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Desire To Help quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#1. The desire to help others is not necessarily incompatible with the desire to help oneself. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Desire To Help quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
#2. Maslow notes that the self-actualized person has a strong desire for privacy; vehemently resists enculturation, but always has a freshness of appreciation; and has a genuine desire to help the human race. Yet when it comes down to it, in certain basic ways he is like an alien in a strange land. Very few really understand him, however much they may like him. #Quote by Wayne W. Dyer
Desire To Help quotes by Susan May Warren
#3. That we shouldn't base God's desire to help us on our opinions of ourselves. Otherwise we'd always be in over our heads. We need to start believing that he wants to help us. Even when we make mistakes. #Quote by Susan May Warren
Desire To Help quotes by Subhas Anandan
#4. Pro bono has been abused as a cover and I detest those who do that because pro bono is such a noble thing to do. I have done a lot of pro bono work from the time I started my practice, never boasted about it, never got much publicity out of it. But every time when I see some people being interviewed regarding their pro bono work, I laugh because even the Government is coming into the picture. They had considered forcing all lawyers to do pro bono work. Pro bono is something that comes from your heart. You should have the desire to help. It should not be forced upon you. The authorities don't realise this. The moment you force pro bono on lawyers, you take away the meaning of pro bono. Those who are genuinely concerned and do pro bono also will be classified as people who have to do it because they have been told to do so. #Quote by Subhas Anandan
Desire To Help quotes by Taylor Caldwell
#5. It is a waste of money to help those who show no desire to help themselves. #Quote by Taylor Caldwell
Desire To Help quotes by George S. Clason
#6. If you desire to help thy friend, do so in a way that will not bring thy friend's burdens upon thyself. #Quote by George S. Clason
Desire To Help quotes by Mateo Sol
#7. As emotional radars, empaths instantly pick up on the vibes around them and tend to gravitate the most towards those who are hurting – even if they're not in a good place. Their intense desire to help and soothe the pain of others often results in a whole range of interpersonal and inner issues. #Quote by Mateo Sol
Desire To Help quotes by Naoki Higashida
#8. People can only understand their own pain. Even a genuine desire to help a person with a disability can become a burden or a discouragement for the person on the receiving end. It is important for helpers and therapists to ask themselves, If I was the person I'm helping … ? It would be useful also if they double-checked that the assistance they're offering is of real relevance to the person with special needs, and not about gratifying their own desire to care. #Quote by Naoki Higashida
Desire To Help quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#9. If you can sit down quietly and listen compassionately to that person for one hour, you can relieve a lot of his suffering. Listen with only one purpose: to allow the other person to express himself and find relief from his suffering. Keep compassion alive during the whole time of listening. You have to be very concentrated while you listen. You have to focus on the practice of listening with all your attention, your whole being: your eyes, ears, body, and your mind. If you just pretend to listen, and do not listen with one hundred percent of yourself, the other person will know it and will not find relief from his suffering. If you know how to practice mindful breathing and can stay focused on the desire to help him find relief, then you will be able to sustain your compassion while listening. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Desire To Help quotes by Nhat Hanh
#10. If the people who hurt us have anger or desperation within them then they suffer. When you see that someone suffers, you might be motivated by a desire to help him not to suffer anymore. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Desire To Help quotes by Robin Hanson
#11. Humans who attend directly to vivid cases [of inequality] are capable of great empathy with inequality losers. They are also capable of great compassion and even a desire to help. However, we humans are also quite capable of avoiding contact and exposure that might produce such compassion, and of numbing ourselves to the plight of losers about whom it would be inconvenient to feel empathy. So rich people avoid visiting poor neighborhoods and nations, attractive people avoid socializing with the ugly, and pretty young women become numb to the losses of the men they reject. #Quote by Robin Hanson
Desire To Help quotes by Desmond Tutu
#12. So often when people hear about the suffering in our world, they feel guilty, but rarely does guilt actually motivate action like empathy or compassion. Guilt paralyzes and causes us to deny and avoid what makes us feel guilty. The goal is to replace our guilt with generosity. We all have a natural desire to help and to care, and we simply need to allow ourselves to give from our love without self-reproach. We each must do what we can. This is all that God asks of us.
- , God Has a Dream, p. 87-88 #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Desire To Help quotes by William Lyon Mackenzie King
