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Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Osamu Dazai
#1. In time, when we became adults, we might look back on this pain and loneliness as a funny thing, perfectly ordinary, but - but how were we expected to get by, to get through this interminable period of time until that point when we were adults? There was no one to teach us how. Was there nothing to do but leave us alone, like we had the measles? But people died from the measles, or went blind. You couldn't just leave them alone. Some of us, in our daily depressions and rages, were apt to stray, to become corrupted, irreparably so, and then our lives would be forever in disorder. There were even some who would resolve to kill themselves. And when that happened, everyone would say, Oh, if only she had lived a little longer she would have known, if she were a little more grown up she would have figured it out. How saddened they would all be. But if those people were to think about it from our perspective, and see how we had tried to endure despite how terribly painful it all was, and how we had even tried to listen carefully, as hard as we could, to what the world might have to say, they would see that, in the end, the same bland lessons were always being repeated over and over, you know, well, merely to appease us. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Terry Pratchett
#2. Where I come from, Annagramma, they have the Sheepdog Trials. Shepherds travel there from all over to show off their dogs. And there're silver crooks and belts with silver buckles and prizes of all kinds, Annagramma, but do you know what the big prize is? No, you wouldn't. Oh, there are judges, but they don't count, not for the big prize. There is - there was a little old lady who was always at the front of the crowd, leaning on the hurdles with her pipe in her mouth with the two finest sheepdogs ever pupped sitting at her feet. Their names were Thunder and Lightning, and they moved so fast, they set the air on fire and their coats outshone the sun, but she never, ever put them in the Trials. She knew more about sheep than even sheep know. And what every young shepherd wanted, really wanted, wasn't some silly cup or belt but to see her take pipe out of her mouth as he left the arena and quietly say 'That'll do,' because that meant he was a real shepherd and all the other shepherds knew it, too. And if you'd told him he had to challenge her, he'd cuss at you and stamp his foot and tell you he'd sooner spit the sun dark. How could he ever win? She was shepherding. It was the whole of her life. What you took away from her you'd take away from yourself. You don't understand that, do you? But it's the heart and the soul and center of it! The soul... and... center! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Katherine Paterson
#3. It was Leslie who had taken him from the cow pasture into Terabithia and turned him into a king. He had thought that was it. Wasn't king the best you could be? Now it occurred to him that perhaps Terabithia was like a castle where you came to be knighted. After you stayed for a while and grew strong you had to move on. For hadn't Leslie, even in Terabithia, tried to push back the walls of his mind and make him see beyond to the shining world - huge and terrible and beautiful and very fragile? (Handle with care - everything - even the predators.)
Now it was time for him to move out. She wasn't there, so he must go for both of them. It was up to him to pay back to the world in beauty and caring what Leslie had loaned him in vision and strength.
As for the terrors ahead - for he did not fool himself that they were all behind him - well, you just have to stand up to your fear and not let it squeeze you white. Right, Leslie?
Right. #Quote by Katherine Paterson
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Eleanor Catton
#4. It is perfectly serendipitous,' said the boy, descending the steps to the street. 'Fancy that - us meeting a second time! Of course I have wished for it, very much - but they were vain wishes; the kind one makes in twilight states, you know, idly. I remember just what you said, as we rounded the heads of the harbor - in the dawn light. "I should like to see him in a storm," you said. I have thought of it many times, since; it was the most delightfully original of speeches.'
Anna blushed at this: not only had she never heard herself described as an original before, she had certainly never supposed that her utterances qualified as 'speeches. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#5. It's no wonder your grandmother despairs of you. God only knows what a trial you are to your poor parents."
The humor vanished abruptly from his face. "Sadly, my parents are too dead to be overly concerned about my behavior."
His words were flip, but the sudden glint of grief in his eyes told another tale. "Please forgive me," she said hastily, cursing her quick tongue. "It's awful to lose your parents. I know that better than anyone."
"No need for apologies." He pushed away from the door. "They despaired of me long before they died, so you weren't far off the mark."
"Still, it was very wrong of me to-"
"Come now, Miss Butterfield, this has naught to do with my proposal. Will you pretend to be my fiancée or not?" When she hesitated, he went on with a hint of anger, "I don't see why you make such a fuss over it. It's not as if I'm asking you to do anything wicked."
That ridiculous remark banished her brief moment of sympathy. "You're asking me to lie! To deceive a woman for the sake of your purpose, whatever that is. It goes against every moral principle-"
"And threatening to stab a man does not?" He cast her a thin smile. "Think of it as playing a role, like an actress. You and your cousin will be guests at my estate for a week or two, entirely at your leisure." A dark gleam shone in his eyes. "I can even set up an effigy of myself for you to stab at will."
"That does sound tempting," she shot back.
"As for Freddy there, he can ri #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#6. Later on, I asked her [her mother], "How does it feel?"


