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Famous Quotes About Devotion

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Devotion quotes by Sadhu Vaswani
#1. If my love is without sacrifice, it is selfish. Such a love is barter, for there is exchange of love and devotion in return for something. It is conditional love. #Quote by Sadhu Vaswani
Devotion quotes by Chang-rae Lee
#2. What does the pilgrim hope for at journey's end? Her beliefs confirmed? Revelation? Or does she secretly wish that the destination never quite materializes, that it keeps receding, ever shrouded in the distance, all the more to feed an inextinguishable devotion? #Quote by Chang-rae Lee
Devotion quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#3. Love is knowing someone so deeply, understanding her so completely, that you can finish her thoughts without hesitation, confident in reading her face, her body, even her slightest gesture means something to you. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Devotion quotes by Emma Chase
#4. The two of us were different. Right from the start, and in every way.
Passion that could tear the whole world down around us. Love that would not be ignored or denied. Devotion that would last beyond a lifetime.
These would be our legacy – our gifts to the ones who would follow in our footsteps. It would be scored on their bones and branded on their souls.
We just didn't know it then.
Every dynasty has a beginning. Every legend starts with a story.
This is ours. #Quote by Emma Chase
Devotion quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#5. But I'm also really angry at myself for not being loyal to Sam, for not remaining steadfast and true in my devotion, like I have promised him I would be. I am mad at myself for being unsure, for not being the sort of woman who can tell him he's the only one, for not giving him the kind of love he deserves. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Devotion quotes by Prem Prakash
#6. Peace and supreme joy may seem like end-states to practitioners on more difficult spiritual paths, but the path of devotion should be filled with peace and joy from the very beginning. Their absence is an indication that something is amiss. (125) #Quote by Prem Prakash
Devotion quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#7. Fine music without devotion is but a splendid garment upon a corpse. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Devotion quotes by Kai Leakes
#8. Oooo wee! You see that chump go flying? Look'eah, nothing like charred demon to make a brotha feel right. - Calvin Freeman (Sineaters‬:Devotion Book One) #Quote by Kai Leakes
Devotion quotes by Ramachandra Guha
#9. in India, Bhakti or what may be called the path of devotion or hero-worship, plays a part in its politics unequalled in magnitude by the part it plays in the politics of any other country in the world. Bhakti in religion may be the road to the salvation of a soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship. #Quote by Ramachandra Guha
Devotion quotes by Kiki Smith
#10. I told the students [at Yale] we were going to talk about love - I meant love in the sense of devotions to one's work - and about half the students got really pissed off. #Quote by Kiki Smith
Devotion quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#11. Big money isn't hard to come by. All it costs is a lifetime of single-minded devotion to acquiring it and making it grow into more money. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Devotion quotes by Oswald Chambers
#12. Discipleship is based solely on devotion to Jesus Christ, not on following after a particular belief or doctrine. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Devotion quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#13. Moreover, I have boundary issues with men. Or maybe that's not fair to say. To have issues with boundaries, one must have boundaries in the first place, right? But I disappear into
the person I love. I am the permeable membrane. If I love you, you can have everything. You can have my time, my devotion, my ass, my money, my family, my dog, my dog's money, my
dog's time - everything. If I love you, I will carry for you all your pain, I will assume for you all your debts (in every definition of the word), I will protect you from your own insecurity, I will project upon you all sorts of good qualities that you have never actually cultivated in yourself and I will buy Christmas presents for your entire family. I will give you the sun and the rain, and if they are not available, I will give you a sun check and a rain check. I will give you all this and more, until I get so exhausted and depleted that the only way I can recover my energy is by becoming infatuated with someone else.
I do not relay these facts about myself with pride, but this is how it's always been.
Some time after I'd left my husband, I was at a party and a guy I barely knew said to me, "You know, you seem like a completely different person, now that you're with this new boyfriend. You used to look like your husband, but now you look like David. You even dress like
him and talk like him. You know how some people look like their dogs? I think maybe you always look like your men. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Devotion quotes by Charles Dickens
#14. You!' said the old man contemptuously. 'What do you know of the time when young men shut themselves up in those lonely rooms, and read and read, hour after hour, and night after night, till their reason wandered beneath their midnight studies; till their mental powers were exhausted; till morning's light brought no freshness or health to them; and they sank beneath the unnatural devotion of their youthful energies to their dry old books? #Quote by Charles Dickens
Devotion quotes by Ayn Rand
#15. The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Devotion quotes by Veronica Roth
#16. I'll be your family now," he says.
"I love you," I say.
I said that once, before I went to Erudite headquarters, but he was asleep then. I don't know why I didn't say it when he could hear it. Maybe I was afraid to trust him with something so personal as my devotion. Or afraid that I did not know what it was to love someone. But now I think the scary thing was not saying it before it was almost too late. Not saying it before it was almost too late for me.
I am his, and he is mine, and it has been that way all along.
He stares at me. I wait with my hands clutching his arms for stability as he considers his response.
He frowns at me. "Say it again."
"Tobias," I say, "I love you."
His skin is slippery with water and he smells like sweat and my shirt sticks to his arms when he slides them around me. He presses his face to my neck and kisses me right above the collarbone, kisses my cheek, kisses my lips.
"I love you, too," he says. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Devotion quotes by Jeff Manion
#17. We applaud endurance at the finish line, but those middle miles of plugging along are fairly uneventful. Commitment isn't flashy, and long devotion often goes unnoticed. #Quote by Jeff Manion
Devotion quotes by Edward Forbes
#18. Who that has ever visited the borders of this classic sea, has not felt at the first sight of its waters a glow of reverent rapture akin to devotion, and an instinctive sensation of thanksgiving at being permitted to stand before these hallowed waves? All that concerns the Mediterranean is of the deepest interest to civilized man, for the history of its progress is the history of the development of the world; the memory of the great men who have lived and died around its banks; the recollection of the undying works that have come thence to delight us for ever; the story of patient research and brilliant discoveries connected with every physical phenomenon presented by its waves and currents, and with every order of creatures dwelling in and around its waters. The science of the Mediterranean is the epitome of the science of the world. #Quote by Edward Forbes
Devotion quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#19. A modern vegetarian is also a teetotaler, yet there is no obvious connection between consuming vegetables and not consuming fermented vegetables. A drunkard, when lifted laboriously out of the gutter, might well be heard huskily to plead that he had fallen there through excessive devotion to a vegetable diet. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Devotion quotes by Susan Sontag
#20. I don't consider devotion to the past a form of snobbery. Just one of the more disastrous forms of unrequited love. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Devotion quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#21. You're not answering my question. It's getting irritating."
