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Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#1. The Death Eaters were waiting for us," Harry told her. "We were surrounded the moment we took off - they knew it was tonight - I don't know what happened to anyone else, four of them chased us, it was all we could do to get away, and then Voldemort caught up with us - "
He could hear the self-justifying note in his voice, the plea for her to understand why he did not know what had happened to her sons, but
"Thank goodness you're all right," she said, pulling him into a hug he did not feel he deserved.
"Haven't go' any brandy, have yeh, Molly?" asked Hagrid a little shakily. "Fer medicinal purposes?"
She could have summoned it by magic, but as she hurried back toward the crooked house, Harry knew that she wanted to hide her face. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#2. The Death Eaters can't all be pure-blood, there aren't enough pure-blood wizards left," said Hermione stubbornly. "I expect most of them are half-bloods pretending to be pure. It's only Muggle-borns they hate, they'd be quite happy to let you and Ron join up"
"There is no way they'd let me be a Death Eater!" said Ron indignantly ... "My whole family are blood traitors! That's as bad as Muggle-borns to Death Eaters!"
"And they'd love to have me," said Harry sarcastically. "We'd be best pals if they didn't keep trying to do me in. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#3. Who's there?"
"It is I," said a low voice.
From behind a suit of armor stepped Severus Snape.
Hatred boiled up in Harry at the sight of him: He had forgotten the details of Snape's appearance in the magnitude of his crimes, forgotten how his greasy black hair hung in curtains around his thin face, how his black eyes had a dead, cold look. He was not wearing nightclothes, but was dressed in his usual black cloak, and he too was holding his wand ready for a fight.
"Where are the Carrows?" he asked quietly.
"Wherever you told them to be, I expect, Severus," said Professor McGonagall.
Snape stepped nearer, and his eyes flitted over Professor McGonagall into the air around her, as if he knew Harry was there. Harry held his wand up too, ready to attack.
"I was under the impression," said Snape, "that Alecto had apprehended an intruder."
"Really?" said professor McGonagall. "And what gave you that impression?"
Snape made a slight flexing movement of his left arm, where the Dark Mark was branded into his skin.
"Oh, but naturally," said Professor McGonagall. "You Death Eaters have your own private means of communication, I forgot. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#4. This exchange marked the beginning of Mr. Malfoy's long campaign to have me removed from my post as headmaster of Hogwarts, and of mine to have him removed from his position as Lord Voldemort's Favorite Death Eater. My response prompted several further letters from Mr. Malfoy, but as they consisted mainly of opprobrious remarks on my sanity, parentage, and hygiene, their relevance to this commentary is remote. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#5. Neville had come lunging out of nowhere: Unable to articulate a spell, he had jabbed Hermione's wand hard into the eyehole of the Death Eater's mask. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#6. The fact was that he had given the matter a great deal of thought over the past fortnight. Sometimes it seemed an insane idea, just as it had on the night Hermione had proposed it, but at other, he had found himself thinking about the spells that had served him best in his various encounters with Dark creatures and Death Eaters - found himself, in fact, subconsciously planning lessons.... #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#7. Brains like that, you could be a Death Eater, son. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#8. Sir - I got a Ministry of Magic leaflet by owl, about security measures we should all take against the Death Eaters ... "
"Yes, I received one myself," said Dumbledore, still smiling. "Did you find it useful?"
"Not really."
"No, I thought not. You have not asked me, for instance, what is my favorite flavor of jam, to check that I am indeed Professor Dumbledore and not an impostor. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#9. Harry felt winded, as though he had just walked into something heavy. He had last seen those cool gray eyes through slits in a Death Eater's hood, and last heard that man's voice jeering in a dark graveyard while Lord Voldemort tortured him. He could not believe that Lucius Malfoy dared look him in the face; he could not believe that he was here, in the Ministry of Magic, or that Cornelius Fudge was talking to him, when Harry had told Fudge mere weeks ago that Malfoy was a Death Eater. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#10. And as she jogged out of sight, they could hear her muttering, Tentacula. Devil's Snare. And Snargaluff pods. Yes, I'd like to see Death Eaters fighting those. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by Barbara Corcoran
#11. A complainer is like a Death Eater because there's a suction of negative energy. You can catch a great attitude from great people. #Quote by Barbara Corcoran
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#12. And here we have six missing Death Eaters ... three dead in my service. One, too cowardly to return ... he will pay. One, who I believe has left me for ever ... he will be killed, of course ... and one who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already re-entered my service. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#13. You look terrible," was Ron's greeting as he entered the room to wake Harry.
