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Famous Quotes About Denim Jackets

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Denim Jackets quotes by Paloma Faith
#1. My denim jacket had 'I love GNR' and 'I love AC/DC' written all over it, but I always came back to swing. #Quote by Paloma Faith
Denim Jackets quotes by Debra Ginsberg
#2. Reading was only part of the thrill that a book represented. I got a dizzy pleasure from the weight and feel of a new book in my hand, a sensual delight from the smell and crispness of the pages. I loved the smoothness and bright colors of their jackets. For me, a stacked, unread pyramid of books was one of the sexiest architectural designs there was, because what I loved most about books was their promise, the anticipation of what lay between the covers, waiting to be found. #Quote by Debra Ginsberg
Denim Jackets quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#3. I put my hands into the pockets of all his jackets #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Denim Jackets quotes by Bill Engvall
#4. I arrived home the other day, and it was just pouring rain out side so buy the time I get from the car to the front door I am soaked. I walk in side and take off my jacket and my wife says Is it raining out I couldn't help my self when I replied Nope, I had to take the gold fish for a walk. Here's your sign! #Quote by Bill Engvall
Denim Jackets quotes by Veronica Webb
#5. When my Azzedine jacket from 1987 died, I wrapped it up in a box, attached a note saying where it came from and took it to the Salvation Army. It was a big loss. #Quote by Veronica Webb
Denim Jackets quotes by Ben Macallan
#6. This one had come to me, though, picked me out. I thought she was trouble from the start. I don't read minds and I can't see the future, but call it instinct or experience, something was prickling my spine.
You could call it something else, if you wanted: adolescence, hormones, lust. Being seventeen. That doesn't go away, however long you practice.
"Hullo," I said politely, warily.
She was long and slim and very neatly put together, dark hair tumbling over denim, old worn black jacket and jeans that somehow hadn't faded into grey. They probably didn't dare. Right from the start I saw a focus in her, a determination that must go all the way through, like the writing in a stick of Brighton rock. In another world, another lifetime, I thought she'd have raven-feathers in her hair, a bear's tooth on a thong about her. She'd be the village shaman, talking to spirits, and even the headman would be afraid of her, a little...
Seventeen, I told you. She was devastating to me, she was sitting at my table, and I couldn't afford her. Not for a minute.
If I'd stood up, if I'd left, if I'd run away...
Nah. She would just have come after me. Faster, fitter, and on longer legs. What chance did I ever have? #Quote by Ben Macallan
Denim Jackets quotes by Laurence Olivier
#7. In spite of a heavy disguise, a few days' growth on my face, dark glasses, a beret and one of William's jackets that fitted me not at all, as I emerged from a hotel in Lecce, a young fisherman pointed me out to his friends and said "Lavrenche Olivaire." It was not all that amazing; if you're not known in Italy, you're not known anywhere. #Quote by Laurence Olivier
Denim Jackets quotes by Demetri Martin
#8. There are two kinds of jackets - reversible, and reversible but it's hard to zipper up and it looks really stupid. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Denim Jackets quotes by Bobby Orr
#9. So many of today's programs are about trophies and jackets, and we think that's a big mistake. #Quote by Bobby Orr
Denim Jackets quotes by Stephen King
#10. Four young men in motorcycle jackets... set upon the man in khaki shorts and beat him unconscious with his own sandwich board. #Quote by Stephen King
Denim Jackets quotes by Beth Ditto
#11. With a stretch belt, anything can be a dress - a dinner napkin, a tablecloth, even a towel. Just wrap and snap, and away you go in an incredible outfit. Another plus is that the belt will pull all eyes to your lovely curves, and they even look good around a coat or a jacket. #Quote by Beth Ditto
Denim Jackets quotes by J. Anthony Lukas
#12. I wear tweed jackets and button-down shirts. I am a 1955 graduate of Harvard University who drives a 1968 Mercedes. #Quote by J. Anthony Lukas
Denim Jackets quotes by Eleanor Friedberger
#13. I'm in a funny position: I've been in one band in my life and that was with my brother. As incredible as that has been, I feel like I'm missing out a little bit on being in a real rock band - or how I imagine being in a real rock band to be. It's like being in a street gang: you all wear the same leather jacket or whatever. #Quote by Eleanor Friedberger
Denim Jackets quotes by Israel Elysium
#14. This is the girl in the borrowed trench-coat, moving across the bridge with the river Seine underneath. She pulls something from the jacket's pocket and hits the button, not answering when the man without his coat catches up with her at that moment, calling her name.