"Okay, serious answer. Ready? Here we go." Nora took a deep breath. She didn't want to talk about this stuff with Marie-Laure, but as long as she stayed interesting, as long as she stayed entertaining, she stayed alive. "I get off on submitting to Søren. I don't know how or why. I can't explain any more than you can explain why you like Irish breakfast tea instead of English breakfast or whatever you're drinking. It's a personal taste. I liked it. He's the most beautiful man on earth, he's got an inner drive and power that I'm drawn to, he can scare the shit out of someone with a glance, he can put someone on their knees with a word, he can see into your soul if you make the mistake of looking into his eyes. And it is a mistake because you will never want to look away again no matter how bare and naked he lays your most private self. I knelt at his feet because I felt like that's where I belonged. And no, not because I was so unworthy of him, but because he was so utterly worthy of my devotion."
A noble speech and a true one, Nora decided as her words settled into the room. True, yes, but not the whole truth. Might as well spill it all.
"Oh," she added a moment later. "And me submitting to pain gets him rock hard and the man fucks like a freight train when in the right mood. Not that you would know anything about that. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Devotion quotes by William Carey
#22. I am very defective in all duties ... In prayer I wander and am formal ... I soon tire; devotion languishes; and I do not walk with God. #Quote by William Carey
Devotion quotes by Julia Margaret Cameron
#23. My aspirations are to ennoble Photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and Ideal and sacrificing nothing of the Truth by all possible devotion to Poetry and beauty. #Quote by Julia Margaret Cameron
Devotion quotes by Wesley J. Wildman
#24. Like priests with their backs to the world and their faces to the altar, the postmodern protectors of shame need to turn around, face the people, and exchange their sackcloth of shame for robes of celebration. The dangers of assertion, of generality and theory, meet their match in, and only in, a tireless devotion to self-criticism and the search for correction.
Truth, #Quote by Wesley J. Wildman
Devotion quotes by Abraham Kuyper
#25. Unchecked, the dominating influences of money and of barren intellectualism would reduce the life of emotions to freezing point. And, unable to grasp the holier benefits of religion, the mysticism of the heart reacts in the art-intoxication ... In this cold, irreligious and practical age the warmth of this devotion to art has kept alive many higher aspirations of our soul, which otherwise might readily have died, as they did in the middle of the last century. #Quote by Abraham Kuyper
Devotion quotes by Alfusainey Jallow
#26. I may not be the kind of person you want me to, but I will always be there for you. #Quote by Alfusainey Jallow
Devotion quotes by Austin Phelps
#27. The consciousness of Divine friendship in devotion, so far from being impaired, is deepened by holy veneration. The purest and most lasting human friendships are permeated with an element of reverence; much more this friendship of a man with God. #Quote by Austin Phelps
Devotion quotes by Clarence Francis
#28. You can buy a man's time; you can buy his physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of his skilled muscular motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm ... you cannot buy loyalty ... you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, mind or souls. You must earn these. #Quote by Clarence Francis
Devotion quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
#29. Devotion as an act is vulgar. Devotion as a way of life is wonderful. If you are a great devotee, it is ugly. If you are devout, it is beautiful. #Quote by Jaggi Vasudev
Devotion quotes by Guru Nanak
#30. Let God's grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Let the Quran be the good conduct. #Quote by Guru Nanak
Devotion quotes by Debbie Ford
#31. With devotion at the center of your awareness, you don't have to refer to your past in order to make a choice of how to respond or react in any given situation. #Quote by Debbie Ford
Devotion quotes by Aleister Crowley
#32. I am only sipping the second glass of that "fascinating, but subtle poison, whose ravages eat men's heart and brain" that I have ever tasted in my life; and as I am not an American anxious for quick action, I am not surprised and disappointed that I do not drop dead upon the spot. But I can taste souls without the aid of absinthe; and besides, this is magic of absinthe! The spirit of the house has entered into it; it is an elixir, the masterpiece of an old alchemist, no common wine. And so, as I talk with the patron concerning the vanity of things, I perceive the secret of the heart of God himself; this, that everything, even the vilest thing, is so unutterably lovely that it is worthy of the devotion of a God for all eternity. What other excuse could He give man for making him? In substance, that is my answer to King Solomon. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Devotion quotes by Bryant McGill
#33. The animating fire of life is merely a total devotion to living. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Devotion quotes by Francis Quarles
#34. Wouldst thou know the lawfulness of the action which thou desirest to undertake, let thy devotion recommend it to Divine blessing: if it be lawful, thou shalt perceive thy heart encouraged by thy prayer; if unlawful, thou shalt find thy prayer discouraged by thy heart. That action is not warrantable which either blushes to beg a blessing, or, having succeeded, dares not present a thanksgiving. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Devotion quotes by Albert Einstein
#35. Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Devotion quotes by Victor Hugo
#36. Having love means not losing the light.And what love!Love entirely pure.Blindness does not exist where there is certainty.The soul gropes for another soul-and finds it.And this soul found and tried and tested is a woman.A hand supports you,it is hers;lips brush your forehead,hers;you hear breathing right next to you,it is her breathing.To have all of her,from her devotion to her sympathy,never to be abandoned,to have that sweet frailty that succours you,to lean on such an unshakable reed,to touch Providence with your own hands and hold it in your arms. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Devotion quotes by Eldonna Edwards
#37. I love my daddy so much, but it doesn't feel like he loves me the same way back. Like he loves me because he owes his devotion, not because I've earned it. #Quote by Eldonna Edwards
Devotion quotes by Josh Billings
#38. In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money cannot buy ... to wit
the wag of a dog's tail. #Quote by Josh Billings
Devotion quotes by Thomas Merton
#39. The complacency of the individual who admires his own excellence is bad enough, but it is more respectable than the complacency of the man who has no self-esteem because he has not even a superficial self which he can esteem. He is not a person, not an individual, only an atom. This atomized existence is sometimes praised as humility or as self-sacrifice, some-times it is called obedience, sometimes it is devotion to the dialectic of class war. It produces a kind of peace which is not peace, but only the escape from an immediately urgent sense of conflict. It is the peace not of love but of anesthesia. It is the peace not of self-realization and self-dedication, but of flight into irresponsibility. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Devotion quotes by John Steinbeck
#40. The church and the whorehouse arrived in the Far West simultaneously. And each would have been horrified to think it was a different facet of the same thing. But surely they were both intended to accomplish the same thing: the singing, the devotion, the poetry of the churches took a man out of his bleakness for a time, and so did the brothels. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Devotion quotes by Robert Pinsky
#41. A reflection on Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell knew I was not one of his devotees. I attended his famous "office hours" salon only a few times. Life Studies was not a book of central importance for me, though I respected it. I admired his writing, but not the way many of my Boston friends did. Among poets in his generation, poems by Elizabeth Bishop, Alan Dugan, and Allen Ginsberg meant more to me than Lowell's. I think he probably sensed some of that.

