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Detonate Antonym quotes by Michael Scheuer
#1. No one should be surprised when Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda detonate a weapon of mass destruction in the United States. I don't believe in inevitability. But I think it's pretty close to being inevitable. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Detonate Antonym quotes by Alex Palmer
#2. Gluck asserted that the poor were not simple downtrodden innocents as the Santa Claus Association had for years presented them. They were time bombs, ready to detonate as soon as conditions worsened. He suggested to Tumulty that the United States create a surveillance system that would "keep tabs" on the poor, and poor Germans in particular, without their knowledge - and that he should oversee the whole thing. #Quote by Alex Palmer
Detonate Antonym quotes by Jeffrey Sachs
#3. I think the IMF helped to detonate the Indonesian crisis. #Quote by Jeffrey Sachs
Detonate Antonym quotes by Osamu Dazai
#4. Actions punishable by jail sentences are not the only crimes. If we knew the antonym of crime, I think we would know its true nature. God ... salvation ... love ... light. But for God there is the antonym Satan, for salvation there is perdition, for love there is hate, for light there is darkness, for good, evil. Crime and prayer? Crime and repentance? Crime and confession? Crime and ... no, they're all synonymous. What is the opposite of crime? #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Detonate Antonym quotes by James S.A. Corey
#5. It was easy as keying in a door code. Somehow he felt that arming fusion bombs to detonate around him should have been more difficult. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Detonate Antonym quotes by Trevor B. Driggers
#6. Some people are just time bombs, waiting to explode. Inevitably taking with them anyone foolish enough too get close. You were my time bomb, waiting to detonate my heart & leave ruins in the wake of your aftermath. And I was naive enough to have ignored that eminent threat. #Quote by Trevor B. Driggers
Detonate Antonym quotes by Phil Gingrey
#7. For the life of me I can't understand why BP couldn't go in at the ocean floor, maybe 10 feet lateral to the - around the periphery, drill a few holes, and put a little ammonium nitrate, some dynamite in those holes, and detonate that dynamite, and seal that leak. Seal it permanently. #Quote by Phil Gingrey
Detonate Antonym quotes by Max Brooks
#8. This space station [Yang Liwei] was little more than a giant Orbital Denial Station. If those charges were to detonate, the debris ... any future space launch would be grounded for years. It was a "Scorched Space" policy. "If we can't have it, neither can anyone else. #Quote by Max Brooks
Detonate Antonym quotes by Grant Morrison
#9. A cannon fires only once but words detonate across centuries #Quote by Grant Morrison
Detonate Antonym quotes by Frances Hardinge
#10. She wanted there to be more blood and screeching. She wanted each death to detonate before her like a little black firework. She wanted it to matter. There was bellowing all around her, but the killing itself was soft and quiet and matter of fact. Life to death, life to death, with no more drama than turning over a counterpane. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Detonate Antonym quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#11. Though there are many barriers to expressing unreserved love, no such impediments to a developing a loving and generous heart deter a spiritual warrior. He who is without love is bereft of richness of life. Compassion, empathy, kindness, tenderness, and patience are essential for love. Anger, frustration, jealously, greed, and hatred are the antonym to love. When we love other people with all our ferocity, we transcend the misuse, waste, pain, tragedy, death, anguish, erotic obsessions, unaccountable confusion, and self-absorbed personal ambitions that, if left unchecked, numb our earthly existence. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Detonate Antonym quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#12. She was a committed romantic and an anarcha-feminist. This was hard for her because it meant she couldn't blow up beautiful buildings. She knew the Eiffel Tower was a hideous symbol of phallic oppression but when ordered by her commander to detonate the lift so that no-one should unthinkingly scale an erection, her mind filled with young romantics gazing over Paris and opening aerograms that said Je t'aime. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Detonate Antonym quotes by Gillian Flynn
#13. You just want an excuse to stay,' she whispered.
'You two, you're fucking addicted to each other. You are literally going to be a nuclear family, you do know that? You will explode. You will fucking detonate. You really think you can possibly do this for, what, the next eighteen years? You don't think she'll kill you ? #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Detonate Antonym quotes by Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi
#14. The antonym of "forgetting" is not "remembering", but justice. #Quote by Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi
Detonate Antonym quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#15. This is the antonym of excellent. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Detonate Antonym quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#16. Outsiders sometimes have an impression that mathematics consists of applying more and more powerful tools to dig deeper and deeper into the unknown, like tunnelers blasting through the rock with ever more powerful explosives. And that's one way to do it. But Grothendieck, who remade much of pure mathematics in his own image in the 1960's and 70's, had a different view: "The unknown thing to be known appeared to me as some stretch of earth or hard marl, resisting penetration...the sea advances insensibly in silence, nothing seems to happen, nothing moves, the water is so far off you hardly hear it...yet it finally surrounds the resistant substance."

