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Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#1. The traumatized soul finds no rest in conditions of peace. It's forever questing for violence, for action, for the same combination of factors which gave rise to it in the first place. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Florence Williams
#2. To the Finnish, being outdoors in nature isn't about paying homage to nature or to ourselves, the way it tends to be for Americans. We fetishize are life lists, catalog peaks bagged and capture pristine scenes of grand wilderness It is largely an individual experience. For the Finnish, though, nature is about expressing a close-knit identity. Nature is where they can exult in their nationalistic obsessions of berry-picking, mushrooming, fishing, lake swimming and Nordic skiing. #Quote by Florence Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Walter E. Williams
#3. I believe our nation is at a point where there are enough irreconcilable differences between those Americans who want to control other Americans and those Americans who want to be left alone that separation is the only peaceable alternative. Just as in a marriage where vows are broken, our rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution have been grossly violated by a government instituted to protect them. These constitutional violations have increased independent of whether there's been a Democrat-controlled Washington or a Republican-controlled Washington. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#4. Learn from the mistakes, and beware of the transitions. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#5. I am of this place. Family is a place, and my family s located here, those who are living and those who have passed. I am am settled in the scent of sage, Mount Moran's reflection at Oxbow Bend is more than a mirror of memories; it is the joy found in river otters, a reminder that there are places in the world we can return for peace unchanged. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Philip Zaleski
#6. Behind these practical studies lay powerful, intertwined, and potentially contradictory beliefs: that language provides a key to the rational, scientific understanding of the world and that language is more than human speech, that it claims a divine origin and is the means by which God created the cosmos and Adam named the beasts.

As we will see, both ideas strongly influenced the Inklings, whose leading members wrote many words about the meaning of words. For Owen Barfield, language is the fossil record of the history and evolution of human consciousness; for C. S. Lewis, it is a mundane tool that "exists to communicate whatever it can communicate" but also, as in That Hideous Strength, an essential part of our metaphysical makeup for good or ill; for Charles Williams, language is power, a field of force for the magician, a vehicle of prayer for the believing Christian; for Tolkien, language is a fallen human instrument and a precious divine gift ("O felix peccatum Babel!" he exclaimed in his essay "English and Welsh"), a supreme art, and, as "Word", a name for God. #Quote by Philip Zaleski
Delores S Williams quotes by A.C. Williams
#7. I'm never going to live this down. I will forever be known as the pastor's kid who got arrested, made friends in jail, and threw up on the singles camping trip. That will look great on a resume. #Quote by A.C. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Tennessee Williams
#8. This play is dedicated to the memory of Clarence Darrow, The Great Defender, whose mental frontiers were the four corners of the sky. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#9. You know the truth, Miriam. God rewards those who serve him and cultivate his will. If anything goes wrong, and we die, he'll reward us by making sure we're never apart again. We'd be together forever, honey, forever ... #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#10. When the universe presented unexpected gifts to the undeserving, how else were they to react, except with sheer paranoia? #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#11. Imagine, if you will, the possibility to traverse entire solar systems in a single bound. Imagine the possibility of life on other planets, outside the reaches of Sol. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Walter E. Williams
#12. Elect me to office. I will protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Because there's no constitutional authority for Congress spending on the objects of benevolence, don't expect for me to vote for prescription drugs for the elderly, handouts to farmers and food stamps for the poor. Instead, I'll fight these and other unconstitutional congressional expenditures? I'll tell you how many votes he'll get: It will be Williams' vote, and that's it. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Rowan Williams
#13. the love of God is the kind of love that identifies with the powerless; the kind of love that appeals to nothing but its own integrity, that doesn't seek to force or batter its way through. It lives, it survives, it 'wins' simply by being itself. On the cross, God's love just is what it is and it's valid and world-changing and earth-shattering, even though at that moment what it means in the world's terms is failure, terror and death. #Quote by Rowan Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Robin Williams
