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Defeated quotes by Claire G. Coleman
#1. You think you are smarter than us, you think your brains are bigger, you think we can't learn. We know more than you, we have stories and songs, we have art and culture. What do you have? You have guns and fury and hate. The war has so far been about guns and death. When you think we are defeated, the war will change.

The next war will be about resilience and survival, culture and art. When that war begins you will discover you are not well armed. You have no art, your stories have no power. #Quote by Claire G. Coleman
Defeated quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#2. No man is invincible, and therefore no man can fully understand that which would make him invincible. Even with complete and thorough study there is always the possibility of being defeated and although one may be expert in a particular form, mastery is something a man never stops seeking to attain. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Defeated quotes by Naima Coster
#3. They smoked and drank as if they were already defeated, hardened, and long out of art school. #Quote by Naima Coster
Defeated quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#4. Or is what remains in me like a defeated army,
Fleeing in disarray from victory already won? #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Defeated quotes by Maya Angelou
#5. You might encounter defeats but you must never be defeated ... Love a lot. Laugh a lot at the silliest things and be very serious ... love life. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Defeated quotes by Norman Angell
#6. The vested interests-if we explain the situation by their influence-can only get the public to act as they wish by manipulating public opinion, by playing either upon the public's indifference, confusions, prejudices, pugnacities or fears. And the only way in which the power of the interests can be undermined and their maneuvers defeated is by bringing home to the public the danger of its indifference, the absurdity of its prejudices, or the hollowness of its fears; by showing that it is indifferent to danger where real danger exists; frightened by dangers which are nonexistent. #Quote by Norman Angell
Defeated quotes by Newt Gingrich
#7. In the middle of a recession no tax increase is justified because it kills jobs, and any tax increase is a job-killing measure and should be defeated. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Defeated quotes by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
#8. Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art. #Quote by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Defeated quotes by Osho
#9. And of course in the long run, if there is a constant fight, the graceful is bound to be defeated and the efficient mind will win, because the world understands the language of mathematics, not of love. #Quote by Osho
Defeated quotes by Adolf Hitler
#10. Under the guidance of the Reich, Europe would speedily have become unified. Once the Jewish poison had been eradicated, unification would have been an easy matter. France and Italy, each defeated in turn at an interval of a few months by the two Germanic Powers, would have been well out of it. Both would have had to renounce their inappropriate aspirations to greatness. At the same time they would have had to renounce their pretensions in North Africa and the Near East; and that would have allowed Europe to pursue a bold policy of friendship towards Islam. (4th February 1945) #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Defeated quotes by George Orwell
#11. Goldstein and his heresies will live for ever. Every day, at every moment, they will be defeated, discredited, ridiculed, spat upon - and yet they will always survive. #Quote by George Orwell
Defeated quotes by Tariq Ali
#12. Scotland's political identity was destroyed, and a huge Scottish emigration to North America followed the brutal Highland clearances. These included every layer of Scottish society, not just the remnants of the defeated clans. #Quote by Tariq Ali
Defeated quotes by Stewart Stafford
#13. Enemies are either defeated, befriended or bypassed. #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Defeated quotes by Danielle Banas
#14. Scars say a lot about a person, you know. What you've been through. What you defeated before it defeated you. Your fears. Memories. Strengths. Weaknesses. The things you love, the things you hope will never slip away. They tell a story... #Quote by Danielle Banas
Defeated quotes by Jordan Greene
#15. The moment you get down on yourself, is the moment you feel defeated. If you feel defeated, you let the peope around you down. #Quote by Jordan Greene
Defeated quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#16. The mediocre have no importance except through appointment. They feel invaded and defeated by the presence of creative folk among them. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Defeated quotes by Elle Katharine White
#17. I've been in many battles in my lifetime. I've slain monsters by the hundreds and won more victories than I can count, but against this there's no defense. From the moment we met I tried fighting it - gods, I've tried. Nothing works. I thought I'd be safe at the other end of the country, but the minute I heard you were coming to Edan Rose I flew here as fast as Akarra would take me. I'm a Rider and you're a nakla," Daired said. "There's nothing we have in common. There's nothing we should have in common. Your birth, your bloodline, all of it - it's beneath me. I know all of that, and it hasn't changed a thing. I've lost, Aliza. You've defeated me. #Quote by Elle Katharine White
Defeated quotes by Warren W. Wiersbe
#18. Nothing paralyzes our lives like the attitude that things can never change. We need to remind ourselves that God can change things. Outlook determines outcome. If we see only the problems, we will be defeated; but if we see the possibilities in the problems, we can have victory. #Quote by Warren W. Wiersbe
Defeated quotes by Maya Banks
#19. I'm listening now, Kelly," he forced out. "Tell me what happened. I'll believe you. I swear."

But he knew. He already knew. So much of that day was replaying over and over in his head and suddenly he was able to see so clearly what he'd refused to see before.

And it was killing him.

His brother had lied to him after all. Not just lied but he'd carefully orchestrated the truth and twisted it so cleverly that Ryan had been completely deceived.

Then she turned, her beautiful eyes haunted, defeated. "It doesn't matter if you believe me anymore," she whispered. "You wouldn't believe me when it mattered. He tried to rape me. He assaulted me. He touched me. He hurt me. And when I fought him off and told him that I would tell you what he'd done, he told me he'd make sure you never believed a word of any of it.

"And you know what the funny thing is? I told him he was wrong. I told him that you l-loved me and that you would make him pay for hurting me."

She broke off as another sob racked her.

Oh God. Oh God. What had he done? #Quote by Maya Banks
Defeated quotes by Baden Powell De Aquino
#20. It should be the thing never to mention unfairness of judging when defeated in a contest. #Quote by Baden Powell De Aquino
Defeated quotes by Alison Sweeney
#21. One of the things I like best about 'Biggest Loser' is being around people who are trying to make the right choices. When you feel defeated about your weight and your health, like there's no hope, and you still make the choice to fight for it, to make the change happen no matter what people say or think, that's inspiring to me. #Quote by Alison Sweeney
Defeated quotes by T. Torrest
#22. And when your plans don't work out, when your choices turn out to be all wrong ... You find yourself alone and defeated, not knowing where to turn. #Quote by T. Torrest
Defeated quotes by Sandra Brown
#23. He made a costly error in judgement and sent an entire regiment into a virtual slaughterhouse. It happens frequently. Officers risk their troops' lives for the sake of a promotion. Not my father. He valued the life of every man under his command, from his officers to the humblest fresh recruit. When he realized what had happened, he was devastated. He couldn't ever forget that his error had cost the lives of so many men, created so many widows and orphans..."
"But, Lyon, measured against his valor, one mistake is forgivable."
"To us, yes. Not to him. He was sickened that the battle was hailed as one of the turning points of the war. He was decorated for it. It was considered a great victory, but it defeated him as a soldier, as a man. When he came home and was hailed a hero, he couldn't stand the conflict within himself. He didn't feel like a hero. He felt like a traitor."
"That can't be!"
"Not a traitor to his country, but to the men who had trusted his judgement and leadership. It was a conflict he never could reconcile, so he retired from the Army and came here and shut out the world and all reminders of the lie he was living."
They were quiet for a moment before she said,"No one would have thrown stones at him, Lyon. he was a respected man, a hero, a leader at a time in history when America needed heroes and leaders. It was a battleground that spread out for miles. Admist all the chaos he may have thought he made a mistake when he actually didn't. #Quote by Sandra Brown
Defeated quotes by Clarice Lispector
#24. But I also know of yet another life. I know and want it and devour it ferociously. It's a life of magical violence. It's mysterious and bewitching. In it snakes entwine while the stars tremble. Drops of water drip in the phosphorescent darkness of the cave. In that dark the flowers intertwine in a humid fairy garden. And I am the sorceress of that silent bacchanal. I feel defeated by my own corruptibility. And I see that I am intrinsically bad. It's only out of pure kindness that I am good. Defeated by myself. Who lead me along the paths of the salamander, the spirit who rules the fire and lives within it. And I give myself as an offering to the dead. I weave spells on the solstice, spectre of an exorcised dragon. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Defeated quotes by Sun Tzu
#25. In the tumult and uproar, the battle seems chaotic, but there is no disorder, the troops appear to be milling about in circles but cannot be defeated. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Defeated quotes by Margaret Pemberton
#26. She had defeated loneliness by bringing to life the books that peopled her imagination and making friends of them.

With devastating clarity she saw that her ability was not only a panacea for unhappiness. It was her lifeblood. Part of the very fiber of her being. And here, in Hollywood, it could be fulfilled.

She didn't want to be an actress.

She was one.

