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Famous Quotes About Depression

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Depression quotes by Veronica Roth
#1. Life is full of pain', I had told Akos, trying to draw him back from depression. 'Your capacity for bearing it is greater than you believe.' And I had been right. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Depression quotes by Claire Forlani
#2. Depression is close to me, but suicide hasn't been. #Quote by Claire Forlani
Depression quotes by Maggie Nelson
#3. One thing they don't tell you 'bout the blues when you got 'em, you keep on fallin' 'cause there ain't no bottom,' sings Emmylou Harris, and she may be right. Perhaps it would help to be told that there is no bottom, save, as they say, wherever and whenever you stop digging. You have to stand there, spade in hand, cold whiskey sweat beaded on your brow, eyes misshapen and wild, some sorry-ass grave digger grown bone-tired of the trade. You have to stand there in the dirty rut you dug, alone in the darkness, in all its pulsing quiet, surrounded by the scandal of corpses. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Depression quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#4. Being in a relationship has the tendency to deceive one into believing that there is someone without whom one cannot live. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Depression quotes by Veronica Webb
#5. My parents were both in the army for 20 years and then worked in government departments; but they had gone through the Great Depression and known lean times. They always remained extremely frugal and lived far below their means. #Quote by Veronica Webb
Depression quotes by Ali Wong
#6. I also understood why my mom wasn't into processing her feelings, and how she was taught to just get over tragedy. To survive, she had to believe things like depression and allergies were a choice. #Quote by Ali Wong
Depression quotes by Oswald Chambers
#7. We have to take the first step as though there were no God. It is no use to wait for God to help us, He will not: but immediately we arise we find He is there. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Depression quotes by Nikki Rowe
#8. It almost occurred;
It almost got hold of my purity,
Just as it headed for the war within my being,
I fed it a light so bright;
It thought it almost had control of me.
Depression is just a dis-ease,
So; Let your mind be free #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Depression quotes by Franco Bifo Berardi
#9. When dealing with a depression the problem is not to bring the depressed person back to his/her normality, to reintegrate behavior in the universal standards of normal social language. The goal is to change the focus of his/her depressive attention, to re-focalize, to deterritorialize the mind and the flow of expression. Depression is based on the stiffening of existential refrain, on the obsessive repetition of the stiffened refrain. The depressed person is unable to go out, to leave the repetitive refrain and s/he goes and goes again in the labyrinth. The goal of the schizoanalyst is to give him/her the possibility to see other landscapes, and to change the focus, to open some new ways of imagination. #Quote by Franco Bifo Berardi
Depression quotes by Geoffrey Norman
#10. A lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work. #Quote by Geoffrey Norman
Depression quotes by Diet Eman
#11. I'm sorry to say it, but it was hard on me to see life continue all around. #Quote by Diet Eman
Depression quotes by Sabrina Benaim
#12. what they don't tell you about self-care, that it can make you feel like you are the coach, the captain, & every.other.player. oh, & the mascot. it can make you feel especially like the mascot. #Quote by Sabrina Benaim
Depression quotes by Carlos Wallace
#13. Yes, depression is painful, and oppressive, and frightening and draining. But YOU are strong, and worthy, and valuable and necessary. This affirmation should be your light in the darkness. So I ask anyone who is drifting off, and tempted to retreat into mental despair...turn your light in. Find your way back. People who love you, are waiting. People who understand are waiting. Don't discount what your support system can do. Turn your light on. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Depression quotes by Peter Sinclair
#14. Depression loses its power when fresh vision pierces the darkness. #Quote by Peter Sinclair
Depression quotes by Jennifer Elisabeth
#15. I'm going inside of myself and never coming out. #Quote by Jennifer Elisabeth
Depression quotes by Aletheia Luna
#16. It's not uncommon for the Old Soul to experience some measure of depression, apathy or existential lethargy when it comes to living everyday life. After all, if physical existence loses its star-spangled gleam, and everyday affairs lose their burning importance, what is the point of living a dull life? #Quote by Aletheia Luna
Depression quotes by Brandy Colbert
#17. Lionel said as much to me once, how so many of the same people who are quick to empathize with physical disabilities don't understand why someone with depression can't just get up and get on with their day like the rest of the world. It's like they need a receipt that proves someone is actually going through some shit before they care about them. #Quote by Brandy Colbert
Depression quotes by Peter McWilliams
#18. The simple solution for disappointment depression Get up and get moving. Physically move. Do. Act. Get going. #Quote by Peter McWilliams
Depression quotes by Undrai Fizer
#19. Intentional living will eradicate the need of excuse as well as the constant submission to distraction. Allow yourself to "become wealthy in self-significance!" Allow yourself to become enriched in Spirit. Remember, there is no trouble. Trouble is "created" and established when we "see ourselves inferior" to what we are facing. When we lack power, we lack movement! When we lack hope, we lack momentum! Trouble will disappear "as soon as our Mindset becomes enriched!" When we can afford to see things clearly, without depression or self-doubt, we have awakened our new heart! #Quote by Undrai Fizer
Depression quotes by Carolyn Hax
#20. ..a new baby is not uninterrupted bliss. It's joy mixed with terror, fatigue, depression, intense feelings of helplessness, loneliness and inadequacy. And poop. #Quote by Carolyn Hax
Depression quotes by Amit Ray
#21. When we are aware about our body's sensations, we can release physical pain, tensions or stress through slow movements. #Quote by Amit Ray
Depression quotes by Kris Kidd
#22. I'm a lot like you,
and you're a lot like me.
It's sad to say,
and it's sad to see. #Quote by Kris Kidd
Depression quotes by Jacque Fresco
#23. Living through the 1929 Great Depression helped shape my social conscience. During this time, I realized the earth was still the same place, manufacturing plants were still intact, and resources were still there, but people didn't have money to buy the products. I felt the rules of the game we play by were outmoded and damaging. This began a life-long quest resulting in the conclusions and designs presented in The Venus Project. #Quote by Jacque Fresco
Depression quotes by Charles Bukowski
#24. My old man

16 years old
during the depression
I'd come home drunk
and all my clothing–
shorts, shirts, stockings–
suitcase, and pages of
short stories
would be thrown out on the
front lawn and about the

my mother would be
waiting behind a tree:
"Henry, Henry, don't
go in . . .he'll
kill you, he's read
your stories . . ."
"I can whip his
ass . . ."

