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Deserted Island quotes by Anonymous
#1. Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped On Deserted Island For 7 Years #Quote by Anonymous
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#2. Maybe they died of disease or lived on this island into old age, but no matter which, someone was the last man standing. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Anna Friel
#3. You can see when an actor gets bored: Their eyes go dead. I promised myself I'd never let that happen. If it does, I'll go and live on a desert island for a year. #Quote by Anna Friel
Deserted Island quotes by Jarod Kintz
#4. This is the true story of my life, as told by a complete liar (me). While that sounds like an honest statement, it's also a lie. I just can't help myself. Unless I'm helping myself to seconds at dinner. You see, I can't possibly be a complete liar, because I'm a rather incomplete person. I look complete on the outside - two arms, legs, ears, eyes, etc - but on the inside I feel half empty at times. If I were a glass of water, I'd make myself thirstier for more than I could supply. I thirst for love like a straw in the Sahara. I hunger for your body like a cannibal in the mountains. Wait, that last bit wasn't true. I should have said cannibal on a deserted island. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Deserted Island quotes by Heather Heffner
#5. We landed heavily on the sand. I threw off Khyber's embrace. "I can walk by myself."

"Good. You're heavier than usual. How does a girl manage to put on weight on a deserted island?"

"I'm just trying to keep you in shape," I replied sweetly. "Your tiny, pale-ass arms aren't impressing anyone."

"Sensitive, are we?"

But when a tree-sized stalagmite barred our way, Khyber swiftly strode forward to snap it in two. I laughed and brushed past him.

"I'm not the only one. #Quote by Heather Heffner
Deserted Island quotes by Kimberly Kinrade
#6. She flipped through the pages of her apps, as if Apple made an app for Escape from a deserted island. #Quote by Kimberly Kinrade
Deserted Island quotes by Esperanza Spalding
#7. There's the juiciest music that makes me so happy, music that I need on that deserted island when I'm stranded for the rest of my life, and nobody cares that it's there. #Quote by Esperanza Spalding
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#8. A billion stars above us coat the sky white. It would have been beautiful back home, but not here. Here it is the ever present reminder that we are all alone and insignificant. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#9. But every tomorrow has led to today - to us being alone, hungry, and cold on an unknown island somewhere in the South Pacific. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#10. You ever wonder when god's coming back with a lot of barbecue sauce? #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Deserted Island quotes by Steven Wright
#11. Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring ... 'How to Build a Boat.' #Quote by Steven Wright
Deserted Island quotes by Kristen Ashley
#12. Do what you want. Anything you want. I don't give a fuck. Just as long as you're happy here. I'd be happy on a deserted island that had nothing but a palm tree and a lifetime supply of sunscreen as long as Chace was there. And it was because of statements just like that I would. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Deserted Island quotes by John Carmack
#13. I'd rather have a search engine or a compiler on a deserted island than a game. #Quote by John Carmack
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#14. John spent the morning rebuilding his SOS sign on the beach. He says that he saw a commercial airliner pass over. I'm not sure if the trying circumstances have made him delusional, or if the plane was too high to see his small sign. I think he saw what he wanted to see. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Willem Dafoe
#15. Let's hope I never end up on a deserted island, because I could never make a decision on which three CDs to take with me. #Quote by Willem Dafoe
Deserted Island quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#16. Best wine if you're stranded on a deserted island? 1982 Salon Champagne. #Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk
Deserted Island quotes by Rebekkah Ford
#17. I didn't spend my whole summer training with Anwar and him on a deserted island in the Baltic sea to stand here and do nothing. #Quote by Rebekkah Ford
Deserted Island quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#18. I see a girl caught in the remains of a holiday gone bad, with her flesh picked off day after day as the carcass dries out. The knife and fork are abviously middle-class sensibilities. The palm tree is a nice touch. A broken dream,perhaps? Plastic honeymoon, deserted island? Oh, If you put in a slice of pumpkin pie, it could be a desserted island! (Pg 64) #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Deserted Island quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#19. You know the old bit," he said. "You're on a deserted island. You can have five books. Which do you choose? I never thought I'd actually have to. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Deserted Island quotes by J.G. Ballard
#20. He reached the foot of the embankment, and waved with one arm, shouting at the few cars moving along the westbound carriageway. None of the drivers could see him, let alone hear his dry-throated croak, and Maitland stopped, conserving his strength. lie tried to climb the embankment, but within a few steps collapsed in a heap on the muddy slope.
Deliberately, he turned his back to the motorway and for the first time began to inspect the island.
'Maitland, poor man, you're marooned here like Crusoe - If you don't look out you'll be beached here for ever...'
He had spoken no more than the truth. This patch of abandoned ground left over at the junction of three motorway routes was literally a deserted island. Angry with himself, Maitland lifted the crutch to strike this meaningless soil. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#21. What they say about lawyers being useless isn't entirely true. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Kristen Ashley
#22. When we moved me in and I fretfully shared this with him, he pulled me loosely in his arms, dipped his face close and told me, "This décor isn't mine either. It's Ma's. Do what you want. Anything you want. I don't give a fuck. Just as long as you're happy here."

