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Devoran Village quotes by Marisette Burgess
#1. You will be an attraction for the people of this village," Señor Castillo #Quote by Marisette Burgess
Devoran Village quotes by Gwenn Wright
#2. Wicked eyes are not a good prospect for seminary boys. They want a gentle, soft sort of wife, not a wife who looks as though she may sprout wings and carry off the young children of the village. ~Maria "Smythe #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Devoran Village quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#3. People get away with enslaving village girls for the same reason that people got away with enslaving blacks two hundred years ago: The victims are perceived as discounted humans. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Devoran Village quotes by Walt Disney Company
#4. I have always wanted to leave the village and seek adventure. I long to be remembered for something, even if that something is merely the pursuit of my dreams. #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Devoran Village quotes by Jane Austen
#5. If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad. #Quote by Jane Austen
Devoran Village quotes by Linda Howard
#6. A village somewhere was missing it's idiot. #Quote by Linda Howard
Devoran Village quotes by William Faulkner
#7. Surely heaven must have something of the color and shape of whatever village or hill or cottage of which the believer says, This is my own. #Quote by William Faulkner
Devoran Village quotes by Roald Dahl
#8. When I walked to school in the mornings I would start out alone but would pick up four other boys along the way. We would set out together after school across the village green. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Devoran Village quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#9. Anatole has been explaining to me the native system of government. He says the business of throwing pebbles into bowls with the most pebbles winning an election - that was Belgium's idea of fair play, but to people here it was peculiar. To the Congolese (including Anatole himself, he confessed) it seems odd that if one man gets fifty votes and the other gets forty-nine, the first one wins altogether and the second one plumb loses. That means almost half the people will be unhappy, and according to Anatole, in a village that's left halfway unhappy you haven't heard the end of it. There is sure to be trouble somewhere down the line. The #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Devoran Village quotes by Nick Flynn
#10. Everything he did, as long as you stayed in the village, whether shouting obscenities at passing children or sleeping in the cemetery, all would be remembered when they looked at you, they would say to themselves or to whomever they were with, It's his father, you know, the crazy one, the drunk, and they couldn't help but wonder what part of his madness had passed on to you, which part you had escaped. #Quote by Nick Flynn
Devoran Village quotes by Emmuska Orczy
#11. ... in joy he will invariably dance; when he is in love he will dance, for the czardas helps him to explain to the girl he loves exactly what he feels for her. And she understands. One czardas will reveal to a Hungarian village maid the state of her lover's heart far more clearly than do all the whisperings behind hedges in more civilized lands. #Quote by Emmuska Orczy
Devoran Village quotes by Cassandra Clare
#12. Why Do People become Shadowhunters, by Magnus Bane
This Codex thing is very silly. Downworlders talk about the Codex like it is some great secret full of esoteric knowledge, but really itès a Boy Scout manual.
One thing that it mysteriously doesnèt address is why people become Shadowhunters. And you should know that people become Shadowhunters for many stupid reasons.
So here is an addition to your copy.
Greetings, aspiring young Shadowhunter-to-be- or possibly already technically a Shadowhunter. I canèt remember whether you drink from the Cup first or get the book first. Regardless, you have just been recruited by the Monster Police. You may be wondering, why? Why of all the mundanes out there was I selected and invited to this exclusive club made up largely, at least from a historical perspective, of murderous psychopaths?
Possible Reasons Why
1. You possess a stout heart, strong will, and able body.
2. You possess a stout body, able will, and strong heart.
3. Local Shadowhunters are ironically punishing you by making you join them.
4. You were recruited by a local institute to join the Nephilim as an ironic punishment for your mistreatment of Downworlders.
5. Your home , village, or nation is under siege by demons.
6. You home, village, or nation is under siege by rogue Downworlders.
7. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
8.You know too much, and should be recruited because the secrecy of the Sha #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Devoran Village quotes by Nicki Chapman
#13. My first part-time job gave me the smell of earning money when I worked in a village chemist aged 14. I loved helping the pharmacist with prescriptions and on the shop floor, with its glamorous make-up aisle. #Quote by Nicki Chapman
Devoran Village quotes by Ann Patchett
#14. Zen- Dojo Tozan was not in Sarnen or Thu but somewhere between the two, not in a village but in the tall grass and blue flowers. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Devoran Village quotes by T.S. Eliot
#15. Old Deuteronomy's lived a long time;
He's a Cat who has lived many lives in succession.
