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Diary quotes by Jon Konrath
#1. By the beginning of junior high, he started skipping classes every day to hide in the attic of his mom's house, pretend all of the people in our subdivision were Nazis (which was at least partly true, if you ever took a look at our homeowner's association newsletters,) and scrawl his thoughts in a spiral notebook diary. #Quote by Jon Konrath
Diary quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#2. This diary will tell the real life story of my great-grandmother Yasutani Jiko. She was a nun and a novelist and New Woman7 of the Taisho era.8 She was also an anarchist and a feminist who had plenty of lovers, both males and females, but she was never kinky or nasty. And even though I may end up mentioning some of her love affairs, everything I write will be historically true and empowering to women, and not a lot of foolish geisha crap. So if kinky nasty things are your pleasure, please close this book and give it to your wife or co-worker and save yourself a lot of time and trouble. 4. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Diary quotes by Hedi Slimane
#3. My parents offered me my first camera for my birthday and I developed an exclusive passion for it over the years. Since I was not the most social kid on the block, the camera helped me to express myself, invent my own language - something like a secret garden. I decided early on I would not write in a diary but take silent photographs instead. #Quote by Hedi Slimane
Diary quotes by Ilya Ehrenburg
#4. I was right when I said a very long time ago that our age would leave few living documents behind it: it was rare for anyone to keep a diary, letters were short and businesslike--"I'm alive and well"--and few memoirs were written. There are many reasons for this. Let me mention just one, not perhaps recognized by everybody: we were too often at loggerheads with our own past to give it proper thought. Within the half-century, our ideas on people and events have changed many times; conversations were broken off in mid-sentence; thoughts and feelings could not but be affected by circumstances. #Quote by Ilya Ehrenburg
Diary quotes by Patti Smith
#5. We were evolving with different needs. I needed to explore beyond myself and Robert needed to search within himself. He explored the vocabulary of his work, and as his components shifted and morphed, he was in effect creating a diary of his internal evolution, heralding the emergence of a suppressed sexual identity. #Quote by Patti Smith
Diary quotes by Candice Millard
#6. When he arrived, he found that the two most important women in his life - his mother and his young wife - were dying. At 3:00 a.m. on February 14, Valentine's Day, Martha Roosevelt, still a vibrant, dark-haired Southern belle at forty-six, died of typhoid fever. Eleven hours later, her daughter-in-law, Alice Lee Roosevelt, who had given birth to Theodore's first child just two days before, succumbed to Bright's disease, a kidney disorder. That night, in his diary, Roosevelt marked the date with a large black "X" and a single anguished entry: "The light has gone out of my life. #Quote by Candice Millard
Diary quotes by K.C. Wells
#7. Scuse me diary ... gotta take care of a pressing problem in my jeans right now.

Same day - later.

What? At least I didn't come over your nice, clean pages, right? #Quote by K.C. Wells
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#8. The reason for my starting a diary is that I have no real friend. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Richard Ayoade
#9. Heroes hate wasting time. 'You're wasting my time,' they'll say. Yet they devote very little time to time management, and rarely consult a diary. #Quote by Richard Ayoade
Diary quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#10. Today there's no one here,
so I find a rock and open my notebook
filled with letters to Lucca,
reading them,
noticing how the letters
decreased in frequency
over the past couple of months.
When i started,
shortly after he died,
I wrote them every day.
I hurt so bad, I wanted to scream,
but I couldn't,
so my words on the page
became a diary of the pain. #Quote by Lisa Schroeder
Diary quotes by Chet Faker
#11. I would consider my diary serves the same purpose as going for a walk or a run. They are all physical ways of clearing a mental landscape. #Quote by Chet Faker
Diary quotes by Willie Donaldson
#12. When aren't we acting?' he asked in his diary. 'When aren't we concealing? Would you like me to have been a fly on your wall yesterday? Did you do nothing shameful? Of course you did. The version of ourselves that we present to the world bears no resemblence to the truth. If we knew the truth about each other we could take noone seriously. There isn't one of us who could afford to be caught. That's all life is. Trying not to be found out. #Quote by Willie Donaldson
Diary quotes by Jacob Wren
#13. There is a difference between literature and just writing in your diary. I think perhaps the difference can be measured in degrees of pain. Hard work is also a factor. When I abandoned poetry there were so many questions lost to me as well. It remains astonishing to me the degree to which poetry has lost all value and meaning within the conditions of what I loosely refer to as corporate capitalism. Absolutely amazing. #Quote by Jacob Wren
Diary quotes by Anais Nin
#14. Keeping a Diary all my life helped me to discover some basic elements essential to the vitality of writing. #Quote by Anais Nin
Diary quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#15. The work of the philosophical policeman," replied the man in blue, "is at once bolder and more subtle than that of the ordinary detective. The ordinary detective goes to pot-houses to arrest thieves; we go to artistic tea-parties to detect pessimists. The ordinary detective discovers from a ledger or a diary that a crime has been committed. We discover from a book of sonnets that a crime will be committed. We have to trace the origin of those dreadful thoughts that drive men on at last to intellectual fanaticism and intellectual crime. We were only just in time to prevent the assassination at Hartlepool, and that was entirely due to the fact that our Mr. Wilks (a smart young fellow) thoroughly understood a triolet. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Diary quotes by Hans Frank
#16. I did not destroy the 43 volumes of my diary, which report on all these events and the share I had in them; but of my own accord I handed them voluntarily to the officers of the American Army who arrested me. #Quote by Hans Frank
Diary quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#17. My mother had always taught me to write about my feelings instead of sharing really personal things with others, so I spent many evenings writing in my diary, eating everything in the kitchen and waiting for Mr. Wrong to call. #Quote by Cathy Guisewite
Diary quotes by Lawrence Durrell
#18. A diary is the last place to go if you wish to seek the truth about a person. Nobody dares to make the final confession to themselves on paper: or at least, not about love. #Quote by Lawrence Durrell
Diary quotes by Kristin Kladstrup
#19. Lucy wondered what it was she had found. A boy who wanted to be a writer. And a family who had picnics under the stars. She felt as if she had lost something. After all, that family now lived only in the pages of an old diary. #Quote by Kristin Kladstrup
Diary quotes by Gena Showalter
#20. Dear diary," Anya muttered. "It's been three hours since I killed someone. Needless to say, life sucks. My gorgeous fiancé refuses to let me kill the most loathsome creature ever. Won't even let me give her a few superficial stab wounds. I'm thinking about breaking up with him."
"I wouldn't recommend it" Reyes replied. "He may not ask for your hand in marriage a second time."
She gasped with outrage. "Lucien. Tell him!"
'I'd ask again." Lucien told him, #Quote by Gena Showalter
Diary quotes by Samiha Totanji
#21. Here I am once again
Holding my pen while it's going all dry
With no stories there to write
Nor remarkable dates for me to scratch
And it scares the hell out of me the way my soul became so numb
That all my papers turn into blanks … #Quote by Samiha Totanji
Diary quotes by Soke Behzad Ahmadi
#22. . . . what matters in combat is adaptability, boldness and maintaining A cool exterior, whilst penetrating your enemy's soul with An icy cold stare
- Diary of A Combat Fiend #Quote by Soke Behzad Ahmadi
Diary quotes by Chrissie Gittins
#23. Sam, Sam, quite contrary,
bought a budgie,
wanted a canary.
Sam, Sam, quite contrary,
kissed Suzannah,
meant to kiss Marry.
Sam, Sam, quite contrary,
dressed as a pirate,
playing a fairy.
Sam Sam quite contrary,
ate dark chocolate,
says he likes diary.
Sam, Sam, quite contarary,
shaved his head,
to make it hairy. #Quote by Chrissie Gittins
Diary quotes by William Klein
#24. The New York book was a visual diary and it was also kind of personal newspaper. I wanted it to look like the news. I didn't relate to European photography. It was too poetic and anecdotal for me ... the kinetic quality of new york, the kids, dirt, madness - I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it. So I would be grainy and contrasted and black. Id crop, blur, play with the negatives. I didn't see clean technique being right for New York. I could imagine my pictures lying in the gutter like the New York Daily News. #Quote by William Klein
Diary quotes by Philip Kitcher
#25. Klaus Mann saw very clearly how different was his own (more liberated) form of homosexuality from the same-sex attractions of his father - and that is reiterated in TM's diary queries about "how two men can sleep together". #Quote by Philip Kitcher
Diary quotes by Oscar Wilde
#26. Memory is the diary that chronicles things that never happened or couldn't possibly have happened. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Diary quotes by David Sedaris
#27. That's the thing with a diary, though. In order to record your life, you sort of need to live it. Not at your desk, but beyond it. Out in the world where it's so beautiful and complex and painful that sometimes you just need to sit down and write about it. #Quote by David Sedaris
Diary quotes by Starlette Summers
#28. The Diary of Nancy Grace Part 3 -A Short Story Written by- Starlette Summers #Quote by Starlette Summers
Diary quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#29. Life is a house of cards, balanced on a tetter-totter,
precariously perched on a roller coaster.
The only thing that should surprise us about our surprises is that we are surprised by them.
Beth Cardall's Diary #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Diary quotes by Lindsay Buroker
#30. Is that a page from the dastardly villain's diary?" Maldynado asked. "One carelessly dropped that conveniently reveals the secret to destroying these vile artifacts?" "It's an invoice." "Villains get bills? #Quote by Lindsay Buroker
Diary quotes by Fernand Khnopff
#31. It's strange. When I put something incomprehensible into a picture, it's usually because the form and colour interest me and because it just happens to fit in. Thwn my friends come along : 'What is that suppose to mean _' And they rack their brains for an interpretation, finding so many ingenious explanations that I feel quite proud of all the unarticulated ideas concealed in my pictures." - Fernand Khnopff to Alma Mahler, while walking in the Prater in Vienna, from her diary July 1899 #Quote by Fernand Khnopff
Diary quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#32. In the whole world there is no deeper, no mightier literary work. This is, so far, the last and greatest expression of human thought... And if the world were to come to an end, and people were asked there, somewhere: "Did you understand your life on earth, and what conclusions have you drawn from it?" - man could silently hand over Don Quijote.

