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Famous Quotes About Democracy

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Democracy quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#1. Freedom and democracy are dreams you never give up. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
Democracy quotes by Stuart Chase
#2. Democracy, as has been said of Christianity, has never really been tried. #Quote by Stuart Chase
Democracy quotes by Stephen Covey
#3. The exercise of true leadership is inversely proportional to the exercise of power. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Democracy quotes by Narendra Modi
#4. This is an election where there is a tea seller from the Opposition, and to defeat him, everyone has come together. They say Modi should not come. This is because those who looted the nation know that after 16th May what is going to happen. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Democracy quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#5. The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Democracy quotes by Ken Follett
#6. They were taught about democracy in London, not about tyranny in Cairo. #Quote by Ken Follett
Democracy quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#7. The nations of the earth through the centuries of time have waged war to gain territory. I think ours is the only nation on the face of the earth which has not claimed territory gained out of conflict.

I have stood in the American Military Cemetery in Suresnes, France, where are buried some who died in the First World War. Among those was my eldest brother. It is a quiet and hallowed place, a remembrance of great sacrifice 'to make the world safe for democracy.' No territory was claimed by America as recompense for the sacrifices of those buried there.

I have stood in reverence in the beautiful American military cemetery on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines. There marble crosses and the Star of David stand in perfect symmetry marking the burial places of some 17,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Second World War. Surrounding that sacred ground are marble colonnades on which are incised the names of another 35,000 who were lost in the battles of the Pacific during that terrible conflict. After so great a sacrifice there was victory, but there was never a claim for territory except for some small islands over which we have had guardianship.

I have been up and down South Korea from the 38th parallel in the North to Pusan in the South, and I have seen the ridges and the valleys where Americans fought and died, not to save their own land but to preserve freedom for people who were strangers to them but whom they acknowledged to be #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Democracy quotes by Pat Robertson
#8. There's an assault on human sexuality, as Judge Scalia said, they've taken sides in the culture war and on top of that if we have a democracy, the democratic processes should be that we can elect representatives who will share our point of view and vote those things into law. #Quote by Pat Robertson
Democracy quotes by Lionel Jospin
#9. I would like to see capital punishment suppressed in all democracies. #Quote by Lionel Jospin
Democracy quotes by Ibrahim Ibrahim
#10. The American Jews are liberal en masse because the 'Bill Of Rights' guarantees for them (through their evolutionist Justices) to keep the majority and their 'Democracy' in check. #Quote by Ibrahim Ibrahim
Democracy quotes by Henry A. Giroux
#11. We live in a time that demands a discourse of both critique and possibility, one that recognizes that without an informed citizenry, collective struggle, and viable social movements, democracy will slip out of our reach and we will arrive at a new stage of history marked by the birth of an authoritarianism that not only disdains all vestiges of democracy but is more than willing to relegate it to a distant memory. #Quote by Henry A. Giroux
Democracy quotes by Hillary Clinton
#12. If the people of the Middle East are not sure what democracy means, let them look to Israel. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Democracy quotes by Saul Alinsky
#13. Organized business has assumed that greater profits would be pretty much of a cure-all, and it has to a major extent ignored the fact that the welfare of business rests upon the welfare of the consumers of a nation; that business or free enterprise will function in a democracy only so long as the democracy functions. #Quote by Saul Alinsky
Democracy quotes by Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi
#14. Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in. #Quote by Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi
Democracy quotes by Laurens Van Der Post
#15. Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right. #Quote by Laurens Van Der Post
Democracy quotes by David Cameron
#16. I like democracy. I like to be able to throw out my political leaders when they get things wrong, and we don't get to do that with Brussels. #Quote by David Cameron
Democracy quotes by Josh Earnest
#17. My start in politics was watching my parents go to the polls on election day. It reminded me that being an active, engaged citizen and voter is critical to the success of our democracy. #Quote by Josh Earnest
Democracy quotes by Norman Granz
#18. As long as we're in a democracy, I have to give what I think the majority of people will enjoy. #Quote by Norman Granz
Democracy quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#19. Real democracy is only possible when people truly imbibe democratic principles and respect ethical values above everything else. #Quote by Nirmala Srivastava
Democracy quotes by Dolores Huerta
#20. I think organized labor is a necessary part of democracy. Organized labor is the only way to have fair distribution of wealth. #Quote by Dolores Huerta
Democracy quotes by Gore Vidal
#21. We should stop going around babbling about how we're the greatest democracy on earth, when we're not even a democracy. We are a sort of militarised republic. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Democracy quotes by Lee H. Hamilton
#22. But despite this breathtaking pace, I believe in the capacity of our democracy to meet these challenges. #Quote by Lee H. Hamilton
Democracy quotes by Carlos Bulosan
#23. We do not take democracy for granted. We feel it grow in our working together - many millions of us working toward a common purpose. If it took us several decades of sacrifice to arrive at this faith, it is because it took us that long to know what part of America is ours.
