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Diplomacy quotes by Daniele Vare
#1. Diplomacy is the art of letting the other party have things your way. #Quote by Daniele Vare
Diplomacy quotes by Will Rogers
#2. Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock. #Quote by Will Rogers
Diplomacy quotes by Andrew Ashling
#3. War, they say, is the answer of those who have no arguments left. #Quote by Andrew Ashling
Diplomacy quotes by Bill Bradley
#4. Working with the UN's diplomacy and development arms, we can prevent minor differences from escalating into wars. When conflicts do break out, UN peacekeepers should play a role in defusing and settling them. Without giving up our sovereignty, we can help the UN with better training and better command and control in order to develop more effective peacekeeping forces. #Quote by Bill Bradley
Diplomacy quotes by Robin Hobb
#5. Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Diplomacy quotes by Isaac Asimov
#6. Surely the relationship between inconveniences suffered and privileges granted was part of the very essentials of learning how to handle people without an explosion. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Diplomacy quotes by Bidemi Mark-Mordi
#7. Diplomacy is not a veiling of the truth. It is the ability to be sensitive to the truth. #Quote by Bidemi Mark-Mordi
Diplomacy quotes by Giles Milton
#8. Hawkins was annoyed but placed his trust in tact and diplomacy. He sent a polite but firm letter to the Portuguese commander reminding him that their two countries were at peace and asking that 'he release my men and goods, for that we were Englishmen.' The commander was in no mood to be lenient and sent Hawkins a return letter 'vilely abusing His Majesty [King James I] terming him King of Fishermen, and of an island of no import'. #Quote by Giles Milton
Diplomacy quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#9. Lord Salisbury and myself have brought you back peace
but a peace I hope with honour. #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Diplomacy quotes by Mette Ivie Harrison
#10. Your name?" George asked him directly. He had probably seen the man a dozen times before yet did not know anything about him. King Davit would have no doubt have known half the man's history already.
George took Henry's hand firmly in his own and looked into his eyes. This had to be done delicately, to make sure this Henry did not think him a fool. He tried to think of how his father would do it.
"Thank you, Henry, for your concern. It is a comfort to know I am so well guarded. I will make sure to praise you when next I speak to the lord general. But for now I think there is no need to worry. #Quote by Mette Ivie Harrison
Diplomacy quotes by Lester B. Pearson
#11. Diplomacy is letting someone else have your way. #Quote by Lester B. Pearson
Diplomacy quotes by Bo Bennett
#12. Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time, it is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time. #Quote by Bo Bennett
Diplomacy quotes by Jeane Kirkpatrick
#13. It is a different matter entirely to commit military resources to keep peace in such areas, where often no peace can be kept, or to build nations in our own image before they are ready for our freedoms - or even want them. The military need not do the work of sanctions and diplomacy. As we carry on in this new century, we would do well to remember the importance of balancing the twin goals of our foreign policy: preserving national security and promoting democratic principles. And we must remember that historic conflicts between enemies can be won on moral force, without firing a single bullet or missile; that cultural, market, political, and perhaps religious forces can be far more transformative in areas of the world where chaos and violence reign; and that America can contribute to the building of nations by any and all of these means - while preserving our military and reserving our sovereign right to wage war to maintain true peace. #Quote by Jeane Kirkpatrick
Diplomacy quotes by Albert J. Nock
#14. Like Prince von Bismarck in diplomacy, I have no secrets. #Quote by Albert J. Nock
Diplomacy quotes by Luigina Sgarro
#15. I think there is a substantial difference between hypocrisy and diplomacy: hypocrisy is not saying things, diplomacy is knowing how to say things. #Quote by Luigina Sgarro
Diplomacy quotes by Edith Konecky
#16. Children should be seen and not heard,' my mother contributed grimly, ganging up on me. That was the worst part, having her join the enemy. I knew it was her idea of diplomacy, and that it probably stemmed from cowardice, but to me it was simple betrayal, selling out her own child for the sake of peace. #Quote by Edith Konecky
Diplomacy quotes by Aprilita K
#17. Diplomacy is the inception and the end of war #Quote by Aprilita K
Diplomacy quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
#18. There's a certain rule you must never forget in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts – opinions don't matter, feelings are the priority. That said, having different ways of life is alright, but the minute you try to force your own principles unto others, you are already in the wrong. #Quote by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Diplomacy quotes by Janeane Garofalo
#19. How is it that this debate has been twisted on its head, that somehow those that advocate peace and diplomacy are anti-American? #Quote by Janeane Garofalo
Diplomacy quotes by Will Rogers
#20. There's the one thing no nation can ever accuse us of and that is secret diplomacy. Our foreign are an open book, generally a check book. #Quote by Will Rogers
Diplomacy quotes by Andrew Young
#21. Once the Xerox copier was invented, private diplomacy died. There's no such thing as secrecy. It's just a question of whether it's leaked or revealed openly. #Quote by Andrew Young
Diplomacy quotes by Walter Isaacson
#22. Kissinger traces the balances made in foreign policy, including that of realism and idealism, from the times of Cardinal Richelieu through chapters on Theodore Roosevelt the realist and Woodrow Wilson the idealist. Kissinger, a European refugee who has read Metternich more avidly than Jefferson, is unabashedly in the realist camp. "No other nation," he wrote in Diplomacy, "has ever rested its claim to international leadership on its altruism." Other Americans might proclaim this as a point of pride; when Kissinger says it, his attitude seems that of an anthropologist examining a rather unsettling tribal ritual. The practice of basing policy on ideals rather than interests, he pointed out, can make a nation seem dangerously unpredictable. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Diplomacy quotes by Enoch Powell