(The Diary of a Writer, cited in Gilman, 76) #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Diary quotes by Lauren Slater
#33. All the same, all different. What was it? #Quote by Lauren Slater
Diary quotes by Brandon Holmquest
#34. Our love, it cannot be, and still and the star of every diary. #Quote by Brandon Holmquest
Diary quotes by Lauren Slater
#35. Illness was a temporary respite, a release from the demands of an alienating world. #Quote by Lauren Slater
Diary quotes by Nikki Sixx
#36. Selling my soul would be a lot easier if I could just find it. #Quote by Nikki Sixx
Diary quotes by Sante D'Orazio
#37. I was in Milan, and somebody gave me a Trussardi diary, and I thought 'Genius.' Inside I put the Polaroids, how much film I shot, who I shot with. This way, for billing later on, I had all the information. #Quote by Sante D'Orazio
Diary quotes by Jennifer Lynch
#38. She says I think too many sad thoughts, and that if I keep it up, who knows what will happen. Donna doesn't know everything I know. I can't help but think sad thoughts sometimes. Sometimes they are the closest things on my mind. #Quote by Jennifer Lynch
Diary quotes by Oscar Wilde
#39. Memory is the diary we all carry about with us. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Diary quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#40. Exercise II.
Write a diary, imagining that you are trying to make an old person jealous. I have written an example to get you started:
Dear Diary,
I spent the morning admiring my skin elasticity.
God alive, I feel supple. #Quote by Joe Dunthorne
Diary quotes by John Jay Chapman
#41. One of the deepest impulses in man is the impulse to record, - to scratch a drawing on a tusk or keep a diary, to collect sagas and heap cairns. This instinct as to the enduring value of the past is, one might say, the very basis of civilization. #Quote by John Jay Chapman
Diary quotes by Stewart Stafford
#42. Dickensian poverty tends to occur after Christmas in January. For it is then, with pockets empty, diary decimated and larder bare, that the general populace sinks into a collective pauper's hibernation until Valentine's Day. #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Diary quotes by Iva Kenaz
#43. You are the author of your life. So please don't let anyone including yourself make you think otherwise. If you feel like you don't like how your story goes, just write it differently. You have the tools, the courage, the power…you have it all! #Quote by Iva Kenaz
Diary quotes by Hélène Berr
#44. This book made me feel strangely awkward, because I'm afraid of finding my own story in it. I take books too seriously. #Quote by Hélène Berr
Diary quotes by Claire Tomalin
#45. When I kept a diary, I realised that it was all moanings and depression, and I think that is quite common. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Diary quotes by Harvey Penick
#46. You don't lose your swing between the ninth green and the tenth tee, and you don't lose your swing from one day to the next. If you think you do, something is going on that you don't understand. A diary might help explain it to you. #Quote by Harvey Penick
Diary quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#47. I came across my diary again today, which for some time I have neglected, and I'm astonished how consciously, step by step, I walked into it all. How clearly I have always seen my condition and acted like a child nevertheless, and how clearly I still see now, and still with no sign of a cure. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Diary quotes by Vinny Flynn
#48. As St. Faustina writes, "The miracles of mercy are impenetrable. Neither the sinner nor the just one will fathom them" (Diary, 1215). #Quote by Vinny Flynn
Diary quotes by Swami Sivananda Saraswati
#49. Blessed is he who keeps daily diary and compares the work of this week with that of the last, for he will realize God quickly! #Quote by Swami Sivananda Saraswati
Diary quotes by Sarah Manguso
#50. To write a diary is to make a series of choices about what to omit, what to forget.
A memorable sandwich, an unmemorable flight of stairs. A memorable bit of conversation surrounded by chatter that no one records. #Quote by Sarah Manguso
Diary quotes by Antoine Laurain
#51. I haven't kept a diary since I was seventeen. I think it was soon after my baccalaureat that I gave it up for reasons I'm not sure of, because from the age of twelve or thirteen I had written one religiously... They were a record of what I had done when, down to the nearest minute. I think I held on to them as 'evidence' of some kind. They helped me to find my place in the world and, in a broader sense, to prove to myself that I really existed. I suppose I must have decided at some point that I no longer needed to do that, because I gave up writing a diary, stopped telling the story of my life and tried to just live it instead. #Quote by Antoine Laurain
Diary quotes by Helen Fielding
#52. One minute you're closer to someone than anyone in the whole world, next minute they need only to say the words 'time apart', 'serious talk' or 'maybe you ... ' and you're never going to see them again and will have to spend the next six months having imaginary conversations in which they beg to come back, and bursting into tears at the sight of their toothbrush. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Diary quotes by Hélène Berr
#53. It seemed to me that I was suddenly in the presence of incosolable, unavoidable, and immense pain.

The thought of that death hunted me and turned everything else into nothing. #Quote by Hélène Berr
Diary quotes by Leo Szilard
#54. I am thinking of keeping a diary, not with the intend to publish it, merely to record the facts for the information of God, in case God does not know my version of the facts. #Quote by Leo Szilard
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#55. I hid myself within myself ... and quietly wrote down all my joys, sorrows and contempt in my diary. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Rae Earl
#56. There is never just one bitch in a fat, mad girl's life. #Quote by Rae Earl
Diary quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#57. The diary ended unfinished, unseen by any who deserved to read it.
Only Elara saw its pages, and the slow unraveling of the woman inside.