All she had to do to be a star was to be true to herself. #Quote by Margaret Pemberton
Defeated quotes by Gerard Way
#27. Do or die, you'll never make me
Because the world will never take my heart
Go and try, you'll never break me
We want it all, we wanna play this part
I won't explain or say I'm sorry
I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar
Give a cheer for all the broken
Listen here, because it's who we are
I'm just a man, I'm not a hero
Just a boy, who had to sing this song
I'm just a man, I'm not a hero
I! don't! care!
We'll carry on
We'll carry on
And though you're dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on
And though you're broken and defeated
Your weary widow marches on #Quote by Gerard Way
Defeated quotes by Sheikh Abdullah
#28. Muslims cannot be defeated by others. We Muslims are not defeated by our enemies, but instead, we are defeated by our own selves. #Quote by Sheikh Abdullah
Defeated quotes by Jon Degnan
#29. I've walked the yellow brick road with Dorothy. Sneaked through the mines of Moria with the fellowship, conquered the known world with Alexander the great, climbed atop the tower with the last gunslinger and revelled as Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, all through this chest... #Quote by Jon Degnan
Defeated quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#30. Dwarfs have also the right to despise the giants, because giants too can be defeated! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Defeated quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#31. The 'stream' we call science always flows forward; sometimes reactionary beavers block its flow, but the stream is never defeated by this; it accumulates, gathers strength; its waters get over the barrage and continue on their course. The advancement of science is the advancement of God, for science is nothing but human intelligence, and human intelligence is the most valuable treasure God has bequeathed us. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Defeated quotes by Richard Stallman
#32. Idiots can be defeated but they never admit it. #Quote by Richard Stallman
Defeated quotes by Linda    Armstrong
#33. All it takes for evil to be defeated is for good to find another way out of the confrontation. #Quote by Linda Armstrong
Defeated quotes by Joseph Prince
#34. For generations, the body of Christ has been defeated and put under a constant siege of condemnation from the accuser because they believe wrongly that the Holy Spirit convicts believers of their sins. #Quote by Joseph Prince
Defeated quotes by Billy Graham
#35. When we are filled with the Spirit of God, obeying God, in His will and quoting Scripture, Satan will be defeated. #Quote by Billy Graham
Defeated quotes by Sun Tzu
#36. He who knows things, and in fighting puts his knowledge into practice, will win his battles. He who knows them not, nor practices them, will surely be defeated. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Defeated quotes by Howard Zinn
#37. When Chief Black Hawk was defeated and captured in 1832, he made a surrender speech:

I fought hard. But your guns were well aimed. The bullets flew like birds in the air, and whizzed by our ears like the wind through the trees in the winter. My warriors fell around me. . . The sun rose dim on us in the morning, and at night it sunk in a dark cloud, and looked like a ball of fire. That was the last sun that shone on Black Hawk. . . He is now a prisoner to the white men. . . He has done nothing for which an Indian ought to be ashamed. He has fought for his countrymen, the squaws and papooses, against white men, who came year after year, to cheat them and take away their lands. You know the cause of out making war. It is known to all white men. They ought to be ashamed of it. Indians are not deceitful. The white men speak bad of the Indian and look at him spitefully. But the Indian does not tell lies. Indians do not steal. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Defeated quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#38. They justify themselves with their inability; and the design and end of the law, as a school-master to fit them for Christ, is defeated. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
Defeated quotes by Liz Curtis Higgs
#39. His Name will never fall. His Name will never be defeated. His Name will never be reduced to rubble. A tower that's stronger than any man-made fortress and large enough to see from a distance, even if we've lost our way. #Quote by Liz Curtis Higgs
Defeated quotes by Paulo Coelho
#40. For the warrior there is no such thing as an impossible love. He is not intimidated by silence, indifference or rejection. He knows that, behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire. This is why the warrior takes more risks than other people. He is constantly seeking the love of someone, even if that means often having to hear the word 'No', returning home defeated and feeling rejected in body and soul. A warrior never gives in to fear when he is searching for what he needs. Without love, he is nothing. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Defeated quotes by Foz Meadows
#41. We think of men as antiheroes, as capable of occupying an intense and fascinating moral grey area; of being able to fall, and rise, and fall again, but still be worthy of love on some fundamental level, because if it was the world and its failings that broke them, then we surely must owe them some sympathy. But women aren't allowed to be broken by the world; or if we are, it's the breaking that makes us villains. Wronged women turn into avenging furies, inhuman and monstrous: once we cross to the dark side, we become adversaries to be defeated, not lost souls in need of mending. Which is what happens, when you let benevolent sexism invest you in the idea that women are humanity's moral guardians and men its native renegades: because if female goodness is only ever an inherent quality – something we're born both with and to be – then once lost, it must necessarily be lost forever, a severed limb we can't regrow. Whereas male goodness, by virtue of being an acquired quality – something bestowed through the kindness of women, earned through right action or learned through struggle – can just as necessarily be gained and lost multiple times without being tarnished, like a jewel we might pawn in hardship, and later reclaim. #Quote by Foz Meadows
Defeated quotes by Iris Murdoch
#42. I live, I live, with an absolutely continuous sense of failure. I am always defeated, always. Every book is the wreck of a perfect idea. The years pass and one has only one life. If one has a thing at all one must do it and keep on and on and on trying to do it better. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Defeated quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#43. Do not be afraid of defeat. You are never so near to victory as when defeated in a good cause. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Defeated quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#44. Not to feel exasperated, or defeated, or despondent because your days aren't packed with wise and moral actions. But to get back up when you fail, to celebrate behaving like a human - however imperfectly - and fully embrace the pursuit that you've embarked on. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Defeated quotes by W. H. Auden
#45. That to the adolescent is the authentic poetic note and whoever is the first in his life to strike it, whether Tennyson, Keats, Swinburne, Housman or another, awakens a passion of imitation and an affectation which no subsequent refinement or sophistication of his taste can entirely destroy. In my own case it was Hardy in the summer of 1923; for more than a year I read no one else and I do not think that I was ever without one volume or another or the beautifully produced Wessex edition in my hands: I smuggled them into class, carried them about on Sunday walks, and took them up to the dormitory to read in the early morning, though they were far too unwieldy to be read in bed with comfort. In the autumn of 1924 there was a palace revolution after which he had to share his kingdom with Edward Thomas, until finally they were both defeated by Elliot at the battle of Oxford in 1926. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Defeated quotes by Emil R. Salvini
#46. The legendary Princeton team (Hobey Baker) played 120 minutes of no-substitute hockey in less than 24 hours, eighty of those minutes shorthanded, and remarkably defeated all challengers. #Quote by Emil R. Salvini
Defeated quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#47. It is defeat that turns bone to flint, gristle to muscle, and makes men invincible. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Defeated quotes by Maurice Cowling
#48. It seemed to me singularly ill-contrived for the British government to be going to war with Hitler when Hitler might have been about to attack the Russians, and even more ill-contrived that, when Hitler did attack the Russians, he had already defeated the French army. What I'm saying is that the war shouldn't have been started in September 1939 ... from the point of view of Britain, the war was really not a good thing and I would regard it as, in effect, a defeat. #Quote by Maurice Cowling
Defeated quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#49. You can never be defeated in life, you are a learner. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Defeated quotes by Obert Skye
#50. Take me to my new trailer," Ezra ordered Dennis.
Dennis didn't move.
"What, did you not hear me?" Ezra raged. "I'm standing on your deaf ear?"
Dennis just stood there calmly.
Ezra slapped his own forehead with his right hand and sighed - civility didn't come easy. And here Dennis was standing his ground and demanding he be treated right.
"Please," Ezra said, defeated.
Dennis turned away from Elton and walked confidently toward the new RV the U.S. government had brought in for Ezra.
"Some people and their inflated egos," Ezra sniffed.
Dennis just smiled. #Quote by Obert Skye
Defeated quotes by Brian Godawa
#51. Ba'al led Ashtart down the underground tunnel in a dog collar. It had been thirteen years since the battle of nine kings, where Marduk had defeated Ashtart and became Ba'al, the king of the gods of Canaan. Ashtart's plan had been set back generations with the devastation of her giant progeny throughout the land by Chedorlaomer's forces. But with the addition of Ba'al as the Most High God of Canaan, the two of them together could do what she could not do alone. Ashtart had revitalized the original program of miscegenation of the Watchers. The rest of the pantheon of gods were fearful of the consequences of such a pursuit, since El Shaddai had already flooded the earth the first time such a course of action had been undertaken. But with the two most powerful divinities united, the pantheon could do little but sit back and see what happened. #Quote by Brian Godawa
Defeated quotes by Cora Carmack
#52. No matter how close, you are always too far
My eyes are drawn everywhere you are.