Pull back fifty metres, and here is the burning apartment, debris floating softly through the air that is filled with screams.
Here is the man again, gripping the shoulders of the girl with his coat and yelling into her ears, 'What have you done?'
And here is that playful smile that creeps upon her lips as she disappears, the air rushing to fill the space where she had just been. #Quote by Israel Elysium
Denim Jackets quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#15. And what's romance? Usually, a nice little tale where you have everything as you like it, where rain never wets your jacket and gnats never bite your nose, and it's always daisy-time. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Denim Jackets quotes by Fiona McIntosh
#16. Then they had a day together in Melbourne and Jenny stayed in her first hotel, with Luc sparing no expense and treating her to the Windsor for the night. Here, Jenny experienced a luxury that had her wide-eyed, where men in their fine uniform of burgundy jackets, trimmed with gold, fussed around them and suggested an afternoon tea like never before. Luc couldn't help but grin to see his daughter engulfed in a leather chair, near the huge arched picture windows that fronted Spring Street, choosing cucumber sandwiches and beautiful little cakes and pastries from a silver tiered cake stand. #Quote by Fiona McIntosh
Denim Jackets quotes by Yvon Chouinard
#17. We've teamed up with some Japanese companies to, basically by 2010, make all our clothing out of recycled and recyclable fibers. And we're going to accept ownership of our products from birth to birth. So if you buy a jacket from us, or a shirt ,or a pair of pants, when you're done with it, you can give it back to us and we'll make more shirts and pants out of it. #Quote by Yvon Chouinard
Denim Jackets quotes by V. Theia
#18. Press your hips harder, love, go at me like you're trying to get at my cock through the denim, I'll sit here and take it. #Quote by V. Theia
Denim Jackets quotes by Ilona Andrews
#19. Clothes don't have magic powers, Derek. They don't mystically protect you from three-inch claws, rapists, or murderers. If someone decides to hurt you, they will do so whether or not you have a thin layer of denim over your skin. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Denim Jackets quotes by Jay Kay
#20. I can find every jacket under the sun that I like. But I cannot find trousers cut the way I want them. They're all really tight at the bottom. Nobody does a boot cut on a trouser leg. It drives me crazy. #Quote by Jay Kay
Denim Jackets quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#21. Arbole, Arbole . . ."

Tree, tree
dry and green.

The girl with the pretty face
is out picking olives.
The wind, playboy of towers,
grabs her around the waist.
Four riders passed by
on Andalusian ponies,
with blue and green jackets
and big, dark capes.
"Come to Cordoba, muchacha."
The girl won't listen to them.
Three young bullfighters passed,
slender in the waist,
with jackets the color of oranges
and swords of ancient silver.
"Come to Sevilla, muchacha."
The girl won't listen to them.
When the afternoon had turned
dark brown, with scattered light,
a young man passed by, wearing
roses and myrtle of the moon.
"Come to Granada, muchacha."
And the girl won't listen to him.
The girl with the pretty face
keeps on picking olives
with the grey arm of the wind
wrapped around her waist.
Tree, tree
dry and green. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Denim Jackets quotes by Anna Torv
#22. I am a sucker for jackets! #Quote by Anna Torv
Denim Jackets quotes by Josephine De La Baume
#23. I don't have a collection, but I have a thing with jackets. I really like jackets. Whether it's an '80s motorbike jacket, or a Victorian jacket. I could wear the same jeans every day for months, but the jacket would be the thing that would change a lot. #Quote by Josephine De La Baume
Denim Jackets quotes by Holly Lisle
#24. And let's debunk one bit of writer myth while we're here: Doing a seventeenth revision on a project does not make a writer an artist or move him above the writer hoi polloi any more than dressing entirely in black or wearing tweed jackets with leather elbow patches or big, black drover coats. These are all affectations, and smack of dilettantism. Real writers, and real artists, finish books and move on to the next project. #Quote by Holly Lisle
Denim Jackets quotes by Marc Almond
#25. I'd always wanted to write a song about a leather jacket and how wearing it makes you feel. I love leather jackets, and I've got a big collection of them. #Quote by Marc Almond
Denim Jackets quotes by Paul Collins
#26. Historically, dust jackets are a new concern for authors; you don't see them much before the 1920s. And dust jacket is a strange name for this contrivance, as if books had anything to fear from dust. If you store a book properly, standing up, then the jacket doesn't cover the one part of the book that is actually exposed to dust, which is the top of the pages. So a dust jacket is no such thing at all; it is really a sort of advertising wrapper, like the brown paper sheath on a Hershey's bar. On this wrapper goes the manufacturer's name, the ingredients
some blithering about unforgettable characters or gemlike prose or gripping narrative
and a brief summation of who does what to whom in our gripping, unforgettable, gemlike object. #Quote by Paul Collins
Denim Jackets quotes by P.D. James
#27. What about his style?" asked Dalgliesh who was beginning to think that his reading had been unnecessarily restricted.
