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David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#1. I feel like I'm in a film about a struggling artist who keeps getting up at all hours of the night to look at his big, blank empty canvas. And in a way I am. Except that i'm not struggling. I'm Hector Kipling. I might be getting up at all hours of the night to look at my big, blank, empty canvas, but I am not fucking struggling. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#2. I was still listening to the Beatles until I came here, you know. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#3. I keep myself content by doing lots of different stuff and make sure that my next role is completely different to the last. I just enjoy the versatility of it, the challenge of doing lots of different things. It keeps the job interesting. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#4. The very best thing about doing it is seeing the reaction on kid's faces when you tell them you've done it. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#5. Before Anna, I'd had a few relationships and I'm glad I've been around a bit. I know where it's gone wrong or know who are the wrong people for me and who I might be wrong for. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#6. I walk to Oxford Street and climb on the number 8. It's freezing and it starts to rain and it's the ugliest bus I've ever seen, rattling down the ugliest streets, in the ugliest city, in the ugliest country, in the ugliest of all possible worlds. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#7. It's certainly not easy having to spend a lot of time apart, and having a five-year-old child who's got to be at school. So we need to learn how to organize our time really well because for months we will be in two different countries. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#8. He'd been let down so often
His brow was on the floor
But then they found
A small hole in the ground
And let him down some more #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#9. I met the Coens here a few years ago and they said they liked my work. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#10. I had such a nice time making it, and I can't wait to make the fifth one. The whole crew were just really, really lovely. All the costume people, the make-up girls, the kids - even my driver. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#11. Well I am afraid that I am going to die, because I have just put a down payment on a house. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#12. It wasn't a good idea to work on 'Naked' in the first months of a marriage. I was living apart from my wife in a flat overflowing with books I was reading for the part. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#13. I don't worry. I'm more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear getting older. I fear death and illness. I'm not prone to depression, but I get depressed because everybody gets depressed. Suddenly I'm away from my family or doing a job I'm not enjoying. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#14. I want that. I want that awful intense and serious unhappiness, cos then I might feel better, and then I might be happy. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by David Thewlis
#15. After Cannes, my agent told me to get the next flight to LA. He was right. I had a part in 'Prime Suspect 3' by the end of the week. #Quote by David Thewlis
David Thewlis quotes by Terry Knowles
#16. 1939 and the children of Britain are on the move. David and Frankie, two boys from the East End of London, are thrown together by chance. Totally opposite in temperament an character, they form an unlikely friendship. This friendship is compromised by the presence of Elizabeth; who test their loyalties to the limit. #Quote by Terry Knowles
David Thewlis quotes by David Brooks
#17. In this scheme of things we don't create our lives; we are summoned by life. The important answers are not found inside, they are found outside. This perspective begins not within the autonomous self, but with the concrete circumstances in which you happen to be embedded. This perspective begins with an awareness that the world existed long before you and will last long after you, and that in the brief span of your life you have been thrown by fate, by history, by chance, by evolution, or by God into a specific place with specific problems and needs. Your job is to figure certain things out: What does this environment need in order to be made whole? What is it that needs repair? What tasks are lying around waiting to be performed? As the novelist Frederick Buechner put it, At what points do my talents and deep gladness meet the world's deep need? #Quote by David Brooks
David Thewlis quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#18. The next day the Indian told me their name for this light,
and on my inquiring concerning the will-o'-the-wisp, and the like phenomena, he said that his "folks" sometimes saw fires passing along at various heights, even as high as the trees, and making a noise. I was prepared after this to hear of the most startling and unimagined phenomena, witnessed by "his folks"; they are abroad at all hours and seasons in scenes so unfrequented by white men. Nature must have made a thousand revelations to them which are still secrets to us. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