#14. My children give me a great sense of wonder. Just to see them develop into these extraordinary human beings. And a favorite book as a child? Growing up, it was 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' - I would read the whole C.S. Lewis series out loud to my kids. I was once reading to Zelda, and she said 'don't do any voices. Just read it as yourself.' So I did, I just read it straight, and she said 'that's better.' #Quote by Robin Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Beatriz Williams
#15. All men are brutes. #Quote by Beatriz Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Paul S. Williams
#16. Our responsibility, as individual cells of a living organism, is to perform our individual functions as well as possible. Our orders come from within; they are not imposed from without. We are free to be ourselves, as fully as we can; and the more we are ourselves, the better we will be functioning, and the more satisfaction we will feel. Our lives grow richer and richer as the health of the total organism improves. Our destiny is unimaginably high. #Quote by Paul S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Walter E. Williams
#17. The idea that even the brightest person or group of bright people, much less the U.S. Congress, can wisely manage an economy has to be the height of arrogance and conceit. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#18. There are no injuries that run so deep that one can't add insult to them and make them feel even worse. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Rita Williams-Garcia
#19. Dear Delphine,
When you are older I want you to find Chinua Achebe. I want you to read Things Fall Apart. Don't be hardheaded and try to read this book now. Don't be hardheaded, Delphine. You are the smart one, but you are not ready. You can read all its words. Even the African words. But you will not know what Achebe is saying. It is a bad thing to bite into a hard fruit with little teeth. You will say bad things about the fruit when the problem is your teeth.
I want you to read this book. I want you to know Things Fall Apart. Fourteen is a good age to find Chinua Achebe.
Your Mother.
P.S. For now you are eleven. Be eleven. #Quote by Rita Williams-Garcia
Delores S Williams quotes by Taitusi Williams Savou
#20. Religion is for those who are without the pure knowledge of the Almighty true God- Jehovah the Creator of the Heavens and the is also for those who are ignorant of the fact of who God is and are neither founded in Him nor allign themselves to His righteous standards...but are lovers of sins and every acts and pleasures that does not glorify Him. Christianity is not a religion and will never be. It is a relationship consisting of our being in unity with Jesus Christ and with others...tuned and under the banner of Christ-likeness, upholding justice and righteousness. #Quote by Taitusi Williams Savou
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#21. Constance always said good people need to stand up and do what's right, otherwise bad things will go unchallenged. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Harry S. Truman
#22. I have tried my best to give the nation everything I had in me. There are probably a million people who could have done the job better than I did it, but I had the job and I always quote an epitaph on a tombstone in a cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona: "Here lies Jack Williams. He done his damndest." #Quote by Harry S. Truman
Delores S Williams quotes by Erin Passons
#23. I crunch the assigned reading in my shaking hand, an article titled "Dan Quayle was right." It argued that children raised by single moms were destined for failure. Joined by my fellow students, we argue that our lives are not limited by our absent fathers. The teacher laughs awkwardly and backs away from our arguments. "For God's sake, don't take it personally." The cardinal sin of women and oppressed people everywhere: taking their lives personally.

- S.A. Williams #Quote by Erin Passons
Delores S Williams quotes by Avis J. Williams
#24. God is love. God wants us to accept and love ourselves for who we are. Not to feel in fear of who we are. #Quote by Avis J. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#25. It seems to me that God would not have endowed us with a mind and a sense of curiosity if he did not mean for us to use it. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Quadidra S. Williams
#26. Life is definitely about taking chances, living every minute with zeal, and then laying back and regretting nothing. #Quote by Quadidra S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Paul S Williams
#27. Don't ever think you know what's right for the other person. He might start thinking he knows what's right for you. #Quote by Paul S Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Niall Williams
#28. The more you hope the more you hurt. You drop a letter in a Holy Communion envelope in the postbox and already you are waiting for a reply. Human beings were built for response. But human nature can't tolerate too much waiting. Between the emotion and the response falls the shadow, T.S. Eliot said, and that was the principle that inspired texting, that came up with the shortest possible time, basically as fast as Sheila Geary's two thumbs could hammer ILY on a tiny keyboard and get Johnny Johnston's ILY2 back, so that between emotion and response now there wasn't all that much shadow. All writers are waiting for replies. That's what I've learned. Maybe all human beings are. After the Yeats classes my father returned #Quote by Niall Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by D.S. Williams
#29. To lighten the mood a little, I decided to distract him. "So, I have some more questions," I began.