I'd be happy on a deserted island that had nothing but a palm tree and a lifetime supply of sunscreen as long as Chace was there. And it was because of statements just like that I would.

I didn't tell him that.

I just whispered, "Okay. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Deserted Island quotes by Gracie Gold
#23. If I were packing for a deserted island, I would bring sunscreen, a water purifier, something to start a fire with, my sister, and something for protection. #Quote by Gracie Gold
Deserted Island quotes by Gregory Maguire
#24. How easily Neverland is corrupted into the deserted island of Lord of the Flies. How quickly Tinkerbell regresses to being one of the flies pestering the gouged eye sockets of the pig that the lost boys butcher. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Deserted Island quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#25. Every night, millions of Americans spend their free hours watching television rather than engaging in any form of social interaction. What are they watching? In recent years we have seen reality television become the most popular form of television programming. To discover the nature of our current "reality," we might consider examples such as Survivor, the series that helped spawn the reality TV revolution. Every week tens of millions of viewers watched as a group of ordinary people stranded in some isolated place struggled to meet various challenges and endure harsh conditions. Ah, one might think, here we will see people working cooperatively, like our ancient ancestors, working cooperatively in order to "win"! But the "reality" was very different. The conditions of the game were arranged so that, yes, they had to work cooperatively, but the alliances by nature were only temporary and conditional, as the contestants plotted and schemed against one another to win the game and walk off with the Grand Prize: a million dollars! The objective was to banish contestants one by one from the deserted island through a group vote, eliminating every other contestant until only a lone individual remained - the "sole survivor." The end game was the ultimate American fantasy in our Age of Individualism: to be left completely alone, sitting on a mountain of cash!