Our faith has been shaken many times, and now it is put to question. Our faith is a living thing, and it can be crippled or chained. It can be killed by denying us enough food or clothing, by blasting away our personalities and keeping us in constant fear. Unless we are properly prepared the powers of darkness will have good reason to catch us unaware and trample our lives. #Quote by Carlos Bulosan
Democracy quotes by Chris Cleave
#24. Charlie put his head on one side to watch. The ears of his Batman hood flopped over. He said, "That is the Joker, isn't it?" "No Charlie. That is the prime minister." "Is he a goody or a baddy?" I thought to myself. "Half the people think he is a goody and the other half think he is a baddy." Charlie giggled. "That's silly," he said. "That is democracy," I said. "If you did not have it, you would want it. #Quote by Chris Cleave
Democracy quotes by Phillip E. Johnson
#25. A constitutional democracy is in serious trouble if its citizenry does not have a certain degree of education and civic virtue. #Quote by Phillip E. Johnson
Democracy quotes by George P. Shultz
#26. I don't know how you define 'neoconservatism,' but I think it's associated with trying to spread open political systems and democracy. #Quote by George P. Shultz
Democracy quotes by H.L. Mencken
#27. It takes advantage of every passing craze and delusion of the mob to dispose of those who oppose it, and it maintains a complex and highly effective machine for launching such crazes and delusions when the supply of them lags. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Democracy quotes by Brad Henry
#28. Reading builds the educated and informed electorate so vital to our democracy. #Quote by Brad Henry
Democracy quotes by Herbert Croly
#29. Our country was thereby saved from the consequences of its distracting individualistic conception of democracy, and its merely legal conception of nationality. It was because the followers of Jackson and Douglas did fight for it, that the Union was preserved. #Quote by Herbert Croly
Democracy quotes by Bill Moyers
#30. Although our interests as citizens vary, each one is an artery to the heart that pumps life through the body politic, and each is important to the health of democracy. #Quote by Bill Moyers
Democracy quotes by Geoff Hill
#31. At least in a democracy we get to choose our own idiots. My #Quote by Geoff Hill
Democracy quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#32. But our democratic institutions are not automated. They must be inhabited by citizens and citizen leaders who know how to hold conflict inwardly in a manner that converts it into creativity, allowing it to pull them open to new ideas, new courses of action, and each other. That kind of tension-holding is the work of the well-tempered heart: if democracy is to thrive as that restored prairie is thriving, our hearts and our institutions must work in concert. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Democracy quotes by Michael Leunig
#33. Democracy just isn't working any more; without sanity at its heart, it is becoming a most unique and fiendish tyranny. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Democracy quotes by James Connolly
#34. Under a socialist system every nation will be the supreme arbiter of its own destinies, national and international; will be forced into no alliance against its will, but will have its independence guaranteed and its freedom respected by the enlightened self-interest of the socialist democracy of the world. #Quote by James Connolly
Democracy quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#35. Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Democracy quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#36. Democracy, if it is reasonable, limits itself to giving everyone an equal opportunity to compete and to obtain. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Democracy quotes by Dan   Barker
#37. The next time believers tell you that 'separation of church and state' does not appear in our founding document, tell them to stop using the word 'trinity.' The word 'trinity' appears nowhere in the bible. Neither does Rapture, or Second Coming, or Original Sin. If they are still unfazed (or unphrased), by this, then add Omniscience, Omnipresence, Supernatural,Transcendence, Afterlife, Deity, Divinity, Theology, Monotheism, Missionary, Immaculate Conception, Christmas, Christianity, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Methodist, Catholic, Pope, Cardinal, Catechism, Purgatory, Penance, Transubstantiation, Excommunication, Dogma, Chastity, Unpardonable Sin, Infallibility, Inerrancy, Incarnation, Epiphany, Sermon, Eucharist, the Lord's Prayer, Good Friday, Doubting Thomas, Advent, Sunday School, Dead Sea, Golden Rule, Moral, Morality, Ethics, Patriotism, Education, Atheism, Apostasy, Conservative (Liberal is in), Capital Punishment, Monogamy, Abortion, Pornography, Homosexual, Lesbian, Fairness, Logic, Republic, Democracy, Capitalism, Funeral, Decalogue, or Bible. #Quote by Dan Barker
Democracy quotes by Leonard Cohen
#38. It's coming to America first, The cradle of the best and of the worst. It's here they got the range And the machinery for change And it's here they got the spiritual thirst. It's here the family's broken And it's here the lonely say That the heart has got to open In a fundamental way: Democracy is coming to the U.S.A. O mighty Ship of State! To the Shores of Need Past the Reefs of Greed Through the Squalls of Hate Sail on, sail on. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Democracy quotes by Carl Safina
#39. Saving the world requires saving democracy. That requires well-informed citizens. Conservation, environment, poverty, community, education, family, health, economy- these combine to make one quest: liberty and justice for all. Whether one's special emphasis is global warming or child welfare, the cause is the same cause. And justice comes from the same place being human comes from: compassion. #Quote by Carl Safina
Democracy quotes by Vaclav Klaus
#40. The development of European integration can be divided into two phases. The first era ended with the Maastricht Treaty. It was a liberalization phase, with the main goal of European integration at the time being the removal of various barriers and borders in Europe. The second phase is a homogenization or standardization phase, one that involves regulation from the top and growing control over our lives. This no longer has anything to do with freedom and democracy. #Quote by Vaclav Klaus
Democracy quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#41. It is an axiom in my mind, that our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves, and that too of the people with a certain degree of instruction. This it is the business of the State to effect, and on a general plan. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Democracy quotes by Owen Wister
#42. It was through the Declaration of Independence that we Americans acknowledged the eternal inequality of man. For by it we abolished a cut-and-dried aristocracy. We had seen little men artificially held up in high places, and great men artificially held down in low places, and our own justice-loving hearts abhorred this violence to human nature. Therefore, we decreed that every man should thenceforth have equal liberty to find his own level. By this very decree we acknowledged and gave freedom to true aristocracy, saying, "Let the best man win, whoever he is." Let the best man win! That is America's word. That is true democracy. And true democracy and true aristocracy are one and the same thing #Quote by Owen Wister
Democracy quotes by Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
#43. I see corruption as a mortal enemy for young democracies. #Quote by Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
Democracy quotes by Lewis Shiner
#44. We outnumber the rich and always will. This is still a democracy, more or less, and we have the ability to vote with our brains and not some kind of mixed up idealism that makes us go against our own interest. And we can organize, so that when the rich and privileged don't keep their promises, we have a way to make them listen. #Quote by Lewis Shiner
Democracy quotes by Vladimir Putin
#45. People are always teaching us democracy but the people who teach us democracy don't want to learn it themselves. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Democracy quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#46. America today is less a democracy and more an oligarchy, #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Democracy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#47. One of the most interesting reactions to come out of 1968 was in the first publication of the Trilateral Commission, which believed there was a 'crisis of democracy' from too much participation of the masses. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Democracy quotes by Walter Cronkite
