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Deliberation quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#1. I observed mildness of temper, and unchangeable resolution in the things that he had determined after due deliberation; and no vainglory in those things that men call honors; and a love of labor and perseverance; and a readiness to listen to those who had anything to propose for the common weal; and undeviating firmness in giving to every man according to his deserts; and a knowledge derived from experience of the occasions for vigorous action and for remission. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Deliberation quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#2. Sloths move at the speed of congressional debate but with greater deliberation and less noise. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Deliberation quotes by Charles Darwin
#3. Of all the differences between man and the lower animals, the moral sense or conscience is by far the most important ... [I]t is summed up in that short but imperious word ought, so full of high significance. It is the most noble of all the attributes of man, leading him without a moment's hesitation to risk his life for that of a fellow-creature; or after due deliberation, impelled simply by the deep feeling of right or duty, to sacrifice it in some great cause. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Deliberation quotes by Demosthenes
#4. The end of wisdom is consultation and deliberation. #Quote by Demosthenes
Deliberation quotes by Siva Vaidhyanathan
#5. Derived from the Greek word anarchos, "without authority," anarchism denies law and considers property to be tyranny. Anarchists believe that human corruption results when differences are enforced through the maintenance of property and authority. Anarchists do not oppose or deny governance as long as it exists without coercion and the threat of violence. They oppose and deny the authority of the centralized state and propose governance through collaboration, deliberation, consensus, and common coordination. Justice can emerge from a sense of common purpose and practices of mutual aid, not the monopoly on violence that the state demands. While anarchism is commonly associated with bloody violence and rage, anarchists believe deeply in an ideology of love. #Quote by Siva Vaidhyanathan
Deliberation quotes by T. S. Eliot
#6. We must believe that "emotion recollected in tranquillity" is an inexact formula. For it is neither emotion, nor recollection, nor without distortion of meaning, tranquillity. It is a concentration, and a new thing resulting from the concentration of a very great number of experiences which to the practical and active person would not seem to be experiences at all; it is a concentration which does not happen consciously or of deliberation. These experiences are not "recollected" and they finally unite in an atmosphere which is "tranquil" only in that it is a passive attending upon the event. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Deliberation quotes by Peter Wessel Zapffe
#7. A coin is examined, and only after careful deliberation, given to a beggar, whereas a child is flung out into the cosmic brutality without hesitation. #Quote by Peter Wessel Zapffe
Deliberation quotes by James Fenimore Cooper
#8. The novice in the military art flew from point to point, retarding his own preparations by the excess of his violent and somewhat distempered zeal; while the more practiced veteran made his arrangements with a deliberation that scorned every appearance of haste #Quote by James Fenimore Cooper
Deliberation quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#9. Generals have gone to war with far less deliberation than she gave to the choice between the pear tart or the vanilla soufflé. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Deliberation quotes by Steve Perry
#10. Cold allowed precision, heat threw caution aside and plunged in rampantly. Cold was the process of deliberation and planning, heat the result of unbridled passion. Passion was fine, but only when controlled and channeled properly. #Quote by Steve Perry
Deliberation quotes by Cass R. Sunstein
#11. People are moderately more likely to favor approaches that involve reflection and deliberation. #Quote by Cass R. Sunstein
Deliberation quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#12. With a little more deliberation in the choice of their pursuits, all men would perhaps become essentially students and observers, for certainly their nature and destiny are interesting to all alike. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Deliberation quotes by Samuel Adams
#13. The necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance. #Quote by Samuel Adams
Deliberation quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#14. Do you suppose that sacrifice is the hallmark of moral action?
Just stop to consider whether sacrifice is not involved in every action that is done with deliberation, the worst as well as the best. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Deliberation quotes by Rumi
#15. A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe. #Quote by Rumi
Deliberation quotes by Robin Maxwell
#16. O'Neill could feel rising off them devotion and love for him, and he knew they would lay down their lives for their high chieftain and for the new cause, only now taking shape in their heads. The cause. Unthinkable just a year before - freedom from occupation. Freedom from oppression. Indeed, their heinous oppressors were approaching - English soldiers who had slaughtered their brothers, their wives, their mothers. Their children. Soldiers who had mindlessly laid waste to their home provinces. To Ireland. Never before had these men fought for the whole of this ancient land, but now they understood, and their hearts - God bless their staunch hearts - were strong and ready to fight. Raising his sword high above his head, O'Neill, with slow deliberation, lowered it, and the glorious blue morning exploded into sound. C #Quote by Robin Maxwell
Deliberation quotes by Jeremy Taylor
#17. A pure mind in a chaste body is the mother of wisdom and deliberation; sober counsels and ingenuous actions; open deportment and sweet carriage; sincere principles and unprejudiced understanding; love of God and self-denial; peace and confidence; hol #Quote by Jeremy Taylor
Deliberation quotes by Mark O'Keefe
#18. St. Thomas Aquinas understood virtues to be habitual or abiding dispositions that help us to realize the good in our decisions and actions. These habitual dispositions, acquired through repetition and an effort over time (and, at the same time, given to us by God through grace), make accomplishing the good easier, more immediate, requiring less internal deliberation and struggle. #Quote by Mark O'Keefe
Deliberation quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#19. And Beasts that have Deliberation , must necessarily also have Will . #Quote by Thomas Hobbes
Deliberation quotes by Agatha Christie
#20. IF anybody had been there to observe the gentle-looking elderly
lady who stood meditatively on the loggia outside her bungalow,
they would have thought she had nothing more on her mind than
deliberation on how to arrange her time that day. An expedition, perhaps, to Castle Cliff; a visit to Jamestown; a nice drive and
lunch at Pelican Point_ or just a quiet morning on the beach.
