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Degrading quotes by Emily Bronte
#1. He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. #Quote by Emily Bronte
Degrading quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#2. Those who are determined to be 'offended' will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Degrading quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#3. For them it's out-of-date and outmoded to perform miracles; teaching the people is too like hard work, interpreting the holy scriptures is for schoolmen and praying is a waste of time; to shed tears is weak and womanish, to be needy is degrading; to suffer defeat is a disgrace and hardly fitting for one who scarcely permits the greatest of kings to kiss the toes of his sacred feet; and finally, death is an unattractive prospect, and dying on a cross would be an ignominious end. #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Degrading quotes by Erich Fromm
#4. Religion and nationalism, as well as any custom and any belief however absurd and degrading, if it only connects the individual with others, are refuges from what man most dreads: isolation. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Degrading quotes by G.D.H. Cole
#5. Man is everywhere in chains, and his chains will not be broken till he feels that it is degrading to be a bondsman, whether to an individual or to a State. The disease of civilization is not so much the material poverty of the many as the decay of the spirit of freedom and self-confidence. The revolt that will change the world will spring, not from the benevolence that breeds "reform", but from the will to be free. Men will act together in the full consciousness of their mutual dependence; but they will act for themselves. Their liberty will not be given them from above; they will take it on their own behalf. #Quote by G.D.H. Cole
Degrading quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#6. And then there is the sex, which is worse than he had imagined: he had forgottent just how painful it was, how debasing, how repulsive, how much he disliked it. He hates the postures, the positions it demands, each of them degrading because they leave him so helpless and weak; he hate the taste of it and the smells of it. But mostly, he hates the sounds of it: the meaty smack of flesh hitting flesh, the wounded-animal moans and grunts, the things said to him that were perhaps meant to be arousing but he can only interpret as diminishing. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Degrading quotes by Jennifer Block
#7. When ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) claims that home birth and midwives are unsafe, they imply that the women who choose it and the midwives that provide it are acting irresponsibly and selfishly. They stigmatize normal birth just as the political right has stigmatized abortion. And they stigmatize women.
"Our country has created a mythology of women who are irresponsible and don't care," says Paltrow. "We talk about welfare queens, crack moms, and murderous women who have abortions." A culture that allows such language to permeate our national subconscious inevitably dehumanizes all women, including mothers. Lyon argues that this thinking perpetuates a phrase often invoked in exam rooms and delivery rooms: The goal is to have a healthy baby. "This phrase is used over and over and over to shut down women's requests," she says. "The context needs to be that the goal is a healthy mom. Because mothers never make decisions without thinking about that healthy baby. And to suggest otherwise is insulting and degrading and disrespectful."
What's best for women is best for babies.
The goal is to have a healthy family. #Quote by Jennifer Block
Degrading quotes by Taranum
#8. Ensconced in our finite spaces,
We think we are at the helm of justice:
Degrading people's minutest of affairs. #Quote by Taranum
Degrading quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#9. Fate! This four-letter little word gave the biggest harm to mankind! We must totally get rid of this degrading concept of primitiveness! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Degrading quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#10. The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading subjugation on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it: for man is an imitative animal. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Degrading quotes by Maria Lima
#11. Dear Abby,
My boyfriend won't suck my blood. I've offered, I've cajoled. I've even begged, even though begging is totally humiliating and degrading because I'm so afraid that if he doesn't, he's going to die. Oh, and did I mention he's a vampire? No, really, the undead kind.
Confused in Texas.
Dear Confused:
What the Fuck!? #Quote by Maria Lima
Degrading quotes by John Hope Franklin
#12. There's no reason in the world why black [people] should not be regarded as an attribute that is not degrading but is positive. There's no reason in the world why any person should think that white is degrading. #Quote by John Hope Franklin
Degrading quotes by Thomas Dreier
#13. It is better to give love. Hatred is a low and degrading motion and is so poisonous that no man is strong enough to use it safely. The hatred we think we are directing against some person or thing or system has a devilish way of turning back upon us. When we seek revenge we administer slow poison to ourselves. When we administer affection it is astonishing what magical results we obtain. #Quote by Thomas Dreier
Degrading quotes by Stephen Fry
#14. suggested that a life without sex and without the presence of a partner offered numerous benefits. The celibate life allowed productivity, independence and ease free from the pressures of placating and accommodating the will and desires of another: released from the degrading imperatives of erotic congress, a new and better kind of life could be lived. Sex was an overrated bore. 'Besides,' I confessed as I ended the article, 'I'm scared that I may not be very good at it. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Degrading quotes by Gerry Adams
#15. If I didn't forgive the people who took me into the barracks and beat me unconscious over a period of days during the period when the British state was indicted for inhuman and degrading treatment in 1971-72, or even the guys who shot me, if you don't forgive them, you end up with unnecessary baggage. #Quote by Gerry Adams
Degrading quotes by Wendell Berry
#16. The Captains of Industry have always counseled the rest of us "to be realistic." Let us, therefore, be realistic. Is it realistic to assume that the present economy would be just fine if only it would stop poisoning the air and water, or if only it would stop soil erosion, or if only it would stop degrading watersheds and forest ecosystems, or if only it would stop seducing children, or if only it would stop buying politicians, or if only it would give women and favored minorities an equitable share of the loot? #Quote by Wendell Berry
Degrading quotes by Jules Henry
#17. If advertising has invaded the judgment of children, it has also forced its way into the family, an insolent usurper of parental function, degrading parents to mere intermediaries between their children and the market. This indeed is a social revoluation in our time! #Quote by Jules Henry
Degrading quotes by Frederick Douglass
#18. It was necessary to keep our religious masters at St. Michael's unacquainted with the fact, that, instead of spending the Sabbath in wrestling, boxing, and drinking whisky, we were trying to learn how to read the will of God; for they had much rather see us engaged in those degrading sports, than to see us behaving like intellectual, moral, and accountable beings. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Degrading quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#19. The most degrading cross has always produced the greatest glory and force, as long as the humility of the martyrdom is sincere. But do you have that humility? What you need is not a challenge but infinite humility and humiliation! You mustn't despise those who judge you, but believe in them sincerely, as in a great church; then you will triumph over them and turn them toward you by your example, and you will be united in love
ah, if only you could endure it! #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Degrading quotes by Carlton J. H. Hayes
#20. Only if you have some knowledge of the human sacrifices, the vicious temple rites, the degrading superstitions and customs that were practiced ... can you realize how much the modern world owes to the Hebrew prophets, whose monotheism and moral teachings entered into Christianity and Islam ... #Quote by Carlton J. H. Hayes
Degrading quotes by Leo Buscaglia
#21. I just saw an ad the other day that I couldn't believe. There was this woman-and I think it's degrading to womankind-she was going out of her mind over a new product called "A Thousand Flushes." Here she was in her toilet, saying, "Oh, I love this product!" and, "My life is complete!" Good God-if your joy depends on "A Thousand Flushes," you're sick! #Quote by Leo Buscaglia
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#22. Misery and poverty are so absolutely degrading, and exercise such
a paralysing effect over the nature of men, that no class is ever really conscious of its own suffering. They have to be told of it by other people, and they often entirely disbelieve them. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by M. Night Shyamalan
#23. You're never the same. You're degrading, or you're getting better. You don't stay the same. #Quote by M. Night Shyamalan
Degrading quotes by Erik Larson
#24. But things were changing. Everywhere one looked the boundary between the moral and the wicked seemed to be degrading. Elizabeth Cady Stanton argued in favor of divorce. Clarence Darrow advocated free love. A young woman named Borden killed her parents. #Quote by Erik Larson
Degrading quotes by Charles Arminjon
#25. Forgetting that human life is a reality and not fiction, he seeks diversion in frivolous amusements, squanders his best years in pleasures and idleness and boredom, and consumes fruitlessly the talent that God had entrusted to him. In this enfeebling frame of mind, a man need only come before him with threatening words and the power to interfere with his repose, interests, or pleasures, and the man will at once be his master, will have full power to subject him either to a degrading bondage or to unspeakable tortures. #Quote by Charles Arminjon
Degrading quotes by Gail McHugh
#26. So, those women told me witnessing my mother's weakness drove my own, and her watching my grandfather beat my grandmother was what drove hers. They told me I was raised thinking it was okay for a man to do that to a woman. I was raised thinking self-worth was gained by catering to a man's needs at whatever cost. Even if it meant degrading myself time and time again.