I'm tired of the way we both pretend Tired of always wanting and never giving in
I can feel it in my skin, see it in your grin
We're more. We always have been.

Think of everything we've missed.
Every touch and every kiss.
Because we both insist.

Hold your breath and close your eyes Distract yourself with other guys
It's no surprise, your defeated sighs
Aren't you tired of the lies?

Think of everything we've missed.
Every touch and every kiss.
Because we both insist.

No matter how close, you are always too far
My eyes are drawn everywhere you are.

I'm done. I won't ignore. I won't pretend or resist.
I want more. #Quote by Cora Carmack
Defeated quotes by Anonymous
#53. We, as human beings, were not meant to be defeated #Quote by Anonymous
Defeated quotes by Cora Carmack
#54. Hold your breath and close your eyes
Distract yourself with other guys
It's no surprise, your defeated sighs
Aren't you tired of the lies? #Quote by Cora Carmack
Defeated quotes by Vikrmn
#55. You are a failure not the time when you are defeated.. but when you give up fighting. #Quote by Vikrmn
Defeated quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#56. No man is defeated without until he has first been defeated within. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Defeated quotes by Yann Martel
#57. Quickly you make rash decisions. You dismiss your last allies: hope and trust. There, you've defeated yourself. Fear, which is but an impression, has triumphed over you. #Quote by Yann Martel
Defeated quotes by Elizabeth May
#58. My cheeks are hot when he stalks right up to me, eyes narrowed. Pinched between his bloody fingers is a piece of scrap metal laced with seilgflùr from the blunderbuss - a shot that would have killed any other faery.

"Really?" he says.

"You were traipsing around in a low-visibility field while enemy fae are afoot," I say defensively, hoping he can't tell I'm blushing. "What is wrong with you?"

Aithinne snickers and Kiaran casts her a sharp glance. "It's not funny."

His sister tries to hold back a laugh, but doesn't quite succeed. "I'm sorry," she says. "But you just . . . I've never seen you look like such a complete mess."

Kiaran studies her with a narrowed gaze. "And both of you look like you've gone three rounds with a roving band of feral cats. I'd say we're even."

"Even? Oh, please." Aithinne ticks off each finger. "Thus far the Falconer and I escaped through a forest of spiked trees, fought off the mara, fled from Lonnrach's soldiers, and defeated two mortair. You were shot by accident with some weapon composed of a wooden stick with a barrel on the end - "

"A blunderbuss," I correct helpfully. Kiaran gives me a pointed look that says, Whose side are you on?

" - so I'd say I win this round." She finishes with the sort of arrogant grin that makes it very clear that this must be an ongoing competition.

Sibling rivalry, it seems, is not just for humans.
If Kiaran's glare #Quote by Elizabeth May
Defeated quotes by Lewis Spence
#59. As Mr. R. U. Sayee has well said: 'It should be clear a priori that fairy lore must have developed as a result of modifications and accretions received in different countries and at many periods, though we must not overlook the part played by tradition in providing a mould that to some extent determines the nature of later additions.' It must also be self-evident that a great deal of confusion has been caused by the assumption that some spirit-types were fairies which in a more definite sense are certainly not of elfin provenance. In some epochs, indeed, Faerie appears to have been regarded as a species of limbo to which all 'pagan' spirits - to say nothing of defeated gods, monsters, and demons - could be banished, along with the personnel of Olympus and the rout of witchcraft. Such types, however, are usually fairly easy of detection. #Quote by Lewis Spence
Defeated quotes by Barack Obama
#60. The reason we're governing right now is because we defeated moderate Republicans with moderate Democrats. And people need to be patient about that and realize that compromise is not evil. #Quote by Barack Obama
Defeated quotes by Athol Fugard
#61. I don't remember much about what he said because my head was trying to deal with that one word" the future! He kept using it ... " our future" "the country's future", "a wonderful future of peace and prosperity." What does he really mean, I keep asking myself. Why does my heart go hard and tight as a stone when he says it? I look around me in the location at the men and women who went out into that wonderful future before me. What do I see? Happy and contented shareholders in this in this exciting enterprise called the Republic of South Africa? No. I see a generation of tired, defeated men and women crawling back to their miserable little pondoks at the end of a day's work for the white baas or madam. And those are the lucky ones. They've at least got work. Most of them are just sitting around wasting away their lives while they wait helplessly for a miracle to feed their families, a miracle that never comes. #Quote by Athol Fugard
Defeated quotes by Andre Vltchek
#62. Tens of millions of Russian people died, fighting all sorts of Western expansionism. They defeated Nazism. They helped to liberate much of our world from colonialism. Of course the West never forgave Russia for fighting the epic battles against its expansionism and colonialism. #Quote by Andre Vltchek
Defeated quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#63. I had been conscious of depression and so I voiced to (Sec. Of War Stimson) my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at this very moment, seeking a way to surrender with a minimum loss of 'face.' #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Defeated quotes by Ellen G. White
#64. Again Satan was defeated, and again he resorted to deception, in the hope of converting his defeat into a victory. To stir up rebellion in the fallen race, he now represented God as unjust in having permitted man to transgress his law. "Why," said the artful tempter, "when God knew what would be the result, did he permit man to be placed on trial, to sin, and bring in misery and death?" And the children of Adam, forgetful of the long-suffering mercy that had granted man another trial, regardless of the amazing, the awful sacrifice which his rebellion had cost the King of heaven, gave ear to the tempter, and murmured against the only Being who could save them from the destructive power of Satan. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Defeated quotes by Rodney Burton
#65. If we go into battle with a mindset of defeat, we will come out of the battle defeated. #Quote by Rodney Burton
Defeated quotes by Jung Chang
#66. Cixi's lack of formal education was more than made up for by her intuitive intelligence, which she liked to use from her earliest years. In 1843, when she was seven, the empire had just finished its first war with the West, the Opium War, which had been started by Britain in reaction to Beijing clamping down on the illegal opium trade conducted by British merchants. China was defeated and had to pay a hefty indemnity.

Desperate for funds, Emperor Daoguang (father of Cixi's future husband) held back the traditional presents for his sons' brides – gold necklaces with corals and pearls – and vetoed elaborate banquets for their weddings. New Year and birthday celebrations were scaled down, even cancelled, and minor royal concubines had to subsidise their reduced allowances by selling their embroidery on the market through eunuchs. The emperor himself even went on surprise raids of his concubines' wardrobes, to check whether they were hiding extravagant clothes against his orders. As part of a determined drive to stamp out theft by officials, an investigation was conducted of the state coffer, which revealed that more "than nine million taels of silver had gone missing.

Furious, the emperor ordered all the senior keepers and inspectors of the silver reserve for the previous forty-four years to pay fines to make up the loss – whether or not they were guilty.

Cixi's great-grandfather had served as one of the keepers and his share of the fine amoun #Quote by Jung Chang
Defeated quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#67. Stop the blame game; you can't win it! All fans of blame are defeated in every way ... Don't join them! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Defeated quotes by Steven Weinberg
#68. All logical arguments can be defeated by the simple refusal to reason logically #Quote by Steven Weinberg
Defeated quotes by Grover Cleveland
#69. It is better to be defeated standing for a high principle than to run by committing subterfuge. #Quote by Grover Cleveland
Defeated quotes by Alexander
#70. You are never defeated, unless you cannot get back up. #Quote by Alexander
Defeated quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#71. Nonviolence is a powerful as well as a just weapon. If you confront a man who has long been cruelly misusing you, and say, "Punish me, if you will; I do not deserve it, but I will accept it, so that the world will know I am right and you are wrong," then you wield a powerful and a just weapon. This man, your oppressor, is automatically morally defeated, and if he has any conscience, he is ashamed. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Defeated quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#72. The power of prayer: 'So the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place until the nation of Isreal had defeated its enemies.Is this event not recorded in[The Book of Jashar]? The sun stayed in the middle of the sky, and it did not set as on a normal day' (Joshua 10:13,NLT). #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Defeated quotes by Phyllis McGinley
#73. Nothing fails like success; nothing is so defeated as yesterday's triumphant Cause. #Quote by Phyllis McGinley
Defeated quotes by Winston Churchill
#74. I have always said that if Great Britain were defeated in war I hoped we should find a Hitler to lead us back to our rightful position among the nations. I am sorry, however, that he has not been mellowed by the great success that has attended him. The whole world would rejoice to see the Hitler of peace and tolerance, and nothing would adorn his name in world history so much as acts of magnanimity and of mercy and of pity to the forlorn and friendless, to the weak and poor ... Let this great man search his own heart and conscience before he accuses anyone of being a warmonger. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Defeated quotes by Jim Butcher
#75. Battles are fought in muddy fields, in burning towns, in treacherous forests, in unforgiving mountains, and on the blood-spattered stones of contested bridges, Tavi realized.