But the gentle old lady was deliberating quite other matters. She
was in a militant mood. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Deliberation quotes by Bahaullah
#21. Every age hath its own problem, and every soul its particular aspiration. The remedy the world needeth in its present-day afflictions can never be the same as that which a subsequent age may require. Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements. #Quote by Bahaullah
Deliberation quotes by Ryszard Legutko
#22. But it does not require much effort to see that the dialogue in liberal democracy is of a peculiar kind because its aim is to maintain the domination of the mainstream and not to undermine it. A deliberation is believed to make sense only if the mainstream orthodoxy is sure to win politically. Today's 'dialogue' politics are a pure form of the right-is-might politics, cleverly concealed by the ostentatiously vacuous rhetoric of all-inclusiveness. #Quote by Ryszard Legutko
Deliberation quotes by William Gaddis
#23. He took off his hat and shook it (having hurried home as though his own coronation were waiting), and moved now with the slow deliberation of lonely people who have time for every meager requirement of their lives. #Quote by William Gaddis
Deliberation quotes by William Gaddis
#24. Human, we treat them as we treat others, take for granted services to which they did not pretend. But we force telephones to corrupt intimacy while they pretend to preserve it by keeping alive only its dangerous immediate symptoms. Say a word, say a thousand to me on the telephone and I shall choose the wrong one to cling to as though you had said it after long deliberation when only I provoked it from you, I will cling to it from among a thousand, to be provoked and hurl it back with something I mean no more than you meant that, something for you to cling to and retreat clinging to. There, now we are apart! #Quote by William Gaddis
Deliberation quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#25. I regard you as one of those men who would stand and smile at their torturer while he cuts their entrails out, if only they have found faith or God. Find it and you will live. You have long needed a change of air. Suffering, too, is a good thing. Suffer! Maybe Nikolay is right in wanting to suffer. I know you don't believe in it - but don't be over-wise; fling yourself straight into life, without deliberation; don't be afraid - the flood will bear you to the bank and set you safe on your feet again. What bank? How can I tell? I only believe that you have long life before you. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Deliberation quotes by Roger Zelazny
#26. A bizarrerie of fires, cunabulum of light, it moved with a deft, almost dainty deliberation, phasing into and out of existence like a storm-shot piece of evening; or perhaps the darkness between the flares was more akin to its truest nature swirl of black ashes assembled in prancing cadence to the lowing note of desert wind down the arroyo behind buildings as empty yet filled as the pages of unread books or stillnesses between the notes of a song. #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Deliberation quotes by Frederic Vandenberghe
#27. government is legitimate not so much because it represents the 'general will', but because its policies are, ideally and counterfactually, the result of the public deliberation of all who are concerned by the decision #Quote by Frederic Vandenberghe
Deliberation quotes by Paul Bloom
#28. It might feel, at least to some of us, that our opinions about issues such as abortion and the death penalty are the products of careful deliberation and that our specific moral acts, such as deciding to give to charity or visit a friend in the hospital - or for that matter, deciding to shoplift or shout a racist insult out
of a car window - are grounded in conscious decision-making. But this is said to be mistaken. As Jonathan Haidt argues, we are not judges; we are lawyers, making up explanations after the deeds have been done. Reason is impotent. "We celebrate rationality," agrees de Waal, "but when push comes to shove we assign it little weight. #Quote by Paul Bloom
Deliberation quotes by Bob Casey, Jr.
#29. After much deliberation, and after reviewing the legal, public policy and civil-rights questions presented, I support marriage equality for same-sex couples and believe that DOMA should be repealed. #Quote by Bob Casey, Jr.
Deliberation quotes by Herodotus
#30. The Persians are very fond of wine ... It is also their general practice to deliberate upon affairs of weight when they are drunk; and then in the morning, when they are sober, the decision to which they came the night before is put before them by the master of the house in which it was made; and if it is then approved they act on it; if not, they set it aside. Sometimes, however, they are sober at their first deliberations, but in this case they always reconsider the matter under the influence of wine. #Quote by Herodotus
Deliberation quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#31. It is graceful in a man to think and to speak with propriety, to act with deliberation, and in every occurrence of life to find out and persevere in the truth. On the other hand, to be imposed upon, to mistake, to falter, and to be deceived, is as ungraceful as to rave or to be insane. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Deliberation quotes by David McRaney
#32. You are always under the influence of irrational reasoning. You persist in a state of deluded deliberation. You are terrible at explaining yourself to yourself, and you are unaware of the depth and breadth of your faults in this regard. You feel quite the opposite, actually. You maintain an unrealistic confidence in your own perceptions even after your limitations are revealed. #Quote by David McRaney
Deliberation quotes by Sun Yat-sen
#33. It is only after mature deliberation and thorough preparation that I have decided upon the Program of Revolution and defined the procedure of the revolution in three stages. The first is the period of military government; the second, the period of political tutelage; and the third, the period of constitutional government. #Quote by Sun Yat-sen
Deliberation quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#34. Fling yourself straight into life, without deliberation; don't be afraid - the flood will bear you to the bank and set you safe on your feet again. What bank? How can I tell? I only believe that you have long life before you. I know that you take all my words now for a set speech prepared beforehand, but maybe you will remember them after. They may be of use some time. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Deliberation quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#35. The whole of life should be a process of deliberation to choose the right course. Reflection and foresight provide the means of living in anticipation. #Quote by Baltasar Gracian
Deliberation quotes by Mary Renault
#36. We Persians have a saying that one should deliberate serious matters first drunk, then sober. #Quote by Mary Renault
Deliberation quotes by Connie Lansberg
#37. The first thing anybody tells you about this business is to say what makes you unique and different, but I couldn't and the very idea of it never sat well with me and after much deliberation, I finally realized why.
Because, I'm not unique or different–I'm exactly like you and I love that.
We each have a unique filter through which we interpret the world, and with this filter in place, I write stories and songs and you might find them surprising or intriguing or confronting, you may relate or you may not. They may make you laugh and sometimes, even cry.