#13. From the outset of the war, the Canadian people have clearly shown that it is their desire to help in every way to make Canada's war effort as effective as possible. #Quote by William Lyon Mackenzie King
Desire To Help quotes by Panayiotis Zavos
#14. My motivation is my desire to help people. If people want to have children and cannot in the normal way, and I can do something about it, then I will do so. #Quote by Panayiotis Zavos
Desire To Help quotes by Debasish Mridha
#15. The will to love, the desire to help, and an open mind with gratitude can unlock the door to eternal happiness. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Desire To Help quotes by Jim DeMint
#16. Many Democrats are sincere in their desire to help others. #Quote by Jim DeMint
Desire To Help quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#17. Burke had little notion of the conditions in which the monarchy he mourned had left us to face our new masters.
The administration of the Ancien Régime had deprived the French in advance of both the ability and the desire to help one another. When the Revolution came, one would have searched in vain in most of France for ten men accustomed to acting together in a disciplined way and defending themselves. The central government alone was supposed to
take charge of defending them all, so that when the royal administration lost control of that central government to a sovereign and unaccountable assembly, and this once complacent body turned terrifying, nothing could stop it or even slow it for a moment. The same cause that had brought the monarchy down so easily made everything possible after its fall. #Quote by Alexis De Tocqueville
Desire To Help quotes by Susan May Warren
#18. Don't for a minute think that God has forgotten about you or doesn't have your back. And don't base God's love or desire to help you on your opinion of yourself. Base it on who God says He is. #Quote by Susan May Warren
Desire To Help quotes by Adora Svitak
#19. The only time I felt I was different was when one of my friends said, 'I hate reading' and I stared at her like, 'What kind of an alien creature are you?!' Because it was so incomprehensible to me that someone could dislike reading! That really started my desire to help other children love reading and writing. #Quote by Adora Svitak
Desire To Help quotes by Leonard Jacobson
#20. The ego is often deeply involved in the desire to help others. If you do not want your ego to be involved in this way, do not be available for others unless you really want to be available. Do not feel that you should be available. Don't sacrifice yourself in any way. Don't go against your true feelings. Don't carry the cross for anyone else. Make sure that there's no sense that helping others makes you a better person or that it will gain you easy access into Heaven. Don't be a martyr. #Quote by Leonard Jacobson
Desire To Help quotes by Debasish Mridha
#21. When you desire to help, you will find a way to do it. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Desire To Help quotes by John H. Groberg
#22. The more we obey God, the more we desire to help others. The more we help others, the more we love God and on and on. Conversely, the more we disobey God and the more selfish we are, the less love we feel. #Quote by John H. Groberg
Desire To Help quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#23. Empathy with someone else's pain or lack and a desire to help need to be balanced with a deeper realization of the eternal nature of all life and the illusion of all pain. Then let your peace flow into whatever you do, and you will be working on the levels of effect and cause simultaneously. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Desire To Help quotes by Ilchi Lee
#24. We have the Noble Desire to help others and benefit the world, without expecting any return or recognition. What makes us great is not our knowledge, skill, money, or power. What makes us great is not our knowledge, skill, money, or power. What makes us truly great is this noble desire, this passion that transcends all separation, goes beyond one's limitations, and wants to hug others and embrace the whole world. This is not something that we need to learn, because we already have it. It just needs to be acknowledged and awakened. #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Desire To Help quotes by Aletheia Luna
#25. One of the major reasons why empaths and narcissists are attracted to each other is because of the empaths desire to help the narcissist, and the narcissist's desire to take advantage of the empath's emotional support. As I mentioned before, pity is our Achilles heel, and we often mistake it for the experience of love. #Quote by Aletheia Luna
Desire To Help quotes by Emerson Eggerichs
#26. It is true that often she doesn't want advice; she wants a listening ear. At the same time, however, the wise wife will realize her husband's desire to help and advise is strong. She should refrain from getting angry and humor him a bit, as one wife did by saying, "Thanks for the input. I know I am not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to certain things. I am glad we have each other. #Quote by Emerson Eggerichs
Desire To Help quotes by Matt Damon
#27. I can't think of any more important value to instill in our children than the desire to help others. I feel strongly about setting an example for them. Real problems can be solved by the next generation if we instill in them the right values. #Quote by Matt Damon
Desire To Help quotes by Glen Hirshberg
#28. But I can't help thinking about the graves I saw on this summer's trip, and the millions of people in them, and the millions more without graves. The ones who are smoke.