"When you can't remember things. Does it frighten you? Do you feel sad?"

"Well, not really. I have this condition, you see. It's called osteo...ost..."

"You mean Alzheimer's?" I said, helping her out.

She looked astonished. "Yes! How on earth did you know that?"

"Just a guess..."

"I can never remember the name," she explained.

"Of course not."

"It affects my memory..."

"...And that's why you can't remember"?"

She frowned and shook her head. "Remember what?"

"There's not a single thing I can do about it," she told me when I reminded her. "If there was something I could do and wasn't doing it, then I could feel sad or depressed. But as it is..." She shrugged.

"So you're okay with it?"

She looked at me, patiently. "I don't have much choice," she explained. "So I may as well be happy. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#7. But your habits undergo no change in this pretense? Or do you think anyone was fooled yesterday by your so-called 'appointment' last night? That is what you told your mother, correct? That you had an appointment?"
His eyes came back to hers. "Are we showing signs of jealousy again?"
"I'm asking a pertinent question," she said stiffly. "If you think this pretense is going to only be one-sided, then it ends now."
Incredibly,his humor returned abruptly, his grin quite wide. "Before you start turning green, I suppose I must admit that appointment wasn't a good word for it, since it wasn't a scheduled meeting. I merely went to see my solicitor,and,no, he doesn't wear skirts."
She ignored that ridiculous attempt at a joke. #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Rick Riordan
#8. They send a person who can never stay,: she whispered. "Who can never accept my offer of companionship for more than a little while. They send me a hero I can't help ... Just the sort of person I can't help falling in love with." The night was quiet except for the gurgle of the fountains and waves lapping on the shore. It took me a long time to realize what she was saying. "Me?" I asked. "If you could see your face." She suppressed a smile, though her eyes were still teary. "Of course, you." "That's why you've been pulling away all this time?" "Itried very hard. But I can't help it. The Fates are cruel. They sent you to me, my brave one, knowing that you would break my heart." "But ... I'm just ... I mean, I'm just me." "That is enough," Calypso promised. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#9. Don't worry, this isn't what your role in the finale is going to be. This is just for fun."

I seriously questioned their idea of a good time. Swinging from a tiny little bar more than twenty feet in the air seemed like certain death. How she managed it in beaded costumes with long trains was either a miracle or magic or both.

Sebastián swung over from his side of the practice room, legs over the bar and arms extended outward, a wide grin on his face. As if he weren't already talented enough with his contortions, now he was doing them in the sky. "Easy, see? All you have to do is let go."