To his credit, Lowell nevertheless was generous to me (as he was to many other young poets) just the same. In that generosity, and a kind of open, omnivorous curiosity, he was different from my dear teacher at Stanford, Yvor Winters. Like Lowell, Winters attracted followers - but Lowell seemed almost dismayed or a little bewildered by imitators; Winters seemed to want disciples: "Wintersians," they were called.

A few years before I met Lowell, when I was still in California, I read his review of Winters's Selected Poems. Lowell wrote that, for him, Winters's poetry passed A. E. Housman's test: he felt that if he recited it while he was shaving, he would cut himself. One thing Lowell and Winters shared, that I still revere in both of them, was a fiery devotion to the vocal essence of poetry: the work and interplay of sentences and lines, rhythm and pitch. The poetry in the sounds of the poetry, in a reader's voice: neither page nor stage.

Winters criticizing the violence of Lowell's #Quote by Robert Pinsky
Devotion quotes by A. Edward Newton
#42. Even when reading is impossible, the presence of books acquired (by passionate devotion to them) produces such an ecstasy that the buying of more books than one can peradventure read is nothing less than the soul reaching towards infinity ... we cherish books even if unread, their mere presence exudes comfort, their ready access, reassurance. #Quote by A. Edward Newton
Devotion quotes by David Niu
#43. To be a good boss, you must be transparent. Theres a correlation between worker happiness and workplace transparency. Leaders and managers who offer transparency will earn the respect and devotion of their team. #Quote by David Niu
Devotion quotes by Barry Lopez
#44. Conversations are efforts toward good relations. They are an elementary form of reciprocity. They are the exercise of our love for each other. They are the enemies of our loneliness, our doubt, our anxiety, our tendencies to abdicate. To continue to be in good conversation over our enormous and terrifying problems is to be calling out to each other in the night. If we attend with imagination and devotion to our conversations, we will find what we need; and someone among us will act - it does not matter whom - and we will survive. #Quote by Barry Lopez
Devotion quotes by Marvin Hagler
#45. Oh yeah, I mean every fighter has got be dedicated, learn how to sacrifice, know what the devotion is all about, make sure you're paying attention and studying your art. #Quote by Marvin Hagler
Devotion quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#46. Or more important, I an a Christian (which can be deduced from my stories), and in fact a Roman Catholic. The latter "fact" perhaps cannot be deduced; though one critic (by letter) asserted that the invocations of Elbereth, and the character of Galadriel as directly described (or through the words of Gimli and Sam) were clearly related to Catholic devotion to Mary. Another saw in waybread (lembras)=vaticum and the reference to its feeding the will (vol. III, p. 213) and being more potent when fasting, a derivation from the Eucharist. (letter 213) #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Devotion quotes by Seneca
#47. Why do we complain of Nature? She has shown herself kindly; life, if you know how to use it, is long. But one man is possessed by an avarice that is insatiable, another by a toilsome devotion to tasks that are useless; one man is besotted with wine, another is paralyzed by sloth; one man is exhausted by an ambition that always hangs upon the decision of others, another, driven on by the greed of the trader, is led over all lands and all seas by the hope of gain; some are tormented by a passion for war and are always either bent upon inflicting danger upon others or concerned about their own; some there are who are worn out by voluntary servitude in a thankless attendance upon the great; many are kept busy either in the pursuit of other men's fortune or in complaining of their own; many, following no fixed aim, shifting and inconstant and dissatisfied, are plunged by their fickleness into plans that are ever new; some have no fixed principle by which to direct their course, but Fate takes them unawares while they loll and yawn - so surely does it happen that I cannot doubt the truth of that utterance which the greatest of poets delivered with all the seeming of an oracle: "The part of life we really live is small."5 For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time. Vices beset us and surround us on every side, and they do not permit us to rise anew and lift up our eyes for the discernment of truth, but they keep us down when once they have overwhelmed us and we are c #Quote by Seneca
Devotion quotes by St. Louis De Montfort
#48. there could not possibly be a finer devotion or one of greater merit than that of the Holy Rosary, which is like a second memorial and representation of the life and passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. #Quote by St. Louis De Montfort
Devotion quotes by Franz Schubert
#49. I never force myself to be devout except when I feel so inspired, and never compose hymns of prayers unless I feel within me real and true devotion. #Quote by Franz Schubert
Devotion quotes by Agatha Christie
#50. Nothing is so boring as devotion. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Devotion quotes by Peter Marshall
#51. Godly enthusiasm is not a fire of our own kindling ... If a man, however, has caught fire, let me not quench the Spirit by dampening the ardor of his pure devotion. Enthusiasm is not contrary to reason; it is reason - on fire. #Quote by Peter Marshall
Devotion quotes by Anil B. Sarkar
#52. By constantly thinking of Krishna the caterpillar of our existence turns into a butterfly of eternal devotion to Krishna. #Quote by Anil B. Sarkar
Devotion quotes by James E. Talmage
#53. No jot, iota, or tittle of the temple rites is otherwise than uplifting and sanctifying. In every detail the endowment ceremony contributes to covenants of morality of life, consecration of person to high ideals, devotion to truth, patriotism to nation, and allegiance to God. #Quote by James E. Talmage
Devotion quotes by Merce Cunningham
#54. The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast and willing devotion to the labor that makes the classwork not a gymnastic hour and a half, or at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom discipline to become moments of dancing too ... #Quote by Merce Cunningham
Devotion quotes by M.M. Van Der Reijden
#55. deity moments
are monumental
but not for a mortal
so my devoted
ask of you
to never beg for any man
you are your own wildflower
wild and free
in your devotion to
finally, only you
and you forevermore #Quote by M.M. Van Der Reijden
Devotion quotes by Matthew Henry
#56. If therefore our houses be houses of the Lord, we shall for that reason love home, reckoning our daily devotion the sweetest of our daily delights; and our family-worship the most valuable of our family-comforts ... A church in the house will be a good legacy, nay, it will be a good inheritance, to be left to your children after you. #Quote by Matthew Henry
Devotion quotes by Pandurang Shastri Athavale
#57. Devotion (Bhakti) includes Sentimental Devotion (Bhav Bhakti) and Devotion through action (Kruti Bhakti). #Quote by Pandurang Shastri Athavale
Devotion quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#58. Have you ever met a woman you wanted to give everything to?
just turn over everything you had?
-Davy Dempsey- #Quote by Jennifer Crusie
Devotion quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#59. Until Self-realization is attained; it is not worth having a fixed-view at any place, it is not worth having habitual-devotion at any place and it is not worth stopping anywhere. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Devotion quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#60. Beneath beautiful appearances I search out ugly depths, and beneath ignoble surfaces I probe for the hidden mines of devotion and virtue. It's a relatively benign mania, which enables you to see something new in a place where you would not have expected to find it. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Devotion quotes by Frederick Dale Bruner
#61. Luther and Calvin believed that both the Roman church on the right and the Zwinglian and Anabaptist churches on the left made the Lord's Supper too much a place WHERE BELIEVERS DID THINGS FOR GOD - either by offering Christ to God (Rome) or by offering their deep devotion to God (the Radical Protestants). The main direction of the Supper, in both of these views, was up. #Quote by Frederick Dale Bruner
Devotion quotes by August Kubizek
#62. It was not sympathy in the ordinary sense which he [Adolf Hitler] felt for the disinherited. That would not have been sufficient. He not only suffered with them, he lived for them and devoted all his thoughts to the salvation of those people from distress and poverty ... his noble and grandiose work, which was intended 'for everybody' ... #Quote by August Kubizek
Devotion quotes by David Cherubim
#63. Mystical Alchemy is a personal science, a sublime and effective system of Self-Initiation. Only you, as a single individual, can calculate and follow your way up the Great Mountain of Hermetic Attainment. It is entirely a matter of your own practical application and devotion. All essential guidance is within you, in the inmost center of your heart where your own Holy Guardian Angel, or Inner Self, resides. To depend upon any other thing than your own Holy Guardian Angel to accomplish the Great Work is to insult your Angel who is with you to instruct and guide you. All essential wisdom by which to achieve the Great Work is to be ascertained only within you; nowhere else will you find the Truth. #Quote by David Cherubim
Devotion quotes by Foundation For Inner Peace
#64. It is only my devotion that entitles me to yours. There is nothing about me that you cannot attain. I have nothing that does not come from God. The difference between us #Quote by Foundation For Inner Peace
Devotion quotes by John Halstead
#65. So yes, I worship nature. I worship a blind Goddess. For me, she is the only worthy object of worship. She will never care that I worship her. She will never answer a single prayer. But she is always with me… shaping me as I shape her. I will struggle with her to the last gasp of my life. And in the end, in my final act of devotion, I will yield to her. - John Halstead, "I Worship the Blind Goddess #Quote by John Halstead
Devotion quotes by Ansel Adams
#66. We either have wild places or we don't. We admit the spiritual-emotional validity of wild, beautiful places or we don't. We have a philosophy of simplicity of experience in these wild places or we don't. We admit an almost religious devotion to the clean exposition of the wild, natural earth or we don't. #Quote by Ansel Adams
Devotion quotes by Alice Hoffman