And I find that I can feel it, at last. Or that I've always felt it, without knowing what it was: the Holocaust, roaring down the generations like a wave of radiation, eradicating, in everyone it touches, the ability to trust people, experience joy; fall in love, believe in love when you see it in others.

("Dancing Men") #Quote by Glen Hirshberg
Desire To Help quotes by Brian L. Weiss
#29. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents. #Quote by Brian L. Weiss
Desire To Help quotes by Kellan Lutz
#30. Producers and studios know what sells. It's nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off. #Quote by Kellan Lutz
Desire To Help quotes by Craig Groeschel
#31. The problem with thinking "we go to church" is that it gives us a consumer mindset: I'm looking for a church that meets my needs. I need a good church that will help me. #Quote by Craig Groeschel
Desire To Help quotes by Elle Kennedy
#32. Footsteps approach the kitchen. Garrett wanders in, wiping sweat off his brow. When he notices Sabrina, he brightens. "Oh good. You're here. Hold on - gotta grab something."

She turns to me as if to say, Is he talking to me?

He's already gone, though, his footsteps thumping up the stairs.

At the table, Hannah runs a hand through her hair and gives me a pleading look. "Just remember he's your best friend, okay?"

That doesn't sound ominous.

When Garrett returns, he's holding a notepad and a ballpoint pen, which he sets on the table as he sits across from Sabrina. "Tuck," he says. "Sit. This is important."

I'm so baffled right now. Hannah's resigned expression doesn't help in lessening the confusion.

Once I'm seated next to Sabrina, Garrett flips open the notepad, all business. "Okay. So let's go over the names."

Sabrina raises an eyebrow at me.

I shrug, because I legitimately don't know what the fuck he's talking about.

"I've put together a solid list. I really think you're going to like these." But when he glances down at the page, his face falls. "Ah crap. We can't use any of the boy names."

"Wait." Sabrina holds up a hand, her brow furrowed. "You're picking names for our baby?"

He nods, busy flipping the page.

My baby mama gapes at me.

I shrug again.

"Just out of curiosity, what were the boy names?" Grace hedges, #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Desire To Help quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#33. Do not avoid contact with suffering or close your eyes before suffering. Do not lose awareness of the existence of suffering in the life of the world. Find ways to be with those who are suffering by all means, including personal contact and visits, images, sounds. By such means, ... awaken yourself and others to the reality of suffering in the world. If we get in touch with the suffering of the world, and are moved by that suffering, we may come forward to help the people who are suffering. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Desire To Help quotes by Jack Kornfield
#34. The Third Precept, to refrain from sexual misconduct, reminds us not to act out of sexual desire in such a way as to cause harm to another ... The spirit of this precept asks us to look at the motivation behind our actions. To pay attention in this way allows us, as laypeople, to discover how sexuality can be connected to the heart and how it can be an expression of love, caring, and genuine intimacy. We have almost all been fools at some time in our sexual lives, and we have also used sex to try to touch what is beautiful, to touch another person deeply. Conscious sexuality is an essential part of living a mindful life (86). #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Desire To Help quotes by Eric Clapton
#35. There's a desire in me to express something - to match what I hear in my head. #Quote by Eric Clapton
Desire To Help quotes by Vance Gilbert
#36. I can be whatever it takes to be a folksinger. Folk music to me, if we had to have a definition, is portable music. A lot of what I do is flash, gesture, athletics, but what it comes down to is getting across a melody that will help it stick to your ribs, and being able to take it from town to town. #Quote by Vance Gilbert
Desire To Help quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#37. My clothes have always got a very strong dynamic rapport with the body - they are very body conscious, they help you to look glamorous, more hourglass, more woman. #Quote by Vivienne Westwood
Desire To Help quotes by Anonymous
#38. The best kind of wealth is to give up inordinate desires #Quote by Anonymous
Desire To Help quotes by Stephen Graham Jones
#39. There's no really other way to learn writing than by writing. So accelerate that as much as you can. The more you write, the better you'll get. What also helps, though, is walking away from broken stuff. Not everything's going to work. Killing two years of your life trying to resuscitate a dying novel, I don't know. Why not just write a different one? You'll have more ideas. You can't help having ideas. #Quote by Stephen Graham Jones
Desire To Help quotes by A.E. Douglass
#40. The investigation described in the subsequent pages bears close relation to three sciences. It was approached by the author from the standpoint of astronomy and a desire to understand the variations of the sun. It was hoped that these variations could be more accurately studied by correlation with climatic phenomena. But the science of meteorology is still comparatively new and supplies us only with a few decades of records on which to base our conclusions. So botanical aid was sought in order to extend our knowledge of weather changes over hundreds and even thousands of years by making use of the dependence of the annual rings of trees in dry climates on the annual rainfall. If the relationship sought proves to be real, the rings in the trunks of trees give us not only a means of studying climatic changes through long periods of years, but perhaps also of tracing changes in solar activity during the same time. Thus astronomy, meteorology, and botany join in a study to which each contributes essential parts and from which, it is hoped, each may gain a small measure of benefit. #Quote by A.E. Douglass
Desire To Help quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#41. Do I Love You"

I stand in the night and stare up at a lone star, wondering what love means. You whisper your desire - do I love you? I dare say yes. But my eyes drift back to that solitary star; my mind is plagued with intimate uncertainty.