He was famous in proverb and famous in rhyme
A long while before Queen Victoria's accession.
Old Deuteronomy's buried nine wives
And more – I am tempted to say, ninety-nine;
And his numerous progeny prospers and thrives
And the village is proud of him in his decline.
At the sight of that placid and bland physiognomy,
When he sits in the sun on the vicarage wall,
The Oldest Inhabitant croaks: "Well, of all …
Things … Can it be … really! … No! … Yes! …
Ho! hi!
Oh, my eye!
My mind may be wandering, but I confess
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy!"

Old Deuteronomy sits in the street,
He sits in the High Street on market day;
The bullocks may bellow, the sheep they may bleat,
But the dogs and the herdsman will turn them away.
The cars and the lorries run over the kerb,
And the villagers put up a notice: ROAD CLOSED -
So that nothing untoward may chance to disturb
Deuteronomy's rest when he feels so disposed
Or when he's engaged in domestic economy:
And the Oldest Inhabitant croaks: "Well of all …
Things … Can it be … really! … No! … Yes! …
Ho! hi!
Oh, my eye!
My sight's unreliable, but I can guess
That the cause of the trouble is Old Deuteronomy! #Quote by T.S. Eliot
Devoran Village quotes by Ishmael Beah
#16. I grew up in Sierra Leone, in a small village where as a boy my imagination was sparked by the oral tradition of storytelling. At a very young age I learned the importance of telling stories - I saw that stories are the most potent way of seeing anything we encounter in our lives, and how we can deal with living. #Quote by Ishmael Beah
Devoran Village quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#17. You've got to understand one of the tricks of the modern mind, a tendency that most people obey without noticing it. In the village or suburb outside there's an inn with the sign of St. George and the Dragon. Now suppose I went about telling everybody that this was only a corruption of King George and the Dragoon. Scores of people would believe it, without any inquiry, from a vague feeling that it's probable because it's prosaic. It turns something romantic and legendary into something recent and ordinary. And that somehow makes it sound rational, though it is unsupported by reason. Of course some people would have the sense to remember having seen St. George in old Italian pictures and French romances, but a good many wouldn't think about it at all. They would just swallow the skepticism because it was skepticism. Modern intelligence won't accept anything on authority. But it will accept anything without authority. That's exactly what has happened here. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Devoran Village quotes by Suad Amiry
#18. Fucker, I though to myself. So irritated by a stare!
I wonder what your reaction would have been if you had lived under occupation for as many years as I had, or if your shopping rights, like all of your other rights, were violated day and night, or if the olive trees in your grandfather's orchards had been uprooted, or if your village had been bulldozed, or if your house had been demolished, or if your sister could not reach her school, or if your brother had been given three life sentences, or if your mother had given birth at a checkpoint, or if you had stood in a line for days in the hot August summers waiting for your work permit, or if you could not reach your beloved ones in Arab East Jerusalem....
A stare, and you lose your mind! #Quote by Suad Amiry
Devoran Village quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#19. Once beyond the village, where the cottages ceased abruptly, on either side of the road they could smell through the darkness the friendly fields again; and they braced themselves for the last long stretch, the home stretch, the stretch that we know is bound to end, some time, in the rattle of the door-latch, the sudden firelight, and the sight of familiar things greeting us as long-absent travelers from far oversea. #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Devoran Village quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis
#20. I pity the village where no one is a saint, but I also pity the village where everyone is a saint! #Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis
Devoran Village quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#21. Your leadership skill-set might be what we have been waiting for, to bring order and finality to major challenges that affect the global village. The vast hydroelectric generation capacity in Africa, particularly the Great Lakes region and along the Nile River, still remains unutilized potential not benefiting the people of Africa most of whom continue to live in darkness and depleting the forests looking for wood fuel and more fertile farming land. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Devoran Village quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#22. In the first place, Cranford is in possession of the Amazons; all the holders of houses above a certain rent are women. If a married couple come to settle in the town, somehow the gentleman disappears; he is either fairly frightened to death by being the only man in the Cranford parties, or he is accounted for by being with his regiment, his hip, or closely engaged in business all the week in the great neighbouring commercial town of Drumble, distant only twenty miles on a railroad. In short, whatever does become of the gentlemen, they are not at Cranford. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Devoran Village quotes by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