"But the apple can fall far from the tree. Fifty percent of children who grow up seeing that will never walk in their parents' footsteps, whether it's a boy watching his father beat his mother or a young girl watching her mother get hit. But this apple landed on the tree's stump, Gavin. This apple took the same path as her mother. #Quote by Gail McHugh
Degrading quotes by Charles Lee
#27. Let me tell you humans something. You are not fighters. You don't have what it takes to actually change your current living situations. You can't even organize a decent group to combat oppression. How can beings of such low stature hope to do anything? You are not heroes. Stop pretending you are helping by playing commando and get out of the way of someone who can. #Quote by Charles Lee
Degrading quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#28. Would to God we were all Christians who profess to be Christians, and that we lived up to what we profess. Then would the Christian shine forth "clear as the sun, fair as the moon," and what besides - why, "amazing as an army with
banners"! A consistent Church is an amazing Church - an honest, upright Church would shake the world! The tramp of
godly men is the tramp of heroes; these are the thundering legions that sweep everything before them. The men that are
what they profess to be, hate the semblance of a lie - whatever shape it wears - and would sooner die than do that which is dishonest, or that which would be degrading to the glory of a Heaven-born race, and to the honor of Him by whose name they have been called! O Christians! You will be the world's contempt; you will be their despising, and hissing unless you live for one objective! #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Degrading quotes by Ismail Serageldin
#29. More than one-half of the world's major rivers are being seriously depleted and polluted, degrading and poisoning the surrounding ecosystems, thus threatening the health and livelihood of people who depend upon them for irrigation, drinking and industrial water. #Quote by Ismail Serageldin
Degrading quotes by Kevin Hearne
#30. Oberon said as we walked inside. You don't offer werewolves treats if you want to keep all your appendages. They think it's undignified and degrading to be offered a treat. I beg your pardon? No. You just made all of that up. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Degrading quotes by Agatha Christie
#31. Arrangements. I remember his using the word arrangements. What a hateful word it is and all the things it stands for. The things in life that have grand words - Love - sex - life - death - hate - those aren't the things that govern existence at all. It's lots of other pettifogging, degrading things. Things you have to endure, things you never think about until they happen to you. Undertakers, arrangements for funerals, inquests. And servants coming into rooms and pulling the blinds down. Why should blinds be pulled down because Ellie was dead? Of all the stupid things! #Quote by Agatha Christie
Degrading quotes by Chris Crutcher
#32. See, Mr. Nak'll be talking about how anger comes creeping up, hoping you're not paying attention so it can trick you into something really embarrassing or degrading, and before you know it he's got you thinking about your life, or worse, talking about it. He keeps asking what seem like harmless questions, and it almost seems safe to answer them. Next thing you know you're ready to say something you thought you'd never tell anybody. #Quote by Chris Crutcher
Degrading quotes by Tony Blair
#33. Real progress cannot be measured by money alone. We must ensure that economic growth contributes to our quality of life, rather than degrading it #Quote by Tony Blair
Degrading quotes by Kangana Ranaut
#34. I don't find anything upsetting or gross or degrading about fighting with a mental illness: Bipolar or Schizophrenia. #Quote by Kangana Ranaut
Degrading quotes by Frederick Douglass
#35. The soul that is within me no man can degrade. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Degrading quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#36. A rake is a composition of all the lowest, most ignoble, degrading, and shameful vices; they all conspire to disgrace his character, and to ruin his fortune; while wine and the pox content which shall soonest and most effectually destroy his constitution. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Degrading quotes by John Dos Passos
#37. Y. I told them to admire us for the hope we still have
that there is enough goodness in man to use the omnipotence science has
given him to ennoble his life on earth instead of degrading it. Self government,
through dangers and distortions and failures, is the American
cause. Faith in self government, when all is said and done, is faith in the
eventual goodness of man #Quote by John Dos Passos
Degrading quotes by Gaylord Nelson
#38. All nations are degrading and consuming their environment to a point beyond capacity. In the past 15 years in the U.S. we have added 1300 cities with populations over 100,000. When the environment is forced to file Chapter 11, the ecology collapses. Nations recover from war but not from a failed eco-system. The status of our environment is more threatening than all wars. It is forever. #Quote by Gaylord Nelson
Degrading quotes by Wojciech Kurtyka
#39. Enslavement to your own weakness - be it an addiction to alcohol, or to a woman or to fame - it's degrading, and it means losing your dignity and your freedom. #Quote by Wojciech Kurtyka
Degrading quotes by Andrew Solomon
#40. What to say? That I would have loved to make the trip but was busy staying out of the mental hospital? It's so humiliating - so degrading. If I knew I wouldn't get caught, I'd love to lie about it - invent an acceptable cancer, that recurs and vanishes, that people could understand - that wouldn't make them frightened and uncomfortable. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Degrading quotes by Emil Cioran
#41. The idle apprehend more things, are deeper than the industrious: no task limits their horizon; born into an eternal Sunday, they watch- - and watch themselves watching. Sloth is a somatic skepticism, the way the flesh doubts. In a world of inaction, the idle would be the only ones not to be murderers. But they do not belong to humanity, and, sweat not being their strong point, they live without suffering the consequences of Life and of Sin. Doing neither good nor evil, they disdain - spectators of the human convulsion - the weeks of time, the efforts which asphyxiate consciousness. What would they have to fear from a limitless extension of certain afternoons except the regret of having supported a crudely elementary obviousness? Then, exasperation in the truth might induce them to imitate the others and to indulge in the degrading temptation of tasks. This is the danger which threatens sloth, that miraculous residue of paradise. #Quote by Emil Cioran
Degrading quotes by Jane Austen
#42. I will not adopt that ungenerous and impolitic custom so common with novel writers, of degrading by their contemptuous censure the very performances, to the number of which they are themselves adding?joining with their greatest enemies in bestowing the harshest epithets on such works, and scarcely ever permitting them to be read by their own heroine, who, if she accidentally take up a novel, is sure to turn over its insipid leaves with disgust. #Quote by Jane Austen
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#43. The English are always degrading truths into facts. When a truth becomes a fact it loses all its intellectual value. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Annemarie Schwarzenbach
#44. In the end, one can only die for Sibylle. To love for her, my friends say, is degrading. #Quote by Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Degrading quotes by Gerald Kersh
#45. As for me, I lived for more than three months in one of the cheapest of those spy-hole-ridden bedrooms. I completed my education there. Through three or four tiny holes, which must have been bored by some neglected genius of espionage, I watched people when they thought they were alone. I saw things which walls and the darkness were made to conceal; I heard things which no man was supposed to hear. It was degrading, but impossible to resist. I stooped. I stooped to the keyhole of hell, and I learned the secrets of the damned. - from "The Devil that Troubled the Chessboard #Quote by Gerald Kersh
Degrading quotes by George MacDonald
#46. But is it not rather that art rescues nature from the weary and sated regards of our senses, and the degrading injustice of our anxious everyday life, and, appealing to the imagination, which dwells apart, reveals Nature in some degree as she really is, and as she represents herself to the eye of the child, whose everyday life, fearless and unambitious, meets the true import of the wonder-teeming world around him, and rejoices therein without questioning? #Quote by George MacDonald
Degrading quotes by Studs Terkel
#47. I wanted to be accepted. It must have been in sixth grade. It was just before the Fourth of July. They were trying out students for this patriotic play. I wanted to do Abe Lincoln, so I learned the Gettysburg Address inside and out. I'd be out in the fields pickin' the crops and I'd be memorizin'. I was the only one who didn't have to read the part, 'cause I learned it. The part was given to a girl who was a grower's daughter. She had to read it out of a book, but they said she had better diction. I was very disappointed. I quit about eighth grade. Any time anybody'd talk to me about politics, about civil rights, I would ignore it. It's a very degrading thing because you can't express yourself. They wanted us to speak English in the school classes. We'd put out a real effort. I would get into a lot of fights because I spoke Spanish and they couldn't understand it. I was punished. I was kept after school for not speaking English. #Quote by Studs Terkel
Degrading quotes by Keith Boykin
#48. Maybe I'm too close to the two Democrats to be against either one. I went to law school with Barack Obama and worked in the Clinton White House, so I have connections and allegiances to both candidates [ ... ] But I cannot remain silent any longer while my own senator destroys the Democratic Party, and her own reputation, in a desperate and degrading effort to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It's time for Senator Clinton to act like a leader that I know she can be. Hillary Clinton not only needs to defend Barack Obama, she needs to apologize to him. #Quote by Keith Boykin
Degrading quotes by Marty Rubin
#49. Subservience is degrading, even if you like it. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Degrading quotes by Duane Elgin
#50. Poverty is mean and degrading to the human spirit, whereas a life of conscious simplicity can have both a beauty and a functional integrity that elevates the human spirit. #Quote by Duane Elgin
Degrading quotes by R.K. Lilley
#51. The only way you could be good in bed for me would (be) if you became a complete person, not just some shell of a man that doesn't have a middle ground between putting women on a pedestal and degrading them with meaningless sex. #Quote by R.K. Lilley
Degrading quotes by Matthew Desmond
