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Davitas Harp quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#1. Beside the china-cupboard and beneath Ratafee stood Emma's harp, a green harp ornamented with gilt scrolls and acanthus leaves in the David manner. When Laura was little she would sometimes steal into the empty drawing-room and pluck the strings which remained unbroken. They answered with a melancholy and distracted voice, and Laura would pleasantly frighten herself with the thought of Emma's ghost coming back to make music with cold fingers, stealing into the empty drawing-room as noiselessly as she had done. But Emma's was a gentle ghost. #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Davitas Harp quotes by John Chrysostom
#2. If a man cannot learn well a melody on pipe or harp, unless he in every way strain his attention; how shall one, who sits as a listener to sounds mystical, be able to hear with a careless soul? #Quote by John Chrysostom
Davitas Harp quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#3. I dive down into the depth of the ocean of forms, hoping to gain the perfect pearl of the formless.
No more sailing from harbour to harbour with this my weather-beaten boat. The days are long passed when my sport was to be tossed on waves.
And now I am eager to die into the deathless.
Into the audience hall by the fathomless abyss where swells up the music of toneless strings I shall take this harp of my life.
I shall tune it to the notes of forever, and when it has sobbed out its last utterance, lay down my silent harp at the feet of the silent. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Davitas Harp quotes by Maximus The Confessor
#4. He who through virtue and spiritual knowledge has brought his body into harmony with his soul has become a harp, a flute and a temple of God. He has become a harp by preserving the harmony of the virtues; a flute by receiving the inspiration of the Spirit through divine contemplation; and a temple by becoming a dwelling place of the Logos through the purity of his intellect. #Quote by Maximus The Confessor
Davitas Harp quotes by Elvis Costello
#5. Some people can't physically hear things. A kid that listens to Metallica or something can't hear that, because he's filled himself up with this stuff, he physically can't hear a banjo or a harp or something. #Quote by Elvis Costello
Davitas Harp quotes by Judah Halevi
#6. My pen is my harp and my lyre; my library is my garden and my orchard. #Quote by Judah Halevi
Davitas Harp quotes by Junior Wells
#7. (As a boy) I was listening to Sonny Boy Williamson's (I) records and I would close my eyes and I could visualize myself playing the harp. #Quote by Junior Wells
Davitas Harp quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#8. Time has laid his hand
Upon my heart, gently, not smiting it,
But as a harper lays his open palm
Upon his harp, to deaden its vibrations. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Davitas Harp quotes by Truman Capote
#9. The police said for Oreilly to get to his feet.

"Certainly," Oreilly said, "though I do think it shocking you have to trouble yourself with such petty crimes as mine when everywhere there are master thieves afoot.

"For instance, this pretty child," he stepped between the officers and pointed at Sylvia, "she is the recent victim of a major theft; poor baby, she has had her soul stolen. #Quote by Truman Capote
Davitas Harp quotes by Loretta Chase
#10. You've been playing on my sympathies as though they were harp strings. You-'
'What do you expect me to do?' he cut in. 'Play fair? With a woman who makes up her own rules as she goes along?'
'I expect you to take no for an answer!'
He rose. 'I should like to know what you're afraid of.'
'Afraid?' Her voice climbed. 'Afraid? Of you?'
'The only reason I can think of for your rejecting an opportunity to run the world as you see fit is fear that you can't manage the man offering the opportunity. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Davitas Harp quotes by Jessica Harp
#11. If it has to be put in a box, it's a country record. But it's hard to do that, because it is inspired and influenced by the history of music in two different people's backgrounds. I think the focal point for many is the harmonies, and I think that is what is special and unique about it. #Quote by Jessica Harp
Davitas Harp quotes by C.S. Lewis
#12. I had tried to like games and failed. That impulse had been left out of my make-up; I was to games, as the proverb has it, like an ass to the harp. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Davitas Harp quotes by Philip K. Dick
#13. Fat heard in her rational tone the harp of nihilism, the twang of the void. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Davitas Harp quotes by Brian Skerry
#14. I flipped through a book on harp seals in the late 1970s and saw images of them swimming in emerald green pools of water surrounded by huge sheets of ice. Right then I was hooked, and I knew this was a story I wanted to do. #Quote by Brian Skerry
Davitas Harp quotes by Richard McSweeney
#15. … in these new days and in these new pages a philosophical tradition of the spontaneity of speculation kind has been rekindled on the sacred isle of Éire, regardless of its creative custodian never having been taught how to freely speculate, how to profoundly question, and how to playfully define.