But battles are won within the minds and hearts of the soldiers fighting them. No force was defeated in battle until it believed that it was defeated. No force could be victorious unless it believed it could be victorious.

The First Aleran believed.

The Canim raiders weren't sure. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Defeated quotes by Marco Rubio
#76. Let me begin by saying that we have to understand who ISIS is. ISIS is a radical Sunni group. They cannot just be defeated through air strikes. Air strikes are a key component of defeating them, but they must be defeated on the ground by a ground force. And that ground force must be primarily made up of Sunni Arabs themselves, Sunni Arabs that reject them ideologically and confront them militarily. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Defeated quotes by Samuel Johnson
#77. No man is defeated without some resentment which will be continued with obstinacy while he believes himself in the right, and asserted with bitterness, if even to his own conscience he is detected in the wrong. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Defeated quotes by Bernard Lewis
#78. As Osama bin Laden puts it: In this final phase of the ongoing struggle, the world of the infidels was divided between two superpowers
the United States and the Soviet Union. Now we have defeated and destroyed the more difficult and the more dangerous of the two. Dealing with the pampered and effeminate Americans will be easy. #Quote by Bernard Lewis
Defeated quotes by Melissa Haag
#79. How'd it go?" I said, trying to sound indifferent. "He took it like a champ." She opened the back car door for Clay. He lifted his head and stood with obvious effort. Then he hopped down with care and pathetically climbed the deck steps to my side. I stared at him for a moment. "What'd they do to him?" Rachel shook her head and closed the door. "He wasn't acting like this when we left. I swear. I think he's hamming it up for you." She patted Clay's head with a laugh. He accepted the pat with a defeated grunt, stopped hobbling, and started to walk with his usual gait. I heaved a relieved sigh. He looked up at me and winked. I quickly checked to see if Rachel had noticed, but she had already walked away from us and into the house. I shook my head at him before we followed Rachel in. "So #Quote by Melissa Haag
Defeated quotes by River Jaymes
#80. Alec sounded defeated. "You just don't know when to shut up, do you?"
"It's a gift," Dylan said. #Quote by River Jaymes
Defeated quotes by Eric Hoffer
#81. Seen as a process of imitation, it becomes understandable why the Westernization of a backward country so often breeds a violent antagonism toward the West. People who become like us do not necessarily love us. The sense of inferiority inherent in the act of imitation breeds resentment. The impulse of the imitators is to overcome the model they imitate - to surpass it, leave it behind, or, better still, eliminate it completely. Now and then in history the last was done first: the imitators began by destroying the model and then proceeded to imitate it. We are apparently most at ease when we imitate a defeated or dead model. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Defeated quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#82. Neoteny is more than retaining a youthful appearance, although that is often part of it. Neoteny is the retention of all those wonderful qualities that we associate with youth: curiosity, playfulness, eagerness, fearlessness, warmth, energy. Unlike those defeated by time and age, our geezers have remained much like our geeks – open, willing to take risks, hungry for knowledge and experience, courageous, eager to see what the new day brings. Time and lost steal the zest from the unlucky, and leave them looking longingly at the past. Neoteny is a metaphor for the quality – and the gift – that keeps the fortunate of whatever age focused on all marvelous undiscovered things to come. #Quote by Warren G. Bennis
Defeated quotes by Kris Vallotton
#83. I do not know who coined the statement "an idle mind is the devil's playground," but it is true. When camping in dangerous places, it is often recommended that you keep a campfire going to keep the predators away. When we set our hearts on fire, demonic predators stay out of our camp, which is my main point in this chapter. The apostle Paul put it best: "Love never fails" (see 1 Corinthians 13:8). We have spent several chapters talking about how to win spiritual battles in our own lives and in the lives of others. But when all else fails, remember this: Love cannot be defeated. #Quote by Kris Vallotton
Defeated quotes by Empedocles
#84. Various accounts of Empedocle's death are given in ancient sources. His enemies said that his desire to be thought a god led him to throw himself into the crater of Mount Etna so that he might vanish from the world completely and thus lead men to believe he had achieved apotheosis. Unfortunately the volcano defeated his design by throwing out one of the philosopher's sandals. #Quote by Empedocles
Defeated quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#85. Cal betrayed me, and I betrayed him. And you betrayed us both, in a thousand different ways." The words are heavy as stone but right. So right. "I chose no one."
For once, I feel like I control fire and Maven has been burned by it. He stumbles back from my cell, somehow defeated by the little girl without her lightning, the prisoner in chains, the human before god. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Defeated quotes by Anthony Liccione
#86. The greatest war every fought, and are still fighting, where more people have been defeated and died, is the war within. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Defeated quotes by Lailah GiftyAkita
#87. Risks can lead to great victories or defeats. Even if you are defeated, the lesson will be valuable for the next stage of life. #Quote by Lailah GiftyAkita
Defeated quotes by Sallust
#88. A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means. #Quote by Sallust
Defeated quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#89. Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering. #Quote by Santosh Kalwar
Defeated quotes by Mark McKinnon
#90. A troubled economy is always the sitting president's fault. It was when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter, when Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush, and when Barack Obama defeated John McCain by running against George W. Bush. #Quote by Mark McKinnon
Defeated quotes by Billy Higgins
#91. If I couldn't do it, then I'd be defeated. I've got the tools to do it. I never did question my tools. #Quote by Billy Higgins
Defeated quotes by Julian Bond
#92. We know that if whites and nonwhites vote in the same percentages as they did in 2000, Bush will be re-defeated by 3 million votes. #Quote by Julian Bond
Defeated quotes by Francois Du Toit
#93. 16:20 God who is the author of our peace shall quickly and utterly trample 1Satan, doing it with your feet. Your victory is realized in the revelation of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and echoed (personalized) in your amen. (We are the body of Christ. God desires to demonstrate his reign of peace in us by confirming satan's defeat in our practical day to day experience. The defeat of 1accusation is celebrated in what grace communicates. The word, 1satanos, means accuser. The law of faith defeated the law of works!) #Quote by Francois Du Toit
Defeated quotes by Greg James
#94. Strength is not merely proved by how much blood one has spilt, how many foes defeated, or how many battles won. Sometimes, living day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and minute-to-minute is a truer sign of one's mettle. The ticking of the clock and the passage of time wear away courage more surely than any mortal blade might do - #Quote by Greg James
Defeated quotes by Charles S. Price
#95. Reason had overthrown faith, and had defeated the purpose of God. #Quote by Charles S. Price
Defeated quotes by Graham Greene
#96. Our heroes are simple: they are brave, they tell the truth, they are good swordsmen and they are never in the long run really defeated. That is why no later books satisfy us like those which were read to us in childhood-for those promised a world of great simplicity of which we knew the rules, but the later books are complicated and contradictory with experience; they are formed out of our own disappointing memories. #Quote by Graham Greene
Defeated quotes by Barack Obama
#97. We have real enemies in the world. These enemies must be found. They must be pursued and they must be defeated. #Quote by Barack Obama
Defeated quotes by Steven Shainberg
#98. I'm basically drawn to defeated, injured, hurt, barely walking characters. #Quote by Steven Shainberg
Defeated quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#99. Why is it we have so little choice? We live like the lowliest worms. Always defeated - defeated we make dinner, we eat, we sleep. Everyone we love is dying. Sill, to cease living is unacceptable. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Defeated quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#100. Whoever loses faith nor hope is double defeated , in the moment of time. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Defeated quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#101. To die in the act of killing is, in essence, to die defeated. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Defeated quotes by C.S. Lewis
#102. You see, it is so hard for these creatures to persevere. The routine of adversity, the gradual decay of youthful loves and youthful hopes, the quiet despair (hardly felt as pain) of ever overcoming the chronic temptations with which we have again and again defeated them, the drabness which we create in their lives and the inarticulate resentment with which we teach them to respond to it--all this provides admirable opportunities of wearing out a soul by attrition. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Defeated quotes by Jesse Duplantis
#103. Everyday I encounter well-meaning Christians who call out to God to save them from a demon who has long since been defeated. It's time for the body of Christ to recognize what the blood of Jesus has done and stop running from his attacks in fear. It's time for us to realize that every attack from the enemy is an attack on the blood of Jesus. It's a form of rebellion from a defiant demon that is skilled in using the power of fear to intimidate Christians into giving up on their blood-bought rights. #Quote by Jesse Duplantis
Defeated quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#104. Ignorance is blind before light,
deaf before wisdom,
speechless before knowledge,
defeated before understanding,
and incapacitated before love.

