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Dewrance Valves quotes by Jacques Yonnet
#1. Fortunately the City is vigilant. It too has its secret weapons. Since the summer it has released safety valves that form part of a wonderful mechanism, known only to itself. For the past three months we've noticed the most heartening appearance all over the place of eccentrics, more or less raving lunatics, cranks, and reinvigorating crackpots. #Quote by Jacques Yonnet
Dewrance Valves quotes by Candice Olson
#2. Bathrooms are, on a square foot basis, the most expensive room in the house to renovate. If you want to test your heart's fitness, try shopping for simple bathroom faucets. Add in the cost of the required valves, mixers and trims, and you may need reviving when you see the tally! #Quote by Candice Olson
Dewrance Valves quotes by Margaret Atwood
#3. He slides off into half-sleep and dreams of Oryx, floating on her back in a swimming pool, wearing an outfit that appears to be made of delicate white tissue-paper petals. They spread out around her, expanding and contracting like the valves of a jellyfish. The pool is painted a vibrant pink. She smiles up at him and moves her arms gently to keep afloat, and he knows they are both in great danger. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Dewrance Valves quotes by Walther Bothe
#4. Rossi was the first to describe another system working with valves in parallel; it has the advantage that it can easily be extended to coincidences between more than two events, and is therefore predominantly used today. #Quote by Walther Bothe
Dewrance Valves quotes by Albert Richard Smith
#5. The safety-valves of the heart, when too much pressure is laid on. #Quote by Albert Richard Smith
Dewrance Valves quotes by Kira Jane Buxton
#6. I cannot recommend this to you enough: find something that you believe in, right down deep in the depths of your silvery plumage, and then throw your heart at it, blood and valves and veins and all. Because I did this, the world, though brambled and frothing at the mouth, looked more vibrant; blues were bluer, and even the fetid puddles that collected under rusting cars tasted as sweet as summer wine. #Quote by Kira Jane Buxton
Dewrance Valves quotes by Margaret Atwood
#7. What else can I do? Once you've gone this far you aren't fit for anything else. Something happens to your mind. You're overqualified, overspecialized, and everybody knows it. Nobody in any other game would be crazy enough to hire me. I wouldn't even make a good ditch-digger, I'd start tearing apart the sewer-system, trying to pick-axe and unearth all those chthonic symbols - pipes, valves, cloacal conduits ... No, no. I'll have to be a slave in the paper-mines for all time. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Dewrance Valves quotes by Denham Sutcliffe
#8. We want not only life but an intense awareness of being alive. The large tendency of our mechanical and standardized civilization is to blunt that awareness by surrounding us with ideas and forms that require the lowest degree of consciousness. One lives in it less by reflection than by reflex. The effect of the uniform blows with which the environment strikes us is to make us insensitive to any but the most violent stimuli; two-thirds of life ceases to exist for us because the valves of attention require cataclysmic upheavals before they will open. Lacking the capacity to be excited by any but the most gross and violent stimuli, we spend our lives in a frantic race with boredom. #Quote by Denham Sutcliffe
Dewrance Valves quotes by Seth Godin
#9. You're competing against people in a state of flow, people who are truly committed, people who care deeply about the outcome. You can't merely wing it and expect to keep up with them. Setting aside all the safety valves and pleasant distractions is the first way to send yourself the message that you're playing for keeps #Quote by Seth Godin
Dewrance Valves quotes by Annie Besant
#10. This coarse and insulting way of regarding woman, as though they existed merely to be the safety-valves of men's passions, and that the best men were above the temptation of loving them, has been the source of unnumbered evils. #Quote by Annie Besant
Dewrance Valves quotes by Daniel Quinn
#11. I prefer to think about problems the way engineers do. If a valve doesn't work, they don't say, "Well, we must have valves, so let's try two valves." If a valve doesn't work, they say, "Well, what would work?" Their rule is, if it doesn't work, don't do it more, do something else. #Quote by Daniel Quinn
Dewrance Valves quotes by Andy Weir
#12. The rover was not so lucky. It continued tumbling down the hill, bouncing the traveler around like clothes in a dryer. After twenty meters, the soft powder gave way to more solid sand and the rover shuddered to a halt. It had come to rest on its side. The valves leading to the now- missing hoses had detected the sudden pressure drop and closed. The pressure seal was not breached. The traveler was alive, for now. #Quote by Andy Weir
Dewrance Valves quotes by Philip K. Dick
#13. It did not seem possible that Wendy Wright had been born out of blood and internal organs like other people. In proximity to her he felt himself to be a squat, oily, sweating, uneducated nurt whose stomach rattled and whose breath wheezed. Near her he became aware of the physical mechanisms which kept him alive; within him machinery, pipes and valves and gas-compressors and fan belts had to chug away at a losing task, a labor ultimately doomed. Seeing her face, he discovered that his own consisted of a garish mask; noticing her body made him feel like a low-class wind-up toy. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Dewrance Valves quotes by William Harvey
#14. Good God! how should the mitral valves prevent the regurgitation of air and not of blood? #Quote by William Harvey
Dewrance Valves quotes by Stasia Ward Kehoe
#15. The tips of my overgrown bangs
dip into the wet of my tears.
My fingers, forehead, moisten with sweat.
I fight the slipperiness, press the valves firmly,
play the love, the hate,
the misery, the hope,
the freedom that I wanted, never wanted, can't have;
that doesn't exist. #Quote by Stasia Ward Kehoe
Dewrance Valves quotes by Anton Chekhov
#16. We all have too many wheels, screws and valves to judge each other on first impressions or one or two pointers. I don't understand you, you don't understand me and we don't understand ourselves. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Dewrance Valves quotes by Per Petterson
#17. But I enjoyed the feeling of wind in my hair, and I knew my father liked to see it blow straight out when we stood on the quay and watched the boats come in. And after all it was my only pride.
