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Did He Really Say That quotes by Douglas Wilson
#1. Gelernter says, "If there is to be justice in the world, America must create it."17 When I read things like that, I usually have my jumpin' Jehoshaphat reaction. Did he really say that? Yes, he did, but the reason he is able to get away with it is because of the massive loss of confidence and faith that Christians have in Scripture. How can we be appalled when he says that if we are not willing to counter immediately with, "No, if there is to be justice in the world, and in this nation, Jesus must do it"? The #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Did He Really Say That quotes by Linda Kage
#2. Never trust something that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die #Quote by Linda Kage
Did He Really Say That quotes by Noah Galloway
#3. I was still in and out of consciousness so much, and so emotional. But there were little things that helped. I remember at one point hearing my dad say, "He likes music. I am going to put on some music." He brought in a little red radio and left it on this Top 40 station all the time hoping to cheer me up. Top 40 stations play the same songs over and over again. At the time there was one song that stood out and struck a chord with me: Sheryl Crow's "Good is Good." I don't know what Sheryl Crow's intentions were when she wrote it, but I felt like she was singing to me directly.
I really related to this song. The words would bounce around my head even when I was asleep, about things going south and that it was up to you to make it better. Things are only as good as you make them. I felt calmer and comforted every time I heard it. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Did He Really Say That quotes by Kristi Cook
#4. Tell me again why we've hated each other all these years?"
"Because we're both stubborn as mules?" he offers.
I can't help but laugh. "Yeah, I'd say that about covers it."
"I love you, Jemma. I'll wait as long as it takes for you to feel the same. I'll wait forever if I have to."
I suck in a breath. He doesn't know. How would he? He's said it to me, but I've never once said it back. "Trust me, you had me at 'prettiest girl in all of Magnolia Branch,' and then you sealed the deal with that whole 'best shot' thing."
"Wait…Are you saying…I mean--"
"Shhh." I put my finger against his lips. "Though you're really cute when you're stuttering like that."
"Hey, I don't stutter."
"Neither do I. I love you, Ryder Marsden. See?" I rise up on tiptoe and press my lips against his.
His arms encircle my waist, drawing me closer, till there's no space whatsoever between our bodies, till I can't tell where he ends and I begin. His mouth moves against mine, and he kisses me hungrily. Thoroughly. Expertly. And so very hotly.
This kiss is somehow different from the ones that have come before it. It's a promise that he is mine, that I am his. It's an acceptance of our fate. It's the ultimate acknowledgement of something that's been there all along, just waiting for us to discover it. To enjoy it. To celebrate it.
So we do. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Did He Really Say That quotes by Courtney Milan
#5. For himself ... He could rarely think of how to respond when immersed in that heady back-and-forth. Sometimes he thought of clever things to say ... hours later. Usually, he committed the worst sin possible: He said what he was really thinking. That was why he came out with gems like, I like your tits. Not one of his finest moments, that. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Did He Really Say That quotes by Douglas Adams
#6. All right," said Ford. "How would you react if I said that I'm not from Guildford at all, but from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse?"
Arthur shrugged in a so-so sort of way.
"I don't know," he said, taking a pull of beer. "Why, do you think it's the sort of thing you're likely to say?"
Ford gave up. It really wasn't worth bothering at the moment, what with the world being about to end. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Did He Really Say That quotes by J.G. Ballard
#7. A lifetime's experience urges me to utter a warning cry: do anything else, take someone's golden retriever for a walk, run away with a saxophone player. Perhaps what's wrong with being a writer is that one can't even say 'good luck'
luck plays no part in the writing of a novel. No happy accidents as with the paint pot or chisel. I don't think you can say anything, really. I've always wanted to juggle and ride a unicycle, but I dare say if I ever asked the advice of an acrobat he would say, 'All you do is get on and start pedaling'. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Did He Really Say That quotes by Joseph O'Connor
#8. It was simply the way with Harry, like waiting for sunrise. But once you made clear that you wouldn't be going to bed with him, he'd look oddly relieved and calm down. And the matter once raised would not be revisited, I will say that for him. He didn't make a nuisance of himself. Funny old skellum. Never dull. There are men whom it is important not to take the slightest notice of when they're talking, if it's after ten o'clock at night and they've had a glass of beer. Harry was one such mammal.