Understanding is shrewd before ignorance,
heedful before knowledge,
prudent before wisdom,
cautious before darkness,
and empowered before love. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Defeated quotes by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
#105. Vermont tradition is based on the idea that group life should leave each person as free as possible to arrange his own life. This freedom is the only climate in which (we feel) a human being may create his own happiness ... Character itself lies deep and secret below the surface, unknown and unknowable by others. It is the mysterious core of life, which every man or woman has to cope with alone, to live with, to conquer and put in order, or to be defeated by. #Quote by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Defeated quotes by Alan Watts
#106. Chaos is always losing, but never defeated #Quote by Alan Watts
Defeated quotes by Ted Cruz
#107. Ronald Reagan reignited the American economy, rebuilt the Military, bankrupted the Soviet Union and defeated Soviet Communism. I will do the same thing. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Defeated quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#108. No one embodied the spirit of the frontier more than Daniel Boone, who faced and defeated countless natural and man-made dangers to literally hand cut the trail west through the wilderness. He marched with then colonel George Washington in the French and Indian War, established one of the most important trading posts in the West, served three terms in the Virginia Assembly, and fought in the Revolution. His exploits made him world famous; he served as the model for James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales and numerous other pioneer stories. He was so well known and respected that even Lord Byron, in his epic poem Don Juan, wrote, "Of the great names which in our faces stare, The General Boon, back-woodsman of Kentucky, Was happiest amongst mortals anywhere ... " And yet he was accused of treason - betraying his country - the most foul of all crimes at the time. What really happened to bring him to that courtroom? And was the verdict reached there correct? #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
Defeated quotes by George Friedman
#109. In 711 Muslim armies went north into Spain, ultimately occupying it and crossing the Pyrenees into France. In 732 Charles Martel, in a defining battle, defeated the Muslim armies, forcing them back behind the mountains and confining them to the Iberian Peninsula. Had Martel lost that battle, Europe would have been a very different place. #Quote by George Friedman
Defeated quotes by Mark Helprin
#110. She died on a windy gray day in March when the sky was full of darting crows and the world lay prostrate and defeated after winter. Peter Lake was at her side and it ruined him forever. It broke him as he had not ever imagined he could have been broken. He would never again be young, or able to remember what it was like to be young. What he had once taken to be pleasures would appear to him in his defeat as hideous and deserved punishments for reckless vanity. #Quote by Mark Helprin
Defeated quotes by Chinua Achebe
#111. When the British came to Ibo land, for instance, at the beginning of the 20th century, and defeated the men in pitched battles in different places, and set up their administrations, the men surrendered. And it was the women who led the first revolt. #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Defeated quotes by Albert Camus
#112. They were silent, humiliated by this return of the defeated, furious at their own silence, but the more it was prolonged the less capable they were of breaking it. #Quote by Albert Camus
Defeated quotes by Rick Riordan
#113. Under it, she yelled in pain. "I survive all those battles," she growled, "and I get defeated by a stupid chunk of rock! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Defeated quotes by Cat Johnson
#114. If anything defeated her, it would be her own mind and self-doubt. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Defeated quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#115. LOSS, n. Privation of that which we had, or had not. Thus, in the latter sense, it is said of a defeated candidate that he "lost his election". #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Defeated quotes by Isabel Allende
#116. I love fiction because in fiction you go into the thoughts of people, the little people, the people who were defeated, the poor, the women, the children that are never in history books. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Defeated quotes by Bernhard Von Bulow
#117. The history of England, who has always dealt most harshly with her vanquished foe in the few European wars in which she has taken part in modern times, gives us Germans an idea of the fate in store for us if defeated. #Quote by Bernhard Von Bulow
Defeated quotes by Elizabeth George
#118. Trials are not meant to defeat you. They are meant to be defeated. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Defeated quotes by George Saunders
#119. Our grief must be defeated; it must not become our master, and make us ineffective, and put us even deeper into the ditch. #Quote by George Saunders
Defeated quotes by Warren W. Wiersbe
#120. Some of this occurred when God defeated Assyria and delivered Jerusalem (Isa. 37). But the ultimate fulfillment is still future; all military material will be destroyed (9:5) because the nations will not learn war any more (2:4). #Quote by Warren W. Wiersbe
Defeated quotes by Margaret Halsey
#121. In some circumstances, the refusal to be defeated is a refusal to be educated. #Quote by Margaret Halsey
Defeated quotes by Saurabh Dudeja
#122. The one struggling against the odds and getting defeated is a Loser. And this Loser with persistent determination turns a Winner one day ... #Quote by Saurabh Dudeja
Defeated quotes by Saul Alinsky
#123. Theres another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevsky said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution. #Quote by Saul Alinsky
Defeated quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#124. Let him talk," said Dupin, who had not thought it necessary to reply. "Let him discourse; it will ease his conscience, I a satisfied with having defeated him in his own castle. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Defeated quotes by Alfred Lansing
#125. Unlike the land, where courage and the simple will to endure can often see a man through, the struggle against the sea is an act of
physical combat, and there is no escape. It is a battle against a tireless enemy in which man never actually wins; the most that he can hope for is not to be defeated. #Quote by Alfred Lansing
Defeated quotes by Fred Lowe Soper
#126. Preferring steady progress, slow and imperfect, is a good philosophy for the defeated. #Quote by Fred Lowe Soper
Defeated quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#127. -did you just ask something?"
"I asked if you can undress any faster."
Evie huffed with a mixture of amusement and exasperation. "No, I can't. There are too many b-buttons, and they're very small."
"What a pity. Because in thirty seconds, I'm going to rip away whatever clothing you have left."
Evie knew full well not to take the threat lightly- he'd done it before, on more than one occasion. "Sebastian, no. I like this dress."
Her husband's eyes glinted with devilish humor as he watched her increasingly frantic efforts. "No dress is as beautiful as your naked skin. All those sweet freckles scattered over you, like a thousand tiny angel kisses... you have twenty seconds left, by the way."
"You don't even h-have a clock," she complained.
"I'm counting by heartbeats. You'd better hurry, love."
Evie glanced anxiously down at the row of pearl buttons, which seem to have multiplied. With a defeated sigh, she dropped her arms to her sides. "Just go on and rip it off," she mumbled.
She heard his silky laugh, and a sluice of water. He stood with streams runneling over the sleek, muscled contours of his body, and Evie gasped as she was pulled into a steaming embrace.
His amused voice curled inside the sensitive shell of her ear. "My poor little put-upon wife. Let me help you. I have a way with buttons... #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Defeated quotes by Neal Stephenson
#128. Aister interprets the myth as 'an exposition of a logical problem: Supposing
that originally there was nothing but one creator, how could ordinary binary
sexual relations come into being?'"
"Ah, there's that word 'binary' again."
"You may remember an unexplored fork earlier in our conversation that would have
brought us to this same place by another route. This myth can be compared to
the Sumerian creation myth, in which heaven and earth are united to begin with,
but the world is not really created until the two are separated. Most Creation
myths begin with a 'paradoxical unity of everything, evaluated either as chaos
or as Paradise,' and the world as we know it does not really come into being
until this is changed. I should point out here that Enki's original name was
En-Kur, Lord of Kur. Kur was a primeval ocean -- Chaos -- that Enki conquered."
"Every hacker can identify with that."
"But Asherahas similar connotations. Her name in Ugaritic, 'atiratu yammi'
means 'she who treads on (the) sea (dragon)'."
"Okay, so both Enki and Asherah were figures who had in some sense defeated
chaos. And your point is that this defeat of chaos, the separation of the
static, unified world into a binary system, is identified with creation."
"Correct. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Defeated quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
#129. I think that in order to be a film director, one has to be a warrior who shouldn't be defeated by the daily onslaught of problems. #Quote by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Defeated quotes by Jentezen Franklin
#130. Satan gets disturbed -and defeated -when you decide to do more that be a Sunday-morning Christian. #Quote by Jentezen Franklin
Defeated quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#131. Seasons had come and gone; presidents in Kabul had been inaugurated and murdered; an empire had been defeated; old wars had ended and new ones had broken out. But Mariam had hardly noticed, hardly cared. She had passed these years in a distant corner of her mind. A dry, barren field, out beyond wish and lament, beyond dream and disillusionment. There, the future did not matter. And the past held only this wisdom: that love was a damaging mistake, and its accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion. And whenever those twin poisonous flowers began to sprout in the parched land of that field, Mariam uprooted them. She uprooted them and ditched them before they took hold.
But somehow, over these last months, Laila and Aziza - a harami like herself, as it turned out - had become extensions of her, and now, without them, the life Mariam had tolerated for so long suddenly seemed intolerable.