#52. It was once said that the poor are 'constantly exposed to evidence of their own irrelevance.' Especially for poor African-American families - who live in neighborhoods with rates of violence and concentrated poverty so extreme that even the worst white neighborhoods bear little resemblance - living in degrading housing in dangerous neighborhoods sent a clear message about where the wider society thought they belonged. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Degrading quotes by Peter Singer
#53. Extreme poverty is not only a condition of unsatisfied material needs. It is often accompanied by a degrading state of powerlessness. #Quote by Peter Singer
Degrading quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
#54. In short, to sum up all in a few words, or in a single one, I may tell you I am Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called 'The Knight of the Rueful Countenance;' for though self-praise is degrading, I must perforce sound my own sometimes, that is to say, when there is no one at hand to do it for me. #Quote by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Degrading quotes by Michael Morell
#55. The thing we've learned from the last 20 years of counterterrorism is the significant value you get from removing leadership from the battlefield in degrading the organization. #Quote by Michael Morell
Degrading quotes by Nathan Deal
#56. Science without respect for human life is degrading to us all and reflects a hollow and deceptive philosophy, a philosophy that we as a people should never condone. #Quote by Nathan Deal
Degrading quotes by Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
#57. All forced virtue is degrading in it effect. #Quote by Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
Degrading quotes by Ronald Reagan
#58. Revolution means democracy in today's world, not the enslavement of peoples to the corrupt and degrading horrors of totalitarianism #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Degrading quotes by Chris Hedges
#59. The women in porn plead to be abused. They call themselves whores and sluts. They are beaten and penetrated by groups of men. Their faces are covered with semen from dozens of masturbating men, their anuses are penetrated repeatedly by lines of partners, and they are raped. The women portrayed in the films exist to fulfill the desire of men in the most degrading and painful way possible. Nearly all porn dialogue includes lines from women such as I am a cunt, I am a bitch. I am a whore. I am a slut. #Quote by Chris Hedges
Degrading quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#60. War as a moral metaphor is limited, limiting, and dangerous. By reducing the choices of action to "a war against" whatever-it-is, you divide the world into Me or Us (good) and Them or It (bad) and reduce the ethical complexity and moral richness of our life to Yes/No, On/Off. This is puerile, misleading, and degrading. In stories, it evades any solution but violence and offers the reader mere infantile reassurance. All too often the heroes of such fantasies behave exactly as the villains do, acting with mindless violence, but the hero is on the "right" side and therefore will win. Right makes might. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#61. There are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely-or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Sherwin B. Nuland
#62. And when he died, I was glad. I know it sounds terrible to say that, but I was happy he was relieved of that degrading sickness. I knew he never suffered, and I knew he had no idea what was happening to him, and I was grateful for that. It was a blessing - it was the only thing that kept me going, all of those months and years. But it was a horrible thing to watch happening to someone I loved so much. You know, when I went to the hospital after Phil died, they asked me if I wanted to see his body. I said no. My friend, who is a devout Catholic, had gone with me, and she couldn't understand my refusal. But I didn't want to remember that face dead. You have to understand - it wasn't for me that I felt that way. It was for him. #Quote by Sherwin B. Nuland
Degrading quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#63. Never ask a ninja if she can jump - it's degrading. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Degrading quotes by Flora Tristan
#64. With my union project in my hand, from town to town, from one end of France to the other, to talk to the workers who do not know how to read and to those who do not have the time to read ... I will go find them in their workshops; in their garrets and even, if needed, in their taverns, and there, face to face with their poverty, I will compel them, in spite of themselves, to escape from this frightful poverty which is degrading and killing them. #Quote by Flora Tristan
Degrading quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#65. We counsel you, young men, not to pollute your minds with such degrading matter, for the mind through which this filth passes is never the same afterwards. Don't see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic. Don't listen to music that is degrading #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Degrading quotes by Di Smith
#66. You are free to choose to rise to the heights of spiritual greatness or to sink to degrading depths. It's up to you. Your intuition or inner voice will guide you in making the correct choice in every moment. #Quote by Di Smith
Degrading quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#67. Ignorance is degrading only when found in company with great riches. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Degrading quotes by Terence McKenna
#68. We are, in fact, hyper-dimentional objects of some sort which cast a shadow into matter, and the shadow in matter is the body. And at death, what happens basically, is that the shadow withdraws, or the thing which cast the shadow withdraws, and metabolism ceases, and matter which had been organized into a dissipative structure in a very localized area, sustaining itself against entropy by cycling material in and degrading it and expelling it, that whole phenomenon ceases, but the thing which ordered it is not affected by that. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Degrading quotes by C.S. Lewis
#69. The Enemy takes this risk because He has a curious fantasy of making all these disgusting little human vermin into what He calls His 'free' lovers and servants - 'sons' is the word He uses, with His inveterate love of degrading the whole spiritual world by unnatural liaisons with the two-legged animals. Desiring their freedom, He therefore refuses to carry them, by their mere affections and habits, to any of the goals which He sets before them: He leaves them to 'do it on their own'. And there lies our opportunity. But also, remember there lies our danger. If once they get through this initial dryness successfully, they become much less dependent on emotion and therefore much harder to tempt. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Degrading quotes by Roxane Gay
#70. When I drive to work, I listen to thuggish rap at a very loud volume, even though the lyrics are degrading to women and offend me to my core. I am mortified by my music choices. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Degrading quotes by Raymond Pettibon
#71. It's possible to do your best work at your highest level without competing. I'm not anticompetition, but at an individual level, it can be degrading for both sides. And it doesn't have to be that way. I've done pretty well at getting past that sort of thing, and it's a relief not to have the rancor. #Quote by Raymond Pettibon
Degrading quotes by G.G. Silverman
#72. If she did bitch-slap me, I'd bitch-slap her right back, but I resented the word bitch and all its familiar forms, as it was degrading to women and dogs everywhere. #Quote by G.G. Silverman
Degrading quotes by Simone Elkeles
#73. A garter. You're supposed to take it off and keep it as a memento. K-k-kinda like a trophy
for going far sexually with a girl. It's stupid, really. And kind of d-d-degrading if I think about
it too m-m-much."
"I know what it is," he says, amusement evident in his voice. "I just wanted to hear your
explanation. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Degrading quotes by Ed Markey
#74. The photographs of Iraqi prisoners being subjected to degrading and humiliating treatment by their captors, and the reports of acts of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and other acts of maltreatment shock the conscience. #Quote by Ed Markey
Degrading quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#75. There is not a more disgusting spectacle under the sun than our subserviency to British criticism. It is disgusting, first, because it is truckling, servile, pusillanimous
secondly, because of its gross irrationality. We know the British to bear us little but ill will
we know that, in no case do they utter unbiased opinions of American books ... we know all this, and yet, day after day, submit our necks to the degrading yoke of the crudest opinion that emanates from the fatherland. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Degrading quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#76. War with all its glorification of brute force is essentially a degrading thing. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Degrading quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#77. But a compassion for that which is not and cannot be useful and lovely, is degrading and futile. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Degrading quotes by William Kuhn
#78. He knew wine and food. He knew how to sense what someone might want in the instant before they knew it themselves. For him there was nothing humiliating or degrading about service. It was his religion. #Quote by William Kuhn
Degrading quotes by William Morris
#79. If our houses, or clothes, our household furniture and utensils are not works of art, they are either wretched makeshifts, or, what is worse, degrading shams of better things. #Quote by William Morris
Degrading quotes by Ian McEwan
#80. Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it's okay to be a boy; for girls it's like promotion. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, according to you, because secretly you believe that being a girl is degrading. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Degrading quotes by Donella Meadows
#81. The human world is a long way from meeting the needs of the present, and it is borrowing massively from the future - not only by piling up money debt, but also by degrading the resources from which all real wealth ultimately comes. #Quote by Donella Meadows
Degrading quotes by Mark Twain
#82. I shall never use profanity except in discussing house rent and taxes. #Quote by Mark Twain
Degrading quotes by Lydia Maria Francis Child
#83. If young men and young women are brought up to consider frugality contemptible, and industry degrading, it is vain to expect they will at once become prudent and useful, when the cares of life press heavily upon them. #Quote by Lydia Maria Francis Child
Degrading quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#84. It is difficult to process the sacred masculine when your closest example has been a man smacking you around, verbally degrading you, lording over you, or otherwise proving a poor demonstration of the use of strength. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Degrading quotes by Alison G. Bailey
#85. We set limits for ourselves all the time. This imaginary line that you're positive you won't ever cross. An action that you are positive you would never do, no matter what. But what we don't consider when we draw our line is a change in our situation.

