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Deever Staircase quotes by Maurice Sendak
#1. May I ask what you have in your black leather bag with gold buckles?"
"Everything." They were climbing a narrow staircase. Rhoda stopped to look when Jennie opened her bag.
"You do have everything."
"I have even more," Jennie said modestly. "Two windows that I left at home. #Quote by Maurice Sendak
Deever Staircase quotes by Salman Rushdie
#2. All games have morals; and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures, as no other activity can hope to do, the eternal truth that for every ladder you climb, a snake is waiting just around the corner; and for every snake, a ladder will compensate. But it's more than that; no mere carrot-and-stick affair; because implicit in the game is the unchanging twoness of things, the duality of up against down, good against evil; the solid rationality of ladders balances the occult sinuosities of the serpent; in the opposition of staircase and cobra we can see, metaphorically, all conceivable oppositions, Alpha against Omega, father against mother; here is the war of Mary and Musa, and the polarities of knees and nose ... but I found, very early in my life, that the game lacked one crucial dimension, that of ambiguity - because, as events are about to show, it is also possible to slither down a ladder and climb to triumph on the venom of a snake ... #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Deever Staircase quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#3. Our actions in the present build the staircase to the future. The question is whether that staircase is going up or down. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Deever Staircase quotes by J.K. Rowling
#4. We should get a move on you know ... ask someone. He's right. We don't want to end up with a pair of trolls."
Hermione let out a sputter of indignation. "A pair of ... what excuse me?"
"Well - you know," said Ron shrugging. "I'd rather go alone than with - with Eloise Midgen, say."
"Her acne's loads better lately - and she's really nice."
"Her nose's off-centre," said Ron.
"Oh I see," Hermione said bristling. "So basically you're going to take the best-looking girl who'll have you even if she's completely horrible?"
"Er - yeah that sounds about right." said Ron.
"I'm going to bed," Hermione snapped and she swept off toward the girls' staircase without another word. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Deever Staircase quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. I'm like a staircase, she was like an elevator, and our relationship never escalated above friendship. I'd like to think we'll one day be a couple, but I'm not going to wear a fishbowl on my head and dream about it. That wouldn't be fair to me, her, or the goldfish I'd be displacing. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Deever Staircase quotes by Francis Bacon
#6. We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Deever Staircase quotes by Ben Dreyfuss
#7. British films are all "room with a view and a staircase and a pond." #Quote by Ben Dreyfuss
Deever Staircase quotes by Jeanne Moreau
#8. It's like climbing a staircase. I'm on the top of the staircase, I look behind me and I see the steps. That's where I was. #Quote by Jeanne Moreau
Deever Staircase quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#9. It is a mark of wisdom not to kick away the very step from which we have risen higher. The removal of one step from a staircase brings down the whole of it. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Deever Staircase quotes by Sherman Alexie
#10. He sang 'Stairway to Heaven' in four different languages but never knew where that staircase stood. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Deever Staircase quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
#11. The Everlasting Staircase"
Jeffrey McDaniel

When the call came, saying twenty-four hours to live,
my first thought was: can't she postpone her exit

from this planet for a week? I've got places to do,
people to be. Then grief hit between the ribs,

said disappear or reappear more fully. so I boarded
a red eyeball and shot across America,

hoping the nurses had enough quarters to keep
the jukebox of Grandma's heart playing. She grew up

poor in Appalachia. And while world war II
functioned like Prozac for the Great Depression,

she believed poverty was a double feature,
that the comfort of her adult years was merely

an intermission, that hunger would hobble back,
hurl its prosthetic leg through her window,

so she clipped, clipped, clipped -- became the Jacques
Cousteau of the bargain bin, her wetsuit

stuffed with coupons. And now --pupils fixed, chin
dangling like the boots of a hanged man --

I press my ear to her lampshade-thin chest
and listen to that little soldier march toward whatever

plateau, or simply exhaust his arsenal of beats.
I hate when people ask if she even knew I was there.

The point is I knew, holding the one-sided
conversation of her hand. Once I believed the heart