"You're all mad," I muttered under my breath. "Absolutely mad. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Henry James
#10. He sat with his yes fixed on hers while she spoke; then he lowered them and attached them to a spot on the carpet as if he were making a strong effort to say nothing but what he ought. He was a strong man in the wrong, and he was acute enough to see that an uncompromising exhibition of his strength would only throw the falsity of his position into relief. Isabel was not incapable of taking any advantage of position over a person of this quality, and though little desirous to flaunt it in his face she could enjoy being able to say 'You know you oughtn't to have written to me yourself!' and to say it with an air of triumph. #Quote by Henry James
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Nora Roberts
#11. Lazily...possessively he ran a hand down her back.
"Mmm, again," Shelby murmured.
With a quiet laugh, Alan stroked up and down until she was ready to purr. "Shelby..." She gave another sigh as an answer and snuggled closer. "Shelby,there's something warm and fluffy under my feet."
"If it's your cat, he's not breathing."
He kissed the top of her head. "What?"
She gave a muffled laugh against his shoulder. "MacGregor," she repeated. "My pig."
There was silence for a moment while he tried to digest this. "I beg your pardon?"
The dry serious tone had more laughter bubbling up. Would she ever be able to face a day without hearing it? "Oh, say that again.I love it." Because she had to see his face, Shelby found the energy to lean across him and grope for the matches on the nightstand. Skin rubbed distractedly against skin while she struck one and lit a candle. "MacGregor," she said, giving Alan a quick kiss before she gestured to the foot of the bed.
Alan studied the smiling porcine face. "You named a stuffed purple pig after me?"
"Alan, is that any way to talk about our child?" His eyes shifted to hers in an expression so masculine and ironic, she collapsed on his chest in a fit of giggles. "I put him there because he was supposed to be the only MacGregor who charmed his way into my bed."
"Really." Alan tugged on her hair until she lifted her face, full of amusement and fun,to his. "Is that what I #Quote by Nora Roberts
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Frankie Boyle
#12. I was once asked to pick a couple of records for an interview I was doing on Radio 2. I picked one by Will Oldham and one by Joanna Newsom. Someone on the production phoned me to say that I couldn't have either record because they were 'too alternative' and I could just pick two from their playlist. Now, personally, I think that Radio 2's listeners would dig both Joanna Newsom and Will Oldham if they heard their records, and that the fact they don't get to hear them contributes to the cultural wasteland we live in. I told them that I'd been to see Joanna Newsom in the Albert Hall a couple of weeks before and it had been sold out. How could she be 'too alternative'?
'Alternative' and 'mainstream' aren't strictly to do with whether things are popular or minority interest. They are ideological labels. Someone like Joe Pasquale would be called 'mainstream' and regularly pops up on TV, but would play the smaller end of the touring-theatre circuit. If Joanna Newsom can sell out Albert Hall, why can't she get played on Radio 2? I would agree that it's because her work is too layered, challenging and interesting. Think about that. What you get to hear about is filtered, and not filtered to get rid of useless cunts like Joe Pasquale, but of things that might enrich your life. #Quote by Frankie Boyle
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Elena Greene
#13. He brought the mirror carefully around the chaise, placing it where she could see herself in its shining surface. Now she guessed what he intended. It was outrageous. Surely not ...
A tremor shook her, desire mingled with panic. She rose from the seat. "No, I can't - "
As she hesitated, he caught her hands. "Yes, you can, darling. And I promise you will enjoy it. #Quote by Elena Greene
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Diana Palmer
#14. He got in beside her and impatiently reached for her seat belt, snapping it in place. "You always forget," he murmured, meeting her eyes.
Her breath came uneasily through her lips as she met that level stare and responded helplessly to it. He was handsome and sexy and she loved him more than her own life. She had for years. But it was a hopeless, unreturned adoration that left her unfulfilled. He'd never touched her, not even in the most innocent way. He only looked.
"I should close my door to you," she said huskily. "Refuse to speak to you, refuse to see you, and get on with my life. You're a constant torment."
Unexpectedly he reached out and touched her soft cheek with just his fingertips. They smoothed down to her full, soft mouth and teased the lower lip away from the upper one. "I'm Lakota," he said quietly. "You're white."
"There is," she said unsteadily, "such a thing as birth control."
His face was very solemn and his eyes were narrow and intent on hers. "And sex is all you want from me, Cecily?" he asked mockingly. "No kids, ever?"
It was the most serious conversation they'd ever had. She couldn't look away from his dark eyes. She wanted him. But she wanted children, too, eventually. Her expression told him so.
"No, Cecily," he continued gently. "Sex isn't what you want at all. And what you really want, I can't give you. We have no future together. If I marry one day, it's important to me that I marry a woman with the same backgroun #Quote by Diana Palmer
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Wendy Higgins
#15. She stared heavenward and shook her head after finding out she'd sent me on a long-distance trip with the son of Lust.
But the detail that sent her over the edge was the fact that my father had me haunted by those demons. No matter how much I tried to explain that it was necessary for me to be able to see the spirits, she was livid. When three o'clock approached and her mood hadn't lightened, I started to worry.