Spontaneity of speculation being synonymous with the philosophical-poetic, the philosophical-poetic with the rural philosopher-poet, and by roundelay the rural philosopher-poet thee with the spontaneity of speculation be.

And by the way of the rural what may we say?
A philosopher-poet of illimitable space we say.

Iohannes Scottus Ériugena the metaphor of old salutes you; salutes your lyrical ear and your skilful strumming of the rippling harp.

(Source: Hearing in the Write, Canto 19, Ivy-muffled) #Quote by Richard McSweeney
Davitas Harp quotes by Elmer Kelton
#16. He liked to think that Heaven was what each person wanted it to be. He could see no future in lying around on a fluffy white cloud and listening to somebody playing on a harp, a picture of Heaven he had seen numerous times in one form or another. Even if it was that way, his personal preference would have run more to the fiddle. #Quote by Elmer Kelton
Davitas Harp quotes by David
#17. Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God: Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains. #Quote by David
Davitas Harp quotes by Joanna Newsom
#18. I've been unaware of how people react to the instrument. People have ideas of what a harp is supposed to sound like, and a lot of them are negative ideas. #Quote by Joanna Newsom
Davitas Harp quotes by Patricia C. Wrede
#19. They always do the same thing - come in, ask for a meal, hide, and then run off with a harp or a bag full of money the minute I fall asleep,' Dobbilan said. 'And they're always named Jack. Always. We've lived in this castle for twenty years, and every three months, regular as clockwork, one of those boys shows up, and there's never been a Tom, Dick, or Harry among 'em. Just Jacks. The English have no imagination. #Quote by Patricia C. Wrede
Davitas Harp quotes by Italo Calvino
#20. And when my spirit wants no stimulus or nourishment save music, I know it is to be sought in cemeteries: the musicians hide in the tombs; from grave to grave flute trills, harp chords answer one another. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Davitas Harp quotes by Michael D. Nadeau
#21. My name is Carana, now get on or by Davalar I'll leave you here."
He jumped up and slowly floated down onto the horse behind her, slowly sliding his arms around her waist as a lover might. "So do I hold on to you...here?"
"Have you ever tried playing the harp without fingers?
"Can't say that I have, although there was this one time in Alrin when I only had one hand so..."
"Oh gods above what have I got myself into #Quote by Michael D. Nadeau
Davitas Harp quotes by Charles Lamb
#22. The harp that once through Tara's halls The soul of music shed, Now hangs as mute on Tara's walls As if that soul were fled. So sleeps the pride of former days, So glory's thrill is o'er; And hearts that once beat high for praise Now feel that pulse no more. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Davitas Harp quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#23. You know being and ex serviceman and a Disabled Gulf War Veteran. You could play Taps on a Jews Harp and I'd still cry #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Davitas Harp quotes by Derek Walcott
#24. Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs?
Where is your tribal memory? Sirs,
in that gray vault. The sea. The sea
has locked them up. The sea is History.

First, there was the heaving oil,
heavy as chaos;
then, likea light at the end of a tunnel,

the lantern of a caravel,
and that was Genesis.
Then there were the packed cries,
the shit, the moaning:

Bone soldered by coral to bone,
mantled by the benediction of the shark's shadow,

that was the Ark of the Covenant.
Then came from the plucked wires
of sunlight on the sea floor

the plangent harp of the Babylonian bondage,
as the white cowries clustered like manacles
on the drowned women,

and those were the ivory bracelets
of the Song of Solomon,
but the ocean kept turning blank pages

looking for History.
Then came the men with eyes heavy as anchors
who sank without tombs,

brigands who barbecued cattle,
leaving their charred ribs like palm leaves on the shore,
then the foaming, rabid maw

of the tidal wave swallowing Port Royal,
and that was Jonah,
but where is your Renaissance?