#23. History is littered with the wars everybody knew could never happen. #Quote by Enoch Powell
Diplomacy quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#24. Diplomacy is the police in grand costume. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Diplomacy quotes by Paulo Coelho
#25. Diplomacy is also the art of postponing decisions until the problems resolve themselves. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Diplomacy quotes by Richard Armitage
#26. The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted fight. We have to use every tool in our toolkit to wage this war - diplomacy, finance, intelligence, law enforcement, and of course, military power - and we are developing new tools as we go along. #Quote by Richard Armitage
Diplomacy quotes by Noah Feldman
#27. In an ideological age, diplomacy may seem weak and prosaic. But sometimes it is all we have. #Quote by Noah Feldman
Diplomacy quotes by James Buchan
#28. Nature is not simply a technical or economical resource, and human beings are not mere numbers. To suggest that one can somehow align all the squabbling institutions of science, environmental management, government and diplomacy in an alliance of convenience to regulate the global climate seems to me optimistic. #Quote by James Buchan
Diplomacy quotes by Chloe Neill
#29. Together the magicks swirled and danced around us, invisible but tangible, like an breeze. This wasn't defensive or offensive magic. It wasn't used to gather information, for strategy or diplomacy, or to fight a war against supernatural enemy.
It simply was.
It was fundamental, inexorable. It was nothing and everything, infinity and oblivion, from the magnificent furnace of a star to the electrons that hummed in an atom. It was life and death and everything in between, the urge to fight and grow and swim and fly. It was a cascade of water across boulders, the slow-moving advance of mountain glaciers, the march of time. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Diplomacy quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#30. Let me be clear: I'm a believer in a robust military, which is essential for backing up diplomacy. But the implication is that we need a balanced tool chest of diplomatic and military tools alike. Instead, we have a billionaire military and a pauper diplomacy. The U.S. military now has more people in its marching bands than the State Department has in its foreign service - and that's preposterous. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Diplomacy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#31. That's how it goes. Meetings in rooms. A little diplomacy, a little give and take, a promise here, an understanding there. That's how real revolutions happen. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Diplomacy quotes by Stacy Schiff
#32. A commanding woman versed in politics, diplomacy, and governance; fluent in nine languages; silver-tongued and charismatic, Cleopatra nonetheless seems the joint creation of Roman propagandists and Hollywood directors. #Quote by Stacy Schiff
Diplomacy quotes by Dina Powell
#33. Our nation must engage with the rest of the world. But to be successful, we must listen. Our interaction with the world must be a conversation, not a monologue ... these exchanges are a strategic pillar of our nation's public diplomacy. #Quote by Dina Powell
Diplomacy quotes by Edward Sapir
#34. English, once accepted as an international language, is no more secure than French has proved to be as the one and only accepted language of diplomacy or as Latin has proved to be as the international language of science. #Quote by Edward Sapir
Diplomacy quotes by Mario Puzo
#35. The other Dons in the room applauded and rose to shake hands with everybody in sight and to congratulate Don Corleone and Don Tattaglia on their new friendship. It was not perhaps the warmest friendship in the world, they would not send each other Christmas gift greetings, but they would not murder each other. That was friendship enough in this world, all that was needed. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Diplomacy quotes by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
#36. China, the nation which suppressed every citizen in the country who has a different opinion to the government while the rulers sneak "peacefully" into every market in wider world of Diverse cultures. #Quote by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
Diplomacy quotes by Joao Biehl
#37. Global health players can become impervious to critique as they identify emergencies, cite dire statistics, and act on their essential duty of promoting health in the name of "humanitarian reason" or as an instrument of economic development, diplomacy, or national security. We are left, however, with an open-source anarchy around global health problems--a policy space in which new strategies, rules, distributive schemes, and the practical ethics of health care are being assembled, experimented with, and improvised by a wide array of deeply unequal stakeholders #Quote by Joao Biehl
Diplomacy quotes by Daniel Pipes
#38. Diplomacy in general does not resolve conflicts. Wars end not due to peace processes, but due to one side giving up. #Quote by Daniel Pipes
Diplomacy quotes by Robin Hobb
#39. A wise old man taught me that diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power. Persuasion, not force, works best and lasts longest. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Diplomacy quotes by Shigeru Yoshida
#40. History offers examples of winning in diplomacy after losing in war. #Quote by Shigeru Yoshida
Diplomacy quotes by Roberto Bolano
#41. Write in the morning, revise in the afternoon, read at night, and spend the rest of your time exercising your diplomacy, stealth, and charm. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Diplomacy quotes by David Marusek
#42. Merrill Meewee knew his stones. As a boy in Kenya, skipping stones was his favorite free-time activity. There had been an abundance of saucer-shaped missiles on the banks of his father's own fishpond. Fat, river-smoothed disks, they skipped ten, twelve, sixteen times before slipping beneath the surface with a watery plop. His father, a man of little wealth but great forbearance, was not pleased with his boy's solitary pastime, but he never ordered him to stop. Instead, he asked the boy how many stones he thought the pond could hold. I don't know, Meewee remembered answering. A hundred thousand?