#48. We're an ignorant nation right now. We're not really capable, I do not think, the majority of our people, of making the decisions that have to be made at election time and particularly in the selection of their legislatures and their Congress and the presidency, of course. I don't think we're bright enough to do the job that would preserve our democracy, our republic. I think we're in serious danger. #Quote by Walter Cronkite
Democracy quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#49. You study any pretty democracy, from the ancient Greeks forward, and you'll see that the only way each system functions is with a working class of slaves. Peons to haul the garbage so the upper crust can campaign and vote. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Democracy quotes by Paul Bremer
#50. I think the Iraqi people have shown extraordinary patience and courage in the last few months. They have really put a political system on the way to success, to a real democracy here. #Quote by Paul Bremer
Democracy quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#51. When someone at the State Department proclaims Facebook to be the most organic tool for promoting democracy the world has ever seen - that's a direct quote - it may help in the short run by getting more people onto Facebook by making it more popular with dissidents. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Democracy quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#52. Call it democracy, or call it democratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all God's children. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Democracy quotes by Jan Schakowsky
#53. Since the birth of our Nation, no other right has been more important than having the ability to vote. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the denial of this right to minorities is a scar on our system of democracy. #Quote by Jan Schakowsky
Democracy quotes by James Russell Lowell
#54. Puritanism, believing itself quick with the seed of religious liberty, laid, without knowing it, the egg of democracy. #Quote by James Russell Lowell
Democracy quotes by Lamine Pearlheart
#55. In a dictatorship, every election is faked and everybody seems to know it except for the dictator. In a democracy it is the politicians that are rigged. #Quote by Lamine Pearlheart
Democracy quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#56. The critical question is: How do we ensure that the Internet develops in a way that is compatible with democracy? #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Democracy quotes by Bill Bradley
#57. We need to get beyond the politics of the moment, the deficit of the hour, the military count of the day, the numbers that rarely shape events. Our long-term interests must be in people and in the values of democracy and individual liberty. #Quote by Bill Bradley
Democracy quotes by Jonathan D. Morris
#58. We talk about democracy as if it's a safeguard for individual rights ... Instead, it's become our way of intruding on rights, allegedly in the name of that most collectivist of concepts: The Common Good. #Quote by Jonathan D. Morris
Democracy quotes by Matthieu Ricard
#59. These general surveys have found that the sense of happiness is higher in countries that ensure their inhabitants' basic resources, greater security, autonomy, and freedom, as well as sufficient educational opportunities and access to information. People are manifestly happier in countries where personal freedoms are guaranteed and democracy secure. This is only to be expected: citizens are happier in a climate of peace. Regardless of economic conditions, those who live under military rule are unhappier. #Quote by Matthieu Ricard
Democracy quotes by Josephine Baker
#60. I wanted to get far away from those who believed in cruelty, so then I went to France, a land of true freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity. #Quote by Josephine Baker
Democracy quotes by Miuccia Prada
#61. Maybe nothing is art", maybe everything is or could be art. To that, no doubt she would have responded like she did in the installation: "The term [artist] itself seems old-fashioned. It's a term that does not relate to modern times. And it's too confining. What I love about fashion is its accessibility and its democracy. Everyone wears it, and everyone relates to it. #Quote by Miuccia Prada
Democracy quotes by N. Eldon Tanner
#62. We often hear the Church referred to as a democracy, when in reality, instead of being a church where the body is governed by officers elected by the members, the Church is a theocracy, where God directs his church through representatives chosen by him. #Quote by N. Eldon Tanner
Democracy quotes by George W. Bush
#63. Through much of the last century, America's faith in freedom and democracy was a rock in a raging sea. Now it is a seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations. #Quote by George W. Bush
Democracy quotes by Bertrand Russell
#64. Democracy is the process by which people choose the man who'll get the blame. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Democracy quotes by Joshua Oppenheimer
#65. Although we can talk about an Indonesian democracy, or we can talk about democratic elections and democratic rituals - the trappings of democracy - we can't genuinely talk about democracy in Indonesia because there is not rule of law, and democracy without rule of law is a nonsense. #Quote by Joshua Oppenheimer
Democracy quotes by Bernard Crick
#66. The populist mode of democracy is a politics of arousal more than of reason, but also a politics of diversion from serious concerns that need settling in either a liberal democratic or a civic republican manner. #Quote by Bernard Crick
Democracy quotes by David Frum
#67. Power creates temptations, and that is true even for the smallest increments of power: the power of the building inspector, of the customs official, of the cop at the traffic stop. It took a lot of work by a lot of people over a long time to build even America's highly imperfect standards of public integrity. Undoing that work would be a far easier task. Corruption is the resting state of pubic affairs; integrity a painstaking, unceasing struggle against cultural inertia and political gravity. #Quote by David Frum
Democracy quotes by Daniel Delgado F.
#68. Democracy is a system were ignorants choose a government, comunism is a system where ignorants govern themselves. #Quote by Daniel Delgado F.
Democracy quotes by Rory Stewart
#69. Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and an idea of liberty. It reflects an idea of dignity, the dignity of the individual, the idea that each individual should have an equal vote, an equal say, in the formation of their government. #Quote by Rory Stewart
Democracy quotes by Hugo Chavez
#70. Noam Chomsky has a book, which I read for the first time when I was in Spain, called 'Fear of Democracy'. There is your answer. Fear of democracy. In Honduras, they had a sham democracy. It was run by elites, what was called a liberal democracy, but in reality was a false democracy. #Quote by Hugo Chavez
Democracy quotes by James K. Morrow
#71. I joined the army to learn how to kill my father. An irony; the only time the old man ever showed a glimmer of satisfaction with me was when I announced I was dropping out of college and enlisting. He thought I wanted to make the world safe for democracy, when in fact I wanted to make it safe from him. I intended to sign up under a false name. Become competent with a rifle. Then one night, while my father slept, I would sneak away from basic training, press the muzzle to his head - Harry Hines the failed and violent Pennsylvania farmer, Harry Hines the wife abuser and son beater, laying into me with his divining rods till my back was freckled with slivers of hazelwood - and blast him to Satan's backyard while he dreamed whatever dreams go through such a man's mind. #Quote by James K. Morrow
Democracy quotes by Walter Lippmann
#72. Democracy is much too important to be left to public opinion. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Democracy quotes by Leon Trotsky
#73. Everything is relative in this world, where change alone endures. #Quote by Leon Trotsky
Democracy quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#74. Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one's government is not necessarily to secure freedom. #Quote by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Democracy quotes by John Kennedy Toole
#75. I would very much like to know what the Founding Fathers would say if they could see these children being debauched to further the cause of Clearasil. However, I always suspected that democracy would come to this. #Quote by John Kennedy Toole
Democracy quotes by Malcolm X
#76. You show me a capitalist, and I'll show you a bloodsucker #Quote by Malcolm X
Democracy quotes by Moshe Dayan