"Henry, please take
this . . .and
find yourself a room."

but it worried him
that I might not
finish high school
so I'd be back

one evening he walked in
with the pages of
one of my short stories
(which I had never submitted
to him)
and he said, "this is
a great short story."
I said, "o.k.,"
and he handed it to me
and I read it.
it was a story about
a rich man
who had a fight with
his wife and had
gone out into the night
for a cup of coffee
and had observed
the waitress and the spoons
and forks and the
salt and pepper shakers
and the neon sign
in the window
and then had gone back
to his stable
to see and touch his
favorite horse
who then
kicked him in the head
and killed him.

the story held
meaning for him
when I had written it
I had no idea
of what I was
writi #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Depression quotes by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
#25. When I die, put my ashes in the trash bag
I don't care where they go
Don't waste your money on my gravestone
I'm more concerned about my soul
Everybody's gon' die
Don't everybody live though #Quote by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
Depression quotes by Ben H. Winters
#26. A pool of melancholy blooms in my chest and rushes into my body like deep-blue blood. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Depression quotes by Andy Behrman
#27. I felt like I was the only person on the planet with this 'thing called depression', and I remember being frightened. I was knocked out and dopey, and I cried all of the time. #Quote by Andy Behrman
Depression quotes by Jenny Lawson
#28. Life passes. Then comes the depression. That feeling that you'll never be right again. The fear that these outbreaks will become more familiar, or worse, never go away. You're so tired from fighting that you start to listen to all the little lies your brain tells you. The ones that say that you're a drain on your family. The ones that say that it's all in your head. The ones that say that if you were stronger or better this wouldn't be happening to you. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Depression quotes by Sheena Iyengar
#29. People who perceive the negative experiences in their lives as the result of uncontrollable forces are at a higher risk for depression than those who believe they have control #Quote by Sheena Iyengar
Depression quotes by Ned Vizzini
#30. I didn't want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that's really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Depression quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
#31. A positive attitude enables a person to endure suffering and disappointment as well as enhance enjoyment and satisfaction. A negative attitude intensifies pain and deepens disappointments; it undermines and diminishes pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction; it may even lead to depression or physical illness. #Quote by Viktor E. Frankl
Depression quotes by Nighat Hafiz
#32. World has become a source for disguised depression. Every happiness celebrated under the shadow of death and destruction leads to disastrous psychic pain. #Quote by Nighat Hafiz
Depression quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#33. You know those afternoons," he asks, drawing a shaking breath, "where you're just going along, doing fine, and then afternoon comes and it feels like you've just got the wind knocked out of you and everything is wrong?" He sighs and slowly pushes himself so he's sitting upright. His shoulders are slumped. "That's all," he says. "It's just one of those afternoons."
We are silent for a minute. Then he lies back down on the couch.
I should say I love him. I should say it will be all right. But it won't.
I walk down the hall to my bedroom. I lie down on my side and stare at the wall, the blue-flowered wallpaper next to my nose. Despite my best efforts, I start to cry.
I know those afternoons. #Quote by Marya Hornbacher
Depression quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#34. The difference between a conventional counsellor and an empowerment counsellor is that a conventional therapist will allow you to dwell in your pit of misery for months, years and possibly even decades; whereas an empowerment counsellor will challenge you to recognise that your past pains and seemingly negative experiences are the very key to accessing your greatest self. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Depression quotes by David Levithan
#35. Still, what could i say? that i didn't just feel depressed - instead, it was like the depression was the core of me, of every part of me, from my mind to my bones? that if he got blue, i got black? that i hated those pills so much, because i knew how much i relied on them to live? #Quote by David Levithan
Depression quotes by Virginia Heffernan
#36. I began to think that melancholy was a dialect that only some people knew-or could even hear-and in my conversations, I sought these people out. #Quote by Virginia Heffernan
Depression quotes by Stephan James
#37. Jesse Owen was bigger than a black hero, he was an American hero. For me, I looked at it from that perspective. Through my research, I obviously learned a lot, much of which made me sad, upset, disappointed and even angry, regarding what Jesse had to go through. Not only was he a black man in America during an age of high racial tension and segregation, but he was also living in the middle of the Great Depression - it was very difficult times for him and his family. #Quote by Stephan James
Depression quotes by Unknown
#38. What does depression feel like? He whispered. It's like drowning; except that everyone else around you is breathing. #Quote by Unknown
Depression quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#39. Smile and the world will laugh at you. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Depression quotes by Nathaniel Branden
#40. In addition, if a person makes the error of identifying self with his work (rather than with the internal virtues that make the work possible), if self-esteem is tied primarily to accomplishments, success, income, or being a good family provider, the danger is that economic circumstances beyond the individual's control may lead to the failure of the business or the loss of a job, flinging him into depression or acute demoralization. #Quote by Nathaniel Branden
Depression quotes by Beryl Dov
#41. Depression is Genetic [10w]
Depression is genetic, specifically the product of another's cruel genetics. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Depression quotes by James Ellroy
#42. Cliché shouters, sloganeers, fashion-conscious pseudoidealists. Locusts attacking social causes with the wrong information and bogus solutions, their one legit gripe--the Sleepy Lagoon case--almost blown through guilt by association: fellow travelers soliciting actual Party members for picketing and leaflet distribution, nearly discrediting everything the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee said and did. Hollywood writers and actors and hangers-on spouting cheap trauma, Pinko platitudes and guilt over raking in big money during the Depression, then penancing the bucks out to spurious leftist causes. People led to Lesnick's couch by their promiscuity and dipshit politics. #Quote by James Ellroy
Depression quotes by Susan Cooper
#43. If you are concerned for the future of our civilization, there is no more cheering sight than a boy or girl who is lost in a book. It's an image I cling to, in moments of depression: the absorbed child, reading. #Quote by Susan Cooper
Depression quotes by Herbert Hoover
#44. In the larger view the major forces of the depression now lie outside of the United States, and our recuperation has been retarded by the unwarranted degree of fear and apprehension created by these outside forces. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Depression quotes by J.K. Rowling
#45. I have never been remotely ashamed of having been depressed. Never. What's to be ashamed of? I went through a really rough time and I am quite proud that I got out of that. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Depression quotes by Michael Grant
#46. Life is my nightmare now, and paradoxically, my dreams have become escapes. #Quote by Michael Grant
Depression quotes by Mark Brightlife
#47. The only way out consists of using a social mask.
This is why those under depression will smile more as well as make efforts to please and entertain compared to anyone else.
If they could hide in public, and they do hide in other ways, both psychological and physical.
The psychological feeling of being trapped comes afterwards from the need to have social life, and that's when the anti-social personality starts developing furthermore. #Quote by Mark Brightlife
Depression quotes by William Gibson
#48. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. #Quote by William Gibson
Depression quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#49. There is no common standard for education about diagnosis. Distinguishing between bipolar depression and major depressive disorder, for example, can be difficult, and mistakes are common. Misdiagnosis can be lethal. Medications that work well for some forms of depression induce agitation in others. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Depression quotes by Kim Coles
#50. Open the GIFTS actually came out of this quest. I ended up going into a pretty deep depression that people don't know about, and now I'm talking about it. I was too focused on, If I'm not working, who am I? Why am I not doing that thing that I want to do the most? Why am I not successful in this moment? #Quote by Kim Coles
Depression quotes by Leonard Cohen
#51. Ring the bells that still can ring. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Depression quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#52. Life cracks us into unrecognizable shards of former incarnations. Slivers of our hurt and our pain and our shame nestles next to fragments of our truth, our divinity, our fierce reclamation of power.

