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Famous Quotes About Dijamin Halal

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Dijamin Halal quotes by Salman Rushdie
#1. Family history, of course, has its proper dietary laws. One is supposed to swallow and digest only the permitted parts of it, the halal portions of the past, drained of their redness, their blood. Unfortunately, this makes the stories less juicy ... #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Dijamin Halal quotes by Wafa Sultan
#2. First, why you deny to others what you allow (make halal) to yourselves. When you blast from the minarets (loudspeakers) of your mosques, in a neighborhood with a majority of Christian residents, the Koranic verse that says, "In blasphemy (Kafers) indeed are those that say that Allah (God) is Al-Masih (Jesus) the son of Maryam." Koran 5:17 #Quote by Wafa Sultan
Dijamin Halal quotes by Hannibal Buress
#3. I really like Halal food. #Quote by Hannibal Buress
Dijamin Halal quotes by Stephen Colbert
#4. Can accidentally eating halal food make you Muslim? Yes, the same way drinking a cosmo can make you gay. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Dijamin Halal quotes by Aasif Mandvi
#5. 'Halal in the Family' will expose a broad audience to some of the realities of being Muslim in America. By using satire, we will encourage people to reconsider their assumptions about Muslims, while providing a balm to those experiencing anti-Muslim bias. I also hope those Uncles and Aunties out there will crack a smile! #Quote by Aasif Mandvi
Dijamin Halal quotes by Stephen Colbert
#6. Protect yourself from Muslim vampires by making your neck non-halal. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Dijamin Halal quotes by Oriana Fallaci
#7. … the animal rights activist Erwin Kessler who like Brigitte Bardot cannot abide the Muslims practicing to butcher the lambs like Dracula, that is, slowly drawing their blood. For criticizing it, he got two months in prison. #Quote by Oriana Fallaci
Dijamin Halal quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#8. This is the power of my heart. This is what I call sihr halal. #Quote by Coco J. Ginger

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