They really and truly don't mean to be idiots. But it's like a Roman Catholic person not wanting to feel guilt. Might as well ask water to run uphill. Except that might conceivably be contrived. With a pump.

Once, he asked my sister to run away with him, to Rotterdam I think it was. She said no and he asked my brother. That was the most important thing to understand about Harry. Essentially, what he wanted--darling, who wouldn't--was someone to run away with him to Rotterdam.

It's what all of us want, isn't it? Of course, nobody gets it. Probably not even those misfortunates who are in Rotterdam already. One wonders where they want to run away to. Crouch End? #Quote by Joseph O'Connor
Did He Really Say That quotes by Tracy L. Darity
#9. They drove back to her house in silence. Terrance pulled the car into the driveway and turned off the engine. Turning toward her, he said, "Khadejah, I really like you a lot and I don't want to hurt you. But I'm not a virgin and I like to have sex. If we're going to keep seeing each other, you've got to make a decision, because if I can't get it from you I'll get it from someone else." He looked her straight in her tear-filled eyes. "I need to know whether to get a room for after the concert. Let me know tomorrow." He reached over and opened her door.
Khadejah didn't say a word. She got out of the car and went into the house.
Terrance sat there for a few minutes wondering if he was being fair. She had to know that he was having sex. Damn, I should feel honored that she's still a virgin, he thought. Shit, I'll just have my cake and eat it, too.
Ten minutes later, Terrance was knocking on Adrienne's door. "Hey, can I come in? #Quote by Tracy L. Darity
Did He Really Say That quotes by Helen Humphreys
#10. Enid had sent Rose a card with the words "I'm sorry" on it. She hadn't known what else to say because at that point she wasn't sure James knew anything about Toby Halliday. But now she wishes that she had said something else. Now that she's in love again herself - a complete surprise really, after all this time, and with someone she never expected to be in love with - Enid would tell Rose that she understands love is never the same. You can love different people over the course of a lifetime, but you won't love any two of them the same way, and quite frankly, you will love some of them more than others. A great deal more. If Toby was that to Rose - if he was the one she loved the most - then Enid would have said to her, "You will continue. But you will not recover. Don't expect that. #Quote by Helen Humphreys
Did He Really Say That quotes by Elliot Greene
#11. Much of the control exerted by the caregiver is accomplished through being indirect, such as implying expectations. The caregiver may tell the child what the child feels and thinks, particularly when he or she is upset or angry. "You don't really feel that way, do you?" is a phrase heard often in the families of people with a compressed structure. Statements like, "You want to play the piano for Aunt Martha, don't you?" are used to get the child to do what the caregiver wants without directly asking the child what he wants or not leaving the child any room to say no. The caregiver may act in a way that assumes the child feels as the caregiver feels, as if the child were an extension of the caregiver, by saying, for example, "I'm cold, put on your sweater." Children growing up in this situation become so well attuned to the feelings and will of the caregiver that the caregiver may eventually need only to shiver a little for the child to go to get a sweater for both of them. #Quote by Elliot Greene
Did He Really Say That quotes by Gertrude Stein
#12. People really do not change from one generation to another, as far back as we know history people are about the same as they were, they have had the same needs, the same desires, the same virtues and the same qualities, the same defects, indeed nothing changes from one generation to another except the things seen and the things seen make that generation, that is to say nothing changes in people from one generation to another except the way of seeing and being seen, the streets change, the way of being driven in the streets change, the buildings change, the comforts in the houses change, but the people from one generation to another do not change.