was like a bar of soap -- the more you use it,
the smaller it gets; care too much and it'll #Quote by Jeffrey McDaniel
Deever Staircase quotes by Saru Singhal
#12. If hard work is the staircase to success then smartness is the elevator to it. #Quote by Saru Singhal
Deever Staircase quotes by Nora Roberts
#13. Laura had warned him not to expect much. It was a good thing. "Have you and Kate been smoking grass in here?"
"That's all she ever does on her lunch hour.We really have to get her into a program." Thrilled with herself, Margo spread her arms. "So,what do you think?"
"Uh-huh.It's a building, all right."
"Give me a minute." He walked past her into the adjoining room, came back, looked into the bath, gazed up the pretty, and potentially lethal, staircase. He wiggled the banister, winced. "Want a lawyer? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Deever Staircase quotes by John Cheever
#14. But I awoke at three, feeling terribly sad, and feeling rebelliously that I didn't want to study sadness, madness, melancholy, and despair. I wanted to study triumphs, the rediscoveries of love, all that I know in the world to be decent, radiant, and clear. Then the word "love", the impulse to love, welled up in me somewhere above my middle. Love seemed to flow from me in all directions, abundant as water--love for Cora, love for Flora, love for all my friends and neighbors, love for Penumbra. This tremendous flow of vitality could not be contained within its spelling, and I seemed to seize a laundry marker and write "luve" on the wall. I wrote "luve" on the staircase, "luve" on the pantry, "luve" on the oven, the washing machine, and the coffeepot, and when Cora came down in the morning (I would be nowhere around) everywhere she looked she would read "luve", "luve", "luve." Then I saw a green meadow and a sparkling stream. On the ridge there were thatched-roof cottages and a square church tower, so I knew it must be England. I climbed up from the meadow to the streets of the village, looking for the cottage where Cora and Flora would be waiting for me. There seemed to have been some mistake. No one knew their names. I asked at the post office, but the answer here was the same. Then it occurred to me that they would be at the manor house. How stupid I had been! I left the village and walked up a sloping lawn to a Georgian house, where a butler let me in. The squire was entert #Quote by John Cheever
Deever Staircase quotes by Suzy Kassem

A great emperor is born from one tiny sperm.
A large eagle grows from one small egg.
A giant tree grows from one tiny seedling.
For the newborn and wise,
Everything begins small.
However, it is faith that builds
the staircase to your dreams.
Always have faith in yourself
and the universe,
For one will not get you anywhere
without the other.
Both must be equally strong to reach your desires,
For they are the wings that will lift you to your dreams.
Not a single bird makes its first leap From a tree without faith.
And not a single animal in the jungle
starts each day without faith.
Faith is the flame that eliminates fear,
And faith is the true emperor
of dreams. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Deever Staircase quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#16. But certainly the two best-known tales in the neighborhood - the key hauntings, if you will - concern the Red Room and the Screaming Staircase.'
There was a profound silence, abruptly broken by an enormously loud rumble from George's stomach. Plaster didn't actually fall from the ceiling, but it was close.
'Sorry,' he said cheerfully. 'Famished. I think Ill have another doughnut, if you don't mind. Any takers? #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Deever Staircase quotes by Marcel Duchamp
#17. In the 'Nude Descending a Staircase,' I wanted to create a static image of movement: movement is an abstraction, a deduction articulated within the painting, without our knowing if a real person is or isn't descending an equally real staircase. #Quote by Marcel Duchamp
Deever Staircase quotes by Susanna Kearsley
#18. It's the only thing I begrudge the rich," I said, as I followed him back down the damp-smelling staircase to the ground floor.
"What's that?"
"Their ability to buy books that the rest of us can never hope to own. #Quote by Susanna Kearsley
Deever Staircase quotes by Tarun Shanker
#19. Waiting by this staircase was Mr. Kent, who managed to both grimace at his stepmother and smile brightly at Laura. #Quote by Tarun Shanker
Deever Staircase quotes by August Westman
#20. He started down the staircase, but stopped a few steps down. He turned to me and said, "I must tell you again, I don't want you to come down here. I don't want to see you get hurt."
"A trapdoor has been discovered. It begs to be explored. Not going down those stairs will be the biggest regret of my life. #Quote by August Westman
Deever Staircase quotes by Joseph Heller
#21. Yossarian went to bed early for safety and soon dreamed that he was fleeing almost headlong down an endless wooden staircase, making a loud, staccato clatter with his heels. Then he woke up a little and realized someone was shooting at him with a machine gun. A tortured, terrified sob rose in his throat. His first thought was that Milo was attacking the squadron again, and he rolled off his cot to the floor and lay underneath in a trembling, praying ball, his heart thumping like a drop forge, his body bathed in a cold sweat. There was no noise of planes. A drunken, happy laugh sounded from afar. 'Happy New Year, Happy New Year!' a triumphant familiar voice shouted hilariously from high above between the short, sharp bursts of machine gun fire, and Yossarian understood that some men had gone as a prank to one of the sandbagged machine-gun emplacements Milo had installed in the hills after his raid on the squadron and staffed with his own men.
Yossarian blazed with hatred and wrath when he saw he was the victim of an irresponsible joke that had destroyed his sleep and reduced him to a whimpering hulk. He wanted to kill, he wanted to murder. He was angrier than he had ever been before, angrier even than when he had slid his hands around McWatt's neck to strangle him. The gun opened fire again. Voices cried 'Happy New Year!' and gloating laughter rolled down from the hills through the darkness like a witch's glee. In moccasins and coveralls, Yossarian charged out of his tent #Quote by Joseph Heller
Deever Staircase quotes by Jimmy Greaves
#22. Arsenal have class. I remember when I was at Spurs, the Arsenal players would arrive for matches in their navy blazers with the gold gun emblem sewn into their pockets and grey slacks. We couldn't match their ground with that beautiful main entrance, marble halls and spiral staircase. Even in 1961 when we won the Double, we were never as big a club as Arsenal. #Quote by Jimmy Greaves
Deever Staircase quotes by John Ashbery
#23. Vetiver"
Ages passed slowly, like a load of hay,
As the flowers recited their lines
And pike stirred at the bottom of the pond.
The pen was cool to the touch.
The staircase swept upward
Through fragmented garlands, keeping the melancholy
Already distilled in letters of the alphabet.

