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Defrancesco Farm quotes by Sherman Alexie
#1. Sure, we thought the acres
That we tilled were sacred,
But how could we have known
That wheat can haunt like ghosts #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Defrancesco Farm quotes by L. Frank Baum
#2. Well," said Dorothy, "I was born on a farm in Kansas, and I guess that's being just as 'spectable and haughty as living in a cave with a tail tied to a rock. If it isn't I'll have to stand it, that's all. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Jarod Kintz
#3. He rose like heroes, and I rose like rows of red roses. Love grows wherever you plant it, so I try to farm it wherever I go. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Steven Herrick
#4. But when I look at this farm I keep thinking it's not whether I have the guts to go but if I have the guts to stay. #Quote by Steven Herrick
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Courtney Milan
#5. It had taken Oliver years to learn his lesson: keep quiet and let men like Bradenton test the fences. It wouldn't do them any good, and if you were careful, one day you'd be in a position to buy their whole damned farm. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Walt Whitman
#6. In the dooryard fronting an old farm-house near the white-wash'd palings, Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green, with many a pointed blossom rising delicate, with the perfume strong I love, With every leaf a miracle - and from this bush in the dooryard, With delicate-color'd blossoms and heart-shaped leaves of rich green, A sprig with its flower I break. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Derek Rydall
#7. In this age of quick fixes and microwave mindsets, most of us want what we want, and we want it right now, whether it is instant download speed, instant riches, or an Oompa-Loompa, but just as you can't force the farm to produce a harvest, you can't force your seed of potential to grow until it is ripe and ready. #Quote by Derek Rydall
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Megan Thomason
#8. They rattled off the names of dozens of cities too fast to write down, but I did catch Industrial City, Military City, Farm City, Food City, and Fashion City. I wonder why the naming conventions are so provincial. Must be that the same not-so-enterprising guy who discovered Thera and decided not to cash in named everything with his simpleton vocabulary. As #Quote by Megan Thomason
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Woody Tasch
#9. Products produced cheaply create ugly work lives and ugly households and ugly communities. Profits produced quickly cannot purchase patience and care. Patience is beautiful. Restraint and care are beautiful. Peace is beautiful. A small, diversified organic farm is beautiful. #Quote by Woody Tasch
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Sanjay Rawal
#10. In Florida, then, and for farm workers for the most part in the US, there's a real sense of economic segregation. In the South, the structures of economic segregation still existed. #Quote by Sanjay Rawal
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Mark Fuhrman
#11. I had bought a farm, was trying to rebuild my life and just looking to be left alone. Then I get charged with perjury strictly for political purposes. #Quote by Mark Fuhrman
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Bob Dylan
#12. I didn't mean to treat you so bad
You shouldn't take it so personal
I didn't mean to make you so sad
You just happened to be there, that's all
When I saw you say "goodbye" to your friend and smile
I thought that it was well understood
That you'd be comin' back in a little while
I didn't know that you were sayin' "goodbye" for good

But, sooner or later, one of us must know
You just did what you're supposed to do
Sooner or later, one of us must know
That I really did try to get close to you

I couldn't see what you could show me
Your scarf had kept your mouth well hid
I couldn't see how you could know me
But you said you knew me and I believed you did
When you whispered in my ear
And asked me if I was leavin' with you or her
I didn't realize just what I did hear
I didn't realize how young you were

But, sooner or later, one of us must know
You just did what you're supposed to do
Sooner or later, one of us must know
That I really did try to get close to you

I couldn't see when it started snowin'
Your voice was all that I heard
I couldn't see where we were goin'
But you said you knew an' I took your word
And then you told me later, as I apologized
That you were just kiddin' me, you weren't really from the farm
An' I told you, as you clawed out my eyes
That I never really meant to do you any harm