An action that you were sure last week you wouldn't do suddenly becomes a viable option this week because the situation has drive you to it.

Then you move your limit line and talk yourself into believing this new line will never be crossed.

A man will take a stand and proclaim "I would never lie to my wife." But what if he maxes out their credit card because of his internet porn addiction?

The line gets moved.

I'm sure if you ask any mother or father they would not hesitate in harming or even killing someone who was about to do the same to their child.

The line gets moved.

A girl who is so consumed by the pain and empty ache of loneliness will be drive to do anything, no matter how degrading she thinks it is, because she wants to numb the chronic pain.

The line gets moved.

The line keeps moving and moving until one day you realize you're limitless.

If you are being completely honest with yourself, there is absolutely nothing you wouldn't do if the situation required you to cross another line. #Quote by Alison G. Bailey
Degrading quotes by Vida Goldstein
#86. Nothing-was more degrading than for a woman to have to marry for a home. Love should be the sole reason. Surely those with a brain-to think, eyes to see and a mind-to reason must realise that the capitalist system must cease and a co-operative system prevail in its place. #Quote by Vida Goldstein
Degrading quotes by Iman
#87. I have no intention of ever writing beauty tips on how to make an African-American nose look slimmer or Asian eyes look bigger. That's degrading. Asian eyes are what's beautiful about you and what makes you different. #Quote by Iman
Degrading quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#88. It is understandable how this shame came into being. The nation made the black man's color a stigma. Even linguistics and semantics conspire to give this impression. If you look in Roget's Thesaurus you will find about 120 synonyms for blacK, and right down the line you will find words like smut, something dirty, worthless, and useless, and then you look further and you find about 120 synonyms for white and they all represent something high, noble, pure, chaste - right down the line. In our language structure, a white lie is a little better than a black lie. Somebody goes wrong in the family and we don't call him a white sheep, we call him a black sheep. We don't say whitemail, but blackmail. We don't speak of white-balling somebody, but black-balling somebody. The word 'black' itself in our society connotes something that is degrading. It was absolutely necessary to come to a moment with a sense of dignity. It is very positive and very necessary. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Degrading quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
#89. The incurable sufferer is given very little opportunity to be proud of his suffering and to consider it ennobling rather than degrading" so that "he is not only unhappy, but also ashamed of being unhappy. #Quote by Viktor E. Frankl
Degrading quotes by Myra Yadav
#90. Life is not in degrading people; it is in winning, uplifting and upgrading people #Quote by Myra Yadav
Degrading quotes by Ryan Holiday
#91. Each project matters, and the only degrading part is giving less than one is capable of giving. #Quote by Ryan Holiday
Degrading quotes by Zygmunt Bauman
#92. To you is granted the power of degrading yourself into the lower forms of life, the beasts, and to you is granted the power, contained in your intellect and judgment, to be reborn into the higher forms, the divine. #Quote by Zygmunt Bauman
Degrading quotes by Jesse Owens
#93. People say that it was degrading for an Olympic champion to run against a horse, but what was I supposed to do? I had four gold medals, but you can't eat four gold medals. There was no
television, no big advertising, no endorsements then. Not for a black man, anyway. #Quote by Jesse Owens
Degrading quotes by Mark Twain
#94. It had as many immoralities as the machine of today has virtues. After a year or two I found that it was degrading my character, so I thought I would give it to Howells. #Quote by Mark Twain
Degrading quotes by Osamu Dazai
#95. Despising each other as we did, we were constantly together, thereby degrading ourselves. If that is what the world calls friendship, the relations between Horiki and myself were undoubtedly those of friendship. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Degrading quotes by Mark Twain
#96. It was pitiful for a person born in a wholesome free atmosphere to listen to their humble and hearty outpourings of loyalty toward their king and Church and nobility; as if they had any more occasion to love and honor king and Church and noble than a slave has to love and honor the lash, or a dog has to love and honor the stranger that kicks him! Why, dear me, ANY kind of royalty, howsoever modified, ANY kind of aristocracy, howsoever pruned, is rightly an insult; but if you are born and brought up under that sort of arrangement you probably never find it out for yourself, and don't believe it when somebody else tells you. It is enough to make a body ashamed of his race to think of the sort of froth that has always occupied its thrones without shadow of right or reason, and the seventh-rate people that have always figured as its aristocracies -- a company of monarchs and nobles who, as a rule, would have achieved only poverty and obscurity if left, like their betters, to their own exertions...