Oh, such a big number! And how many stones do you suppose you've thrown already?

Merrill, who was an excellent student, calculated the number of stones he might have tossed in an hour and how many free hours were left each day after school and chores, how many afternoons in how many years since he first discovered the sport. I would estimate 14,850, he informed his father with a certain amount of swagger.

His father was impressed. So many? And all of them have gone to the bottom?

Of course they've gone to the bottom, he had said, embarrassed by his father's apparent ignorance. They're stones. They're heavier than water.

And heavier than fishes?

Of course heavier than fishes.

Good, good, his father concluded, patting him on the head. Keep at it, son, and soon I won't have to work so hard.

Fat #Quote by David Marusek
Diplomacy quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#43. Noah turned to face his younger sister, arching one brow to a fairly smug height. Lenga lifted a brow back at him, giving him a delicate smattering of applause.
"And I was afraid you would never learn the art of diplomacy," she remarked, her lips twitching with her humor. "It merely took you the entire two and a half centuries of my life. Longer, actually. You had a few centuries' head start."
"Funny how you seem to recall the fact that I am far older than you only when it suits your arguments, my sister," he taunted her, reaching to tug on her hair as he had been doing since her childhood.
"Well, I can say with all honesty that this is the first time I have ever seen you forgo a good argument with Hannah, opting for peace instead. I was beginning to wonder if you were my brother at all. Perhaps some imposter . . ."
"Legna, be careful. You are speaking words of treason," he teased her, tugging her hair once more, making her turn around to swat at his hand.
"I don't know how you convinced the entire Council that you were mature enough to be King, Noah! You are such a child!" She twisted her body so he couldn't grab at her hair again. "And I swear, if you pull my hair once more like some sort of schoolyard bully, I am going to put you to sleep and shave you bald!"
Noah immediately raised his hands in acquiescence, laughing as Legna flushed in exasperation. For all her grace and ladylike ways, Noah's little sister was quite capable of making good on #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Diplomacy quotes by Henry Kissinger
#44. A turbulent history has taught Chinese leaders that not every problem has a solution and that too great an emphasis on total mastery over specific events could upset the harmony of the universe. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Diplomacy quotes by Laurence Equilbey
#45. With a group of people, it's easer to say, I want this, this and this. It's different with the soloists, because they are the ones who will be in the spotlight. You can't force an interpretation on them. With soloists, it's all about diplomacy. #Quote by Laurence Equilbey
Diplomacy quotes by Jim Butcher
#46. You're in America now," I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you'd prefer. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Diplomacy quotes by Will Rogers
#47. The only real diplomacy ever performed by a diplomat is in deceiving their own people after their dumbness has got them into a war. #Quote by Will Rogers
Diplomacy quotes by John M. Ford
#48. The Human stared, then laughed shortly. "I suppose I have gone on a bit. Tell your people that not all Humans want their territory, and endless rounds of gunboat diplomacy and saber-rattling."
Krenn said, "If you wish, I will take that message. But there is something I ought to tell you. We have a word, komerex: your translator has probably told you it means 'Empire,' but what it means truly is 'the structure that grows.' It has an opposite, khesterex: 'the structure that dies.' We are taught - by those you wish to receive your story - that there are no other cultures than these. And in my years as a Captain, I have seen nothing to indicate that my teaching was wrong. There are only Empires…and kuve." Krenn saw Grandisson's long jaw go slack; he knew how the Human's machine had translated the last word. "And this is the change you say you wish to make in yourselves….
"So, yes, Mr. Grandisson, if you wish I will take your message. But I tell you now: there are none Klingon who will believe it. #Quote by John M. Ford
Diplomacy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#49. I have no secret methods. I know no diplomacy save that of truth. I have no weapon but non-violence. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Diplomacy quotes by Rosa Brooks
#50. Building relationships on a global scale requires putting human beings on the ground in regions all over the world - and only the Army has the manpower to do this. #Quote by Rosa Brooks
Diplomacy quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#51. (I)t is highly questionable whether when 'Europe speaks with one voice', as we are so often told it is doing, anyone is really listening. Europe's reputation as a serious player in international affairs is unenviable. It is a feeble giant who desperate attempts to be taken seriously are largely risible. It has a weak currency and a sluggish inflexible economy, still much reliant on hidden protectionism. It has a shrinking, ageing, population and, with the exception of Britain, rather unimpressive armed forces and, not excepting Britain, muddled diplomacy. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Diplomacy quotes by E. M. Forster
#52. Her life, he saw, was without meaning. To what purpose was her diplomacy, her insincerity, her continued repression of vigour? Did they make any one better or happier? Did they even bring happiness to herself? Harriet with her gloomy peevish creed, Lilia with her clutches after pleasure, were after all more divine than this well-ordered, active, useless machine. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Diplomacy quotes by Hermann Eilts
#53. My father had been in the German Diplomatic Service, and although he had been in the United States since World War II and out of diplomacy, it was something that was very much talked about in the family. So when I went to college, it was always my intention to try to get into the Foreign Service. #Quote by Hermann Eilts
Diplomacy quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#54. It just may be that the most radical act we can commit is to stay home. What does that mean to finally commit to a place, to a people, to a community?

It doesn't mean it's easy, but it does mean you can live with patience, because you're not going to go away. It also means commitment to bear witness, and engaging in 'casserole diplomacy' by sharing food among neighbors, by playing with the children and mending feuds and caring for the sick. These kinds of commitment are real. They are tangible. They are not esoteric or idealistic, but rooted in the bedrock existence of where we choose to maintain our lives.

That way we begin to know the predictability of a place. We anticipate a species long before we see them. We can chart the changes, because we have a memory of cycles and seasons; we gain a capacity for both pleasure and pain, and we find the strength within ourselves and each other to hold these lines.

That's my definition of family. And that's my definition of love. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Diplomacy quotes by Becky Chambers
#55. Harmagians had money. Aeluons had firepower. Aandrisks had diplomacy. Humans had arguments. #Quote by Becky Chambers
Diplomacy quotes by Robin Hobb
#56. The art of diplomacy is the luck of knowing more of your rival's secrets than he knows of yours. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Diplomacy quotes by Hassan Rouhani
#57. A constructive approach to diplomacy doesn't mean relinquishing one's rights. It means engaging with one's counterparts, on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect, to address shared concerns and achieve shared objectives. #Quote by Hassan Rouhani
Diplomacy quotes by Jayden Hunter
#58. The art of diplomacy is often to tell someone you want to be their best friend, but failing that, you might have to destroy them. It's kind of like Christianity. Congressman Lance Boyd. #Quote by Jayden Hunter
Diplomacy quotes by Annie Nicholas
#59. Diplomacy was not one of Susan's character flaws. #Quote by Annie Nicholas
Diplomacy quotes by Randy Quarles
#60. From Olsen's Nation: "Through the power of our diplomacy, a world that was once divided about how to deal with Iran's nuclear program now stands as one. Standing as one, the world now sincerely regrets Iran's nuclear program." - President Bodvar Olsen, fifth State of the Union address #Quote by Randy Quarles
Diplomacy quotes by Douglas Feith
#61. I don't think that anybody should be ruling in or ruling out anything while we are conducting diplomacy. #Quote by Douglas Feith
Diplomacy quotes by Claudia Gray
#62. Tyranny turns us into liars, she thought, hating herself even as she applauded. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Diplomacy quotes by Barack Obama
#63. In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power - including strong and principled diplomacy. #Quote by Barack Obama
Diplomacy quotes by David Weber
#64. War may represent the failure of diplomacy, but even the best diplomats operate on credit. Sooner or later someone who's less reasonable than you are is going to call you, and if your military can't cover your I.O.U.s, you lose. #Quote by David Weber
Diplomacy quotes by George F. Kennan
#65. You have no idea how much it contributes to the general politeness and pleasantness of diplomacy when you have a little quiet armed force in the background #Quote by George F. Kennan
Diplomacy quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#66. Force is all conquering, but it's victories are short lived. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Diplomacy quotes by Robert Byron
#67. Somebody must trespass on the taboos of modern nationalism, in the interests of human reason. Business can't. Diplomacy won't. It has to be people like us. #Quote by Robert Byron
Diplomacy quotes by Will Rogers
#68. Take the diplomacy out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week. #Quote by Will Rogers
Diplomacy quotes by Morrissey
#69. The laboring-class boys of grey flannel are instinctive in their behavior because they are, in fact, in possession of nothing at all other than instinct; science and diplomacy are tools unused. #Quote by Morrissey
Diplomacy quotes by Robert Dallek
#70. The art of diplomacy is finding a reasonable route among imperfect alternatives. #Quote by Robert Dallek
Diplomacy quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#71. Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft! #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Diplomacy quotes by Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
#72. Modifying Clausewitz' aphorism - war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means - one could say that in ideologically divided countries civil war is but the continuation of parliamentarism with other means. #Quote by Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Diplomacy quotes by Dick Gephardt
#73. Diplomacy matters. Burden-sharing matters. Follow-through matters. And yes, sustaining the peace is harder, more complex and often costlier than winning the war itself. No matter the surge of momentary machismo
as gratifying as it may be for some
it's short-sighted and wrong to simply go it alone. #Quote by Dick Gephardt
Diplomacy quotes by Thomas R. Pickering
#74. Moskin has brought together with care and lucidity an inside history of American diplomacy written through the eyes of the many diplomats who conceived and carried it out over 225 years. You experience the challenges, successes, and foibles. Over time, the Foreign Service evolved into a professional cadre serving the public and presidents, often at the peril of their lives. Anyone interested in understanding our diplomacy, what makes it tick, and how it strives to serve the public interest should read this masterful history. #Quote by Thomas R. Pickering
Diplomacy quotes by Ali Larijani
#75. Reporting Iran's dossier to the UN Security Council will be unconstructive and the end of diplomacy. #Quote by Ali Larijani
Diplomacy quotes by Hortense Calisher
#76. Diplomacy is what is practiced after-the-fact. Never be too right too soon
as any smart Uncle will tell you. The man who guesses what will happen will be blamed for it. No one will believe he has merely guessed. #Quote by Hortense Calisher
Diplomacy quotes by Angelica Hopes
#77. Looks, intimidation, specialisation, special titles, awards, and any superlative status quo can never hide the deficient character of a toxic leech of calumny, and/or one's excessive sense of entitlement.