She destroyed the book like she destroyed Coriane.
Still she dreamed of nothing. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Diary quotes by Zlata Filipovic
#58. It (politician) wants to separate them. And to do so it has chosen the worst, blackest pencil of all - the pencil of war, which spells only misery and death. #Quote by Zlata Filipovic
Diary quotes by Helen Macdonald
#59. cannot remember that my heart stopped beating at any particular time,' he wrote in his diary. 'The blow was so stunning, so final after six weeks of unremitting faith, that it was tempered to me as being beyond my appreciation. Death will be like this, something too vast to hurt much or perhaps even to upset me.' His #Quote by Helen Macdonald
Diary quotes by Lenny Kravitz
#60. I made the record that my life had me make. Each one is like a diary. #Quote by Lenny Kravitz
Diary quotes by Bob Woodward
#61. Reagan was read portions of his own diary, and he said something I'll never forget: "It's like I wasn't president at all". Very sad. As I reflected about this i was sure that I didn't want to badger Mark Felt in the same manner. i didn't want Felt to have to say, in effect, "It's like i wasn't Deep Throat at all". #Quote by Bob Woodward
Diary quotes by Charli XCX
#62. I just want people to feel the emotion that's in the record. For me it's very raw and beautiful, I guess it's kind of like a diary for me. I'd love for people to be able to listen to it and it make them dance and cry and the same time. #Quote by Charli XCX
Diary quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#63. Your handwriting. the way you walk. which china pattern you choose. it's all giving you away. everything you do shows your hand. everything is a self portrait. everything is a diary. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Diary quotes by Matt Ridley
#64. Yet Nancy Wexler's obsession with finding the gene was driven by her desire to mend it or cure it when she did find it. And she is undoubtedly closer to that goal now than ten years ago. 'I am an optimist', she writes, 'Even though I feel this hiatus in which we will be able only to predict and not to prevent will be exceedingly difficult .. . I believe the knowledge will be worth the risks.'
What of Nancy Wexler herself? Several times in the late 1980s, she and her elder sister Alice sat down with their father Milton to discuss whether either of the women should take the test. The debates were tense, angry and inconclusive. Milton was against taking the test, stressing its uncertainties and the danger of a false diagnosis. Nancy had been determined that she wanted the test, but her determination gradually evaporated in the face of a real possibility. Alice chronicled the discussions in a diary that later became a soulsearching book called Mapping fate. The result was that neither woman took the test. Nancy is now the same age as her mother was when she was diagnosed. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Diary quotes by Lemony Snicket
#65. For obvious reasons, I never told you about my notebook, with a cover as green as mansions long ago, which I use as a commonplace book, a phrase which here means 'place where I have collected passages from some of the most important books I have read. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Diary quotes by N.L. Churney
#66. I want to be the star in your diary" -Shawn, Fade to White #Quote by N.L. Churney
Diary quotes by Pablo Picasso
#67. Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. #Quote by Pablo Picasso
Diary quotes by Mark Leyner
#68. You are fiercely heterosexual and well-formed, and it's no one's business that you've shrunk your parents and keep them in a terranium, but you have a gatling gun for a mouth, and if that's a diary you're producing from your cleavage, I'm leaving. #Quote by Mark Leyner
Diary quotes by Lia Habel
#69. Once more Isambard looked completely terrified. Twice in one night! This was going to be a diary entry for the ages. #Quote by Lia Habel
Diary quotes by Peter Greenaway
#70. Anybody who writes a diary insists it must be read by someone else. #Quote by Peter Greenaway
Diary quotes by Jeff Kinney
#71. Be yourself and people will like you. #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Diary quotes by Erik Larson
#72. Dodd listened intently as Hitler portrayed Germany as a well-meaning, peace-seeking nation whose modest desire for equality of armaments was being opposed by other nations. 'It was not the address of a thinker,' Dodd wrote in his diary, 'but of an emotionalist claiming that Germany had in no way been responsible for the World War and that she was the victim of wicked enemies. #Quote by Erik Larson
Diary quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#73. When I was young, I kept a diary for about 10 years and I had to write in it every day. Even on days when nothing seemed to happen, I made myself think of something to put in it. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Diary quotes by Atul   Kumar
#74. Again you have got 365 blank pages of your diary. Now you want to write new achievements or old stories... It depends on you. #Quote by Atul Kumar
Diary quotes by Richard J. Evans
#75. In Hamburg on 30 April 1945, hearing of Hitler's death, which she believed to have been caused by his having poisoned himself, Luise Solmitz at last felt free to release the hatred that she had been building up for him over the previous months. He was, she wrote in her diary, 'the shabbiest failure in world history'. He was 'uncompromising, unbridled, irresponsible', qualities that had at first brought him success but then led to catastrophe. 'National #Quote by Richard J. Evans
Diary quotes by Dean Koontz
#76. Billy Pilgrim had a theory about diaries.
Women were more likely than men to think that their lives had sufficient meaning to require recording on a daily basis. It was not for the most part a God-is-leading-me-on-a-wondrous-journey kind of meaning, but more an I've-gotta-be-me-but-nobody-cares sentimentalism that passed for meaning, and they usually stopped keeping a diary by the time they hit thirty, because by then they didn't want to ponder the meaning of life anymore because it scared the crap out of them. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Diary quotes by Zlata Filipovic
#77. My diary became more than a place to record daily events. It became a friend, the paper that it was made of was ready and willing to accept anything and everything I had to say. #Quote by Zlata Filipovic
Diary quotes by Maryse Holder
#78. I'm sorry. This is diary, not enlightenment. #Quote by Maryse Holder
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#79. I know that I can write, a couple of my stories are good, my descriptions of the 'Secret Annex' are humorous, there's a lot in my diary that speaks, but whether I have real talent remains to be seen. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Kenneth Williams
#80. I wonder if anyone will ever know the emptiness of my life. Personal Diary
Last entry Oh whats the point? #Quote by Kenneth Williams
Diary quotes by Doreen Cronin
#81. There is a page in 'Diary of a Worm' in which the worm tells his sister that no matter how much time she spends looking in the mirror, her face will always look just like her rear end. Any girl that grew up with brothers can relate to the merciless teasing. #Quote by Doreen Cronin
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#82. The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feeling; otherwise, I might suffocate. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Heath Ledger
#83. I sat around in a hotel room in London for about a month, locked myself away, formed a little diary and experimented with voices - it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath - someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts #Quote by Heath Ledger
Diary quotes by Anais Nin
#84. I am a woman first of all. At the core of my work was a journal written for the father I lost, loved and wanted to keep. I am personal. I am essentially human, not intellectual. I do not understand abstract act. Only art born of love, passion, pain. #Quote by Anais Nin
Diary quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#85. Do you wonder that I avow this to you? Know, that in the course of your future life you will often find yourself elected the involuntary confidant of your acquaintances' secrets: people will instinctively find out, as I have done, that it is not your forte to tell of yourself, but to listen while others talk of themselves; they will feel, too, that you listen with no malevolent scorn of their indiscretion, but with a kind of innate sympathy; not the less comforting and encouraging because it is very unobtrusive in its manifestations."
"How do you know?
how can you guess all this, sir?"
"I know it well; therefore I proceed almost as freely as if I were writing my thoughts in a diary. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Diary quotes by A. C. Benson
#86. A diary need not be a dreary chronicle of one's movements; it should aim rather at giving salient account of some particular episode, a walk, a book, a conversation. #Quote by A. C. Benson
Diary quotes by Lesley Arfin
