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Death Remembrance quotes by William McIlvanney
#1. But, imagining Scott's nights here, I populated the emptiness. This had been one of his places and some small part of his spirit had been left here. Holding my own brief séance for my brother, I conjured vivid faces and loud nights. I saw that smile of his, sudden as a sunray, when he loved what you were saying. I saw the strained expression when he felt you must agree with him and couldn't get you to see that. I caught the way the laughter would light up his eyes when he was trying to suppress it. I heard the laughing when it broke. He must have had some nights here. He had lived with such intensity. The thought was my funeral for him. Who needed possessions and career and official achievements? Life was only in the living of it. How you act and what you are and what you do and how you be were the only substance. They didn't last either. But while you were here, they made what light there was – the wick that threads the candle-grease of time. His light was out but here I felt I could almost smell the smoke still drifting from its snuffing. #Quote by William McIlvanney
Death Remembrance quotes by Samuel Butler
#2. I fall asleep in the full and certain hope That my slumber shall not be broken; And that, though I be all-forgetting, Yet shall I not be all-forgotten, But continue that life in the thoughts and deeds of those I have loved. #Quote by Samuel Butler
Death Remembrance quotes by Will Durant
#3. Hunting is now to most of us a game, whose relish seems based upon some mystic remembrance, in the blood, of ancient days when to hunter as well as hunted it was a matter of life and death. #Quote by Will Durant
Death Remembrance quotes by Robert Graves
#4. To bring the dead to life
Is no great magic.
Few are wholly dead;
Blow on a dead man's embers
And a live flame will start.

- To Bring the Dead to Life #Quote by Robert Graves
Death Remembrance quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#5. Forgetfulness of your real nature is true death; remembrance of it is rebirth. #Quote by Ramana Maharshi
Death Remembrance quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#6. If I wanted death, Edward would give it to me. Because we both understand that it isn't death that we fear. It's living. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Death Remembrance quotes by Michele Bachmann
#7. I've always been pro-life from conception to natural death. It's important for the Republican nominee to maintain what we stand for. We are the party that stands for all of life, whether it's convenient or inconvenient, whether it's perfect or imperfect. #Quote by Michele Bachmann
Death Remembrance quotes by Marie Lu
#8. Without her, I am less afraid of dying. Without her, the world is that much darker. #Quote by Marie Lu
Death Remembrance quotes by Franz Kafka
#9. But what if all the tranquility, all the comfort, all the contentment were now to come to a horrifying end? #Quote by Franz Kafka
Death Remembrance quotes by Umberto Eco
#10. The thought that all experience will be lost at the moment of my death makes me feel pain and fear ... What a waste, decades spent building up experience, only to throw it all away ... We remedy this sadness by working. For example, by writing, painting, or building cities. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Death Remembrance quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#11. Let the truth be told: There is no virtue anywhere. Life is sly and unscrupulous, a blackguard, wolfish, severe. In service to itself, it will commit any offense. So, too, is Death possessed of infinite strategies and a gaunt nature - but also mercy, also grace and tenderness. In his own country, Death can be kind. But of an end to their argument, we shall have none, not ever, until the end of all. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Death Remembrance quotes by Seneca The Younger
#12. Death is a punishment to some, to others a gift and to many a favour. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Death Remembrance quotes by Julius Evola
#13. It is necessary to have "watchers" at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere "ideas." These are MEASURES ... . Let people of our time talk about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their "truths" and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins. #Quote by Julius Evola
Death Remembrance quotes by Ao Jyumonji
#14. When I die, I wonder what will happen to me. Is there some place like heaven, and will I be able to meet you there someday? I don't know. There's no way to know. No one knows what comes after death. But at the very least, we won't be able to talk until then.

