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Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#1. Bianca, camp is cool! It's got a pegasus stable and a sword-fighting arena and ... I mean, what do you get by joining the Hunters?"
To begin with," Zoe said, "immortality."
I stared at her, then at Artemis. "She's kidding, right?"
Zoe rarely kids about anything," Artemis said. "My Hunters follow me on my adventures. They are my maidservants, my companions, my sisters-in-arms. Once they swear loyalty to me, they are indeed immortal ... unless they fall in battle, which is unlikely. Or break their oath."
What oath?" I said.
To foreswear romantic love forever," Artemis said.
To never grow up, never get married. To be a maiden eternally."
Like you?"
The goddess nodded.
I tried to imagine what she was saying. Being immortal. Hanging out with only middle-school girls forever. I couldn't get my mind around it. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by John Di Lemme
#2. Convenience will put you out of business! #Quote by John Di Lemme
Di Sleet quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#3. I know being pregnant and giving birth is the most wonderful thing on Earth. I know that after you have a baby, there is a sense of addiction, a need to have another. It's biological. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Di Sleet quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#4. Take a little walk down Know You Role Boulevard, hang that right on Jabroni Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima no-pancake-havin' ass di-rectly into the Smackdown Hotel! #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Di Sleet quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#5. Once Iraq became a hot bed for kidnapping, reporters had to use every kind of trick they could manage to avoid it. This included chase cars, security men for more prosperous agencies and networks, and GPS signals on satellite phones that could pinpoint the journalist's locations. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Di Sleet quotes by Kate Atkinson
#6. Mum had worshipped Princess Di and frequently lamented her passing. "Gone," she would say, shaking her head in disbelief. "Just like that. All that exercise for nothing. #Quote by Kate Atkinson
Di Sleet quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#7. Sonia Gandhi and her husband have always been persons I look at with a lot of respect. Of course, one of the reasons we look at India with a lot of sympathy and enthusiasm is Sonia Gandhi. Now she is Indian, not Italian, but she will always represent a myth for Italians. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#8. Nico and Hazel exchanged looks. They both knew better, but they said nothing. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#9. And, Bianca, come with me. I would like to speak with you."
"What about me?" Nico asked. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Barbara Kruger
#10. As with the Princess Di crash, which sent the media on the most insane feeding frenzy. From the moment of the crash, the pornography of sentiment never let up. #Quote by Barbara Kruger
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#11. She'd felt more pain from Nico in their brief connection than she had from her entire legion during the battle against the giant Polybotes. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#12. I wanted Jesus in 'A.D.' to be very, very, very human - to have those qualities of vulnerability and doubt and pain and sadness and loneliness. Once the resurrection happens and we see that Jesus has risen, it's almost complete, right? It's all about the joy and the smile and the happiness and the closeness to the disciples. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace
Di Sleet quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#13. They were all there, squatted in the little open glade - Faith and Una, Jerry and Carl, Jem and Walter, Nan and Di, and Mary Vance. They had been having a special celebration, for it would be Jem's last evening in Rainbow Valley. On the morrow he would leave for Charlottetown to attend Queen's Academy. Their charmed circle would be broken; and, in spite of the jollity of their little festival, there was a hint of sorrow in every gay young heart. "See - there #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Di Sleet quotes by Connie Di Marco
#14. What was the appeal? Particularly from the very young? A need to belong? some twisted tribal urge? how easy it is for the power-hungry to seduce those who want answers. But were they that different from myself? We all want answers, we all want the "truth"--confirmation that the universe is a good place and that we're protected from harm. We all want to believe there is an order. #Quote by Connie Di Marco
Di Sleet quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#15. Sleet was falling through a motionless blanket of smog. It was early morning. I was riding in the Lincoln sedan of Dr. Asa Breed. I was vaguely ill, still a little drunk from the night before. Dr. Breed was driving. Tracks of a long-abandoned trolley system kept catching the wheels of his car. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Di Sleet quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#16. The impossibility of a sequel ever recapturing everything - or anything - about its ancestor never stopped legions of writers from trying, or hordes of readers and publishers from demanding more of what they previously enjoyed. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Di Sleet quotes by Ashley Poston
#17. Stop making a fool of yourself--and stop bowing to me, stars above," Jax added exasperatedly, and waited for Robb to stand again. "I'm not worth THAT must groveling."
"But you are."
Jax sighed, and held out his hand. "Come on--Di and Ana are waiting."
Robb hesitated. "Well? Don't you want to take a dashing boy's hand?" Oh--oh did he.
And he wanted to win a Wicked Luck game against this dashing boy. And he wanted to know why he had left his home, what his favorite color was, what food he liked best--what FLAVOR.
Robb wanted to know him as intimately as a sailor knew the stars. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Di Sleet quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#18. For the first five years of Luca's life, I desperately wanted to be a good mother and not to pass on this trauma and darkness that his father and I had experienced, but there's a danger of suffocating your kids, too. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Di Sleet quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#19. Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Di Sleet quotes by Salvatore Quasimodo
#20. Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed e subito sera
Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world,
pierced by a ray of sunlight,
and suddenly it's evening #Quote by Salvatore Quasimodo
Di Sleet quotes by Paolo Di Canio
#21. We need to have lectures about why we can't have every day things like mayonnaise, ketchup and coke. #Quote by Paolo Di Canio
Di Sleet quotes by Di Smith
#22. To live with dignity means you put your worth as a human being above the conscious pursuit of wealth, power and fame. #Quote by Di Smith
Di Sleet quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#23. In the aftermath of any war or genocide, healing and reconciliation are ultimate aspirations. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Di Sleet quotes by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
#24. Now the road was crossing orange groves in flower, and the nuptial scent of the blossoms absorbed the rest as a full moon does a landscape; the smell of sweating horses, the smell of leather from the carriage upholstery, the smell of Prince and the smell of Jesuit, were all cancelled out by that Islamic perfume evoking houris and fleshly joys beyond the grave. #Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Di Sleet quotes by Patrick Strickland
#25. Elsewhere that same day, sleet covered the dead grass outside a modest lavender home in the northern village of Oščadnica like bits of confetti. The piercing wind picked up, keeping afloat a host of identical LSNS flags, green cloth dancing under the murky winter sky.