The creator in the arts is like all the rest of the people living, he is sensitive to the changes in the way of living and his is is inevitably influenced by the way each generation is living, the way each generation is being educated and the way they move about, all this creates the composition of that generation. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Did He Really Say That quotes by Scarlett Thomas
#13. So if we're all quarks and electrons ... " he begins.
We could make love and it would be nothing more than quarks and electrons rubbing together."
Better than that," I say. "Nothing really 'rubs together' in the microscopic world. Matter never really touches other matter, so we could make love without any of our atoms touching at all. Remember that electrons sit on the outside of atoms, repelling other electrons. So we could make love and actually repel each other at the same time. #Quote by Scarlett Thomas
Did He Really Say That quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#14. She's probably just tired of seeing you miserable.Like we all are," I add. "I'm sure...I'm sure she's as crazy about you as ever."
"Hmm." He watches me put away my own shoes and empty the contents of my pockets. "What about you?" he asks, after a minute.
"What about me?"
St. Clair examines his watch. "Sideburns. You'll be seeing him next month."
He's reestablishing...what? The boundary line? That he's taken, and I'm spoken for? Except I'm not. Not really.
But I can't bear to say this now that he's mentioned Ellie. "Yeah,I can't wait to see him again. He's a funny guy, you'd like him.I'm gonna see his band play at Christmas. Toph's a great guy, you'd really like him. Oh. I already said that,didn't I? But you would. He's really...funny."
Shut up,Anna. Shut.Up.
St. Clair unbuckles and rebuckles and unbuckles his watchband.
"I'm beat," I say. And it's the truth. As always, our conversation has exhausted me. I crawl into bed and wonder what he'll do.Lie on my floor? Go back to his room? But he places his watch on my desk and climbs onto my bed. He slides up next to me. He's on top of the covers, and I'm underneath. We're still fully dressed,minus our shoes, and the whole situation is beyond awkward.
He hops up.I'm sure he's about to leave,and I don't know whether to be relieved or disappointed,but...he flips off my light.My room is pitch-black. He shuffles back toward my bed and smacks into it.
"Oof," he says.
"Hey,there's a b #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Did He Really Say That quotes by Kristina Schroder
#15. For me, a male role model would be a man who, despite holding a leadership position, has the courage to say that he wants to reschedule a 7 p.m. meeting for 4 p.m. because he'd really like to be able to put his son to bed. #Quote by Kristina Schroder
Did He Really Say That quotes by Gilbert Arenas
#16. They gave high fives to all the players who say like the most obvious textbook answers in the world. It's like after each game, you already know what they're going to say. If they lost: "Ahh ... Tough loss." It's like, come on, how do you guys fall for that? And if they something that they really feel, everyone goes crazy. Like "Oohh! He's spazzing out!" Now he gotta say sorry for saying something he really felt. It's like, Oh lord. #Quote by Gilbert Arenas
Did He Really Say That quotes by St. Catherine Of Siena
#17. When it seems that God shows us the faults of others, keep on the safer side-it may be that your judgment is false. On your lips let silence abide. And any vice that you may ascribe to others, ascribe at once to them and yourself, in true humility. If that vice really exists in a person, he will correct himself better, seeing himself so gently understood, and will say of his own accord the thing that you would have said to him. #Quote by St. Catherine Of Siena
Did He Really Say That quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#18. I was just really appalled, and I really kept quiet until I saw the governor [Rick Perry] get on and repeat the same words that the prosecution had used in the penalty phase: that he [Todd Willingham] was a monster. And that got me to get on to the computer and connect with some of the media and say: "I have his letters. He wasn't a monster. He was a caring individual." Let them see another side. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Did He Really Say That quotes by J.K. Rowling
#19. He hardly heard what Professor McGonagall was telling them about Animagi (wizards who could transform at will into animals), and wasn't even watching when she transformed herself in front of their eyes into a tabby cat with spectacle markings around her eyes.