It is this very brokenness that allows us to knit together, kaleidoscope style. And we spin and shift and turn to the light until we appear brilliant, lit from within. Suddenly we are revealed; unexpected beauty born directly from brokenness.

We have to be willing to break in order to become. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Depression quotes by Nick Dubin
#53. Rado explains that people with depression are usually too dependent on the judgments of others for their own sense of self-esteem. #Quote by Nick Dubin
Depression quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#54. My friends and I had taken dancing lessons, although none of us would ever admit it. In those depression days, a friend of my mother was trying to make a living by teaching dancing in the evening, in an upstairs dance studio. There was a back door to the place, and she arranged it so the young men could come up through the back way without being seen. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Depression quotes by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
#55. I think if there's a great depression there might be some hope. #Quote by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Depression quotes by Shirley Manson
#56. The truth is, I've always been wracked with self-loathing and terrible, paralysing depression. #Quote by Shirley Manson
Depression quotes by Dick Morris
#57. With a congressional mandate to run the deficit up as high as need be, there is no reason to raise taxes now and risk aggravating the depression. Instead, Obama will follow the opposite of the Reagan strategy. Reagan cut taxes and increased the deficit so that liberals could not increase spending. Obama will raise spending and increase the deficit so that conservatives cannot cut taxes. And, when the economy is restored, he will raise taxes with impunity, since the only people who will have to pay them would be rich Republicans. #Quote by Dick Morris
Depression quotes by Naomi Wolf
#58. When some of the neural "lights" in question have been switched off by injury, the outcome can be connected to a form of generalized depression, or what Dr. Jim Pfaus of Concordia University calls "anhedonia" - a state of pleasurelessness, bleakness, or grayness, in perceptions of the world. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Depression quotes by Saim .A. Cheeda
#59. The irony is that there is nothing purer than sorrow. #Quote by Saim .A. Cheeda
Depression quotes by Mark Maish
#60. Writing is not a hobby. It's the only way I get to shut up the demons in my head. #Quote by Mark Maish
Depression quotes by Ian Fleming
#61. A scar had been beaten into his mind which would only heal by experience. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Depression quotes by John Chamberlain
#62. Thus a new way of finding fluidity will inevitably be imposed on management and labor alike. The profit-sharing, or "progress" sharing union contract is the only possible way of satisfying labor and the consumer without saddling industry with fixed costs that in depression periods can kill off marginal companies like flies. #Quote by John Chamberlain
Depression quotes by Robin Hobb
#63. I lived my grief; I slept mourning and ate sorrow and drank tears. I ignored all else. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Depression quotes by Andrew Solomon
#64. That is, perhaps, the greatest revelation I have had: not that depression is compelling but that the people who suffer from it may become compelling because of it. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Depression quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#65. No one can be by himself or herself alone. We have to inter-be, connected with everyone and everything else. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Depression quotes by Elissa Washuta
#66. That's it: watch your moods. Don't let people see you fluctuate. Don't let yourself run your mouth. Never ever cry, even alone, because your cat or your kettle might tell. Always smile, but don't laugh loudly. Mania is an extrovert, but if you need to vent, tell your mattress or maybe your therapist, but put nothing in writing and never tell a friend or coworker how you're really feeling. Downplay any problem or joy. Pay attention to any signs that your life is shitty or excellent, because either is an illusion. Be careful around men, especially ones with big arms or opinions. Stop talking. #Quote by Elissa Washuta
Depression quotes by Jeremy Hardy
#67. I think we mistake sadness for depression, because life is basically sad, and its the failure to recognize that that leads to this sort of resentment and bewilderment [...] It is, it is, and [..] you know, people just suddenly think that the world owes it to them to be happy, and they're not happy and then they think well, why aren't I happy, and makes 'em angry and then they're depressed about the fact that they're angry and they're bitter about the fact that they're depressed, and this downward cycle; why don't they just accept that life is sad and cheer up, it's not forever. #Quote by Jeremy Hardy
Depression quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#68. With a damp palm, I turned the knob and cracked open the door. She was asleep in her freshly made bed. I can't explain how relieved I felt for this simple mercy. She was here and safe on clean sheets. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Depression quotes by Leah Raeder
#69. You fall in love with it a little. Depression. It's an abusive romance. It hurts like hell but you don't want it to stop, because at least hurt is a feeling. At least it reminds you you're still alive. #Quote by Leah Raeder
Depression quotes by Harold Ramis
#70. Most people live somewhere on the spectrum of anxiety and depression. #Quote by Harold Ramis
Depression quotes by Susan Polis Schutz
#71. My own life was filled with so much love and joy that when depression struck, it was like a prison door slamming shut and I was being placed in an isolation cell. No one else could possibly be feeling what I was. I hated my depression and all of its symptoms. #Quote by Susan Polis Schutz
Depression quotes by Corey Taylor
#72. From depression to ceiling fans, I've been through it all. I've taken almost every step that life has to offer and invariably I've found several different endings to my Choose Your Own Adventure stories. I've lived, loved, sacrificed and scraped for this existence, this paltry little city state I call my time so far. And by God, I wouldn't change a single frame of this movie. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Depression quotes by Josh Hanagarne
#73. Do you ever get tired of being so funny? It's a nice little smoke screen, but I know you. Confident people do stuff. They get stuff done. They make things, even if it's just making money. You know what you're making?"

"It doesn't matter."

"You're making our couch sag. That's about it. You're making your mom sad because you're not trying. You're making your siblings miserable because you're acting like you're miserable."

"I am. I'm depressed and on a bunch of drugs. I want to take more of them every day just to feel different."

"This isn't depression and that's not their fault. But I don't want to fight. I think what we're about to do is going to give you a way to make some progress."

"There's nothing important about lifting weights."

"There's nothing insignificant about progress. Let's just give it a try. #Quote by Josh Hanagarne
Depression quotes by Solange Nicole
#74. It was clear to her now, Happiness was a seductive illusion. No one as fucked up as her deserved one drop of joy. But oh god was it delicious when it fell into her lap for a little while. (Such a pretty face) she muses (with such a bruised and battered soul). When the dawn of a promise fades into the dusk of reality, all that remains is the nightmare. Sweet, sweet loneliness. Shadows come to play and prey on her beaten mind. Her lovely little dreams of poison. #Quote by Solange Nicole
Depression quotes by Alice Jamieson
#75. One weekend it rained for 48 hours without stopping. The rain beat like bony fingers against the window panes. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Fungus was growing on the walls. I polished off a bottle of gin sitting huddled over the two-bar electric fire and wrote a poem, one of the few that has lasted through the moves and the years. It is called 'Where Can I Go?'
If this is not the place where tears are understood where do I go to cry?
If this is not the place where my spirits can take wing where do I go to fly?
If this is not the place where my feelings can be heard where do I go to speak?
If this is not the place where you'll accept me as I am where can I go to be me?
If this is not the place where I can try and learn and grow where can I go to laugh and cry? #Quote by Alice Jamieson
Depression quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#76. It is a fact that one man can be deliriously happy in the exact situation that causes another man to wither from depression. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Depression quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#77. It's the best I have," he said in earnest.