Genuine diplomacy, true deep honesty, sincerity, and mutual respect are absent in an arrogant, offensive, defensive, deceptive, destructive, distractive, intimidating, abusive, defamatory, sicko, toxic, and sadistic, manipulative, unscrupulous, strategical, power player, fame whore. #Quote by Angelica Hopes
Diplomacy quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#78. If the six-nation forums dealing with Iran and North Korea suffer comparable failures, the consequence will be a world of unchecked proliferation, not controlled by either governing principles or functioning institutions. A modern, strong, peaceful Iran could become a pillar of stability and progress in the region. This cannot happen unless Iran's leaders decide whether they are representing a cause or a nation - whether their basic motivation is crusading or international cooperation. The goal of the diplomacy of the Six should be to oblige Iran to confront this choice. #Quote by Henry A. Kissinger
Diplomacy quotes by Elliott Abrams
#79. A great nation like the United States has many and varied interests, and we need both to do business with tyrants and to engage constantly in multilateral diplomacy. #Quote by Elliott Abrams
Diplomacy quotes by Walt Whitman Rostow
#80. We are the greatest power in the world. If we behave like it. #Quote by Walt Whitman Rostow
Diplomacy quotes by David Frost
#81. Diplomacy, n. is the art of letting somebody else have your way. #Quote by David Frost
Diplomacy quotes by Carlos P. Romulo
#82. Agreements in the organizations of world power are never reached on the floor. They are made in the delegates' lounge and corridors long before the voting begins. #Quote by Carlos P. Romulo
Diplomacy quotes by Thomas C. Schelling
#83. Coercion depends more on the threat of what is yet to come than on damage already done. The pace of diplomacy, not the pace of battle, would govern the action; and while diplomacy may not require that it go slowly, it does require that an impressive unspent capacity for damage be kept in reserve. #Quote by Thomas C. Schelling
Diplomacy quotes by Kiera Cass
#84. We should take pictures!" Elise said.
"Anyone got a camera?" Celeste asked. "I;m a pro at this."
"Mason does!" Kross shouted. "Come here for a minute," she said to a maid, waving her over encouragingly.
"Hold on," I said, grabbing some paper. "Okay, okay. 'Your Highest of Highnesses, the ladies of the Elite require, immediately, the least fancy of your cameras for. . .'"
Kriss giggled, and Celeste shook her head.
"Oh! A study in feminine diplomacy," Elise added.
"Is that a real thing?" Kross asked.
Celeste tossed her hair. "Who cares?"
Maybe twenty minutes later, Maxon knocked on the door and pushed it open an inch. "Can I come in?"
Kross ran over. "No. We just want the camera." And she snatched it from his hand and closed the door in his face.
Celeste fell on the floor, laughing.
"What are you doing in there?" he called. But we were all too busy doubling over to answer. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Diplomacy quotes by Martin Firrell
#85. War is always a failure. It means we've failed in diplomacy and we've failed in talking to one another. #Quote by Martin Firrell
Diplomacy quotes by Stephen Hawking
#86. Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn't have to be like this. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Diplomacy quotes by Romain Gary
#87. The diplomatic kids had a hectic sort of life, being constantly thrown from one end of the world to the other and always playing tennis, no matter who was being machine-gunned in the streets, you were always extraterritorial, history was not permitted to touch you, it was only buzzing around your tennis court in a bloody sort of way. You were so well protected that you went to pieces. Diplomatic immunity could do very strange things to you, it was like weightlessness. You had to remind yourself constantly that you actually existed, and you were not supposed to identify yourself too much with the suffering of whatever country you were posted to. But then, who needs reality anyway? #Quote by Romain Gary
Diplomacy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#88. Of course, it was the United States and Israel that had rejected diplomacy and the PLO that had been offering compromise for years, but Lewis's reversal of the facts was quite normal and unchallenged in the mainstream. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Diplomacy quotes by William Howard Taft
#89. The diplomacy of the present administration has sought to respond to the modern idea of commercial intercourse. This policy has been characterized as substituting dollars for bullets. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Diplomacy quotes by Omar Bongo
#90. Globalization, far from putting an end to power diplomacy between States, has, on the contrary, intensified it. #Quote by Omar Bongo
Diplomacy quotes by Clement Attlee
#91. The Peace Treaties must be scrapped ... I stand for no more war and no more secret diplomacy. #Quote by Clement Attlee
Diplomacy quotes by Seanan McGuire
#92. Sometimes I think Faerie goes to war as much because we can't find anyone who'd rather talk things out as for any other reason. Diplomacy is not a valued skill among the Courts. Most of our nobles would prefer to do the dance of manners and then slide a knife between someone's ribs. It's more fun than actually discussing trade sanctions and why it's rude to kill your neighbors. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Diplomacy quotes by Charlie Huston
#93. Once we understand how they think, we can predict their behaviour. And once we predict it well, we can manipulate it. That is diplomacy. #Quote by Charlie Huston
Diplomacy quotes by Linda Sanchez
#94. As a member of Congress, I'm often reminded that in baseball, as in diplomacy, you have to know when to hit, when to run, and when to show grace. #Quote by Linda Sanchez
Diplomacy quotes by Sinclair Lewis
#95. Even Europe joined in.

With the most modest friendliness, explaining that they wished not to intrude on American domestic politics but only to express personal admiration for that great Western advocate of peace and prosperity, Berzelius Windrip, there came representatives of certain foreign powers, lecturing throughout the land: General Balbo, so popular here because of his leadership of the flight from Italy to Chicago in 1933; a scholar who, though he now lived in Germany and was an inspiration to all patriotic leaders of German Recovery, yet had graduated from Harvard University and had been the most popular piano-player in his class - namely, Dr. Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstängl; and Great Britain's lion of diplomacy, the Gladstone of the 1930's, the handsome and gracious Lord Lossiemouth who, as Prime Minister, had been known as the Rt. Hon. Ramsay MacDonald, P.C.