"What would you like to know?"
"Why do you smell so good?"
"It's another aspect of being vampire; my scent is designed to entice my victims, to attract them."
"You don't always smell the same to me."
Lucas smiled. "Pheromones create the scent, something that will most appeal to the human I'm with at the time, dependent on what will lull them into relaxing."
"How do you know what will have the right effect?"
"Years of instinct."
"It certainly works," I pointed out.
"It's pleasant to know that at least one of my evil powers works on you," Lucas responded dryly. #Quote by D.S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Harry Blamires
#30. When a man falls in love, he sees the beloved in an idealized vision which to the rest of the world seems unjustified by the facts of the woman's character and appearance. The lover feels towards his beloved, thus idealized, a rapture of devotion, which seems to blend humility with exultation, self-giving with grateful receiving, in a joyful interchange of laughter and courtesy. What is the real significance of this vision and the mutual relationship which can emerge from it? [Charles] Williams tells us that the lover sees his beloved as all men would see one another, and all things, had not man fallen from his state of original innocence. He sees his beloved as all men ought to see their fellow-men 'in God'. The relationship between lover and beloved which emerges is (at its best) the relationship of joyful giving and receiving which ought to join all men together. Already such relationships exist among the perfected in Heaven. And the archetype of such perfected relationships is the coherence of the Three Persons of the Trinity. #Quote by Harry Blamires
Delores S Williams quotes by Serena Williams
#31. I can't become satisfied, because if I get satisfied, I'll be like, "Oh, I've won Wimbledon, I've won the U.S. Open. Now can I relax." But now people are really going to be fighting to beat me. #Quote by Serena Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Hayley Williams
#32. It's okay to not be perfect and not to have everything figured out. It's okay to feel things that are shameful, hate, and feel guilty. I feel like the message we've tried to stand by, is that it's basically okay to have scars and to show them. To show that you've been through all sorts of things and have come out a different and better person because of it. #Quote by Hayley Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Pat Williams
#33. When you think about Walt [Disney]'s life, I don't know of anybody on Earth over the last hundred years who has touched as many people as he did. He's touched every nation on Earth. #Quote by Pat Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Kiera S. Williams
#34. You've only got one life to live, and you must live it freely. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and completely. You'll then see how beautiful you are. #Quote by Kiera S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Kristian Williams
#35. Curiously, the surveillance, harassment, infiltration, arrests, sabotage, slander, disruption, and petty bullshit endured by the left is only rarely matched by the level police action against the right. Even during World War II, when the U.S. was at war with Nazi Germany and allied with the Soviet Union, the NYPD still invested more resources in infiltrating the Communist Party than in monitoring fascists. Likewise, though the FBI eventually initiated COINTELPRO-WHITE HATE against the Klan - an effort that lasted seven years and included infiltration, sabotage, snitch-jacketing, electronic surveillance, black-bag jobs, and petty harassment - 98 percent of COINTELPRO files concerned leftist movements. #Quote by Kristian Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#36. I love science fiction, always have, always will. But it's the kind of science fiction that I love which I think is an important distinction. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Rowan Williams
#37. Add a note
This is what the love of God is like: it is free and therefore it is both all-powerful and completely vulnerable. All-powerful because it is always free to overcome, but vulnerable because it has no way of guaranteeing worldly success. The love of God belongs to a different order, not the order of power, manipulation and getting on top, which is the kind of power that pre-occupies us. #Quote by Rowan Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by D.S. Williams
#38. Was that Lucas Tine I saw in the corridor?" Lonnie queried cheerfully. Her eyes were filled with curiosity – and shining admiration. "Wow, I wish he'd hit me with his car, if that's what it takes to get his attention. #Quote by D.S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Ted Williams