We're leaving this spring, Aziza and I. Come with us, Mariam. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Defeated quotes by Jurgen Moltmann
#132. The messianic hope was never the hope of the victors and the rulers. It was always the hope of the defeated and the ground down.31 The hope of the poor is nothing other than the messianic hope. #Quote by Jurgen Moltmann
Defeated quotes by Jung Chang
#133. For Cixi, the whole episode taught her that to survive at court she must hold her tongue about state affairs. This was difficult, as she could see that the dynasty was in trouble. The victorious Taiping rebels not only consolidated their bases in southern China, but were sending military expeditions with a view to attacking Beijing. Cixi felt that she had practicable ideas – in fact it was under her rule that the Taiping rebels were later defeated. But she could not say a word, and could only share non-political interests with her husband, such as music and art. #Quote by Jung Chang
Defeated quotes by Margaret Weis
#134. What do you see to the south?" Tanis asked abruptly.
Raistilin glanced at him. "What do I ever see with these eyes of mine Half-Elf?" the mage whispered bitterly. "I see death, death and destruction. I see war." He gestured up above. "The constellations have not returned. The Queen of Darkness is not defeated."
"We may have not won the war," Tanis began, "but surely we have won a major battle
Raistlin coughed and shook his head sadly.
"Do you see no hope?"
"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in the vain attempt to reach it."
"Are you saying we should just give up?" Tanis asked, irritably tossing the bark away.
"I'm saying we should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open," Raistin answered. Coughing he drew his robes more closely around him. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Defeated quotes by David Korten
#135. Capitalism has defeated communism. It is now well on its way to defeating democracy. #Quote by David Korten
Defeated quotes by Anais Nin
#136. He says: 'The capitalistic world killed the artist in me.' He sees as coming from outside all that comes from inside. I know the artist in him must have been very weak to be defeated by this obstacle at all. Limitations, restrictions, defeats, come from within. I am fully responsible for my own restrictions. #Quote by Anais Nin
Defeated quotes by Blaque Diamond
#137. Never be defeated by roadblocks life throws in your way. Instead, conquer them. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. #Quote by Blaque Diamond
Defeated quotes by Salman Rushdie
#138. History is natural selection. Mutant versions of the past struggle for dominance; new species of fact arise,and old, saurian truths go to the wall, blindfolded and smoking last cigarettes. Only the mutations of the strong survive. The weak, the anonymous, the defeated leave few marks: field-patterns, axe-heads, folk-tales, broken pitchers, burial mounds, the fading memory of their youthful beauty. History loves only those who dominate her: it is a relationship of mutual enslavement. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Defeated quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#139. She looks defeated. Beautiful and soft and damaged standing there before me partially clothed in the light of the moon beaming through the tall window. Beautiful, but defeated. That look in her eyes, it somehow latches onto my soul and all I want is for her to turn and walk away. Because I know that if she doesn't, if she presses me further with those soft lips and sad, vulnerable eyes that I'll succumb to the moment and either fuck her or kill her. #Quote by J.A. Redmerski
Defeated quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#140. You're not just fighting me," he said, his breathing even. "You're fighting the warriors who defeated the Amazons. Achilles, who bested Penthesilea. Telamon, who brought low Melanippe. Hercules, who defeated Hippolytus."
She hated hearing her sisters' names, her mother's name, on his lips. Diana raised a brow. "A wise warrior learns from her mistakes." She adjusted her stance. "And you're forgetting who taught me to fight. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Defeated quotes by Philip Wylie
#141. Light was the symbol I tried to give them...The Cross was the symbol they adopted. The pain of self-sacrifice was obvious to them. The subjective reward--incomprehensible. Thus they changed it all. I told them of many mansions. They chose this mansion or that--scoured each other off the earth, to set one heaven in place of the heaven of those they defeated. Holy wars! Is such a thing conceivable to God as a holy war? Alas. The words--the images--the effort is still uncomprehended. I said Light. I said truth. I said Freedom. I meant enlightenment. Yet nearly every church that uses my name is a wall against light and a rampart against enlightenment, using fear, not love, to chain the generations in terror and pain and ignorance . . . And now--this is called civilization, and in my name, also! #Quote by Philip Wylie
Defeated quotes by Daniel L. Lewis
#142. Nothing is an impossible though me, but through God, all things are possible. I believe in my dream, and I'm going to make it happen. Hostility won't prevail over me because It's already defeated. #Quote by Daniel L. Lewis
Defeated quotes by Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
#143. The issue here is this, that the Government's argument at the present moment is the argument that now the war is over, terrorism is defeated, we have to focus on economic development which in the north and east particular, being the areas where the war was fought, development has to proceed at a pace. That people from those parts of the country are leaving seems to suggest a lack of confidence and certainty in the trajectory of this kind of economic development. #Quote by Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
Defeated quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#144. That is what always happens: we never know whether we are victors or whether we are defeated. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Defeated quotes by Watchman Nee
#145. Outside of Christ, I am only a sinner, but in Christ, I am saved. Outside of Christ, I am empty; in Christ, I am full. Outside of Christ, I am weak; in Christ, I am strong. Outside of Christ, I cannot; in Christ, I am more than able. Outside of Christ, I have been defeated; in Christ, I am already victorious. How meaningful are the words, "in Christ." #Quote by Watchman Nee
Defeated quotes by Colleen Hoover
#146. You're so cute when you're jealous," I say. She looks at me, her resolve melting with my words. I take her face in my hands and gently press my lips to hers. She sighs a quiet, defeated sigh into my mouth and relents, parting her lips for me. I run my hands down her arms and to her waist, then pull her out of the chair and on top of me as I lean back onto the bed.
I place one hand on the small of her back, pressing her into me, and my other hand I run through her hair, grabbing the back of her head. I kiss her hard as I roll her onto her back, proving to her that she has absolutely nothing to be jealous of. As soon as I'm on top of her, she places her hands on my cheeks and forces my face apart from hers.
"So your lips touched someone else's lips? After our first kiss?"
I fall back onto the bed beside her. "Lake, stop it. Stop thinking about it," I say.
"I can't, Will." She turns to me and makes that damn pouty face she knows I can't refuse. "I need to know. In my head all I can picture is you taking some girl out on this perfect date and making her grilled cheese sandwiches and playing "would you rather" with her and sharing seriously intense moments with her, then kissing the hell out of her at the end of the night."
Her description of our first date causes me to laugh. I lean over and press my lips to her ear and whisper, "Is that what I did to you? I kissed the hell out of you?"
She pulls her neck away and shoots me a glare, letting me know s #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Defeated quotes by Christine Paice
#147. FOR YOU 'My best things know no other the last days I have spoke the last unsung horizon the last defying choke that issues from the body the only selfhood I have known the last defeated sunrise my last words still not grown. #Quote by Christine Paice
Defeated quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#148. I hope Maven will see what we are, what we can do, and know he cannot win. Even he is not a fool. Even he knows when he is beaten. At least, I hope he does. Because as far as I can tell, Maven has never been defeated. Not when it really counts. Cal won their father, his soldiers, but Maven won the crown. Maven won every battle that truly mattered. And given time... he would've won me too. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Defeated quotes by Stephen Richards
#149. I went after him and picked him off with a right, like a predator and was all over him like a rash! I was in to him with a right hand lead and out to inflict pain, but it wasn't all one-sided! This guy was on a wing and a prayer when he threw a chopping right hand that whizzed past me with him on the other end of it ... I was blessed, or something!
I had to turn it on and step it up, because if he connected with one of those shots then I was chicken fodder! I could see that his wasted efforts were tiring him by the second. I boxed him from range and kept tying him up, I was now in to a rhythm, I swung lefts and rights, all of them smashing in to his head with an unrelenting ferocity.
By now his face was covered in blood and he was about to go down when the ref stepped in and stopped it. I won; I had defeated Goliath. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Defeated quotes by Roger Angell
#150. Since baseball time is measured only in outs, all you have to do is succeed utterly; keep hitting, keep the rally alive, and you have defeated time. You remain forever young. Sitting in the stands, we sense this, if only dimly. The players below us - Mays, DiMaggio, Ruth, Snodgrass - swim and blur in memory, the ball floats over to Terry Turner, and the end of this game may never come. #Quote by Roger Angell
Defeated quotes by James Welch
#151. Before, Indian people had been so defeated, they were always looking for outsiders, for the government, to somehow come in and fix things. But now, they seem to realize that they're the only ones who can save themselves. #Quote by James Welch
Defeated quotes by Paulo Coelho
#152. No one can avoid defeat. That is why it is better to lose a few battles in the fight for your dreams than to be defeated without even knowing why you are fighting. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Defeated quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#153. Ending up with that gigantic outsized brain must have taken some sort of runaway evolutionary process, something that would push and push without limits.

