and it gave me an ability to be confident. It turned me into a CEO and a creative director and a brand. #Quote by Kimora Lee Simmons
Director quotes by Kevin Costner
#150. I don't feel the need to direct. I tried to get other people to direct Dances, but they wouldn't do it. They all thought it was too long. One director wanted to cut the Civil War sequence. Another thought the white woman was very cliched. #Quote by Kevin Costner
Director quotes by Harrison Ford
#151. It's part of the job of the actor to torture the director. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Director quotes by Paul Feig
#152. The director is the only person on the set who has seen the film. Your job as a director is to show up every day and know where everything will fit into the film. #Quote by Paul Feig
Director quotes by Md. Ziaul Haque
#153. If the director himself writes the script or screenplay of the drama, movie etc., the direction becomes perfect because he already imagined each shot nicely in his brain while writing the screenplay! #Quote by Md. Ziaul Haque
Director quotes by Jane Campion
#154. It's harder being a woman director because on the whole women don't have husbands or boyfriends who are willing to be wives #Quote by Jane Campion
Director quotes by Jane Mayer
#155. As scientists linked smoking to cancer, the tobacco industry was under particularly pointed attack, which might have heightened Powell's alarmism. As a director at Philip Morris from 1964 until he joined the Supreme Court, Powell was an unabashed defender of tobacco, signing off on a series of annual reports lashing out at critics. The company's 1967 annual report, for instance, declared, "We deplore the lack of objectivity in so important a controversy ... Unfortunately the positive benefits of smoking which are so widely acknowledged are largely ignored by many reports linking cigarettes and health, and little attention is paid to the scientific reports which are favorable to smoking." Powell took umbrage at the refusal by the Federal Communications Commission to grant the tobacco companies "equal time" to respond to their critics on television and argued that the companies' First Amendment rights were being infringed. #Quote by Jane Mayer
Director quotes by Linda Hunt
#156. For a while, I thought, maybe I should direct, until I got to New York and saw the stupidity of that idea. If it's hard to get into acting, what is it like for a woman to become a director? #Quote by Linda Hunt
Director quotes by Orson Scott Card
#157. My college training was primarily in theatre, with an eye to becoming a director, actor, or producer. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Director quotes by Henry Selick
#158. I'm meant to be an animation director. That world, and the culture of stop-motion, is where I want to live. It's more my problem than Hollywood's. I'm not attuned to Hollywood. #Quote by Henry Selick
Director quotes by Edward Norton
#159. David Fincher is probably the best comprehensive director in terms of being a manger of a process that must drive forward. He has such confident command of cinema language and visual language and script and performance. He knows more about f-stops than any cameraman, he knows more about lighting than any gaffer, he is a wonderful writer, and he can give you a good line reading. Under pressure, he is the kind of guy who you will just dive in with and trust and follow because his vision is so intense. #Quote by Edward Norton
Director quotes by Christian Bale
#160. So yeah, a good director will be able to listen and hear everything, but have a confident vision of his own that he can say, 'oh yeah - that's a great point.' And you never know; often you can help far more than you think you can, because there's so much more that he's juggling than an actor. #Quote by Christian Bale
Director quotes by Julianne Moore
#161. If you are at odds with the director, neither one of you is going to get anywhere. You really do have to be able to make both of you happy. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Director quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#162. Constant complaints were being made of incompetent attendants, and some dozen women did double duty, and then were blamed for breaking down. If any hospital director fancies this a good and economical arrangement, allow one used up nurse to tell him it isn't, and beg him to spare the sisterhood, who sometimes, in their sympathy, forget that they are mortal, and run the risk of being made immortal, sooner than is agreeable to their partial friends. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Director quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#163. I'm not really a full-time director, I just like to direct the things that I write because I think I'm going to know it better than someone else. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
Director quotes by Kevin Bacon
#164. A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly. #Quote by Kevin Bacon
Director quotes by John Frankenheimer
#165. The first thing is that we're being attacked by both the Writers Guild and the Producers Guild. Both of these groups are trying to diminish the importance and strength of the director. They're trying to do it through both frontal and side attacks. #Quote by John Frankenheimer
Director quotes by David Leitch
#166. As a stunt guy, you become a mini-director. You're talking to actors about performance. #Quote by David Leitch