#39. It's a funny thing, but, as years go by, I think you appreciate more and more what a great thing it was to be a United States Marine ... People will tell me what a shame it was I had to go back into the service a second time, but I'm kinda glad I did.. Besides, I am a U.S. Marine and I'll be one till I die. #Quote by Ted Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#40. Now imagine that the human race had the means to put human settlers on all of these world using an affordable, sophisticated, safe drive that allows for speedy space travel across light years of space. I'm not talking about a simply FTL drive, ladies and gentlemen. this concept that you have before you is for instantaneous travel- Subspace travel. #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Sarah Vowell
#41. But the Grateful Dead, as the fanatic fans point out, are a way of life: someone else's. Twentieth-century teenagers, especially American ones, have been brilliant at creating their own culture, their own music, clothes, and point(s) of view. It's sad and fraudulent that the kind of wholesale worship of some historical way of life has settled over so many young people, infecting them like a noxious gas ... I love the dead
grew up in the thrall of Shakespeare and Hank Williams and James Dean. And I adore the Rolling Stones. But there's a difference between cherishing "Satisfaction" and wearing Keith Richards' hair while doing Keith Richards' drugs. I don't want to be Keith Richards. I wanna be me. Not
like the neo-Deadheads
just another extra in an overblown costume drama about something that wasn't that interesting the first time around. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Delores S Williams quotes by Matthew S. Williams
#42. It was unhealthy to get too attached. Such things were best reserved for people who had a life expectancy #Quote by Matthew S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Paul Auster
#43. You both love Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, Hawthorne and Melville, Flaubert and Stendahl, but at that stage of your life you cannot stomach Henry James, while Gwyn argues that he is the giant of giants, the colossus who makes all other novelists look like pygmies. You are in complete harmony about the greatness of Kafka and Beckett, but when you tell her that Celine belongs in their company, she laughs at you and calls him a fascist maniac. Wallace Stevens yes, but next in line for you is William Carlos Williams, not T.S. Eliot, whose work Gwyn can recite from memory. You defend Keaton, she defends Chaplin, and while you both howl at the sight of the Marx Brothers, your much-adored W.C. Fields cannot coax a single smile from her. Truffaut at his best touches you both, but Gwyn finds Godard pretentious and you don't, and while she lauds Bergman and Antonioni as twin masters of the universe, you reluctantly tell her that you are bored by their films. No conflicts about classical music, with J.S. Bach at the top of the list, but you are becoming increasingly interested in jazz, while Gwyn still clings to the frenzy of rock and roll, which has stopped saying much of anything to you. She likes to dance, and you don't. She laughs more than you do and smokes less. She is a freer, happier person than you are, and whenever you are with her, the world seems brighter and more welcoming, a place where your sullen, introverted self can almost begin to feel at home. #Quote by Paul Auster
Delores S Williams quotes by Serena Williams
#44. I love "Phenomenal Woman." The experiences she had of being African American in the U.S. - that itself is a task. I appreciate the hardships Maya Angelou went through for our generation. I'm super influenced by the black people that paved the way for us. #Quote by Serena Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Montel Williams
#45. As the U.S., the world is questioning why not end it, and so if, in fact, we were to pull out, the world would definitely question why we did this to begin with. But I still believe the world would call upon us for help if they needed it. #Quote by Montel Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Gregory S. Williams
#46. Think for yourself. Ignore the noises around you that polarize and try to promote fear and division. You know better. Be better. Breathe. #Quote by Gregory S. Williams
Delores S Williams quotes by Judith James
#47. You missed a fine opportunity there."

Her heart raced as she whirled around. The hoarse voice was William's. He stood behind her, somewhat worse the wear for drink. He was pale in the moonlight, his hair a dark halo, hard eyes glittering with some inner fire.

"What do you want, William?"

"I want you. #Quote by Judith James

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