When my dad arrived, Patti stood by the counter with her arms crossed. He appeared as large and frightening as ever. The kind of man nobody would dare to mess with.
Patti walked right up and smacked him across the face.
I jolted. He blinked. She stayed right in front of him and stabbed a finger at his chest, her other hand on her hip.
How dare you do that to her? I don't care what your reasons were. Did you hear her screaming? She was terrified! Don't you ever sic those monsters on her again. Ever! #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Melina Marchetta
#16. And through all the misery, she said that some of us in this lifetime experience a moment of beauty beyond reckoning. I asked her what that was, and she said, If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll know it when you see it. You'll understand why the gods have made you suffer. Because that moment's reward will make your knees weak and everything you've suffered in life will pale in comparison. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Paullina Simons
#17. What was she thinking?" muttered Alexander, closing his eyes and imagining his Tania.
"She was determined. It was like some kind of a personal crusade with her," Ina said. "She gave the doctor a liter of blood for you - "
"Where did she get it from?"
"Herself, of course." Ina smiled. "Lucky for you, Major, our Nurse Metanova is a universal donor."
Of course she is, thought Alexander, keeping his eyes tightly shut.
Ina continued. "The doctor told her she couldn't give any more, and she said a liter wasn't enough, and he said, 'Yes, but you don't have more to give,' and she said, 'I'll make more,' and he said, 'No,' and she said, 'Yes,' and in four hours, she gave him another half-liter of blood."
Alexander lay on his stomach and listened intently while Ina wrapped fresh gauze on his wound.
He was barely breathing.
"The doctor told her, 'Tania, you're wasting your time. Look at his burn. It's going to get infected.' There wasn't enough penicillin to give to you, especially since your blood count was so
low." Alexander heard Ina chuckle in disbelief. "So I'm making my rounds late that night, and who do I find next to your bed? Tatiana. She's sitting with a syringe in her arm, hooked up to a
catheter, and I watch her, and I swear to God, you won't believe it when I tell you, Major, but I see that the catheter is attached to the entry drip in your IV." Ina's eyes bulged. "I watch her
draining blood from the radial artery in he #Quote by Paullina Simons
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Tessa Dare
#18. But he hadn't appeared that night. Not the next morning, either. By the time she finally crossed paths with him the following afternoon, his mumbled "Merry Christmas" was the extent of their exchange.
It seemed they were back to silence.
I don't want you.
She tried to ignore the words echoing in her memory. They weren't true, she told herself. She was an expert at deceit; she knew a lie when she heard one.
Still. What else to believe, when he avoided her thus?
Although he rarely spoke to her over the next two days, Sophia frequently overheard him speaking of her. Even these remarks were the tersest of commands: "Fetch Miss Turner more water," or "See that her canopy doesn't go slack." She felt herself being tended, not unlike a goat. Fed, watered, sheltered. Perhaps she shouldn't complain. Food, water, and shelter were all welcome things.
But Sophia was not livestock, and she had other, more profound needs. Needs he seemed intent on neglecting, the infuriating man. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Helen Zenna Smith
#19. See the man they are fitting into the bottom slot. He is coughing badly. No, not pneumonia. Not tuberculosis. Nothing so picturesque. Gently, gently, stretcher-bearers… he is about done. He is coughing up clots of pinky-green filth. Only his lungs, Mother and Mrs. Evans-Mawington. He is coughing well to-night. That is gas. You've heard of gas. Haven't you? It burns and shrivels the lungs to… to the mess you see on the ambulance floor there. He's about the age of Bertie, Mother. Not unlike Bertie, either, with his gentle brown eyes and fair curly hair. Bertie would look up pleading like that in between coughing up his lungs… The son you have so generously given to the War. Cough, cough, little fair-haired boy. Perhaps somewhere your mother is thinking of you… boasting of the life she has so nobly given… the life you thought was your own, but which is hers to squander as she thinks fit. 'My boy is not a slacker, thank God.' Cough away, little boy, cough away. What does it matter, providing your mother doesn't have to face the shame of her son's cowardice? #Quote by Helen Zenna Smith
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Cassandra Clare
#20. You think she does not love you?" "I do not think so. I have been foul enough to her." Will's voice was wretchedness and misery and self-loathing all combined. "I think there was a time when she almost - I thought she was dead, you see, and I showed her - I let her see what I felt. I think she might have returned my feelings after that. But I crushed her, as brutally as I could. I imagine she simply hates me now. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Chloe Caldwell
#21. In hindsight, I see it was my decision not to let go. I didn't know how, though some days I focused completely on it: using therapy, distraction, exercise. Other days I left myself wildly grieve. Finn affects it all: every conversation I have, what I choose to wear, what books I read, what films and shows I watch. There's that Buddhist quote, (S)he who angers you owns you. She owned me. I allowed it. She controlled me. I knew this feeling of misery would pass, that what I needed was time, but I was impatient. Unfortunately, we must live through the present to get to the future, writes Hanif Kureishi in his novel Intimacy. #Quote by Chloe Caldwell
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#22. Oh, you can't back out now. I already texted Adam that you'll be there."