#87. Ever notice how amused people are when you point out one of their mannerisms or a funny quirk about them? They start laughing and getting happy because they're thinking, "People notice me! I'm relevent!" It's OK to have these instincts, but you have to suppress them a bit. There are 6 billion people here, so it's not all about you. You need to let other people talk for a while and pay attention to their world for a sec. #Quote by Lesley Arfin
Diary quotes by Dave Navarro
#88. My skin is my canvas. The artwork on it represents something that is very powerful and meaningful in my life. I look at my skin as something of a living diary because all my tattoos represent a time in my life. And I never wish to shut the door on the past, so I carry it all with me. #Quote by Dave Navarro
Diary quotes by Christopher   Clark
#89. For a time, the word Weltpolitik seemed to capture the mood of the German middle classes and the national-minded quality press. The word resonated because it bundled together so many contemporary aspirations. Weltpolitik meant the quest to expand foreign markets (at a time of declining export growth); it meant escaping from the constraints of the continental alliance system to operate on a broader world arena. It expressed the appetite for genuinely national projects that would help knit together the disparate regions of the German Empire and reflected the almost universal conviction that Germany, a late arrival at the imperial feast, would have to play catch-up if it wished to earn the respect of the other great powers. Yet, while it connoted all these things, Weltpolitik never acquired a stable or precise meaning. Even Bernhard von Bulow, widely credited with establishing Weltpolitik as the guiding principle of German foreign policy, never produced a definitive account of what it was. His contradictory utterances on the subject suggest that it was little more than the old policy of the "free hand" with a larger navy and more menacing mood music. "We are supposed to be pursuing Weltpolitik," the former chief of the General Staff General Alfred von Waldersee noted grumpily in his diary in January 1900. "If only I knew what that was supposed to be. #Quote by Christopher Clark
Diary quotes by Leila Sales
#90. As I sat alone at my desk in the dark, I thought about suicide. Sometimes I did that, thought about suicide, though not in an active way - it was more like pulling a lucky stone out of your back pocket. It was a comforting thing to have with you, so you could rub your fingers over it, reassure yourself that it was there if you needed it. I didn't want to try to kill myself, didn't want the blood and the hysterical parents and the guilt, any of it. But sometimes I liked the idea of simply not having to be here anymore, not having to deal with my life. As if death could be just an extended vacation.
But now what I thought about suicide was this: If I died tonight, everyone would believe this journal was true.
Like Amelia, Chava, and Sally, everyone would forever believe that I had written that diary. Everyone would believe they knew how I "really felt." And how dare they? #Quote by Leila Sales
Diary quotes by Lauren Slater
#91. Getting better was a grief. One morning you woke up and your fever had fled. Your throat felt depressingly fine. #Quote by Lauren Slater
Diary quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#92. No one would take me just as I was, no one loved me; I shall love myself enough, I thought, to make up for this abandonment by everyone. Formerly, I had been quite satisfied with myself, but I had taken very little trouble to increase my self-knowledge; from now on, I would stand outside myself, watch over and observe myself; in my diary I had long conversations with myself. I was entering a world whose newness stunned me. I learned to distinguish between distress and melancholy, lack of emotion and serenity; I learned to recognize the hesitations of the heart, and its ecstasies, the splendor of great renunciations, and the subterranean murmurings of hope. I entered into exalted trances, as on those evenings when I used to gaze upon the sky full of moving clouds behind the distant blue of the hills; I was both the landscape and its beholder: I existed only through myself, and for myself… My path was clearly marked: I had to perfect, enrich and express myself in a work of art that would help others to live. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Diary quotes by Gino Norris
#93. No one - can be you #Quote by Gino Norris
Diary quotes by Tony Benn
#94. The uncut diaries are 16 million words. It's very tiring to do your diary every night before you go to bed. #Quote by Tony Benn
Diary quotes by Colleen McCullough
#95. In early draft it never satisfied me, and that was when it clicked into place and it went so well as a diary. #Quote by Colleen McCullough
Diary quotes by Henry Miller
#96. A book is a part of life, a manifestation of life, just as much as a tree or a horse or a star. It obeys its own rhythms, its own laws, whether it be a novel, a play, or a diary. The deep, hidden rhythm of life is always there - that of the pulse, the heart beat. #Quote by Henry Miller
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#97. For someone like me,
it is a very strange habit to write in a diary.
Not only that I have never written before,
but it strikes me that later neither I,
nor anyone else,
will care for the outpouring
of a thirteen year old schoolgirl. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Robert Pattinson
#98. I remember when I was younger I used to write in my diary: I want my luck to be spread. "Never give me anything too lucky all at once. I'll take a little luck now and then, but spread it for seventy years. "Now that all of this is happening, I'm sure the rest of my life will be ruined. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Diary quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#99. He who does not know how to encircle a girl so that she loses sight of everything he does not want her to see, he who does not know how to poetize himself into a girl so that it is from her that everything proceeds as he wants it-he is and remains a bungler #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Diary quotes by Taryn Manning
#100. With acting, I get to escape into this character and embody it. With music it's like, "Hey guys, this is my diary, here's all my feelings." #Quote by Taryn Manning
Diary quotes by Joan Schenkar
#101. When Pat gave her 'criminal-hero' Tom Ripley a charmed and parentless life, a wealthy, socially poised Alter Ego (Dickie Greenleaf), and a guilt-free modus operandi (after he kills Dickie, Tom murders only when necessary), she was doing just what her fellow comic book artists were doing with their Superheroes: allowing her fictional character to finesse situations she herself could only approach in wish fulfillment. And when she reimagined her own psychological split in Ripley's character - endowing him with both her weakest traits (paralyzing self-consciousness and hero-worship) and her wildest dreams (murder and money) - she was turning the material of the 'comic book' upside down and making it into something very like a 'tragic book.' 'It is always so easy for me to see the world upside down,' Pat wrote in her diary– and everywhere else. #Quote by Joan Schenkar
Diary quotes by Louis Tomlinson
#102. In my first video diary I explained my love for women who have a taste in carrots. Since then, I have received plenty of carrots. Now I also have a keen interest in women who like Lamborghinis. #Quote by Louis Tomlinson
Diary quotes by Emeli Sande
#103. If I was singing like somebody else, then it was almost like I was expressing myself like somebody else. So it was always a very original thing for me. It's my voice, it's my diary, it's the way I connect with people. #Quote by Emeli Sande
Diary quotes by C. David Murphy
#104. Take this story to great heart; read through its' every word; and I hope and pray that in the end, as you enter the last phases of this story, it will move you, touch you profoundly, and guide you to the meaning of True Love. #Quote by C. David Murphy
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#105. Writing in a diary is a really strange experience for someone like me. Not only because I've never written anything before, but also because it seems to me that later on neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Alice James
#106. The fact is, I have been dead so long and it has been simply such a grim shoving of the hours behind me ... since the hideous summer of '78, when I went down to the deep sea, its dark waters closed over me and I knew neither hope nor peace. #Quote by Alice James
Diary quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#107. There have been seasons of my life when rejection rained down. And then there have been typhoons. Kimberly Rossi's Diary #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Diary quotes by Evelyn Glennie
#108. As we live longer and healthier for longer, we need to keep ourselves busy ... the diary is pretty full. #Quote by Evelyn Glennie
Diary quotes by Mrs A. Perry
#109. Dear Lily
Don't think me silly,
but I forget what time you said.
Are we meeting at two thirty?
It's gone right from my head.
Did you say Monday or Thursday?
I have quite forgotten what day.
Was it late lunch, or afternoon tea?
Tell me, what did you say?
I think I would like to do Tuesday.
Let's go for a lovely lunch.
Or, if you prefer we could even
go early, and settle for brunch.
A lovely Bistro or Cafe Bar,
or maybe a country pub.
I don't really mind that much,
as long as we get some grub.