All three of them were expensively entertained by the wives of manufacturers, and they persuaded many millionaires who, in the refinement of wealth, had considered Buzz vulgar, that actually he was the world's one hope of efficient international commerce. #Quote by Sinclair Lewis
Diplomacy quotes by Hank Bracker
#96. I can hardly believe that our nation's policy is to seek peace by going to war. It seems that President Donald J. Trump has done everything in his power to divert our attention away from the fact that the FBI is investigating his association with Russia during his campaign for office. For several weeks now he has been sabre rattling and taking an extremely controversial stance, first with Syria and Afghanistan and now with North Korea. The rhetoric has been the same, accusing others for our failed policy and threatening to take autonomous military action to attain peace in our time.
This gunboat diplomacy is wrong. There is no doubt that Secretaries Kelly, Mattis, and other retired military personnel in the Trump Administration are personally tough. However, most people who have served in the military are not eager to send our young men and women to fight, if it is not necessary. Despite what may have been said to the contrary, our military leaders, active or retired, are most often the ones most respectful of international law. Although the military is the tip of the spear for our country, and the forces of civilization, it should not be the first tool to be used. Bloodshed should only be considered as a last resort and definitely never used as the first option. As the leader of the free world, we should stand our ground but be prepared to seek peace through restraint. This is not the time to exercise false pride!
Unfortunately the Trump administration informed fo #Quote by Hank Bracker
Diplomacy quotes by Arundhati Roy
#97. After using the 'good offices' of UN diplomacy (economic sanctions and weapons inspections) to ensure that Iraq was brought to its knees, its people starved, half a million of its children killed, its infrastructure severely damaged, after making sure that most of its weapons have been destroyed, in an act of cowardice that must surely be unrivalled in history, the 'Allies' / 'Coalition of the Willing' (better known as the Coalition of the Bullied and Bought) - sent in an invading army! #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Diplomacy quotes by Scott S. Haraburda
#98. Christian leadership should include integrity, honesty, compassion, diplomacy, perception, common sense, and forgiveness. Serving as a Christian leader involves servant leadership, which is a radical commitment to their follower's life that requires acting in love no matter what it costs that leader. #Quote by Scott S. Haraburda
Diplomacy quotes by Paul Hasluck
#99. I think personal diplomacy has caused a lot of mischief and harm, and has impeded the progress of peace in the world. It leads to a very great fallacy - the almost pathetic belief of some Foreign Ministers - that, if they had lunch with someone and called him by his Christian name, they have changed the fundamental facts of relationship between nations. #Quote by Paul Hasluck
Diplomacy quotes by John Bolton
#100. Diplomacy is not an end in itself if it does not advance U.S. interests. #Quote by John Bolton
Diplomacy quotes by Max Hastings
#101. Never in history have lies been such vital instruments of diplomacy and policy. #Quote by Max Hastings
Diplomacy quotes by Peter Mayle
#102. The French, it seems to me, strike a happy balance between intimacy and reserve. Some of this must be helped by the language, which lends itself to graceful expression even when dealing with fairly basic subjects ... And there's that famously elegant subtitle from a classic Western.
COWBOY: "Gimme a shot of red-eye."
SUBTITLE: "Un Dubonnet, s'il vous plait."
No wonder French was the language of diplomacy for all those years. #Quote by Peter Mayle
Diplomacy quotes by Christopher Nutall
#103. Diplomacy is the art of getting what you want without offending anyone too badly. #Quote by Christopher Nutall
Diplomacy quotes by Larry Niven
#104. What have they said to us?"
"I could translate, but it would be meaningless. They have welcomed us in the name of their Emperor, who appears to be an over-Master. The short, round one is Mediator to this Emperor."
"Ah. We have at last found one who can communicate. Speak to her."
"But he has said nothing!"
"Say nothing in return. #Quote by Larry Niven
Diplomacy quotes by Dalai Lama
#105. For Tibetans, the real strength of our struggle is truth - not size, money, or expertise. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Diplomacy quotes by Barbara Lee
#106. We must use all the tools of American power in resolving disputes, including diplomacy. And we must have sufficient congressional debate and oversight before ever putting another U.S. solider in harm's way. #Quote by Barbara Lee
Diplomacy quotes by Kofi Annan
#107. You can do a lot with diplomacy, but with diplomacy backed up by force you can get a lot more done. #Quote by Kofi Annan
Diplomacy quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#108. Iran's strong logic and firm diplomacy is the guideline for all government officials in negotiations on country's peaceful nuclear program with foreigners, quite resolutely. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Diplomacy quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#109. ULTIMATUM, n. In diplomacy, a last demand before resorting to concessions. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Diplomacy quotes by Ronald Reagan
#110. The dustbin of history is littered with remains of those countries that relied on diplomacy to secure their freedom. We must never forget ... in the final analysis ... that it is our military, industrial and economic strength that offers the best guarantee of peace for America in times of danger. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Diplomacy quotes by Adolf Hitler
#111. When diplomacy ends, War begins. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Diplomacy quotes by Tom Daschle
#112. President Bush failed "miserably" at diplomacy, forcing the United States into war. #Quote by Tom Daschle
Diplomacy quotes by Barbara Tuchman
#113. Diplomacy means all the wicked devices of the Old World, spheres of influence, balances of power, secret treaties, triple alliances, and, during the interim period, appeasement of Fascism. #Quote by Barbara Tuchman
Diplomacy quotes by James Ellis
#114. Dexterity is one of the chief weapons of diplomacy; governments rely more upon the supremacy of this instrument, when in the hands of a skillful diplomatist, than in the soundness or justice of their claims. #Quote by James Ellis
Diplomacy quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#115. To feel everything in every way; to be able to think with the emotions and feel with the mind; not to desire much except with the imagination; to suffer with haughtiness; to see clearly so as to write accurately; to know oneself through diplomacy and dissimulation; to become naturalized as a different person, with all the necessary documents; in short, to use all sensations but only on the inside, peeling them all down to God and then wrapping everything up again and putting it back in the shop window like the sales assistant I can see from here with the small tins of a new brand of shoe polish. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Diplomacy quotes by Art Linkletter
#116. Diplomacy: the art of jumping into trouble without making a splash. #Quote by Art Linkletter
Diplomacy quotes by Carrie Adams
#117. She is opinionated, as most of us are, but you won't find yourself impaled on her arguments; she doesn't charge at you as some people do. What [she] does is walk slowly and steadily into a conversational battle, somehow managing to deflect all incoming targets until she is standing in your corner with her flag dug firmly into the ground. I think it comes from the deep-seated confidence she possesses in her core. I think it is the powerful combination of encouraged individualism and a strong family unit. #Quote by Carrie Adams