#67. I wrote to find beauty and purpose, to know that love is possible and lasting and real, to see day lilies and swimming pools, loyalty and devotion, even though my eyes were closed, and all that surrounded me was a darkened room. I wrote because that was who I was at the core, and if I was too damaged to walk around the block, I was lucky all the same. Once I got to my desk, once I started writing, I still believed anything was possible. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Devotion quotes by Marcia Aldrich
#68. Girls are not born with a devotion to sanitation. #Quote by Marcia Aldrich
Devotion quotes by Iain M. Banks
#69. Just as one might do useful work without fully understanding the job one was engaged in, or even what the point of it was, so the behaviour of devotion still mattered to the all-forgiving God, and just as the habitual performance of a task gradually raised one's skills to something close to perfection, bringing a deeper understanding of the work, so the actions of faith would lead to the state of faith.
Finally, she was shown the filthy, stinking, windowless cell carved into the rock beneath the Refuge where she would be chained, starved and beaten if she did not at least try to accept God's love. She trembled as she looked at the shackles and the flails, and agreed she would do her best. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Devotion quotes by Timothy Keller
#70. We are not simply to read psalms; we are to be immersed in them so that they profoundly shape how we relate to God. The psalms are the divinely ordained way to learn devotion to our God. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Devotion quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#71. What is enthusiasm but a passionate belief in what seems to be a high and holy aim, - an unselfish devotion to some noble cause, - a consecration of heart and mind and soul to the attainment of a great object? What is it but an earnest effort to attain the heights of spiritual and intellectual endeavor? What is it but the life, the force, the power, which makes individuals or nations capable of enduring much and waiting long, in the conviction that ultimately the thing they have at heart will be accomplished? #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Devotion quotes by Angela N. Blount
#72. The only thing I want more than you, is to do right by you. #Quote by Angela N. Blount
Devotion quotes by Rob Brezsny
#73. Push hard to get better, become smarter, grow your devotion to the truth, fuel your commitment to beauty, refine your emotional intelligence, hone your dreams, negotiate with your shadow, cure your ignorance, shed your pettiness, heighten your drive to look for the best in people, and soften your heart
even as you always accept yourself for exactly who you are with all of your so-called imperfections. #Quote by Rob Brezsny
Devotion quotes by Woodrow Wilson
#74. When they the American soldiers came, they found fit comrades for their courage and their devotion ... Joining hands with them, the men of America gave the greatest of all gifts - the gift of life and the gift of spirit. #Quote by Woodrow Wilson
Devotion quotes by Ann Patchett
#75. The President's unwavering devotion to his television set was so potentially embarrassing his cabinet would gladly have traded it in for an indiscreet mistress. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Devotion quotes by Richard Wright
#76. Love grows from stable relationships, shared experience, loyalty, devotion, trust. #Quote by Richard Wright
Devotion quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#77. Although devotion is to be given to many institutes and teachers, the essence is to be taken from them all, as the bee takes the essence from many flowers.- Samkhya, 4.13, an Eastern scripture #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Devotion quotes by Ivan Brunetti
#78. Our dedication- devotion- to craft should enlighten as it humbles us. #Quote by Ivan Brunetti
Devotion quotes by Samuel Johnson
#79. To ACCEND (ACCE'ND) v.a.[accendo, Lat.]To kindle, to set on fire; a word very rarely used. Our devotion, if sufficiently accended, would, as theirs, burn up innumerable books of this sort.Decay of Piety. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Devotion quotes by David Hume
#80. The greatest crimes have been found, in many instances, to be compatible with a superstitious piety and devotion; hence it is justly regarded as unsafe to draw any inference in favor of a man's morals, from the fervor or strictness of his religious exercises, even though he himself believe them sincere. #Quote by David Hume
Devotion quotes by John Adams
#81. July 4th ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion. #Quote by John Adams
Devotion quotes by Radhe Maa
#82. The secret of true happiness lies within unwavering devotion to God #Quote by Radhe Maa
Devotion quotes by Deborah Harkness
#83. Tabitha strutted into the house through the cat door. With a look of complete devotion, she dropped a tiny, dead field mouse at Matthew's feet.
"Merci, ma petite," Matthew said gravely. "Unfortunately, I am not hungry at present." Tabitha yowled in frustration and hauled her offering off to the corner, where she punished it by batting it between her paws for failing to please Matthew. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Devotion quotes by Charles Williams
#84. An hour's conversation on literature between two ardent minds with a common devotion to a neglected poet is a miraculous road to intimacy. #Quote by Charles Williams
Devotion quotes by Thomas Merton
#85. Therefore, doing the Stations of the Cross was still more laborious than consoling, and required a sacrifice. It was much the same with all my devotions. They did not come easily or spontaneously, and they very seldom brought with them any strong sensible satisfaction. Nevertheless the work of performing them ended in a profound and fortifying peace: a peace that was scarcely perceptible, but which deepened and which, as my passions subsided, became more and more real, more and more sure, and finally stayed with me permanently. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Devotion quotes by Howard Bloom
#86. From our best qualities come our worst. From our urge to pull together comes our tendency to tear each other apart. From our devotion to a higher good comes our propensity to the foulest atrocities. From our commitment to ideals comes our excuse to hate. Since the beginning of history, we have been blinded by evil's ability to don a selfless disguise. We have failed to see that our finest qualities often lead us to the actions we most abhor, murder, torture, genocide and war. #Quote by Howard Bloom
Devotion quotes by John Joseph O'Connor
#87. It is most heartening to learn that young men and women, in their late teens and twenties, are increasingly attracted to meditative prayer in the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. May all the faithful find in the Eucharist their source of strength and courage to imitate our Lady, totally open to his will in their daily lives. It is my hope that this devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist will spread to more and more parishes and dioceses across our nation. #Quote by John Joseph O'Connor
Devotion quotes by Tom Robbins
#88. And if your master truly loved you, he would tell you that. In order to escape the bounds of earthly experience, you bind yourself to a master. Bound is bound. If your master really loved you, he would not demand your devotion. He would set you free
from himself, first of all. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Devotion quotes by George Orwell
#89. Pacifism is a psychological curiosity rather than a political movement. Some of the extremer pacifists, starting out with a complete renunciation of violence, have ended by warmly championing Hitler and even toying with antisemitism. This is interesting, but it is not important. 'Pure' pacifism, which is a by-product of naval power, can only appeal to people in very sheltered positions. Moreover, being negative and irresponsible, it does not inspire much devotion. #Quote by George Orwell
Devotion quotes by David Bentley Hart
#90. I do not mean that there is anything intellectually contemptible in being formally "godless"
that is, in rejecting all religious dogmas and in refusing to believe in the God those dogmas describe.
One might very well conclude, for instance, that the world contains far too much misery for the pious idea of a good, loving, and just God to be taken very seriously, and that any alleged creator of the universe in which children suffer and die hardly deserves our devotion.
It is an affective
not a strictly logical
position to hold, but it is an intelligible one, with a certain sublime moral purity to it; I myself find it deeply compelling; and it is entirely up to each person to judge whether he or she finds any particular religion's answer to the "problem of evil" either adequate or credible. #Quote by David Bentley Hart
Devotion quotes by Antonio Tripodoro
#91. Remember that in pursuing medicine you have assumed responsibility for a sublime mission. Persever, with God in your heart, with the teachings of your father and your mother always in your memory, with love and devotion for the abandoned, with faith and enthusiasm, deaf to praises and criticisms, steadfast against envy, and inclined only to do good. (St. Joseph Moscati to a young doctor, p. 140) #Quote by Antonio Tripodoro
Devotion quotes by Carl Hilty
#92. The paths by which people journey toward happiness lie in part through the world about them and in part through the experience of their own soul. #Quote by Carl Hilty
Devotion quotes by Vincent De Paul
#93. [Do not] overburden yourself with rules of devotion, but persist in doing well those you have, your daily actions, your work; in a word, let everything revolve around doing well what you are doing. #Quote by Vincent De Paul
Devotion quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#94. You cling on to the truth; no one in the world can shake your faith and devotion. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Devotion quotes by KRS-One
#95. I make intelligence cool. I make spirituality cool. If we can make one's devotion to God cool, then I think I did a great thing. I can rest in peace. #Quote by KRS-One
Devotion quotes by Aldous Huxley
#96. It is ignorance that causes us to identify ourselves with the body, the ego, the senses, or anything that is not the Atman. He is a wise man who overcomes this ignorance by devotion to the Atman. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Devotion quotes by Jane Austen
#97. At any rate, it is safer to leave people to their own devices on such subjects. Everybody likes to go their own way
to chuse their own time and manner of devotion. The obligation of attendance, the formality, the restraint, the length of time
altogether it is a formidable thing. #Quote by Jane Austen
Devotion quotes by Lorraine Heath
#98. When I was a boy, I went to war searching for glory. I didn't find it.
I came here, thinking I'd find glory if I built a ranching empire or a thriving town.