"I know," she whispered, not ungrateful but with woe unfeigned. "It just isn't good enough. Not today. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Depression quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#78. The opposite of happiness is unhappiness, not depression. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Depression quotes by Napoleon Hill
#79. Fear of poverty is a state of mind, nothing else! But it is sufficient to destroy one's chances of achievement in any undertaking, a truth which became painfully evident during the depression. #Quote by Napoleon Hill
Depression quotes by Morrie Schwartz
#80. Resist the temptation to think of yourself as useless. It will only lead to depression. #Quote by Morrie Schwartz
Depression quotes by Sally Rooney
#81. A feeling of dissociation from his senses, an inability to think straight or interpret what he sees and hears. Things begin to look and sound different, slower, artificial, unreal. The first time it happened he thought he was losing his mind, that the whole cognitive framework by which he made sense of the world had disintegrated for good, and everything from then on would just be undifferentiated sound and colour. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Depression quotes by Robert McCloskey
#82. Because its hard to realize now that that was the end of the great depression, you know. All of a sudden all of this is in front of me and I'm solvent, you know. I'm making some money and I know where my next meal is coming from, and I have a new pair of shoes and that's it. #Quote by Robert McCloskey
Depression quotes by Anonymous
#83. You are a warrior in a dark forest, with no compass and are unable to tell who the actual enemy is, So you never feel safe .. #Quote by Anonymous
Depression quotes by David Foster Wallace
#84. This story ["The Depressed Person"] was the most painful thing I ever wrote. It's about narcissism, which is a part of depression. The character has traits of myself. I really lost friends while writing on that story, I became ugly and unhappy and just yelled at people. The cruel thing with depression is that it's such a self-centered illness - Dostoevsky shows that pretty good in his "Notes from Underground". The depression is painful, you're sapped/consumed by yourself; the worse the depression, the more you just think about yourself and the stranger and repellent you appear to others. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Depression quotes by John Meade Falkner
#85. Is there any depression so deep as this? is there any night so dark as this first eclipse of the soul, this first conscious stilling of the instinct for right? #Quote by John Meade Falkner
Depression quotes by Alexis Hall
#86. The tapestry of my life was a ruin of unravelling threads. The brightest parts were a nonsensical madman's weaving. And now every day was a grey stitch, laid down with an outpatient's patience, one following the next following the next, a story in lines, like a railway track to nowhere, telling absolutely nothing. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Depression quotes by Rukhsar Din
#87. When I recall memories, it all seems like a film, not a reality. #Quote by Rukhsar Din
Depression quotes by Joanna  Campbell
#88. The Bad-Moon Girls appear on days when Dad doesn't know what he is thinking, or even if he is thinking. Those days can weigh less than air or more than an ocean. He has blank thoughts without feelings, followed by heavy feelings without thoughts. Time means nothing. A minute ticks by in the same rhythm as an entire day. He can look at one thing for an hour without moving. He can see me or Victor without knowing we are in the room, peering at us as if we are underwater, moving in warped slow motion.

After the nothingness, he wades through a stagnant lake with the moon reflected in it, waiting for the daylight to rinse it away. He almost drowns while time ticks on. The sky is filled with black milk. No stars. Two days can pass before he surfaces.

Dad's brain-switch, the focusing thing the rest of us switch on to make things look better, is a bit buggered. Those are his words, not mine.

