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Derham Hall quotes by Deirdre Riordan Hall
#1. Mama sneers at the mention of Brittany's name. "Good luck. You probably won't find anything that'll fit. #Quote by Deirdre Riordan Hall
Derham Hall quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#2. A King will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Derham Hall quotes by William Feather
#3. Of all the young men in America only a few hundred can get into major league baseball, and of these only a handful in a decade can get into the Hall of Fame. So it goes in all human activity.. Some become multimillionaires and chairmen of the board, and some of us must be content to play baseball at company picnics or manage a credit union without pay. #Quote by William Feather
Derham Hall quotes by Laurie R. King
#4. I felt instantly at home, and wanted only to dismiss Alistair, along with the rest of Justice Hall, that I might have a closer look at the shelves.I had to content myself instead with a strolling perusal, my hands locked behind my back to keep them from reaching out for Le Morte D'Arthur, Caxton 1485 or the delicious little red-and-gilt Bestiary, MS Circa 1250 or ... If I took one down, I should be lost. So I looked, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, and trailed out on my guide's heels with one longing backward glance. #Quote by Laurie R. King
Derham Hall quotes by Michael C. Hall
#5. I don't think closeted homosexual morticians have the market cornered on self-loathing or sense of shame. #Quote by Michael C. Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Jason Calloway
#6. Drunk people say the damnedest things! Not every night out is book-worthy, but a comment here or there gives me a good laugh. So, if you are ever feeling down and need a good laugh, check out our ever-growing Hall on the website for what's been said recently that gave me a chuckle. Hopefully it will brighten your day:

Alright ladies, let's party like rock stars and fuck like pornstars #Quote by Jason Calloway
Derham Hall quotes by Bobby Underwood
#7. I wondered how in the world I could possibly sleep now, knowing a wonderful girl who loved me was just down the hall. Slipping into Johnny's pajamas, I figured I might as well see what Perry and Della were up to. The detective yarn was good enough to distract me from a million questions I had no answers to, and in a short while my eyelids grew heavy. I barely managed to mark my place before exhaustion overcame me. It had been the most eventful day in my memory, and that included the War. I had wrecked - though not seriously - my new Packard, bought a lovely home by the sea, met a girl who was supposed to be dead but wasn't, fallen in love with said girl, made a new friend named Carol, and went on an unexpected ghost hunt. I wondered what tomorrow would bring… #Quote by Bobby Underwood
Derham Hall quotes by Laura Hall
#8. There is a big difference between manslaughter and first-degree murder. #Quote by Laura Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Katherine Rundell
#9. Feo shook her head; she couldn't speak. The moments in which the world turns suddenly kind can feel like a punctured lung. She stood in the marble hall and cried until tears flooded down her nose and chin and dropped on to the heads of the two bloodstained wolves at her feet. #Quote by Katherine Rundell
Derham Hall quotes by James Joyce
#10. Sitting in the study hall he opened the lid of his desk and changed the number pasted up inside from seventy-seven to seventy-six. But the Christmas vacation was very far away: but one time it would come because the earth moved round always.
-Stephen Dedalus- #Quote by James Joyce
Derham Hall quotes by Hermann Hesse
#11. Well," he said with equanimity, "you see, in my opinion there is no point at all in talking about music. I never talk about music. What reply, then, was I to make to your very able and just remarks? You were perfectly right in all you said. But, you see, I am a musician, not a professor, and I don't believe that, as regards music, there is the least point in being right. Music does not depend on being right, on having good taste and education and all that."

"Indeed. Then what does it depend on?"