The truth was, the nation as a body was in the world for one object, and one only: to grovel before king and Church and noble; to slave for them, sweat blood for them, starve that they might be fed, work that they might play, drink misery to the dregs that they might be happy, go naked that they might wear silks and jewels, pay taxes that they might be spared from paying them, be familiar all their lives with the degrading language and postures of adulation that they might w #Quote by Mark Twain
Degrading quotes by Al Franken
#97. I know this seems quaint, but back in 2008, Republicans did not consider "demeaning and degrading women" to be senatorial, let alone presidential. #Quote by Al Franken
Degrading quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#98. What is music? What does it do to us? And why does it do to us what it does? People say that music has an uplifting effect on the soul: what rot! It isn't true. It's true that it has an effect, it has a terrible effect on me, at any rate, but it has nothing to do with any uplifting of the soul. Its effect on the soul is neither uplifting nor degrading - it merely irritates me. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Degrading quotes by Clementine Ford
#99. It would be rare to find a woman who hadn't endured some kind of ridicule for stepping out of line. When the market dictates that a woman's value is primarily attached to her looks and deferential behaviour, it's the threat of sexually degrading insults that help to keep her in check. #Quote by Clementine Ford
Degrading quotes by Seneca
#100. To fight against an equal is risky; against a higher-up, insane; against someone beneath you, degrading. #Quote by Seneca
Degrading quotes by Victor Lodato
#101. The thing is, I can't love her, not in the real world. Because this would be degrading to me. To love someone who despises you, and she just might. You should see her eyes on me sometimes. Plus she's not even a mother anymore, she's just a planet with a face. Da at least has hands. #Quote by Victor Lodato
Degrading quotes by Marlee Matlin
#102. I know what it's like to be growing up, called 'deaf and mute' and 'deaf and dumb.' They're words that are very degrading and demeaning to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. It's almost ... it's almost libelous, if you want to say that. #Quote by Marlee Matlin
Degrading quotes by Bhagavad Gita
#103. My dear Arjuna, how have these impurities come upon you? They are not at all befitting a man who knows the value of life. They lead not to higher planets, but to infamy. O son of Prtha, do not yield to this degrading impotence, that it does not become you. Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise, O chastiser of the enemy. #Quote by Bhagavad Gita
Degrading quotes by Dennis Lindley
#104. I believe that almost all important, useful ideas are simple. Peter Whittle has recently put it nicely in an autobiographical essay. "If a piece of work is heavy and complicated then it is wrong." ... Some writers feel that to express their ideas in simple terms is degrading. Some use complexity to disguise the paucity of their material. In fact, simplicity is a virtue and when, as here, it is both original and useful, it can represent a real advance in knowledge. #Quote by Dennis Lindley
Degrading quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#105. When we consider that women are treated as property it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit. #Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Degrading quotes by Alexandra Cousteau
#106. I believe water will be the defining crisis of our century - from droughts, storms, and floods to degrading water quality. We'll see major conflicts over water and the proliferation of water refugees. We inhabit a water planet, and unless we protect, manage, and restore that resource, the future will be a very different place from the one we imagine today. #Quote by Alexandra Cousteau
Degrading quotes by Brooke Gladstone
#107. Even if each of our realities is unique, our common cultures and environments ensure that we share some fundamental principles. That is what enables consensus, and that is what is under attack. By degrading the very notion of shared reality, Trump has disabled the engine of democracy. As #Quote by Brooke Gladstone
Degrading quotes by Kliph Nesteroff
#108. European fascism changed comedy in America. Jack Benny explained, 'During World War II, attitudes changed. Hitler's ideology of Aryan supremacy put all ethnic humor in a bad light. When the black man's fight for equal rights and fair play became an issue after the War, I would no longer allow Rochester to say or do anything that an audience would consider degrading.' Benny's attitude toward race relations was enlightened. Starting in 1940 he refused to play any segregated venue. In the 1960s when his agent scheduled a world tour, Benny chastised him for booking a gig in apartheid South Africa and refused to appear. #Quote by Kliph Nesteroff
Degrading quotes by David R. Wommack
#109. Overmedication: We're killing ourselves. Degrading
often unseen & often unfelt
our kidneys, livers, vital organs. Until it's too late. And we croak. Kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure. We do it to ourselves #Quote by David R. Wommack
Degrading quotes by Jane Austen
#110. and if a rainy morning deprived them of other enjoyments, they were still resolute in meeting in defiance of wet and dirt, and shut themselves up, to read novels together. Yes, novels; for I will not adopt that ungenerous and impolitic custom so common with novel–writers, of degrading by their contemptuous censure the very performances, to the number of which they are themselves adding - joining with their greatest enemies in bestowing the harshest epithets on such works, and scarcely ever permitting them to be read by their own heroine, who, if she accidentally take up a novel, is sure to turn over its insipid pages with disgust. Alas! If the heroine of one novel be not patronized by the heroine of another, from whom can she expect protection and regard? I cannot approve of it. Let us leave it to the reviewers to abuse such effusions of fancy at their leisure, and over every new novel to talk in threadbare strains of the trash with which the press now groans. Let us not desert one another; we are an injured body. Although our productions have afforded more extensive and unaffected pleasure than those of any other literary corporation in the world, no species of composition has been so much decried. From pride, ignorance, or fashion, our foes are almost as many as our readers. And while the abilities of the nine–hundredth abridger of the History of England, or of the man who collects and publishes in a volume some dozen lines of Milton, Pope, and Prior, with a paper from th #Quote by Jane Austen
Degrading quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#111. Some women govern their husbands without degrading themselves, because intellect will always govern. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Degrading quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#112. The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Degrading quotes by Albert Memmi
#113. The colonialist's existence is so closely aligned with that of the colonized that he will never be able to overcome the argument which states that misfortune is good for something. With all his power he must disown the colonized while their existence is indispensable to his own. Having chosen to maintain the colonial system, he must contribute more vigor to its defense than would have been needed to dissolve it completely. Having become aware of the unjust relationship which ties him to the colonized, he must continually attempt to absolve himself. He never forgets to make a public show of his own virtues, and will argue with vehemence to appear heroic and great. At the same time his privileges arise just as much from his glory as from degrading the colonized. #Quote by Albert Memmi
Degrading quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#114. There was nothing quite so shaming, so degrading as a marriage that had failed. #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Degrading quotes by Matthew Scully
#115. An environmentalist can oppose factory farming because it's reckless stewardship. A conservative can oppose factory farming because it is destructive to small farmers and to the decent ethic of husbandry those farmers live by. A religious person can oppose factory farming because it is degrading to both man and animal - an offense to God. #Quote by Matthew Scully
Degrading quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#116. In Philadelphia, I inadvertently came upon an edition of Robert Ingersoll's Essays and Lectures. This was an exciting discovery; his atheism confirmed my own belief that the horrific cruelty of the Old Testament was degrading to the human spirit. #Quote by Charlie Chaplin
Degrading quotes by Jane Austen
#117. Yes, novels; for I will not adopt that ungenerous and impolitic custom, so common with novel-writers, of degrading, by their contemptuous censure, the very performances to the number of which they are themselves adding; joining with their greatest enemies in bestowing the harshest epithets on such works, and scarcely ever permitting them to be read by their own heroine, who, if she accidentally take up a novel, is sure to turn over its insipid pages with disgust. Alas! if the heroine of one novel be not patronised by the heroine of another, from whom can she expect protection and regard? I cannot approve of it. Let us leave it to the reviewers to abuse such effusions of fancy at their leisure, and over every new novel to talk in threadbare strains of the trash with which the press now groans. Let us not desert one another- we are an injured body. #Quote by Jane Austen
Degrading quotes by Tiffany Madison
#118. Women's liberation is one thing, but the permeation of anti-male sentiment in post-modern popular culture - from our mocking sitcom plots to degrading commercial story lines - stands testament to the ignorance of society. Fair or not, as the lead gender that never requested such a role, the historical male reputation is quite balanced.
For all of their perceived wrongs, over centuries they've moved entire civilizations forward, nurtured the human quest for discovery and industry, and led humankind from inconvenient darkness to convenient modernity. Navigating the chessboard that is human existence is quite a feat, yet one rarely acknowledged in modern academia or media. And yet for those monumental achievements, I love and admire the balanced creation that is man for all his strengths and weaknesses, his gifts and his curses. I would venture to say that most wise women do. #Quote by Tiffany Madison
Degrading quotes by Sasha Grey
#119. What one person sees as degrading and disgusting and bad for women might make some women feel empowered and beautiful and strong. #Quote by Sasha Grey
Degrading quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#120. It was like a scene from the final hours of the Roman Empire: Everywhere you looked, some prominent politician was degrading himself in public. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Degrading quotes by Dorothea Dix
#121. Indulged habits of dependence create habits of indolence, and indolence opens the portal to petty errors, to many degrading habits, and to vice and crime with their attendant train of miseries. #Quote by Dorothea Dix
Degrading quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#122. Fear is the original sin. Almost all of the evil in the world has its origin in the fact that some one is afraid of something.It is a cold slimy serpent coiling about you. It is horrible to live with fear; and it is of all things degrading. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Degrading quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#123. Yes, keep on degrading yourself, soul. But soon your chance at dignity will be gone. Everyone gets one life. Yours is almost used up, and instead of treating yourself with respect, you have entrusted your own happiness to the souls of others. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Degrading quotes by Lewis Mumford
#124. What plethora of material goods can possibly atone for a waking life so humanly belittling, if not degrading, as the push-button tasks left to human performers? #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Degrading quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#125. The whole thing is so degrading! That a man like Eric should be reduced to crawling before those bloodsuckers who are taking every advantage of his weakened state. And strip himself of one whole third of his wealth to throw it away like all the huge sums they've already got out of him! #Quote by Louis Auchincloss
Degrading quotes by J.R. Ward
#126. It was everything dirty and wrong and evil and degrading, and he did it over and over again to keep his secret safe. And also because his dark side got off on it. It was Love, Symphath Style, #Quote by J.R. Ward
Degrading quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#127. The great danger of conversion in all ages has been that when the religion of the high mind is offered to the lower mind,
the lower mind, feeling its fascination without understanding it, and being incapable of rising to it, drags it down to its level by degrading it. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Degrading quotes by Noel DeJesus
#128. Too many leaders value their popularity, protecting it at all cost, degrading their credibility. #Quote by Noel DeJesus
Degrading quotes by Ellen G. White
#129. This illustrates the working of all false religions. They originate in man's desire to exalt himself above God, but they result in degrading man [287] below the brute. Every religion that wars against the sovereignty of God defrauds man of the glory which was his at the creation, and which is to be restored to him in Christ. Every false religion teaches its adherents to be careless of human needs, sufferings, and rights. The gospel places a high value upon humanity as the purchase of the blood of Christ, and it teaches a tender regard for the wants and woes of man. The Lord says, "I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir." Isaiah 13:12. When #Quote by Ellen G. White
Degrading quotes by Henry Miller
#130. It was like a page out of the telephone book. Alphabetically, numerically, statistically, it made sense. But when you looked at it up close, when you examined the pages separately, or the parts separately, when you examined one lone individual and what constituted him, examined the air he breathed, the life he led, the chances he risked, you saw something so foul and degrading, so low, so miserable, so utterly hopeless and senseless, that it was worse than looking into a volcano.
Outwardly it seems to be a beautiful honeycomb, with all the drones crawling over each other in a frenzy of work; inwardly it's a slaughterhouse, each man killing off his neighbor and sucking the juice from his bones. Superficially it looks like a bold, masculine world; actually it's a whorehouse run by women, with the native sons acting as pimps and the bloody foreigners selling their flesh... The whole continent is sound asleep and in that sleep a grand nightmare is taking place…
At night the streets of New York reflect the crucifixion and death of Christ. When the snow is on the ground and there is the utmost silence there comes out of the hideous buildings of New York a music of such sullen despair and bankruptcy as to make the flesh shrivel. No stone was laid upon another with love or reverence; no street was laid for dance or joy. One thing has been added to another in a mad scramble to fill the belly, and the streets smell of empty bellies and full bellies and bellies half full. Th #Quote by Henry Miller
Degrading quotes by Anton Chekhov
#131. Two days before we were "banished" from the town my father came to see me. He sat down and in a leisurely way, without looking at me, wiped his red face, then took out of his pocket our town Messenger, and deliberately, with emphasis on each word, read out the news that the son of the branch manager of the State Bank, a young man of my age, had been appointed head of a Department in the Exchequer.