"Not for long," said Harry, yawning.
They found Hermione downstairs in the kitchen. She was being served coffee and hot rolls by Kreacher and wearing the slightly manic expression that Harry associated with exam review.
"Robes," she said under her breath, acknowledging their presence with a nervous nod and continuing to poke around in her beaded bag, "Polyjuice Potion . . . Invisbility Cloak . . . Decoy Detonators . . . You should each take a couple just in case. . . . Puking Pastilles, Nosebleed Nougat, Extendable Ears . . ."
They gulped down their breakfast, then set off upstairs, Kreacher bowing them out and promising to have a steak-and-kidney pie ready for them when they returned.
"Bless him," said Ron fondly, "and when you think I used to fantasize about cutting off his head and sticking it on the wall."
They made their way onto the front step with immense caution: They could see a couple of puffy-eyed Death Eaters watching the house from across the misty square.
Hermione Disapparated with Ron first, then came back for Harry.
After the usual brief spell of darkness and near suffocation, Harry found himself in the tiny alleyway where the first phase of their plan was scheduled to take place. It was as yet deserted, except for a couple of large bins; the first Ministry workers did not usually appear here until at least eight o'clock.
"Right then," said #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by Luke Bell
#14. Calumny... gives [Harry] a spiritual purity in the sense that it scours away any outward show, any wish to live by the impression he makes on others. It gives him a lonely independence, so that he is able to act from his own depth. As he goes on to fulfill "his true destiny", which as far as he knows is his death, he is able to walk, hidden from view, past the woman he loves, without speaking, without looking back. This ability to act alone contrasts him with Voldemort, who needs others. That need is apparent in Voldemort's possession of Quirrell.

Voldemort's shallowness is apparent in the way Pettigrew has to do his work for him and then has to carry him to his rebirthing. Above all, it is in his need to be encircled by Death Eaters. Yet Voldemort is not truly in relationship with any of these people. He is connected to them only by magic, manipulation and threats. To be truly in relation with others, he would need, like Harry, to be capable of acting from his own depth. He would need to be able to act WITHOUT them. Voldemort, who wants to be independent, cannot truly act alone. ... Voldemort lives outwardly, in his domination of others; Harry lives inwardly, in the purity of his own being. #Quote by Luke Bell
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#15. The flash of green light illuminated every corner of the room. Charity fell, with a resounding crash, onto the table below, which trembled and creaked. Several of the Death Eaters leapt back in their chairs. Draco fell out of his onto the floor. "Dinner, Nagini," said Voldemort softly, and the great snake swayed and slithered from his shoulders onto the polished wood. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#16. I'd feel so sorry for Xenophilius if--"
"--if he hadn't just tried to sell us to the Death Eaters, yeah," said Ron. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#17. Thank you," said Lee's voice. "And now we turn to regular contributor Royal, for an update on how the new Wizarding order is affecting the Muggle world."
"Thanks, River," said an unmistakable voice, deep, measured, reassuring.
"Kingsley!" burst out Ron.
"We know!" said Hermione, hushing him.
"Muggles remain ignorant of the source of their suffering as they continue to sustain heavy casualties," said Kingsley. "However, we continue to hear truly inspirational stories of wizards and witches risking their own safety to protect Muggle friends and neighbors, often without the Muggles' knowledge. I'd like to appeal to all our listeners to emulate their example, perhaps by casting a protective charm over any Muggle dwellings in your street. Many lives could be saved if such simple measures are taken."
"And what would you say, Royal, to those listeners who reply that in these dangerous times, it should be 'Wizards first'?" asked Lee.
"I'd say that it's one short step from 'Wizards first' to 'Purebloods first,' and then to 'Death Eaters,'" replied Kingsley. "We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving."
"Excellently put, Royal, and you've got my vote for Minister of Magic if ever we get out of this mess," said Lee. "And now, over to Romulus for our popular feature 'Pals of Potter.'"
"Thanks, River," said another very familiar voice; Ron started to speak, but Hermione forestalled him in a whisper.