Instead I discovered that I didn't even know what glory was, not until you smiled at me for the first time with no fear in your eyes ...
A hundred years from now, everything I've worked so hard to build will be nothing more than dust blowing in the wind, but if I can spend my life loving you, I'll die a wealthy man, a contented man.
-Dallas to Dee #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Devotion quotes by John Of Damascus
#99. Devotion to you, O Blessed Virgin, is a means of salvation which God gives to those whom he wishes to save. #Quote by John Of Damascus
Devotion quotes by Betsy Schow
#100. What manly task may I perform for you?"
"If you care for me at all, you'll slay a dragon."
"Such a simple task to prove my devotion? For you, I will gladly take up this quest. Why, by the age of ten, I had already felled my first ogre. #Quote by Betsy Schow
Devotion quotes by George R R Martin
#101. All Knights must bleed. Blood is the seal of our devotion. #Quote by George R R Martin
Devotion quotes by James W. Bodden
#102. Death doesn't end our devotion. It only makes it stronger. #Quote by James W. Bodden
Devotion quotes by John G.H. Dickinson
#103. There is no treasure but Truth, there is no Truth but Wisdom. There is no Wisdom, but from Learning, and Learning is won by the devotion of hours, years, days and nights to the works of Nature and the Treasures of Truth that others have gathered. #Quote by John G.H. Dickinson
Devotion quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#104. Our head is designed to devote ourselves to self- education #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Devotion quotes by Edward W. Robertson
#105. Most faiths, he thought, could stand to learn the virtue of keeping their devotion to themselves. #Quote by Edward W. Robertson
Devotion quotes by Ross Parmenter
#106. The need for devotion to something outside ourselves is even more profound than the need for companionship. If we are not to go to pieces or wither away, we all must have some purpose in life; for no man can live for himself alone. #Quote by Ross Parmenter
Devotion quotes by Rosanne Cash
#107. I'm not the type to turn to drugs and alcohol, but I do have a profound devotion to art and music - and children. #Quote by Rosanne Cash
Devotion quotes by Evan Bayh
#108. What is required from members of Congress and the public alike is a new spirit of devotion to the national welfare beyond party or self-interest. #Quote by Evan Bayh
Devotion quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#109. I didn't want to hide the memory from you. I wanted to cram it down your goddamn throat. I wanted to force you to face it, to want it, to want me, to be willing to fight for what was possible between us with the same single-minded devotion as you fucked. Well, Ms. Lane, you've got your precious memory back. Will you throw me away now? #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Devotion quotes by Joshua Ferris
#110. Under "Activities and Interests," it was written "Boston Red Sox." The Boston Red Sox, an activity and an interest. Not a devotion to be suffered. Not a solemn vow in the off-season. Not a memorial to a dead man. Not a calling beyond reason. Just an interest. I take an interest in when they play, whether home or away, whether they win or lose
things like that. Maybe read about it in the paper the next morning. Millions of others just like me, taking an interest. Not "Coronaries and Rehabilitations." Not "Dedications and Forfeitures." Not "Life and Death." "Activities and Interests." This was how it was presented, in terrifying simplicity. What it was all reduced to, the thirty years, and the stupid tears, and every extra inning. An activity and an interest. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Devotion quotes by David Abram
#111. How monotonous our speaking becomes when we speak only to ourselves! And how insulting to the other beings – to foraging black bears and twisted old cypresses – that no longer sense us talking to them, but only about them, as though they were not present in our world…Small wonder that rivers and forests no longer compel our focus or our fierce devotion. For we walk about such entities only behind their backs, as though they were not participant in our lives. Yet if we no longer call out to the moon slipping between the clouds, or whisper to the spider setting the silken struts of her web, well, then the numerous powers of this world will no longer address us – and if they still try, we will not likely hear them. #Quote by David Abram
Devotion quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#112. Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Devotion quotes by Nalini Singh
#113. I shouldn't ask you to," he said, devotion in every word, "but I'm going to. Wait for me, Jess. I'll come back to you." Naked emotion turned the sea green into hidden emeralds.
Pressing her fingers to his lips, she shook her head. "You never have to ask, Galen. Forever, that's how long I'd wait for you. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Devotion quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#114. No fair-minded girl objects to a certain tinge of jealousy. Kept within proper bounds, it is a compliment; it makes for piquancy; it is the gin in the ginger-beer of devotion. But it should be a condiment, not a fluid. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Devotion quotes by Emily Thorne
#115. Sacrifice by its strictest definition takes something precious in exchange for the appeasement of a higher power. And abiding devotion to a cause that cannot be satisfied with a simple promise. Because an oath no matter how solemn asks nothing in return. While true sacrifice demands unspeakable loss. #Quote by Emily Thorne
Devotion quotes by Bertrand Russell
#116. All the labours of ages, all the devotion, all the inspiration, all the noon-day brightness of human genius, are destined to extinciton in the vast death of the solar system, and that the whole temple of Man's achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Devotion quotes by Celeste Cooper
#117. My life is more than a waiting period; it is an expedition. How I perceive it, and how I improve upon it is solely up to me. #Quote by Celeste Cooper
Devotion quotes by Gertrude The Great
#118. I understand that, each time we contemplate with desire and devotion the Host in which is hidden Christ's Eucharistic Body, we increase our merits in heaven and secure special joys to be ours later in the beatific vision of God #Quote by Gertrude The Great
Devotion quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#119. I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Devotion quotes by Ellen Schreiber
#120. He looked so lost, so soulful, so lonely. I wanted him to kiss me now. I wanted to let him know I was his for all eternity. #Quote by Ellen Schreiber
Devotion quotes by Swami Satchidananda
#121. Devotion gradually progresses to higher levels ... One type goes to God and asks Him to remove his suffering. Another one will ask for money or material things. A third will request liberation or release from his bondage. And the fourth will not ask for anything. He will just enjoy praying and praising his Lord. That is the highest form of prayer. (Beyond Word, 119) #Quote by Swami Satchidananda
Devotion quotes by Eudora Welty
#122. Indeed, learning to write may be part of learning to read. For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading. #Quote by Eudora Welty
Devotion quotes by Jenny Slate
#123. The women were new friends but I loved them in a massive way. The love was like a large trove of devotion that could only be amassed over time, but it had arrived all at once. The way I loved them felt like it was from long ago. #Quote by Jenny Slate
Devotion quotes by Alphonsus Rodriguez
#124. It is a common teaching of the Saints that one of the principal means of leading a good and exemplary life is certainly modesty and the mortification of the eyes. Just as there is nothing better than modesty to preserve devotion in a soul and to edify one's neighbor, so too, there is nothing worse than immodesty and licentious glances to expose a person to the danger of becoming lax and loose in morals. #Quote by Alphonsus Rodriguez
Devotion quotes by Max Weber
#125. Ideas come when we do not expect them, and not when we are brooding and searching at our desks. Yet ideas would certainly not come to mind had we not brooded at our desks and searched for answers with passionate devotion. #Quote by Max Weber
Devotion quotes by Liu Bei
#126. Only wisdom and virtue can truly win men's devotion. #Quote by Liu Bei
Devotion quotes by Steve Maraboli
#127. We live in a multidimensional world. Why would you live a one-dimensional love? If you love someone ... feel it, speak it, show it, be it.Do more than tell them ... show them. Let them feel your dedicated respect and your unwavering devotion.
Ensure that your commitment and passion are known and unquestionable. Show them what they mean to you ... what they are to you. And ... if you don't feel inspired to show your love in this multidimensional manner ... be kind enough to let them go ... so they can find someone who will. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Devotion quotes by Jodi Picoult
#128. How could he convey to someone who'd never even met her the way she always smelled like rain, or how his stomach knotted up every time he saw her shake loose her hair from its braid? How could he describe how it felt when she finished his sentences, turnec the mug they were sharing so that her mouth landed where his had been? How did he explain the way they could be in a locker room, or underwater, or in the piney woods of Maine, bus as long as Em was with him, he was at home? #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Devotion quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#129. Without devotion, action and knowledge are cold and dry and many even become shackles. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Devotion quotes by Phileena Heuertz And Darren Prince
#130. We are shaped by what we're saturated in, which is why incarnation must always be paired with devotion. #Quote by Phileena Heuertz And Darren Prince
Devotion quotes by Beth Moore
#131. The moment we decide to throw more energy into fighting for our mate than with him, the crack of a fist on the enemy's jaw splits the ears of angels. #Quote by Beth Moore
Devotion quotes by Unarine Ramaru
#132. Missing someone enlightens how the person means to you and broadens the feelings shared. #Quote by Unarine Ramaru
Devotion quotes by Sharon Shinn
#133. Senneth looked at her. "But that doesn't mean he loves you any less."
Kirra shook her head. "Or that I love him any less." She gave Senneth a small smile. "I think I own him, Senneth. I think there is nothing I could do to drive him away. That moves me and frightens me and makes me want to be very, very careful with his heart. So I will not put him on display in the drawing rooms of the Twelve Houses. #Quote by Sharon Shinn
Devotion quotes by Philip Appleman
#134. Darwin's Bestiary