His head swung around. "You what?"

"He's looking forward to it. See?" She held up her phone.

A smiley face.

A smiley face? Nick had no idea what that meant. Was that casual happy? Excited happy? An obligatory response that didn't mean anything? It wasn't even a D smiley. It was one of the parenthesis ones.

God, he was trying to puzzle out the hidden meaning of the punctuation in a frigging emoticon.

"You look nervous," said Quinn.

He shrugged. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Veronica Roth
#23. I hear two female voices around the corner and creep toward the end of the hallway to hear better.
"…just can't handle her being here," one of them sobs. Christina. "I can't stop picturing it…what she did…I don't understand how she could have done that!"
Christina's sobs make me feel like I am about to crack open.
Cara takes her time responding.
"Well, I do," she says.
"What?" Christina says with a hiccup.
"You have to understand; we're trained to see things as logically as possible," says Cara. "So don't think that I'm callous. But that girl was probably scared out of her mind, certainly not capable of assessing situations cleverly at the time, if she was ever able to do so."
My eyes fly open. What a--I run through a short list of insults in my mind before listening to her continue.
"And the simulation made her incapable of reasoning with him, so when he threatened her life, she reacted as she had been trained by the Dauntless to react: Shoot to kill."
"So what are you saying?" says Christina bitterly. "We should just forget about it, because it makes perfect sense?"
"Of course not," says Cara. Her voice wobbles, just a little, and she repeats herself, quietly this time. "Of course not."
She clears her throat. "It's just that you have to be around her, and I want to make it easier for you. You don't have to forgive her. Actually, I'm not sure why you were friends with her in the first place; she always seemed a bit errat #Quote by Veronica Roth
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Lori Foster
#24. But she drew in a breath and asked with saccharine sweetness, "Trace, are you ready?"
No, he wasn't ready. Somehow he had to regain control of this situation. Right now she had the upper hand, and that was untenable.
With the perfect plan in mind, Trace shook his head, but said with what he hoped sounded like indifference, "Quit stalling."
And then he pulled out his cell phone.
This time, she was all but naked. What little material covered her proved mere decoration, like icing on a very sweet cake - a cake he wouldn't mine eating, slowly, top to toes and everywhere in between.
Priss stood with her hands on her generous hips, her feet apart, shoulders back.
How such a small woman packed so many perfect curves, he didn't know. But she managed it with flair. Boy, did she ever.
"Good enough."
When she smiled at him, he lifted the cell phone and used it to take a picture.
Squawking, Priss leaped behind the curtain and her face went up in flames. "What do you think you're doing?"
"Suddenly shy?" Content with her appalled tone and burning-red face, Trace looked down at the phone. Oh, yeah, that'd do. He pushed a few buttons, then put the cell phone away. "Don't worry, honey. I emailed it to myself." His smile felt like a leer. "No one else will see it."
Unappeased by that promise, she glared at him. "You - !"
"Now, Priss. Modesty at this late date is more than suspicious. You wanted my approval." He shrugged - and struggl #Quote by Lori Foster
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#25. What do you want to show me?"