The Bad-Moon Girls whisper evil in Dad's ear, the sort of women who would set their own mother on fire if there were no other way to light their cigarettes. The trouble is, they can follow. Just as we were setting off to Clacton last autumn, they hunted him down. #Quote by Joanna Campbell
Depression quotes by Andrew Solomon
#89. There is a false moral imperative that seems to be all-around us that treatment of depression, the medications and so on, are an artifice, and that it's not natural. And I think that's very misguided. It would be natural for people's teeth to fall out, but there is nobody militating against toothpaste, at least not in my circles. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Depression quotes by Barbara Post-Askin
#90. Only if we understand our past, can we move forward to a brighter future. #Quote by Barbara Post-Askin
Depression quotes by Keary Taylor
#91. It kind of scares me though, to keep wearing it every day like I do. What happens when I run out of it? Will I forget what she looked like? What it looked like when the sun reflected on her hair? The way her pillow always smelled like her? Will my memory of her run out too? #Quote by Keary Taylor
Depression quotes by Italo Calvino
#92. To fall in the void as I fell: none of you knows what that means ... I went down into the void, to the most absolute bottom conceivable, and once there I saw that the extreme limit must have been much, much farther below, very remote, and I went on falling, to reach it. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Depression quotes by Faye J Crosby
#93. Combining paid employment with marriage and motherhood creates safeguards for emotional well-being. Nothing is certain in life, but generally the chances of happiness are greater if one has multiple areas of interest and involvement. To juggle is to diminish the risk of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. #Quote by Faye J Crosby
Depression quotes by Octave Mirbeau
#94. There is a diabolical streak in me, a troublesome and inexplicable perversity. #Quote by Octave Mirbeau
Depression quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#95. It's not wrong to feel sorry for yourself. Just like it's not wrong to stand in a puddle of water while the rain pours down on your head. But neither is productive, unless you enjoy feeling cold and miserable and soggy while mascara runs down your face. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Depression quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#96. No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun - for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax - This won't hurt #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Depression quotes by Ariel Slamet Ries
#97. If others pull you from the darkness, it's because they believe your life is worth living. Don't push them away because you don't feel you deserve it. #Quote by Ariel Slamet Ries
Depression quotes by Harold B. Lee
#98. The one who confidently looks forward to an eternal reward for his efforts in mortality is constantly sustained through his deepest trials. When he is disappointed in love, he does not commit suicide. When loved ones die, he doesn't despair; when he loses a coveted contest, he doesn't falter; when war and destruction dissipate his future, he doesn't sink into a depression. He lives above his world and never loses sight of the goal of his salvation. #Quote by Harold B. Lee
Depression quotes by Miklos Nyiszli
#99. Poor friend and learned physician, my sensitive and gentle companion, instead of treating and curing the sick you yourself have fallen beneath the yoke of death, and now belong to death's kingdom. For many months you have witnessed such suffering and horror as the human mind can scarcely conceive, as he who sees cannot believe. Perhaps it is for the best that your nerves have betrayed you, that a benevolent veil of forgetfulness has fallen upon your mind. Now, at least, you need not fret or worry about what the future may hold in store for you. #Quote by Miklos Nyiszli
Depression quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#100. When his son was dressed Mr. Button regarded him with depression. The costume consisted of dotted socks, pink pants, and a belted blouse with a wide white collar. Over the latter waved the long whitish beard, drooping almost to the waist. The effect was not good. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Depression quotes by Susan Cain
#101. INTROVERTS are especially vulnerable to challenges like marital tension, a parent's death, or abuse. They're more likely than their peers to react to these events with depression, anxiety, and shyness. Indeed, about a quarter of Kagan's high-reactive kids suffer from some degree of the condition known as "social anxiety disorder," a chronic and disabling form of shyness. #Quote by Susan Cain
Depression quotes by Paul Bogard
#102. To think that melancholy--which seems a natural response to the coexisting realities of beauty and mortality--is the same as clinical depression is tragically mistaken. Words like "sad," "gloomy," and "depressed" leave no room for the rich, dark quality of melancholy, which I've always seen as a sensitive appreciation that change is happening every second of our lives, that everything and everyone we love will die, and that in knowing this we have the opportunity to share our gratitude while we still do have time. #Quote by Paul Bogard
Depression quotes by Maureen Ogle
#103. [N]ow that growing your own (food, dope, hair, younameit) is hip," wrote the author of an essay widely reprinted in alternative newspapers, "it's time to resurrect the Dope of the Depression - Homebrew." Homemade beer inspired "good vibrations" and a "pleasant high." Unlike the rest of "plastic, mass-produced shit" of modern America, homebrew represented "an exercise of craft" and empowered the "politically oriented" to retaliate against "Augustus [sic] Busch and the other fascists pigs who [were] ripping off the Common Man." "If you're looking for a cheap drunk," added the beer adviser, "go back to Gussie Busch. But if you dig the good vibes from using something you make yourself, plus an improvement in quality over the commercial shit," brew on, brothers and sisters, brew on. #Quote by Maureen Ogle
Depression quotes by The Counselling Paradigm Http
#104. Do not worry over things you can not control. There's always a way. There's always a choice. #Quote by The Counselling Paradigm Http
Depression quotes by Brooke Shields
#105. I suffered from post-natal depression after Rowan was born. I had a healthy, beautiful baby girl and I couldn't look at her. I couldn't hold her, smile at her. All I wanted was to disappear and die. #Quote by Brooke Shields
Depression quotes by Tina J. Richardson
#106. I can't speak anymore, I open my mouth but nothing comes out. So many things to say. I wonder if you really want to hear it anyway?

Instead, I leave my heavy mind exploding with unfinished thoughts. #Quote by Tina J. Richardson
Depression quotes by Haruki Murakami
#107. You tell me there is no fighting or hatred or desire in the Town. That is a beautiful dream, and I do want your happiness. But the absence of fighting or hatred or desire also means the opposites do not exist either. No joy, no communion, no love. Only where there is disillusionment and depression and sorrow does happiness arise; without despair or loss, there is no hope. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Depression quotes by Joan D. Chittister
#108. This compulsion to look back, to explain to myself, to others, why I did what I did - or, worse, to justify why I didn't do something else - is one of the most direct roads to depression we have. Our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, according to Dr. Andrew Weil in his book Healthy Aging, are "key determinants of how we age." They can threaten the quality of time we bring to the present. #Quote by Joan D. Chittister
Depression quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#109. The world's religions, for all their parochialism, did supply a kind of consolation for this great ache ... This shattering recognition of our mortality is at the root of far more mental illness than I suspect even psychiatrists are aware. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Depression quotes by Sarah Kane
#110. the capture
the rapture
the rupture
of a soul
a solo symphony #Quote by Sarah Kane
Depression quotes by Sandy Oshiro Rosen
#111. Community is about sharing my life; about allowing the chaos of another's circumstances to infringe on mine; about permitting myself to be known without constraint; about resigning myself to needing others. #Quote by Sandy Oshiro Rosen
Depression quotes by Tao Lin
#112. I don't have a definition for depression. I'm productive, and that's not a sign of depression, right? And I don't have weeks where I don't leave my bed. It seems like depressed people have those. #Quote by Tao Lin
Depression quotes by Stevie Smith
#113. These thoughts are depressing I know. They are depressing,
I wish I was more cheerful, it is more pleasant,
Also it is a duty, we should smile as well as submitting
To the purpose of One Above who is experimenting
With various mixtures of human character which goes best,
All is interesting for him it is exciting, but not for us.
There I go again. Smile, smile, and get some work to do
Then you will be practically unconscious without positively having to go. #Quote by Stevie Smith
Depression quotes by Tom Bosley
#114. Just like other illnesses, depression can be treated so that people can live happy, active lives. #Quote by Tom Bosley
Depression quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#115. And I know, knew for sure, with an absolute certainty, that this is rock bottom, this what the worst possible thing feels like. It is not some grand, wretched emotional breakdown. It is, in fact, so very mundane: ... Rock Bottom is an inability to cope with the commonplace that is so extreme it makes even the grandest and loveliest things unbearable ... Rock bottom is feeling that the only thing that matters in all of life is the one bad moment ... Rock bottom is everything out of focus. It's a failure of vision, a failure to see the world how it is, to see the good in what it is, and only to wonder why the hell things look the way they do and not - and not some other way. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Depression quotes by Heather O'Neill
#116. Many of them, like him, would never grow old enough to understand that you only go from one hardship to another. And that the best we can hope from life is that it is a wonderful depression. #Quote by Heather O'Neill
Depression quotes by Jarod Kintz
#117. Those responsible for our economic depression have been found irresponsible. The irresponsible are responsible! #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Depression quotes by Deyth Banger
#118. I am not going to be a z-biatch.

