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Delaporte Vet quotes by Adam Grant
#1. In the face of uncertainty, our first instinct is often to reject novelty, looking for reasons why unfamiliar concepts might fail.26 When managers vet novel ideas, they're in an evaluative mindset. To protect themselves against the risks of a bad bet, they compare the new notion on the table to templates of ideas that have succeeded in the past. When #Quote by Adam Grant
Delaporte Vet quotes by Brian Boyle
#2. The strong family warrior has turned into a shell-shocked returning vet - listless, moody, with an invisible injury draining him of vitality. #Quote by Brian Boyle
Delaporte Vet quotes by Michelle M. Pillow
#3. Ly-di-ah! I sit beneath your window, laaaass, singing 'cause I loooove your a - "
"For the love of St. Francis of Assisi, someone call a vet. There is an injured animal screaming in pain outside," Charlotte interrupted the flow of music in ill-humor. #Quote by Michelle M. Pillow
Delaporte Vet quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#4. I am a New Yorker. I like New York. And I like cities. And it's not my desire to make New York more suburban. I would personally just like to vet each person. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Delaporte Vet quotes by Robert Dessaix
#5. 'undertow'. It describes ( ... ) how underneath our own everyday lives - the shopping and squabbles and weeding and trips to the vet - there's a sense of being dragged slowly off, not against our will but regardless of it. And fighting the undertow, as children are quick to learn, is not usually the best way of getting back to the beach. Floating along with it, on the other hand, can be fatal.
It's really the struggle, the argument with oneself, that interests ... #Quote by Robert Dessaix
Delaporte Vet quotes by Sarah Dessen
#6. After the group vet appointment
during which Lyle scratched the vet, the vet tech, and some poor woman minding her own business in the waiting room
we went back to Sabrina's and re-released the cats to their natural habitat. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Delaporte Vet quotes by Bill Bryson
#7. Good lord, look at you!" he cried, delighted at my grubbiness. "What have you been doing? You're filthy!" He looked me up and down admiringly, then said in a more solemn tone: "You haven't been screwing hogs again, have you, Bryson?"
"Ha ha ha."
"They're not clean animals, you know, no matter how attractive they may look after a month on the trail. And don't forget we're not in Tennessee anymore. It's probably not even legal here - at least not without a note from the vet." He patted the chair beside him, beaming all over, happy with his quips. "Come and sit down and tell me all about it. So what was her name - Bossy?" He leaned closely and confidentially. "Did she squeal a lot? #Quote by Bill Bryson
Delaporte Vet quotes by Joan Bauer
#8. What's wrong with the world," Nana explained, "is that people stopped listening to their hearts ...
"Not everybody stopped listening," she continued, "but enough people did to make a difference. We've go so much in this life that all we know how to do is want more. So we concentrate on the wrong things
things we can see
as being the measure of a person. We think if we can win something big or buy something snazzy it'll make us more than we are. Our hearts know that's not true, but the eyes are powerful. It's easier to fix on what we can see than listen to the still, small voice of a whispering heart."
Nana turned her eyes on me like a vet looking for fleas: "A heart will say amazing things if it's given half a chance. #Quote by Joan Bauer
Delaporte Vet quotes by Ricky Gervais
#9. I didn't have toys and bikes; I'd go out and pick up rocks. I was into science and nature. It was my first love. I was going to be a vet and a marine biologist. I went to university and studied biology for two weeks and I just thought: "I've been conned!" #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Delaporte Vet quotes by Charles V. De Vet
#10. Among peoples of such mixed natures, such diverse histories and philosophies, and different ways of life, most administrative problems are problems of a choice of whims, of changing and conflicting goals; not how to do what the people want done, but what they want done, and whether their next generation will want it enough to make work on it, now, worthwhile.'
'They sound insane,' Trobt said. 'Are your administrators supposed to serve the flickering goals of demented minds?'