The unknown is a stone in the sea, which obstructs our progress. We can try to pack dynamite in the crevices of rock, detonate it, and repeat until the rock breaks apart, as Buffon did with his complicated computations in calculus. Or you can take a more contemplative approach, allowing your level of understanding gradually and gently to rise, until after a time what appeared as an obstacle is overtopped by the calm water, and is gone. Mathematics as currently practiced is a delicate interplay between monastic contemplation and blowing stuff up with dynamite. #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
Detonate Antonym quotes by GZA
#17. I won't hesitate to detonate, I'm short fused. #Quote by GZA
Detonate Antonym quotes by Diane Ackerman
#18. Smell brings to mind ... a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Detonate Antonym quotes by Theodore Levitt
#19. Ideation is not a synonym for innovation, conformity is not its simple antonym, and innovation is not the automatic consequence of "creative thinking.". #Quote by Theodore Levitt
Detonate Antonym quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#20. Laos is the most heavily bombed country in the history of the world. From 1964 to 1973, the United States dropped more than two million tons of ordnance on Laos to disrupt the Ho Chi Minh Trail and try to stanch a Communist insurgency - more than was dropped on all of Germany and Japan during World War II. There were 580,000 bombing missions, which averages out to one every eight minutes for nine years. Sometimes, U.S. planes returning to Thailand from missions over Vietnam indiscriminately dropped their remaining bombs on Laos. More than 270 million cluster munitions - "bombies" - were used, and 80 million of them failed to detonate. In the four decades since the end of the war, only 1 percent have been cleared. More than fifty thousand people have been killed or injured in UXO accidents; over the last decade, nearly half of those casualties have been children. #Quote by Ben Rhodes
Detonate Antonym quotes by Steve Lillywhite
#21. Men are shallow - we don't remember things like women do. Or we don't bring it up and blurt it out at inappropriate moments. When bridges are trying to be built, we don't detonate them. #Quote by Steve Lillywhite
Detonate Antonym quotes by Ray Bradbury
#22. Go Panther-pawed where all the mined truths sleep.

Not smash and grab, but rather find and keep;