#77. It's a democracy and if I am outvoted, I have to accept the majority decisions. #Quote by Moshe Dayan
Democracy quotes by Amartya Sen
#78. If the government is vulnerable to public opinion, then famines are a dreadfully bad thing to have. You can't win many elections after a famine, and you don't like being criticized by newspapers, opposition parties in parliament, and so on. Democracy gives the government an immediate political incentive to act. #Quote by Amartya Sen
Democracy quotes by Andrzej Majewski
#79. Democracy is the most veiled form of tyranny. #Quote by Andrzej Majewski
Democracy quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#80. I always contended that we as a race must not seek to rise from a position of disadvantage to one of advantage, but to create a moral balance in society where democracy and brotherhood would be reality for all men. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Democracy quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#81. We should say to the West: "You have been supporting dictators for too many years. Don't expect the people to introduce democracy over night. It is going to take time." It took time with the French revolution, it took time with the Eastern European revolutions. And it is going to take time there. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Democracy quotes by Albert Einstein
#82. What can the schools do to defend democracy? Should they preach a specific political doctrine? I believe they should not. If they are able to teach young people to have a critical mind and a socially oriented attitude, they will have done all that is necessary. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Democracy quotes by Karen Bohlin
#83. It is a mistake to tell students that their classroom is a democracy- it cannot and never will be. But children need to learn how to participate in a community and to prepare themselves for democratic citizenship. #Quote by Karen Bohlin
Democracy quotes by George Montgomery
#84. Democracy in China is like Viagra; no such thing as free elections. #Quote by George Montgomery
Democracy quotes by Naomi Wolf
#85. Here's what we're not taught [about the Declaration and Constitution]: Those words at the time they were written were blazingly, electrifyingly subversive. If you understand them truly now, they still are. You are not taught - and it is a disgrace that you aren't - that these men and women were radicals for liberty; that they had a vision of equality that was a slap in the face of what the rest of their world understood to be the unchanging, God-given order of nations; and that they were willing to die to make that desperate vision into a reality for people like us, whom they would never live to see. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Democracy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#86. Will Great Britain have an unwilling India dragged into war or a willing ally co-operating with her in the prosecution of a defence of true democracy? #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Democracy quotes by David Graeber
#87. It is assumed in many parts of the world that democracy is a group of people facing a certain problem, who come together to solve it in a way where everyone has an equal say. #Quote by David Graeber
Democracy quotes by Howard Rheingold
#88. Kids automatically teach each other how to use technology, but they're not going to teach each other about the history of democracy, or the importance of taking their voices into the public sphere to create social change. #Quote by Howard Rheingold
Democracy quotes by Narendra Modi
#89. Secularism for the Congress is merely a slogan while for the BJP it is an article of faith. Secularism is about votebank politics for the Congress, while it is about 'India first' for the BJP. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Democracy quotes by Debasish Mridha
#90. Democracy is good, but it is not good for an uneducated dogmatic society. Often, that society does not know how to choose wisely. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Democracy quotes by Khem Veasna
#91. Virtue inside is the real value of human, if ldp cannot rule this country, of course our country not yet be cured. All LDP (League for Democracy Party) supporters must be clear this point. #Quote by Khem Veasna
Democracy quotes by Anthony Lewis
#92. The Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, in open court before an international tribunal, had a profound long-term effect in bringing Germans back to democracy and humanity. #Quote by Anthony Lewis
Democracy quotes by William Morris
#93. I do not want art for a few; any more than education for a few; or freedom for a few ... #Quote by William Morris
Democracy quotes by Pat Robertson
#94. I think 'one man, one vote,' just unrestricted democracy, would not be wise. There needs to be some kind of protection for the minority which the white people represent now, a minority, and they need and have a right to demand a protection of their rights. #Quote by Pat Robertson
Democracy quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#95. All real democracy is an attempt like that of a jolly hostess to bring the shy people out. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Democracy quotes by Johan Hakelius
#96. The problem with call-in shows is quite simple, if you only dare to admit it: Democracy is best when not everyone can be heard all the time. If we are constantly reminded of all the stupid things that people say and think, it becomes rather difficult to remember the good and noble arguments for everyone to be able to participate and decide. #Quote by Johan Hakelius
Democracy quotes by Anna Porter
#97. Unlike exotic fruit or fancy cars, democracy is best if it is grown locally. It may take root in the common desire of the people who choose to adopt it, but it cannot be imposed from the outside. #Quote by Anna Porter
Democracy quotes by Frank Herbert
#98. Democracy is susceptible to being led astray by having scapegoats paraded in front of the electorate. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Democracy quotes by Jack Kemp
#99. The leaders of the Democratic Party aren't soft on Communism. They're soft on Democracy. #Quote by Jack Kemp
Democracy quotes by Bernard Hare
#100. It was time to take the best bits from them all and build something delicious: the spirituality of the Hindus, the community spirit and family ties of the Muslims, the ancient wisdom of the Chinese, the love of freedom and equality of the Afro-Caribbeans, the work ethic of the Jews, the bloody-mindedness and wry humour of the Australians, the blarney of the Irish, the passion of the Scots, the unorthodoxy of the Welsh, combined with our own English love of justice, fair play and democracy. Put them all together and you had a vision for the future, a direction, which Bokononism could exploit. #Quote by Bernard Hare
Democracy quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#101. In order to ensure proper progressive, non-prejudicial and non-barbarian functioning of a government, on top of the government hierarchy, in each nation, all political activities will be monitored and guided by a group of scholars, comprising scientists and philosophers. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Democracy quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#102. When we call a capitalist society a consumers' democracy we mean that the power to dispose of the means of production, which belongs to the entrepreneurs and capitalists, can only be acquired by means of the consumers' ballot, held daily in the market-place. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Democracy quotes by Al Capone
#103. Vote early and vote often. #Quote by Al Capone
Democracy quotes by Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
#104. Despotism subjects a nation to one tyrant; democracy, to many. #Quote by Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
Democracy quotes by Newton Gatambia
#105. A call to embrace democracy is the worst insult to a society that is still alien to civilisation. It is like being asked to dance to the tune of mob justice. #Quote by Newton Gatambia
Democracy quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#106. There can be no perfect democracy curtailed by color, race, or poverty. But with all we accomplish all, even peace. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Democracy quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#107. Democracy will prevail when men believe the vote of Judas as good as that of Jesus Christ. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Democracy quotes by Charles E. Cobb Jr.
#108. Like the ideals of freedom and democracy, the right to stand one's ground was held to be an exclusively white prerogative. Even when threatened by a mob, black people were to back down or submit - never to stand up for themselves. #Quote by Charles E. Cobb Jr.