"And now look at you," he said, folding up the newspaper, "a beggar, in rags, good for nothing! Even working-class people and peasants obtain education in order to become men, while you, a Poloznev, with ancestors of rank and distinction, aspire to the gutter! But I have not come here to talk to you; I have washed my hands of you --" he added in a stifled voice, getting up. "I have come to find out where your sister is, you worthless fellow. She left home after dinner, and here it is nearly eight and she is not back. She has taken to going out frequently without telling me; she is less dutiful -- and I see in it your evil and degrading influence. Where is she?"

In his hand he had the umbrella I knew so well, and I was already flustered and drew myself up like a schoolboy, expecting my father to begin hitting me with it, but he noticed my glance at the umbrella and most likely that restrained him.

"Live as you please!" he said. "I shall not give you my blessing! #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Degrading quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#132. There is nothing so degrading as the constant anxiety about one's means of livelihood. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Degrading quotes by Steven Pinker
#133. As people ages, they confuse changes in themselves with changes in the world, and changes in the world with moral decline - the illusion of the good old days. And so every generation believes that the kids today are degrading the language and taking civilization down with it #Quote by Steven Pinker
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#134. I won't tell you that the world matters nothing, or the world's voice, or the voice of society. They matter a good deal. They matter far too much. But there are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely - or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. You have that moment now. Choose! #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Jeffrey Rowland
#135. Let's talk about rape for a moment. Rape is not what George Lucas did to your childhood. Rape is not what happens when a sports team beats another sports team by a wide margin. Rape is not what happens when your electric bill is higher this month than it was last month. Rape is when a person violates another person in the most despicable, degrading way imaginable and among the myriad of terrible things humans can do to one another, rape is among the worst. I think the casual misappropriation of the concept of rape extending all the way to its widespread comical usage is disgusting even by Internet standards. Off my chest. #Quote by Jeffrey Rowland
Degrading quotes by Storm Saulter
#136. We just need a strong female perspective, especially in the world now ... when the degrading of women has become such a popular thing. #Quote by Storm Saulter
Degrading quotes by Joe Biden
#137. Politics is a damn expensive business. I had one hell of a time trying to raise money as a candidate. I had to put a second mortgage on our house to get that campaign started, and I ended up spending over $300,000 to get elected. I believe that public financing of federal election campaigns is the only thing that will insure good candidates and save the two-party system. It is the most degrading thing in the world to go out with your hat in your hand and beg for money, but that's what you have to do if you haven't got your own resources. #Quote by Joe Biden
Degrading quotes by Juan Mascaro
#138. Whence this lifeless dejection, Arjuna, in this hour, the hour of trial? Strong men know not despair, Arjuna, for this wins neither heaven nor earth.
Fall not into degrading weakness, for this becomes not a man who is a man. Throw off this ignoble discouragement, and arise like a fire that burns all before it. #Quote by Juan Mascaro
Degrading quotes by Friedrich Engels
#139. The Athenians, then, provided for a police in their new state, a veritable "force" of bowmen on foot and horseback. This police force consisted - of slaves. The free Athenian regarded this police duty as so degrading that he preferred being arrested by an armed slave rather than lending himself to such an ignominious service. That was still a sign of the old gentile spirit. The state could not exist without a police, but as yet it was too young and did not command sufficient moral respect to give prestige to an occupation that necessarily appeared ignominious to the old gentiles. How #Quote by Friedrich Engels
Degrading quotes by Guy Windsor
#140. Some martial arts, or combat sports at least, offer a career path that includes fame and riches. An Olympic gold medal, perhaps. But that is not true of ours. I train martial arts because they can offer moments of utter transcendence. The ineffable made manifest. This is traditionally described as "beyond words" or "indescribable" but, as a martial artist and a writer, that would feel like a cop-out. I will take this feeling and wrestle it down onto the page, or at least give it my best shot. It is a moment when every atom in your body is exactly where it should be. Every step you have taken on life's path makes sense, and is part of a coherent story. The pain of every mistake is made worthwhile by the lessons contained within. There is a feeling of physical power without limit; strength without stiffness; flow without randomness; precision without pedantry; focus without blinkers; breadth and depth; massive destructive capability, but utter gentleness; self-awareness without self-consciousness; force without fury; your body alive as it has never been, all fear and pain burned away in a moment of absolute clarity; certainty without dogma; and an overpowering love, even for your enemies, that enables you to destroy them without degrading them. For a religious person it is the breath of God within you; for an atheist it is a moment of attaining perfection as a human being. #Quote by Guy Windsor
Degrading quotes by Jon Ronson
#141. She paused. "But 4chan aims to degrade the target, right? And one of the highest degradations for women in our culture is rape. We don't talk about rape of men, so I think it doesn't occur to most people as a male degradation. With men, they talk about getting them fired. In our society men are supposed to be employed. If they're fired, they lose masculinity points. With Donglegate she pointlessly robbed that man of his employment. She degraded his masculinity. And so the community responded by degrading her femininity. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Degrading quotes by Jane Rule
#142. The message of women's liberation is that women can love each other and ourselves against our degrading education. #Quote by Jane Rule
Degrading quotes by Clay Shirky
#143. Multi-taskers often think they are like gym rats, bulking up their ability to juggle tasks, when in fact they are like alcoholics, degrading their abilities through over-consumption. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Degrading quotes by Emma Goldman
#144. Nora leaves her husband, not-as the stupid critic would have it-because she is tired of her responsibilities or feels the need of woman's rights, but because she has come to know that for eight years she had lived with a stranger and borne him children. Can there be anything more humiliating, more degrading than a life-long proximity between two strangers? No need for the woman to know anything of the man, save his income. As to the knowledge of the woman-what is there to know except that she has a pleasing appearance? #Quote by Emma Goldman
Degrading quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#145. When I do leap into the pit, I go headlong with my heels up, and am pleased to be falling in that degrading attitude, and pride myself upon it. And in the very depths of that degradation I begin a hymn of praise. Let me be accursed. Let me be vile and base, only let me kiss the hem of the veil in which my God is shrouded. Though I may be following the devil, I am Thy son, O Lord, and I love Thee, and I feel the joy without which the world cannot stand. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Degrading quotes by Seneca The Younger
#146. To strive with an equal is dangerous; with a superior, mad; with an inferior, degrading. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Degrading quotes by John Maynard Keynes
#147. I cannot leave this subject as though its just treatment wholly depended either on our own pledges or economic facts. The policy of reducing Germany to servitude for a generation, of degrading the lives of millions of human beings, and of depriving a whole nation of happiness should be abhorrent and detestable, - abhorrent and detestable, even if it were possible, even if it enriched ourselves, even if it did not sow the decay of the whole civilized life of Europe. Some preach it in the name of Justice. In the great events of man's history, in the unwinding of the complex fates of nations Justice is not so simple. And if it were, nations are not authorized, by religion or by natural morals, to visit on the children of their enemies the misdoings of parents of rulers. #Quote by John Maynard Keynes
Degrading quotes by William Morris
#148. Nothing should be made by man's labour which is not worth making, or which must be made by labour degrading to the makers. #Quote by William Morris
Degrading quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#149. In the midst of the most degrading circumstances imaginable, Frankl used the human endowment of self-awareness to discover a fundamental principle about the nature of man: Between stimulus and response, man has the freedom to choose. #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Degrading quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#150. The whole tone of Church teaching in regard to women is, to the last degree, contemptuous and degrading. #Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Degrading quotes by Billy Sunday
#151. After all is said that can be said upon the liquor traffic, its influence is degrading upon the individual, the family, politics and business, and upon everything that you touch in this old world. #Quote by Billy Sunday
Degrading quotes by Jennifer L. Pozner
#152. Stay with me...opponents of gay marriage claim that granting equal legal rights to gay couples would degrade the sanctity of a sacred familial institution. What they don't seem to notice is that Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire?, Married By America and the Bachelor have been degrading the notion of marriage on prime time for an entire decade... #Quote by Jennifer L. Pozner
Degrading quotes by Toni Aleo
#153. I love making dances and I love the sexiness of burlesque," I admit and she smiles. "But I'm worried they won't see it that way, they'll think it's stripping or something degrading. #Quote by Toni Aleo
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#154. Authority is quite degrading. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Robert Dabney
#155. There can be, therefore, no true education without moral culture, and no true moral culture without Christianity. The very power of the teacher in the school-room is either moral or it is a degrading force. But he can show the child no other moral basis for it than the Bible. Hence my argument is as perfect as clear. The teacher must be Christian. But the American Commonwealth has promised to have no religious character. Then it cannot be teacher. #Quote by Robert Dabney
Degrading quotes by Christopher Isherwood
#156. Remorse is not for the elderly. When it comes to them it is not purging or uplifting, but merely degrading and wretched, like a bladder disease. #Quote by Christopher Isherwood
Degrading quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#157. When all are undressed, one is somehow not ashamed, but when one's the only one undressed and everybody is looking, it's degrading,' he kept repeating to himself, again and again. 'It's like a dream, I've sometimes dreamed of being in such degrading positions.' It was a misery to him to take off his socks. They were very dirty, and so were his underclothes, and now everyone could see it. And what was worse, he disliked his feet. All his life he had thought both his big toes hideous. He particularly loathed the coarse, flat, crooked nail on the right one, and now they would all see it. Feeling intolerably ashamed made him, at once and intentionally, rougher. He pulled off his shirt, himself. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Degrading quotes by Jennifer Block
#158. The context needs to be that the goal is a healthy mom. Because mothers never make decisions without thinking about that healthy baby. And to suggest otherwise is insulting and degrading and disrespectful. #Quote by Jennifer Block
Degrading quotes by Eric Foner
#159. How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that "all men are created equal." We now practically read it, "all men are created equal, except negroes." When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read "all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and catholics." When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty - to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy.26 #Quote by Eric Foner
Degrading quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#160. Survival of the fittest" in the commonly used animal sense is not a theory or principle for a "time-binding" being. This theory is only for the physical bodies of animals; its effect upon humanity is sinister and degrading. We see the principle at work all about us in criminal exploitation and profiteering. As a matter of fact, the ages-long application of this animal principle to human affairs has degraded the whole human morale in an inconceivably far-reaching way. Personal greed and selfishness are brazenly owned as principles of conduct. We shrug our shoulders in acquiescence and proclaim greed and selfishness to be the very core of human nature, take it all for granted, and let it pass at that. We have gone so far in our degradation that the prophet of capitalistic principles, Adam Smith, in his famous Wealth of Nations, arrives at the laws of wealth, not from the phenomena of wealth nor from statistical statements, but from the phenomena of selfishness-a fact which shows how far-reaching in its dire influence upon all humanity is the theory that human beings are "animals." Of course the effect is very disastrous. The preceding chapters have shown that the theory is false; it is false, not only because of its unhappy effects, but it belies the characteristic nature of man. Human nature, this time-binding power, not only has the peculiar capacity for perpetual progress, but it has, over and above all animal propensities, certain qualities constituting it a distinctive dim #Quote by Alfred Korzybski
Degrading quotes by Myles Munroe
#161. The people most successful at both giving and receiving love are not the ones who walk around degrading and bad-mouthing themselves all the time, but those who are fully in love with themselves and fully aware that they are loved by God. Because they are at peace within themselves about themselves, they are free both to give love and to allow others to love them. #Quote by Myles Munroe
Degrading quotes by Pamela Ribon
#162. It makes you crazy. Waiting for someone to love you, to come to you and only you, to choose you like you've already chosen, is the most degrading, debasing, demoralising ... and yet, sweet, sweet pain there is. It's as humbling aas it is humiliating. But yes, there is a sweet side. #Quote by Pamela Ribon
Degrading quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#163. There would seem to be only one question for philosophy to resolve: what must I do? Despite being combined with an enormous amount of unnecessary confusion, answers to the question have at any rate been given within the philosophical tradition of the Christian nations. For example, in Kant's Critique of Practical Reason, or in Spinoza, Schopenhauer and especially Rousseau. But in more recent times, since Hegel's assertion that all that exists is reasonable, the question of what one must do has been pushed to the background and philosophy has directed its whole attention to the investigation of things as they are, and to fitting them into a prearranged theory. This was the first step backwards. The second step, degrading human thought yet further, was the acceptance of the struggle for existence as a basic law, simply because that struggle can be observed among animals and plants. According to this theory the destruction of the weakest is a law which should not be opposed. And finally, the third step was taken when the childish originality of Nietzche's half-crazed thought, presenting nothing complete or coherent, but only various drafts of immoral and completely unsubstantiated ideas, was accepted by the leading figures as the final word in philosophical science. In reply to the question: what must we do? the answer is now put straightforwardly as: live as you like, without paying attention to the lives of others.