The train waited behind us, puffing and hissing through its valves, and even though it was only an hour's journey to Skagen, I had never been there.
'Can't we go to Skagen one day?' I asked. Being with Jesper and his friends had made me realize the world was far bigger than the town I lived in, and the fields around it, and I wanted to go travelling and see it.
'There's nothing but sand at Skagen,' my father said, 'you don't want to go there my lass. And because it was Sunday and he seldom said my lass, he took a cigar from his waistcoat pocket with a pleased expression, lit it, and blew out smoke into the wind. The smoke flew back in our faces and scorched them, but I pretended not to notice and so did he. #Quote by Per Petterson
Dewrance Valves quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#18. What Tyler says about the crap and the slaves of history, that's how I felt. I wanted to destroy something beautiful I'd never have. Burn the Amazon rain forests. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobble the ozone. Open the dump valves on supertankers and uncap offshore oil wells. I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn't afford to eat, and smother the French beaches I'd never see. I wanted the whole world to hit bottom. Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldn't screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Dewrance Valves quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#19. Dear Nastenka, I know I describe splendidly, but, excuse me, I don't know how else to do it. At this moment, dear Nastenka, at this moment I am like the spirit of King Solomon when, after lying a thousand years under seven seals in his urn, those seven seals were at last taken off. At this moment, Nastenka, when we have met at last after such a long separation - for I have known you for ages, Nastenka, because I have been looking for some one for ages, and that is a sign that it was you I was looking for, and it was ordained that we should meet now - at this moment a thousand valves have opened in my head, and I must let myself flow in a river of words, or I shall choke. And so I beg you not to interrupt me, Nastenka, but listen humbly and obediently, or I will be silent. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Dewrance Valves quotes by G. Wayne Miller
#20. Congenital disease can warp the heart with great variety. Valves can be sealed tight, missing parts - or absent altogether. Major vessels can be misplaced, narrowed, or blocked completely. A chamber can be too small or missing, a wall too thick or thin. The heart's electrical system - its nerves - may go haywire. The muscle can be weak. Holes may occur almost anywhere, in almost any size. Studying heart pathology, one is reminded that the genetic symphony that produces a normal baby is indeed a wondrous and delicate one. #Quote by G. Wayne Miller
Dewrance Valves quotes by Anne Carson
#21. ... that blurred state between awake and asleep when too many intake valves are open in the soul. Like the terrestial crust of the earth which is proportionately 10 times thinner than an eggshell, the skin of the soul is a miracle of mutual pressures. Millions of kilograms of force pounding up from earth's core on the inside to meet the cold air of the world and stop as we do, just in time. #Quote by Anne Carson
Dewrance Valves quotes by Bree Barton
#22. What was love if not a rippling bunch of nerves and valves misfiring? An equation with no known variables? An incalculable contraction of the heart? #Quote by Bree Barton
Dewrance Valves quotes by Carlo Ratti
#23. One of the ideas that was developed at MIT in a workshop was, imagine this pipe, and you've got valves, solenoid valves, taps, opening and closing. You create like a water curtain with pixels made of water. If those pixels fall, you can write on it: you can show patterns, images, text. #Quote by Carlo Ratti
Dewrance Valves quotes by Paulette Jiles
#24. And she understood, all by herself, without reading it in a novel or hearing it on a radio program, that falling passionately in love with someone, without reservation or holding back, was good for the heart. For its valves and its arteries and that invisible shadow of the heart clled the soul. Falling in love was good for the soul.
#Quote by Paulette Jiles
Dewrance Valves quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#25. I felt like putting a bullet between the
eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its
species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers
and smother all the French beaches I'd never see. I wanted
to breathe smoke. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Dewrance Valves quotes by Lauren Oliver
#26. We're all just a collection of wires pulled tight, charged beyond capacity - a tangle of plugs and valves, waiting for a surge to take down the whole system. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Dewrance Valves quotes by Emily Dickinson
#27. The Soul selects her own Society
Then - shuts the Door
To her divine Majority
Present no more
Unmoved - she notes the Chariots - pausing
At her low Gate
Unmoved - an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat
I've known her - from an ample nation
Choose One
Then - close the Valves of her attention
Like Stone - #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Dewrance Valves quotes by Dean Koontz
#28. A city is half beast and half machine, with arteries of fresh water and veins of foul, nerves of telephone and electrical cables, sewer lines for bowels, pipes full of pressurized steam and others carrying gas, valves and fans and filters and meters and motors and transformers and tens of thousands of interlinked computers, and though its people sleep, the city never does. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Dewrance Valves quotes by Claire Holden Rothman
#29. I looked briefly up from my notes. I was surrounded by hearts, sectioned and preserved. Hearts with holes. Hearts with leaking valves or thickened walls. Hearts with narrow or transposed aortas. I closed my eyes. #Quote by Claire Holden Rothman
Dewrance Valves quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#30. I couldn't have made a better shot, if I had been one of those detectives who see a chap walking along the street and deduce that he is a retired manufacturer of poppet valves named Robinson with rheumatism in one arm, living at Clapham. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Dewrance Valves quotes by Anton Chekhov
#31. Each of us is full of too many wheels, screws and valves to permit us to judge one another on a first impression or by two or three external signs. #Quote by Anton Chekhov

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