There's a wide, deep and fast running river between the living and the dead. Once you cross that river, no matter what happens, you're never coming back. It's a one way trip. #Quote by Ao Jyumonji
Death Remembrance quotes by Anthony De Mello
#15. So love the thought of death, love it. #Quote by Anthony De Mello
Death Remembrance quotes by Marlen Haushofer
#16. But if time exists only in my head, and I'm the last human being, it will end with my death. The thought cheers me. I may be in a position to murder time. The big net will tear and fall, with its sad contents, into oblivion. I'm owed some gratitude, but no one after my death will know I murdered time. Really these thoughts are quite meaningless. Things happen, and, like millions of people before me, I look for meaning in them, because my vanity will not allow me to admit that the whole meaning of an event lies in the event itself. #Quote by Marlen Haushofer
Death Remembrance quotes by Pattiann Rogers
#17. The Congregating of Stars

They often meet in mountain lakes,
No matter how remote, no matter how deep
Down and far they must stream to arrive,
Navigating between the steep, vertical piles
Of broken limestone and chert, through shattered
Trees and dry bushes bent low by winter,
Across ravines cut by roaring avalanches
Of boulders and ripping ice.

Silently, the stars have assembled
On the surface of this lost lake tonight,
Arranged themselves to match the patterns
They maintain in the highest spheres
Of the surrounding sky.

And they continue on, passing through
The smooth, black countenance of the lake,
Through that mirror of themselves, down through
The icy waters to touch the perfect bottom
Stillness of the invisible life and death existing
In the nether of those depths.

Sky-bound- yet touching every needle
In the torn and sturdy forest, every stone,
Sharp, cracked along the ragged shore- the stars
Appear the same as in ancient human ages
On the currents of the old seas and the darkened
Trails of desert dunes, Orion's belt the same
As it shone in Galileo's eyes, Polaris certain above
The sails of every mariner's voyage. An echoing
Light from the Magi's star, that bacon, might even
Be shining on this lake tonight, unrecognized.

The stars are congregating, perhaps
in celebration, p #Quote by Pattiann Rogers
Death Remembrance quotes by Chinua Achebe
#18. When brothers fight to death a stranger inherit their father's estate #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Death Remembrance quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#19. For love and beauty and delight, there is no death nor change. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Death Remembrance quotes by Sondra Radvanovsky
#20. Opera tells stories that all ages can relate to: love, death, revenge, etc. #Quote by Sondra Radvanovsky
Death Remembrance quotes by Wilson Rawls
#21. I had heard the old Indian legend about the red fern. How a little Indian boy and girl were lost in a blizzard and had frozen to death. In the spring, when they were found, a beautiful red fern had grown up between their two bodies. The story went on to say that only an angel could plant the seeds of a red fern, and that they never died; where one grew, that spot was sacred. #Quote by Wilson Rawls
Death Remembrance quotes by Vera Jane Cook
#22. Perhaps that is what death is , Bessie thought
as she awoke, a senseless reprisal of our lives, a void we drift in and out of, unable to control it, we are doomed to it; the senseless end of a long tale, the senseless repetition of a long life endlessly retold with forgotten information. #Quote by Vera Jane Cook
Death Remembrance quotes by Mark Manson
#23. While most people whittle their days chasing another buck, or a little bit more fame and attention, or a little bit more assurance that they're right or loved, death confronts all of us with a far more painful and important question: What is your legacy? How will the world be different and better when you're gone? What mark will you have made? What influence will you have caused? They say that a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in Florida; well, what hurricanes will you leave in your wake? #Quote by Mark Manson
Death Remembrance quotes by Herman Bavinck
#24. God the Father has reconciled His created but fallen world through the death of His Son, and renews it into a Kingdom of God by His Spirit. #Quote by Herman Bavinck
Death Remembrance quotes by Gail Carriger
#25. Where were the scientific pamphlets that taught a woman how to listen to herself die? #Quote by Gail Carriger
Death Remembrance quotes by Susan Meissner
#26. Disease has no intent. It doesn't want anything. It has no malevolent desire to kill. If it could talk it would not say "I want to make you ill. I want to bring you to the brink of death. I want to kill." It would say only "I make people ill. I bring them to the brink of death. I can kill."

The disease is like machine that does what it does, but has no cognizance of self. When a machine stops working, it does not care, and it doesn't celebrate when it starts working again.