"We kno #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#18. I realised I can't shut myself away or - crack up. Sirius wouldn't have wanted that, would he? And anyway, life's too short... look at Madam Bones, looks at Emmeline Vance... it could be me next, couldn't it? But if it is," he said fiercely, now looking straight into Dumbledore's blue eyes, gleaming in the wand-light, "I'll make sure I take as many Death Eaters with me as I can, and Voldemort too if I manage it."
"Spoken both like your mother and father's son and Sirius's true god-son!" said Dumbledore with an approving pat on Harry's back. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#19. I know [Umbridge] by reputation and I'm sure she's no Death Eater-"
"She's foul enough to be one ... "
"Yes, but the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by Autumn Doughton
#20. I have a theory that the world is broken up into two kinds of people."
"Yep. On the one side are the people who love the Harry Pottery books and wish that they could attend Hogwarts and have Ron and Hermione for best friends and vanquish Death Eaters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."
She's smiling at me, and she's just so fucking cute. I have to ask: "And the other side?"
Aimee shrugs. "Douchebags. #Quote by Autumn Doughton
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#21. Yes, but the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters,' said Sirius with a wry smile. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#22. We have also heard within the last few hours that Rubeus Hagrid"--all three of them gasped, and so nearly missed the rest of the sentence--"well-known gamekeeper at Hogwarts School, has narrowly escaped arrest within the grounds of Hogwarts, where he is rumored to have hosted a 'Support Harry Potter' party in his house. However, Hagrid was not taken into custody, and is, we believe, on the run."
"I suppose it helps, when escaping from Death Eaters, if you've got a sixteen-foot-high half brother?" asked Lee.
"It would tend to give you an edge," agreed Lupin gravely. "May I just add that while we here at Potterwatch applaud Hagrid's spirit, we would urge even the most devoted of Harry's supporters against following Hagrid's lead. 'Support Harry Potter' parties are unwise in the present climate."
"Indeed they are, Romulus," said Lee, "so we suggest that you continue to show your devotion to the man with the lightning scar by listening to Potterwatch! And now let's move to news concerning the wizard who is proving just as elusive as Harry Potter. We like to refer to him as the Chief Death Eater, and here to give his views on some of the more insane rumors circulating about him, I'd like to introduce a new correspondent: Rodent."
"'Rodent'?" said yet another familiar voice, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione cried out together:
"No--is it George?"
"It's Fred, I think," said Ron, leaning in closer, as whichever twin it was said,
"I'm not be #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by J.K. Rowling
#23. And now, over to Romulus for our popular feature 'Pals of Potter.'"
"Thanks, River," said another very familiar voice; Ron started to speak, but Hermione forestalled him in a whisper.
"We know it's Lupin!"
"Romulus, do you maintain, as you have every time you've appeared on our program, that Harry Potter is still alive?"
"I do," said Lupin firmly. "There is no doubt at all in my mind that his death would be proclaimed as widely as possible by the Death Eaters if it had happened, because it would strike a deadly blow at the morale of those resisting the new regime. 'The Boy Who Lived' remains a symbol of everything for which we are fighting: the triumph of good, the power of innocence, the need to keep resisting."
A mixture of gratitude and shame welled up in Harry. Had Lupin forgiven him, then, for the terrible things he had said when they had last met?
"And what would you say to Harry if you knew he was listening, Romulus?"
"I'd tell him we're all with him in spirit," said Lupin, then hesitated slightly. "And I'd tell him to follow his instincts, which are good and nearly always right."
Harry looked at Hermione, whose eyes were full of tears.
"Nearly always right," she repeated.
"Oh, didn't I tell you?" said Ron in surprise. "Bill told me Lupin's living with Tonks again! And apparently she's getting pretty big too…"
"…and our usual update on those friends of Harry Potter's who are suffering for their allegiance?" Lee wa #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Death Eaters quotes by Edgard Varese
#24. Men set themselves a goal, and having attained it, are satisfied and grow paunches. In their complacency they forget that their only future is now death. #Quote by Edgard Varese
Death Eaters quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#25. Peace signifies more than the stilling of guns, easing the sorrow of war. More than escape from death, it is a way of life. More than a haven for the weary, it is a hope for the brave. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Death Eaters quotes by Terry Goodkind
#26. Came the visions of icy beauty,
from the land of death where they dwell.
Pursuing their prize and grisly duty,
came the thieves of the charm and spell.
The bells chimed thrice, and death came a-calling.