Turgenev made the witty remark that there are inver #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Degrading quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#164. The contemporary tendency in our society is to base our distribution on scarcity, which has vanished, and to compress our abundance into the overfed mouths of the middle and upper classes until they gag with superfluity. If democracy is to have breadth of meaning, it is necessary to adjust this inequity. It is not only moral, but it is also intelligent. We are wasting and degrading human life by clinging to archaic thinking. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Degrading quotes by Richard Gordon
#165. Pain is never ennobling, only degrading. And do not be afraid, sir, that there will ever be too little of it in the world to spare mankind its "purification". There will always be human groans enough to fill the sails of that argument. But I am a practical Christian. Unlike you, sir, I relieve suffering, wherever I see it. Your ladies would not object to warm baths, to mitigate labour pains? To opium? It is the same prinicple. #Quote by Richard Gordon
Degrading quotes by Jeffrie G. Murphy
#166. One great help here - and I make no claim that it is the only help or even a necessary condition for forgiveness - is sincere repentance on the part of the wrongdoer. When I am wronged by another, a great part of the injury - over and above any physical harm I may suffer - is the insulting or degrading message that has been given to me by the wrongdoer: the message that I am less worthy than he is, so unworthy that he may use me merely as a means or object in service to his desires and projects. Thus failing to resent(or hastily forgiving) the wrongdoer runs the risk that I am endorsing that very immoral message for which the wrongdoer stands. If the wrongdoer sincerely repents, however, he now joins me in repundiating the degrading and insulting message - allowing me to relate to him (his new self) as an equal without fear that a failure to resent him will be read as a failure to resent what he hs done. #Quote by Jeffrie G. Murphy
Degrading quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#167. Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Degrading quotes by George Carlin
#168. There are a lot of little things about our bodies that we all know, but we never talk about. That's what interests me. These are practically universal experiences; nobody mentions them! Some of them are disgusting. Some of them are appallingly revolting and degrading even to the most degenerate mind. So let's get started with a couple of them. #Quote by George Carlin
Degrading quotes by Kenneth Boa
#169. Contrary to our culture, the Biblical doctrine of Grace humbles us without degrading us, and elevates us without inflating us. #Quote by Kenneth Boa
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#170. All modes of government are failures. Despotism is unjust to everybody, including the despot, who was probably made for better things. Oligarchies are unjust to the many, and ochlocracies are unjust to the few. High hopes were once formed of democracy; but democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people. It has been found out. I must say that it was high time, for all authority is quite degrading. It degrades those who exercise it, and degrades those over whom it is exercised. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Charlotte Gainsbourg
#171. You think that being a girl is degrading, but secretly, you'd love to know what it's like, wouldn't you? #Quote by Charlotte Gainsbourg
Degrading quotes by Subservient Husband
#172. To serve a superior female is not degrading; on the contrary, it is an honor for males to serve their superiors, It is assuming their rightful place and duty in the order of the universe. #Quote by Subservient Husband
Degrading quotes by Friedrich Engels
#173. This police force consisted--of slaves. The free Athenian regarded this police duty as so degrading that he preferred being arrested by an armed slave rather than lending himself to such an ignominious service. #Quote by Friedrich Engels
Degrading quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#174. It is degrading both for man and woman that woman should be called upon or induced to forsake the hearth and shoulder the rifle for the protection of that hearth. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Degrading quotes by Chris Colfer
#175. From the moment we're born, women are brainwashed to prioritize motherhood and marriage over intellect and personal fulfillment. We're handed baby dolls and aprons and told our greatest contributions are accomplished in the nursery and the kitchen. But that lie is as damaging as it is degrading, because a kingdom is only as strong as its weakest citizen! And a society with unjust limitations is less likely to prevail than a country of equal opportunity
When a nation segregates any percentage of its population, it only segregates a percentage of its potential! So for the sake of the kingdom, it is time for women to stand together and demand a new government that values every citizen's thoughts, ideas, and morals. Then and only then will our country journey into realms of prosperity it has never seen before. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Degrading quotes by Guillaume Faye
#176. The planet Earth is not in danger. She has millions of years to recover. It is the human species that, by degrading the ecosystem, is putting itself at risk. Nothing will be done to stem present developments, and it is already too late. The prognosis is negative. #Quote by Guillaume Faye
Degrading quotes by Amit Ray
#177. Compassion by design can be the part of new social robots, drone based warfare robots and the new cyborgs. Dehumanization or degrading human quality or developing negative attitudes towards any human group should not be allowed through our DeepCompassion algorithms and frameworks. The superhumanization algorithms will try to empower the robots and the cyborgs with super positive qualities of compassion, caring and high human values. #Quote by Amit Ray
Degrading quotes by Peaches Geldof
#178. Broadsheets can be scathing. But I have respect for broadsheet journalists because they haven't succumbed to degrading themselves, to writing pidgin English with all these terrible colloquialisms, the phrasing of which is just, like, embarrassing. #Quote by Peaches Geldof
Degrading quotes by Muse
#179. They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious #Quote by Muse
Degrading quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#180. It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls.