(Enough to:
- Carring
- Worry
- What to say
- Anxiety
- Depression) #Quote by Deyth Banger
Depression quotes by Andrew Solomon
#119. A large proportion of my best friends are a little bit crazy ... I try to be cautious with my friends who are too sane. Depression is itself destructive, and it breeds destructive impulses: I am easily disappointed in people who don't get it ... #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Depression quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#120. There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, 'There now, hang on, you'll get over it.' Sadness is more or less like a head cold- with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Depression quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#121. I graciously survived depression, mental-illness and attempt of suicide. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Depression quotes by Mitch Albom
#122. Her initial elation had given way to something unexpected: a heightened sadness. Even depression. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Depression quotes by David Foster Wallace
#123. The depressed person's therapist was always extremely careful to avoid appearing to judge or blame the depressed person for clinging to her defenses, or to suggest that the depressed person had in any way consciously chosen or chosen to cling to a chronic depression whose agony made her (i.e., the depressed person's) every waking hour feel like more than any person could possibly endure. This renunciation of judgment or imposed value was held by the therapeutic school in which the therapist's philosophy of healing had evolved over almost fifteen years of clinical experience to be integral to the combination of unconditional support and complete honesty about feelings which composed the nurturing professionalism required for a productive therapeutic journey toward authenticity and intrapersonal wholeness. Defenses against intimacy, the depressed person's therapist's experiential theory held, were nearly always arrested or vestigial survival-mechanisms; i.e., they had, at one time, been environmentally appropriate and necessary and had very probably served to shield a defenseless childhood psyche against potentially unbearable trauma, but in nearly all cases they (i.e., the defense-mechanisms) had become inappropriately imprinted and arrested and were now, in adulthood, no longer environmentally appropriate and in fact now, paradoxically, actually caused a great deal more trauma and pain than they prevented. Nevertheless, the therapist had made it clear from the outset that she #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Depression quotes by Charles Duhigg
#124. Even if consumer confidence hit rock bottom, that most likely would not be enough, by itself, to cause a depression. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Depression quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#125. You've always been nuts. That's fine. I can deal with nuts. But lately, you've been depressed nuts. I can't deal with that.
- Anthony #Quote by Jennifer Crusie
Depression quotes by Murray N. Rothbard
#126. In short, and this is a highly important point to grasp, the depression is the "recovery" process, and the end of the depression heralds the return to normal, and to optimum efficiency. #Quote by Murray N. Rothbard
Depression quotes by Jenny Diski
#127. But given that depression happened to me, and I did have support, I found it was possible after a time, to achieve a kind of joy totally disconnected from the world. I wanted to be unavailable and in that place without the pain. I still want it. It is coloured white and filled with a singing silence. It is an endless ice-rink. It is Antarctica. #Quote by Jenny Diski
Depression quotes by Tyler Hamilton
#128. We got through it. Haven made excuses for me to friends, and made an appointment with a terrific doctor, who put me on Effexor, 150 milligrams a day, enough to get my brain straightened out. #Quote by Tyler Hamilton
Depression quotes by Iris Apfel
#129. My mother was a big influence; she was exceedingly chic, completely dressed in a completely different manner than I did. I was a child of the Depression, so she taught me all about accessories, and I always tell everybody she worships at the altar of the accessory. #Quote by Iris Apfel
Depression quotes by Dick Cavett
#130. The greatest benefit of depression is the fact that when I have talked about it, every so often someone comes up and says, 'You saved my dad's life.' #Quote by Dick Cavett
Depression quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#131. Each person's drive to overwork is unique, and doing too much numbs every workaholic's emotions differently. Sometimes overwork numbs depression, sometimes anger, sometimes envy, sometimes sexuality. Or the overworker runs herself ragged in a race for attention. #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Depression quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#132. An emotionally locked person refuses to let go of their sad memories and live in the now. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Depression quotes by Daniel Amen
#133. Supplements are very important, especially a multiple vitamin. The American Medical Association now says we should take one. And fish oil because it has omega 3 fatty acids and they have been found to lower depression, dementia, ADD, and people who kill themselves. So fish oil supplements; I have been taking them for years, I actually scanned my brain before and after and it's better. #Quote by Daniel Amen
Depression quotes by Eminem
#134. I'm just so fucking depressed,
I just can't seem to get out this slump. #Quote by Eminem
Depression quotes by Lynn Austin
#135. Depression, I've learned, is sometimes caused by anger that we keep locked up inside. #Quote by Lynn Austin
Depression quotes by Tracy Thompson
#136. It seemed to me the basic definition of mental illness, this persistent, painful inability to simply be with someone else. It might be lifelong, or it might descend like a sudden catastrophe, this blankness between ourselves and the rest of the world. The blankness might not even be obvious to others. But on our side of that severed connection, it was hell, a life lived behind glass. The only difference between mild depression and severe schizophrenia was the amount of sound and air that seeped in. #Quote by Tracy Thompson
Depression quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
#137. Each of us keeps, battened down inside himself, a sort of lunatic giant; impossible socially, but full scale; and it's the knockings and battering we sometimes hear in each other that keep our banter from utter banality. #Quote by Elizabeth Bowen
Depression quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#138. When you have mental illness it's common to be shunned by your family or friends it wouldn't happen if they knew the pain you were in. #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Depression quotes by Karen Horney
#139. We may feel genuinely concerned about world conditions, though such a concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. #Quote by Karen Horney
Depression quotes by Shannon Mullen
#140. Sleeping is much safer than the nightmare I'm living.
When I sleep I feel nothing and I do nothing and I see nothing and nothing matters and no one cares. There's no one to hurt or disappoint or notice when I'm low and I don't need to face anyone not anyone in the world or not even myself. #Quote by Shannon Mullen
Depression quotes by David Levithan
#141. Tiny: but there is the word, this word phil wrayson taught me once: weltschmerz. it's the depression you feel when the world as it is does not line up with the world as you think it should be. i live in a big goddamned weltzschermz ocean, you know? and so do you. #Quote by David Levithan
Depression quotes by Jane Goodall
#142. Farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear, and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined ... they are individuals in their own right. #Quote by Jane Goodall
Depression quotes by Terry Gilliam
#143. I never define depression, clinical or otherwise. It's the basis of most life, it seems to me, in the modern world. We're all depressed. #Quote by Terry Gilliam
Depression quotes by Seth Adam Smith
#144. To all who struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts: you are not alone. we are all on this journey together. I promise you that there is hope. Let us reach out to one another and walk together in the sunlight. #Quote by Seth Adam Smith
Depression quotes by Robert A. Caro
#145. Time would never cure it. Almost half a century later, when she was the only one of the nine Kennedy siblings still living, the author would ask Jean Kennedy Smith about her brother Bobby and his depression over Jack's death. "When did he come out of that?" she repeated, and then said, "I don't think he ever came out of that. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Depression quotes by Milton Friedman
#146. The Federal Reserve the privately owned U.S. central bank definitely caused The Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one third from 1929 to 1933. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Depression quotes by Andrew Solomon
#147. Depression means that you have no point of view. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Depression quotes by Julie Mannix Von Zerneck
#148. I have this beast. He comes and goes at will.
He's very powerful.
He has control over me.
I want to come and go at will.
I want to be the powerful one. #Quote by Julie Mannix Von Zerneck
Depression quotes by Nikki Sex
#149. I have found that sometimes when a person gives up on 'humankind' they can often find trust and love in animal kind. André Chevalier #Quote by Nikki Sex
Depression quotes by Sam Harris