"Really, what has got into you all today?" said Professor McGonagall, turning back into herself with a faint pop, and staring around at them all. "Not that it matters, but that's the first time my transformation's not got applause from a class."
Everybody's heads turned toward Harry again, but nobody spoke. Then Hermione raised her hand. "Please, Professor, we've just had our first Divination class, and we were reading the tea leaves, and - "
"Ah, of course," said Professor McGonagall, suddenly frowning. "There is no need to say any more, Miss Granger. Tell me, which of you will be dying this year? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Did He Really Say That quotes by J.D. Salinger
#20. I'm profoundly attracted to classical Zen literature, I have the gall to lecture on it and the literature of Mahayana Buddhism one night a week at college, but my life itself couldn't very conceivably be less Zenful than it is, and what little I've been able to apprehend - I pick that verb with care - of the Zen experience has been a by-result of following my own rather natural path of extreme Zenlessness. Largely because Seymour himself literally begged me to do so, and I never knew him to be wrong in these matters.) Happily for me, and probably for everybody, I don't believe it's really necessary to bring Zen into this. The method of marble-shooting that Seymour, by sheer intuition, was recommending to me can be related, I'd say, legitimately and un-Easternly, to the fine art of snapping a cigarette end into a small wastebasket from across a room. An art, I believe, of which most male smokers are true masters only when either they don't care a hoot whether or not the butt goes into the basket or the room has been cleared of eyewitnesses, including, quite so to speak, the cigarette snapper himself. I'm going to try hard not to chew on that illustration, delectable as I find it, but I do think it proper to append - to revert momentarily to curb marbles - that after Seymour himself shot a marble, he would be all smiles when he heard a responsive click of glass striking glass, but it never appeared to be clear to him whose winning click it was. And it's also a fact that someone #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Did He Really Say That quotes by Jenn Bennett
#21. Beatrix Adams," he said. "You know I trust you with everything. The anatomical representation of my heart, my life ... even my car."
"You must really love me," I said, matching my steps with his.
I knew he did, of course. We try not to say it casually too much, because we want it to mean something. Not just a throwaway phrase like "How's it going" or "See you later." But when I'm in his arms, when we're alone, he whispers "I love you," and those three words never stop amazing me. Never. #Quote by Jenn Bennett
Did He Really Say That quotes by Kimberly Derting
#22. Chelsea, of course, was the first one to speak up. "Okay, am I the only one who noticed how gi-mungous Mimi Nichols's dress makes her ass look? Of course, you can barely notice it since her freakishly giant boobs are practically hanging out the top of it." Chelsea glanced at Jules and grinned. "No offense, of course," she offered, raising her eyebrows at Jules's chest.
Claire giggled, and Jules wrinkled up her face in disgust at Chelsea's teasing barb. "You're just jealous," she retorted, eyeing Chelsea's chest in return.
"Touche, Jules. Touche!" Chelsea admitted.
Claire wanted so badly to join in on the catty conversation, but she was terrible at finding other people's flaws . . . at least intentionally. Still, she gave it her best shot. "And what about Jennifer Cummings?" she asked accusingly, trying to mimic one of Chelsea's cutting looks.
They looked around at one another, wondering what it was that they weren't getting. Chelsea was the only one brave enough to ask, "What about her, Claire?"
"She does not even look kind of cute!" Claire stated, her face a mask of mock horror.
They all stared at her, not sure what to say.
And then once again, of course, it was Chelsea who broke the stunned silence. "I swear, Claire-bear, I am going to call your mom and tell her you need to start riding the short bus. You really need to start practicing your bitchy comments. What are you gonna do when we're not here to get your back?"
Claire rolled he #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Did He Really Say That quotes by Elizabeth Vaughan
#23. No, no, my heart's fire, you misunderstand my words." Keir shifted to Xyian. "When I spoke that word, and made that pledge to you, I didn't really understand what it meant."

He shifted slightly, pulling me closer. "It doesn't just mean for years and years, for the rest of our lives. Or as we would say, to the snows and beyond."