Sir, it is locked in them sea sands
out there past the reef's moiling shelf,
where the men-o'-war floated down;

strop on these goggles, I'll guide you there myself.
It's all subtle and sub #Quote by Derek Walcott
Davitas Harp quotes by Aristotle.
#25. People become house builders through building houses, harp players through playing the harp. We grow to be just by doing things which are just. #Quote by Aristotle.
Davitas Harp quotes by David Berg
#26. It's not going to be that hard to be in Heaven, or the Heavenly City or the Millennium, but you're going to have something to do and something to keep you busy, and you'd be unhappy if you didn't. Wouldn't it be ridiculous after being so busy here if you wound up in Heaven with nothing to do but sit on a cloud playing a harp for a thousand years?-Much less all eternity! I think you'd really get bored. #Quote by David Berg
Davitas Harp quotes by Robert Hunter
#27. When it seems like the night will last forever,
And there's nothing left to do but count the years,
When the strings of my harp to sever,
And stones fall from my eyes instead of tears ...
I will walk alone by the black muddy river,
And dream me a dream of my own,
I will walk alone by the black muddy river,
And sing me a song of my own. #Quote by Robert Hunter
Davitas Harp quotes by Addison Moore
#28. He touches his thumb to my cheek and his wonderful vibrations tune through me like the strumming of a harp. "I love you, Skyla. In time you will feel the same." I catch my breath and hold it, not sure how to respond. A part of me knows this is real. A part of me already has a very special place in my heart for Marshall. And although I'm terribly afraid to admit it, the thought of making love to him has been playing out in the recesses of my darkest fantasies for some time now.
"Really?" His brows arch in amusement. Shit. #Quote by Addison Moore
Davitas Harp quotes by Poppet
#29. So many people talk about the Golden Gate bridge, but I would bet they haven't seen the new Sava River Bridge. It has long metal ropes suspending it, like a gigantic angel's harp waiting for god's fingers to reach down and pluck the first chords, to send a vibration of relief and love into the heart of Belgrade. #Quote by Poppet
Davitas Harp quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#30. I'd rather be a superhero in hell, kicking all kinds of demon ass, than an angel in heaven, wafting around with a beatific smile on my face, playing a pansy harp all day. Dude, give me drums and bang cymbals! I like the crash and bang. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Davitas Harp quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#31. I am no king, and I am no lord,
And I am no soldier at-arms," said he.
"I'm none but a harper, and a very poor harper,
That am come hither to wed with ye."
"If you were a lord, you should be my lord,
And the same if you were a thief," said she.
"And if you are a harper, you shall be my harper,
For it makes no matter to me, to me,
For it makes no matter to me."
"But what if it prove that I am no harper?
That I lied for your love most monstrously?"
"Why, then I'll teach you to play and sing,
For I dearly love a good harp," said she. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Davitas Harp quotes by Hazel Prior
#32. People say that certain sounds can melt a heart of stone. If there is anyone who has that sort of a heart―which I doubt (as far as I am aware hearts are made of fibrous materials, fluid sacs and pumping mechanisms)―if anyone does have a heart composed of granite or flint and therefore not at all prone to melting but just conceivably meltable when exposed to very beautiful sounds, then the sounds made by my cherrywood harp, I am confident, would do it. However, I had a feeling the heart of Ellie the Exmoor Housewife was completely lacking in stony components. I had a feeling it was made of much softer stuff. #Quote by Hazel Prior
Davitas Harp quotes by Lionel Barrymore
#33. I've played everything but the harp. #Quote by Lionel Barrymore
Davitas Harp quotes by Julie B. Campbell
#34. Music had always had the ability to help ease my suffering. I sang a great deal at home. I sang to myself and to Lord Imery. Sometimes, I played the harp to accompany myself. Learning such a graceful instrument had filled my heart with pride. I loved the feeling of adding something beautiful to a room.