#150. A review of the psychological literature suggests that mindfulness in particular fosters many components of physical and mental health: It improves immune function, blood pressure, and cortisol levels; it reduces anxiety, depression, neuroticism, and emotional reactivity. It also leads to greater behavioral regulation and has shown promise in the treatment of addiction and eating disorders. Unsurprisingly, the practice is associated with increased subjective well-being.13 #Quote by Sam Harris
Depression quotes by William Styron
#151. Loss in all of its manifestations is the touchstone of depression - in the progress of the disease and, most likely, in its origin. #Quote by William Styron
Depression quotes by Marianne Faithfull
#152. If I let myself sink into depression, I won't be able to get out. And then I'll be awfully unhappy. I just have to turn my face to the light and walk on. And trust that things will be all right. #Quote by Marianne Faithfull
Depression quotes by Noha Alaa El-Din
#153. I know loneliness very well; depressing thoughts run the show, that's the main aspect of loneliness. #Quote by Noha Alaa El-Din
Depression quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#154. Though life shall come to an end one day, don't end life whilst living. So many people end their lives whilst they live before their lives come to a real end! There is always another tomorrow to do something different! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Depression quotes by Iris Murdoch
#155. I have nobody in the world. I'll kill myself. That's best. Everyone will say, It's for the best that she killed herself, she's better off dead . . . I hate myself so much I could spend hours and hours just screaming with hatred and with the pain of it, oh the pain of it . . . #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Depression quotes by Stephen Fry
#156. You don't get depressed because bad things happen to you. That's getting pissed off and annoyed. That's reasonable. Someone hits you in the face you go ow, you know that's ... but depression is something that happens like weather to you inside you ... #Quote by Stephen Fry
Depression quotes by Dodie Clark
#157. I hung back, staring at cars driving past and wondering if they were moving fast enough to knock me down. #Quote by Dodie Clark
Depression quotes by John Cheever
#158. He saw the role of the serious writer as both lofty and practical in the same instant. He used to say that literature was one of the first indications of civilization. He used to say that a fine piece of prose could not only cure a depression, it could clear up a sinus headache. Like many great healers, he meant to heal himself. #Quote by John Cheever
Depression quotes by David Lloyd-Jones
#159. The whole man is involved, the mind, the heart and the will, and a common cause of spiritual depression is the failure to realize that the Christian life is a whole life, a balanced life. #Quote by David Lloyd-Jones
Depression quotes by Alicia Cook
#160. I've read about people who were so sad, they stayed in bed all day. That alone motivated me to want to get up, even if I just moved to the couch. The couch is not the bed. #Quote by Alicia Cook
Depression quotes by Al-Hanouf Halawi
#161. When you try hard to get something, but you gain nothing, this is what's called depression. #Quote by Al-Hanouf Halawi
Depression quotes by Steve Martin
#162. The Serzone is a gift from God that frees her from the immobilising depression that would otherwise surround her and seep into her body like a poisonous fog. The drug distances the depression from her, although it is never out of sight ... The depression she battles is not the newly acquired symptom of a young woman now living in Los Angeles on her own. It was first set in the bow in Vermont, where she grew up, and fired as a companion arrow that has travelled with her ever since. #Quote by Steve Martin
Depression quotes by Tracey Emin
#163. Strolling on the plateau of life, desperate for the mountain, I never thought that I would get this far. It's only art that has carried me through, given me faith in my own existence. But now I am approaching a point in my life where I desire more ... #Quote by Tracey Emin
Depression quotes by Michelle Pfeiffer
#164. My grandmother raised five children during the Depression by herself. At 50, she threw her sewing machine into the back of a pickup truck and drove from North Dakota to California. She was a real survivor, so that's my stock. That's how I want my kids to be too. #Quote by Michelle Pfeiffer
Depression quotes by Sarah Dessen
#165. I always started studying with the best intentions, telling myself that today just might be the day it all fell into place, and everything would be different. But more often than not, though, after a couple of pages of practice problems, I'd find myself spiraling into an all-out depression. When it was really bad, I'd put my head down on my book and contemplate alternate options for my future.
"whoa," I heard a voice say. It was muffled slightly by my hair, and my arm, which I locked around my head in an effort to keep my brain from seeping out. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Depression quotes by Lesley Hazleton
#166. There is no perfect solution to depression, nor should there be. And odd as this may sound we should be glad of that. It keeps us human. #Quote by Lesley Hazleton
Depression quotes by Shannon Hale
#167. That year, when the trees burned the fire of late summer into their leaves and the ground mist was a ghost of the river, long and wet and cold, the aunt looked from her windows to the walls around her and imagined another winter inside them. She began to see the world as a bird sees bars, and she scratched her arms beneath her sleeves. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Depression quotes by Angela Carter
#168. At the best of times, spring hurts depressives. #Quote by Angela Carter
Depression quotes by Franz Kafka
#169. I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Depression quotes by Elyse Fitzpatrick
#170. The depressed don't simply need to feel better. They need a Redeemer who says, "Take heart, my son, my daughter; what you really need has been supplied. Life no longer need be about your goodness, success, righteousness, or failure. I've given you something infinitely more valuable than good feelings: your sins are forgiven." #Quote by Elyse Fitzpatrick
Depression quotes by Lisa Genova
#171. This time of year is brutal. Joe knows exactly what Donny's referring to. It's January, just after the holiday season, a time for family and gift giving and celebration for most, a time of unbearable depression for others. The days are cold and dark by four thirty. Joe and Donny have responded to a lot of suicides over the years, and winter is sadly the most popular season. Joe won't miss that part of his job. Discovering the bodies. Sometimes the body parts. A teenager overdoses on heroin. A mother swallows a bottle of prescription pills. A father leaps off the Tobin. A cop eats his gun. #Quote by Lisa Genova
Depression quotes by David D. Burns
#172. I always wanted to see people's lives transformed from depression and anxiety to joy and peace. #Quote by David D. Burns
Depression quotes by Zoe Heller
#173. But about the drip drip of long-haul, no-end-in-sight solitude, they know nothing. They don't know what it is to construct an entire weekend around a visit to the laundrette. Or to sit in a darkened flat on Halloween night, because you can't bear to expose your bleak evening to a crowd of jeering trick-or-treaters. Or to have the librarian smile pityingly and say, 'Goodness, you're a quick reader!' when you bring back seven books, read from cover to cover, a week after taking them out. They don't know what it is to be so chronically untouched that the accidental brush of a bus conductor's hand on your shoulder sends a jolt of longing straight to your groin. #Quote by Zoe Heller
Depression quotes by Martin Seligman
#174. Optimism is a tool with a certain clear set of benefits: it fights depression, it promotes achievement and produces better health. #Quote by Martin Seligman
Depression quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#175. Don't quit.
When your latest efforts fail, don't quit. When your performance is scoffed and ridiculed, don't quit. When you're told you have no talent, don't quit. When you come in dead last, don't quit. When it seems an uphill fight to keep going, don't quit. When you can't see any possible way to achieve your goals, don't quit. When your last supporter is you alone, don't quit. When discouragement and depression seem your constant companion, don't quit. When you feel like quitting, don't quit.
Time and time again you will crave relief from the harsh fight of trying to succeed. You will falsely think that quitting will bring peace and reprieve, but alas, only regret and disappointment await the quitter. Victory means never ever ever quitting.
So don't quit.
Do not quit. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Depression quotes by Stephen Fry
#176. Hey-ho, it's raining inside: it isn't my fault and there's nothing I can do about it, but sit it out. But the sun may well come out tomorrow and when it does, I shall take full advantage. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Depression quotes by Deepak Chopra
#177. Pain in the present is experienced as hurt. Pain in the past is remembered as anger. Pain in the future is perceived as anxiety. Unexpressed anger, redirected against yourself and held within, is called guilt. The depletion of energy that occurs when anger is redirected inward creates depression. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Depression quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#178. Depression is having a crowd of dementors live in your head twenty-four/seven. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Depression quotes by Tarran Carter
#179. Diligence in prayer will envoke the supernatural. The angels are then activated through prayer. They go before you. They release the chains of depression, spiritual bondage. The effacey of Gods word is sure. The anointing breaks every yoke. The blood of Jesus delivers us from evil.

