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Death Of A Pet quotes by Fisher Amelie
#1. No one prepares you for the death of a pet. It's not quite like losing a human loved one, obviously, but you cannot help but feel a tiny bit of despair. After all, they serve you so loyally. I think they genuinely love you, and they're so protective of you. They do their jobs so instinctually and so exceptionally because that's how God made them. #Quote by Fisher Amelie
Death Of A Pet quotes by Christina Rossetti
#2. Who shall tell the lady's grief
When her Cat was past relief?
Who shall number the hot tears
Shed o'er her, beloved for years?
Who shall say the dark dismay
Which her dying caused that day? #Quote by Christina Rossetti
Death Of A Pet quotes by Bhavya Kaushik
#3. I feel like, I was going somehow with my life, holding myself together and then these blasts happened, and then suddenly I was paralyzed. I was not able to move, or to even hold myself intact. As if like I was fallen into this unconscious state, of eternal sleep. When I was asleep, somebody came and disassembled me into thousands of pieces and then hurriedly put me back together in a second, losing some of my pieces on the ground, or placing some of them incorrectly – you know, that kind of feeling"
"How do you feel?" She added. Apparently, she was asking me back everything.
"I'm still not able to sleep on her side of the bed" I faked a smile. #Quote by Bhavya Kaushik
Death Of A Pet quotes by Radhika Mundra
#4. A dog's love is only second to that of a mother's. #Quote by Radhika Mundra
Death Of A Pet quotes by Hadir K. Gabr
#5. A habit that makes us humans. Hating life all the way to the end and when the death knocks our doors, We start to cherish live more and we wish if we had more time to do what we didn't, leaving behind us our unfinished business. That's why the death is painful truth and life the sweet beautiful lie. The death is the finish line of one long race that we started since we were born. #Quote by Hadir K. Gabr
Death Of A Pet quotes by George Orwell
#6. Georges Kopp, on his periodical tours of inspection, was quite frank with us. 'This is not a war,' he used to say, 'it is a comic opera with an occasional death. #Quote by George Orwell
Death Of A Pet quotes by Titus Lucretius Carus
#7. Furthermore, as the body suffers the horrors of disease and the pangs of pain, so we see the mind stabbed with anguish, grief and fear. What more natural than that it should likewise have a share in death? #Quote by Titus Lucretius Carus
Death Of A Pet quotes by Wendell Berry
#8. God loves Port William as it is... Why else should He want it to be better than it is?
All my life I had heard preachers quoting John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish by have everlasting life." They would preach on the second part of the verse, to show the easiness of being saved ("only believe"). Where I hung now was the first part. If God loved the world even before the event at Bethlehem, that meant He loved it as it was, with all its faults. That would be Hell itself, in part. He would be like a father with a wayward child, whom He can't help and can't forget. But it would be even worse than that, for He would also know the wayward child and the course of its waywardness and its suffering. That His love contains all the world does not show that the world does not matter, or that He and we do not suffer it unto death; it shows that the world is Hell only in part. But His love can contain it only by compassion and mercy, which, if not Hell entirely, would be at least a crucifixion. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Death Of A Pet quotes by Frederick Lenz
#9. Within an atom there can be a billion kingdoms, endless. But all of them are bound by the cycle of birth and death. They all come into being for a while and then vanish. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Death Of A Pet quotes by Philip K. Dick
#10. Then the true name for religion,' Fat said, 'is death.'
'The secret name,' I agreed. 'You got it. Jesus died; Asklepios died - they killed Mani worse than they killef jesus, but nobody even cares; nobody even remembers. They killed the Catharist in southern France by the tens of thousands. In the Thirty Years War, hundreds of people died. Protestants and Catholics - manual slaughter. Death is the real name for it; not God, not the Savior, not love - death. Kevin is rights about his cat. It's all there in his dead cat. The Great Judge can't answer Kevin: "Why did my cat die?" Answer: "Damned i I knoe." There is no answer; there is only a dead animal that just wanted to cross the street. We're all animals that want to cross the street only something mows us down half-way across that we never saw. Go ask Kevin. "Your cat was stupid." "Who made the cat? Why did he make the cat stupid? Did the cat learn by being killed, and if so, what did he learn? Did Sherri learn anything from dying of cancer? did gloria learn anything-'