And today's scientists had a pretty good guess at what that runaway evolutionary process had been.
Harry had once read a famous book called Chimpanzee Politics. The book had described how an adult chimpanzee named Luit had confronted the aging alpha, Yeroen, with the help of a young, recently matured chimpanzee named Nikkie. Nikkie had not intervened directly in the fights between Luit and Yeroen, but had prevented Yeroen's other supporters in the tribe from coming to his aid, distracting them whenever a confrontation developed between Luit and Yeroen. And in time Luit had won, and become the new alpha, with Nikkie as the second most powerful...

...though it hadn't taken very long after that for Nikkie to form an alliance with the defeated Yeroen, overthrow Luit, and become the new new alpha.

It really made you appreciate what millions of years of hominids trying to outwit each other - an evolutionary arms race without limit - had led to in the way of increased mental capacity.

'Cause, y'know, a human would have totally seen that one coming. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Defeated quotes by Nick Cave
#154. Music is storming, driving, relentless, devotional, slinky, subtle, heartbreakingly-beautiful sounds that, lyrically, switch from the cynical to the sanguine, the defeated to the defiant, dealing in love, war, beauty, children, romance, rejection, Pethedine, poetry, panties, God, Auden, Johnny Cash, cold potatoes, too-much-money, not enough money, writer's block, flowers, animals and more flowers. But maybe I'm projecting here. #Quote by Nick Cave
Defeated quotes by Howard Dean
#155. Early withdrawal from Iraq would result in unarguably, defeat and humiliation for the United States. There's no question. We would be defeated by definition. We would be humiliated in that defeat. #Quote by Howard Dean
Defeated quotes by Samuel Johnson
#156. Idleness and timidity often despair without being overcome, and forbear attempts for fear of being defeated; and we may promote the invigoration of faint endeavors, by showing what has already been performed. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Defeated quotes by Elaine Marolakos Edelson
#157. A warrior becomes experienced by being defeated; a scholar by making mistakes. Defeat and mistakes we have left in the past, he said. #Quote by Elaine Marolakos Edelson
Defeated quotes by Arne Glimcher
#158. Historically, art has always had a market. When one medieval fiefdom defeated another they would drag back its jewels, gold, tapestries and art objects as the spoils of war. Art equaled power, riches and culture. #Quote by Arne Glimcher
Defeated quotes by Rick Riordan
#159. Zia," I said, "that's a goddess. She defeated Bast. What chance do you have?"
Zia held up her staff and the carved lion's head burst into flames - a small red fireball so bright, it lit the entire room. "I am a scribe in the House of LIfe, Sadie Kane. I am trained to fight gods. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Defeated quotes by Brendan Sexton III
#160. While they trace their history back to wars that helped to ethnically cleanse Native Americans and to their exploits in the Civil War fighting for the South, the modern-day Rangers were created to help rejuvenate a defeated and demoralized U.S. imperialism after the war in Vietnam. #Quote by Brendan Sexton III
Defeated quotes by Mary Karr
#161. When you've been hurt enough as a kid (maybe at any age), it's like you have a trick knee. Most of your life, you can function like an adult, but add in the right portions of sleeplessness and stress and grief, and the hurt, defeated self can bloom into place. #Quote by Mary Karr
Defeated quotes by Samael Aun Weor
#162. Defeatist thoughts handicap persons from elevating their mechanistic life to superior states. The majority of persons consider themselves defeated even before beginning the struggle or the Gnostic esoteric work. #Quote by Samael Aun Weor
Defeated quotes by George R R Martin
#163. It was one thing to go into battle with friends, and another to perish alone and despised. #Quote by George R R Martin
Defeated quotes by Philip Roth
#164. Only when you fuck is everything that you dislike in life and everything by which you are defeated in life purely, if momentarily, revenged. Only then are you most cleanly alive and most cleanly yourself. It's not the sex that's the corruption – it's the rest. Sex isn't just friction and shallow fun. Sex is also the revenge on death. Don't forget death. Don't ever forget it. Yes, sex too is limited in its power. I know very well how limited. But tell me, what power is greater? #Quote by Philip Roth
Defeated quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#165. For you to really make it in life and not be defeated in life, life demands that you stretch yourself. It is a demand of life. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Defeated quotes by Francine Rivers
#166. Dwelling on the past only defeated her chances for changing the future. #Quote by Francine Rivers
Defeated quotes by Rickson Gracie
#167. The most important thing is not victory, the most important thing is don't get defeated. #Quote by Rickson Gracie
Defeated quotes by Garry Kasparov
#168. Boris Vasilievich was the only top-class player of his generation who played gambits regularly and without fear ... Over a period of 30 years he did not lose a single game with the King's Gambit, and among those defeated were numerous strong players of all generations, from Averbakh, Bronstein and Fischer, to Seirawan. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Defeated quotes by Henrique Capriles Radonski
#169. There will be a winner. There will a president-elect. But there will not be a defeated people. Tomorrow, we are only one country, only one Venezuela. Tomorrow in the country there are many problems that we have to resolve. Problems do not wait. #Quote by Henrique Capriles Radonski
Defeated quotes by Jo Nesbo
#170. They maintain he wrote The Art of War. Personally, I believe it was a woman. On the surface, The Art of War is a manual about tactics on the battlefield, but at its deepest level it describes how to win conflicts. Or to be more precise, the art of getting what you want at the lowest possible price. The winner of a war is not necessarily the victor. Many have won the crown, but lost so much of their army that they can only rule on their ostensibly defeated enemies' terms. With regard to power, women don't have the vanity men have. They don't need to make power visible, they only want the power to give them the other things they want. Security. Food. Enjoyment. Revenge. Peace. They are rational, power-seeking planners, who think beyond the battle, beyond the victory celebrations. And because they have an inborn capacity to see weakness in their victims, they know instinctively when and how to strike. And when to stop. You can't learn that, Spiuni. #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Defeated quotes by W.B. Yeats
#171. ...Rose of all Roses, Rose of all the World!
You, too, have come where the dim tides are hurled
Upon the wharves of sorrow, and heard ring
The bell that calls us on; the sweet far thing.
Beauty grown sad with its eternity
Made you of us, and of the dim grey sea.
Our long ships loose thought-woven sails and wait,
For God has bid them share an equal fate;
And when at last defeated in His wars,
They have gone down under the same white stars,
We shall no longer hear the little cry
Of our sad hearts, that may not live nor die. #Quote by W.B. Yeats
Defeated quotes by Lisa McMann
#172. When would you like to go out with me so we can talk about it?" A grin flirts with his lips.
He's got her cornered.
And he knows it.
Janie chuckles, defeated. "You are such a bastard."
"When," he demands. "I promise, all my heart, I'll be your house elf for the rest of my life if I fail to meet you at the appointed date and time." He leans forward. "Promise," he says again. He holds up two fingers.
The bell rings.
They stand up.
She's not answering.
He comes around the table toward her and pushes her gently against the wall. Sinks his lips into hers.
He tastes like spearmint. She can't stop the flipping in her stomach.
He pulls back and touches her cheek, her hair. "When," he whispers. Urgently
She clears her throat and blinks. "A-a-after school works for me," she says. #Quote by Lisa McMann
Defeated quotes by Michael David-Fox
#173. The maximalist dreamers of this epoch, the Left Bolshevik (Vpered) group led by the philosopher of proletarian culture, Aleksandr Bogdanov, were effectively defeated by the hardheaded "centrist" Leninists by 1912. #Quote by Michael David-Fox
Defeated quotes by H.W. Brands
#174. What rendered it all acceptable was that government won the war, in astonishingly short order. Had the war dragged on or ended badly, the trust reposed in government might have been withdrawn. But the greatest conflict in human history was brought to a victorious conclusion for the United States only three and a half years after American entry. America's unprecedentedly large government defeated fascism; America's big government placed the United States at the pinnacle of world power. In the process, big government restored the nation's economic vitality and self-confidence. By 1945 most Americans found big government thoroughly acceptable, even necessary, and they had ample reason for feeling the way they did. #Quote by H.W. Brands
Defeated quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#175. No matter how often you are defeated, you are born to victory. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Defeated quotes by Umberto Eco
#176. There can be no failure if there really is a Plan. Defeated you may be, but never through any fault of your own. To bow to a cosmic will is no shame. You are not a coward; you are a martyr. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Defeated quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#177. Not after one month, not after one week, not after one day, not after one hour, not even after one minute, only after one second is the best time for a defeated person to stand up and fight for his future victory! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Defeated quotes by Marco Rubio
#178. ISIS have to be defeated. They have to be defeated militarily. How are we going to do that if we continue to weaken our military? #Quote by Marco Rubio
Defeated quotes by Anonymous
#179. The female mind has a grace, the male mind has efficiency. and of course, in the long run, if there is a constant fight, the grace is bound to be defeated #Quote by Anonymous
Defeated quotes by Tamora Pierce
#180. The Chamber is only a room, though a magical one, and you will enter it when the time comes. Duke Roger is only a man, for all he wields sorcery. He can be met and defeated. But you, my daughter - learn to love. You have been given a hard road to walk. Love will ease it. Much depends on you, Alanna of Trebond. Do not fail me! - The Goddess #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Defeated quotes by Tavis Smiley
#181. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant. #Quote by Tavis Smiley
Defeated quotes by George R R Martin
#182. When cowards hide behind great walls, it is they who are defeated, Khaleesi," Ko Jhogo said. Her other bloodriders concurred. "Blood of my blood," said Rakharo, "when cowards hide and burn the food and fodder, great khals must seek for braver foes. This is known. #Quote by George R R Martin
Defeated quotes by Reki Kawahara
#183. You can't do anything. You will be defeated here by me, on the ground helplessly while I kill this girl, being able only to watch. #Quote by Reki Kawahara
Defeated quotes by Colleen Houck
#184. Wow," I said. "That story is disturbing on so many different levels. One thing that's mystifying about Indian mythology is how often the names change. The skin color changes – she's golden, she's black, she's pink. Her name changes – she's Durga, Kali, Parvati. Her personality changes – she's a loving mother, she's a fierce warrior, she's terrible in her wrath, she's a lover, she's vengeful, she's weak and mortal, then she's powerful and can't be defeated. Then there's her marital status – she's sometimes single, sometimes married. It's hard to keep all the stories straight."