  While Survivor was an overt example of our individualistic orientation, it certainly was not unique in its glorifi #Quote by Dalai Lama XIV
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#26. He needs a purpose, even if it kills him. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#27. This island is a hard place to survive and I fear that it has made everything resistant to the cruel hand of death. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#28. I felt civilized. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Sarah Dessen
#29. You and Wes," she said, triumphant, "are just likethis ."
She was holding a book, a paperback romance. The title, emblazoned in gold across the cover, wasForbidden
, and the picture beneath it was of a man in a pirate outfit, eye patch and all, clutching a small, extremely
busty woman to his chest. In the background, there was a deserted island surrounded by blue water.
"We're pirates?" I said.
She tapped the book with one fingernail. "This story," she said, "is all about two people who can't be together
because of other circumstances. But secretly, they pine and lust for each other constantly, the very fact that
their love is forbidden fueling their shared passion."
"Did you just make that up?"
"No," she said, flipping the book over to read the back cover. "It's right here! And it's totally you and Wes.
You can't be together, which is exactly why you want to be. And why you can't admit it to us, because that
would make it less secret and thus less passionate. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Deserted Island quotes by Allan Pease
#30. This means that if boys and girls grew up on a deserted island with no organised society or parents to guide them, girls would still cuddle, touch, make friends and play with dolls, while boys would compete mentally and physically with each other and form groups with a clear hierarchy. #Quote by Allan Pease
Deserted Island quotes by Benicio Del Toro
#31. You have to kill to survive. People have been doing it forever. I eat meat, and I eat fish. If I were on a deserted island I would need that to survive. #Quote by Benicio Del Toro
Deserted Island quotes by Lee Child
#32. I felt like a man who wakes alone on a deserted island to find that the rest of the world has stolen away in boats in the night. I felt like I was standing on a shore, watching small receding shapes on the horizon. I felt like I had been speaking English, and now I realized everyone else had been speaking a different language entirely. The world was changing. And I didn't want it to. #Quote by Lee Child
Deserted Island quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#33. I can't help but imagine what that would be like - to be all alone on this island with eternity taunting me with loneliness. To say goodbye to the last human you will ever see - there is no crueler hand of fate. #Quote by Jennifer Arnett
Deserted Island quotes by Tennessee Williams
#34. Yes, movies! Look at them - All of those glamorous people - having adventures - hogging it all, gobbling the whole thing up! You know what happens? People go to the movies instead of moving! Hollywood characters are supposed to have all the adventures for everybody in America, while everybody in America sits in a dark room and watches them have them! Yes, until there's a war. That's when adventure becomes available to the masses! Everyone's dish, not only Gable's! Then the people in the dark room come out of the dark room to have some adventures themselves - Goody, goody! - It's our turn now, to go to the south Sea Island - to make a safari - to be exotic, far-off! - But I'm not patient. I don't want to wait till then. I'm tired of the movies and I am about to move! #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Deserted Island quotes by August Kekule
#35. During my stay in London I resided for a considerable time in Clapham Road in the neighbourhood of Clapham Common... One fine summer evening I was returning by the last bus 'outside' as usual, through the deserted streets of the city, which are at other times so full of life. I fell into a reverie (Träumerei), and 10, the atoms were gambolling before my eyes! Whenever, hitherto, these diminutive beings had appeared to me, they had always been in motion: but up to that time I had never been able to discern the nature of their motion. Now, however, I saw how, frequently, two smaller atoms united to form a pair: how the larger one embraced the two smaller ones: how still larger ones kept hold of three or even four of the smaller: whilst the whole kept whirling in a giddy dance. I saw how the larger ones formed a chain, dragging the smaller ones after them but only at the ends of the chain. I saw what our past master, Kopp, my highly honoured teacher and friend has depicted with such charm in his Molekular-Welt: but I saw it long before him. The cry of the conductor 'Clapham Road', awakened me from my dreaming: but I spent part of the night in putting on paper at least sketches of these dream forms. This was the origin of the 'Structural Theory'. #Quote by August Kekule
Deserted Island quotes by Agatha Christie
#36. No, Captain Lombard, the matter rests there. It is understood by my client that your reputation is that of a good man in a tight place. I am empowered to hand you one hundred guineas in return for which you will travel to Sticklehaven, Devon. The nearest station is Oakbridge, you will be met there and motored to Sticklehaven where a motor launch will convey you to Soldier Island. There you will hold yourself at the disposal of my client. Lombard #Quote by Agatha Christie
Deserted Island quotes by Stephen King
#37. The woman in the tub had been dead for a long time. She was bloated and purple, her gas-filled belly rising out of the cold, ice-rimmed water like some fleshy island. Her eyes were fixed on Danny's, glassy and huge, like marbles. She was grinning, her purple lips pulled back in a grimace. Her breasts lolled. Her pubic hair floated. Her hands were frozen on the knurled porcelain sides of the tub like crab claws. #Quote by Stephen King
Deserted Island quotes by Shimon Peres