You may or may not understand what I'm trying to say and you may not understand me, however, rest assured, once we get past the filters, at our core, we are wonderfully and beautifully, exactly the same. #Quote by Connie Lansberg
Deliberation quotes by Thomas More
#38. Then, too, the senate has a rule that no point is discussed on the same day it is brought up, but rather it is put off till the next meeting; they do this so that someone who blurts out the first thing that occurs to him will not proceed to think up arguments to defend his position instead of looking for what is of use to the commonwealth, being willing to damage the public welfare rather than his own reputation, ashamed, as it were, in a perverse and wrong-headed way, to admit that his first view was short-sighted. From the start such a person should have taken care to speak with deliberation rather than haste. #Quote by Thomas More
Deliberation quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#39. You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Deliberation quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#40. How stupid man is to be unable to restrain feelings in suffering the human lot! That was my state at that time. So I boiled with anger, sighed, wept, and was at my wits' end. I found no calmness, no capacity for deliberation. I carried my lacerated and bloody soul when it was unwilling to be carried by me. I found no place where I could put it down. There was no rest in pleasant groves, nor in games or songs, nor in sweet-scented places, nor in exquisite feasts, nor in the pleasures of the bedroom and bed, nor, finally, in books and poetry. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Deliberation quotes by Francis Quarles
#41. Be not too slow in the breaking of a sinful custom; a quick, courageous resolution is better than a gradual deliberation; in such a combat he is the bravest soldier that lays about him without fear or wit. Wit pleads, fear disheartens; he that would kill Hydra had better strike off one neck than five heads: fell the tree, and the branches are soon cut off. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Deliberation quotes by William Faulkner
#42. Doomed and knew it, accepted the doom without either seeking or fleeing it. Loved her brother despite him, loved not only him but loved in him that bitter prophet and inflexible corruptless judge of what he considered the family's honor and its doom, as he thought he loved but really hated in her what he considered the frail doomed vessel of its pride and the foul instrument of its disgrace, not only this, she loved him not only in spite of but because of the fact that he himself was incapable of love, accepting the fact that he must value above all not her but the virginity of which she was custodian and on which she placed no value whatever: the frail physical stricture which to her was no more than a hangnail would have been. Knew the brother loved death best of all and was not jealous, would (and perhaps in the calculation and deliberation of her marriage did) have handed him the hypothetical hemlock. Was two months pregnant with another man's child which regardless of what its sex would be she had already named Quentin after the brother whom they both (she and her brother) knew was already the same as dead... #Quote by William Faulkner
Deliberation quotes by Graham Allison
#43. I am a congenital optimist about America, but I worry that American democracy is exhibiting fatal symptoms. DC has become an acronym for Dysfunctional Capital: a swamp in which partisanship has grown poisonous, relations between the White House and Congress have paralyzed basic functions like budgets and foreign agreements, and public trust in government has all but disappeared. These symptoms are rooted in the decline of a public ethic, legalized and institutionalized corruption, a poorly educated and attention-deficit-driven electorate, and a 'gotcha' press - all exacerbated by digital devices and platforms that reward sensationalism and degrade deliberation. Without stronger and more determined leadership from the president and a recovery of a sense of civic responsibility among the governing class, the United States may follow Europe down the road of decline. #Quote by Graham Allison
Deliberation quotes by Susan C. Young
#44. Moments of reflection occur with calm deliberation and careful thought. Imagine the thoughts which would come to you if you would simply allow them. By giving intentional consideration to a situation, you will gain clarity which you may not have achieved otherwise. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Deliberation quotes by John Adams
#45. The Constitution is ... the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen #Quote by John Adams
Deliberation quotes by Arthur Quiller-Couch
#46. I am mistaken if a single epigram included fails to preserve at least some faint thrill of the emotion through which it had to pass before the Muse's lips let it fall, with however exquisite deliberation. #Quote by Arthur Quiller-Couch
Deliberation quotes by Thomas E. Mann
#47. Party and ideology routinely trump institutional interests and responsibilities. Regular order - the set of rules, norms and traditions designed to ensure a fair and transparent process - was the first casualty. The results: No serious deliberation. No meaningful oversight of the executive. A culture of corruption. #Quote by Thomas E. Mann
Deliberation quotes by Kevin Rudd
#48. We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country. #Quote by Kevin Rudd
Deliberation quotes by Paul Bloom
#49. Moral deliberation has to be somewhere in the brain, after all. It's not going to be in the foot or the stomach, and it's certainly not going to reside in some mysterious immaterial realm. So who cares about precisely where? #Quote by Paul Bloom
Deliberation quotes by Charles De Gaulle
#50. Deliberation is the work of many men. Action, of one alone. #Quote by Charles De Gaulle
Deliberation quotes by Jules Verne
#51. The formalities necessary to obtain a work were quite complicated; the borrower's form had to contain the book's title, format, publication date, edition number, and the author's name- in other words, unless one was already informed, one could not become so. At the bottom, spaces were left to indicate the borrower's age, address, profession, and purpose of research. Michel obeyed these regulations and handed his properly filled-out form to the librarian sleeping at his desk; following his example, the pages were snoring loudly on chairs set around the wall; their functions had become a sinecure as complete as those of the ushers at the Comedie-Francaise. The librarian, waking with a start, stared at the bold young man; he read the form and appeared to be stupefied at the request; after much deliberation, to Michel's alarm, he sent the latter to a subordinate official working near his own window, but at a separate little desk... #Quote by Jules Verne
Deliberation quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#52. Love and marriage represent the cumulative product of several judgments. Love is an instinctive human emotion that entails deliberation and reflection. The first decision is whether to love, then whom to love, and finally whether to pledge spending a lifetime together. Love is a feeling and similar to other strong feelings it might vanish. A person does not marry every time that they fall in love. Marriage requires a person to foresee that their love will endure the mutual wants and needs of both people. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Deliberation quotes by Jeff Ashton
#53. My worst fears from jury selection manifested themselves in the verdict. This jury needed someone to tell them exactly how Caylee died. Piecing it together from circumstantial evidence was not good enough for them. They wanted the answers on a silver platter, but we didn't have the evidence to serve it that way. It's not just the verdict that tells me this, but also the manner in which it was reached. The fact that they didn't request any materials to review. The fact that they didn't have any questions for the judge. If the statements that the foreman of the jury made to the media are true, ten of these twelve jurors felt that ninety minutes of deliberation was sufficient to fully weigh, consider, and reject four weeks' worth of testimony that we on the prosecution used to establish that this was first-degree murder. The rest of the thirteen hours of deliberation had been spent trying to convince the two holdout jurors of the decision. #Quote by Jeff Ashton