"On making music, Herr Haller, on making music as well and as much as possible and with all the intensity of which one is capable. That is the point, Monsieur. Though I carried the complete works of Bach and Haydn in my head and could say the cleverest things about them, not a soul would be the better for it. But when I take hold of my mouthpiece and play a lively shimmy, whether the shimmy be good or bad, it will give people pleasure. It gets into their legs and into their blood. That's the point and that alone. Look at the faces in a dance hall at the moment when the music strikes up after a longish pause, how eyes sparkle, legs twitch and faces begin to laugh. That is why one makes music. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Derham Hall quotes by Lee Hall
#12. I only tend to think of the week ahead, to keep my eye on the ball and question whether a full stop is in the right place. It's easy to get distracted by the wrong things. If you start thinking of grand gestures, it's going to be a lot of hot air. You have to be logical. The theatre is a very logical place. #Quote by Lee Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#13. The space Dorian enters is the antithesis of what he has left, warm brightness erasing the dark cold. A large open hall filled with firelight and books, dark wood beams and windows covered in frost. It smells of spiced wine and baking bread. It is comforting in a way that defies words. It feels like a hug, if a hug were a place. #Quote by Erin Morgenstern
Derham Hall quotes by Mark Lawrence
#14. For the longest time I studied revenge to the exclusion of all else. I built my first torture chamber in the dark vaults of imagination. Lying on bloody sheets in the Healing Hall I discovered doors within my mind that I'd not found before, doors that even a child of nine knows should not be opened. Doors that never close again. I threw them wide. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Derham Hall quotes by Aaron-Michael Hall
#15. Power unfettered by wisdom and conscious control is dangerous. #Quote by Aaron-Michael Hall
Derham Hall quotes by A.J. Liebling
#16. Hitler was the archetype of the abstemious man. When the other krauts saw him drink water in the Beer Hall they should have known he was not to be trusted. #Quote by A.J. Liebling
Derham Hall quotes by Daryl Hall
#17. I've always been a guy who likes to stretch my limits - to find out if I have any, really. #Quote by Daryl Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Bridget Hall
#18. But, I understand that Black Comb and Whistler are supposed to be great for snowboarding. So I am looking forward to going there someday soon. #Quote by Bridget Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Laura Miller
#19. It's wasteful spending like this that not only forces tax increases and cuts in vital services ... but also really make you wonder: who is City Hall looking out for? #Quote by Laura Miller
Derham Hall quotes by Kristin Cast
#20. Duchess was barking her head off as she raced after a snarling, hissing, yowling white ball of Maleficent. Aphrodite was chasing after the dog, screaming for her to 'Come! Stay. Be good, damnit!' Damien was close behind her, flailing his arms and yelling 'Duchess! Come!' All of a sudden the Twins' cat, the huge and very stuck-up Beelzebub joined in the chase, only he was tearing around after Duchess.
'Ohmygod! Beelzebub! Honey!' Shaunee ran into my view, yelling at the top of her very healthy lungs.
'Beelzebub! Duchess! Stop!' Erin wailed, right behind her twin.
Darius suddenly burst out into the hallway, and I stepped back behind the curtains, not sure is my shrouding could be detected by him. Apparently he didn't notice me, or anything else, because he ran into the Council Room. I peeked through the drapes and could hear him telling Neferet that she was needed on the school grounds-that there was an 'altercation.' Then Neferet was hurrying out of the room and down the hall, following Darius into the dog-barking, cat-yowling, kid-screaming craziness.
I noticed that through all of it I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Jack.
Talk about an excellent diversion! #Quote by Kristin Cast
Derham Hall quotes by S.E. Hall
#21. It's nothing but space, Laney. It means nothing. I'm still yours. I'll always be yours. #Quote by S.E. Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Alexis Hall
#22. It's not what you do, it's what it means. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Sarah Hall
#23. Let him join the men of the past. Her old lovers were ghosts. None of them had survived; none were missed. #Quote by Sarah Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Dominique Wilkins
#24. The 50 greatest players don't matter when you're in the Hall of Fame. We all know that I was not one of the 50 greatest, I was one of the 25 greatest - in my mind. #Quote by Dominique Wilkins
Derham Hall quotes by Germaine Greer