Director quotes by Fred Durst
#167. I'm an actor's director. #Quote by Fred Durst
Director quotes by Stephen Daldry
#168. At school, I decided I wanted to be a director and then I went out and spent the rest of my adult life trying to be a director. It was really clear to me. So in that sense I was very lucky. #Quote by Stephen Daldry
Director quotes by Katrina Kaif
#169. There was a time when I desperately wanted to be part of a Yash Chopra film, not because he was a great director, but because I was an outsider and I wanted that validation of being accepted in the film industry. #Quote by Katrina Kaif
Director quotes by Omar Sharif
#170. To learn bad dialogue is so difficult and so boring, and to work with a stupid director who tells you to do the wrong thing, etcetera, it's just unbearable. #Quote by Omar Sharif
Director quotes by Leonard Boswell
#171. The National Intelligence Director needs the authority to do the job we are asking him to do. That means power over the intelligence budget. And to be effective, to be allowed to do his or her job, they must have authority over the budget. #Quote by Leonard Boswell
Director quotes by Amy Smart
#172. I think bringing depth to characters means really needing to find out who this girl is, what is she passionate about, what makes her tick, what gets her going in life. So I did a lot of backstory for who she was and sometimes it comes across screen and sometimes it doesn't. You never know, because you're not the director, but you can only do your work and hope that it somehow subtly is infiltrated in that. But I think the characters I've played for the most part have depth, just not in the way that you think they do. #Quote by Amy Smart
Director quotes by Margaret Halsey
#173. The attitude of the English towards English history reminds one a good deal of the attitude of a Hollywood director towards love. #Quote by Margaret Halsey
Director quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#174. It's pretty damning. That's Hillary Clinton juxtaposed against the FBI Director Comey yesterday, clearly illustrating she lied. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Director quotes by Lee Grant
#175. What goes on between a father and a son, which is usually such a private matter, is that they are able to be honest with each other, and be honest with me, as a director. It's just remarkable. #Quote by Lee Grant
Director quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#176. Directing takes a good chunk of your life out. It's a very hard thing. As an actor, you go in for a couple of months and do your job, and then you move onto another one. As a director, it's with you for quite some time and you're responsible for the entire thing, whether the results are good or bad, or whether people throw darts at you or put you on a pedestal. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
Director quotes by Nina Jacobson
#177. I was focused on The Hunger Games movie with my director, with the studio, and with the cast and crew. We all just focused on making the best possible movie we could, and earning the right to do more. #Quote by Nina Jacobson
Director quotes by Andrew Lloyd Webber
#178. When people ask me if musical theatre should be taught in music colleges, I reply that there is no need. All anyone needs to study is the second act of La Boheme because it is the most tightly constructed piece of musical theatre that there is. It is practically director-proof: you can't stage it badly because it just works too well. If you can write La Boheme, you can write anything. I would also recommend studying Britten's Peter Grimes. #Quote by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Director quotes by Carol Kane
#179. An actor really suffers when the director isn't prepared because you start running out of time for the shoot and then have to do it fast. #Quote by Carol Kane
Director quotes by Katherine Dunn
#180. What I think happens, and that you have to acknowledge though, is that a director uses a book as a launching pad for his own work and that's always very flattering. #Quote by Katherine Dunn
Director quotes by Elena Roger
#181. I remember one director in Argentina said to me, 'You are not going to have any opportunity to be a leading lady because of your height.' And I didn't care. I don't have a complex. #Quote by Elena Roger
Director quotes by Nicholas Hoult
#182. The lead actor, along with the director, plays a big role in what the vibe will be on set, and that's a huge responsibility. #Quote by Nicholas Hoult
Director quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#183. Director Ken Burns revealed that his next documentary is about Franklin Roosevelt, and it's fourteen hours long ... which sounds like too much, until you realize there's been over thirty hours of TV dedicated to Honey Boo Boo. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Director quotes by Terry Gilliam
#184. I think it's worse for actors, though, because people have to choose you. As a director, I get to choose the actors, but most of the time, actors have to be chosen in order to work. #Quote by Terry Gilliam
Director quotes by Bob Colacello
#185. I took photos from 1976 to when I left in 1993, primarily for Interview and a column I had called "Bob Colacello's Out" which Andy had conceived of. I've never taken a picture since, not even with my phone! It just felt too Andy Warhol to keep going around town taking photographs. And I never really thought of doing anything with them after I left the magazine until this great Art Director Sam Shahid about for or five years ago asked where all of the old photos were. #Quote by Bob Colacello