Diplomacy quotes by King Hussein I
#118. The dilemma of our age is the combination of unprecedented material progress and systematic spiritual decline. The decline in public and private morality can be witnessed in the marketplace as well as the forums of international diplomacy. In the past, a man's honor and reputation were his most valuable assets. Business agreements were made with a handshake. Today one might be well advised to check the "bottom line" and read the "small print." #Quote by King Hussein I
Diplomacy quotes by Zhou Enlai
#119. All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means. #Quote by Zhou Enlai
Diplomacy quotes by Ron Brackin
#120. A truce between Israel and Palestine? Imagine walking into a doctor's office. You sit down, pick up a magazine, and begin to read. A few minutes later, a man walks in, the man who killed your wife, the man whose son you murdered. He sits down, picks up a magazine, and begins to read.
A two-state solution to the problem between Israel and Palestine? Imagine walking into a doctor's office. You sit down, pick up a magazine, and begin to read. Next door, a man walks into the restaurant, the man who killed your wife, the man whose son you murdered. He sits down at a table, orders a meal, and begins to eat.
In either case, there is an intolerable tension that has resisted resolution by diplomacy, combat, sanctions, or segregation. Forgiveness is the only reasonable solution. #Quote by Ron Brackin
Diplomacy quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#121. You know, Hillary Clinton's out there saying, we need smart diplomacy. We need to do smart power. And that means empathizing with our enemy, understanding their grievances, like we understand the grievances of homosexuals, like we understand the grievances of African-Americans. We must learn to understand the grievances of ISIS. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Diplomacy quotes by Barack Obama
#122. Hunger, disease and poverty can lead to global instability and leave a vacuum for extremism to fill. So instead of just managing poverty, we must offer nations and people a pathway out of poverty. And as president I've made development a pillar of our foreign policy, alongside diplomacy and defense. #Quote by Barack Obama
Diplomacy quotes by Frank Herbert
#123. Often I must Speak otherwise than I Think. This is Called Diplomacy. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Diplomacy quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#124. Electronic diplomacy was not possible over solar-system distances. Some elder statesmen, accustomed to the instantaneous communications that Earth had long taken for granted, had never reconciled themselves to the fact that radio waves took minutes, or even hours, to journey across the gulfs between the planets. "Can't you scientists do something about it?" they had been heard to complain bitterly when told that immediate face-to-face conversation was impossible between Earth and any of its remoter children. Only the Moon had the barely acceptable one-and-a-half-second delay - with all the political and psychological consequences that implied. #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Diplomacy quotes by George W. Bush
#125. The best diplomacy starts with getting to know each other #Quote by George W. Bush
Diplomacy quotes by Teresa Schulz
#126. Diplomacy be damned, Nate preferred to say what was on his mind. 'Yes, and Aladdin might fly out your ass on his magic carpet and take you for a spin too. #Quote by Teresa Schulz
Diplomacy quotes by Thomas R. Pickering
#127. In archaeology you uncover the unknown. In diplomacy you cover the known. #Quote by Thomas R. Pickering
Diplomacy quotes by Salam Al Shereida
#128. The most difficult task in leadership, which is one of the greatest challenges is the task of finding the reins of the soul. #Quote by Salam Al Shereida
Diplomacy quotes by Patrick E. McLean
#129. Come now, Mr. Windsor. Even with your limited knowledge and frame of reference, you must recognize that diplomacy is merely a cover for the most savage acts of mankind. #Quote by Patrick E. McLean
Diplomacy quotes by Tom Althouse
#130. When diplomacy fails, whisper through Art and your message will echo for eternity. #Quote by Tom Althouse
Diplomacy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#131. Iran has little capacity to deploy force. Its strategic doctrines are defensive, designed to deter invasion long enough for diplomacy to set it. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Diplomacy quotes by John Gimlette
#132. Diplomacy was what I wanted to do. From really quite an early age and I think I had a false impression that diplomacy equals travel. #Quote by John Gimlette
Diplomacy quotes by Esther Williams
#133. Widowhood had done nothing to curb my smart mouth. So much for diplomacy. #Quote by Esther Williams
Diplomacy quotes by Jean Lorrain
#134. His fame as an artist requires very tender care. Look what a mask of diplomacy is painstakingly formed by the whole of that fine profile; he is as wily as a cardinal. He has scented in Miss White a useful agent of celebrity, and he has come solely to harness her to the cause of his glory. It is himself that he courts by means of the salaams he offers to her; he only ever flirts with himself. He is the Narcissus of the inkpot ... #Quote by Jean Lorrain
Diplomacy quotes by William M. Arkin
#135. 1. Bangladesh.... In 1971 ... Kissinger overrode all advice in order to support the Pakistani generals in both their civilian massacre policy in East Bengal and their armed attack on India from West Pakistan.... This led to a moral and political catastrophe the effects of which are still sorely felt. Kissinger's undisclosed reason for the 'tilt' was the supposed but never materialised 'brokerage' offered by the dictator Yahya Khan in the course of secret diplomacy between Nixon and China.... Of the new state of Bangladesh, Kissinger remarked coldly that it was 'a basket case' before turning his unsolicited expertise elsewhere. #Quote by William M. Arkin
Diplomacy quotes by Michael Oren
#136. Benjamin Netanyahu has made the official policy of the Israeli government the two-state solution, at a time when he had opposition from many quarters. That is his official position. He remains publicly committed to it, but not just publicly; also in diplomacy, totally committed to moving swiftly toward that solution. #Quote by Michael Oren
Diplomacy quotes by Sun Tzu
#137. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Diplomacy quotes by John F. Kennedy
#138. Diplomacy and defense are not substitutes for one another. Either alone would fail. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Diplomacy quotes by Karen Chance
#139. She was the oddest combination of contradictions he'd ever met -innocence and sensuality, candour and diplomacy, anxiety and utter fearlessness. He hadn't even begun to figure out how her mind worked. But she was damn well going to live long enough for him to try. #Quote by Karen Chance
Diplomacy quotes by F.C. Yee
#140. My friend is not a diplomat. She is the failure of diplomacy. She is the breakdown of negotiations. There is no escalation of hostilities beyond her. #Quote by F.C. Yee
Diplomacy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#141. To say that the United States has pursued diplomacy with North Korea is a little bit misleading. It did under the Clinton administration, though neither side completely lived up to their obligations. Clinton didn't do what was promised, nor did North Korea, but they were making progress. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Diplomacy quotes by Sheri S. Tepper
#142. The practice of diplomacy, I have found, is sometimes like eating soup with a fork: much activity yielding little nourishment. #Quote by Sheri S. Tepper
Diplomacy quotes by H.W. Brands
#143. Diplomacy was a long game. #Quote by H.W. Brands