"Nothing, really. I just want to be alone with you for a minute."

He pulled her to the back of the driveway, where they were almost completely hidden by a line of trees and the RV and the garage.

"Seriously?" she said. "That was so lame."

"I know," he said, turning to her. "Next time, I'll just say, 'Eleanor, follow me down this dark alley, I want to kiss you.'"

She didn't roll her eyes. She took a breath, then closed her mouth. He was learning how to catch her off guard.

She pushed her hands deeper in her pockets, so he put his hands on her elbows. "Next time," he said, "I'll just say, 'Eleanor, duck behind these bushes with me, I'm going to lose my mind if I don't kiss you.'"

She didn't move, so he thought it was probably okay to touch her face. Her skin was as soft as it looked, white and smooth as freckled porcelain.

"I'll just say, 'Eleanor, follow me down this rabbit hole...'"

He laid his thumb on her lips to see if she'd pull away. She didn't. He leaned closer. He wanted to close his eyes, but he didn't trust her not to leave him standing there. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#26. She felt as if she had been crying without end for minutes now.
Yet this parting, this final farewell ...
Aelin looked at Chaol and Dorian and sobbed. Opened her arms to them, and wept as they held each other.
"I love you both," she whispered. "And no matter what may happen, no matter how far we may be, that will never change."
"We will see you again," Chaol said, but even his voice was thick with tears.
"Together," Dorian breathed, shaking. "We'll rebuild this world together."
She couldn't stand it, this ache in her chest. But she made herself pull away and smile at their tear-streaked faces, a hand on her heart. "Thank you for all you
have done for me."
Dorian bowed his head. "Those are words I'd never thought I'd hear from you."
She barked a rasping laugh, and gave him a shove. "You're a king now. Such
insults are beneath you."
He grinned, wiping at his face.
Aelin smiled at Chaol, at his wife waiting beyond him. "I wish you every happiness," she said to him. To them both.
Such light shone in Chaol's bronze eyes - that she had never seen before.
"We will see each other again," he repeated.
Then he and Dorian turned toward their horses, toward the bright day beyond the castle gates. Toward their kingdom to the south. Shattered now, but not forever.
Not forever. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#27. Snake," Wyatt announced. "A big black one."

"There's dozens of them," Royce explained.

"Where?" Alric asked.

"Mostly behind you on the walls."

"What?" the king said, aghast. "Why didn't you say something?"

"Knowing would only make traveling slower."

"Are they poisonous?" Mauvin asked.

They could all see the silhouetted shoulders of Royce's shadow on the far wall shrug.

"I demand you inform me of such things in future!" Alric declared.

"Do you want to know about the giant millipedes, then too?"

"Are you joking?"

"Royce doesn't make jokes," Arista told him as she looked around, anxiously hugging herself. Immediately her robe brightened and she spotted two snakes on the walls, but they were a safe distance away.

"He must be joking," Alric muttered quietly. "I don't see any."

"You aren't looking up," the thief said.