Alluring of shape though seldom seen,
they traveled the breeze on a spark.
some fed twigs to their newborn queen,
while others invaded the dark.
the bells chimed thrice, and death came a-calling.

some they called and others they kissed
as they traveled on river and wave.
with resolve they came and did insist:
every one touched to a grave.
the bells chimed thrice, and death came a-calling.

roving to hunt and gathering to dance,
they practiced their dark desires
by casting a hex and a beautiful trance,
before feeding the queen's new fires.
the bells chimed thrice, and death came a-calling.

till he parted the falls
and the bells chimed thrice,
till he issued the calls
and demanded the price.
the bells chimed thrice and death met the mountain.

they charmed and embraced
and they tried to extoll
but he bade them in grace
and demanded a soul.
the bells fell silent and the mountain slew them all.
and the mountain entombed them all. #Quote by Terry Goodkind
Death Eaters quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#27. For Isildur would not surrender it to Elrond and Círdan who stood by. They counselled him to cast it into the fire of Orodruin night at hand... But Isildur refused this counsel, saying: 'This I will have as weregild for my father's death, and my brother's. Was it not I that dealt the Enemy his death-blow?' And the Ring that he held seemed to him exceedingly fair to look on; and he would not suffer it to be destroyed. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Death Eaters quotes by Cedric Nye
#28. He had no illusions about surviving the battle, or any real conscious thought about the battle at all. Logic and rational thought had been shed like a killer's false smile, and all that remained was death. #Quote by Cedric Nye
Death Eaters quotes by J.D. Salinger
#29. You know that apple Adam ate in the Garden of Eden, referred to in the Bible?' he asked. 'You know what was in that apple? Logic. Logic and intellectual stuff. That was all that was in it. So - this is my point - what you have to do is vomit it up if you want to see things as they really are ... '
The trouble is,' Teddy said, 'most people don't want to see things the way they are. They don't even want to stop getting born and dying all the time, instead of stopping and staying with God, where it's really nice.' He reflected. 'I never saw such a bunch of apple-eaters,' he said. He shook his head. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Death Eaters quotes by Sidney Halston
#30. Fuck it. I put my hand on hers, unclasp the death grip she has on the counter, and turn her around. With my other hand I reach forward and take a strand of her hair between my fingers. It's soft and silky, and I can't help but imagine it wrapped around my first as I fuck her senseless, which is absolutely not something someone should be thinking about their friend. #Quote by Sidney Halston
Death Eaters quotes by N.D. Wilson
#31. Spring is worth the wait. Life is worth the death. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Death Eaters quotes by Richard Baxter
#32. Death is half disarmed when the pleasures and interests of the flesh are first denied. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Death Eaters quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#33. Entirely taken up by the present, I could remember nothing; I had no distinct notion of myself as a person, nor had I the least idea of what had just happened to me. I did not know who I was, nor where I was; I felt neither pain, fear, nor anxiety. I watched my blood flowing as I might have watched a stream, without even thinking that the blood had anything to do with me. I felt throughout my whole being such a wonderful calm, that whenever I recall this feeling I can find nothing to compare with it in all the pleasures that stir our lives. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Death Eaters quotes by Joseph Addison
#34. Our Grub-street biographers watch for the death of a great man like so many undertakers on purpose to make a penny of him. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Death Eaters quotes by William Cronon
#35. Killing was a relatively simple matter--a blow to the head, a knife to the throat--complicated only by how much one cared about the pain or terrors animals felt in dying.... The animal also died a second death. Severed from the form in which it had lived, severed from the act that had killed it, it vanished from human memory as one of nature's creatures. #Quote by William Cronon
Death Eaters quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#36. Low comedy, empty heroics and pointless death #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Death Eaters quotes by Sophocles
#37. For death is not the worst, but when one wants to die and is not able even to have that. #Quote by Sophocles
Death Eaters quotes by Neil Gaiman
#38. A ghost-memory rises, here: a phantom moment, a shaky reflection in the pool of remembrance. I know how it felt when the scavengers took my heart. How it felt as the hunger birds, all mouth, tore into my chest and snatched out my heart, still pumping, and devoured it to get at what was hidden inside it. I know how that feels, as if it was truly a part of my life, of my death. And then the memory snips and rips, neatly, and - #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Death Eaters quotes by Michael Saso
#39. Here are pictures of the sources for Daoist mijue "master to disciple" oral teachings, as shown in the manuals used by Daoist masters themselves. The manuals are insufficient for the casual reader to use, the oral koujue explanations given on a personal one-to-one basis are essential. After seeing how Daoists from Longhu Shan,as well as foreign ("american") Dao for $$$ have falsified their use, I am reluctant to share them in full, until a true Qingwei or Zhengyi Grade five and above master ask to see them. The Qingwei (5 thunder-vajra") Daoist seen performing the purification mudra in image #5 below (a mudra shared by Daoists, Tendai Tantric Buddhists in Japan, and Tibetan masters) said when he had seen the manuals shown in pictures 1-4. "Where is the other half of the Thunder-Vajra manual?" Then I knew that it was OK to give it to him! He gave me his address in Jiangxi province; I intend to bring the mijue manual to him on my next trip to China, as Master Zhuang asked me to do, (before his death in 1976, an order given to his maternal great grandfather by the 61st Longhu Shan master, in 1868)!