Director quotes by Vandana Shiva
#186. The director of the institute where I was working apologized about these young, enthusiastic researchers when the World Bank visited because he was afraid the institute would lose the World Bank consultancies.I went back home and started the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology-an extremely elaborate name for the tiny institute that I started in my mother's cow shed. My parents handed over family resources and said, "Put them to public purpose." That's how I survived. #Quote by Vandana Shiva
Director quotes by Rachel Weisz
#187. That was me under the bath and the water being held down. The director wanted it to look as real as possible so he told Keanu, in front of me, don't go easy on her. So it was scary. #Quote by Rachel Weisz
Director quotes by Alex Graves
#188. No director directs 'Game of Thrones' without reading all the episodes and knowing what's going on. All the episodes are written in advance, so you can do that, which is an important point. #Quote by Alex Graves
Director quotes by Gurinder Chadha
#189. 'Viceroy' is the first British film about the Raj and the transfer of power from Britain to India made by a British Indian director. It is a British film made from an Indian perspective. #Quote by Gurinder Chadha
Director quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#190. I'd like to decide who comes here. I'd like to be the admissions director of New York. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Director quotes by Sean Penn
#191. What happens is things come to you - director, script - and if you respond to it, it's because it's tapping into some part of what's inside you, and different roles tap into different parts. #Quote by Sean Penn
Director quotes by Anonymous
#192. The very first thing I saw at this year's Telluride Film Festival was sheer bliss. "Lava," a musical romance from Pixar Animation, was one of the shorts that traditionally precede almost every festival screening; the director was James Ford Murphy. The story, spanning millions of years in 7 minutes, starts with a lonely Hawaiian volcano who, crooning to ukulele accompaniment, yearns for "someone to lava. #Quote by Anonymous
Director quotes by John Ratzenberger
#193. After all, at end of the day, when you're breathing your last, it's not your producer, director, or cast mates by your bedside; it's your children. Keep that in mind. #Quote by John Ratzenberger
Director quotes by Harold Clurman
#194. The actor's physical type isn't and shouldn't be the main consideration. Does the actor look the part? It is the simplest question to deal with. The director deludes himself who yields to the temptation to believe that an affirmative answer settles the matter. An actor's looks will impress an audience initially, but after his first five minutes on stage it becomes aware of what he or she communicates (or fails to communicate) through acting! #Quote by Harold Clurman
Director quotes by Billy Wilder
#195. Film's thought of as a director's medium because the director creates the end product that appears on the screen. It's that stupid auteur theory again, that the director is the author of the film. But what does the director shoot-the telephone book? Writers became much more important when sound came in, but they've had to put up a valiant fight to get the credit they deserve. #Quote by Billy Wilder
Director quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#196. One of the things about writing a novel is you can do it any way you want. It's your voice that's important and I see absolutely no reason why a screenplay can't be the same. It makes it a hell of a lot easier when you're the writer and the director. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Director quotes by Ellen Burstyn
#197. I sketched out a rough story for them and the director said, well it's a good story but we have the go-ahead from Universal to make this script and did I want to do it. I said no, and they left. #Quote by Ellen Burstyn
Director quotes by Ian McKellen
#198. There are directors, and I think this is true of all directors, it would be true if I was a director - If the actor didn't want to do what I was suggesting, I would let him do it his way, and then I would say to him, "Just give me one where you do what the director wants", and that, of course, is the take that's used. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Director quotes by Christina Hendricks
#199. To be honest, the real reason I did 'Drive' was because of Nicolas Winding Refn, the director. #Quote by Christina Hendricks
Director quotes by Douglas Adams
#200. [The Head of Radio Three] had been ensnared by the Music Director of the college and a Professor of Philosophy. These two were busy explaining to the harassed man that the phrase "too much Mozart" was, given any reasonable definition of those three words, an inherently self-contradictory expression, and that any sentence which contained such a phrase would be thereby rendered meaningless and could not, consequently, be advanced as part of an argument in favour of any given programme-scheduling strategy. #Quote by Douglas Adams

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