#38. Israel welcomes the wind of change, and sees a window of opportunity. Democratic and science-based economies by nature desire peace. Israel does not want to be an island of affluence in an ocean of poverty. Improvements in our neighbours' lives mean improvements to the neighbourhood in which we live. #Quote by Shimon Peres
Deserted Island quotes by Barbara Delinsky
#39. French toast? Frittata?
Definitely frittata.
Leaving the table again, she transferred a small packet from freezer to fridge. It was salmon, home-smoked on the island and more delicious than any she had ever found elsewhere. Smoked salmon wasn't Cecily's doing, but the dried basil and thyme she took from the herb rack were. Taking a vacuum-sealed package of sun-dried tomatoes from the cupboard, she set it on the counter beside the herbs. Frittata, hot biscuits, and fruit salad. With mimosas. And coffee. That sounded right. Eaten out on the deck maybe?
No, not on the deck, unless the prevailing winds turned suddenly warm.
They would eat here in the kitchen, with whatever flowers the morning produced. Surely more lavender. A woman could never have enough lavender- or daylilies or astilbe, neither of which should bloom this early, but both of which had looked further along than the lavender, yesterday morning, so you never knew. #Quote by Barbara Delinsky
Deserted Island quotes by Anna  Clark
#40. If you wanted to kill a city, that is the recipe. And yet Flint was very much alive. In 2014, the year of switch to a new source of drinking water, it was the seventh-largest city in the state. On weekdays, its population swelled as people commuted into town for work in teh county government, the region's major medical centers, four college campuses, and other economic anchors. For all the empty space, teens in shining dresses still posed for prom photos in the middle of Saginaw Street, the bumpy brick road that is Flint's main thoroughfare. Parents still led their children by the hand into the public library for Saturday story time. Older gentlemen lingered at the counter of one of Flint's ubiquitous Coney Island diners, and the waitresses at Grandma's Kitchen on Richfield Road kept the coffee flowing. For about ninety-nine thousand people, Flint was home. #Quote by Anna Clark
Deserted Island quotes by Robert Hooke
#41. Most of these Mountains and Inland places whereon these kind of Petrify'd Bodies and Shells are found at present, or have been heretofore, were formerly under the Water, and that either by the descending of the Waters to another part of the Earth by the alteration of the Centre of Gravity of the whole bulk, or rather by the Eruption of some kind of Subterraneous Fires or Earthquakes, great quantities of Earth have been deserted by the Water and laid bare and dry. #Quote by Robert Hooke
Deserted Island quotes by Emma Goldman
#42. Love needs no protection; it is its own protection. So long as love begets life no child is deserted, or hungry, or famished for the want of affection. I know this to be true. #Quote by Emma Goldman
Deserted Island quotes by Lawrence Durrell
#43. ... I once found a list of diseases as yet unclassified by medical science, and among these there occurred the word Islomania, which was described as a rare but by no means unknown affliction of spirit. There are people ... who find islands somehow irresistible. The mere knowledge that they are on an island, a little world surrounded by the sea, fills them with an indescribable intoxication. These born "islomanes" ... are direct descendents of the Atlanteans #Quote by Lawrence Durrell
Deserted Island quotes by Caitlin Flanagan
#44. What the altar-bound of today end up buying from their numberless vendors is a dog's breakfast of bridal excess - part society wedding of the twenties, part Long Island Italian wedding of the fifties. It's The Philadelphia Story and The Wedding Singer served up together in one curious and costly buffet. #Quote by Caitlin Flanagan
Deserted Island quotes by Babe Paley
#45. I have seldom known a person who deserted the truth in trifles and then could be trusted in matters of importance. #Quote by Babe Paley
Deserted Island quotes by Edward E. Baptist
#46. On island after island, Europeans and their pathogens killed the natives, slave ships appeared on the horizon, and cane sprouted in the fields. Streams of survivors crawled forth from slave ships to replenish the cane-field work gangs of men and women as they died. But enslavers grew fabulously rich. #Quote by Edward E. Baptist
Deserted Island quotes by Richard Francis Burton
#47. Little islands are all large prisons; one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow. #Quote by Richard Francis Burton
Deserted Island quotes by Carmen Electra
#48. For some reason I only crave fruit when I'm in a tropical place - if it's really hot in the summer or if I go to a tropical island for work. But otherwise I really don't crave it. #Quote by Carmen Electra
Deserted Island quotes by Randall Munroe
#49. To see what Times Square looked like before a city was there, we turn to a remarkable project called Welikia, which grew out of a smaller project called Mannahatta. The Welikia project has produced a detailed ecological map of the landscape in New York City at the time of the arrival of Europeans. The interactive map, available online at, is a fantastic snapshot of a different New York. In 1609, the island of Manhattan was part of a landscape of rolling hills, marshes, woodlands, lakes, and rivers. #Quote by Randall Munroe
Deserted Island quotes by Judith Huang
#50. The problem is, we really are an island. And the truth is, we really have been marooned. And to compound it all, that old myth is true: we really are sinking, just not in the way we've always been led to believe. #Quote by Judith Huang
Deserted Island quotes by Ambrose Burnside
#51. The general commanding congratulates his troops on their brilliant and successful occupation of Roanoke Island. The courage and steadiness they have shown under fire is what he expected from them, and he accepts it as a token of future victory. #Quote by Ambrose Burnside
