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December Birthstone quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#1. There was always a slight upswing in February, the town's coldest month, when out-of-towners liked to hike into the national park to see the famous waterfalls when they rose, like bridal veils, against the mountains. But mostly, from December to April, those who made their living off tourists just suffered through, dreaming of warmer months, of kingfisher-blue skies and leaves so green they looked like they'd just been painted, as if the color would smear if you touched it. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
December Birthstone quotes by Charles Dickens
#2. I have endeavored in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humor with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it. Their faithful Friend and Servant, C.D. December, 1843. #Quote by Charles Dickens
December Birthstone quotes by Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick
#3. I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but there is no scriptural or historical basis for December 25th actually being the day that Jesus was born. #Quote by Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick
December Birthstone quotes by Lisette Kristensen
#4. When his lips landed to hers, his hand raced over the curves of her body. Jocelyn whimpered to his searing lips. His tongue plunged over her lips. Feeling his heat blast into her. Her tongue swirled, and laced to his as he pulled her aching frame into him. Her breasts mashed to his thick chest. Nipple burst into shards of stones. The fingers that had held his neck, curled into his dark hair. She bordered on being out of control.

Igider's, kiss was magnetic to her darkest layers of passion. Tonight, she didn't want to be beaten, spanked or bound. She wanted to be made love to you. To be treated like a woman that mattered, not a toy. For once, she wanted to feel the deepest pleasure of a man and woman without all the pain. Yes, he could flog her senseless but this time it was going to be different. Jocelyn knew this wasn't love, but her mind and soul craved the need to be loved, even if it was carnal.