Arista did not want to. Some instinct, a tiny voice, warned her to fight the impulse, but in the end she just could not help herself. On the low ceiling, illuminated brightly by the robe, slithered a mass of wormlike bugs with an uncountable number of hairlike feet. Each was nearly five inches in length and close to the width of a man's finger. There were so many that they swarmed over each other until it was hard to tell if the ceiling was rock at all. Arista felt a chill run down her back. She clenched her teeth, f #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#28. Maybe we should give Andrew a little test, just to make sure the fever didn't damage his brain."
"Don't be silly." Hannah tapped the rolled magazine on her knee as if she wanted to whack Edward even harder than she'd whacked Buster.
Looking at me, Edward went on with his game. "We'll start with easy questions. What year is it?"
Hannah protested, but I answered anyway. "1910."
Edward pressed on. "Who's the president?"
"For heaven's sake," Hannah said, "stop tormenting him, Edward."
1910--who was president in 1910? Dates, names, and faces tumbled through my head. Ulysses S. Grant? Woodrow Wilson? Chester Arthur? Arthur Chester? Teddy Roosevelt? I'd memorized the presidents for my fifth-grade teacher, but I couldn't remember them now.
"It's William Howard Taft," Theo shouted. "Everybody knows that."
"Andrew didn't," Edward said.
"Of course he did." Hannah patted my hand. "He's tired, that's all."
Refusing to give up, Edward folded his arms across his chest and grinned at me. "Let's see if you can answer this one. How many states are there?"
Without thinking, I said, "Fifty."
"Didn't I tell you he was touched in the head?" Edward laughed. "Even George Foster knows there's only forty-six states. #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by John Boyne
#29. I'm reading,' said Bruno. 'What are you reading?' she asked him, and rather than answer he simply turned the cover towards her so she could see for herself. She made a raspberry sound through her lips and some of her spit landed on Bruno's face. 'Boring,' she said in a sing-song voice. 'It's not boring at all,' said Bruno. 'It's an adventure. It's better than dolls, that's for sure.' Gretel didn't rise to the bait on that one. 'What are you doing?' she repeated, irritating Bruno even further. 'I told you, I'm trying to read,' he said in a grumpy voice. 'If some people would just let me.' 'I've got nothing to do,' she replied. 'I hate the rain.' Bruno found this hard to understand. It wasn't as if she ever did anything anyway, unlike him, who had adventures and #Quote by John Boyne
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Yvonne Woon
#30. Who is he?"
Eleanor lowered her voice, the name rolling off her tongue like a dark secret. "Dante Berlin."
I laughed. "Dante? Like the Dante who wrote the Inferno? Did he pick that name just to cultivate his 'dark and mysterious' persona?"
Eleanor shook her head in disapproval. "Just wait till you see him. You won't be laughing then."
I rolled my eyes. "I bet his real name is something boring like Eugene or Dwayne."
I expected Eleanor to laugh or say something in return, but instead she gave me a concerned look. I ignored it.
"He sounds like a snob to me. I bet he's one of those guys who know they're good-looking. He probably hasn't even read the Inferno. It's easy to pretend you're smart when you don't to anyone."
Eleanor still didn't respond. "Shh . . ." she muttered under her breath.
But before I could say "What?" I heard a cough behind me. Oh God, I thought to myself, and slowly turned around.
"Hi," he said with a half grin that seemed to be mocking me.
And that's how I met Dante Berlin.
So how do you describe someone who leaves you speechless?
He was beautiful. Not Monet beautiful or white sandy beach beautiful or even Grand Canyon beautiful. It was both more overwhelming and more delicate. Like gazing into the night sky and feeling incredibly small in comparison. Like holding a shell in your hand and wondering how nature was able to make something so complex yet to perfect: his eyes, dark and pensive; his messy #Quote by Yvonne Woon
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Sarah Perry
#31. She'd prized Will's affection because it was impossible that he might want her as Michael once had; his affection was bounded off on all sides by Stella, and his faith, and by what she'd gratefully thought was his complete failure to notice she was a woman. 'I might as well be a head in a jar of formaldehyde, for all he cares,' she'd once said to Martha: 'It's why he prefers to write to me than see me – I'm only a mind, not a body: I'm safe as a child – don't you see how I might prefer it?'

And she believed it, too. #Quote by Sarah Perry
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. Anna held up a small black-bound memorandum book. Cordelia hadn't even seen her retrieve it. They strode out of the bedroom, Anna waving the book over her head in triumph. "This," she announced, "will hold the answers to all our questions."
Matthew looked up, his eyes fever-bright. "Is this your list of conquests?"
"Of course not," Anna declared. "It's a memorandum book… about my conquests. That is an important but meaningful distinction."
Anna flipped through the book. There were many pages, and many names written in a bold, sprawling hand.
"Hmm, let me see. Katherine, Alicia, Virginia - a very promising writer, you should look out for her work, James - Mariane, Virna, Eugenia - "
"Not my sister Eugenia?" Thomas nearly upended his cake.
"Oh, probably not," Anna said. "Laura, Lily… ah, Hypatia. Well, it was a brief encounter, and I suppose you might say she seduced me.…"
"Well, that hardly seems fair," said James. "Like someone solving a case before Sherlock Holmes. If I were you I would feel challenged, as if to a duel."
Matthew chuckled. Anna gave James a dark look. "I know what you're trying to do," she said.
"Is it working?" said James.
"Possibly," said Anna, regarding the book. Cordelia couldn't help but wonder: Was Ariadne's name in there? Was she considered a conquest now, or something - someone - else? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Mark Walden
#33. Good night's sleep?' she enquired, still smiling.