Deserted Island quotes by P.C. Cast
#52. Darius held Stark back from launching himself at Neferet, and Duantia spoke quickly into the rising tension. 'Neferet, I think we can all agree that there are many unanswered questions about the tragedy that occured on our island today. Stark, we also understand the passion and rage you feel at the loss of your Priestess. it is a hard blow for a Warrior to-'
Duantia's wisdom was cut off by the sound of Aretha Franklin belting out the chorus from "Respect," which was coming from the little Coach purse Aphrodite had slung over her shoulder.
Oopsie, um, sorry 'bout that.' Aphrodite frantically unzipped her purse and dug for her iPhone. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Deserted Island quotes by Stanley Morison
#53. Lettering is a precise art and strictly subject to tradition. The 'New Art ' notion that you can make letters whatever shapes you like,is as foolish as the notion, if anyone has such a notion, that you can make houses any shapes you like. You can't, unless you live all by yourself on a desert island. #Quote by Stanley Morison
Deserted Island quotes by Alex Shoumatoff
#54. The mammoth was basically done in by climate change. The last ones survived on Wrangel Island, north of Chukotka, until 3,700 years ago. According to Eveny mythology, mammoths scooped up dirt with their tusks to form the first dry land. #Quote by Alex Shoumatoff
Deserted Island quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#55. My life, my life, my very old one
My first badly healed desire,
My first crippled love,
You had to return.
It was necessary to know
What is best in our lives,
When two bodies play at happiness,
Unite, reborn without end.
Entered into complete dependency,
I know the trembling of being,
The hesitation to disappear,
Sunlight upon the forest's edge
And love, where all is easy,
Where all is given in the instant;
There exists in the midst of time
The possibility of an island. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Deserted Island quotes by Cherie
#56. In this world there are DREAMERS WHO ONLY DREAM.
Deserted Island quotes by Brian Skerry
#57. On Cape Cod, great white shark stocks have been growing, or at least becoming more concentrated, because of the multiplying numbers of seals around Monomoy Island. We are fortunate to have such abundance of these sharks in our own waters. Around the globe, we are killing in excess of 100 million sharks each year. #Quote by Brian Skerry
Deserted Island quotes by Soledad O'Brien
#58. My hair journey involved a lot of trying to figure out how to deal with my hair as a bi-racial girl in a white community living in Long Island, N.Y., where no one had a clue what to do with it. #Quote by Soledad O'Brien
Deserted Island quotes by Richard Stanley
#59. Over the last 20 years, everyone who interviews me feels compelled to ask at least one question about 'The Island of Dr. Moreau.' #Quote by Richard Stanley
Deserted Island quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#60. Sometimes, when you're on an island, there is no way off, and no way forward. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Deserted Island quotes by Luke A.M. Brown
#61. The sweet-smelling aroma of the island spices still hung in the air. It filled his nostrils and titillated his appetite all over again. His appetite drove him mad for something much more than food. #Quote by Luke A.M. Brown
Deserted Island quotes by Robert Lane Greene
#62. Language is changing constantly; printing and modern education have slowed it but have not stopped it. Given all this change, when, exactly, was language PERFECT, in the language pundit's mind? One has the feeling that the decline-mongers would feel rather sheepish has reading any answer. The 1950s? The Edwardian era? The real answer, however rarely expressed, seems to be when Island it as a young person. #Quote by Robert Lane Greene
Deserted Island quotes by Matthew Fox
#63. I enjoy a four-seasonal climate and wide-open spaces, so being on an island 2,500 miles into the South Pacific made me feel a little claustrophobic. #Quote by Matthew Fox
Deserted Island quotes by Cornelia Funke
#64. It hadn't been easy to reach the city where Jacob had grown up. The borders in his world were more tightly guarded than the island of the Fairies. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Deserted Island quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#65. That summer we had been absolutely alone, together, even when people were around, the only inhabitants of the kind of floating island or magic carpet which being in love is. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Deserted Island quotes by Jeff X
#66. In five minutes the streets became deserted and only a few disarrayed teenagers could be seen hanging around in front of a big newsstand where coffee and pastries were served, and discussed about all these topics which now are so much affecting our youth, in every way possible. #Quote by Jeff X
Deserted Island quotes by Anna Banks
#67. On her way to the sink, she says, "Where's Toraf and Rayna? Oh!" She gasps. "Did they find an island?"
Galen shakes his head and pours himself some water from a pitcher on the table, grateful for a topic change. "Nope. They're upstairs. He snuck into her bed. I've never seen anyone risk his life like that."
Rachel makes a tsking sound as she rinses some dishes.
"Why does everyone keep talking about finding an island?" Emma asks, finishing the rest of her juice.
"Who else is talking about it?" Galen frowns.
"In the living room, I hear Toraf give her a choice between going to the kitchen or finding an island."
Galen laughs. "And she picked the kitchen, right?"
Emma nods. "What? What's so funny?"
"Rayna and Toraf are mated. I guess humans call it married," he says. "Syrena find an island when they're ready to...mate in a physical sense. We can only do that in human form."
"Oh. Oh. Um, okay," she says, blushing anew. "I wondered about that. The physical part, I mean. So they're married? Seems like she hates him. #Quote by Anna Banks
Deserted Island quotes by Jack Gilbert
#68. A Brief for the Defense

Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies
are not starving someplace, they are starving
somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils.
But we enjoy our lives because that's what God wants.
Otherwise the mornings before summer dawn would not
be made so fine. The Bengal tiger would not
be fashioned so miraculously well. The poor women
at the fountain are laughing together between
the suffering they have known and the awfulness
in their future, smiling and laughing while somebody
in the village is very sick. There is laughter
every day in the terrible streets of Calcutta,
and the women laugh in the cages of Bombay.
If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction,
we lessen the importance of their deprivation.
We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,
but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world. To make injustice the only
measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.
If the locomotive of the Lord runs us down,
we should give thanks that the end had magnitude.
We must admit there will be music despite everything.
We stand at the prow again of a small ship
anchored late at night in the tiny port
looking over to the sleeping island: the waterfront
is three shuttered cafés and one naked light burni #Quote by Jack Gilbert
Deserted Island quotes by Thomas Middleditch
#69. I went to University of Victoria on Vancouver Island and their theater program. #Quote by Thomas Middleditch
Deserted Island quotes by Maurice Blanchot
#70. It was in this situation that she penetrated as a vague shape into the existence of Thomas. Everything there appeared desolate and mournful. Deserted shores where deeper and deeper absences, abandoned by the eternally departed sea after a magnificent shipwreck, gradually decomposed. She passed through strange dead cities where, rather than petrified shapes, mummified circumstances, she found a necropolis of movements, silences, voids; she hurled herself against the extraordinary sonority of nothingness which is made of the reverse of sound, and before her spread forth wondrous falls, dreamless sleep, the fading away which buries the dead in a life of dream, the death by which every man, even the weakest spirit, becomes spirit itself. #Quote by Maurice Blanchot

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