'Okay, enough,' Fat said.
'Kevin is right,' I said. 'Go out and get laid.'
'By who? they're all dead.'
I said, 'There's more. Still alive. Lay one of them before she dies or you die or somebody dies, some person or animal. You said it yourself: the universe is irrational because the mind behind it is irrational. You are irrational and you know it. We all are and we know it, on some level. I'd write a book about it but no one would belie #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Death Of A Pet quotes by Pythagoras
#11. The animals share with us the privilege of having a soul Alas, what wickedness to swallow flesh into our own flesh, to fatten our greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies, to have one living creature fed by the death of another! In the midst of such wealth as earth, the best of mothers, provides, yet nothing satisfies you, but to behave like the Cyclopes, inflicting sorry wounds with cruel teeth! You cannot appease the hungry cravings of your wicked, gluttonous stomachs except by destroying some other life. #Quote by Pythagoras
Death Of A Pet quotes by Jessica Maria Tuccelli
#12. I still loved Granny. It flowed out of my chest. With Granny gone, where would my love go? #Quote by Jessica Maria Tuccelli
Death Of A Pet quotes by K.M. McFarland
#13. There are humans, and there are ghosts. Vampires are just in a different state of transition. Not part of the human world and not part of the spirit world. We are just caught somewhere in between life and the real death." - Quinn Forrester-Song of the Vampire #Quote by K.M. McFarland
Death Of A Pet quotes by Melinda Salisbury
#14. Death always seemed so easy, I would read stories full of brave warriors and assassins and how they would deliver speedy deaths, and then walk away. They'd go to the taverns and drink with their friends, or go home to their lovers. They never said anything about how they felt afterwards. They took a life, and that was that. So easy. So . . . normal. And yet I don't think I'm ever going to forget how it felt to kill that man. It's one thing to cause a death, but another to deliver it. With hardly any pressure, or thought, I managed it. And I felt every inch of the knife sliding into him. I think I always will. They don't tell you that part. #Quote by Melinda Salisbury
Death Of A Pet quotes by O.M. Grey
#15. I say," he said. "What's all this?" A man of fine breeding. Condescending even after death. #Quote by O.M. Grey
Death Of A Pet quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#16. Ideal mankind would abolish death, multiply itself million upon million, rear up city upon city, save every parasite alive, until the accumulation of mere existence is swollen to a horror. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Death Of A Pet quotes by Rose Macaulay
#17. When the years have all passed, there will gape the uncomfortable and unpredictable dark void of death, and into this I shall at last fall headlong, down and down and down, and the prospect of that fall, that uprooting, that rending apart of body and spirit, that taking off into so blank an unknown, drowns me in mortal fear and mortal grief. After all, life, for all its agonies of despair and loss and guilt, is exciting and beautiful, amusing and artful and endearing, full of liking and of love, at times a poem and a high adventure, at times noble and at times very gay; and whatever (if anything) is to come after it, we shall not have this life again. #Quote by Rose Macaulay
Death Of A Pet quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#18. You arrogant, overpublicized, showy old bat, what are you waiting for? Aren't you the king of all bogeymen? The legend children fear will devour them if they misbehave? Come on Vlad, live up to your reputation! If you can't burn to death one Egyptian vampire chained to a wall how did you ever drive the Turks from Romania? #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Death Of A Pet quotes by Pat Conroy
#19. My mother's family is passionate about visiting and cleaning the graves of their deceased. Once a year, the Peeks and the Nolens would gather to clean the tombstones and plant flowers at the grave sites of their people. Once, in Piedmont, when I was a little boy, I was helping to clean a grave of an ancestor of my grandfather named Jerry Mire Peek. When I asked my cousin Clyde whom this unknown relation was named after, he said, He was named after the prophet Jerry Mire. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Death Of A Pet quotes by Carlos Monsiváis