Ren snickered. "Sounds like a normal woman to me. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Defeated quotes by Louis Ray Michael
#185. Goodness and Truth without management will be easily defeated by evil , tyranny and despotism that is well organized #Quote by Louis Ray Michael
Defeated quotes by Nostradamus
#186. A great stench will come from Lausanne, but they will not know its origin; they will put out all people from distant places, fire seen in the sky, a foreign nation defeated. #Quote by Nostradamus
Defeated quotes by Dean Koontz
#187. Pain can be endured and defeated only if it is embraced. Denied or feared, it grows in perception if not in reality. The best response to terror is righteous anger, confidence in ultimate justice, a refusal to be intimidated. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Defeated quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#188. With God, the fear of failure is slain cold by success that is already hot on the way. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Defeated quotes by Imran Khan
#189. It is not defeat that destroys you,it is being demoralized by defeat that destroy you. #Quote by Imran Khan
Defeated quotes by James Baldwin
#190. Well, the black man has functioned in the white man's world as a fixed star, as an immovable pillar: and as he moves out of his place, heaven and earth are shaken to their foundations. You, don't be afraid. I said that it was intended that you should perish in the ghetto, perish by never being allowed to go behind the white man's definitions, by never being allowed to spell your proper name. You have, and many of us have, defeated this intention; and, by a terrible law, a terrible paradox, those innocents who believed that your imprisonment made them safe are losing their grasp of reality. But these men are your brothers - your lost, younger brothers. And if the word integration means anything, this is what it means: that we, with love, shall force our brothers to see themselves as they are, to cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it. For this is your home, my friend, do not be driven from it; great men have done great things here, and will again, and we can make America what America must become. It will be hard, James, but you come from sturdy, peasant stock, men who picked cotton and damned rivers and built railroads, and, in the teeth of the most terrifying odds, achieved an unassailable and monumental dignity. You come from a long line of great poets, some of the greatest poets since Homer. One of them said, The very time I thought I was lost, My dungeon shook and my chains fell off. #Quote by James Baldwin
Defeated quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#191. In 1939 war was probably a counterproductive move for the Axis powers – yet it did not save the world. One of the astounding things about the Second World War is that following the war the defeated powers prospered as never before. Twenty years after the complete annihilation of their armies and the utter collapse of their empires, Germans, Italians and Japanese were enjoying unprecedented levels of affluence. Why, then, did they go to war in the first place? Why did they inflict unnecessary death and destruction on countless millions? It was all just a stupid miscalculation. In the 1930s Japanese generals, admirals, economists and journalists concurred that without control of Korea, Manchuria and the Chinese coast, Japan was doomed to economic stagnation.8 They were all wrong. In fact, the famed Japanese economic miracle began only after Japan lost all its mainland conquests. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Defeated quotes by Don Kladstrup
#192. You had to deal with a situation you did not want. Once you are defeated, you have to do what you are told. #Quote by Don Kladstrup
Defeated quotes by Shirley Jackson
#193. Far and away the greatest menace to the writer - any writer, beginning or otherwise - is the reader. The reader is, after all, a kind of silent partner in this whole business of writing, and a work of fiction is surely incomplete if it is never read. The reader is, in fact, the writer's only unrelenting, genuine enemy. He has everything on his side; all he has to do, after all, is shut his eyes, and any work of fiction becomes meaningless. Moreover, a reader has an advantage over a beginning writer in not being a beginning reader; before he takes up a story to read it, he can be presumed to have read everything from Shakespeare to Jack Kerouac. No matter whether he reads a story in manuscript as a great personal favor, or opens a magazine, or - kindest of all - goes into a bookstore and pays good money for a book, he is still an enemy to be defeated with any kind of dirty fighting that comes to the writer's mind. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Defeated quotes by Laozi
#194. When life begins we are tender and weak When life ends we are stiff and rigid All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life and dry in brittle in death So the soft and supple are the companion of life While the stiff and unyielding are the companions of death An army that cannot yield will be defeated A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind Thus by Nature's own decree the hard and strong are defeated while the soft and gentle are triumphant #Quote by Laozi
Defeated quotes by Neal Ascherson
#195. To be defeated, but not to give in, is victory.

- Jósef Pilsudski #Quote by Neal Ascherson
Defeated quotes by Mira Grant
#196. This is what I do know: A lie, however well-intended, can't prepare you for reality or change the world ... To tell the truth is to provide armament against a world too full of cruelties to be defeated with simple falsehoods ... It seems to me we owe the world
more, we owe ourselves
the exchange of comfort for the chance that maybe the truth can do what people always say it can. The truth may, given the opportunity, set us free. #Quote by Mira Grant
Defeated quotes by Emmanuel M. Katongole
#197. The story that the church has been telling for two thousand years is an outrageous tale about a man who was executed by the state but rose up from the dead. The crux of the story isn't that Jesus figured out the right answer to all the questions facing Israel in his day. What makes all the difference is that Jesus defeated the ultimate enemy and got up from the dead. #Quote by Emmanuel M. Katongole
Defeated quotes by Michael Scott
#198. Niccolo Machiavelli folded his arms across his chest and looked at the alchemyst. "I always knew we would meet again," he said in French. "Though I never imagined it would be in these circumstances," he added with a smile. "I was certain I'd get you in Paris last Saturday." He bowed, an old-fashioned courtly gesture as Perenelle joined her husband. "Mistress Perenelle, it seems we are forever destined to meet on islands."
"The last time we met you had poisoned my husband and attempted to kill me," Perenelle reminded him, speaking in Italian.
Over three thousand years previously, the Sorceress and the Italian had fought at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily. Although Perenelle had defeated Machiavelli, the energies they unleashed caused the ancient volcano to erupt. Lava flowed for five weeks after the battle and destroyed ten villages.
"Forgive me. I was younger then, and foolish. And you emerged the victor of the encounter. I carry the scars to this day."
"Let us try and not blow up this island," she said with a smile. Then she stretched out her hand. "I saw you try to save me earlier. There is no longer any enmity between us."
Machiavelli took her fingers in his and bent over them. "Thank you. That pleases me. #Quote by Michael Scott
Defeated quotes by Yo Yo
#199. She had been defeated by herself alone, and the sadness of it left a dark shadow in her heart. It further sapped her confidence and left her ever more withdrawn, ever more capable of suppressing her feelings. Like her roughened hands, her sensitivity was slowly being hardened, and she drew relief from the numbness creeping through her. #Quote by Yo Yo
Defeated quotes by David Bentley Hart
#200. The gospel of a God found in broken flesh, humility, and measureless charity has defeated all the old lies, rendered the ancient order visibly insufficient and even slightly absurd, and instilled in us a longing for transcendent love so deep that-if once yielded to-it will never grant us rest anywhere but in Christ. #Quote by David Bentley Hart

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