#23. She knows if the test shows another girl growing in her womb, all of the possible outcomes are wrenching. Jasu can demand she have an abortion, right there at the clinic if they had the money. Or he could simply cast her out, forcing her to endure the shame of raising the child alone. She would be shunned, like the other beecharis in the village. But even this, becoming an outcast from her home and community, would not be as bad as the alternative. She cannot face the agony of giving birth, of holding her baby in her arms, only to have it taken away again. Kavita knows in her soul she simply will not survive that. #Quote by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Devoran Village quotes by Dana Gould
#24. If anything, I believe that when I die, I will have to stand in front of all the children who went to bed hungry while I was on earth and read aloud a list of my eBay purchases. I shudder to think of it. Explaining to a poor child with a swollen belly why I didn't give his village fifty cents a week but spent twenty-seven dollars in a bidding war for a Mars Attacks coffee cup. #Quote by Dana Gould
Devoran Village quotes by Georgi Gospodinov
#25. Why is it that places thousands of miles from my childhood village home send me back, opening the sluice-gates of the past? Well, we are all emigrants from the homeland of our childhoods. It may be, then, that the natural place to meet ourselves as children is 'abroad', and that includes the foreign country of our growing up and aging. So it is that the personal, physical feeling of departure from the time of childhood may merge in a special symbiosis with geographical departure, biography and geography resonating now on a single wavelength. #Quote by Georgi Gospodinov
Devoran Village quotes by Marion Coutts
#26. At a party someone takes my arm and whispers to me, 'Strong Woman.' Dear God. My magic vanishes. My power dissolves like powder in water. Weakness is in those nattering companionably all around me. I want please to be one of the weak. The weak are held close and given tea. They are hugged and warmed by the fire. The strong are revered but kept at a distance. They live outside the village. #Quote by Marion Coutts
Devoran Village quotes by W.B.Yeats
#27. By the Hospital Lane goes the 'Faeries Path.' Every evening they travel from the hill to the sea, from the sea to the hill. At the sea end of their path stands a cottage. One night Mrs. Arbunathy, who lived there, left her door open, as she was expecting her son. Her husband was asleep by the fire; a tall man came in and sat beside him. After he had been sitting there for a while, the woman said, 'In the name of God, who are you?' He got up and went out, saying, 'Never leave the door open at this hour, or evil may come to you.' She woke her husband and told him. 'One of the good people has been with us,' said he. ("Village Ghosts") #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Devoran Village quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#28. I think the presence of caste in India, how the villages are geographically structured on caste lines, is very different from China. The presence of an egalitarian culture is striking in a Chinese village. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
Devoran Village quotes by Yoko Ono
#29. The computer is my favourite invention. I feel lucky to be part of the global village. I don't mean to brag, but I'm so fast with technology. People think it all seems too much, but we'll get used to it. I'm sure it all seemed too much when we were learning to walk. #Quote by Yoko Ono
Devoran Village quotes by Tom Folsom
#30. Celebrated in the Bob Dylan ballad 'Joey,' Crazy Joe Gallo was a charismatic beatnik gangster whose forays into Greenwich Village in the 1960s inspired his bloody revolution against the Mafia. #Quote by Tom Folsom
Devoran Village quotes by Moyshe Rekhtman
#31. the village, since they forbade us to leave #Quote by Moyshe Rekhtman
Devoran Village quotes by Matt Groening
#32. I went to Bali, and I was in a small village, and somebody who was with me showed a woman a little figurine of Bart and asked: 'Do you know who this is?' And she said: 'Mickey Mouse.' #Quote by Matt Groening
Devoran Village quotes by Chinua Achebe
#33. Stories. One of them went regularly to a market in the neighboring village and helped himself to whatever he liked. He went in full uniform, breaking the earth with his boots, and no one dared touch him. It was said that if you touched a soldier, Government #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Devoran Village quotes by Seth Godin
#34. What makes someone an artist? I don't think is has anything to do with a paintbrush. There are painters who follow the numbers, or paint billboards, or work in a small village in China, painting reproductions. These folks, while swell people, aren't artists. On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin was an artist, beyond a doubt. So is Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPod. You can be an artist who works with oil paints or marble, sure. But there are artists who work with numbers, business models, and customer conversations. Art is about intent and communication, not substances. #Quote by Seth Godin
Devoran Village quotes by Liu Cixin