#20. Death is still the terrible yet amusing entity that establishes a compromise between memory and a sense of humor, and between the sense of humor and the irremediable. #Quote by Carlos Monsiváis
Death Of A Pet quotes by Charlie Munger
#21. A lot of success in life and business comes from knowing what you want to avoid: early death, a bad marriage, etc. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Death Of A Pet quotes by P.C. Cast
#22. I like to think of birthdays as celebrating life." "Only losers acknowledge they survived a year and hope they cheat death again. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Death Of A Pet quotes by Jose Saramago
#23. Dying has always been a matter of time. But to die just because you're blind, there can be no worse way of dying, We die of illnesses, accidents, chance events, And now we shall also die of blindness, I mean, we shall die of blindness and cancer, of blindness and tuberculosis, of blindness and AIDS, of blindness and heart attacks, illnesses may differ from one person to another but what is really killing us now is blindness, We are not immortal, we cannot escape death, but at least we should not be blind. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Death Of A Pet quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#24. The body was so little a part of him that its final stillness seemed nothing of importance. He was half out of it anyway and death was only a slipping out of it altogether and being at last what he always was, a spirit. We buried the pearly shell upon the mountain top. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Death Of A Pet quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#25. Hans?" Thomas asked. "You still can't find him?"
"I am here," Boris said.
"Oh. Why do you have Hans's phone?"
"He gave it to me in exchange for a blow job."
Hans gasped. "I did not!"
Thomas laughed. "What's going on?"
"Hans tells me I will get sunburned," Boris said, "so I should put on this nasty-smelling coconut shit. But I cannot reach my back - I am not a comic book character - and he will not put it on me."
"You're sunbathing? Since when do you sunbathe?"
Boris made a rude noise. "That is beside the point. I need you to tell Hans you won't divorce me and come after him with a butcher knife if he rubs coconut shit on my back."
"You two will be the death of me," Thomas muttered, but there was a note of affection in his voice. Hans assumed that was for Boris, but the way Thomas had said "you two" sounded as if they were all somehow together. Hans was surprised by how much he liked that. "Hans, I won't divorce Boris and come after you with a butcher knife if you rub coconut shit on his back."
"Thank you," Boris told him #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Death Of A Pet quotes by Muso Soseki
#26. Old age and death are in the natural course of things. There is nothing a doctor can do about them. #Quote by Muso Soseki
Death Of A Pet quotes by R.C. Sproul
#27. Death frightens us. When we see another person die, we are reminded that we are also mortal, that someday death will come to us. It is a thought we try to push from our minds. We are uncomfortable when another's death rudely intrudes into our lives and reminds us of what we will face at some unknown future date. Death reminds us that we are creatures. Yet as fearsome as death it is, it is nothing compared with meeting a holy God. When we encounter Him, the totality of our creatureliness breaks upon us and shatters the myth that we have believed about ourselves, the myth that we are demigods, junior-grade deities, who will try to live forever. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Death Of A Pet quotes by David Morrell
#28. He strode with the weight of robbed innocence and a stolen childhood, for a life time of pain and anger, of terror and death."
- Frank Balenger #Quote by David Morrell
Death Of A Pet quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#29. Gosh, it's easy!' he marveled, open-mouthed. 'I never knew before how easy it is to kill anyone! Twenty years to grow 'em, and all it takes is one little push!'
He was suddenly drunk with some new kind of power, undiscovered until this minute. The power of life and death over his fellowmen! Everyone had it, everyone strong enough to raise a violent arm, but they were afraid to use it. Well, he wasn't! And here he'd been going around for weeks living from hand to mouth, without any money, without enough food, when everything he wanted lay within his reach all the while! He had been green all right, and no mistake about it!
Death had become familiar. At seven it had been the most mysterious thing in the world to him, by midnight it was already an old story. ("Dusk To Dawn") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Death Of A Pet quotes by Anita Diamant