"Oh?" I still wasn't sure what he was trying to say.

"'Forever' means every day, every breath. Through the mistakes that we make, through the love that we share between our bodies, through illness we suffer, through sorrow, frief, and joy.

All of it, Lara. #Quote by Elizabeth Vaughan
Did He Really Say That quotes by Will Advise
#24. Imagination is the ability to produce new ideas without the need of time to stop and actually think about it. I'll produce elevator buttons - I bought that business from Jarod Kintz, who was only selling it, because he found a new, more profitable job – male prostitution (he's selling his grandpa's services, not his own, because his own are virtually non-existent – he's a monk now, and monks are sworn to celibacy, you know, or should, by now). Buy now - grieve later. Two 5th floor buttons for your floorless cardboard-built tree house, for the price of one, 7-story tall tree, which, for the purpose of this story we'll call Nathan. Nathan sends you its best regards and wishes you a happy, silent, well-watered-down life, which, coming from a tree isn't really that much, however, as you know - trees aren't regular customers in the land of walking and talking, and it took quite a lot of convincing to make him come over and say that. Meow. #Quote by Will Advise
Did He Really Say That quotes by Charles Dickens
#25. He has a very nice face and style, really," said Mrs. Kenwigs.
"He certainly has," added Miss Petowker. "There's something in his appearance quite
dear, dear, what's the word again?"
"What word?" inquired Mr. Lillyvick.
dear me, how stupid I am!" replied Miss Petowker, hesitating. "What do you call it when lords break off doorknockers, and beat policemen, and play at coaches with other people's money, and all that sort of thing?"
"Aristocratic?" suggested the collector.
"Ah! Aristocratic," replied Miss Petowker; "something very aristocratic about him, isn't there?"
The gentlemen held their peace, and smiled at each other, as who should say, "Well! there's no accounting for tastes;" but the ladies resolved unanimously that Nicholas had an aristocratic air, and nobody caring to dispute the position, it was established triumphantly. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Did He Really Say That quotes by Harper Lee
#26. You reckon he's crazy?" Miss Maudie shook her head. "If he's not he should be by now. The things that happen to people we never really know. What happens in houses behind closed doors, what secrets - " "Atticus don't ever do anything to Jem and me in the house that he don't do in the yard," I said, feeling it my duty to defend my parent. "Gracious child, I was raveling a thread, wasn't even thinking about your father, but now that I am I'll say this: Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets. How'd you like some fresh poundcake to take home?" I liked it very much. Next #Quote by Harper Lee
Did He Really Say That quotes by Cassandra Clare
#27. You are not really dying," he said, the oddest tone to his voice, "are you?"Jem nodded. "So they tell me.""I am sorry," Will said."No," Jem said softly. He drew his jacket aside and took a knife from the belt at his waist."Don't be ordinary like that. Don't say you're sorry. Say you'll train with me."
He held out the knife to Will, hilt rst. Charlotte held her breath, afraid to move. She feltas if she were watching something very important happen, though she could not have saidwhat.Will reached out and took the knife, his eyes never leaving Jem's face. His fingers brushedthe other boy's as he took the weapon from him. It was the rst time, Charlotte thought,that she had ever seen him touch any other person willingly."I'll train with you," he said.