Deliberation quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#54. I am often described to my irritation as a 'contrarian' and even had the title inflicted on me by the publisher of one of my early books. (At least on that occasion I lived up to the title by ridiculing the word in my introduction to the book's first chapter.) It is actually a pity that our culture doesn't have a good vernacular word for an oppositionist or even for someone who tries to do his own thinking: the word 'dissident' can't be self-conferred because it is really a title of honor that has to be won or earned, while terms like 'gadfly' or 'maverick' are somehow trivial and condescending as well as over-full of self-regard. And I've lost count of the number of memoirs by old comrades or ex-comrades that have titles like 'Against the Stream,' 'Against the Current,' 'Minority of One,' 'Breaking Ranks' and so forth - all of them lending point to Harold Rosenberg's withering remark about 'the herd of independent minds.' Even when I was quite young I disliked being called a 'rebel': it seemed to make the patronizing suggestion that 'questioning authority' was part of a 'phase' through which I would naturally go. On the contrary, I was a relatively well-behaved and well-mannered boy, and chose my battles with some deliberation rather than just thinking with my hormones. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Deliberation quotes by Edmund Burke
#55. Man is a most unwise, and a most wise, being. The individual is foolish. The multitude, for the moment, is foolish, when they act without deliberation; but the species is wise, and when time is given to it, as a species it almost always acts right. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Deliberation quotes by Henry Fielding
#56. To speak a bold truth, I am, after much mature deliberation, inclined to suspect that the public voice hath, in all ages, done much injustice to Fortune, and hath convicted her of many facts in which she had not the least concern. #Quote by Henry Fielding
Deliberation quotes by Edward Gibbon
#57. As long as the same passions and interests subsist among mankind, the questions of war and peace, of justice and policy, which were debated in the councils of antiquity, will frequently present themselves as the subject of modern deliberation. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Deliberation quotes by Guillaume Faye
#58. History teaches us that humans do not change their civilisation after deliberation, or by their own willpower, but in the wake of chaos that they themselves have provoked. #Quote by Guillaume Faye
Deliberation quotes by Justina Chen Headley
#59. Inertia is so easy - don't fix what's not broken. Leave well enough alone. So we end up accepting what is broken, mistaking complaining for action, procrastinating for deliberation. #Quote by Justina Chen Headley
Deliberation quotes by Don Tapscott
#60. Industrial capitalism brought representative democracy, but with a weak public mandate and inert citizenry. The digital age offers a new democracy based on public deliberation and active citizenship. #Quote by Don Tapscott
Deliberation quotes by Agatha Christie
#61. Marriage, I have always held, is a serious affair, to be entered into only after long deliberation and forethought, and suitability of tastes adn inclinations is the most important consideration. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Deliberation quotes by Pasquier Quesnel
#62. We pass our life in deliberation, and we die upon it. #Quote by Pasquier Quesnel
Deliberation quotes by Edmund Burke
#63. What is the use of discussing a man's abstract right to food or medicine? The question is upon the method of procuring and administering them. In that deliberation I shall always advise to call in the aid of the farmer and the physician rather than the professor of metaphysics. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Deliberation quotes by Judith Butler
#64. The misapprehension about gender performativity is this: that gender is a choice, or that gender is a role, or that gender is a construction that one puts on, as one puts on clothes in the morning, that there is a 'one' who is prior to this gender, a one who goes to the wardrobe of gender and decides with deliberation which gender it will be today. #Quote by Judith Butler
Deliberation quotes by Mindy Kaling
#65. Haley and I would talk for hours about which member of 'N Sync we'd want to marry. After long deliberation, the answer was always J. C. Chasez. Joey
Fatone's last name was going to be "Fat One" no matter how great he was, and even though they didn't know at their
age that Lance Bass was gay outright, they sensed he'd make a better good friend and confidante. As for Justin Timberlake, well, JT was the coolest and hottest, but too flashy, so we couldn't trust him to be faithful. J. C. Chasez was the smart compromise. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Deliberation quotes by Steven Erikson
#66. Obedience had never been deemed a pure virtue among the Tiste Andii. To follow must be an act born of deliberation, of clear-eyed, cogent recognition that the one to be followed has earned the privilege. So often, after all, formal structures of hierarchy stood in place of such personal traits and judgements. A title or rank did not automatically confer upon the one wearing it any true virtue, or even worthiness to the claim. Nimander #Quote by Steven Erikson
Deliberation quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#67. Let your life continuously unfold & evolve your thought process, awareness & perceptions so that you can enjoy deeper understanding of the universe, your trueself & your aspects of life. Let each moment serve you suffiently & remind you of who you really are, your abilities & your divine purpose. Let everyday & every moment your life be a journy from unconsciousness to higher consciousness. Let you remain committed to aristocracy, goodness, kindness, to be a non-judgemental personality & to be the best version of yourself. Let prime objective of your life be to positive influence & affect the energy & feelings of your world in every moment. Let you be so much more than what you think you are & gain more & more opportunities to tune your body, mind & spirit to sustain your existence & remain fulfilled. Let your each choice, resolve, deliberation & action bring forth the joy, peace, aliveness & success you so deeply long for. Stay Sincere, Open, Affirmative & Blessed! #Quote by Rajesh Goyal
Deliberation quotes by Mark Twain
#68. I have seen slower people than I am and more deliberate ... and even quieter, and more listless, and lazier people than I am. But they were dead. #Quote by Mark Twain
Deliberation quotes by John Wilmot
#69. If you have a grateful heart (which is a miracle amongst you statesmen), show it by directing the bearer to the best wine in town, and pray let not this highest point of sacred friendship be performed slightly, but go about it with all due deliberation and care, as holy priests to sacrifice, or as discreet thieves to the wary performance of burglary and shop-lifting. Let your well-discerning palate (the best judge about you) travel from cellar to cellar and then from piece to piece till it has lighted on wine fit for its noble choice and my approbation. #Quote by John Wilmot
Deliberation quotes by Linda Lantieri
#70. slowing down an activity may meet with greater success than doing it quickly. #Quote by Linda Lantieri
Deliberation quotes by Ben Nelson
#71. Some decisions, like opening a fire hydrant to put out a fire, are easy to make. Other decisions, like deciding how to best distribute a drought-limited water supply among urban, rural and recreational uses, require careful deliberation. #Quote by Ben Nelson
Deliberation quotes by Rion Amilcar Scott
#72. I put my hand on a bishop, my would be assassin, and thought of my father's heights when he won, how he galloped around. The depths of his despair at losing, I expected, would be equal to the peaks. He'd mope about, his face fallen and miserable, his posture stooped as if his back ached. I took my hand from the piece and leaned back in deliberation. #Quote by Rion Amilcar Scott
Deliberation quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#73. Painting is something that takes place among the colors, and one has to leave them alone completely, so that they can settle the matter among themselves. Their intercourse: this is the whole of painting. Whoever meddles, arranges, injects his human deliberation, his wit, his advocacy, his intellectual agility in any way, is already disturbing and clouding their activity. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Deliberation quotes by John Flanagan
#74. I'd say," the Ranger answered after a few seconds' deliberation, "that he'll be heading south now that he has the chance. Back into Araluen."
"How do you know that?" Horace asked. He was always impressed at the two Rangers' ability to read a situation and come up with the correct answer to a problem. Sometimes, he thought, they almost seemed to have divine guidance.
"I'm guessing," Halt told him. #Quote by John Flanagan
Deliberation quotes by Edmund Burke
#75. Rage and frenzy will pull down more in half an hour than prudence, deliberation, and foresight can build up in a hundred years. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Deliberation quotes by Terry Pratchett
#76. But our guest, whose name is legend, must tell us truly: what is it that a man may call the greatest things in life?" The warriors leaned closer. This should be worth hearing. The guest thought long and hard and then said, with deliberation: "Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper." [He #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Deliberation quotes by Gordon Korman
#77. Dear Mr. Weston,
Hello again. We were beginning to wonder what had happened to you. I guess things have been pretty quiet since the Salvation Army tried to take over the world.