[Saso facebook post, May 7 2015] #Quote by Michael Saso
Death Eaters quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#40. One can no more look steadily at death than at the sun. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Death Eaters quotes by Carl Paladino
#41. I'm 64 years old and, yeah, I went through a transition in my life last year, with the death of my son, that woke me up to a lot of things. You know, I'm perfectly happy in my own little groove. Marching along, building my company, and you know, a happy person. #Quote by Carl Paladino
Death Eaters quotes by Nicholas A. McGirr
#42. Life dies but forever will there be music. Always. #Quote by Nicholas A. McGirr
Death Eaters quotes by Jill Thrussell
#43. I grasped for breath, what was this obscure, veiled existence I was living? Was it life or was it death? #Quote by Jill Thrussell
Death Eaters quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#44. They believed us and perished for it. Our statecraft, our learning
Delivered them bound to the Pit and alive to the burning
Whither they mirthfully hastened as jostling for honour -
Not since her birth has our Earth seen such worth loosed upon her.
Nor was their agony brief, or once only imposed on them.
The wounded, the war-spent, the sick received no exemption:
Being cured they returned and endured and achieved our redemption,
Hopeless themselves of relief, till Death, marvelling, closed on them.
That flesh we had nursed from the first in all cleanness was given
To corruption unveiled and assailed by the malice of Heaven -
By the heart-shaking jests of Decay where it lolled on the wires -
To be blanched or gay-painted by fumes - to be cindered by fires -
To be senselessly tossed and retossed in stale mutilation
From crater to crater. For this we shall take expiation.
But who shall return us the children? #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Death Eaters quotes by Irving Layton
#45. How seasonably
leaf and blossom uncurl
and living things arrange their death,
while someone from afar off
blows birthday candles for the world. #Quote by Irving Layton
Death Eaters quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
#46. I exist here, now. I'm not much interested in the future. Or, more precisely put, I do not believe in the future. To exaggerate a little, I have no faith that I will still exist tomorrow or the day after. What is more, I absolutely detest retrospection. That dislike is balances only by my desire to make my way back home as quickly as possible. #Quote by Yohji Yamamoto
Death Eaters quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#47. Death is finished, he said to himself. It is no more! #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Death Eaters quotes by Bill Gates
#48. The U.S. couldn't even get rid of Saddam Hussein. And we all know that the EU is just a passing fad. They'll be killing each other again in less than a year. I'm sick to death of all these fascist lawsuits. #Quote by Bill Gates
Death Eaters quotes by Stephen Kotkin
#49. Russia was a genuine great power, but with a tragic flaw. Its vicious, archaic autocracy had to be emasculated for any type of better system to emerge. Unmodern in principle, let alone in practice, the autocracy died a deserving death in the maelstrom of the Anglo-German antagonism, the bedlam of Serbian nationalism, the hemophilia bequeathed by Queen Victoria, the pathology of the Romanov court, the mismanagement by the Russian government of its wartime food supply, the determination of women and men marching for bread and justice, the mutiny of the capital garrison, and the defection of the Russian high command.