Frozen Sin coming December 28th #Quote by Lisette Kristensen
December Birthstone quotes by Paula McLain
#5. On December 8, 1921, when the Leopoldina set sail for Europe, we were on board. Our life together had finally begun. We held on to each other and looked out at the sea. It was impossibly large and full of beauty and danger in equal parts-and we wanted it all. #Quote by Paula McLain
December Birthstone quotes by John Banville
#6. Writing keeps me at my desk, constantly trying to write a perfect sentence. It is a great privilege to make one's living from writing sentences. The sentence is the greatest invention of civilization. To sit all day long assembling these extraordinary strings of words is a marvelous thing ...
For me, a line has to sing before it does anything else. The great thrill is when a sentence that starts out being completely plain suddenly begins to sing, rising far above itself and above any expectation I might have had for it. That's what keeps me going on those dark December days when I think about how I could be living instead of writing. #Quote by John Banville
December Birthstone quotes by Dele Andersen
#7. December 31st is only another day but the coming year can be a great blessing for you. Believe it, you'll enter the new year in victory. - Dele Andersen #Quote by Dele Andersen
December Birthstone quotes by Ogden Nash
#8. Tonight's December thirty-first, something is about to burst. The clock is crouching, dark and small, like a time bomb in the hall. Hark, it's midnight, children dear. Duck! Here comes another year! #Quote by Ogden Nash
December Birthstone quotes by Graham Moore
#9. No worn, ink-drenched leather journal for the period from October 11 through December 23, 1900, could be found. #Quote by Graham Moore
December Birthstone quotes by Petra Hermans
#10. Een onberispelijke Levenswandel
bevraagt het Geweten :
Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Religion of Blue Circle
December 6, 1972 - May 2053
The Neverending Story - Babaji
Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende
Amen #Quote by Petra Hermans
December Birthstone quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. Her name was Janice, but I called her Jan because she was born in December - just like Chris T. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
December Birthstone quotes by William Shakespeare
#12. There's her cousin, an she were not possessed with a fury, exceeds her as much in beauty as the first of May doth the last of December. #Quote by William Shakespeare
December Birthstone quotes by Stephen Hawking
#13. My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.
[The Science of Second-Guessing (New York Times Magazine Interview, December 12, 2004)] #Quote by Stephen Hawking
December Birthstone quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
#14. An idea is inevitably a coordination. It is a coming together of something that is separate or disorganized or incomplete. With an idea you begin to feel into the nature of that incompleteness.
"Nature and Idea" December 30, 1956 #Quote by Frank Lloyd Wright
December Birthstone quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#15. Before the end of December, generally, they experience their first thawing. Those which a month ago were sour, crabbed, and quite unpalatable to the civilized taste, such at least as were frozen while sound, let a warmer sun come to thaw them, for they are extremely sensitive to its rays, are found to be filled with a rich, sweet cider, better than any bottled cider that I know of, and with which I am better acquainted than with wine. All apples are good in this state, and your jaws are the cider-press. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
December Birthstone quotes by Joseph J. Ellis
#16. Upon learning that Washington intended to reject the mantle of emperor, no less an authority than George III allegedly observed, "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world." True to his word, on December 22, 1783, Washington surrendered his commission to the Congress, then meeting in Annapolis: "Having now finished the work assigned me," he announced, "I now retire from the great theater of action." In so doing, he became the supreme example of the leader who could be trusted with power because he was so ready to give it up. #Quote by Joseph J. Ellis
December Birthstone quotes by Saul David
#17. In the early hours of 16 December 1944, the Germans launched their last great offensive of the Second World War against weakly held U.S. positions in the Ardennes Forest, the site of their original Blitzkrieg success against the French in 1940. #Quote by Saul David
December Birthstone quotes by Busta Rhymes
#18. I started growing my hair in December '89. I was seventeen. I signed my record deal and said I ain't combing my hair no more. I don't have too. #Quote by Busta Rhymes
December Birthstone quotes by Kiera Cass
#19. December 26, 7:40 p.m.
Dear America,
I've been thinking of our first kiss. I suppose I should say first kisses, but what I mean is the second, the one I was actually invited to give you. Did I ever tell you how I felt that night? It wasn't just getting my first kiss ever; it was getting to have that first kiss with you. I've seen so much, America, had access to the corners of our planet. But never have I come across anything so painfully beautiful as that kiss. I wish it was something I could catch with a net or place in a book. I wish it was something I could save and share with the world so I could tell the universe: this is what it's like; this is how it feels when you fall.
These letters are so embarrassing. I'll have to burn them before you get home.
Maxon #Quote by Kiera Cass
December Birthstone quotes by Milton Berle
#20. In the suburbs it's hard to buy your Christmas gifts early in the year. You never know who your friends will be in December. #Quote by Milton Berle
December Birthstone quotes by Bill Gross
#21. It's going to be difficult to stimulate the real economy in the U.S. at a faster rate than 2 percent and perhaps even less if we have that fiscal cliff in December or January 2013. #Quote by Bill Gross
December Birthstone quotes by Rick Riordan
#22. Her most recent birthday. She'd just turned thirteen. But not last December - December 17, 1941, the last day she had lived in New Orleans. #Quote by Rick Riordan
December Birthstone quotes by George Saunders
#23. Ma was out back, head in hands, weaving in and out of her heaped-up crap. It was both melodramatic and not. I mean, when Ma feels something deeply, that's what she does: melodrama. Which makes it, I guess, not melodrama? #Quote by George Saunders
December Birthstone quotes by W.B.Yeats
#24. My anthology continues to sell & the critics get more & more angry. When I excluded Wilfred Owen, whom I consider unworthy of the poets' corner of a country newspaper, I did not know I was excluding a revered sandwich-board Man of the revolution & that some body has put his worst & most famous poem in a glass-case in the British Museum
however if I had known it I would have excluded him just the same. He is all blood, dirt & sucked sugar stick (look at the selection in Faber's Anthology
he calls poets 'bards,' a girl a 'maid,' & talks about 'Titanic wars'). There is every excuse for him but none for those who like him ... (from a letter of December 26, 1936, in Letters on Poetry from W. B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley, p. 124). #Quote by W.B.Yeats
December Birthstone quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#25. There are those who thought that on The Big Day, December 21, 2012, the world would end. It did not. Indeed, little has changed, and that is the greatest sadness. After all the hype and all the hope, little seems to have changed. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
December Birthstone quotes by Derek Jarman
#26. On December 22, 1986, finding I was body positive, I set myself a target: I would disclose my secret and survive Margaret Thatcher. I did. Now I have set my sights on the millennium and a world where we are all equal. #Quote by Derek Jarman
December Birthstone quotes by Kathleen Grissom
#27. in front of the embers for a long time. DORY AND I WERE SITTING together in the blue room, and while Dory fed Campbell, I held Sukey. It was an early week in December, the first #Quote by Kathleen Grissom
December Birthstone quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#28. History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.