We are sorry, but after much deliberation we have elected not to assign any men to Protect Trillium Air Base. We feel that the Forces can protect themselves, and if they can't, who is going to protect the country?
Also, thank you for sending us that shard of broken glass with the fingerprint on it. It was yours. Our mail clerk required four stitches and a tetanus shot.
Relay our condolences to your Mr. Waghorn. We have no idea what unfortunate circumstance (for him) drew him to your ever-watchful attention, but he has no criminal record and his face is not known to us. Yours Sincerely,
Bruce Hmmm, thought Sidney, Waghorn has no criminal record.
"Let me see one of those," said Tom.
"I'm sorry, Tom, but I can't show you the letters."
Tom muttered something about a lack of trust. He was extremely alarmed at the intensity of Sidney's expression. As Sidney himself would have put it, the investigation was progressing. That meant trouble. There was always trouble when his brother got to the letter-writing stage. Tom would have to stay on his toes.
Sidney opened the last letter. Dear Mr. Weston,
Please stop bothering us. Cordially yours,
The Ontario Provincial Police. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Deliberation quotes by Kent W. Staley
#78. science cannot be regarded as an entirely detached, disinterested enterprise. To undertake scientific inquiry itself reflects a certain kind of commitment and a certain judgment about what is worth doing. Deciding what kind of scientific inquiry to conduct and how to carry it out requires further evaluative deliberation. Whatever further roles contextual values might play, the securing of evidence and the susceptibility of conclusions to error-probing and transformative criticism demand that those roles be laid bare. For such an undertaking, a partnership of philosophers and scientists may prove fruitful, or even essential. #Quote by Kent W. Staley
Deliberation quotes by Stephen King
#79. He climbed the stairs with slow deliberation, aware - too aware - of how hard his heart was working. Ka-boom, ka-thud. Ka-boom, ka-thud. Ka-boom, ka-thud. It made him nervous when he could feel his heart beating in his ears and wrists as well as in his chest. Sometimes when that happened he would imagine it not as a squeezing and loosening organ but as a big dial on the left side of his chest with the needle edging ominously into the red zone. He did not like that shit; he did not need that shit. What he needed was a good night's sleep. #Quote by Stephen King
Deliberation quotes by Tracy Hickman
#80. [P]eople only make decisions based on what they know. You can have everyone in the country vote freely and democratically and still come up with the wrong answer - if the information they base that decision on is wrong.

People don't want the truth [when] it is complicated. They don't want to spend years debating an issue. They want it homogenized, sanitized, and above all, simplified into terms they can understand...Governments are often criticized for moving slowly, but that deliberateness, it turns out, is their strength. They take time to think through complex problems before they act. People, however, are different. People react first from the gut and then from the head...give that knee-jerk reflex real power to make its overwhelming will known as a national mandate instantly and you can cause a political riot.

Combine these sins - simplification of information and instant, visceral democratic mandates - and you lose the ability to cool down. There is no longer deliberation time between events that may or may not be true and our reaction to them. Policy becomes instinct rather than thought. #Quote by Tracy Hickman
Deliberation quotes by William Gaddis
#81. Say a word, say a thousand to me on the telephone and I shall choose the wrong one to cling to as though you had said it after long deliberation when only I provoked it from you, I will cling to it from among a thousand, to be provoked and hurl it back with something I mean no more than you meant that, something for you to cling to and retreat clinging to. #Quote by William Gaddis
Deliberation quotes by Gyan Nagpal
#82. There is wisdom in always exploring the counterpoint- sometimes a silver cloud has a dark lining too. #Quote by Gyan Nagpal
Deliberation quotes by William Faulkner
#83. The woman is now climbing slowly down, with that inwardlistening deliberation. #Quote by William Faulkner
Deliberation quotes by Tim Fargo
#84. Don't exercise your freedom of speech until you have exercised your freedom of thought. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Deliberation quotes by Edmund Kirby Smith
#85. I have broken all ties that bind me to the (U.S.) Army, not suddenly, impulsively, but conscientiously and after due deliberation. I sacrifice more to my principles than any other officer in the Army can do. I would rather carry a musket in the cause of the South than be commander-in-chief under Mr. Lincoln. #Quote by Edmund Kirby Smith
Deliberation quotes by Amie Kaufman
#86. I have heard it said that evil is simply a point of views the villain is always the hero in his own storybook. And the deliberation of "wrong" and "right" ever shift in the inconstant tides of human morality. #Quote by Amie Kaufman
Deliberation quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#87. The morning arrived the way Alice imagined a whisper would: in tendrils of gray and threads of gold, quietly, quietly. The sky was illuminated with great care and deliberation, and she leaned back to watch it bloom. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Deliberation quotes by Jennifer Ryan
#88. The volume swelled with passion and deliberation as we poured our emotions into every darkened corner of the church. Every dusty cloister and crevice reverberated, reaching a crescendo in the final chorus, a vocal unison of thirteen villagers that cold, still night, pouring out our longings, our anxieties, our deepest fears. #Quote by Jennifer Ryan
Deliberation quotes by Charles De Gaulle
#89. Deliberation is a function of the many; action is the function of one. #Quote by Charles De Gaulle
Deliberation quotes by Kevin Mattson
#90. From these activists we can learn a crucial lesson: without citizens creating the institutions necessary for facilitating the growth of public deliberation, democracy will be a meaningless term. Without political leaders articulating this idea and acting upon it, public life and citizenship will continue to stagnate. #Quote by Kevin Mattson
Deliberation quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#91. A product should be made intentionally #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Deliberation quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#92. Deliberation, n.: The act of examining one's bread to determine which side it is buttered on. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Deliberation quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#93. Motives are symptoms of weakness, and supplements for the deficient energy of the living principle, the law within us. Let them then be reserved for those momentous acts and duties in which the strongest and best-balanced natures must feel themselves deficient, and where humility no less than prudence prescribes deliberation. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Deliberation quotes by Colm Toibin
#94. Q: What's the biggest myth about writing?
A: That there's any wildness attached to it. Writing tends to be very deliberate."