Diplomacy quotes by Franco Frattini
#144. WikiLeaks is the 9/11 of diplomacy. #Quote by Franco Frattini
Diplomacy quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#145. Well, Colonel, there is diplomacy and there is reality. Our ambassador represents diplomacy. I represent reality. And the reality is we don't want you. #Quote by Stephen Kinzer
Diplomacy quotes by Samantha Power
#146. We can't only try diplomacy after countries have done what we want. #Quote by Samantha Power
Diplomacy quotes by Pierce Brown
#147. Can do." He bumps my fist with his and winks. "Happy diplomacy, kids." He keeps his fist out for Mustang. "You too horsey. We're in this shit together, eh?" She happily bumps his knuckles with her own. "Bloodydamn right. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Diplomacy quotes by Ann Wright
#148. As a 29 year veteran of the US Army/Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel and having served as a U.S. diplomat for 16 years and resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war, I firmly believe war does not resolve political issues. We must work diligently to force the governments of our nations to use diplomacy, not weapons. #Quote by Ann Wright
Diplomacy quotes by Nancy Snow
#149. Current public diplomacy and foreign policy making reduces the role of American citizens to mere spectators. The USIA's model of democracy and the free market is promoted as the superpower version of economic globalization, packaged and ready for shipping to clients throughout the world. In this version, foreign capital flows freely while the movement of people, particularly the world's poor, is strictly controlled. Such a commercial package speaks first and foremost for government 'partners,' the Fortune 500 corporations, which are the primary beneficiaries as well as the bankrollers of the American political process. This is a packaged story of America that is incomplete and undemocratic. Where do workers and communities fit into the story? How do private citizens play a part in building dialogue across cultures? #Quote by Nancy Snow
Diplomacy quotes by Robert Asprin
#150. Diplomacy is the delicate weapon of the civilized warrior.- Hun, A. T. #Quote by Robert Asprin
Diplomacy quotes by Kevin J. Shay
#151. That's the key to walking through the Wall.... You have to first see it as not being a Wall, even though everyone you know still sees it as a Wall. #Quote by Kevin J. Shay
Diplomacy quotes by Jodi Picoult
#152. There's an honesty to the wolf world that is liberating. There's no diplomacy, no decorum. You tell your enemy you hate him; you show your admiration by confessing the truth. That directness doesn't work with humans, who are masters of subterfuge. Does this dress make me look fat? Do you really love me? Did you miss me? When a person asks this, she doesn't want to know the real answer. She wants you to lie to her. After two years of living with wolves, I had forgotten how many lies it takes to build a relationship. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Diplomacy quotes by Warren W. Wiersbe
#153. Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy. #Quote by Warren W. Wiersbe
Diplomacy quotes by Henry Kissinger
#154. Side by side with the limitless possibilities opened up by the new technologies, reflection about international order must include the internal dangers of societies driven by mass consensus, deprived of the context and foresight needed on terms compatible with their historical character. In every other era, this has been considered the essence of leadership; in our own, it risks being reduced to a series of slogans designed to capture immediate short-term approbation. Foreign policy is in danger of turning into a subdivision of domestic politics instead of an exercise in shaping the future. If the major countries conduct their policies in this manner internally, their relations on the international stage will suffer concomitant distortions. The search for perspective may well be replaced by a hardening of differences, statesmanship by posturing. As diplomacy is transformed into gestures geared toward passions, the search for equilibrium risks giving way to a testing of limits. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Diplomacy quotes by Suzy Kassem
#155. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people. Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, and the environmentalist -- not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Diplomacy quotes by Douglas Brinkley
#156. The world of high-stakes international diplomacy can be rough and tumble, but it's more often than not a procession of suits and summits, protocol sessions and photo ops. #Quote by Douglas Brinkley
Diplomacy quotes by Jack F. Matlock, Jr.
#157. Pavel Palazchenko has given us a well-written, inside account of Gorbachev's and Shevardnadze's diplomacy. Remarkably objective, it is full of insights, makes fascinating reading, and will also be a prime source for scholars long into the future. #Quote by Jack F. Matlock, Jr.
Diplomacy quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#158. Diplomacy: the art of restraining power. #Quote by Henry A. Kissinger
Diplomacy quotes by Cynthia P. Schneider
#159. The most successful cultural diplomacy strategy integrates people-to-people or arts/culture/media-to-people interactions into the basic business of diplomacy. The programs in Afghanistan, Egypt, and Iran all contribute to core goals of U.S. policy in those countries. #Quote by Cynthia P. Schneider
Diplomacy quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#160. It is better to inconsistently save some lives than to consistently save none. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Diplomacy quotes by Joseph Cirincione
#161. Iran is five to 10 years away from having a nuclear weapon. We have time to try diplomacy. #Quote by Joseph Cirincione
Diplomacy quotes by Norman E. Saul
#162. One story that circulated about (U.S. Minister to Russia Charles S.) Todd concerned his conversation with a lady-in-waiting at an Imperial reception in the Winter Palace. In his bad French with a Kentucky accent, he mispronounced the word for year, so that an explanation of his travels came out: "I was an ass in Paris, part of an ass in London, almost an ass in Germany, and I am two asses here." To which the lady reportedly responded, "And you will be an ass wherever you go. #Quote by Norman E. Saul
Diplomacy quotes by Patrick McGuinness
#163. In diplomacy there are two kinds of problems: small ones and large ones. The small ones will go away by themselves and the large ones you will not be able to do anything about. The biggest challenges in your career will come from the temptation to act. The test of your mettle will be how nobly you surmount it. #Quote by Patrick McGuinness
Diplomacy quotes by Carlos P. Romulo
#164. I knew nothing at all of the art of diplomacy, which I have since diagnosed as the ability to make the nastiest possible comment in the nicest possible way. #Quote by Carlos P. Romulo
Diplomacy quotes by Douglas Alexander
#165. The Olympics is a time primarily for sport and celebration, but diplomacy does not stop at the door of the U.N., and for it to work, it must be sustained and consistent. #Quote by Douglas Alexander
Diplomacy quotes by David Weber
#166. We heads of state really prefer to have some sort of an agenda before we sit down at the high-stakes table, you know. All bad novelists notwithstanding, surprise and improvisation are not the best basis for successful diplomacy! #Quote by David Weber
Diplomacy quotes by Joseph Conrad
#167. Yet, when one thinks of it, diplomacy without force is a but a rotten reed to lean upon. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Diplomacy quotes by Alain Juppe
#168. Our diplomacy ended up giving a bad conscience to an international community capable only of expressing noble sentiments while doing nothing, .. So how can one explain that we are today investigating an action our country should be proud of?. #Quote by Alain Juppe