Democracy quotes by Heather Brooke
#109. Democracy isn't just for people in the Middle East, but Britons, too. #Quote by Heather Brooke
Democracy quotes by C.S. Lewis
#110. T)here are two opposite reasons for being a democrat. You may think all men so good that they deserve a share in the government of the commonwealth, and so wise that the commonwealth needs their advice. That is, in my opinion, the false, romantic doctrine of democracy. On the other hand, you may believe fallen men to be so wicked that not one of them can be trusted with any irresponsible power over his fellows. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Democracy quotes by Stephen Fry
#111. What other developed democracy has such a ridiculous and squalid history of intolerance? From the imprisonment and roasting of heretics, witches and poachers, to the censorship of literature, art and television: from St Alban through Wilde, Joyce and Lawrence I think we can point with pride to as grim a catalogue of intemperate, bigoted repression as any nation on earth ... #Quote by Stephen Fry
Democracy quotes by David B. McCoy
#112. But she did inject a new term and new degree of frankness into the debate on what was coming to be called the sexual revolution. Also, by this time she saw birth control as the panacea for all social ills: disease, poverty, child labor, poor wages, infant mortality, the oppression of women, drunkenness, prostitution, abortion, feeblemindedness, physical handicaps, unwanted children, war, etc. "If we are to develop in America a new [human] race with a racial soul, we must keep the birth rate within the scope of our ability to understand as well as to educate. We must not encourage reproduction beyond our capacity to assimilate our numbers so as to make the coming generation into such physically fit, mentally capable, socially alert individuals as are the ideal of a democracy" (Sanger, 1920). #Quote by David B. McCoy
Democracy quotes by Simon Mainwaring
#113. Everyone living under the social contract we call democracy has a duty to act responsibly, to obey the laws, and to abandon certain types of self-interested behaviors that conflict with the general good. #Quote by Simon Mainwaring
Democracy quotes by Julius Streicher
#114. Social Democracy preached against capitalism for half a century. After the November revolution the Reds had the opportunity to direct capitalism into the proper paths: but nothing happened! #Quote by Julius Streicher
Democracy quotes by Antonin Scalia
#115. Persuade your fellow citizens it's a good idea and pass a law. That's what democracy is all about. It's not about nine superannuated judges who have been there too long, imposing these demands on society. #Quote by Antonin Scalia
Democracy quotes by Ivan Krastev
#116. Democracy has always been in crisis: democracy is all about practicing the art of bearable dissatisfaction. In democratic societies, people often complain about their leaders and their institutions. The gap between the ideal democracy and the existing one cannot be bridged. #Quote by Ivan Krastev
Democracy quotes by Jose Saramago
#117. The chronicler would abandon any idea of making a detailed report of all the other ills that are afflicting most of the nearly three hundred inmates being kept in this inhumane quarantine, but he could not fail to mention at least two cases of fairly advanced cancer, for the authorities had no humanitarian scruples when rounded up the blind and confining them here, they even stated that the laws once made is the same for everyone and that democracy is incompatible with preferential treatment. As cruel fate would have it, amongst all these inmates there is only one doctor, and an ophthalmologist at that, the last thing we need. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Democracy quotes by DeForest Soaries
#118. When public access to voting is impaired or when public confidence in voting is diluted, democracy suffers and our freedom is less secure. #Quote by DeForest Soaries
Democracy quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#119. Democracy cannot be static. Whatever is static is dead. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Democracy quotes by Narendra Modi
#120. BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and a development oriented government. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Democracy quotes by C.S. Lewis
#121. It is our function to encourage the behaviour, the manners, the whole attitude of mind, which democracies naturally like and enjoy, because these are the very things which, if unchecked, will destroy democracy. You would almost wonder that even humans don't see it themselves. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Democracy quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#122. Crucial element of Greek education. In the city-state of Sparta, the most extreme example of this focus, young boys considered weak at birth were abandoned to die. The rest were sent to grueling boot camps, where they were toughened into Spartan soldiers from an early age. Around the fifth century BC, some Greek city-states, most notably Athens, began to experiment with a new form of government. "Our constitution is called a democracy," the Athenian statesman Pericles noted in his funeral oration, "because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the #Quote by Fareed Zakaria
Democracy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#123. LENIN = "Revolutionary Social Democracy"
American Socialists = "Democratic Socialism". What is the difference? The USSR held democratic referendums too; all of which increased the power of the central planners and reduced the individual to nothingness. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Democracy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#124. Citizens of the democratic societies should undertake a course of intellectual self defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control, and to lay the basis for meaningful democracy. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Democracy quotes by Tommy Franks
#125. The Western world, the free world, loses what it cherishes most, and that is freedom and liberty we've seen for a couple of hundred years in this grand experiment that we call democracy. #Quote by Tommy Franks
Democracy quotes by James Lileks
#126. The International Criminal Court, like most international institutions, is a wonderful idea. A noble idea. All it needs to work is planetary government, worldwide democracy and the triumph of reason over tribal loyalties, political doctrines and individual ambition. In other words, it requires that we all live in the world described by the "Star Trek" television shows. #Quote by James Lileks
Democracy quotes by Newt Gingrich
#127. I think the very concept of an elite commission deciding for the American people who deserves to be heard is profoundly wrong. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Democracy quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#128. You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Democracy quotes by Matt Damon
#129. I think it's something that the citizenry needs to be vigilant about - participating in democracy, and that includes issues like what's going on and how much secrecy and transparency there should be. That's an on-going thing - in a democracy you want checks and balances and oversight, but you need a covert agency to protect the country. It's a very tricky balance and I think it changes as the world changes and I think we all need to be mindful of that. #Quote by Matt Damon
Democracy quotes by Eugene V. Debs
#130. I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don't want, and get it. #Quote by Eugene V. Debs
Democracy quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson
#131. As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the law-givers and the law-abiding, the beginning and the end. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson
Democracy quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#132. There are two clocks ticking in Iran. One is the democracy movement clock which is ticking now faster than it was but it's got a lot of catching up to do. And then there's the clock that's ticking towards a nuclear weaponry. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Democracy quotes by Mark Fisher
#133. Sure, they say, we may not live in a condition of perfect Goodness. But we're lucky that we don't live in a condition of Evil. Our democracy is not perfect. But it's better than the bloody dictatorships. Capitalism is unjust. But it's not criminal like Stalinism. We let millions of Africans die of AIDS, but we don't make racist nationalist declarations like Milosevic. We kill Iraqis with our airplanes, but we don't cut their throats with machetes like they do in Rwanda, etc. #Quote by Mark Fisher
Democracy quotes by Manning Marable