Animals tame and animals feral
prowled the Dark Ages in search of a moral:
the canine was Loyal, the lion was Virile,
rabbits were Potent and gryphons were Sterile.
Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Pride - every peril
was fleshed into something phantasmic and rural,
while Courage, Devotion, Thrift - every bright laurel
crowned a creature in some mythological mural.

Scientists think there is something immoral
in singular brutes having meat that is plural:
beasts are mere beasts, just as flowers are floral.
Yet between the lines there's an implicit demurral;
the habit stays with us, albeit it's puerile:
when Darwin saw squirrels, he saw more than Squirrel.


The ant, Darwin reminded us,
defies all simple-mindedness:
Take nothing (says the ant) on faith,
and never trust a simple truth.
The PR men of bestiaries
eulogized for centuries
this busy little paragon,
nature's proletarian -
but look here, Darwin said: some ants
make slaves of smaller ants, and end
exploiting in their peonages
the sweating brows of their tiny drudges.

Thus the ant speaks out of both
sides of its mealy little mouth:
its example is extolled
to the workers of the world,
but its habits also preach
the virtues of #Quote by Philip Appleman
Devotion quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#135. Keep yourself simple, good, pure, serious, and unassuming; the friend of justice and godliness; kindly, affectionate, and resolute in your devotion to duty. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Devotion quotes by Hajin Yoo
#136. Can you please leave my ear alone? You gonna take care of it when it falls off from all the chomping you do on it every day?"
"I'll just give you mine. My eyes, my ears, and my heart, too ... I can give you everything if you ever need it, my sweet fox. So ... keep staying by my side, like you are right now. #Quote by Hajin Yoo
Devotion quotes by John Irving
#137. Patriotism is not necessarily defined as blind devotion to a president's particular agenda - and that to dispute a presidential policy is not necessarily anti-American. #Quote by John Irving
Devotion quotes by Penny Reid
#138. I am of the opinion that women don't really understand men. Most men, real men would do anything for the woman they love. When a man loves a woman enough to marry her, he loves her to the point of obsession. It's the devotion of a male for his mate.

He watches her sleep. He smells her clothes searching for her scent. He craves her admiration like a drug. He lives for her smile, for her laugh, and especially for her touch.

Being needed - by his woman - is ecstasy for a man. #Quote by Penny Reid
Devotion quotes by Han Kang
#139. The feeling that she had never really lived in this world caught her by surprise. It was a fact. She had never lived. Even as a child, as far back as she could remember, she had done nothing but endure. She had believed in her own inherent goodness, her humanity, and lived accordingly, never causing anyone harm. Her devotion to doing things the right way had been unflagging, all her successes had depended on it, and she would have gone on like that indefinitely. She didn't understand why, but faced with those decaying buildings and straggling grasses, she was nothing but a child who had never lived. #Quote by Han Kang
Devotion quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#140. Do you think he would have wanted you to commit suttee?"

"What is that?"

"A Hindu practice in which a widow is expected to throw herself on her husband's burning funeral pyre. Her suicide is considered as proof of her devotion to him."

"What if the wife dies first? Does the husband do the same thing?"

Shaw threw her a mildly taunting grin. "No, he re-marries."

"I should have known," Livia said. "Men always manage to arrange things for their own benefit. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Devotion quotes by Ellen Senechal
#141. Clinging to the past is like walking backward down a long road. As long as our backs are turned on what lies ahead, and our eyes are focused on what lies behind, we cannot take full notice of all God has planned for us. #Quote by Ellen Senechal
Devotion quotes by Eric Greitens
#142. Don't do this for me - do this with me. A leader earns devotion by showing devotion. #Quote by Eric Greitens
Devotion quotes by David Brin
#143. Again, how will we keep them loyal? What measures can ensure our machines stay true to us? Once artificial intelligence matches our own, won't they then design even better ai minds? Then better still, with accelerating pace? At worst, might they decide (as in many cheap dramas), to eliminate their irksome masters? At best, won't we suffer the shame of being nostalgically tolerated? Like senile grandparents or beloved childhood pets? Solutions? Asimov proposed Laws of Robotics embedded at the level of computer DNA, weaving devotion toward humanity into the very stuff all synthetic minds are built from, so deep it can never be pulled out. But what happens to well-meant laws? Don't clever lawyers construe them however they want? Authors like Asimov and Williamson foresaw supersmart mechanicals becoming all-dominant, despite deep programming to "serve man. #Quote by David Brin
Devotion quotes by Connie Willis
#144. We live in hope that the good we do here on earth will be rewarded in heaven. We also hope to win the war. We hope that right and goodness will triumph, and that when the war is won, we shall have a better world. And we work toward that end. We buy war bonds and put out incendiaries and knit stockings---"

And pumpkin-colored scarves, Polly thought.

"---and volunteer to take in evacuated children and work in hospitals and drive ambulances" - here Alf grinned and nudged Eileen sharply in the ribs - "and man anti-aircraft guns. We join the Home Guard and the ATS and the Civil Defence, but we cannot know whether the scrap metal we collect, the letter we write to a solider, the vegetables we grow, will turn out in the end to have helped win the war or not. We act in faith.

"But the vital thing is that we act. We do not rely on hope alone, thought hope is our bulwark, our light through dark days and darker nights. We also work, and fight, and endure, and it does not matter whether the part we play is large or small. The reason that God marks the fall of the sparrow is that he knows that it is as important to the world as the bulldog or the wolf. We all, all must do 'our bit'. For it is through our deeds that the war will be won, through our kindness and devotion and courage that we make that better world for which we long. #Quote by Connie Willis
Devotion quotes by Anais Nin
#145. The only nonhuman existence is what we call our human life. If we live our human life and none other, directly, then we subject ourselves to the most inhuman of all conditionsČ slavery to family and national taboos, wars, illness, poverty, deatah. Even the phrase "earning our living" is inhuman. Without religion or art or analysis to transpose the stark horror, we fall into the malady of our age with its great devotion to naturalism. A painting in a house is there to represent a color, a form, a realm we may not have been able to possess. A book opens a realm which our need to earn a living may have made unattainable. Everything that helps us to transpose the unbearable into a myth also helps the creation of distance from our inhuman life, to allow us to mix a little objectivity with the harsh, violent torments of our human bondage. #Quote by Anais Nin
Devotion quotes by Rose Wynters
#146. Marrok, in all
these years, you've grown to be like a grandson to me. I believe you can do this. Have faith in your
wolf, son. Where you're weak, he's strong. It's his mate, too, and I can guarantee he won't let her go
without a fight. #Quote by Rose Wynters
Devotion quotes by Wisdom Kwashie Mensah
#147. If you want something, work for it. Prayer is super-fantstic, faith is 'mwah'! But work is necessary and important. So work for what you want. #Quote by Wisdom Kwashie Mensah
Devotion quotes by David Ives
#148. Vanda (as Dunayev): I am a pagan. I am a Greek. I love the ancients not for their pediments or their poetry, but becausein their world Venus could love Paris one day and Anchises the next. Because they're not the moderns, who live in their mind, and because they're the opposite of Christians, who live on a cross. I don't live in my mind, or on a cross. I live on this divan. In this dress. In these stockings and these shoes. I want to live the way Helen and Aspasia lived, not the twisted women of today, who are never happy and never give happiness. Who won't admit that they want love without limit. Why should I forgo any possible pleasure, abstain from any sensual experience? I'm young, I'm rich, and I'm beautiful and I shall make the most of that. I shall deny myself nothing.

Thomas (as Kushemski): I certainly respect your devotion to principle.