#25. Sylvia Plath's greatest poetry was sometimes conceived while she was baking bread, she was such a perfectionist and ultimately such a fool. The trouble is, of course, that the role of the goddess, the role of the glory and the grandeur of the female in the universe exists in the fantasy of the male artist and no woman can ever draw it to her heart for comfort, but the role of menial, unfortunately, is real and that she knows because she tastes it everyday. So the barbaric yawp of utter adoration for the power and the glory and the grandeur of the female in the universe is uttered at the expense of the particular living woman every time. And because we can be neither one nor the other with any piece of mind, because we are unfortunately improper goddesses and unwilling menials, there is a battle waged between us. And after all, in the description of this battle, maybe I find the justification of my idea that the achievement of the male artistic ego is at my expense for I find that the battle is dearer to him than the peace would ever be. The eternal battle with women, he boasts, sharpens our resistance, develops our strength, enlarges the scope of our cultural achievements. So is the scope after all worth it? Again, the same question, just as if we were talking of the income of a thousand families for a whole year. You see, I strongly suspect that when this revolution takes place, art will no longer be distinguished by its rarity, or its expense, or its inaccessibility, or the #Quote by Germaine Greer
Derham Hall quotes by Richard Dent
#26. I'm very happyWhen you start a career you never think about the Hall of Fame ... watching a guy like Walter Payton, he would say 'Don't do what I say, do what I do.' If you can do your thing the way he does his, the possibility is you will get in the Hall of Fame. #Quote by Richard Dent
Derham Hall quotes by Emma Goldman
#27. Predigested food' should be inscribed over every hall of learning as a warning to all who do not wish to lose their own personalities and their original sense of judgment ... #Quote by Emma Goldman
Derham Hall quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#28. You came down from your throne and stood at my cottage door.
I was singing all alone in a corner, and the melody caught your ear. You came down and stood at my cottage door.
Masters are many in your hall, and songs are sung there at all hours. But the simple carol of this novice struck at your love. One plaintive little strain mingled with the great music of the world, and with a flower for a prize you came down and stopped at my cottage door. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Derham Hall quotes by Joseph Hall
#29. Let others either envy or pity me; I care not, so long as I enjoy myself. #Quote by Joseph Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#30. Yeah," I said. "I think you're jealous."
"Of what?"
"That I can pass and you can't."
He opened his mouth and emotions flowed over his face like water; anger, humor, denial. He finally settled on a smile, but it wasn't a happy one. "You really are a bitch, aren't you?"
I nodded. "You don't pull on my chain and I won't pull on yours."
"Deal," he said. The smile flashed wider. "Now, allow me to escort your lily white ass to the dining room."
I shook my head. "Lead on, tall, dark, and studly, as long as I get to watch your ass while we walk down the hall."
"Only if you promise to tell me how you like the view."
I widened my eyes. "You mean give you a critique on your butt?"
He nodded and the smile looked happy now.
"Are you this big an egotist or just trying to embarrass me?"
"Both," I said.
The smile spread to a grin. "You are as smart as you look. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Derham Hall quotes by Donald Hall
#31. We are all dying
of something, always,
but our degrees of
awareness differ
- from Tubes #Quote by Donald Hall
Derham Hall quotes by Donna Tartt
#32. Her photographs, lining the hall outside my bedroom
many different Pippas, at many different ages
were a daily torment, always expected, always new; but though I tried to keep my eyes away always it seemed I was glancing up by mistake and there she was, laughing at someone else's joke or smiling at someone who wasn't me, always a fresh pain, a blow straight to the heart. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Derham Hall quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#33. Evans turned away, did something with his left eyelid for the benefit of the other two. "It's got him," he smirked. "He's tuned-in from now on."

Time started to slow up and act crazy. Minutes took much longer to pass than they had before. It was hard for him to adjust himself to the new ratio, he got all balled-up. When it seemed like half an hour had gone by, the radio would still be playing only the first chorus of the same selection that had begun a good thirty minutes before. Otherwise, nothing much happened. Vinnie was doing a good deal of muffled giggling over there on the divan. The stranger who had been sitting reading the paper got up, yawned, stretched ponderously, and strolled out into the hall, with a muttered "Happy landing!" by way of leave-taking. He didn't come back again any more.

Turner looked down one time and a quarter of an inch of charred paper was all that was left between his fingers. Then the next time he looked there was a full length cigarette again. #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Derham Hall quotes by Michael Crichton
#34. In the lobby of the visitor center, the glass doors had been shattered, and a cold gray mist blew through the cavernous main hall. A sign that read WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH dangled from one hinge, creaking in the wind. #Quote by Michael Crichton
Derham Hall quotes by Rafael Palmeiro
#35. I respect the Hall of Fame, and if they think that I'm worthy enough, I would be very honored. And if they don't, I gave it all that I had to this game. #Quote by Rafael Palmeiro

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