#134. Socialism lost its way largely when it became decoupled from the processes of democracy. My vision of a socially just society is one that is deeply democratic, that allows people's voices to be heard, where people actually govern. C.L.R James sometimes used the slogan "every cook can govern" to speak to the concept that there should be no hierarchies of power between those who lead and their constituencies. This idea is related to Antonio Gramsci's argument that the goal of the revolutionary party is for every member to be an intellectual. That is, everyone has the capacity, has the ability to articulate a vision of reality and to fight for the realization of their values and goals in society. Gramsci is pointing toward the development of a strategy that is deeply democratic, one where we don't have elitist, vanguardist notions of what society should look like, but have humility and the patience to listen to and learn from working class and poor people, who really are at the center of what any society is. #Quote by Manning Marable
Democracy quotes by Pierre Trudeau
#135. Canadians should realise when they are well off under the Monarchy. For the vast majority of Canadians, being a Monarchy is probably the only form of government acceptable to them. I have always been for parliamentary democracy and I think the institution of Monarchy with the Queen heading it all has served Canada well. #Quote by Pierre Trudeau
Democracy quotes by Roger Scruton
#136. Observing the volatile nature of the new democracies, I came vividly to see how unimportant a part of democracy are elections, in comparison with the enduring institutions and public spirit that make elected politicians accountable. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Democracy quotes by William Bennett
#137. From Samuel Adams to Patrick Henry to Benjamin Franklin to Alexander Hamilton, all the Founders intended religion to provide a moral anchor for our liberty in democracy. #Quote by William Bennett
Democracy quotes by Andy Warhol
#138. The key of the success of Studio 54 is that it's a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor. #Quote by Andy Warhol
Democracy quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#139. Democracy is just a false idol - a mere catchword and illusion of inferior classes, visionaries and dying civilizations. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Democracy quotes by Kathryn Schulz
#140. Here, then, are some ways we can try to prevent mistakes. We can foster the ability to listen to each other and the freedom to speak our minds. We can create open and transparent environments instead of cultures of secrecy and concealment. And we can permit and encourage everyone, not just a powerful inner circle, to speak up when they see the potential for error.
These measures might be a prescription for identifying and eliminating mistakes, but they sound like something else: a prescription for democracy. That's not an accident. Although we don't normally think of it in these terms, democratic governance represents another method - this time a political rather than an industrial or personal one - for accepting the existence of error and trying to curtail its more dangerous incarnations. #Quote by Kathryn Schulz
Democracy quotes by Winston Churchill
#141. Democracy is a very bad form of government ... but all the others are so much worse. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Democracy quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#142. Democracy's worst fault is that its leaders are likely to reflect the faults and virtues of their constituents. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Democracy quotes by Taylor Caldwell
#143. Republics never survive, for their people do not like freedom but prefer to be led and guided and flattered and seduced into slavery by a benevolent, or not so, benevolent despot. They want to worship Caesar. So, American republicanism will inevitably die and become a democracy, and then decline, as Aristotle said into a despotism. #Quote by Taylor Caldwell
Democracy quotes by Al Jarreau
#144. Jazz brought this sense of democracy where four guys come together and your name may be on the marquee, but in this moment, when you're the soloist, it's you, and we follow you. We follow you. #Quote by Al Jarreau
Democracy quotes by Aristotle.
#145. A democracy exists whenever those who are free and are not well-off, being in the majority, are in sovereign control of government, an oligarchy when control lies with the rich and better-born, these being few. #Quote by Aristotle.
Democracy quotes by Gene Sharp
#146. The degree of liberty or tyranny in any government is in large degree a reflection of the relative determination of the subjects to be free and their willingness and ability to resist efforts to enslave them. #Quote by Gene Sharp
Democracy quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#147. It is the evil in man that makes democracy necessary, and man's belief in justice that makes democracy possible. #Quote by Reinhold Niebuhr
Democracy quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson
#148. Public confidence in the integrity of the Government is indispensable to faith in democracy; and when we lose faith in the system, we have lost faith in everything we fight and spend for. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson
Democracy quotes by Bryan Caplan
#149. take the opposite approach: Voters' lack of decisiveness changes everything. Voting is not a slight variation on shopping. Shoppers have incentives to be rational. Voters do not. The naive view of democracy, which paints it as a public forum for solving social problems, ignores more than a few frictions. It overlooks the big story inches beneath the surface. When voters talk about solving social problems, they primary aim is to boost their self-worth by casting off the workaday shackles of objectivity. #Quote by Bryan Caplan
Democracy quotes by Henry Giroux
#150. We need a new political language with broader narratives. Such a language has to unravel the pervasive ideological, pedagogical, and economic dynamics of a form of economic Darwinism that now governs much of the world. This system must be demystified, politicized, and recognized for the ways in which it has come to pose a dire threat to democracy. #Quote by Henry Giroux
Democracy quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#151. Misfortune never comes singly. It's surrounded by bodyguards. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Democracy quotes by Najib Razak
#152. Anyone who wants to be part of the political process should adopt values that are compatible with democracy. #Quote by Najib Razak
Democracy quotes by Siva Vaidhyanathan
#153. Extremism will generate both positive and negative reactions, or "engagements." Facebook measures engagement by the number of clicks, "likes," shares, and comments. This design feature - or flaw, if you care about the quality of knowledge and debate - ensures that the most inflammatory material will travel the farthest and the fastest. Sober, measured accounts of the world have no chance on Facebook. And when Facebook dominates our sense of the world and our social circles, we all potentially become carriers of extremist nonsense #Quote by Siva Vaidhyanathan
Democracy quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#154. I believe in democracy - in its indisputable achievements and its unfulfilled promise. I believe in American political institutions - in the genius inherent in their design and in the undeniable good they have done when put to their best use. I believe in the power of the human heart - in its capacity for truth and justice, love and forgiveness. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Democracy quotes by Nouriel Roubini
#155. I believe in market economics. But to paraphrase Churchill - who said this about democracy and political regimes - a market economy might be the worst economic regime available, apart from the alternatives. I believe that people react to incentives, that incentives matter, and that prices reflect the way things should be allocated. But I also believe that market economies sometimes have market failures, and when these occur, there's a role for prudential - not excessive - regulation of the financial system. #Quote by Nouriel Roubini
Democracy quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#156. In a democracy, every ordinary citizen is effectively a king
but a king in a constitutional democracy, a monarch who decides only formally, whose function is merely to sign off on measures proposed by an executive administration. This is why the problem with democratic rituals is homologous to the great problem of constitutional monarchy: how to protect the dignity of the king? How to maintain the appearance that the king effectively makes decisions, when we all know this not to be true? #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Democracy quotes by Theodore Parker
#157. Democracy is direct self-government over all the people, for all the people, by all the people. #Quote by Theodore Parker
Democracy quotes by Mark Twain
#158. I am a democrat only on principle, not by instinct, nobody is that. Doubtless some people say they are, but this world is grievously given to lying. #Quote by Mark Twain
Democracy quotes by Jean Ziegler
#159. The structure of the Swiss ruling class is rock-hard, and unchanged since the time of Napoleon. They sit on their mountains and lecture the world on democracy. It's an unbelievable show of self-satisfaction and arrogance. #Quote by Jean Ziegler
Democracy quotes by Carl Sagan
#160. The first law of bureaucracy is to guarantee its own continuance. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Democracy quotes by Aristotle