It would be time for winter now, its spun-sugar
Palaces and also lines of care
At the mouth, pink smudges on the forehead and cheeks,
The color once known as "ashes of roses.-"
How many snakes and lizards shed their skins
For time to be passing on like this,
Sinking deeper in the sand as it wound toward
The conclusion. It had all been working so well and now,
Well, it just kind of came apart in the hand
As a change is voiced, sharp
As a fishhook in the throat, and decorative tears flowed
Past us into a basin called infinity.

There was no charge for anything, the gates
Had been left open intentionally.
Don't follow, you can have whatever it is.
And in some room someone examines his youth,
Finds it dry and hollow, porous to the touch...
O keep me with you, unless the outdoors
Embraces both of us, unites us, unless
The birdcatchers put away their twigs,
The fishermen haul in their sleek empty nets
And others become part of the immense crowd
Around this bonfire, a situation
That has come to mean us to us, and the crying
In the leave #Quote by John Ashbery
Deever Staircase quotes by Julia Quinn
#24. So now you're jumping out at me from closets?"
"Of course not." He looked affronted. "That was a staircase."
Sophie peered around him. It was the side staircase. The servants' staircase. Certainly not anyplace a family member would just happen to be walking. "Do you often creep down the side staircase?" she asked, crossing her arms.
He leaned forward, just close enough to make her slightly ucomfortable, and, although she would never admit it to anyone, barely even herself, slightly excited. "Only when I want to sneak up on someone. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Deever Staircase quotes by Anna Kavan
#25. The years passed like the steps of a staircase leading lower and lower. I did not walk any more in the sun or hear the songs of larks like crystal fountains playing against the sky. No hand enfolded mine in the warm clasp of love. My thoughts were again solitary, disintegrate, disharmonious – the music gone. I lived alone in a few pleasant rooms, feeling my life run out aimlessly with the tedious hours: the life of an old maid ran out of my fingertips. #Quote by Anna Kavan
Deever Staircase quotes by Julie James
#26. Jack knelt at the floor in front of her. "You did so great. Cutting off the power was the smartest thing anyone could've done in that situation."

She wiped her eyes. "Right, I'm such a hero. You dove off a thirty-five-foot staircase. I turned off a light switch."

"It . . . was a very key light switch. #Quote by Julie James
Deever Staircase quotes by Debra Anastasia
#27. As she started down the large staircase, she saw him. The desire to be near him suddenly became a physical presence. Whoa.
Today Blake stood in his shady spot with Livia's smile echoed on his face. She had to force herself not to run to him. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Deever Staircase quotes by J.D. Salinger
#28. I went down by a different staircase, and i saw another "fuck you" on the wall. I tried to rub it off with my hand again, but this one was scratched on, with a knife or something. It wouldn't come off. It's hopeless, anyway. If you had a million years to do it in, you couldn't rub out even half the "fuck you" signs in the world. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Deever Staircase quotes by Andre Aciman
#29. Did I want to be like him? Did I want to be him? Or did I just want to have him? Or are "being" and "having" thoroughly inaccurate verbs in the twisted skein of desire, where having someone's body to touch and being that someone we're longing to touch are one and the same, just opposite banks on a river that passes from us to them, back to us and over to them again in this perpetual circuit where the chambers of the heart, like the trapdoors of desire, and the wormholes of time, and the false-bottomed drawer we call identity share a beguiling logic according to which the shortest distance between real life and the life unlived, between who we are and what we want, is a twisted staircase designes with the impish creulty of M.C. Escher. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Deever Staircase quotes by Christine Feehan
#30. Gregori moved immediately to the spiral staircase. He could feel her, knew unerringly the exact spot where she waited. He didn't need to scan for Savannah; his body would always find her, his mind would always know her location. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Deever Staircase quotes by Doug Stanhope
#31. You have options when it comes to abortion now. It's not like 1955 when you just had to kick her down a staircase and hope for the best ... you feed her a tapeworm and hope it takes a left at the Y. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
Deever Staircase quotes by Damien Echols
#32. Time spoils quickly in here, and it smells like rotten meat. Every day adds a little more weight, barely noticeable at first, but eventually it will crush you to death. In this place your life can be measured by how long you can keep fighting. The ghouls can sense it if you have any life behind your eyes, and they move in to extinguish it. The guards, the prisoners, the administration - the energy spirals downward forever, creating a hellish staircase that leads nowhere. The most frightening part is how they're all too thick to realize what they're doing. They seem to believe that if they keep digging in the same hole, they'll eventually reach heaven. #Quote by Damien Echols
Deever Staircase quotes by J.R. Ward
#33. When he heard light, rushing footfalls, he turned his head. Someone was racing along the second-floor balcony. Then laughter drifted down from above. Glorious feminine laughter.