#Quote by Bob Dylan
Defrancesco Farm quotes by John Patrick Shanley
#13. When I visited Ireland with my father and heard the people on the farm talking, I couldn't believe the gift of language they had. I felt very untalented. #Quote by John Patrick Shanley
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Krysten Ritter
#14. On the farm, I had chores. I had a calf. We had a herd of cattle in the pasture. We'd go and get me a calf at a cow auction with Amish people, which I would raise. I gave it a bottle every day, in this cute little coop, like a giant dog coop almost. I've always been a big animal person. #Quote by Krysten Ritter
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Eleanor Mondale
#15. I've always considered myself a physical person. I don't call myself a farm girl, but I did spend a lot of years shoveling manure and throwing hay, because I worked to pay most of my riding expenses. #Quote by Eleanor Mondale
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Timothy Noah
#16. The only agency of the federal government with a more demoralized workforce than Homeland Security is the Small Business Administration, a notorious turkey farm that should have been abolished years ago. #Quote by Timothy Noah
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Ann Veneman
#17. This was a dairy cow, and dairy cows have IDs on them. The ID was traced back to the farm in Washington. It's a dairy farm. And that farm now has been quarantined, and the owners have been very cooperative in doing that. #Quote by Ann Veneman
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#18. Many of us who aren't farmers or gardeners still have some element of farm nostalgia in our family past, real or imagined: a secret longing for some connection to a life where a rooster crows in the yard. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#19. Oh, well. Everyone else has suave, cosmopolitan sheep: why not us? The Millers at Hepple have a ewe that's been to Kelso three times, and they've never been farther than Ford in their lives." Kate peered absently into the farm pond, and clucked again. "Thoughtless creatures. They've forgotten the fish. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Curtis Stone
#20. I thought I'd love to be a gardener because I grew up with a vegetable garden and I love being close to the Earth and growing things. At my home in L.A., I have a great garden and I grow all kinds of things. I even have a worm farm! The worms help create organic compost out of kitchen scraps. #Quote by Curtis Stone
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Robert Putnam
#21. Nearly half of all associational memberships are church-religious context. Religious worshipers and people who say religion is very important to them are much more likely than other persons to visit friends, to entertain at home, to attend club meetings, and to belong to sports groups; professional and academic societies; school service groups; youth groups; service clubs; hobby or garden clubs; literary, art, discussion, and study groups; school fraternities and sororities; farm organization; political clubs; nationality groups; and other miscellaneous groups. #Quote by Robert Putnam
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Jimmy Carter
#22. I'm a peanut farmer at heart, still grow peanuts on my farm in Georgia. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Defrancesco Farm quotes by A.H. Septimius
#23. If they succeed, you will not be packed off to some idyllic farm, where you can write bad poetry, we will both be executed. #Quote by A.H. Septimius
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Arielle Kebbel
#24. In my perfect world, I go off and make films, and then come home to my farm. #Quote by Arielle Kebbel
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Mary Roach
#25. The driving aesthetic of military style is uniformity. Whence the word uniform. From first inspection to Arlington National Cemetery, soldiers look like those around them: same hat, same boots, identical white grave marker. They are discouraged from looking unique, because that would encourage them to feel unique, to feel like an individual. The problem with individuals is that they think for themselves and of themselves, rather than for and of their unit. They're the lone goldfish on the old Pepperidge Farm bags, swimming the other way. They're a problem. #Quote by Mary Roach
Defrancesco Farm quotes by John Edward Williams
#26. He thought of the years before, the distant years with his parents on the farm, and of the deadness from which he had been miraculously revived. #Quote by John Edward Williams
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Carlos Bulosan
#27. I lived in a big bunkhouse of thirty farm workers with Leroy, who was a stranger to me in many ways because he was always talking about unions and unity. But he had a way of explaining the meanings of words in utter simplicity, like "work" which he translated into "power," and "power" into "security." I was drawn to him because I felt that he had lived in many places where the courage of men was tested with the cruelest weapons conceivable. #Quote by Carlos Bulosan
Defrancesco Farm quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#28. John Whately lived about a mile from town,
Up where the hills began to huddle thick;
We never thought his wits were very quick,
Seeing the way he let his farm run down.
He used to waste his time on some queer books
He'd found around the attic of his place,
Till funny lines got creased into his face,
And folks all said they didn't like his looks.
When he began those night-howls we declared
He'd better be locked up away from harm,
So three men from the Aylesbury town farm
Went for him - but came back alone and scared.
They'd found him talking to two crouching things
That at their step flew off on great black wings. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Naomi Duncan
#29. Companion gardening refers to the planting of different crops next to each other for strategic reasons. There are some very many reasons why it is done on the farm. Some of the reasons why this is done include: #Quote by Naomi Duncan
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Travis Hafner
#30. I hated farm work. I always got stuck with the jobs my father and brother didn't want to do. #Quote by Travis Hafner
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Kresley Cole
#31. David Greene was kind, and he had a sense of humor. He made your mother laugh."

That was all Gran could muster up? "Did you not like him?"