I looked down at my shaking hands. There were no melodies left in those withered fingers. #Quote by Julie B. Campbell
Davitas Harp quotes by Norman Grubb
#35. Revival, as contrasted with a Holy Ghost atmosphere is a clean- cut breakthrough of the Spirit, a sweep of Holy Ghost power, bending the hearts of hardened sinners as the wheat before the wind, breaking up the fountains of the great deep, sweeping the whole range of the emotions, as the master hand moves across the harp strings, from the tears and cries of the penitent to the holy laughter and triumphant joy of the cleansed. #Quote by Norman Grubb
Davitas Harp quotes by Grateful Dead
#36. If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung #Quote by Grateful Dead
Davitas Harp quotes by Diogenes
#37. Those who have virtue always in their mouths, and neglect it in practice, are like a harp, which emits a sound pleasing to others, while itself is insensible of the music. #Quote by Diogenes
Davitas Harp quotes by Clarice Lispector
#38. Where does music go when it's not playing? - she asked herself. And disarmed she would answer: May they make a harp out of my nerves when I die. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Davitas Harp quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#39. Doesn't it bother you, being out in that cottage all alone? Especially with Theo Harp as your only neighbor."
"I'm pretty fearless," Annie replied.
The puppets in her head fell all over themselves laughing. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Davitas Harp quotes by Madeline Miller
#40. His eyes were discs of ignited gold, but I did not look away. 'If I do this thing,' he said, 'it is the last I will ever do for you. Do not come begging again.'

'Father,' I said, 'I never will. I leave this place tomorrow.'

He would not ask where, he would not even wonder. So many years I had spent as a child sifting his bright features for his thoughts, trying to glimpse among them one that bore my name. But he was a harp with only one string, and the note it played was himself.

'You have always been the worst of my children,' he said. 'Be sure you do not dishonour me.'
'I have a better idea. I will do as I please, and when you count your children, leave me out.'

His body was rigid with wrath. He looked as though he had swallowed a stone, and it choked him.
'Give mother my greetings,' I said.
His jaw bit down and he was gone. #Quote by Madeline Miller
Davitas Harp quotes by Neil Gaiman
#41. So, you figure they won't notice you're back?" sneered the marquis. "Just, 'oh look, there's another angel, here, grab a harp and on with the hosannas'? #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Davitas Harp quotes by George R R Martin
#42. Ser Rodrik groused. His opinion of singers was well known; music was a lovely thing for girls, but he could not comprehend why any healthy boy would fill his hand with a harp when he might have had a sword. #Quote by George R R Martin
Davitas Harp quotes by Ryan Graudin
#43. unsaid on harp string breath - as #Quote by Ryan Graudin
Davitas Harp quotes by Patricia C. Wrede
#44. It's been three years since I graduated, and everyone's still waiting for me to do something spectacular," the stone prince said, lengthening his stride. "The rest of my classmates are already making names for themselves. George started killing dragons right away, and Art went straight home and pulled some sort of magic sword out of a rock. Even the ones nobody expected to amount to much have done something. All Jack wanted to do was go back to his mother's farm and raise beans, and he ended up stealing a magic harp and killing a giant and all sorts of things. I'm the only one who hasn't succeeded. #Quote by Patricia C. Wrede
Davitas Harp quotes by Franz Mehring
#45. Hegel did not deceive himself about the revolutionary character of his dialectic, and was even afraid that his Philosophy of Right would be banned. Nor was the Prussian state entirely easy in its mind for all its idealization. Proudly leaning on its police truncheon, it did not want to have its reality justified merely by its reason. Even the dull-witted King saw the serpent lurking beneath the rose: when a distant rumor of his state philosopher's teachings reached him he asked suspiciously: but what if I don't dot the I's or cross the T's? The Prussian bureaucracy meanwhile was grateful for the laurel wreath that had been so generously plaited for it, especially since the strict Hegelians clarified their master's obscure words for the understanding of the common subjects, and one of them wrote a history of Prussian law and the Prussian state, where the Prussian state was proved to be a gigantic harp strung in God's garden to lead the universal anthem. Despite its sinister secrets Hegel's philosophy was declared to be the Prussian state philosophy, surely one of the wittiest ironies of world history. Hegel had brought together the rich culture of German Idealism in one mighty system, he had led all the springs and streams of our classical age into one bed, where they now froze in the icy air of reaction. but the rash fools who imagined they were safely hidden behind this mass of ice, who presumptuously rejoiced who bold attackers fell from its steep and slippery slopes, littl #Quote by Franz Mehring
Davitas Harp quotes by Joanna Newsom
#46. I started playing harp about fourteen years ago. #Quote by Joanna Newsom

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