{Letter to celebrated scientist Alexander von Humboldt, 6 December, 1813} #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
December Birthstone quotes by Nora Sakavic
#29. He didn't want to think about this, didn't want to feel this, so he thought about the Foxes instead. He clung tight to the memory of their unhesitating friendship and their smiles. He pretended the heartbeat pounding a sick pace in his temples was an Exy ball ricocheting off the court walls. He thought of Wymack holding him up in December and Andrew pushing him down against the bedroom floor. The memories made him weak with grief and loss, but they made him stronger, too. He'd come to the Foxhole Court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real. He'd hit the end of his rope before he wanted to and he hadn't accomplished everything he'd hoped to this year, but he'd done more with his life than he'd ever thought possible. That had to be enough. He traced the outline of a key into his bloody, burnt palm with a shaky finger, closed his eyes, and wished Neil Josten goodbye. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
December Birthstone quotes by Elise Forier Edie
#30. I promise I won't laugh at you if you sneak out to bury a few Pink Ladies at the roots of our trees this December. Assuredly, you'll be doing your part for next year's crop. And who knows? You might find some buried treasure - be it gold or simple gifts of the spirit. Happy holidays! #Quote by Elise Forier Edie
December Birthstone quotes by Saul David
#31. By the time Napoleon abandoned his army to its fate in Poland - arriving back in Paris on 5 December - it numbered fewer than 10,000 effectives. It was a disaster from which he would never recover. #Quote by Saul David
December Birthstone quotes by David Ray Griffin
#32. Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader ... Bin laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. #Quote by David Ray Griffin
December Birthstone quotes by Neil Gaiman
#33. The man with the black-and-white-striped eyes shivered, and began hunting for a door, but none of the guests had remembered to bring a door with them. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
December Birthstone quotes by Gore Vidal
#34. Presidents have absolutely gone against the will of Congress. Congress hasn't declared a war since December 7, 1941, and yet we've been at war ever since with somebody or other in order to justify the war machine. Now we have alienated almost the entire earth #Quote by Gore Vidal
December Birthstone quotes by Ben Affleck
#35. It was a dreamlike time for me from December 1997 to March of '98. Before that, I was basically unknown. Then, bang! The starting gun fired, and everybody just started running. It was learn-on-the-job. And there were more opportunities for work than I had time to do them. #Quote by Ben Affleck
December Birthstone quotes by George Saunders
#36. And there was nothing left for me to do, but go.
Though the things of the world were strong with me still.
Such as, for example: a gaggle of children trudging through a side-blown December flurry; a friendly match-share beneath some collision-tilted streetlight; a frozen clock, bird-visited within its high tower; cold water from a tin jug; toweling off one's clinging shirt post–June rain.
Pearls, rags, buttons, rug-tuft, beer-froth.
Someone's kind wishes for you; someone remembering to write; someone noticing that you are not at all at ease. #Quote by George Saunders
December Birthstone quotes by Maajid Nawaz
#37. President Barack Obama and many liberal-minded commentators have been hesitant to call this Islamist ideology by its proper name. They seem to fear that both Muslim communities and the religiously intolerant will hear the word "Islam" and simply assume that all Muslims are being held responsible for the excesses of the jihadist few.

I call this the Voldemort effect, after the villain in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Many well-meaning people in Ms. Rowling's fictional world are so petrified of Voldemort's evil that they do two things: They refuse to call Voldemort by name, instead referring to "He Who Must Not Be Named," and they deny that he exists in the first place. Such dread only increases public hysteria, thus magnifying the appeal of Voldemort's power.

The same hysteria about Islamism is unfolding before our eyes. But no strategy intended to defeat Islamism can succeed if Islamism itself and its violent expression in jihadism are not first named, isolated and understood.

From: Maajid Nawaz's article titled, 'How to Beat Islamic State', December 11th, 2015. #Quote by Maajid Nawaz
December Birthstone quotes by Frank Kermode
#38. You sometimes hear people say, with a certain pride in their clerical resistance to the myth, that the nineteenth century really ended not in 1900 but in 1914. But there are different ways of measuring an epoch. 1914 has obvious qualifications; but if you wanted to defend the neater, more mythical date, you could do very well. In 1900 Nietzsche died; Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams; 1900 was the date of Husserl Logic, and of Russell's Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz. With an exquisite sense of timing Planck published his quantum hypothesis in the very last days of the century, December 1900. Thus, within a few months, were published works which transformed or transvalued spirituality, the relation of language to knowing, and the very locus of human uncertainty, henceforth to be thought of not as an imperfection of the human apparatus but part of the nature of things, a condition of what we may know. 1900, like 1400 and 1600 and 1000, has the look of a year that ends a saeculum. The mood of fin de siècle is confronted by a harsh historical finis saeculi. There is something satisfying about it, some confirmation of the rightness of the patterns we impose. But as Focillon observed, the anxiety reflected by the fin de siècle is perpetual, and people don't wait for centuries to end before they express it. Any date can be justified on some calculation or other.

And of course we have it now, the sense of an ending. It has not diminished, and #Quote by Frank Kermode
December Birthstone quotes by Kenneth Blackwell
#39. I would anticipate that the Electoral College will be held on the 13th of December, and our 20 electorate votes will go to the certified winner. #Quote by Kenneth Blackwell
December Birthstone quotes by Leon Askin
#40. Unfortunately I put the opening date on the 5th of December 1941 and on the 7th of December the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbour. My dream of a theater in Washington D.C. came to a prompt end. #Quote by Leon Askin
December Birthstone quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#41. When you with velvets mantled o'er, Defy December's tempests frore, Oh! spare one garment from your store, To clothe the poor at Christmas. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
December Birthstone quotes by Demi Lovato
#42. There's no experience or person on this earth that should ever make us feel less.
December -4- #Quote by Demi Lovato

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