What art thou, Love? Tell me.

I contemplate what I know - the qualities that love doth not possess. Love lifts no cruel or unkind hand, for it seeketh no harm. It shirks from constraints and demands, for tyranny is not love. A boisterous voice never crosses love's lips, for to speak with thunder chases its very presence from the heart. Love inflicts no pain, no fear, no misery, but conquers all such foes. It is said that love is not selfish, yet it does not guilt those who are. On a heart unwillingly given it stakes no claim. Love is nothing from Pandora's box; it is no evil, sin, or sorrow unleashed on this world.

My eyes glimmer as the star I gaze upon twinkles with brightness that I do not possess. I recognize my smallness - my ignorance of the One whose hands placed that star in the heavens for me.

He is love. By His own mouth He proclaimed it.

Again the whispered question hits my ear - do I love you? I dare say yes. But my eyes squint tight, wishing on a lonely star, wondering what love means. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Desire To Help quotes by Francis Bacon
#42. But when men have at hand a remedy more agreeable to their corrupt will, marriage is almost expulsed. And therefore there are with you seen infinite men that marry not, but chose rather a libertine and impure single life, than to be yoked in marriage; and many that do marry, marry late, when the prime and strength of their years is past. And when they do marry, what is marriage to them but a very bargain; wherein is sought alliance, or portion, or reputation, with some desire (almost indifferent) of issue; and not the faithful nuptial union of man and wife, that was first instituted. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Desire To Help quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#43. When there is no desire for fruit, there is no temptation for untruth or himsa (violence). Take any instance of untruth or violence, and it will be found that at its back was the desire to attain the cherished end. But it may be freely admitted that the Gita was not written to establish ahimsa. It was an accepted and primary duty even before the Gita age. The Gita had to deliver the message of renunciation of fruit. This is clearly brought out as early as the second chapter. 26. But if the Gita believed in ahimsa or it was included in desirelessness, why did the author take a warlike illustration? When the Gita was written, although people believed in ahimsa, wars were not only not taboo, but nobody observed the contradiction between them and ahimsa. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Desire To Help quotes by Ogden Nash
#44. A cough is something that you yourself cant help, but everybody else does on purpose just to torment you. #Quote by Ogden Nash
Desire To Help quotes by Robin Roe
#45. And when you smile…my grandmother calls them big-soul smiles. She says some people have souls so big that they spread out, touching everyone they pass." Emerald wipes her wet face again. "There are different ways to help people, Adam. There are different ways to do good. #Quote by Robin Roe
Desire To Help quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#46. May you find courage, faith and hope to live your dreams. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Desire To Help quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#47. If we feel inwardly strong, we will have no need or desire to speak ill of others. #Quote by Sri Chinmoy
Desire To Help quotes by Kim John Payne
#48. What better reminder do we have than our kids of our own best selves, our less stressed and more carefree selves? In their silliness we see the echo of the way we used to be: when we were kids, yes, but also before we had kids, or even two weeks ago, before all of the stress of these year-end corporate meetings. Their joy, their infectious enthusiasm, their sense of "mission" as the poor dog is dressed in boxer shorts, cannot help but cajole you, and beckon you, to lighten up. #Quote by Kim John Payne
Desire To Help quotes by Maggie Nelson
#49. 7. But what kind of love is it, really? Don't fool yourself and call it sublimity. Admit that you have stood in front of a little pile of powdered ultramarine pigment in a glass cup at a museum and felt a stinging desire. But to do what? Liberate it? Purchase it? Ingest it? ... You might want to reach out and disturb the pile of pigment, for example, first staining your fingers with it, then staining the world. You might want to dilute it and swim in it, you might want to rouge your nipples with it, you might want to paint a virgin's robe with it. But still you wouldn't be accessing the blue of it. Not exactly. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Desire To Help quotes by Washington Irving
#50. Every desire bears its death in its very gratification. Curiosity languishes under repeated stimulants, and novelties cease to excite and surprise, until at length we cannot wonder even at a miracle. #Quote by Washington Irving
Desire To Help quotes by Julia Quinn