'For Wing, certainly,' Otto replied, 'though possibly not anyone within a hundred yards of him. If whales snore, that's what it sounds like.'

Wing smiled guiltily. 'I did warn you.'

'It's a sign of a good healthy set of lungs, at least that's what my dad always used to tell me,' Laura said, chuckling, 'though I think there were a few nights where my mum was not far from taking a kitchen knife and checking to see if his were as healthy as he claimed, if you know what I mean.'

Otto nodded in agreement. 'I wonder if you snore after you get hit with a sleeper?'

'Don't even think about it,' Wing replied. #Quote by Mark Walden
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Maureen Johnson
#34. What she didn't display, I noticed, was a boxful of swimming medals.
"Holy crap," I said, when she set them on the desk. "You're like a fish."
"Oh. Um. Well, I swim, you see."
I saw. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Melissa Jensen
#35. I have something to show you."
He sank down next to me and handed me a sketchbook. I opened it.
And saw the mermaid. She was drawn in colored ink, exquisitely detailed; each scale had a little picture in it: a pyramid, a rocket, a peacock, a lamp. Her torso was patterened red, like a tattoo, like coral. She had a thin strand of seaweed around her neck, with a starfish holding on to the center. Her hair was a tumble of loose black curls. She had my face.
I turned the page.And another and another. There she was fighting a creature that was half human, half octopus. Exploring a cave. Riding a shark. Laughing and petting a stingray that rested on her lap.
"I'm calling her Cora Lia for the moment," Alex told me. "I thought about Corella, but it sounded like cheap dishware."
"She's fierce. Fighting the Evil Sea-Dragon King and his minions."
I traced the red tattoo on her chest. "This is beautiful."
Alex reached into my sweater, pulled the loose neck of the T-shirt away from my shoulder. I didn't stop him. "It looks like coral to me."
He touched me, then,the pad of his thumb tracing the outline of the scar. It felt strange, partly because of the difference in the tissue, but more because in the last few years, the only hands that had touched me there were mine.
I set the book aside carefully. "Guess I don't see what you do."
"That's too bad, because I see you perfectly."
I curved myself into him. "Maybe y #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Harry F. Saint
#36. i didn't see anyone!" she said. "who were you shooting at? what happened?"
there was a long silence. the men looked at each other. then clellan spoke, a little tentatively.
"he's very fast. #Quote by Harry F. Saint
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Clare McNally
#37. Her arms groped forward to guide her when her tears blocked her vision in darkness. Then she couldn't run any more. She sank to her knees and began to cry in her terror. She wanted Gary.
She suddenly felt strong arms around her. She bent her head to bury it in Gary's shoulder, trembling in the darkness.
Whimpering like a small animal in a trap, she pushed herself closer to him and said in a choked voice, "I'm so frightened!"
"I know, my love," the voice said. "I'm so sorry you were hurt."
She felt herself being pulled up to him, his grip around her tight. It was a strange feeling in this pitch-black hallway, where not even the light of the moon cast any illumination. The lips she touched were cold and yet they responded to her with an unusual warmth. His hands massaged her back. Something, Melanie thought, was wrong with that. The hands were too smooth, not like a plastered wrist would feel.
"Gary?" she asked, backing away. She didn't trust what she couldn't see.
"My love," the voice whispered, "there is no need to fear now. I shall protect you from those who mean you harm. #Quote by Clare McNally
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Katie McGarry
#38. What's going on between us?"
I don't know. I rubbed my hand over my face before glancing at Echo. A hint of her cleavage peeked from her shirt. Damn, she was sexy as hell. I wanted her, badly. Would one night be enough, even if she gave it to me? Echo already felt like a heavy drug. The kind I avoided on purpose - crack, heroin, meth. The ones that screwed with your mind, crept into your blood and left you powerless, helpless. If she gave her body to me, would i be able to let go or would i be sucked into that black veil, hooks embedded into my skin, sentenced to death by the emotion i reserved for my brothers-love? "I want you."
"Do you? Really? Because these scars are sexy."
How did she see her self? "I don't give a fuck about your scars."
She stalked toward me, hips swaying side to side, eyes hardened with anger. Echo pushed her body agaist mine, parts of her fitting perfectly into parts of me. I swore under my breath, fighting for control over my body.
"How are you going to react when we 're this close and you take off my shirt? Are you still going to want me when you see red and white lines? Are you going to flinch each time you accidentally touch my arms and feel the raised skin? How about when i touch you?"
She pulled away from me, leaving my body cold after experiencing her warmth. "Or will you forbid that? Will you tell me how to dress or what i'm allowed to take off?"
Her anger only fed mine. "For the last time I don't give #Quote by Katie McGarry
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#39. INEZ: To forget about the others? How utterly absurd! I feel you there, in every pore.Your silence clamours in my ears. You can nail up your mouth, cut your tongue out - but you can't prevent your being there. Can you stop your thoughts? I hear them ticking away like a clock, tick-tock, tick-tock, and I'm certain you hear mine. It's all very well skulking on your sofa, but you're everywhere, and every sound comes to me soiled because you've intercepted it on its way. Why, you've even stolen my face; you know it and I don't ! And what about her, about Estelle? You've stolen her from me, too; if she and I were alone do you suppose she'd treat me as she does? No, take your hands from your face, I won't leave you in peace - that would suit your book too well. You'd go on sitting there, in a sort of trance, like a yogi, and even if I didn't see her I'd feel it in my bones - that she was making every sound, even the rustle of her dress, for your benefit, throwing you smiles you didn't see... Well, I won't stand for that, I prefer to choose my hell; I prefer to look you in the eyes and fight it out face to face. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Virginia Woolf
#40. Now," she said when all was ready and lit the silver sconces on either side of the mirror. What woman would not have kindled to see what Orlando saw then burning in the snow
for all about the looking glass were snowy lawns, and she was like a fire, a burning bush, and the candle flames about her head were silver leaves; or again, the glass was green water, and she a mermaid, slung with pearls, a siren in a cave, singing so that oarsmen leant from their boats and fell down, down to embrace her; so dark, so bright, so hard, so soft, was she, so astonishingly seductive that it was a thousand pities that there was no one there to pt it in plain English, and say outright "Damn it Madam, you are loveliness incarnate," which was the truth. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
#41. The swamp roses, Gillie. It was the mare found them. She - if she hadn't run off - it was almost as if she meant me to see them."
"Are you saying? ... "
"I don't know what I'm saying. Yes," she cried, a gay silliness taking her. Drunk with the music and the dancing, drunk with his closeness, she laughed up at him. It was just as in the stories, a kind of magic just like ... " and then she stared at him, confounded.
"Just like what?"
"But in the stories ... "
"In the stories ... what?"
"In the stories ... "
"In the stories there's a prince," Gillie answered quietly. He held her away then. "So the story has come true. #Quote by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Ree Drummond
#42. I need to check your vitals, hon," she explained. It had been several hours since I'd given birth. I guess this was the routine.
She felt my pulse, palpated my legs, asked if I had pain anywhere, and lightly pressed on my abdomen, the whole while making sure I wasn't showing signs of a blockage or a blood clot, a fever or a hemorrhage. I stared dreamily at Marlboro Man, who gave me a wink or two. I hoped he would, in time, be able to see past the vomit.
The nurse then began a battery of questions.
"So, no pain?"
"Nope. I feel fine now."
"No chills?"
"Not at all."
"Have you been able to pass gas in the past few hours?"
*Insert awkward ten-second pause*
I couldn't have heard her right. "What?" I asked, staring at her.
"Have you been able to pass gas lightly?"
*Another awkward pause*
What kind of question is this? "Wait…," I asked. "What?"
"Sweetie, have you been able to pass gas today?"
I stared at her blankly. "I don't…"
"…Pass gas? You? Today?" She was unrelenting. I continued my blank, desperate stare, completely incapable of registering her question.
Throughout the entire course of my pregnancy, I'd gone to great lengths to maintain a certain level of glamour and vanity. Even during labor, I'd attempted to remain the ever-fresh and vibrant new wife, going so far as to reapply tinted lip balm before the epidural so I wouldn't look pale. I'd also restrained myself during the pushing stage, afraid #Quote by Ree Drummond
Did You See What She Was Wearing quotes by Suzanne Collins
#43. Peeta," I say lightly. "You said at the interview you'd had a crush on me forever. When did forever start?"
"Oh, let's see. I guess the first day of school. We were five. You had on a red plaid dress and your hair... it was in two braids instead of one. My father pointed you out when we were waiting to line up," Peeta says.
"Your father? Why?" I ask.
"He said, 'See that little girl? I wanted to marry her mother, but she ran off with a coal miner,'" Peeta says.
"What? You're making that up!" I exclaim.
"No, true story," Peeta says. "And I said, 'A coal miner? Why did she want a coal miner if she could've had you?' And he said, 'Because when he sings... even the birds stop to listen.'"
"That's true. They do. I mean, they did," I say. I'm stunned and surprisingly moved, thinking of the baker telling this to Peeta. It strikes me that my own reluctance to sing, my own dismissal of music might not really be that I think it's a waste of time. It might be because it reminds me too much of my father.
"So that day, in music assembly, the teacher asked who knew the valley song. Your hand shot right up in the air. She stood you up on a stool and had you sing it for us. And I swear, every bird outside the windows fell silent," Peeta says.
"Oh, please," I say, laughing.
"No, it happened. And right when your song ended, I knew - just like your mother - I was a goner," Peeta says. "Then for the next eleven years, I tried to work up the nerve to ta #Quote by Suzanne Collins

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