[Colm Tóibín, novelist – portrait of the artist (The Guardian, 19 February 2013) #Quote by Colm Toibin
Deliberation quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#95. 230Our Internet debates ... tend to be dominated by a form of openness fundamentalism, whereby "openness" is seen as a fail-safe solution to virtually any problem. Instead of debating how openness may be fostering of harming innovation, promoting or demoting justice, facilitating or complicating deliberation - the kinds of debates we are likely to have about the uses of openness in the messy world that we live in - "openness" in networks and technological systems is presumed to be always good and its opposite ... is always bad. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Deliberation quotes by George Washington
#96. All obstructions to the execution of the laws, all combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle, and of fatal tendency. They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels and modified by mutual interests. #Quote by George Washington
Deliberation quotes by Jonathan Kellerman
#97. The key to this collaboration - which we undertook after much deliberation - was to stretch creatively. New characters, new locales, new form (the novella). #Quote by Jonathan Kellerman
Deliberation quotes by Horace
#98. Add a sprinkling of folly to your long deliberations. #Quote by Horace
Deliberation quotes by Horace
#99. Great effort is required to arrest decay and restore vigor. One must exercise proper deliberation, plan carefully before making a move, and be alert in guarding against relapse following a renaissance. #Quote by Horace
Deliberation quotes by Samuel Adams
#100. Let us contemplate our forefathers, and posterity, and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter. The necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude and perseverance. Let us remember that "if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom," it is a very serious consideration ... that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event. #Quote by Samuel Adams
Deliberation quotes by Yukio Mishima
#101. Her nose was perfect; her lips exquisite. Like a master placing a go stone on the board after long deliberation, he placed the details of her beauty one by one in the misty dark and drew back to savour them. #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Deliberation quotes by Anton Chekhov
#102. she had been interested in many things, but nothing had completely satisfied her; indeed, she hardly desired complete satisfaction. Her intellect was at the same time inquiring and indifferent; her doubts were never soothed to forgetfulness, and they never grew strong enough to distract her. Had she not been rich and independent, she would perhaps have thrown herself into the struggle, and have known passion. But life was easy for her, though she was bored at times, and she went on passing day after day with deliberation, never in a hurry, placid, and only rarely disturbed. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Deliberation quotes by George Washington
#103. All combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle, and of fatal tendency. They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community. #Quote by George Washington
Deliberation quotes by Jerome Groopman
#104. The cerebral processing of that visceral input as a signal of death was accurate. Without the kinds of therapy that had been developed over the decades, this cancer would have been fatal. Hope, then, is constructed not just from rational deliberation, from the conscious weighing of information; it arises as an amalgam of thought and feeling, the feelings created in part by neural input from the organs and tissues. #Quote by Jerome Groopman
Deliberation quotes by Steve Erickson
#105. I get to the back of the house, I damn near tear the door off the hinges. It isn't an act of fury, fury isn't part of it anymore. It's more deliberate than fury yet more instinctive than deliberation. #Quote by Steve Erickson
Deliberation quotes by Joseph Butler
#106. In all common ordinary cases, we see intuitively at first view what is out duty, what is the honest part. This is the ground of the observation, that the first thought is often the best. In these cases, doubt and deliberation is itself dishonesty; as it was in Balaam upon the second message. #Quote by Joseph Butler
Deliberation quotes by Deanna Roy
#107. What horror to face, to choose the moment of your child's death, to see the machines whir to a stop, the monitors to beep, the line of the heartbeat to go flat. No one really recovers from that. It must be easier to harden your heart, close the recesses of pain, and live life more simply and with calm deliberation. #Quote by Deanna Roy
Deliberation quotes by William Faulkner
#108. ...there is the fable, Chinese I think, literary I am sure: of a period on earth when the dominant creatures were cats: who after ages of trying to cope with the anguishes of mortality---famine, plague, war, injustice, folly, greed---in a word, civilized government---convened a congress of the wisest cat philosophers to see if anything could be done: who after long deliberation agreed that the dilemma, the problems themselves were insoluble and the only practical solution was to give it up, relinquish, abdicate, by selecting from among the lesser creatures a species, race optimistic enough to believe that the mortal predicament could be solved and ignorant enough never to learn better. Which is why the cat lives with you, is completely dependent on you for food and shelter but lifts no paw for you and loves you not; in a word, why your cat looks at you the way it does. #Quote by William Faulkner
Deliberation quotes by Ayn Rand
#109. As a human being, you have no choice about the fact that you need a philosophy. Your only choice is whether you define your philosophy by a conscious, rational, disciplined process of thought and scrupulously logical deliberation - or let your subconscious accumulate a junk heap of unwarranted conclusions, false generalizations, undefined contradictions, undigested slogans, unidentified wishes, doubts and fears, thrown together by chance, but integrated by your subconscious into a kind of mongrel philosophy and fused into a single, solid weight: self-doubt,
Like a ball and chain in the place where your mind's wings should have grown. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Deliberation quotes by Thomas Little Heath
#110. One feature which will probably most impress the mathematician accustomed to the rapidity and directness secured by the generality of modern methods is the deliberation with which Archimedes approaches the solution of any one of his main problems. #Quote by Thomas Little Heath
Deliberation quotes by Philip Kitcher
#111. It's not at all a bad idea for scientific questions to be chosen because a democratic deliberation would identify them as important for people's lives. #Quote by Philip Kitcher
Deliberation quotes by Edmund Burke
#112. A nation is not an idea only of local extent, and individual momentary aggregation; but it is an idea of continuity, which extends in time as well as in numbers and in space. And this is a choice not only of one day, or one set of people, not a tumultuary and giddy choice; it is a deliberate election of ages and of generations; it is a constitution made by what is ten thousand times better than choice, it is made by the peculiar circumstances, occasions, tempers, dispositions, and moral, civil, and social habitudes of the people, which disclose themselves only in a long space of time. It is a vestment, which accommodates itself to the body. Nor is prescription of government formed upon blind, unmeaning prejudices - for man is a most unwise and a most wise being. The individual is foolish; the multitude, for the moment, is foolish, when they act without deliberation; but the species is wise, and, when time is given to it, as a species it always acts right. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Deliberation quotes by Herodotus
#113. The rule of the people has the fairest name of all, equality (isonomia), and does none of the things that a monarch does. The lot determines offices, power is held accountable, and deliberation is conducted in public. #Quote by Herodotus
Deliberation quotes by Andy Weir
#114. Me: "This is obviously a clog. How about I take it apart and check the internal tubing?" NASA: (after five hours of deliberation) "No. You'll fuck it up and die." So I took it apart. #Quote by Andy Weir
Deliberation quotes by John Flanagan
#115. How do we get there? How did you get here, by the way?' [Will asked].