#161. It is accepted as democratic when public offices are allocated by lot; and as oligarchic when they are filled by election. -- Aristotle, Politics, Book IV #Quote by Aristotle
Democracy quotes by Jack Kemp
#162. Democracy is not a mathematical deduction proved once and for all time. Democracy is a just faith fervently held, commitment to be tested again and again in the fiery furnace of history. #Quote by Jack Kemp
Democracy quotes by Juan Ramon Jimenez
#163. Dynamic ecstasy is absolute romanticism , absolute heroism . And here I return to my point. From my point of view, after the catastrophe which we feel and think is universal, a catastrophe resulting from an excess of useless dynamism of useless progress, of useless realism, of useless technology, after this an unattainable democracy is to be reached through the conception and realization of a new romanticism. #Quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez
Democracy quotes by Harold Bloom
#164. Dark influences from the American past congregate among us still. If we are a democracy, what are we to make of the palpable elements of plutocracy, oligarchy, and mounting theocracy that rule our state? How do we address the self-inflicted catastrophes that devastated our natural environment? So large is our malaise that no single writer can encompass it. We have no Emerson or Whitman among us. An institutionalized counterculture condemns individuality as archaic and depreciates intellectual values, even in the universities. (The Anatomy of Influence) #Quote by Harold Bloom
Democracy quotes by Barack Obama
#165. The United States of America has helped underwrite the global security for more than six decades with the blood of our citizens and the strength of our arms. The service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform has promoted peace and prosperity from Germany to Korea and enabled democracy to take hold in places like the Balkans. #Quote by Barack Obama
Democracy quotes by Sam Levenson
#166. Democracy means doing whatever you want without asking permission of anybody but your boss, your doctor, your lawyer, your landlord, your bank, your city, your state and federal authorities, and your wife and children. #Quote by Sam Levenson
Democracy quotes by Stephen Kotkin
#167. Nor would he condemn democracy outright, allowing that it might be appropriate for some countries. Still, he argued that democracy would bring disintegration to Russia, which needed "firm authority. #Quote by Stephen Kotkin
Democracy quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#168. Modesty and reverence are no less virtues of freemen than the democratic feeling which will submit neither to arrogance nor to servility. #Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Democracy quotes by Brad Pitt
#169. Democracy doesn't work unless people are well informed, and I don't know that we are. People just don't have the time. Most people's daily lives are just about surviving. Most people don't have time to really study [crucial] issues. #Quote by Brad Pitt
Democracy quotes by Jeffrey D. Sachs
#170. Libertarians aim to absolve the rich of any social responsibilities toward the rest of society. As a school of thought, libertarianism is based on three kinds of arguments. The first is a moral assertion: that every individual has the overriding right to liberty, that is, the right to be left alone, free from taxes, regulations, or other demands of the state. The second is political and pragmatic: that only free markets protect democracy from government despotism. The third is economic: that free markets alone are enough to ensure prosperity. Such #Quote by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Democracy quotes by Andrew Jackson
#171. Democracy shows not only its power in reforming governments, but in regenerating a race of men and this is the greatest blessing of free governments. #Quote by Andrew Jackson
Democracy quotes by Heather Marsh
#172. We are in a prison of our own minds holding our own chains around us. We create our oligarchs and fight for their right to oppress us. #Quote by Heather Marsh
Democracy quotes by Vaclav Havel
#173. Planetary democracy does not yet exist but our global civilization is already preparing a place for it. It is the very Earth we inhabit linked with Heaven above us. Only in this setting can the mutuality and the commonality of the human race be newly created with reverence and gratitude for that which transcends each of us and all of us together. #Quote by Vaclav Havel
Democracy quotes by Ray Bradbury
#174. Oh God, the terrible tyranny of the majority. We all have our harps to play. And it's up to you to know with which ear you'll listen. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Democracy quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#175. Cynical conformism tells us that emancipatory ideals of more equality, democracy and solidarity are boring and even dangerous, leading to a grey, overregulated society, and that our true and only paradise is the existing 'corrupted' capitalist universe. Radical emancipatory engagement starts from he premise that it is the capitalist dynamics which are boring, offering more of the same in the guise of constant change, and that the struggle for emancipation is still the most daring of all ventures. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Democracy quotes by Pramila Jayapal
#176. This is all very personal for me, but it's also collective, and the two are not disconnected. I have never believed that you only advocate for the things that you stand for and embody. I've always believed that our liberation, my liberation, is tied up with yours. To make a country that works for me, there's gotta be a country that works for you. #Quote by Pramila Jayapal
Democracy quotes by Alice Paul
#177. We women of America tell you that America is not a democracy. Twenty million women are denied the right to vote. #Quote by Alice Paul
Democracy quotes by Aga Khan IV
#178. We cannot make the world safe for democracy unless we also make the world safe for diversity #Quote by Aga Khan IV
Democracy quotes by Michael Steele
#179. [The healthcare bill is a] headlong rush into socialism ... we will not stand for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid hijacking of our freedom and democracy so they can impose their socialist 'utopia' of higher taxes, restricted access, inferior quality, and deadly inefficiency on the best health care system in the world ... You and the RNC are all that stand between the Democrats' scheme to take more of your hard-earned income to pay for this unsustainable, freedom destroying entitlement and an opportunity to work for real, truly bipartisan step-by-step solutions ... #Quote by Michael Steele
Democracy quotes by Michael Shermer
#180. To many of my liberal and atheist friends and colleagues, an explanation for religious beliefs such as what I have presented in this book is tantamount to discounting both its internal validity and its external reality. Many of my conservative and theist friends and colleagues take it this way as well and therefore bristle at the thought that explaining a belief explains it away. This is not necessarily so. Explaining why someone believes in democracy does not explain away democracy; explaining why someone who holds liberal or conservative values within a democracy does not explain away those values. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Democracy quotes by Stephen Fry
#181. Parent power is not a sign of democracy, it is a sign of barbarism. We are to regard education as a service industry, like a laundry, parents are the customers, teachers the washers, children the dirty linen. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. And what in the name of boiling hell do parents know about education? How many educated people are there in the world? I could name seventeen or eighteen. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Democracy quotes by Stan Moore
#182. Step by step we see democracy being uprooted like an unwanted weed and the preparation for fascism, for a police state in America. The Congress is largely complicit. The media is supportive. The public is apathetic. By the time apathy is reversed, there may be little opportunity to restore what was lost without massive effort and pain. #Quote by Stan Moore
Democracy quotes by Andre Vltchek
#183. The majority of Arab people see the United States and Israel (definitely not Iran or Syria) as the greatest danger to the world. Could you imagine what the Arab people would do if true democracy (rule of the people) were to be victorious? #Quote by Andre Vltchek
Democracy quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#184. For after all, why do we go on fighting? If we die for democracy then we must be one of the democracies. Let the rest fight with us, if that is the case. But the most powerful of them, the only one that could save us, chooses to bide its time. Very good. That is its right. But by so doing, that democracy signifies that we are fighting for ourselves alone. And we go on fighting despite the assurance that we have lost the war. Why, then, do we go on dying? Out of despair? But there is no despair. You know nothing about defeat if you think there is room in it for despair.