Dear Maisie,
Are you going crazy?
We didn't set a date.
You needed to check your diary.
I think you are losing it, mate.
But since you are free on Tuesday,
and that day suits me fine.
Could we meet, about twelve…ish?
Its early I like to dine.
You mentioned the pub, or Bistro,
or some fancy Cafe Bar.
Not sure I like the sound of that,
and I'm not coming in the car.
If the weather is bright and sunny,
we could always dine al fresco.
Failing that, we could just go
get a cake and a cuppa in Tesco. #Quote by Mrs A. Perry
Diary quotes by Erin Gruwell
#110. I loved the freedom writers diary and even though i only read it because my teacher made us i loved the book. it shows me some feelings that i also feel sometimes, and even though i never finished reading it because i got lazy its the only book ive ever liked #Quote by Erin Gruwell
Diary quotes by Liza Minnelli
#111. In Hollywood now when people die they don't say, 'Did he leave a will?' but 'Did he leave a diary?' #Quote by Liza Minnelli
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#112. No, I'm not afraid, except when it comes to things about myself, but I'm working on that. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#113. In the same essay, Said (who is reviewing Peter Stansky and William Abrams, co-authors obsessed with the Blair/Orwell distinction) congratulates them on their forceful use of tautology:

'Orwell belonged to the category of writers who write.' And could afford to write, they might have added. In contrast they speak of George Garrett, whom Orwell met in Liverpool, a gifted writer, seaman, dockworker, Communist militant, 'the plain facts of [whose] situation - on the dole, married and with kids, the family crowded into two rooms - made it impossible for him to attempt any extended piece of writing.' Orwell's writing life then was from the start an affirmation of unexamined bourgeois values.

This is rather extraordinary. Orwell did indeed meet Garrett in Liverpool in 1936, and was highly impressed to find that he knew him already through his pseudonymous writing - under the name Matt Lowe - for John Middleton Murry's Adelphi. As he told his diary:

I urged him to write his autobiography, but as usual, living in about two rooms on the dole with a wife (who I gather objects to his writing) and a number of kids, he finds it impossible to settle to any long work and can only do short stories. Apart from the enormous unemployment in Liverpool, it is almost impossible for him to get work because he is blacklisted everywhere as a Communist.

Thus the evidence that supposedly shames Orwell by contrast is in fact supplied by - none other than Orwe #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Diary quotes by Rachele Baker
#114. We learn to appreciate what we achieve, no matter how small the achievement, because we do it ourselves. - Midge Rylander in Eighteen Months To Live #Quote by Rachele Baker
Diary quotes by Anais Nin
#115. I put artistic values above all others. Because writing, for me, is an expanded world, a limitless world, containing all. #Quote by Anais Nin
Diary quotes by Alex Garland
#116. I don't keep a travel diary. I did keep a travel diary once and it was a big mistake. All I remember of that trip is what I bothered to write down. Everything else slipped away, as though my mind felt jilted by my reliance on pen and paper. For exactly the same reason I don't travel with a camera. My holiday becomes the snapshots and anything I forget to record is lost. #Quote by Alex Garland
Diary quotes by Caitlin Flanagan
#117. Keeping a diary is like closing your bedroom door and refusing to come out until dinnertime: it is a declaration of self. #Quote by Caitlin Flanagan
Diary quotes by John Green
#118. I thought of Otto Frank not being a father anymore, left with a diary instead of a wife and two daughters. #Quote by John Green
Diary quotes by Mackenzie King
#119. I wonder" he wrote, "if the day will ever come that the loveliest of hymns, Silent Night, will come into the minds of the people throughout the world to express the German heart. I belive it is the expression of the heart of many Germans ... [and]of most people throughout the world. That is the appalling tragedy of all that we witness today" Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King in his diary during WWII during German occupation of the Netherlands. #Quote by Mackenzie King
Diary quotes by Charles Robert Jenkins
#120. Self-criticism is a way of life in North Korea. Everybody has to do it, even the highest party members. Our sessions were once a week on Monday mornings. All through the week, we were supposed to keep a diary, where we wrote about the times we failed to live up to Kim Il-sung's teachings. #Quote by Charles Robert Jenkins
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#121. I have often been downcast but never in despair; I regard our hiding as a dangerous adventure, romantic and interesting at the same time. In my diary, I treat all the privations as amusing. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Jenny Diski
#122. Being really alone means being free from anticipation. Even to know that something is going to happen, that I am required to do something is an intrusion on the emptiness I am after. What I love to see is an empty diary, pages and pages of nothing planned. A date, an arrangement, is a point in the future when something is required of me. I begin to worry about it days, sometimes weeks ahead. Just a haircut, a hospital visit, a dinner party. Going out. The weight of the thing-that-is-going-to-happen sits on my heart and crushes the present into non-existence. My ability to live in the here and now depends on not having any plans, on there being no expected interruption. I have no other way to do it. How can you be alone, properly alone, if you know someone is going to knock at the door in five hours, or tomorrow morning, or you have to get ready and go out in three days' time? I can't abide the fracturing of the present by the intrusion of a planned future. #Quote by Jenny Diski
Diary quotes by Drew Ferguson
#123. For God sake, quirky isn't something you date; it's something you make fun of until it totally loses it, runs to its bedroom, throws itself face down on its Barbie comforter, and sobs into its diary about how everyone's so mean. #Quote by Drew Ferguson
Diary quotes by Lynda Barry
#124. The point of the daily diary exercise is not to record what you already know about what happened to you in the last 24 hours. Instead, it's an invitation to the back of your mind to come forward and reveal to you the perishable images about the day you didn't notice you noticed at all. #Quote by Lynda Barry
Diary quotes by J.K. Rowling
#125. What's that supposed to be anyway?" said Fred squinting at Dobby's painting. "Looks like a Gibbon with two black eyes!" "It's Harry," said George pointing at the back of the picture. "Says so on the back." "Good likeness," said Fred grinning. Harry threw his new homework diary at him. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Diary quotes by Hélène Berr
#126. I really don't know what's happened to me, but I have changed from top to toe. I am living in a strange mixture of memories of yesterday and today. #Quote by Hélène Berr
Diary quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#127. What an odd thing a diary is: the things you omit are more important than those you put in. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Diary quotes by Doug Liman
#128. I probably shouldn't treat interviews as therapy sessions, but I don't keep a diary, so these end up being my way of keeping track of where I'm at and letting it all out. #Quote by Doug Liman
Diary quotes by Jamel Shabazz
#129. The photograph is to a great degree evidence of the conversation I had with the person. It's a part of my visual diary. #Quote by Jamel Shabazz
Diary quotes by David Sedaris
#130. I've been keeping a diary for thirty-three years and write in it every morning. Most of it's just whining, but every so often there'll be something I can use later: a joke, a description, a quote. It's an invaluable aid when it comes to winning arguments. 'That's not what you said on February 3, 1996,' I'll say to someone. #Quote by David Sedaris
Diary quotes by C. David Murphy
#131. Each of us has a locket which holds our deepest affections… This story is my locket… #Quote by C. David Murphy
Diary quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#132. On Wednesday night, November 13, (1861), Lincoln went with Seward and Hay to McClellan's house. Told that the general was at a wedding, the three waited in the parlor for an hour. When McClellan arrived home, the porter told him the president was waiting, but McClellan passed by the parlor room and climbed the stairs to his private quarters. After another half hour, Lincoln again sent word that he was waiting, only to be informed that the general had gone to sleep. Young John Hay was enraged, " I wish here to record what I consider a portent of evil to come," he wrote in his diary, recounting what he considered an inexcusable "insolence of epaulettes," the first indicator "of the threatened supremacy of the military authorities." To Hay's surprise, Lincoln "seemed not to have noticed it specially, saying it was better at this time not to be making points of etiquette & personal dignity." He would hold McClellan's horse, he once said, if a victory could be achieved.