#51. The duke nudged his ball a bit forward from the rest of the pile. "You do realize," he said to no one in particular, "that I have never played Pall Mall before?"
"Just give the ball a good whack in that direction, darling," Daphne said, pointing to the first wicket.
"Isn't that the last wicket?" Anthony asked.
"It's the first."
"It ought to be the last."
Daphne's jaw jutted out. "I set up the course, and it's the first."
"I think this might get bloody," Edwina whispered to Kate.
The duke turned to Anthony and flashed him a false smile. "I believe I'll take Daphne's word for it."
"She did set up the course," Kate cut in.
Anthony, Colin, Simon, and Daphne all looked at her in shock, as if they couldn't quite believe she'd had the nerve to enter the conversation.
"Well, she did," Kate said.
Daphne looped her arm through hers. "I do believe I adore you, Kate Sheffield," she announced.
"God help me," Anthony muttered.
The duke drew back his mallet, let fly, and soon the orange ball was hurtling along the lawn.
"Well done, Simon!" Daphne cried out.
Colin turned and looked at his sister with disdain. "One never cheers one's opponents in Pall Mall," he said archly.
"He's never played before," she said. "He's not likely to win."
"Doesn't matter."
Daphne turned to Kate and Edwina and explained, "Bad sportsmanship is a requirement in Bridgerton Pall Mall, I'm afraid."
"I'd ga #Quote by Julia Quinn
Desire To Help quotes by George Washington
#52. Upon the decease [of] my wife, it is my Will and desire th[at] all the Slaves which I hold in [my] own right, shall receive their free[dom] ... The Negroes thus bound, are (by their Masters or Mistresses) to be taught to read and write; and to be brought up to some useful occupation, agreeably to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing for the support of Orphan and other poor Children. And I do hereby expressly forbid the Sale, or transportation out of the said Commonwealth, of any Slave I may die possessed of, under any pretence whatsoever. #Quote by George Washington
Desire To Help quotes by Clayton Moore
#53. But I can't help but long for a real return to the Western. Westerns are true Americana. They tell of the struggles of our ancestors who came West seeking new homes, new ways of living, freedom and the promise of a bright future. The story of the West is inspiring and terrible, idealistic and bloody, sublime and atrocious. It embodies this country's best and worst characteristics. The good parts of the story inspire us. The bad parts warn us of what we have to do to make things better. Even though many Western films have only a slight connection to the true history of the West, I believe exposure to these motion pictures can stimulate kids to learn more about what their forefathers endured to make the United States one nation, from sea to shining sea. #Quote by Clayton Moore
Desire To Help quotes by Joshua Fields Millburn
#54. Happiness, as far as we are concerned, is achieved through living a meaningful life, a life that is filled with passion and freedom, a life in which we can grow as individuals and contribute to other people in meaningful ways. Growth and contribution: those are the bedrocks of happiness. Not stuff. This may not sound sexy or marketable or sellable, but it's the cold truth. Humans are happy if we are growing as individuals and if we are contributing beyond ourselves. Without growth, and without a deliberate effort to help others, we are just slaves to cultural expectations, ensnared by the trappings of money and power and status and perceived success. #Quote by Joshua Fields Millburn
Desire To Help quotes by Karen Abbott
#55. A half-century before Madonna, Gypsy [Rose Lee] understood how to make performance out of desire, how to exploit the very human and eternal instinct to always want most what we'll never have. #Quote by Karen Abbott
Desire To Help quotes by John Dufresne
#56. We read novels because we need stories; we crave them; we can't live without telling them and hearing them. Stories are how we make sense of our lives and of the world. When we're distressed and go to therapy, our therapist's job is to help us tell our story. Life doesn't come with plots; it's messy and chaotic; life is one damn, inexplicable thing after another. And we can't have that. We insist on meaning. And so we tell stories so that our lives make sense. #Quote by John Dufresne
Desire To Help quotes by J. Boone
#57. The most effective way to achieve right relations with any living thing is to look for the best in it, and then help that best into the fullest expression. #Quote by J. Boone
Desire To Help quotes by William Bennett
#58. We are here to help one another along life's journey. #Quote by William Bennett
Desire To Help quotes by Geoff Hamilton
#59. Don't underestimate the therapeutic value of gardening. It's the one area where we can all use our nascent creative talents to make a truly satisfying work of art. Every individual, with thought, patience and a large portion of help from nature, has it in them to create their own private paradise: truly a thing of beauty and a joy for ever. #Quote by Geoff Hamilton

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