There is a verity that is higher than the pronouncements of the intelligence. There is a thing which pierces and governs us and which cannot be grasped by the intelligence. A tree has no language. We are a tree. There are truths which are evident, though not to be put into words. I do not die in order to obstruct the path of the invasion, for there is no shelter upon which I can fall back with those I love. I do not die to preserve my honor, since I deny that my honor is at stake, and I challenge the jurisdiction of my judge. Nor do I die out of desperation. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Democracy quotes by Marjorie Scardino
#185. It takes a long time to build democracy, to build freedom. #Quote by Marjorie Scardino
Democracy quotes by Voltaire
#186. An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination. #Quote by Voltaire
Democracy quotes by Terry Eagleton
#187. The 'healthy' sign, for Barthes, is one which draws attention to its own arbitrariness - which does not try to palm itself off as 'natural' but which, in the very moment of conveying a meaning, communicates something of its own relative, artificial status as well. …Signs which pass themselves off as natural, which offer themselves as the only conceivable way of viewing the world, are by that token authoritarian and ideological. It is one of the functions of ideology to 'naturalize' social reality, to make it seem as innocent and unchangeable as Nature itself. Ideology seeks to convert culture into Nature, and the 'natural' sign is one of its weapons. Saluting a flag, or agreeing that Western democracy represents the true meaning of the word 'freedom', become the most obvious, spontaneous responses in the world. Ideology, in this sense, is a kind of contemporary mythology, a realm which has purged itself of ambiguity and alternative possibility. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Democracy quotes by Paul Hellyer
#188. Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously expensive wars, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the dark. #Quote by Paul Hellyer
Democracy quotes by Ravish Kumar
#189. Citizen or robot; democracy or tyranny - the choice is ours. #Quote by Ravish Kumar
Democracy quotes by DeForest Soaries
#190. The Election Assistance Commission represents a major, unprecedented commitment from the federal government to sustained freedom and vibrant democracy. I am humbled by the prospect of being one its charter members. #Quote by DeForest Soaries
Democracy quotes by Michael Hastings
#191. Despite the absurdity and the silliness and the triviality of the entire campaign experience, there is also something, as non-cynical as this sounds, kind of uplifting and strange about watching democracy unfold. #Quote by Michael Hastings
Democracy quotes by Ennio Flaiano
#192. There are two kinds of fascists: fascists and anti-fascists. #Quote by Ennio Flaiano
Democracy quotes by Bernie Sanders
#193. There is a reason why these people [from Wall Street] are putting huge amounts of money into our political system. And in my view, it is undermining American democracy and it is allowing Congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors and not the working families of this country. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Democracy quotes by Ayad Akhtar
#194. I think that the thematic, formal history of the literary form ultimately harkens back to a different political system. That is to say, a feudal order: the aristocratic dispensation of leisure time, the refinements of the self. With the shift from feudal aristocracy to democracy there has been a long process of evolution. I think we're in the throes of a kind of steep, logarithmic shift, and I think that literary forms are losing their capacity to connect people to issues, to the experiences that feel most meaningful to them. #Quote by Ayad Akhtar
Democracy quotes by Adam Kirsch
#195. To those who fought World War II, it was plain enough that Allied bombs were killing huge numbers of German civilians, that Churchill was fighting to preserve imperialism as well as democracy, and that the bulk of the dying in Europe was being done by the Red Army at the service of Stalin. It is only in retrospect that we begin to simplify experience into myth - because we need stories to live by, because we want to honor our ancestors and our country instead of doubting them. In this way, a necessary but terrible war is simplified into a "good war," and we start to feel shy or guilty at any reminder of the moral compromises and outright betrayals that are inseparable from every combat. The best history writing reverses this process, restoring complexity to our sense of the past. #Quote by Adam Kirsch
Democracy quotes by Gore Vidal
#196. I do not admire 'the people,' as such. No one really does. Their folk wisdom is usually false, their instincts predatory. Even their sense of survival - so highly developed in the individual - goes berserk in the mass. A crowd is a fool. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Democracy quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#197. Aspiring dictators sometimes win elections, and elected leaders sometimes govern badly and threaten their neighbors ... History demonstrates that democracy usually follows good governance, not the reverse. #Quote by Rudy Giuliani
Democracy quotes by Carl Levin
#198. If we have a chance of succeeding and bringing stability and democracy to Iraq, it will mean learning from our mistakes, not denying them and not ignoring them. #Quote by Carl Levin
Democracy quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#199. What I want is to get done what the people desire to have done, and the question for me is how to find that out exactly. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Democracy quotes by Paul Krugman
#200. I think if you're a liberal, you believe that we all are, at least to some extent, our brothers' keepers, you really believe that we have a sumptuary responsibility to make sure that life is decent for everybody in America, that you believe that society out to be broadly shared, and you believe that you can't have a real democracy unless you have a little bit, at least, of economic democracy. #Quote by Paul Krugman

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