Diplomacy quotes by Michelle Sagara
#169. Yes, attempts at murder are often misunderstandings. Unless it involves armies, in which case it's diplomacy. #Quote by Michelle Sagara
Diplomacy quotes by Barack Obama
#170. We've achieved this historic progress through diplomacy, without resorting to another war in the Middle East. I want to also point out that by working with Iran on this nuclear deal, we were better able to address other issues. #Quote by Barack Obama
Diplomacy quotes by Kevin Hearne
#171. He will spit you and roast you with rosemary, and we will all sample your flesh tonight. Tomorrow you will be shat out into the snow.
Your diplomacy is bold and edgy, sir. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Diplomacy quotes by Douglas Alexander
#172. Traditionally, diplomacy was done in an environment of information scarcity. Ambassadors would send back telegrams to foreign ministries, comfortable in the knowledge that their views of a country would be the only source of information the minister would see. #Quote by Douglas Alexander
Diplomacy quotes by Demi Lovato
#173. Violence is the easy way out and it only leads to more violence. We need people in this world who are willing to find solutions through peace, through communication, honesty and diplomacy. World peace may seem impossible, but it's worth aiming for. #Quote by Demi Lovato
Diplomacy quotes by Anna Quindlen
#174. I think anyone who comes upon a Nautilus machine suddenly will agree with me that its prototype was clearly invented at some time in history when torture was considered a reasonable alternative to diplomacy. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Diplomacy quotes by M.J. Ryan
#175. Patience is no small, fell-good personal quality. It is at the heart of diplomacy and civility, lawfulness and civil order. Without it, people can't work together and society can't function at all. With it, we create the possibility of peace between people and between nations. #Quote by M.J. Ryan
Diplomacy quotes by Tom Ridge
#176. The programs supported by the International Affairs Budget are as essential to our national security as defense programs. Development and diplomacy protect our nation by addressing the root causes of terrorism and conflict. But it's not just about security. By building new markets overseas for American products, the International Affairs Budget creates jobs and boosts the economy here at home. #Quote by Tom Ridge
Diplomacy quotes by Lilia Shevtsova
#177. Russia is actively using gas diplomacy for its expansion over the ex-Soviet space in a bid to become a regional superpower. #Quote by Lilia Shevtsova
Diplomacy quotes by Robert MacNeil
#178. You learn, just as you learn good manners, how to approach things with a certain amount of diplomacy. #Quote by Robert MacNeil
Diplomacy quotes by George MacDonald Fraser
#179. As I said to Speedicut, it's hell in the diplomatic. #Quote by George MacDonald Fraser
Diplomacy quotes by A.J.P. Taylor
#180. Rather an end in horror, than horror without end. He could not condemn principles he might need to invoke and apply later. The wolf cannot help having been created by God as he is, but we shoot him all the same if we have to. The great player in diplomacy, as in chess, asks the question,Does this improve me?, not look at the possible fringe benefits If you can't have what you like, you must like what you have. #Quote by A.J.P. Taylor
Diplomacy quotes by Hillary Clinton
#181. Part of diplomacy is to open different definitions of self-interest. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Diplomacy quotes by George P. Bush
#182. Gardening?is one of the most underrated aspects of diplomacy. #Quote by George P. Bush
Diplomacy quotes by Gene Wolfe
#183. Magic," Martha whispered breathlessly, "is diplomacy. It isn't just saying the words. It's who says them, how he says them, and when he says them. #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Diplomacy quotes by Lincoln Chafee
#184. In the world of diplomacy, some things are better left unsaid. #Quote by Lincoln Chafee
Diplomacy quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#185. Maybe yelling back is a kind of marital diplomacy #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Diplomacy quotes by Mahmoud Abbas
#186. We always have hoped that American diplomacy deploys itself in dialogue and persuasion rather than by ultimatums. That is the path we want in international relations. #Quote by Mahmoud Abbas
Diplomacy quotes by Hope Mirrlees
#187. It shocked his sense of dramatic economy that they should have to resort to violence when the same result could have been obtained by a minimum expenditure of energy. #Quote by Hope Mirrlees
Diplomacy quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#188. Father once said the real language of diplomacy was in the space between words. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Diplomacy quotes by Dale Carnegie
#189. Buddha said: 'Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love,' and a misunderstanding is never ended by an argument but by tact, diplomacy, conciliation and a sympathetic desire to see the other person's viewpoint. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Diplomacy quotes by Mohamed ElBaradei
#190. We still have time to negotiate, we still have time for diplomacy, because there are still a number of issues that have not been clarified, that created a lack of confidence. #Quote by Mohamed ElBaradei
Diplomacy quotes by Thom Mayne
#191. Architecture is a negotiated art, and it's highly political, and if you want to make buildings, there is diplomacy required. #Quote by Thom Mayne
Diplomacy quotes by Henry James
#192. What there was no effective record of indeed was the small strange pathos on the child's part of an innocence so saturated with knowledge and so directed to diplomacy. #Quote by Henry James
Diplomacy quotes by Kresley Cole
#193. Just hear me out. While you were napping, I was busy chatting up our allies. Didn't you know
your woman's a golden-tongued ambassador! My sisters always said I graduated from the shock-and-awe school of diplomacy, but joke 'em if they can't take a fuck, right? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Diplomacy quotes by Giuseppe Zanotti
#194. People online will tell you what they really think - there's no diplomacy. They're honest; it's good to have the feedback immediately. #Quote by Giuseppe Zanotti
Diplomacy quotes by Mario Puzo
#195. Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Diplomacy quotes by Hillary Clinton
#196. There is no question in my mind that if we summon our resources, both our leadership resources and all of the tools at our disposal, not just military force, which should be used as a last resort, but our diplomacy, our development aid, law enforcement, sharing of intelligence in a much more open and cooperative way - that we can bring people together. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Diplomacy quotes by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
#197. You know, in the realm of diplomacy, we are all bound to defend and promote our respective national interests. But, there is also such a thing as common interests: matters where our interests converge rather than diverge, compelling us to work together rather than against one another. #Quote by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Diplomacy quotes by ErraticErrata
#198. Diplomacy is the art of selling a deal you don't want to people you don't trust for reasons you won't admit to."
-Prokopia Lekapene, first and only Hierarch of the League of Free Cities #Quote by ErraticErrata
Diplomacy quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#199. Oversimplified perhaps, this in essence is the problem known to nineteenth-century diplomacy as the Eastern Question. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Diplomacy quotes by Otto Von Bismarck
#200. Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness. #Quote by Otto Von Bismarck

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