'We must weigh values. What is considered good may be a matter of viewpoint, and may change from place to place, from generation to generation. In determining what people feel and what their unvoiced wants are, a talent of strategy, and an impatience with the illogic of others, are not qualifications. #Quote by Charles V. De Vet
Delaporte Vet quotes by Ben Fountain
#11. If ever there was a prime-time trigger for PTSD you couldn't do much better than this, but lucky for Norm, the crowd, America, the forty-million-plus TV viewing audience, Bravos can deal, oh yes! Pupils dilated, pulse and blood pressure through the roof, limbs trembling with stress-reflex cortisol rush, but it's cool, it's good, their shit's down tight, no Vietnam-vet crackups for Bravo squad! You can march these boys straight into sound-and-light show hell and Bravos can deal, but damn, isn't it rude to put them through it. #Quote by Ben Fountain
Delaporte Vet quotes by Ned Vizzini
#12. I'm jealous of her. Can you be jealous of your mom for being able to handle things? I couldn't take a day off, take a dog to the vet, and cook dinner. That's like three times too much stuff for me to get done in one day. How am I ever going to have my own house? #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Delaporte Vet quotes by Tarkan
#13. I had always dreamed of being involved in a job where I could do anything related to animals and nature. A vet maybe. But later I came to understand that it was just a temporary interest and that music was more important to me. #Quote by Tarkan
Delaporte Vet quotes by James Herriot
#14. It was Sunday morning (one a.m.), a not unusual time for some farmers, after a late Saturday night, to have a look round their stock and decide to send for the vet. #Quote by James Herriot
Delaporte Vet quotes by Eve Langlais
#15. Being a vet doesn't mean I know how to fix you in this shape." She gestured to his body. "I'll admit there's only one long and hard shape I really want you to fix, but if that's going to happen, then first, you need to pull this piece of metal out of me. It smarts. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Delaporte Vet quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#16. It figured
the almost invincible girl gets hurt, and they call a vet. #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Delaporte Vet quotes by Robert Wuthnow
#17. By the same token, frozen dinners, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and an illegal immigrant hired to clean the house and take one's cat to the vet would have seemed like the epitome of materialism in another time, but now provide the only means available for two-career couples to work hard enough at their jobs to earn the salaries they need to pay for those labor-saving amenities. #Quote by Robert Wuthnow
Delaporte Vet quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#18. Grief. The first is anticipatory. This is hospice grief. Prognostic grief. This is the grief that comes when you drive your dog to the vet for the very last time. This is the death row inmate's family's grief. See that pain in the distance? It's on its way. This is the grief that it is somewhat possible to prepare for. You finish all business. You come to terms. Goodbyes are said and said again. Anguish stalks the chambers of your heart and you steel yourself for the impending presence of an everlasting absence. This grief is an instrument of torture. It squeezes and pulls and presses down. Grief that follows an immediate loss comes on like a stab wound. This is the second kind of grief. It is a cutting pain and it is always a surprise. You never see it coming. It is a grief that can't be #Quote by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Delaporte Vet quotes by Natalie Portman
#19. I've wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a vet - these are things I've said in interviews. Before that, I wanted to be a mermaid and a fairy #Quote by Natalie Portman
Delaporte Vet quotes by J.A. Konrath
#20. Publishers vet books, and they do a good job keeping out the low quality. But they also miss some good quality. #Quote by J.A. Konrath
Delaporte Vet quotes by Jennifer Ellison
#21. I was born and brought up in Liverpool with my clever little sister Jemma, who is 14 and wants to be a vet. My mum Jane is an administrator and my dad Peter is a taxi driver. #Quote by Jennifer Ellison
Delaporte Vet quotes by Terry Pratchett
#22. They've got something they do it with, I think it's called a mocracy, and it means everyone in the whole country can say who the new Tyrant is. One man ... one vet ... Everyone has ... the vet. Except for women, of course. And children. And criminals. And slaves. And stupid people. And people of foreign extraction. And people disapproved of for, er, various reasons. And lots of other people. But everyone apart from them. It's a very enlightened civilization. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Delaporte Vet quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#23. A truculent vet refused the advice and coaxing of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists for weeks; as a result, his back wound broke down, just as we had warned him it would. Called out of the OR, I stitched the dehiscent wound as he yelped in pain, telling myself he'd had it coming.