Vanda (as Dunayev): I don't need your respect, excuse me. I'll take happiness. My happiness, not society's happiness. I will love a man who pleases me, and please a man who makes me happy--but only as long as he makes me happy, not a moment longer. #Quote by David Ives
Devotion quotes by Marie-Louise Von Franz
#149. If a man devotes himself to the instructions of his own unconscious, it can bestow this gift [of renewal], so that suddenly life, which has been stale and dull, turns into a rich unending inner adventure, full of creative possibilities #Quote by Marie-Louise Von Franz
Devotion quotes by Matthew Syed
#150. It is only by starting at an unusually young age and by practicing with such ferocious devotion that it is possible to accumulate ten thousand hours while still in adolescence. Far from being an exception to the ten-thousand-hour rule, Mozart is a shining testament to it. #Quote by Matthew Syed
Devotion quotes by Bill McKibben
#151. According to new research emerging from many quarters that our continued devotion to growth above all is, on balance, making our lives worse, both collectively and individually #Quote by Bill McKibben
Devotion quotes by Jennifer Worth
#152. Their devotion showed me there were no versions of love there was only ... Love. That it had no equal and that it was worth searching for, even if that search took a lifetime. #Quote by Jennifer Worth
Devotion quotes by Jonathan   Hull
#153. There were angels too, some bent with devotion, others standing with heads cast down and hands clasped together, bereft. I thought of [them] and how maybe the important thing is to have somebody grieve for you; to know that angels will bow in sorrow. #Quote by Jonathan Hull
Devotion quotes by Paula Quinn
#154. Let every lady in Camlochlin swoon over a charming smile. She had won the love of a man who shared his most intimate smiles for her alone #Quote by Paula Quinn
Devotion quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#155. The elements of love, devotion, loyalty I have found in the words, never found in humans. That is why I never truly loved. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Devotion quotes by G.G. Renee Hill
#156. She craves men but women are her most abiding lovers. Her friends are her soul mates, all the love without the consumption of sex and romance, a different kind of intimacy. Women make love by admiring each other, studying and envying each other and mixing it all up in a pot of devotion. #Quote by G.G. Renee Hill
Devotion quotes by John E. Sarno
#157. We must learn to recognize nature's truths even though we don't understand them, for some of those truths may still be beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend. What we need is a compound prescription of humility, imagination, devotion to the truth and, above all, confidence in the eternal wisdom of nature. #Quote by John E. Sarno
Devotion quotes by Joseph Goebbels
#158. Devotion, fervor, longing! Those are my pillars. We have to be the bridge to the future. #Quote by Joseph Goebbels
Devotion quotes by George Eliot
#159. The best part of a woman's love is worship; but it is hard to her to be sent away with her precious spikenard rejected, and her long tresses, too, that were let fall, ready to soothe the wearied feet. #Quote by George Eliot
Devotion quotes by Yasunari Kawabata
#160. Funerals often inspired me to consider the lives and the deaths of people who were close to me. And, in the repose of contemplation, my heart grew still. The more distant my connection with the deceased, the more I felt moved to go to the cemetery, accompanied by my own memories, to burn incense and press my palms together in devotion to those memories. So it was that as a youth, my decorous behavior at the funerals of strangers was never feigned; rather, it was a manifestation of the capacity of sadness I had within myself."
-from "The Master of Funerals #Quote by Yasunari Kawabata
Devotion quotes by Gloria Swanson
#161. My greatest debt will always be to the movie-going public of yesterday and today, without whose love and devotion I would have had no story to tell. #Quote by Gloria Swanson
Devotion quotes by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
#162. Personally, I always find it especially piquant when cultural conservatives, usually quick to profess their devotion to the Free Market, rail against the success in said market of some product of which they disapprove. #Quote by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Devotion quotes by Charles Dickens
#163. What is natural in me, is natural in many other men, I infer, and so I am not afraid to write that I never had loved Steerforth better than when the ties that bound me to him were broken. In the keen distress of the discovery of his unworthiness, I thought more of all that was brilliant in him, I softened more towards all that was good in him, I did more justice to the qualities that might have made him a man of a noble nature and a great name, than ever I had done in the height of my devotion to him. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Devotion quotes by Jens Peter Jacobsen
#164. But when he had served the god faithfully for eleven days, it sometimes happened that other powers gained the ascendancy over him, and he would be seized with a violent craving for the coarse enjoyment of gross pleasures. Then he would plunge into dissipations, feverish with that human thirst for self-destruction which yearns, when the blood burns as hotly as blood can burn, for degradation, perverseness, filth, and smut, with precisely the measure of strength possessed by another equally human longing, the longing to keep one's self greater than one's self and purer.

In these moments there was but little that was rough and coarse enough for him, and when they had passed, it was long before he could regain his balance; for in truth these excesses were not natural to him; he was too healthy for them, too little poisoned by brooding. In a sense, they came as a rebound from his devotion to the higher spirits of his art, almost like a revenge, as though his nature had been violated by the pursuit of those idealistic aims which choice, aided by circumstances, had made his own. #Quote by Jens Peter Jacobsen
Devotion quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#165. Mr. Roosevelt has gathered around him a body of public servants who are nowhere surpassed, I question whether they are anywhere equaled, for efficiency, self-sacrifice, and an absolute devotion to their country's interests. Many of them are poor men, without private means, who have voluntarily abandoned high professional ambitions and turned their backs on the rewards of business to serve their country on salaries that are not merely inadequate, but indecently so. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Devotion quotes by Polykarp Kusch
#166. The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature. #Quote by Polykarp Kusch
Devotion quotes by Abbi Glines
#167. You proved to be worthy of my devotion. Of
Death's ... love #Quote by Abbi Glines
Devotion quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#168. Criticizing anyone is tantamount to criticizing their worship or devotion (aradhana). It is a grave mistake. It is fine if you cannot support someone, but do not criticize them at all. If there is any criticism, then there is no science of the Vitarag Lords [the enlightened ones]; there is no religion there at all, there is no oneness at all. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Devotion quotes by Alan W. Watts
#169. [W]hen our love for others is based simply on mutual need it becomes strangling - a kind of vampirism in which we say, all too expressively, 'I love you so much I could eat you!' It is from such desiring that parental devotion becomes smother-love and marriage holy deadlock. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Devotion quotes by Jennifer Beckstrand
#170. But why will God not speak to me? ... I think when God is silent, He wants us to prove in our hearts that we are willing to follow Him no matter the cost. If all answers were crystal-clear, how could we show our devotion to Him? #Quote by Jennifer Beckstrand
Devotion quotes by Robin Maxwell
#171. O'Neill could feel rising off them devotion and love for him, and he knew they would lay down their lives for their high chieftain and for the new cause, only now taking shape in their heads. The cause. Unthinkable just a year before - freedom from occupation. Freedom from oppression. Indeed, their heinous oppressors were approaching - English soldiers who had slaughtered their brothers, their wives, their mothers. Their children. Soldiers who had mindlessly laid waste to their home provinces. To Ireland. Never before had these men fought for the whole of this ancient land, but now they understood, and their hearts - God bless their staunch hearts - were strong and ready to fight. Raising his sword high above his head, O'Neill, with slow deliberation, lowered it, and the glorious blue morning exploded into sound. C #Quote by Robin Maxwell
Devotion quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#172. Let her know you adore her.
Do not make her heart guess.
Boldly say how you love her.
Thy devotion confess.

Let her know you admire her,
All her talents and dreams.
Boldly reach for her fingers.
Gently slip on a ring.