He heard Halt's deep sigh and knew he'd done it again.
'Do you ever,' the older Ranger said with great deliberation, 'manage to ask just one question at a time? Or does it always have to be multiple choice with you?'
Will looked at him in surprise. 'Do I do that?' he asked. 'Are you sure?'
Halt said nothing. He raised his hands in a 'See what I mean?' gesture ...
'Halt,' [Selethen said], 'I could be wrong, but I think you were just guilty of the same fault. I'm sure I heard you ask two questions just then.'
'Thank you for pointing that out, Lord Selethen,' Halt said with icy formality. #Quote by John Flanagan
Deliberation quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#116. We live in a world that assumes that the quality of a decision is directly related to the time and effort that went into making it ... We believe that we are always better off gathering as much information as possible an depending as much time as possible in deliberation. We really only trust conscious decision making. But there are moments, particularly in times of stress, when haste does not make waste, when our snap judgments and first impressions can offer a much better means of making sense of the world. The first task of Blink is to convince you of a simple fact: decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Deliberation quotes by Wendell Berry
#117. The sense of it may come with watching a flock of cedar waxwings eating wild grapes in the top of the woods on a November afternoon. Everything they do is leisurely. They pick the grapes with a curious deliberation, comb their feathers, converse in high windy whistles. Now and then one will fly out and back in a sort of dancing flight full of whimsical flutters and turns. They are like farmers loafing in their own fields on Sunday. Though they have no Sundays, their days are full of sabbaths. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Deliberation quotes by Timothy Ball
#118. Perhaps the greatest scientific deception of the IPCC is the abuse and misuse of computer climate models. They allow them to make their reports and deliberations appear credible. They allow them to bamboozle the public because computer models are a complete mystery to most people. #Quote by Timothy Ball
Deliberation quotes by Thucydides
#119. Again, in our enterprises we present the singular spectacle of daring and deliberation, each carried to its highest point, and both united in the same persons; although usually decision is the fruit of ignorance, hesitation of reflection. But the palm of courage will surely be adjudged most justly to those, who best know the difference between hardship and pleasure and yet are never tempted to shrink from danger. In generosity we are equally singular, acquiring our friends by conferring, not by receiving, favours. #Quote by Thucydides
Deliberation quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#120. Nothing in oratory is more important than to win for the orator the favour of his hearer, and to have the latter so affected as to be swayed by something resembling an impulse of the spirit impetu quodam animi or emotion perturbatione, rather than by judgment or deliberation. For men decide far more problems by hate, or love, or lust, or rage, or sorrow, or joy, or hope, or fear, or illusion, or some other inward emotion aliqua permotione mentis, than by reality or authority, or any legal standard, or judicial precedent or statute. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Deliberation quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#121. After mature deliberation of counsel, the good Queen to establish a rule and immutable example unto all posterity, for the moderation and required modesty in a lawful marriage, ordained the number of six times a day as a lawful, necessary and competent limit. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Deliberation quotes by William James
#122. There is a stream, a succession of states, or waves, or fields (or whatever you please to call them), of knowledge, of feeling, of desire, of deliberation, etc., that constantly pass and repass, and that constitute our inner life. #Quote by William James
Deliberation quotes by H.W. Charles
#123. Never rush into an investment without prior research and deliberation. The Tanakh says, "Without deliberation, plans go wrong" (CJB, Proverbs 15:22). "One rushing to get rich will not go unpunished. He who is greedy rushes after riches, not knowing that want will overtake him" (CJB, Proverbs 28:20, 22). #Quote by H.W. Charles
Deliberation quotes by Kevin Mattson
#124. Contemporary political theorists continue this type of thinking about democracy by arguing that the development of "public judgment" among regular citizens should be made the central concern of modern politics. Public judgment, in the words of Benjamin Barber, is a function of commonality that can be exercised only by citizens interacting with one another in the context of mutual deliberation and decision. #Quote by Kevin Mattson
Deliberation quotes by George Washington
#125. This Government, the offspring of your own choice, uninfluenced and unawed, adopted upon full investigation and mature deliberation, completely free in its principles, in the distribution of its powers, uniting security with energy, and containing within itself a provision for its own amendment, has a just claim to your confidence and your support. #Quote by George Washington
Deliberation quotes by George Lakoff
#126. When we use such metaphorically derived inference patterns to reason about morality, the principles we get and use are inextricably tied up with ends, goals, and purposes. In such cases, therefore, the deontological picture of ethical deliberation just doesn't fit.
The deontologist will no doubt respond by insisting that we can keep morality (as a source of moral principles) entirely separate from other domains (such as well-being) whenever we are reasoning about morals. This view entails that learning morality is just learning preexisting patterns of moral reasoning and learning how to apply them to concrete cases.
However, it is important to see that this is an empirical issue about the nature of human reasoning, and it cannot be decided a priori. #Quote by George Lakoff
Deliberation quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#127. In the conduct of life we make use of deliberation to justify ourselves in doing what we want to do. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Deliberation quotes by Jo Bonner
#128. There is one final point I would like to make this week. As I said on the floor of the House during deliberation of this latest supplemental, hope is something Americans should never lose. Let each of us, both by our words and actions, continue to provide that hope. #Quote by Jo Bonner
Deliberation quotes by Andrew Jackson
#129. The great constitutional corrective in the hands of the people against usurpation of power, or corruption by their agents is the right of suffrage; and this when used with calmness and deliberation will prove strong enough. #Quote by Andrew Jackson
Deliberation quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#130. Don't be overwise; fling yourself straight into life, without deliberation; don't be afraid - the flood will bear you to the bank and set you safe on your feet again. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Deliberation quotes by Julia Quinn
#131. Oranges and unicorns say the bells of St. . . ." She looked to Harriet for inspiration.
"Somehow I don't think so."
Sarah cocked her head to the side. "Better," she judged.
"Spoonicorns? Zoomicorns."
And . . . that was enough. Sarah turned back to her book. "We're done now, Harriet."
Sarah couldn't even imagine where that one had come from. But still, she found herself humming as she read.
Oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clements.
Meanwhile, Harriet was muttering to herself at the desk. "Pontoonicorns xyloonicorns . . ."
You owe me five farthings say the bells of St. Martins.
"Oh, oh, oh, I have it! Hughnicorns!"
Sarah froze. This she could not ignore. With great deliberation, she placed her index finger in her book to mark her place and looked up. "What did you just say?"