Within the thirty-person crowd, greetings all around. 'At guard,' they said to one another, saluting coyly, using a fascist phrase that was popular under Tiso's rule. The green-clad audience former rows and stood with folded hands over their laps, as local LSNS František Drozd placed a multicolored wreath of flowers at the foot of the home where Tiso once lived. Drozd broke the momentary silence and welcomed the crowd. As the Sunday morning mass concluded across the street, churchgoers poured out of the church. A handful of them - dressed smartly in church digs - joined the procession.

A gaggle of police officers stood next to their cars in the adjacent parking lot, rubbing their gloved hands together to stay warm, boredom sketched across their faces. #Quote by Patrick Strickland
Di Sleet quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#26. These new 'hybrid' F1 cars represent an extremely complex project. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#27. He looked at the silver pocketknife in his hand. An idea came to him – possibly the stupidest, craziest idea he'd had since he thought, Hey, I'll get Percy to swim in the River Styx! He'll love me for that! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
#28. Dying for somebody or for something, that was perfectly normal, of course; but the person dying should know, or at least feel sure, that someone knows for whom or for what he is dying; the disfigured face was asking just that; and that was where the haze began. #Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Di Sleet quotes by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
#29. Much would happen, but all would be playacting; a noisy, romantic play with a few spots of blood on the comic costumes. This was a country of arrangements, with none of that frenzy of the French; #Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#30. Nico strode forward. The enemy army fell back before him like he radiated death, which of course he did.
Through the face guard of his skull-shaped helmet, he smiled. "Got your message. Is it too late to join the party?"
"Son of Hades." Kronos spit on the ground. "Do you love death so much you wish to experience it?"
"Your death," Nico said, "would be great for me."
"I'm immortal, you fool! I have escaped Tartarus. You have no business here, and no chance to live."
Nico drew his sword-three feet of wicked sharp Stygian iron, black as a nightmare. "I don't agree. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Ashley Poston
#31. The kiss lit a million suns in between his zeroes and ones, and made him infinite. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Di Sleet quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#32. It's certainly a cliche to remark that a nonfiction book 'reads just like a novel,' but in the case of Jonathan Eig's 'The Birth of the Pill,' I have no other recourse, since his narrative is full of larger-than-life characters sharply limned and embarked on fascinating doings, their story told in sprightly visual fashion. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Di Sleet quotes by Nico Di Angelo
#33. I can't control my feelings, so sometimes it's better to hide them. #Quote by Nico Di Angelo
Di Sleet quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#34. I have five, six, seven things I do before those lines are in my brain. I say them like I'm a robot; I sing them. I put a pencil in my mouth, and I say them. I cook. I play with a cushion and say them - so they really are inside of me. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace
Di Sleet quotes by John Di Lemme
#35. What are you doing to serve your customers a little more every day? #Quote by John Di Lemme
Di Sleet quotes by Di Morrissey
#36. There has come a time when we can no longer remain silent but must speak up for our country which is being sold, abused, mined, depleted, drained, overworked, over-loved, its plants and animals becoming endangered and exterminated faster than we can renew them. Our country is silent, so we must speak and act to save it. #Quote by Di Morrissey
Di Sleet quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#37. Generally speaking, by the time a subculture such as steampunk secures the attention of major media, resulting in extensive coverage of the craze, said phenomenon is already on the way out. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Di Sleet quotes by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
#38. To rage and mock is gentlemanly, to grumble and whine is not. #Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#39. Then suddenly Percy was next to her, lacing his fingers in hers. He turned her gently away from the pit and wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face in his chest and broke down in tears. "It's okay," he said. "We're together." He didn't say you're okay, or we're alive. After all they'd been through over the last year, he knew the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that. Their friends gathered around them. Nico di Angelo was there, but Annabeth's thoughts were so fuzzy, this didn't seem surprising to her. It seemed only right that he would be with them. "Your leg." Piper knelt next to her and examined the Bubble Wrap cast. "Oh, Annabeth, what happened?" She started to explain. Talking was difficult, but as she went along, her words came more easily. Percy didn't let go of her hand, which also made her feel more confident. When she finished, her friends' faces were slack with amazement. "Gods of Olympus," Jason said. "You did all that #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Rick Riordan
#40. Nothing?" Favonius cried. "The one you care for most ... plunged into Tartarus, and you still will not allow the truth?"
Suddenly Jason felt like he was eavedropping.
The one you care for most. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Di Sleet quotes by Camillo Di Cavour
#41. I have discovered the art of deceiving diplomats. I tell them the truth and they never believe me. #Quote by Camillo Di Cavour
Di Sleet quotes by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
#42. I always consult five to ten people who are hardcore fans, to see how far I can push a role. When they go, "Wait a second, you can't do that! That's a sin!," you go, "Okay, fine, we're not going to do that. We tried too far." #Quote by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

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