Nobody has it coming. #Quote by Paul Kalanithi
Delaporte Vet quotes by Nick Trout
#24. Here was my lesson in the reach of veterinary medicine, in how an animal doctor may not be the one standing up when disaster strikes and someone shouts, 'Is there a doctor in the house?' but occasionally, if he or she is lucky, a vet can help heal a sick loved one. #Quote by Nick Trout
Delaporte Vet quotes by Steven James Taylor
#25. For some, being a vet was a means to make a living. For Theo, helping animals was a photo of his soul, the coat of his will. #Quote by Steven James Taylor
Delaporte Vet quotes by Renee Zellweger
#26. Once you've reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it's all the same. I don't have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle. #Quote by Renee Zellweger
Delaporte Vet quotes by Nessa Carey
#27. It's not just humans who have trisomies of the sex chromosomes. One day you may be happily amazing your friends with your confident statement that their tortoiseshell cat is female when they deflate you by telling you that their pet has been sexed by the vet and is actually a Tom. At this point, smile smugly and then say 'Oh, in that case he's karyotypically abnormal. He has an XXY karyotype, rather than XY'. And if you're feeling particularly mean, you can tell them that Tom is infertile. That should shut them up. #Quote by Nessa Carey
Delaporte Vet quotes by Steven  Rowley
#28. Okay.' I can feel the letters vomit off my tongue.
I watch the vet insert the syringe into the catheter and inject the second drug. And then the adventures come flooding back:

The puppy farm.
The gentle untying of the shoelace.
Our first night together.
Running on the beach.
Sadie and Sophie and Sophie Dee.
Shared ice-cream cones.
Car rides.
Eye rain.
Chicken and rice.
Dog parks.
Squirrel chasing.
'Fishful Thinking.'
The adventure at sea.
Gentle kisses.
Manic kisses.
More eye rain.
So much eye rain.
Red ball.

The veterinarian holds a stethoscope up to Lily's chest, listening for her heartbeat.
All dogs go to heaven.
'Your mother's name is Witchie-Poo.' I stroke Lily behind her ears the way that used to calm her. 'Look for her.'
I barely whisper. 'She will take care of you. #Quote by Steven Rowley
Delaporte Vet quotes by James Herriot
#29. There has always been a 'and this is where I come in' feeling about a night call. And as my lights swept the cobbles of the deserted market place it was there again, a sense of returning to fundamentals, of really being me. #Quote by James Herriot
Delaporte Vet quotes by Frankie Boyle
#30. I don't know how long i could be a vet before i got bored and started shagging stuff. #Quote by Frankie Boyle
Delaporte Vet quotes by Karel Capek
#31. A guy wanted the vet to cut his dog's tail off. The vet asked why. Well, my mother in law is visiting next month and I want to eliminate any possible indication that she is welcome. #Quote by Karel Capek
Delaporte Vet quotes by Richard V. Allen
#32. In general, any incoming administration must carefully examine ('vet') its nominees for high public office. #Quote by Richard V. Allen
Delaporte Vet quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#33. Tohru: "Call a doctor, or a vet, or something! Mr. Postman! It's terrible! You see?! They're animals!"
Mailman: "Well, uh, yes, they certainly are. Here's your mail."
Tohru: "No, no, we've got to do something!"
(Shigure in dog form grabs the letter.)
Mailman: "I wish my dog was as smart. Good day! #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Delaporte Vet quotes by Julian Assange
#34. That's a problem. I mean, like any sort of growing startup organization, we are sort of overwhelmed by our growth. And that means we're getting enormous quantity of whistleblower disclosures of a very high caliber, but don't have enough people to actually process and vet this information. #Quote by Julian Assange
Delaporte Vet quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#35. Idiot people like Angel Delaporte who look for a supernatural reason for ordinary events, those people drive Misty nuts. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Delaporte Vet quotes by Chic Murray
#36. I was taking my dog out the other day and I met this chap who asked me where I was going. The dog is foaming at the mouth, so I explained that I was on my way to the vet to have it put down. He asked if it was mad, to which I replied that it wasn't exactly pleased about it. #Quote by Chic Murray
Delaporte Vet quotes by Kris Carr
#37. There's a great metaphor that one of my doctors uses: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. So, I cleaned up my system. By eating organic raw greens, nuts and healthy fats, I am flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins and oxygen. #Quote by Kris Carr
Delaporte Vet quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#38. I cannot imagine not going home to animals. They are the closest thing to God; they don't harbor resentment. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Delaporte Vet quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#39. For a long time I listened to other people to decide whether I was still Christian or not, and I would sort of vet myself by the traditional formulae. #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Delaporte Vet quotes by Jarod Kintz