He leaned out the archway and glanced at the grand staircase.
Bella appeared on the landing above, breathless, smiling, a black satin robe gathered in her hands. As she slowed at the head of the stairs, she looked over her shoulder, her thick dark hair swinging like a mane.

The pounding that came next was heavy and distant, growing louder until it was like boulders hitting the ground. Obviously, it was what she was waiting for. She let out a laugh, yanked her robe up even higher, and started down the stairs, bare feet skirting the steps as if she were floating. At the bottom, she hit the mosaic floor of the foyer and wheeled around just as Zsadist appeared in second-story hallway.
The Brother spotted her and went straight for the balcony, pegging his hands into the rail, swinging his legs up and pushing himself straight off into thin air. He flew outward, body in a perfect swan dive--except he wasn't over water, he was two floors up over hard stone.

John's cry for help came out as a mute, sustained rush of air--

Which was cut off as Zsadist dematerialized at the height of the dive. He took form twenty feet in front of Bella, who watched the show with glowing happiness.

Meanwhile, John's heart pounded from shock...then pumped fast for a #Quote by J.R. Ward
Deever Staircase quotes by Karen Solie
#34. Night climbs its long underground staircase.
It recalls what it has to tell us. #Quote by Karen Solie
Deever Staircase quotes by Oscar Wilde
#35. Yet, even for us, there is left some loveliness of environment, and the dullness of tutors and professors matters very little when one can loiter in the grey cloisters at Magdalen, and listen to some flute-like voice singing in Waynfleete's chapel, or lie in the green meadow, among the strange snakespotted fritillaries, and watch the sunburnt noon smite to a finer gold the tower's gilded vanes, or wander up the Christ Church staircase beneath the vaulted ceiling's shadowy fans, or pass through the sculptured gateway of Laud's building in the College of St. John. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Deever Staircase quotes by Marc Reisner
#36. In 1971, the Bureau of Reclamation released a plan to divert six million acre-feet from the lower Mississippi River and create a river in reverse, pumping the water up a staircase of reservoirs to the high plains in order to save the irrigation economy of West Texas and eastern New Mexico, utterly dependent on groundwater, from collapse. #Quote by Marc Reisner
Deever Staircase quotes by Jennifer Faye
#37. Her eyes widened as she took in what must be thousands of titles. She stepped farther into the room finding the bookcases rose up at least two stories. Like a bee to honey, she was drawn to the remarkable library. There was a ladder that glided along a set of rails to reach the top shelves. And a spiral staircase for the second floor of shelves with yet another ladder. t was truly remarkable.
She didn't know whether she had walked onto the set of My Fair Lady or the library of Beauty and the Beast. She'd never seen anything so magnificent. #Quote by Jennifer Faye
Deever Staircase quotes by Roberto Bolano
#38. Instead I waited, which is what the Nude Descending a Staircase does, contrary to one's expectation and which is exactly why it has always provoked such a peculiar critical response. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Deever Staircase quotes by J.G. Ballard
#39. The staircase was deserted - the higher up the building the more reluctant were the residents to use the stairs, as if this in some way demeaned them. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Deever Staircase quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#40. Faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Deever Staircase quotes by John Pyper-Ferguson
#41. The liberal entertainment industry is a fickle world. So it's about living in the moment, and it's about being clear with it and understanding that this is another opportunity to step up the staircase a little bit and create some newer opportunities and get involved in some other projects, as well as possibly creating your own. #Quote by John Pyper-Ferguson

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