"Turgid but grammatical. And, in these days, when every illiterate debutante thinks she is a novelist, who am I to quarrel with that? Written with Fowler on his left hand and Roget on his right. Stale, flat and, alas, rapidly becoming unprofitable ... "
"What was he like as a person?" asked Dalgliesh.
"Oh, difficult. Very difficult, poor fellow! I thought you knew him? A precise, self-opinionated, nervous little man perpetually fretting about his sales, his publicity or his book jackets. He overvalued his own talent and undervalued everyone else's, which didn't exactly make for popularity."
"A typical writer, in fact?" suggested Dalgliesh mischievously. #Quote by P.D. James
Denim Jackets quotes by Twiggy
#28. If you've got the body and the chutzpah, a pencil skirt is so sexy on older women. Look for ones that fall just below the knee. Think 1940s, cinched-in jackets - imagine you are Lauren Bacall on a date with Humphrey Bogart and you just absolutely have to wear very high heels. #Quote by Twiggy
Denim Jackets quotes by Jean Paul Gaultier
#29. I have always been drawn to designing fashions that are rebellious, like black leather jackets on suburban kinds, a corset dress, punk, blue jeans. I love that. Fashion changes all the time, and what is considered extreme or elegant or luxurious (or not luxurious) is changing all the time. #Quote by Jean Paul Gaultier
Denim Jackets quotes by Charlotte Rampling
#30. Go out there and try on everything - short skirts, long skirts, mid length, little jackets, men's clothing - and really look at yourself; really walk around in the clothes. Don't just take someone else's advice. You must feel you in these clothes and feel what it's like to live in them. #Quote by Charlotte Rampling
Denim Jackets quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#31. Imagine if all of life were determined by majority rule. Every meal would be a pizza. Every pair of pants, even those in a Brooks Brothers suit, would be stone-washed denim. Celebrity diet and exercise books would be the only thing on the shelves at the library. And - since women are a majority of the population - we'd all be married to Mel Gibson. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Denim Jackets quotes by Brenna Ehrlich
#32. Shirts and jeans litter the asphalt, the empty fabric limbs askew as if they're attempting to escape. Blood smears Sarah's lips as she struggles against the chest of a dirty looking man with a beard. Terror. Terror is the only word my mind can seize on and it forgets what it means. I forget how to think - to move. #Quote by Brenna Ehrlich
Denim Jackets quotes by Sarah Burton
#33. With McQueen you have so much at your fingertips. That is what's so incredible about this place. Lee built an amazing house, an English house - and that is very important - where creativity rules, where you can do whatever you want to do for the shows because no one's saying: where's your basic dress, where's your three button jacket? #Quote by Sarah Burton
Denim Jackets quotes by J.D. Robb
#34. You know what, the jacket's like the car."
""Is this a riddle?" "
, ""No," Peabody said as Eve swiped the master.",""It's an", "ordinary thing - well, special, but a jacket, right? And the car, it's ordinary, it even looks it. But both of them have the special inside. Cop special especially, you know? He so gets you. That's even better than a just-because present."", ""You're right. He does. And it is." Inside, Eve paused another moment. "He's worried about me."", [J.D. Robb, Celebrity In Death] #Quote by J.D. Robb
Denim Jackets quotes by Erica Jong
#35. When I was a ten-year old bookworm and used to kiss the dust jacket pictures of authors as if they were icons, it used to amaze me that these remote people could provoke me to love. #Quote by Erica Jong
Denim Jackets quotes by Mark Knopfler
#36. No money in our jackets and our jeans are torn,
Your hands are cold but your lips are warm. #Quote by Mark Knopfler
Denim Jackets quotes by Tom Ford
#37. You have to look inside yourself and you have to say, well, what am I about? Why does anyone need this? Why does anyone need a 'Tom Ford' jacket? What do I believe in? #Quote by Tom Ford

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