#40. If my name were Nubby Blues, I wouldn't be a jazz musician, I'd be a disabled Vietnam vet on welfare. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Delaporte Vet quotes by Julie Gold
#41. Im an animal love, but I don't have the smarts to be a vet, or the heart to have been a vet cause I cry over any wounded animal. #Quote by Julie Gold
Delaporte Vet quotes by Stephen King
#42. Rachel would call the vet this morning, they would get Church fixed, and that would put this whole nonsense of Pet Semataries(it was funny how that misspelling got into your head and began to seem right) and death fears behind them. #Quote by Stephen King
Delaporte Vet quotes by David Foster Wallace
#43. It might be instructive to try seeing things from the perspective of, say, a God-fearing hard-working rural-Midwestern military vet. It's not that hard. Imaging gazing through his eyes at the world of MTV and the content of video games, at the gross sexualization of children's fashions, at Janet Jackson flashing her aureole on what's supposed to be a holy day. Imagine you're him having to explain to your youngest what oral sex is and what it's got to do with a US president. Ads for penis enlargers and HOT WET SLUTS are popping up out of nowhere on your family's computer. Your kids' school is teaching them WWII and Vietnam in terms of Japanese internment and the horrors of My Lai. Homosexuals are demanding holy matrimony; your doctor's moving away because he can't afford the lawsuit insurance; illegal aliens want driver's licenses; Hollywood elites are bashing America and making millions from it; the president's ridiculed for reading his Bible; priests are diddling kids left and right. Shit, the country's been directly attacked, and people aren't supporting our commander in chief. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Delaporte Vet quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#44. She wasn't," Heather said, crying now. "Pugs are bred to be useless. We have to take her to the vet. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Delaporte Vet quotes by Patrick Whitesell
#45. I started at an agency called Intertalent. You copy scripts, you pick up people's dry cleaning, you take their dogs to the vet, you deliver packages, you do whatever they want you to do. #Quote by Patrick Whitesell
Delaporte Vet quotes by Pavel Tsatsouline
#46. Russians are easy to spot, even if you dress them like Buckingham Palace guards. They are "the white people who look seriously ticked off," as Army Ranger vet Ellis Jones, RKC, has put it on our forum. #Quote by Pavel Tsatsouline
Delaporte Vet quotes by Publishers Weekly
#47. Dellosso's cleverly plotted second Jed Patrick novel (after 2015's Centralia) finds the Afghan war vet hiding with his wife, Karen, and their eight-year-old daughter, Lilly, in a cabin in the Idaho wilderness. Two months earlier, two CIA agents gave him a thumb drive containing "every damaging piece of information about the Centralia Project," the exposure of which threatens to cause a "scandal that would be talked and read about for decades to come." Then one day Jed returns to the cabin to find Karen in tears. She tells him that three armed men burst into the cabin asking for the thumb drive, but she didn't know where it was. The men took Lilly, and vowed they would return for Karen. More shocks follow. Meanwhile, CIA technician Tiffany Stockton discovers a plot to control Jed's mind in a sophisticated update of The Manchurian Candidate. Can she stop him from becomes an unwilling assassin? Dellosso expertly misdirects readers, but they should be prepared for only serviceable prose. #Quote by Publishers Weekly
Delaporte Vet quotes by Noah Galloway
#48. My mother's brother Johnny was a Vietnam vet, and he too had been wounded. He had spent a long time in a hospital and he understood more than most what I was going through. Or at least he thought he did, and I appreciated that--even if I didn't act like it at first. Uncle Johnny started to visit every weekend. He'd come and sit with me to give my parents a little breather.
After my dad won the battle over my medication, I was, as I said, a little more lucid. I was also a little more ornery. I wouldn't let anyone turn on that little red radio. I didn't even care if Sheryl Crow was telling me what was good. I was more aware of my pain. Just lying there and listening or doing anything at all hurt. My whole body hurt and everyone and everything was to blame. All I wanted to do was sit in silence with the door shut. Uncle Johnny obliged me for a while. He'd come in and sit down in the chair next to my bed. He sat and stared blankly right along with me. But after a while, he couldn't handle that anymore.
One day, on the verge of dying of boredom, Uncle Johnny had had enough. He turned to me and said sternly, "Noah, I'm not gonna sit in here like we're in an oversized coffin. We're either opening the door or we're turning the TV on. Which one do you want?" I rolled my eyes and grumbled for a few minutes before answering, "All right. Turn on the TV." Without hesitation Uncle Johnny shot up out of that chair and reached up to hit the power button on the TV mounted from the c #Quote by Noah Galloway
Delaporte Vet quotes by Amy Lee
#49. I wanted to be a veterinarian until I saw a video of a vet performing surgery on a dog. Then I decided I wanted to be a pianist. #Quote by Amy Lee

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