It is a violation of human rights when women and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution.

It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small.

It is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war.

It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes.

It is a violation of human rights when young girls are brutalized by the painful and degrading practice of genital mutilation.

It is a violation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own families, and that includes being forced to have abortions or being sterilized against their will.

If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, it is that human rights are women's rights - and women's rights are human rights. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely - and the right to be heard.

[From 'Women's Rights Are Human Rights' Speech Beijing, China: 5 September 1995] #Quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Degrading quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#181. Vicious habits are so odious and degrading that they transform the individual who practices them into an incarnate demon. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Degrading quotes by Carlos Fuentes
#182. She begins to feel that the reality show is the university she never attended. Vicarious reality. Emotion without a value-added tax. Movement without danger. Alma finds her reality. She no longer has a reason to put herself at risk and go out into the hostile, degrading world. #Quote by Carlos Fuentes
Degrading quotes by Neil Young
#183. We live in the digital age and, unfortunately, it's degrading our music, not improving it It's not that digital is bad or inferior, it's that the way it's being used isn't doing justice to the art. The MP3 only has 5 percent of the data present in the original recording. ... The convenience of the digital age has forced people to choose between quality and convenience, but they shouldn't have to make that choice. #Quote by Neil Young
Degrading quotes by Ethan Hawke
#184. I want to want to try to never waste energy degrading someone else. Also, I want to try not to see life as a competition. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
Degrading quotes by Christopher Hampton
#185. I think there's something degrading about having a husband for a rival. It's humiliating if you fail and commonplace if you succeed. #Quote by Christopher Hampton
Degrading quotes by Segolene Royal
#186. I want to be indifferent to vengeance. It's degrading. Not having a spirit of vengeance protects me, internally. #Quote by Segolene Royal
Degrading quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#187. Unemployment or the loss of income which will always affect some in any society is certainly less degrading if it is the result of misfortune and not deliberately imposed by authority. #Quote by Friedrich Hayek
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#188. Newspapers ... give us the bald, sordid, disgusting facts of life. They chronicle, with degrading avidity, the sins of the second-rate, and with the conscientiousness of the illiterate give us accurate and prosaic details ... #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Barbara Castle
#189. There was no welfare state, and people had to rely mainly on the Poor Law - that was all the state provided. It was very degrading, very humiliating. And there was a means test for receiving poor relief. #Quote by Barbara Castle
Degrading quotes by George Carlin
#190. I don't think drugs are a problem; I think they're a symptom. As long as Americans are empty, spiritually, emotionally, morally empty, they will need things like the drugs they choose to use. Mankind has wanted to change the way it felt from the beginning anyway. In this country there are even more reasons to want to feel different, to want to feel better, because this is such a neon sewer. This is such a degrading culture. It forces you to play Beethoven to your child in the uterus so that he will get into a better school and a better job and make more money so he can take care of you. #Quote by George Carlin
Degrading quotes by George Orwell
#191. The whole question of evolution seems less momentous than it did, because, unlike the Victorians, we do not feel that to be descended from animals is degrading to human dignity. #Quote by George Orwell
Degrading quotes by Oscar Wilde
#192. All authority is quite degrading. It degrades those who exercise it, and degrades those over whom it is exercised. When it is violently, grossly, and cruelly used, it produces a good effect by creating, or at any rate bringing out, the spirit of revolt and individualism that is to kill it. When it is used with a certain amount of kindness, and accompanied by prizes and rewards, it is dreadfully demoralising. People, in that case, are less conscious of the horrible pressure that is being put on them, and so go through their lives in a sort of coarse comfort, like petted animals, without ever realising that they are probably thinking other people's thoughts, living by other people's standards, wearing practically what one may call other people's second-hand clothes, and never being themselves for a single moment. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Degrading quotes by Alice Miller
#193. We are still barely conscious of how harmful it is to treat children in a degrading manner. Treating them with respect and recognizing the consequences of their being humiliated are by no means intellectual matters; otherwise, their importance would long since have been generally recognized. #Quote by Alice Miller
Degrading quotes by Chanse Lowell
#194. When an alpha male calls his woman a slut or a whore, it's not because he thinks she's disgusting, or because he's degrading her. Quite the opposite. He's honoring her, by telling her, "You're everything I want, and you love me enough, you're willing to be my every fantasy and not hold back. You'll be vulnerable with me because I want all you have to give. You're willing to be seductive, alluring, and sleazy for me, because that's what I want from my sexy bitch." What else could a man want, except maybe for her to cook his next meal in nothing but her hooker heals. #Quote by Chanse Lowell
Degrading quotes by Victor Hugo
#195. One day of happiness is worth more than a lifetime of sorrow ... Under ordinary circumstances, jealousy is a suspicion to the person who excites it and degrading to the person who indulges it. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Degrading quotes by Booker T. Washington
#196. One man cannot hold another man down in the ditch without remaining down in the ditch with him. #Quote by Booker T. Washington
Degrading quotes by Richard Barnett
#197. For some, gin was a vile and degrading venom, but for many others it was a thirst-quencher, a proof of virility, an aphrodisiac, a rite of passage, a tonic, a nourishment, a pacifier for children, a fount of confidence and inspiration for the preacher or the soapbox ranter. #Quote by Richard Barnett
Degrading quotes by Ron Paul
#198. Imagine if the political elites in our country were forced to endure the same conditions at the airport as business travelers, families, senior citizens, and the rest of us. Perhaps this problem could be quickly resolved if every cabinet secretary, every member of Congress, and every department head in the Obama administration were forced to submit to the same degrading screening process as the people who pay their salaries. #Quote by Ron Paul
Degrading quotes by Pope John Paul II
#199. Man, especially in our time, has without hesitation devastated wooded plains and valleys, polluted waters, disfigured the earth's habitat, made the air unbreathable, disturbed the hydro-geological and atmospheric systems, turned luxuriant areas into deserts and undertaken forms of unrestrained industrialization, degrading that 'flower bed'-which is the earth, our dwelling place. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Degrading quotes by Chris Christie
#200. We talk about our military being degraded over time and yet we've had folks who've been a part of Congress who have participated in sequester; who participated in the degrading of this military over time. #Quote by Chris Christie

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