"He wasn't a big believer in Tarot. Humor aside, he was a very practical man. From New England," she added, as if that explained everything. "I'd been wearing Karen down about the Arcana - until she met him. Before I knew it, your mother was pregnant. Even then, I sensed you were the Empress."

"He didn't want us to live up north?"

"David planned to move there." Her gaze went distant. "To move you - the great Empress - away from her Haven." That must have gone over well. "In the end, I convinced them not to go."
I opened up the family albums. As I scrolled through them, her eyes appeared dazed, as if she wasn't seeing the images. Yet then she stared at a large picture of my father.

I said, "I wish I could remember him."

"David used to carry you around the farm on his shoulders," she said. "He read to you every night and took you to the river to skip stones. He drove you around to pet every baby animal born in a ten-mile radius. Lambs, kittens, puppies." She drew a labored breath. "He brought you to the crops and the gardens. Even then, you would pet the bark of an oak and kiss a rose bloom. If the cane was sighing that day, you'd fall asleep in his arms."

I imagined it all: the sugarcane, the farm, the majestic oaks, the lazy river that always had #Quote by Kresley Cole
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Facundo Pieres
#32. In Argentina, we're surrounded by polo ponies. The farm covers roughly 170 hectares, and there are no cattle or sheep, just horses. #Quote by Facundo Pieres
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Jane Austen
#33. Perfectly, perfectly right, my dearest Harriet; you are doing just what you ought. While you were at all in suspense I kept my feelings to myself, but now that you are so completely decided I have no hesitation in approving. Dear Harriet, I give myself joy of this. It would have grieved me to lose your acquaintance, which must have been the consequence of your marrying Mr. Martin. While you were in the smallest degree wavering, I said nothing about it, because I would not influence; but it would have been the loss of a friend to me. I could not have visited Mrs. Robert Martin, of Abbey-Mill Farm. Now I am secure of you for ever. Harriet #Quote by Jane Austen
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Jane Green
#34. Twice a year, I take myself off to a self-imposed 'writer's retreat', staying at a small inn or on a friend's farm, where I am all alone and do nothing other than write. #Quote by Jane Green
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#35. Are you afraid?" Volker questioned while sitting at the table and getting comfortable.
"No. But I have incredible luck with dice and I am ruthless. You will lose, gentlemen. I will destroy your lands, take your women, ravish your men, and make your children my slave labor. I will own every castle, house, and farm that is within my reach. I won't be satisfied until I own all of it and you. I will destroy you all, gentlemen, and, to be quite blunt, I don't think you can handle it. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Defrancesco Farm quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#36. A 'farm' today means 100,000 chickens in a space the size of a Motel 6 shower stall. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Stephen E. Ambrose
#37. But it was all a pipe dream. As well try to stop an avalanche as to stop the moving frontier. American immigrants and emigrants wanted their share of land - free land - a farm in the family - the dream of European peasants for hundreds of years - the New World's great gift to the old. Moving west with the tide were the hucksters, the lawyers, merchants, and other men on the make looking for the main chance, men who could manufacture a land warrant in the wink of an eye. This #Quote by Stephen E. Ambrose
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Ivan Doig
#38. Anyone who grows up around farm animals cannot side with a wolf in the long clash of things. But you can be against tormenting any creature. #Quote by Ivan Doig
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Jeet Thayil
#39. Near him were two men in hip-hop uniform, spotless footwear and
new baggy jeans and tilted Yankees caps. Shopping for blue jeans at
Macy's, Dismas had discovered that hip-hop labels were as expensive
as, if not more expensive than some of the high-end names he coveted.
Functional clothing designed to absorb sweat and repel mud cost as
much as designer eveningwear. Phat Farm, Armani, same difference. #Quote by Jeet Thayil
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Ora Jay Eash
#40. Unable to farm the area where they now lived, many turned to logging and working in small sawmills. Some men raised cattle and became ranchers. #Quote by Ora Jay Eash
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Ruth Harrison
#41. Family organisation is broken and young animals are increasingly being denied a mother to turn to for comfort and for grooming. One of the saddest and most pathetic of farm practices - inevitable at the present time for the supply of dairy produce - is the separation of the calf from the cow at birth or soon after. #Quote by Ruth Harrison
Defrancesco Farm quotes by Mike Johanns
#42. On the professional side, those 18 years on the farm instilled my love for agriculture. #Quote by Mike Johanns

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