#35. Cheng Xin now recalled the strange feeling she had experienced each time she had looked at Van Gogh's painting. Everything else in the painting - the trees that seemed to be on fire, and the village and mountains at night - showed perspective and depth, but the starry sky above had no three-dimensionality at all, like a painting hanging in space. Because the starry night was two-dimensional. How could Van Gogh have painted such a thing in 1889? Did he, having suffered a second breakdown, truly leap across five centuries #Quote by Liu Cixin
Devoran Village quotes by Joshua Sasse
#36. I started - well, in England it works a little bit differently. You have to do Fringe theatre, which is basically free theatre. You do it in pubs and small theaters and village halls across the country, and you work for a theatre company. You're part of a troupe. #Quote by Joshua Sasse
Devoran Village quotes by Neil Gaiman
#37. Chapter One In Which We Learn of the Village of Wall, and of the Curious Thing That Occurs There Every Nine Years #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Devoran Village quotes by P.S. Baber
#38. The young of the town, preoccupied with their own germinating angst, which each possessed in varying degree (though few were ever fully aware of its existence), felt no particular connection to the land, its people, its structures, or its history. As such, they had no inclination to defend its invisible borders from declared enemies within or without. They desired only escape from this small village, which each viewed as an existential prison built upon the antiquated expectations of their parents and their parents' parents. And because of their invisible bondage, the young of this town were possessed by a quiet rage. But this rage laid torpid and inert within them, dulled to sleep by the tired repetition of nothing happening over and over and over again, day after day after day.
This is the story of one of those young people, and the terrible things that happened to her, and the terrible things she did as a result. #Quote by P.S. Baber
Devoran Village quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#39. I have heard of many going astray even in the village streets, when the darkness was so thick you could cut it with a knife, as the saying is ... #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Devoran Village quotes by Gregory Corso
#40. My father took me back home, back to Greenwich Village, and he thought by taking me out of the orphanage he'd be out of the World War too. But no way - they got him anyway. He went in the Navy and then I lived on the streets. #Quote by Gregory Corso
Devoran Village quotes by Allan Watson
#41. He'd imagined a dark, grim mining village, full of slack faced children, the product of a long term inbreeding programme. #Quote by Allan Watson
Devoran Village quotes by Mark Juergensmeyer
#42. But there was one occasion when we went down to a village to set up our feeding kitchens and I noticed there was another relief operation there that had the same American supplies that we had who were doing something quite different. They were organizing food-for-work programs so that the people in the village would actually work and be paid in food. And the work they were doing were things that would help the whole village…..building a road or a school…..building a dam to catch the water when the rains came again…..building tube wells to tap deep into the aquifer. So the villagers were given the dignity of work at the same time they were providing something for the infrastructure of the village.
I said: "That's really smart. Who are these people?" Gandhians. They were members of the Sarvodaya Movement….the Gandhian Movement. And I said: "That's what I want to do. #Quote by Mark Juergensmeyer
Devoran Village quotes by Theodor Storm
#43. Back in those days there was still an unbroken stretch of heath that lay on the route of our excursions, all that was left of a heath that once had extended almost up to the town on the one side and almost to the little village on the other. Here the honeybees and white-gray bumblebees hummed over the fragrant blossoms of heather, and the beautiful gold-green beetles ran among the plants; here in the sweet clouds of the erica and the resinous bushes hovered butterflies that could be found nowhere else on this earth. #Quote by Theodor Storm
Devoran Village quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#44. The startings and arrivals of the cars are now the epochs in the village day. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Devoran Village quotes by Meera Syal
#45. ... no one wanted to think about the gangs of no-hope teenagers who already took over the nearby park all day, drinking lager and waiting for something to happen to them, trapped in a forgotten village in no-man's land between a ten-shop town and an amorphous industrial sprawl. #Quote by Meera Syal
Devoran Village quotes by Lesley Pearse
#46. Brenda had been the landlady of the Pied Horse for twenty years and, as Jack, the village grocer, came in every single day, she knew just how cantankerous, stubborn and mean-spirited he could be. It was a common knowledge that his older daughter, Emily, had left home after a beating and had never been home since. His wife, Mary, was a sweet-natured woman who was well liked by everyone, but she was a bag of nerves and too weak to stand up to such a bully. #Quote by Lesley Pearse
Devoran Village quotes by Narendra Modi
#47. Even after so many decades of Independence there are 18,500 villages in India which do not have electricity. We affirm our commitment to provide electricity to all those villages that do not have electricity. #Quote by Narendra Modi

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