But the Great War did not break a functioning autocratic system; the war smashed an already broken system wide open. #Quote by Stephen Kotkin
Death Eaters quotes by David Walker
#50. The Americans say that we are ungrateful-but I ask them for heaven's sake, what should we be grateful to them for-for murdering our fathers and mothers?-Or do they wish us to return thanks to them for chaining and handcuffing us, branding us, cramming fire down our throats, or for keeping us in slavery, and beating us nearly or quite to death to make us work in ignorance and miseries, to support them and their families. They certainly think we are a gang of fools. #Quote by David Walker
Death Eaters quotes by James Salter
#51. The death of kings can be recited, but not of one's child. #Quote by James Salter
Death Eaters quotes by Joe De Sena
#52. It's not that we're trying to avoid death; we're trying to enjoy our lives fully, to wring every wonderful drop out of life that we possibly can. #Quote by Joe De Sena
Death Eaters quotes by China Mieville
#53. Stated most simply, New Death is the condition whereby human corpses now lie always on a horizontal vector - no matter the angle of the surface or the substance of the matter below them - and now orient so that their feet are facing all observers, all the time. #Quote by China Mieville
Death Eaters quotes by Deyth Banger
#54. My father used to say that stupid people think. (I really don't agree with him!) #Quote by Deyth Banger
Death Eaters quotes by Ilka Chase
#55. The theater is a baffling business, and a shockingly wasteful one when you consider that people who have proven their worth, who have appeared in or been responsible for successful plays, who have given outstanding performances, can still, in the full tide of their energy, be forced, through lack of opportunity, to sit idle season after season, their enthusiasm, their morale, their very talent dwindling to slow gray death. Of finances we will not even speak; it is too sad a tale. #Quote by Ilka Chase
Death Eaters quotes by Esther Hicks
#56. Stream of Source Energy flows to you and through you - and that it is you. This Stream flowed before the physical Being that you know as you was born, and it will continue to flow once the physical Being that you know as you experiences what you call "death." Every living thing, animal, human, or plant, experiences that which is called death, with no exception. Spirit, which is who we really are, is eternal. So what death must be is but a changing of the perspective of that eternal Spirit. If #Quote by Esther Hicks
Death Eaters quotes by Charles Bukowski
#57. It's not the large things that send a man to the madhouse ... no, it's the continuing series of small tragedies ... not the death of his love but the shoelace that snaps with no time left. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Death Eaters quotes by Russell Banks
#58. The metabolic rate of history is too fast for us to observe it. It's as if, attending to the day-long life cycle of a single mayfly, we lose sight of the species and its fate. At the same time, the metabolic rate of geology is too slow for us to perceive it, so that, from birth to death, it seems to us who are caught in the beat of our own individual human hearts that everything happening on this planet is what happens to us, personally, privately, secretly. We can stand at night on a high, cold plain and look out toward the scrabbled, snow-covered mountains in the west, the same in a suburb of Denver as outside a village in Baluchistan in Pakistan, and even though beneath our feet continent-sized chunks of earth grind inexorably against one another, go on driving one or the other continent down so as to rise up and over it, as if desiring to replace it on the map, we poke with our tongue for a piece of meat caught between two back teeth and think of sarcastic remarks we should have made to our brother-in-law at dinner. #Quote by Russell Banks
Death Eaters quotes by Amin Maalouf
#59. We die, just as we were born, at the edge of a road not of our choosing. #Quote by Amin Maalouf
Death Eaters quotes by Jenny Downham
#60. But all that is warm will go cold. My ears will fall off and my eyes will melt. My mouth will be clamped shut. My lips will turn to glue.
... No taste or smell or touch or sound.Nothing to look at. Total emptiness for ever. #Quote by Jenny Downham
Death Eaters quotes by Sam Quinones
#61. 2008: Drug overdoses, mostly from opiates, surpass auto fatalities as leading cause of accidental death in the United States. #Quote by Sam Quinones
Death Eaters quotes by Charles Pellegrino
#62. Sometimes she makes you very sad....she touches something in you, and you've begun to touch back. - Bob Ballard #Quote by Charles Pellegrino
Death Eaters quotes by Jack Vance
#63. Where was his knife, upon which he relied? He had cut cheese for their noonday meal, and had packed the knife away with the cheese.
Aillas said: 'Sir, before we continue with this matter, may I offer you a bite of cheese?'
'I care for no cheese, though it is an amusing concept.'
'In that case, allow me a moment while I cut a morsel or two for myself, as I hunger.'
'I have no time to spare while you eat cheese; prepare instead for death. #Quote by Jack Vance

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