To those that have it, and to their loved ones, the disease seems heinous, deliberate,and personal. And of course I know why they feel this way... when you are in a fight for your life, then surely there is an adversary. There is something opposed to you. Something that desires to defeat you. You want to believe the enemy is the disease. You don't want to believe, even for a minute, that the enemy is your own body. This weak tent of flesh, that cannot stand up against a speck of contagion. This fragile weave of muscle, bone, and soul, that also cannot resist the power of flame, nor the pull of the ground below it. #Quote by Susan Meissner
Death Remembrance quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#27. I hadn't yet learned that you tend to come out of the big moments - the wedding, the book deal, the trip, the death, the birth - as the exact same person who went in, and that perhaps the strangest surprise of life is it keeps on happening to the same ol' you. #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Death Remembrance quotes by J.R. Ward
#28. I love you. It was the tie that bound, even across the divides of death and time. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Death Remembrance quotes by Thomas W. Knowles
#29. Death threats from the ignorant, the criminal, the dishonest, and the ideologue, not the plagiarisms of the envious, is the sincerest form of flattery for an opinionated author. #Quote by Thomas W. Knowles
Death Remembrance quotes by F. Max Müller
#30. But, for all that, there is a Beyond, and he who has once caught a glance of it, is like a man who has gazed at the sun - wherever he looks, everywhere he sees the image of the sun. Speak to him of finite things, and he will tell you that the Finite is impossible and meaningless without the Infinite. Speak to him of death, and he will call it birth ; speak to him of time, and he will call it the mere shadow of eternity. To us the senses seem to be the organs, the tools, the most powerful engines of knowledge ; to him they are, if not actually deceivers, at all events heavy fetters, checking the flight of the spirit. To us this earth, this life, all that we see, and hear, and touch is certain. Here, we feel, is our home, here lie our duties, here our pleasures. To him this earth is a thing that once was not, and that again will cease to be ; this life is a short dream from which we shall soon awake. Of nothing he professes greater ignorance than of what to others seems to be most certain, namely what we see, and hear, and touch ; and as to our home, wherever that may be, he knows that certainly it is not here. #Quote by F. Max Müller
Death Remembrance quotes by Stellah Mupanduki
#31. There is complete hope for terminal illness in the power of the Almighty God. The hands of Jesus are healing hands...the hands of Jesus are saving hands. Jesus brought peace and restoration, reconciliation, power, purpose, love, understading, purity and compatibility with him and the world we live in. we are healed through him. He mends brokenness and gives us back our lives which are stollen by the trials and suffering of this dark world. He is the light and life giving God. We ought to pray in our daily lives to receive from God, his help, upholding power and healing in the Name of Jesus Christ his one and only Son. When we ask from him...then we receive healing, relief from suffering, we stop living in fear of death. Read these books and experience the real presence of the supernatural, almighty sovereign and loving God. #Quote by Stellah Mupanduki
Death Remembrance quotes by Steven Magee
#32. COVID-19 devours you from the inside. #Quote by Steven Magee
Death Remembrance quotes by Soroosh Shahrivar
#33. The day you are born is the day you start dying #Quote by Soroosh Shahrivar
Death Remembrance quotes by Boris Pasternak
#34. Don't be upset. Don't listen to me. I only meant that I am jealous of a dark, unconscious element, something irrational, unfathomable. I am jealous of your toilet articles, of the drops of sweat on your skin, of the germs in the air you breathe which could get into your blood and poison you. And I am jealous of Komarovsky, as if he were an infectious disease. Someday he will take you away, just as certainly as death will someday separate us. I know this must seem obscure and confused, but I can't say it more clearly. I love you madly, irrationally, infinitely. #Quote by Boris Pasternak
Death Remembrance quotes by Yann Martel
#35. I was giving up. I would have given up - if a voice hadn't made itself heard in my heart. The voice said I will not die. I refuse it. I will make it through this nightmare. I will beat the odds, as great as they are. I have survived so far, miraculously. Now I will turn miracle into routine. The amazing will be seen everyday. I will put in all the hard work necessary. Yes, so long as God is with me, I will not die. Amen. #Quote by Yann Martel
Death Remembrance quotes by Shane Kuhn
#36. So, like the knights of old, I suited up in my trusty intern armor - brownish-green suit, sensible cap-toed oxfords, white button-down, and omnipresent LensCrafters glasses. If I wasn't able to shoot her, I could probably bore her to death. #Quote by Shane Kuhn
Death Remembrance quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#37. He was one of those idealistic Russian beings who are suddenly struck by some powerful idea and immediately, then and there, seem to be crushed by it, even sometimes permanently. They are never equipped to deal with it, and instead come to believe in it passionately, and so their entire life from then on passes in its final throes, as it were, under the stone that has fallen upon them and already crushed them half to death. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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