Though Lincoln, the consummate pragmatist, did not express anger at McClellan's rebuff, his aides fumed at every instance of such arrogance. Lincoln's secretary, William Stoddard, described the infuriating delay when he accompanied Lincoln to McClellan's anteroom. "A minute passes, then another, and then another, and with every tick of the clock upon the mantel your blood warms nearer and nearer its boiling-point. Your face feels hot and your fingers tingle, as you look at the man, sitting so patie #Quote by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Diary quotes by Tom Cole
#133. And what they believe in real life is complicated. Theodor Koch-Grunberg wrote in his diary that indigenous peoples in the Amazon see these outsiders following in each other's footsteps as the same person, a single soul traversing across several lives. They also see time as something that doesn't proceed inexorably into the future. #Quote by Tom Cole
Diary quotes by Kevin O'Leary
#134. When you're travelling, your day is jam-packed. I just don't have time to whip out a PC all the time. But I can whip out a BlackBerry and tweet. I keep a constant diary of where I'm at and why I'm there. #Quote by Kevin O'Leary
Diary quotes by Miroslav Penkov
#135. Of course she loved the komita more -- he must have been her sweetheart, her first big love. Most likely, they made plans together, imagined a little house, a pair of children. She wouldn't keep his diary for so many years otherwise. And then, with their love peaking, he was killed. I know that much without yet having read the end. At first she felt betrayed. He'd put some strange ideals, brotherhood and freedom, before his love for her. She hated him for that. But then one morning, almost a year after his death, the postman brought a package with foreign stamps. She read the diary, still hating him. She read it every day. She learned each letter by heart, and with the months her hatred thinned, and in the end his death turned their love ideal, doomed not to die. Yes, that's what I've come to think now. Their love was foolish, childish, sugar-sweet, the kind of love that, if you are lucky to lose it, flares up like a thatched roof but burns as long as you live. While our love...I am her husband, she is my wife. #Quote by Miroslav Penkov
Diary quotes by Tony Horwitz
#136. When Union litter-bearers climbed out of their trenches, four days after the assault, they found only two men still alive amongst the piles of stinking corpses. One burial party discovered a dead Yankee with a diary in his pocket, the last entry of which read: June 3. Cold Harbor. I was killed. #Quote by Tony Horwitz
Diary quotes by Jessalyn Gilsig
#137. I sketch while I'm on set, and it's a way for me to record all of the locations I've been to. I don't keep a diary but a sketchbook. #Quote by Jessalyn Gilsig
Diary quotes by Anna Nalick
#138. I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd, 'cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud. #Quote by Anna Nalick
Diary quotes by Enoch Powell
#139. To write a diary every day is like returning to one's own vomit. #Quote by Enoch Powell
Diary quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#140. Jubal shrugged. "Abstract design is all right-for wall paper or linoleum. But art is the process of evoking pity and terror, which is not abstract at all but very human. What the self-styled modern artists are doing is a sort of unemotional pseudo-intellectual masturbation. . . whereas creative art is more like intercourse, in which the artist must seduce- render emotional-his audience, each time. These ladies who won't deign to do that- and perhaps can't- of course lost the public. If they hadn't lobbied for endless subsidies, they would have starved or been forced to go to work long ago. Because the ordinary bloke will not voluntarily pay for 'art' that leaves him unmoved- if he does pay for it, the money has to be conned out of him, by taxes or such."

"You know, Jubal, I've always wondered why i didn't give a hoot for paintings or statues- but I thought it was something missing in me, like color blindness."

"Mmm, one does have to learn to look at art, just as you must know French to read a story printed in French. But in general terms it's up to the artist to use language that can be understood, not hide it in some private code like Pepys and his diary. Most of these jokers don't even want to use language you and I know or can learn. . . they would rather sneer at us and be smug, because we 'fail' to see what they are driving at. If indeed they are driving at anything- obscurity is usually the refuge of incompetence. Ben, would you call me an artists? #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Diary quotes by Wimpy Diary
#141. Just when we had a plan, we had to leave to be safe. Hopefully, #Quote by Wimpy Diary
Diary quotes by Rae Earl
Men I like, I repel
Like a magnet do
So if I'm nasty
Then you know
I probably fancy you.
"It's defence," the shrinks would say.
"It's protects against a fall."
It's impenetrable this fence of mine
It's like the Berlin Wall. #Quote by Rae Earl
Diary quotes by Sara Bareilles
#143. I feel like my songs are like diary entries for me. So I usually write about things that have happened to me specifically or sometimes it can be someone who's close to me. #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Diary quotes by Peter James
#144. That's the one good thing about the human brain, it constantly revises the past, cutting bits here, adding bits there, presenting it in an even more palatable way - the way we would have liked things to have been, rather than the way they really are. #Quote by Peter James
Diary quotes by Danielle Evans
#145. I read books, I ate when compelled, I sometimes wrote embellished accounts of my day in a leather-bound black diary. I was the sort of child who generally had to be coerced into playing with other children. #Quote by Danielle Evans
Diary quotes by Sarah Kay
#146. When they bombed Hiroshima, the explosion formed a mini-supernova, so every living animal, human or plant that received direct contact with the rays from that sun was instantly turned to ash.

And what was left of the city soon followed. The long-lasting damage of nuclear radiation caused an entire city and its population to turn into powder.

When I was born, my mom says I looked around the whole hospital room with a stare that said, "This? I've done this before." She says I have old eyes.

When my Grandpa Genji died, I was only five years old, but I took my mom by the hand and told her, "Don't worry, he'll come back as a baby."

And yet, for someone who's apparently done this already, I still haven't figured anything out yet.

My knees still buckle every time I get on a stage. My self-confidence can be measured out in teaspoons mixed into my poetry, and it still always tastes funny in my mouth.

But in Hiroshima, some people were wiped clean away, leaving only a wristwatch or a diary page. So no matter that I have inhibitions to fill all my pockets, I keep trying, hoping that one day I'll write a poem I can be proud to let sit in a museum exhibit as the only proof I existed.

My parents named me Sarah, which is a biblical name. In the original story God told Sarah she could do something impossible and she laughed, because the first Sarah, she didn't know what to do with impossible.