Jem, Will's parabatai, treated her with the distant sweet kindness reserved for the littlesisters of one's friends, but he would always side with Will. Kindly, but rmly, he put Willabove everything else in the world.Well, nearly everything. She had been most struck by Jem when she rst came to theInstitute - he had an unearthly, unusual beauty, with his silvery hair and eyes and delicate features. He looked like a prince in a fairy-tale book, and she might have considered developing an attachment to him, were it not so absolutely clear that he was entirely inlove with Tessa Gray. His eyes followed her where she went, and his voice changed when hespoke to her. Cecily had once heard her mother say in amusement th #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Did He Really Say That quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#28. If we put aside the self-awareness standard -- and really, how arbitrary and arrogant is that, to take the attribute of consciousness we happen to possess over all creatures and set it atop the hierarchy, proclaiming it the very definition of consciousness (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg wrote something wise in his notebooks, to the effect of: only a man can draw a self-portrait, but only a man wants to) -- it becomes possible to say at least the following: the overwhelming tendency of all this scientific work, of its results, has been toward more consciousness. More species having it, and species having more of it than assumed. This was made boldly clear when the 'Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness' pointed out that those 'neurological substrates' necessary for consciousness (whatever 'consciousness' is) belong to 'all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses.' The animal kingdom is symphonic with mental activity, and of its millions of wavelengths, we're born able to understand the minutest sliver. The least we can do is have a proper respect for our ignorance.

"The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote an essay in 1974 titled, 'What Is It Like To Be a Bat?,' in which he put forward perhaps the least overweening, most useful definition of 'animal consciousness' ever written, one that channels Spinoza's phrase about 'that nature belonging to him wherein he has his being.' Animal consciousness occurs, Nagel wrote, when 'there is something that it #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Did He Really Say That quotes by Victor Hugo
#29. The Bishop, who was sitting close to him, gently touched his hand. "You could not help telling me who you were. This is not my house; it is the house of Jesus Christ. This door does not demand of him who enters whether he has a name, but whether he has a grief. You suffer, you are hungry and thirsty; you are welcome. And do not thank me; do not say that I receive you in my house. No one is at home here, except the man who needs a refuge. I say to you, who are passing by, that you are much more at home here than I am myself. Everything here is yours. What need have I to know your name? Besides, before you told me you had one which I knew."
The man opened his eyes in astonishment.
"Really? You knew what I was called?"
"Yes," replied the Bishop, "you are called my brother. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Did He Really Say That quotes by J. Lynn
#30. Chase took a long breath. "There's no way around saying this, other than just coming straight out with it. I've been an idiot - an ass. Time and time again, I've done the wrong thing by you."

Her mouth dropped open.
"And this whole time I'd been trying to do the right thing by not being with you. I didn't want to betray Mitch by hooking up with his little sister. I didn't want to somehow mess up our friendship either, because you have been such a huge part of my life." He took a deep breath. "And I never wanted to be like my father - to treat you like he treated my mom. And it was stupid - I get that now. Chad was right. Father never loved our mother, but it's different for me - it's different for us. It always has been."
The whole time he spoke, he never looked away from her. She opened her mouth to say something but he rushed ahead. "But all I've managed to do is screw things up. That night in the club…I wasn't drunk."
Madison shifted uncomfortably. "I know."
"It was a lame excuse, and I'm sorry. That night - I should've told you how I really felt. And every night thereafter," he said, taking a step forward. "I should've told you how I felt the night in that damn cabin, too."
Her heart swelled as hope grew in a tangle of emotions she could never unravel. All of this seemed surreal. Tears rushed her eyes as she reached behind her, grasping the edges of her desk. "And how do you feel?"
Chase's smile revealed those deep dimples #Quote by J. Lynn
Did He Really Say That quotes by Melissa Jensen
#31. I'll tell you this,though, Frankie makes me happy. So does Sadie. I don't want to canoodle with either of them, but I love them to death."
"Must you use those words in my presence?"
"Sorry.But.Truth:You are dead as the spat."
Edward sighed. "You're right.You're absolutely right. So I suppose you'd best go to sleep, darling Ella. It's late. And,as was famously said, 'tomorrow-'"
"-is another day? Thank you, Scarlett O'Hara."
"Actually-" -he scowled at me- "I was going to say, 'Tomorrow comes. Tomorrow brings, tomorrow brings love, in the shape of things.'"
"Shakespeare?" I asked.
"Queen," he shot back. "Not nearly as good as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' or 'Fat Bottomed Girls,' but certainly poetic."
"Good night, Edward."
"Good night, lovely girl."