Pray without ceasing. There is a dispensation of miracles happening in this season. God is able. #Quote by Tarran Carter
Depression quotes by Dean Mackin
#180. If you poke a bear just to hear it to roar, why keep poking it if it doesn't have the energy to roar #Quote by Dean Mackin
Depression quotes by Rick Majerus
#181. They talk about the economy this year. Hey, my hairline is in recession, my waistline is in inflation. Altogether, I'm in a depression. #Quote by Rick Majerus
Depression quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#182. Outer gavels can't crush you when your inner judge is love. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Depression quotes by William Styron
#183. In depression this faith in deliverance, in ultimate restoration, is absent. The pain is unrelenting, and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come- not in a day, an hour, a month, or a minute. If there is mild relief, one knows that it is only temporary; more pain will follow. It is hopelessness even more than pain that crushes the soul. So the decision-making of daily life involves not, as in normal affairs, shifting from one annoying situation to another less annoying- or from discomfort to relative comfort, or from boredom to activity- but moving from pain to pain. One does not abandon, even briefly, one's bed of nails, but is attached to it wherever one goes. And this results in a striking experience- one which I have called, borrowing military terminology, the situation of the walking wounded. For in virtually any other serious sickness, a patient who felt similar devistation would by lying flat in bed, possibly sedated and hooked up to the tubes and wires of life-support systems, but at the very least in a posture of repose and in an isolated setting. His invalidism would be necessary, unquestioned and honorably attained. However, the sufferer from depression has no such option and therefore finds himself, like a walking casualty of war, thrust into the most intolerable social and family situations. There he must, despite the anguish devouring his brain, present a face approximating the one that is associated with ordinary event #Quote by William Styron
Depression quotes by Jarod Kintz
#184. The escalator doesn't work, and you'd think they'd still be used as stairs, but in this economic depression, even the stairs are unemployed. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Depression quotes by John Raese
#185. The minimum wage is something that F.D.R. put in place a long time ago during the Great Depression. I don't think it worked then. It didn't solve any problems then and it hasn't solved any problems in 50 years. #Quote by John Raese
Depression quotes by Helen Fisher
#186. The Great Depression of the 1930s saw more American unmarried women working from nine to five, mostly in repetitive, boring, subordinate, dead-end jobs. But the number of working women doubled between 1870 and 1940. During World War II it doubled once again. #Quote by Helen Fisher
Depression quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#187. Depression gets you nowhere but tangled in an overgrown garden that can choke the life out of you. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Depression quotes by Melinda Gates
#188. I felt suicidal. I couldn't stop crying. I remember thinking, wouldn't it be great if the car crashed and I died? #Quote by Melinda Gates
Depression quotes by Talismanist Giebra
#189. I keep falling deep down into my abyss…
It's the end of meaning and the beginning of meaning. #Quote by Talismanist Giebra
Depression quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#190. When you look directly at an insane man all you see is a reflection of your own knowledge that he's insane, which is not to see him at all. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Depression quotes by Brennan Manning
#191. When we get waylaid from our walk with God by busyness, depression, family problems, or worse, God does not abandon us. #Quote by Brennan Manning
Depression quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#192. It may be observed, that provinces amid the vicissitudes to which they are subject, pass from order into confusion, and afterward recur to a state of order again; for the nature of mundane affairs not allowing them to continue in an even course, when they have arrived at their greatest perfection, they soon begin to decline. In the same manner, having been reduced by disorder, and sunk to their utmost state of depression, unable to descend lower, they, of necessity, reascend; and thus from good they gradually decline to evil, and from evil again return to good. The reason is, that valor produces peace; peace, repose; repose, disorder; disorder, ruin; so from disorder order springs; from order virtue, and from this, glory and good fortune. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Depression quotes by Terry Lynch
#193. Have you heard or been told that chemical imbalances occur in depression? If so, you have been seriously misinformed. #Quote by Terry Lynch
Depression quotes by PureDragonWolf
#194. Love is like a knife. It can either hurt you or it's too dangerous to hold on too. #Quote by PureDragonWolf
Depression quotes by Indu Muralidharan
#195. Become aware of yourself. Everything will come to you, Chinmay, when you are in that most wonderful place on earth, the centre of your being. If you learn just one thing from this book, let it be that once you are aware of yourself, depression cannot hold you back any more than a tiger can be trapped in a spider's web. #Quote by Indu Muralidharan
Depression quotes by Tah The Trickster
#196. She was - of course - perfectly normal -
quiet and polite and
intelligent and...normal and
self destructive and lonely
and terrified of every
And she loved
Disaster - #Quote by Tah The Trickster
Depression quotes by Eric Weiner
#197. Depression, contrary to what we normally believe, is not sadness but an inability to fully feel sadness. Depression is sorrow denied. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Depression quotes by Scott Simon
#198. One of the reasons we think this market will start to run out of gas at some point is that you've essentially created as much gold from straw as you can from this financial alchemy #Quote by Scott Simon
Depression quotes by Matt Stephens
#199. I believe depression is legitimate.

But I also believe that if you don't:

-eat nutritious foods
-get sunlight
-get enough sleep
-consume positive material
-surround yourself with support

Then you aren't giving yourself a fighting chance. #Quote by Matt Stephens
Depression quotes by Arthur Miller
#200. A friend of mine once said that there were only two truly national events in the history of the United States. One was the Civil War and the other one was the Depression. #Quote by Arthur Miller

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