Go panther-pawed where all the mined truths sleep

To detonate the hidden seeds with stealth

So in your wake a weltering dream of wealth

Springs up unseen,
ignored and left behind

As you sneak on, pretending to be blind. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Detonate Antonym quotes by Timothy Snyder
#23. This is pluralism: not a synonym of relativism, but rather an antonym. Pluralism accepts the moral reality of different kinds of truth, but rejects the idea that they can all be placed on a single scale, measured by a single value. #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Detonate Antonym quotes by Shimon Peres
#24. If world is suspicious that Israel may detonate nuclear bomb and if the suspicion is a deterrent - that's good enough. #Quote by Shimon Peres
Detonate Antonym quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#25. Eating plain toast will detonate her.
"I'll have some honey."
When the bread is done I scrape on a microscopic layer of it and pour a cup of coffee, black. She pretends not to listen or watch as I crunch through my breakfast. I pretend that I don't notice her pretending. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Detonate Antonym quotes by Larry Sultan
#26. I think finding that room to make pictures that don't jump off the wall as, or detonate as dramatic, either in lighting or in form or in composition or in subject matter, but more ordinary, that's the challenge. #Quote by Larry Sultan
Detonate Antonym quotes by James Axtell
#27. Most of the words we use in history and everyday speech are like mental depth charges. As they descend [through our consciousness] and detonate, their resonant power is unleashed, showering our understanding with fragments of accumulated meaning and association. #Quote by James Axtell
Detonate Antonym quotes by J.G. Ballard
#28. Soon after three o'clock on the afternoon of April 22nd 1973, a 35-year-old architect named Robert Maitland was driving down the high-speed exit lane of the Westway interchange in central London. Six hundred yards from the junction with the newly built spur of the M4 motorway, when the Jaguar had already passed the 70 m.p.h. speed limit, a blow-out collapsed the front nearside tyre. The exploding air reflected from the concrete parapet seemed to detonate inside Robert Maitland's skull. During the few seconds before his crash he clutched at the whiplashing spokes of the steering wheel, dazed by the impact of the chromium window pillar against his head. The car veered from side to side across the empty traffic lanes, jerking his hands like a puppet's. The shredding tyre laid a black diagonal stroke across the white marker lines that followed the long curve of the motorway embankment. Out of control, the car burst through the palisade of pinewood trestles that formed a temporary barrier along the edge of the road. Leaving the hard shoulder, the car plunged down the grass slope of the embankment. Thirty yards ahead, it came to a halt against the rusting chassis of an overturned taxi. Barely injured by this violent tangent that had grazed his life, Robert Maitland lay across his steering wheel, his jacket and trousers studded with windshield fragments like a suit of lights. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Detonate Antonym quotes by Carmen Jenner
#29. I want someone to need me, to depend on me. The arsehole, the bastard who's left a long string of whores broken in his wake without so much as a second thought. The piece-of-shit whose life was almost snuffed out by his father, who wakes every day and looks in the mirror with enough self-loathing to detonate Times Square, if only that shit was combustible. That pathetic excuse for a man wants to be worthy of someone. The question I need to figure out now is: why? #Quote by Carmen Jenner
Detonate Antonym quotes by Charles Lloyd
#30. I was a time bomb waiting to detonate, burned out, sick of the music business, out of touch with everything and heavily abusing various substances, disillusioned with life, and intensely needed to work on my character. The only way I could see to do that was to withdraw completely from public life as I had known it before. #Quote by Charles Lloyd
Detonate Antonym quotes by Leil Lowndes
#31. Your eyes are personal grenades that have the power to detonate people's emotions. #Quote by Leil Lowndes
Detonate Antonym quotes by Warren Ellis
#32. Bloody Wolf Blitzer intoning that a weather bomb is going to detonate over America because the planet hates humans and time is a flat circle. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Detonate Antonym quotes by Ashok Ferrey
#33. In Sri Lanka, the people you lived amongst, the people you went to school with, the people in whose houses you ate, whose jokes you shared: these were not the people you married. Quite possibly they were not your religion. More to the point they were probably not your caste. This word with its fearsome connotations was never, hardly ever used. But it was ever present: it muddied the waters of Sri Lanka's politics, it perfumed the air of her bed-chambers; it lurked, like a particularly noxious relative, behind the poruwa of every wedding ceremony. It was the c-word. People used its synonym, its acronym, its antonym-indeed any other nym that came to mind - in the vain hope its meaning would somehow go away. It didn't. But if the people you chose to associate with were the very ones you could not marry, then the ones you did marry were quite often people you wouldn't dream of associating with if you had any choice in the matter. #Quote by Ashok Ferrey
Detonate Antonym quotes by Crystal Ponti
#34. Meltdown: noun, def. 1) adult tantrum 2) regressing to the chronological age of three 3) having no ability to express oneself rationally or make a logical case for oneself 4) believing that one's sense of self is compromised or in great danger 5) resorting to slash and burn tactics to try to get needs met Synonym: fit, bad temper, eruption, hysteria Antonym: calm, mature, reasonable, thoughtful #Quote by Crystal Ponti
Detonate Antonym quotes by A. Zavarelli
#35. He's like a trip wire, rigged to detonate a category five hurricane of emotions inside of me. But I'm a masochist of the highest order, so I let him obliterate me. Again and again. #Quote by A. Zavarelli

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