And m #Quote by Sarah Kay
Diary quotes by Meghan Daum
#147. I don't keep a diary or a journal. Sometimes I'll send emails to friends, and that's a way of recording what I was thinking at any given time. But I've never been a journal keeper. #Quote by Meghan Daum
Diary quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#148. There is not a single line in this diary that does not call for a correction or a denial ... Yes: throughout these pages I meant what I was writing and I meant the opposite; reading them again I feel completely lost ... I was lying to myself. How I lied to myself! #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Diary quotes by Bram Stoker
#149. the diary of a doctor who #Quote by Bram Stoker
Diary quotes by Pia Pera
#150. No man can resist a woman who has an apple in her hand. It's theological. A woman with an apple in her hand is the first woman, the only woman in the world. And he is the first man, he stumbles on love and he cant shake it,never,ever,ever.. #Quote by Pia Pera
Diary quotes by Lawrence Sutin
#151. The real inferiority of women to men is shown by their hate of paederasty, which they regard as unfair competition. Men on the other hand rather approve of Sapphism, as saving them trouble & expense.
- Aleister Crowley. 1929-03-09 diary entry. #Quote by Lawrence Sutin
Diary quotes by George Orwell
#152. The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary. This was not illegal (nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death, or at least by twenty-five years in a forced-labour camp. Winston fitted a nib into the penholder and sucked it to get the grease off. The pen was an archaic instrument, seldom used even for signatures, and he had procured one, furtively and with some difficulty, simply because of a feeling that the beautiful creamy paper deserved to be written on with #Quote by George Orwell
Diary quotes by Diane Rene Christian
#153. Dear Diary,
We flew to the other side of the world, and I never stopped holding you close to my chest. You were empty and so was I. My only friend in the world. The only one who understood where I began and where I was going. We flew together and everything we knew before was gone. #Quote by Diane Rene Christian
Diary quotes by Anna Brackett
#154. A very simple and useful device is to have a memorandum-book, so small that it can be easily carried in the pocket, to be used instead of your mind to keep note of any errand or any appointment that you may have. The Standard Diary, less than four inches long and less than two and a half inches wide, is one of the best for this purpose ... In fact, such diaries as these, in their wide range of information, would seem to be all that one needs in practical life, the only other book that at all approaches them in this respect being unquestionably Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. #Quote by Anna Brackett
Diary quotes by Lily Allen
#155. I'm quite an opinionated person, but I'd never written a diary before. I quite like it! #Quote by Lily Allen
Diary quotes by Jude Watson
#156. I remember," she said. "Lawrence Malley. He was an expert in security systems."
"Aka Lightfinger Larry." Dan grinned. "He was also wanted in five states."
"Great," Amy groaned. "I sent you to a tutorial with a crook."
"It got us in here, didn't it?"
"I guess I'm grateful to him, then," Amy said doubtfully.
"Don't be," Dan said. "The first lock I opened was on your diary. Don't worry, I read two pages and fell asleep. #Quote by Jude Watson
Diary quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#157. I don't know. I love the idea of democracy, the hope, yes, I love that. I couldn't live without that. But the country? You mean the thing on the map, lines, everything inside the lines is good and nothing outside them matters? How can an adult love such a childish idea? #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Diary quotes by Hélène Berr
#158. Now that everybody thinks he looks a little Slavic, it annoys me. I don't want that to be the reason I find him charming. I found him charming for no reason, because he is who he is. #Quote by Hélène Berr
Diary quotes by Vanilla Ice
#159. You can't please everybody, and basically I just decided to please myself first on this record. This record is more like my diary and I am expressing myself through my music. And that's what it should be about. That's why I didn't change my name or anything. It's not about the name; it's about the music. The old saying goes that video killed the radio star and it's very true. And now I'm just letting everything revolve around the music. There is no image; I am just being myself. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
Diary quotes by E.F. Benson
#160. The Major's laughter boomed out again.

"And I never kept a diary in my life!" he cried. "Why there's enough cream in this situation to make a dishful of meringues. You and I, you know, the students of Tilling! The serious-minded students who do a hard day's work when all the pretty ladies have gone to bed. Often and often has old--I mean has that fine woman, Miss Mapp, told me that I work too hard at night! Recommended me to get earlier to bed, and do my work between six and eight in the morning! Six and eight in the morning! That's a queer time of day to recommend an old campaigner to be awake at! Often she's talked to you, too, I bet my hat, about sitting up late and exhausting the nervous faculties."

Major Flint choked and laughed and inhaled tobacco smoke till he got purple in the face.

"And you sitting up one side of the street," he gasped, "pretending to be interested in Roman roads, and me on the other pulling a long face over my diaries, and neither of us with a Roman road or a diary to our names. Let's have an end to such unsociable arrangements, old friend; you lining your Roman roads and the bottle to lay the dust over to me one night, and I'll bring my diaries and my peg over to you the next. Never drink alone--one of my maxims in life--if you can find someone to drink with you. And there were you within a few yards of me all the time sitting by your old solitary self, and there was I sitting by my old solitary self, and we each th #Quote by E.F. Benson
Diary quotes by Franz Kafka
#161. I won't give up the diary again. I must hold on here, it is the only place I can. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Diary quotes by John Mayall
#162. The way I look at it, they're all part of my musical diary, and I can listen to any one of them and it will bring up memories of what was going on at that time. #Quote by John Mayall
Diary quotes by Rae Earl
#163. Some people are doing Ouija boards at school but I'm not touching that shit. Knowing my luck, bloody Jack the Ripper would try to get in touch. #Quote by Rae Earl
Diary quotes by P.D. James
#164. He had begun the diary less as a record of his life (for whom and why? What life?) than as a regular and self-indulgent exploration, a means of makings sense of the past years, part catharsis, part comforting affirmation. #Quote by P.D. James
Diary quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#165. Write a diary, imagining that you are trying to make an old person jealous. #Quote by Joe Dunthorne
Diary quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#166. Writing a diary every evening before going to bed is a good habit. We can record in the diary how much time we have devoted to our spiritual practice. The diary should be written in a way that helps us see our mistakes and correct them. It should not be a mere document of other peoples' faults or our daily transactions. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Diary quotes by Suzy Valtsioti
#167. We are women. We talk. We all do. I love to talk. It's my reason for being. No. It's my raison d'etre. Now that is fucking classy. Not everyone has one. A classy one. Anyway. #Quote by Suzy Valtsioti
Diary quotes by T.E. Carter
#168. The thing about my diary is that I lied in it. I obscured the truth. I never told even the empty space around me the whole story. I was afraid someone would find it, read it, know me. I wanted them to know a different girl. A better one. #Quote by T.E. Carter
Diary quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#169. Besides, who is to say that the feelings he writes in his diary are his true feelings? Who is to say that at each moment while the pen moves he is truly himself? At one moment he might truly be himself, at another he might simply be making things up. How can one know for sure? Why should he even want to know for sure? #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Diary quotes by James Patterson
#170. Sometimes I look at you and I just can't believe you're mine #Quote by James Patterson
Diary quotes by Anais Nin
#171. I am eleven years old, I know, and I am not serious enough. Last night I said to myself: tomorrow I will be good. Good? I wasn't any better than I was the day before. Now here is a new month, and I haven't yet thought out how to be more sensible, how to master my impulses and my temper. I am ashamed to be so undisciplined. #Quote by Anais Nin
Diary quotes by Yukio Mishima
#172. Reiko had not kept a diary and was now denied the pleasure of assiduously rereading her record of the happiness of the past few months and consigning each page to the fire as she did so.
- Death in Midsummer and Other Stories #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Diary quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#173. My heart, my secret diary, my companion. The well and the sacred place of my unborn wishes and desires. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#174. Bolkenstein, a Minister, was speaking on the Dutch programme from London, and he said that they ought to make a collection of diaries and letters after the war. Of course, they all made a rush at my diary immediately. Just imagine how interesting it would be if I were to publish a romance of the "Secret Annexe." The title alone would be enough to make people think it was a detective story. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Jeff Kinney
#175. First of all, let me get this straight: This is a JOURNAL, not a diary. I know what it says on the cover, but when Mom went out to buy this thing I SPECIFICALLY told her to get one that didn't say 'diary' on it. #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Diary quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#176. Wonderful?" wrote J.O. Young in his diary. "To stand cheering, crying, waving your hat and acting like a damn fool in general. No one who has spent all but 16 days of the this war as a Nip prisoner can really know what it means to see 'Old Sammy' buzzing around over camp. #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
Diary quotes by Sarah Manguso
#177. Today was very full, but the problem isn't today. It's tomorrow. I'd be able to recover from today if it weren't for tomorrow. There should be extra days, buffer days, between real days. #Quote by Sarah Manguso
Diary quotes by Morrissey
#178. Can you squeeze me
into an empty page of your diary
and psychologically save me? #Quote by Morrissey
Diary quotes by Lev Shestov
#179. St. Augustine hated the Stoics, Dostoevsky hated the Russian Liberals. At first sight this seems a quite inexplicable peculiarity. Both were convinced Christians, both spoke so much of love, and suddenly - such hate! And against whom? Against the Stoics, who preached self-abnegation, who esteemed virtue above all things in the world, and against the Liberals who also exalted virtue above all things! But the fact remains: Dostoevsky spoke in rage of Stassyulevitch and Gradovsky; Augustine could not be calm when he spoke the names of those pre-Stoic Stoics, Regulus and Mutius Scaevola, and even Socrates, the idol of the ancient world, appeared to him a bogey. Obviously Augustine and Dostoevsky were terrified and appalled by the mere thought of the possibility of such men as Scaevola and Gradovsky - men capable of loving virtue for its own sake, of seeing virtue as an end in itself. Dostoevsky says openly in the Diary of a Writer that the only idea capable of inspiring a man is that of the immortality of the soul. #Quote by Lev Shestov
Diary quotes by Virginia Woolf
#180. Needless to say, the business of living interferes with the solitude so needed for any work of the imagination. Here's what Virginia Woolf said in her diary about the sticky issue: I've shirked two parties, and another Frenchman, and buying a hat, and tea with Hilda Trevelyan, for I really can't combine all this with keeping all my imaginary people going. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Diary quotes by Sallyann Murphey
#181. My little boy was no more and even though he'd come home for vacations, our relationship would never be quite the same. Just as he would have to learn to be an adult in the world, so would I have to learn to live without him. #Quote by Sallyann Murphey
Diary quotes by Jamie Fuller
#182. The following year the house was substantially remodeled, and the conservatory removed. As the walls of the now crumbling wall were being torn down, one of the workmen chanced upon a small leatherbound book that had apparently been concealed behind a loose brick or in a crevice in the wall. By this time Emily Dickinson was a household name in Amherst. It happened that this carpenter was a lover of poetry- and hers in particular- and when he opened the little book and realized that that he had found her diary, he was "seized with a violent trembling," as he later told his grandson. Both electrified and terrified by the discovery, he hid the book in his lunch bucket until the workday ended and then took it home. He told himself that after he had read and savored every page, he would turn the diary over to someone who would know how to best share it with the public. But as he read, he fell more and more deeply under the poet's spell and began to imagine that he was her confidant. He convinced himself that in his new role he was no longer obliged to give up the diary. Finally, having brushed away the light taps of conscience, he hid the book at the back of an oak chest in his bedroom, from which he would draw it out periodically over the course of the next sixty-four years until he had virtually memorized its contents. Even his family never knew of its existence.