I turned off the light and climbed into bed. "Oh.By the way."
"I think I figured out why you called Diana all those nicknames. 'Spring,' 'Cab,' 'Post'..."
"They're all things you wait for. I think Diana was making you wait, and it was making you crazy. Am I right?"
"Oh,Ella. You know I can't tell you that. I will,however, leave you with one more lovely old chestnut-"
"'All good things are worth waiting for?'"
"I really wish you would let me finish a thought tonight. I was going to say, 'Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.'"
"Marvin Gaye," I said.
"The one and only. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Did He Really Say That quotes by Shannon Hale
#32. I agree with Miss Erstwhile, you are acting like a scarecrow. I do not know why you put on this act, Nobley, when around the port table or out in the field you're rather a pleasant fellow."
"Really? That is curious," Jane said. "Why, Mr. Nobley, are you generous in your attentions with gentlemen and yet taciturn and withdrawn around the fairer sex?"
Mr. Nobley's eyes were back on the printed page, though they didn't scan the lines. "Perhaps I do not possess the type of conversation that would interest a lady."
"You say 'perhaps' as though you do not believe it yourself. What else might be the reason, sir?" Jane smiled. Needling Mr. Nobley was feeling like a very productive use of the evening.
"Perhaps another reason might be that I myself do not find the conversation of ladies to be very stimulating." His eyes were dark.
"Hm, I just can't imagine why you're still unmarried."
"I might say the same for you."
"Mr. Nobley!" cried Aunt Saffronia.
"No, it's all right, Aunt," Jane said. "I asked for it. And I don't even mind answering." She put a hand on her hip and faced him. "One reason why I am unmarried is because there aren't enough men with guts to put away their little boy fears and commit their love and stick it out."
"And perhaps the men do not stick it out for a reason."
"And what reason might that be?"
"The reason is women." He slammed his book shut. "Women make life impossible until the man has to be the one to end i #Quote by Shannon Hale
Did He Really Say That quotes by Janette Oke
#33. As I say, I'd heard it all before, but one thing sorta caught me and had me puzzled. This preacher looked like what he was talkin' about filled him with such happiness that he was about to bust. It seemed that he was pleased to pieces that God had gone out of His way to do all that for man. "Mercy," he called it - mercy and grace - mercy bein' the withholdin' of what you really deserved, like a woodshed trip if you'd been bad; and grace - the gettin' of what you really didn't deserve, like the extra dish of ice cream when there were six servin's and five people to share them. At #Quote by Janette Oke
Did He Really Say That quotes by Phil Robertson
#34. Whenever I think of all the people we've baptized over the years, I always recall a conversation Jep had with on of his buddies in the backseat of our car when he was really young. Jep's friend Harvey asked him what it meant to be a christian.
"Well, when you get to be about thirteen or fourteen years old, my daddy will sit you down and study the Bible with you," Jep told him. "He'll make sure you know what he's talking about. And then he'll tell you that Jesus is going to be your Lord and when that happens, you can't act bad anymore. If you say yes, we're all going down to the river. We'll be so excited that we'll be skipping down there. My daddy will put you under the water, but he won't drown you. He'll bring you back up and everybody will be clapping and smiling. That's what he'll do. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Did He Really Say That quotes by J.D. Salinger
#35. I can't see why anybody - unless he was a child, or an angel, or a lucky simpleton like the pilgrim - would even want to say a prayer to a Jesus who was the least bit different from the way he looks and sounds in the New Testament. My God! He's only the most intelligent man in the Bible, that's all! Who isn't he head and shoulders over? Who? Both Testaments are full of pundits, prophets, disciples, favorite sons, Solomons, Isaiahs, Davids, Pauls - but, my God, who besides Jesus really knew which end was up? Nobody. Not Moses. Don't tell me Moses. He was a nice man, and he kept in beautiful touch with his God, and all that - but that's exactly the point. He had to keep in touch. Jesus realized there is no separation from God. #Quote by J.D. Salinger

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