Let her know that you need her,
As a lover and friend.
Boldly kneel and implore her,
To be yours 'til the end. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Devotion quotes by Henry Van Dyke
#173. Born in the East, and clothed in Oriental form and imagery, the Bible walks the ways of all the world with familiar feet, and enters land after land to find its own everywhere. It has learned to speak in hundreds of languages to the heart of man. It comes into the palace to tell the monarch that he is the servant of the Most High, and into the cottage to assure the peasant that he is the son of God. Children listen to its stories with wonder and delight, and wisemen ponder them as parables of life. It has a word of peace for the time of peril, the hour of darkness. Its oracles are repeated in the assembly of the people, and its counsels whispered in the ear of the lonely. The wise and the proud tremble at its warnings, but to the wounded and penitent it has a mother's voice. The wilderness and the solitary place have been made glad by it, and the fire on the hearth has lighted the reading of its well-worn pages. It has woven itself into our deepest affections, and colored our dearest dreams; so that love and friendship, sympathy and devotion, memory and hope, put on the beautiful garments of its treasured speech, breathing of frankincense and myrrh. Above the cradle and beside the grave its great words come to us uncalled. They fill our prayers with power larger than we know, and the beauty of them lingers in our ear long after the sermons which they have adorned have been forgotten. They return to us swiftly and quietly, like birds flying from far away. They surprise us with #Quote by Henry Van Dyke
Devotion quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#174. The doctrine of foreordination is not a doctrine of repose; instead, it is a doctrine for second- and third-milers, and it will draw out of them the last full measure of devotion. It is a doctrine for the deep believer but it will bring only scorn from the skeptic. #Quote by Neal A. Maxwell
Devotion quotes by Yasmina Khadra
#175. Of course, I'm aware of the animosities destroying brain cells on both sides, and I know all about the obstinacy of the warring parties, their refusal to reach an agreement, their devotion to their own murderous hatred ... . #Quote by Yasmina Khadra
Devotion quotes by Rumi
#176. God's purpose for man is to acquire a seeing eye and an understanding heart." "God gave you life and bestowed upon you his attributes; eventually you will return to him." "The rewards of life and devotion to God are love and inner rapture, and the capacity to receive the light of God. #Quote by Rumi
Devotion quotes by Calvin Miller
#177. We must look to Mary's example to know how to deal with the glorious impossibilities of God. Look how she turned the world upside down by making one simple statement ... #Quote by Calvin Miller
Devotion quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#178. You need the devotion to your work that a priest of God has for his. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Devotion quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#179. She is shocked, and also afraid to look at him. As he turns the page, he's describing a dessert whose name he cannot remember but which arrived at the table in flames. She feels utterly bewildered. This is who her father is: someone tickled by the existence of sushi. Someone who takes pictures inside a restaurant. Her father is cheesy. Even his handsomeness, she thinks, looking at one of the few photos in which he appears, is of a certain harmlessly generic sort, the handsomeness of a middle-aged male model in the department-store insert of the Sunday Inquirer. Has she only imagined him as a monster? His essential lesson, she always believed, was this: There are many ways for you to transgress, and most you will not recognize until after committing them. But is it she who invented this lesson? At the least, she met him halfway, she bought in to it. Not just as a child but all through adolescence and into adulthood--until this very moment. She realized now that Allison does not buy in to it, that she must not have for years, and that's why Allison doesn't fight with their father or refuse to talk to him for long stretches. Why bother? Hannah always assumed Allison was bullied into her paternal devotion, but no--it is Hannah who has seen his anger as much bigger than it ever was. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Devotion quotes by John C. Bogle
#180. As I have earlier noted, the most important things in life and in business can't be measured. The trite bromide 'If you can measure it, you can manage it' has been a hindrance in the building a great real-world organization, just as it has been a hindrance in evaluating the real-world economy. It is character, not numbers, that make the world go 'round. How can we possibly measure the qualities of human existence that give our lives and careers meaning? How about grace, kindness, and integrity? What value do we put on passion, devotion, and trust? How much do cheerfulness, the lilt of a human voice, and a touch of pride add to our lives? Tell me, please, if you can, how to value friendship, cooperation, dedication, and spirit. Categorically, the firm that ignores the intangible qualities that the human beings who are our colleagues bring to their careers will never build a great workforce or a great organization. #Quote by John C. Bogle
Devotion quotes by Oswald Chambers
#181. We have no right to decide where we should be placed, or to have preconceived ideas as to what God is preparing us to do. God engineers everything; and wherever He places us, our one supreme goal should be to pour out our lives in wholehearted devotion to Him in that particular work. "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might ... " (Ecclesiastes 9:10). #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Devotion quotes by E. M. Bounds
#182. Long, discursive, dry, and inane are the prayers in many pulpits. Without unction or heart, they fall like a killing frost on all the graces of worship. Death-dealing prayers they are. Every vestige of devotion has perished under their breath. The deader they are the longer they grow. #Quote by E. M. Bounds
Devotion quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#183. Devotion to Truth is the sole justification for our existence. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Devotion quotes by Samuel Marinus Zwemer
#184. Prayer is self-discipline. The effort to realize the presence and power of God stretches the sinews of the soul and hardens its muscles. To pray is to grow in grace. To tarry in the presence of the King leads to new loyalty and devotion on the part of the faithful subjects. Christian character grows in the secret-place of prayer. #Quote by Samuel Marinus Zwemer
Devotion quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#185. Halpin was pretty generally deprecated as an intellectual black sheep who was likely at any moment to disgrace the flock by bleating in metre. The Tennessee Fraysers were a practical folk - not practical in the popular sense of devotion to sordid pursuits, but having a robust contempt for any qualities unfitting a man for the wholesome vocation of politics. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Devotion quotes by Kristen Ashley
#186. It would hurt someone normal," I whispered. "I'm not normal. It isn't like a phantom limb, something you had, used, needed and missed when it was gone. I never had that. I never had love. Devotion. Loyalty. You can't miss something you've never had. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Devotion quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#187. Many a heart is caught in the rebound ... Pride may be soothed by the ready devotion of another; vanity may be excited the more keenly by recent mortification. #Quote by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Devotion quotes by Mao Zedong
#188. At no time and in no circumstances should a Communist place his personal interests first; he should subordinate them to the interests of the nation and of the masses. Hence, selfishness, slacking, corruption, seeking the limelight, and so on, are most contemptible, while selflessness, working with all one's energy, whole-hearted devotion to public duty, and quiet hard work will command respect. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Devotion quotes by Tanner Di Bella
#189. I want to live not for selfish gain, but for selfless devotion. #Quote by Tanner Di Bella
Devotion quotes by Gregory Benford
#190. Genre pleasures are many, but the quality of shared values within an ongoing discussion may be the most powerful, enlisting lifelong devotion in its fans. #Quote by Gregory Benford
Devotion quotes by Anna Quindlen
#191. If God is watching us, as some believers suggest, as though we were a television show and God had a lot of free time, the deity would surely be bemused by how dumbed-down devotion has sometimes become in this so-called modern era. How might an omnipotent being with the long view of history respond to those who visit the traveling exhibit of a grilled-cheese sandwich , sold on eBay, that is said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary? It certainly argues against intelligent design , or at least intelligent design in humans . #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Devotion quotes by Rick Hocker
#192. True devotion is motivated by love alone and devoid of selfish entanglements. #Quote by Rick Hocker
Devotion quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
#193. This world and everything in it will pass away in the blink of an eye. Yet as long as we're still here, and as long as we're living for God, we have a reason for being alive. And that's to fulfill our mission as believers - to love God and love others. #Quote by Tessa Emily Hall
Devotion quotes by Tulsidas
#194. Lord Ram gave Hanuman a quizzical look and said, "What are you, a monkey or a man?" Hanuman bowed his head reverently, folded his hands and said, "When I do not know who I am, I serve You and when I do know who I am, You and I are One. #Quote by Tulsidas
Devotion quotes by Erin Hunter
#195. She will not die today. I won't let her. #Quote by Erin Hunter
Devotion quotes by Eva Hope
#196. She was painfully shy, but physically she was brave to a surprising degree. She loved few persons, but those few with a passion of self-sacrificing tenderness and devotion. To other people's failings she was understanding and forgiving, but over herself she kept a continual and most austere watch, never allowing herself to deviate for one instant from what she considered her duty.

(On Emily Bronte) #Quote by Eva Hope
Devotion quotes by Paulo Coelho
#197. Surrendering completely to love, be it human or divine, means giving up everything, including our own well-being or our ability to make decisions. It means loving in the deepest sense of the word. The truth is that we don't want to be saved in the way God has chosen; we want to keep absolute control over our every step, to be fully conscious of our decisions, to be capable of choosing the object of our devotion. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Devotion quotes by Margaret Rome
#198. She wanted Adam Fox with the fervour of
parched earth thirsting for water, corn aching for the warmth of ripening sun, a starving skeleton drooling over a crust of bread. Her passionate young body yearned to feel his touch, soft lips quivered an invitation to be kissed, wounded eyes promised a lifetime of devotion, if only ... #Quote by Margaret Rome
Devotion quotes by Margaret Atwood
#199. She did understand, or at least she understood that she was supposed to understand. She understood, and said nothing about it, and prayed for the power to forgive, and did forgive. But he can't have found living with her forgiveness all that easy. Breakfast in a haze of forgiveness: coffee with forgiveness, porridge with forgiveness, forgiveness on the buttered toast. He would have been helpless against it, for how can you repudiate something that is never spoken? She resented, too, the nurse, or the many nurses, who had attended my father in the various hospitals. She wished him to owe his recovery to her alone - to her care, to her tireless devotion. That is the other side of selflessness: its tyranny. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Devotion quotes by Richard Rohr
#200. We Catholics must admit that there is a constant temptation among us to avoid the lectionary and the Word of God for private and pious devotions that usually have little power to actually change us or call our ego assumptions into question. #Quote by Richard Rohr

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