Shortly before his death in 1980 at the age of eighty-nine, the old man finally showed his most prized po #Quote by Jamie Fuller
Diary quotes by Akshay Vasu
#183. The day you left, it felt like I lost a diary in which I had been writing for so long. Now all that memories flashes in bits and pieces inside my head always and makes me wish that I could sit back and read it all over again. #Quote by Akshay Vasu
Diary quotes by Judith Diana Winston
#184. Daily more and more people question their way of life and ponder their connections with Spirit."
From The Keeper Of The Diary #Quote by Judith Diana Winston
Diary quotes by May Sarton
#185. The sheer vital energy of the Woolfs always astonishes me when I stop to consider what they accomplished on any given day. Fragile she may have been, living on the edge of psychic disturbance, but think what she managed to do nonetheless -- not only the novels (every one a breakthrough in form), but all those essays and reviews, all the work of the Hogarth Press, not only reading mss. and editing, but, at least at the start, packing the books to go out!

And besides all that, they lived such an intense social life. (When I went there for tea, they were always going out for dinner and often to a party later on.) The gaiety and the fun of it all, the huge sense of life! The long, long walks through London that Elizabeth Bowen told me about. And two houses to keep going! Who of us could accomplish what she did?

There may be a lot of self-involvement in A Writer's Diary, but there is no self-pity (and what has to be remembered is that what Leonard published at that time was only a small part of all the journals, the part that concerned her work, so it had to be self-involved). It is painful that such genius should evoke such mean-spirited response at present. Is genius so common that we can afford to brush it aside? What does it matter if she is major or minor, whether she imitated Joyce (I believe she did not), whether her genius was a limited one, limited by class? What remains true is that one cannot pick up a single one of her books and read a page withou #Quote by May Sarton
Diary quotes by James S. Kunen
#186. Time doesn't fly. It just never stops. And the next thing you know, it's now."
--from "Diary of a Company Man #Quote by James S. Kunen
Diary quotes by Gertrude Stein
#187. A diary means yes indeed. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Diary quotes by Kurt Cobain
#188. Don't read my diary when I'm gone, #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Diary quotes by Sylvia Plath
#189. And just now I pick up the blessed diary of Virginia Woolf which I bought with a battery of her novels Saturday with Ted. And she works off her depression over rejections from Harper's (no less! - and I hardly can believe that the Big Ones get rejected, too!) by cleaning out the kitchen. And cooks haddock & sausage. Bless her. I feel my life linked to her, somehow. I love her. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Diary quotes by Cynthia Kadohata
#190. I know a lot about when I was a little girl, because my sister used to keep a diary. Today I keep her diary in a drawer next to by bed. I like to see how her memories were the same as mine, but also different. #Quote by Cynthia Kadohata
Diary quotes by Anne Frank
#191. Riches, prestige, everything can be lost. But the happiness in your heart can only be dimmed; it will always be there as long as you live, to make you happy again.
Whenever you're feeling lonely or sad, try going to the loft on a beautiful day and looking outside. Not at the houses and the rooftops, but at the sky. As long as you can look fearlessly at the sky, you'll know that your pure within and will find happiness once more. #Quote by Anne Frank
Diary quotes by Tim Federle
#192. Are we absolutely certain that Becky Albertalli didn't just steal the diary of a hilariously observant teenage boy? Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is a pitch-perfect triumph of wit and wordplay that feels timelessly, effortlessly now. #Quote by Tim Federle
Diary quotes by Wallace Stevens
#193. A diary is more or less the work of a man of clay whose hands are clumsy and in whose eyes there is no light. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Diary quotes by Philip Larkin
#194. A Writer

'Interesting, but futile,' said his diary,
Where day by day his movements were recorded
And nothing but his loves received inquiry;
He knew, of course, no actions were rewarded,
There were no prizes: though the eye could see
Wide beauty in a motion or a pause,
It need expect no lasting salary
Beyond the bounds' momentary applause.

He lived for years and never was surprised:
A member of his foolish, lying race
Explained away their vices: realised
It was a gift that he possessed alone:
To look the world directly in the face;
The face he did not see to be his own. #Quote by Philip Larkin
Diary quotes by Marina Tsvetaeva
#195. My verses are my diary. My poetry is a poetry of proper names. #Quote by Marina Tsvetaeva
Diary quotes by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen
#196. Really, this people, only yesterday so intelligent and discerning, seem to have been overcome by a disease of the mind #Quote by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen
Diary quotes by Lanny Starr
#197. I looked at the two enemy prisoners. They were on their stomachs, face down and shaking like everything. I can only imagine the fear they must have felt in their hearts. Thank God we had air superiority on the battlefield. #Quote by Lanny Starr
Diary quotes by Susan Beth Pfeffer
#198. I'm the one not caring. I'm the one pretending the Earth isn't shattering all around me because I don't want it to be. I don't want to know there was an earthquake in Missouri. I don't want to know the Midwest can die, also, that what's going on isn't just tides and tsunamis. I don't want to have any more to be afraid of.
I didn't start this diary for it to be a record of death. #Quote by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Diary quotes by Virginia Woolf
#199. Yes, our old age is not going to be sunny orchard drowse. By shutting down the fire curtain, though, I find I can live in the moment; which is good; why yield a moment to regret or envy or worry? Why indeed? (24 December 1940) #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Diary quotes by Tom Stoppard
#200. I don't keep a diary and I throw away nearly all the paper I might have kept. I don't keep an archive. There's something worrying about my make-up that I try to leave no trace of myself apart from my plays. #Quote by Tom Stoppard

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