#30. Why had no one told me that my body would become a battlefield, a sacrifice, a test? Why did I not know that birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers? But of course there is no way to tell this or to hear it. Until you are the woman on the bricks, you have no idea how death stands in the corner, ready to play his part. Until you are the woman on the bricks, you do not know the power that rises from other women-even strangers speaking an unknown tongue, invoking the names of unfamiliar goddesses. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Death Of A Pet quotes by T.L. Shreffler
#31. Stupid girl, you should have let me die, he thought. Specks of light could be seen against the night sky, distant windows and flickering streetlamps. How many times had he wished for death, for a killing blow? But it seemed the gods weren't done with him yet. #Quote by T.L. Shreffler
Death Of A Pet quotes by Margaret Atwood
#32. And the one on the pigeons, trained to peck a button that made a grain of corn appear. Three groups of them: the first got one grain per peck, the second one grain every other peck, the third was random. When the man in charge cut off the grain, the first group gave up quite soon, the second group a little later. The third group never gave up. They'd peck themselves to death, rather than quit. Who knew what worked? #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Death Of A Pet quotes by S.K. Kalsi
#33. Losing myself interests me. The fertile topsoil interests me, sprawling beneath a light dusting of snow, and the snow that crams the trunks and branches of the pines and elms and redwoods, having frozen up their roots, subdues me to consider life and death. What lurks beneath the ground? Surely dead seeds and frozen worms reside deep below that earth, and surely all those presentiments of life lying dormant, dead or dying, scattered and mute, like memories. #Quote by S.K. Kalsi
Death Of A Pet quotes by Max Lucado
#34. In God's plan every life is long enough and every death is timely. And though you and I might wish for a longer life, God knows better. And - this is important - though you and I may wish a longer life for our loved ones, they don't. Ironically, the first to accept God's decision of death is the one who dies. While we are shaking heads in disbelief, they are lifting hands in worship. While we are mourning at a grave, they are marveling at heaven. While we are questioning God, they are praising God. #Quote by Max Lucado
Death Of A Pet quotes by Kumar Destiny Tariq Jameel
#35. My friends ask Allah for such death. When u depart, Allah is happy. Let it not be a death where it is like a criminal who has being recaptured and he is being cuffed and taken away. Ask Allah for a good death, and spend your life such that you are worthy of it. Such that Death becomes a mercy for us. Allah is joyous with our return. #Quote by Kumar Destiny Tariq Jameel
Death Of A Pet quotes by Ally Condie
#36. I marked a map for every death
For every ache and blow
My world was all a page of black
With nothing left but snow. #Quote by Ally Condie
Death Of A Pet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#37. Death is something you cannot escape, such as death, or a cheesecake that has curdled, both of which always turn up sooner later. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Death Of A Pet quotes by William M. Kunstler
#38. And that's the terrible thing about these past trials, is that they have this aura of legitimacy, this aura of legality. I suspect that better men than the world has known and more of them, have gone to their deaths through a legal system than through all the illegalities in the history of man.

Six million people in Europe during the Third Reich? Legal.

Sacco Vanzetti? Quite legal.

The Haymarket defendants? Legal.

The hundreds of rape trials throughout the South where black men were condemned to death? All legal.

Jesus? Legal.

Socrates? Legal.

And that is the kaleidoscopic nature of what we live through here and in other places. Because all tyrants learn that it is far better to do this thing through some semblance of legality than to do it without that pretense. #Quote by William M. Kunstler
Death Of A Pet quotes by Criss Jami
#39. Through Christ, the sting of death is but a gentle pinch to the soul; and the mourn is light. Perhaps, someday, in that glorious place, free of sin, we shall meet again. #Quote by Criss Jami
Death Of A Pet quotes by Denise Levertov
#40. Death and pain dominate this world, for though many are cured, they leave still weak, still tremulous, still knowing mortality has whispered to them; have seen in the folding of white bedspreads according to rule the starched pleats of a shroud. #Quote by Denise Levertov

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