"Hughnicorns," Harriet replied, as if nothing could have been more ordinary. She gave Sarah a sly look. "Named for Lord Hugh, of course. He does seem to be a frequent topic of conversation. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Deliberation quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#132. Crisis is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Hence all fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency. Across the West, this was the most glorious boon of World War I. #Quote by Jonah Goldberg
Deliberation quotes by Thomas Piketty
#133. no mathematical formula or econometric estimate can tell us exactly what tax rate ought to be applied to what level of income. Only collective deliberation and democratic experimentation can do that. #Quote by Thomas Piketty
Deliberation quotes by John L. Parker Jr.
#134. The relatively thin distance runners ate more than you would expect (Cassidy loaded his tray with three scrambled eggs, two pancakes, sausage, nearly a quart of milk, and two doughnuts for later). A colossus like Mobley, however, simply ate with a vengeance. With unswerving deliberation and concentration, he sat and consumed. #Quote by John L. Parker Jr.
Deliberation quotes by Wendy Brown
#135. As neoliberalism wages war on public goods and the very idea of a public, including citizenship beyond membership, it dramatically thins public life without killing politics. Struggles remain over power, hegemonic values, resources, and future trajectories. This persistence of politics amid the destruction of public life and especially educated public life, combined with the marketization of the political sphere, is part of what makes contemporary politics peculiarly unappealing and toxic - full of ranting and posturing, emptied of intellectual seriousness, pandering to an uneducated and manipulable electorate and a celebrity-and-scandal-hungry corporate media. Neoliberalism generates a condition of politics absent democratic institutions that would support a democratic public and all that such a public represents at its best: informed passion, respectful deliberation, aspirational sovereignty, sharp containment of powers that would overrule or undermine it. #Quote by Wendy Brown
Deliberation quotes by John O'Neill
#136. As a consumer an individual expresses "personal or self-regarding wants and interests"; as a citizen she expresses her "judgements about what is right or good". The mistake of market approaches to environmental problems is that they transform an issue that requires public deliberation by citizens into one to be resolved by consumer preferences. The market responds only to those preferences that can be articulated through acts of buying and selling. Hence the interests of the commercially inarticulate, both those who are contingently so (the poor) and those who are necessarily so (future generations and non-humans) cannot be adequately represented. #Quote by John O'Neill
Deliberation quotes by William Godwin
#137. No man must encroach upon my province, nor I upon his. He may advise me, moderately and without pertinaciousness, but he must not expect to dictate to me. He may censure me freely and without reserve; but he should remember that I am to act by my deliberation and not his. I ought to exercise my talents for the benefit of others; but that exercise must be the fruit of my own conviction; no man must attempt to press me into the service. #Quote by William Godwin
Deliberation quotes by Rosalie De Rosset
#138. ... what have you accumulated from the past - what are you in the process of accumulating that will be passed on, if not deliberately, then accidentally? Is this accumulation the best of what has been and the best of what is currently being written, sung, and created? Is it wise? And if not, what will be the next generation's inheritance, your children's legacy? #Quote by Rosalie De Rosset
Deliberation quotes by Isabel Allende
#139. So it is with my life, a multilayered and ever-changing fresco that only I can decipher, whose secret is mine alone. The mind selects, enhances, and betrays; happenings fade from memory; people forget one another and, in the end, all that remains is the journey of the soul, those rare moments of spiritual revelation. What actually happened isn't what matters, only the resulting scars and distinguishing marks. My past has little meaning; I can see no order to it, no clarity, purpose, or path, only a blind journey guided by instinct and detours caused by events beyond my control. There was no deliberation on my part, only good intentions and the faint sense of a greater design determining my steps. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Deliberation quotes by Sarah Dessen
#140. Impulsiveness can be charming but deliberation can have an appeal, as well. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Deliberation quotes by Agatha Christie
#141. He used deliberation as others use quickness of repartee. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Deliberation quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#142. Our spontaneous action is always the best. You cannot, with your best deliberation and heed, come so close to any question as your spontaneous glance shall bring you. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Deliberation quotes by M. Scott Peck
#143. To function successfully in our complex world it is necessary for us to possess the capacity not only to express our anger but also not to express it. Moreover, we must possess the capacity to express our anger in different ways. At times, for instance, it is necessary to express it only after much deliberation and self-evaluation. At other times it is more to our benefit to express it immediately and spontaneously. Sometimes it is best to express it coldly and calmly; at other times loudly and hotly. #Quote by M. Scott Peck
Deliberation quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#144. Contrary to the utopian rhetoric of social media enthusiasts, the Internet often makes the jump from deliberation to participation even more difficult, thwarting collective action under the heavy pressure of never-ending internal debate. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Deliberation quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#145. You actually love him, don't you?" Marasi asked. "Well, love is a strong emotion, one that requires careful deliberation to - " "Steris." "Yes." She looked down at her notebook. "It's foolish, isn't it?" "Of course it is," Marasi said. "Love is always a foolish emotion. That's what makes it work. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Deliberation quotes by Fernando Henrique Cardoso
#146. Democracy is not just a question of having a vote. It consists of strengthening each citizen's possibility and capacity to participate in the deliberations involved in life in society. #Quote by Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Deliberation quotes by C.J. Sansom
#147. Many [Tudor-era religious radicals] believed then, exactly as Christian fundamentalists do today, that they lived in the 'last days' before Armageddon and, again just as now, saw signs all around in the world that they took as certain proof that the Apocalypse was imminent. Again like fundamentalists today, they looked on the prospect of the violent destruction of mankind without turning a hair. The remarkable similarity between the first Tudor Puritans and the fanatics among today's Christian fundamentalists extends to their selective reading of the Bible, their emphasis on the Book of Revelation, their certainty of their rightness, even to their phraseology. Where the Book of Revelation is concerned, I share the view of Guy, that the early church fathers released something very dangerous on the world when, after much deliberation, they decided to include it in the Christian canon.
[From the author's concluding Historical Note] #Quote by C.J. Sansom
Deliberation quotes by Avina Celeste
#148. Your actions create your life. Act with deliberation. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Deliberation quotes by Confucius
#149. Study without reflection is a waste of time; reflection without study is dangerous. #Quote by Confucius
Deliberation quotes by Publilius Syrus
#150. We must give lengthy deliberation to what has to be decided once and for all. #Quote by Publilius Syrus
Deliberation quotes by Niklaus Wirth
#151. The possible solutions to a given problem emerge as the leaves of a tree, each node representing a point of deliberation and decision. #Quote by Niklaus Wirth
Deliberation quotes by Jesse Jackson
#152. Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy. #Quote by Jesse Jackson

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