David Thewlis quotes by David B. Haight
#19. Life is a competition not with others, but with ourselves. We should seek each day to live stronger, better, truer lives; each day to master some weakness of yesterday; each day to repair a mistake; each day to surpass ourselves. #Quote by David B. Haight
David Thewlis quotes by David Salle
#20. I did all the stuff that people do - film, performance, photography, pictures and words, words and pictures. In retrospect, I was trying to find some way to put things - meaning images and forms - together that highlighted some idea of what was underneath the surface of an image, what determined how something was seen. #Quote by David Salle
David Thewlis quotes by David Schwarzer
#21. Furniture or gold can be taken away from you, but knowledge and a new language can easily be taken from one place to the other, and nobody can take them away from you. #Quote by David Schwarzer
David Thewlis quotes by David Brainerd
#22. As the most extravagant errors were received among the established articles of their faith, so the most infamous vices obtained in their practice, and were indulged not only with impunity, but authorized by the sanction of their laws. #Quote by David Brainerd
David Thewlis quotes by David Duchovny
#23. Most journalists expect me to answer all their questions about aliens and spaceships. #Quote by David Duchovny
David Thewlis quotes by David Nicholls
#24. The crucial thing about an education is the opportunity tat it brings, the doors it opens, because otherwise knowledge, in and of itself, is a blind alley #Quote by David Nicholls
David Thewlis quotes by David Levithan
#25. He looks like a lost puppy, but has the heart of a bitch. #Quote by David Levithan
David Thewlis quotes by Jacki Weaver
#26. They call David O. Russell the actor whisperer because he can get stuff out of actors that maybe some other directors can't. #Quote by Jacki Weaver
David Thewlis quotes by Annie Fisher
#27. It's you," David says, "our queen with your crown, going into some body of water where we cannot follow you. #Quote by Annie Fisher
David Thewlis quotes by S.A. David
#28. Is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the second, by the Grace of God, still monarch of any African realm? No. this couldn't be a protest against Her Majesty to abdicate any African realm. No! Or is he or she avenging the substitution of African beliefs with Western culture by the British Missionaries who destroyed their culture and heritage? #Quote by S.A. David
David Thewlis quotes by David Brin
#29. There were few worse criminals on any world than the engineer who blithely and knowingly hands over to a tyrant the tools of oppression. #Quote by David Brin
David Thewlis quotes by Robert David Steele
#30. As our technological capacities continue to increase and our environment becomes ever more fragile and endangered, we find that changes to the Earth that used to take ten thousand years now take a fraction of that. #Quote by Robert David Steele
David Thewlis quotes by KT Tunstall
#31. I went down to London with the idea that I was going to do vocals over this crazy, crazy trip-hop digital beat. Within two or three months, I heard Hunky Dory by David Bowie and that changed me in one way, and I realized what I actually wanted was to have an E Street Band - individuals, not session musicians. #Quote by KT Tunstall
David Thewlis quotes by David Livermore
#32. Most people probably become more jaded the longer they work in the world of work. #Quote by David Livermore
David Thewlis quotes by David Halberstam
#33. The truth posed a great dilemma for a man who always had to be right, and yet, for all his grandeur, was often wrong. #Quote by David Halberstam
David Thewlis quotes by David Foster Wallace
#34. The noise of the herd is tornadic, locomotival. The expression on the hamsters' whiskered faces is businesslike and implacable-it's that implacable-herd expression. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
David Thewlis quotes by David Brooks
#35. We have an international system. We all profit from it. Trade profits from it. Peace. We can travel around the world because of it. And part of that system is certain ideas, the certain ideas you can't invade other countries for no reason. You can't commit genocide. You can't - rogue regimes can't have nuclear weapons, and you can't gas your own people. #Quote by David Brooks
David Thewlis quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#36. It is by a mathematical point only that we are wise, as the sailor or fugitive slave keeps the polestar in his eye; but that is sufficient guidance for all our life. We may not arrive at our port within a calculable period, but we would preserve the true course. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
David Thewlis quotes by David Chang
#37. Rage or fear ... It oscillates. Rage I need to motivate me to try things that I can't ordinarily do - as I'm a lazy man. Fear - to keep pushing harder so we don't lose what we've accomplished. #Quote by David Chang
David Thewlis quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#38. That's not wise, Lin. I think wisdom is very over-rated. Wisdom is just cleverness, with all the guts kicked out of it. I'd rather be clever than wise, any day. Most of the wise people I know give me a headache, but I never met a clever man or woman I didn't like. If I was giving wise advice - which I'm not - I'd say don't get drunk, don't spend all your money, and don't fall in love with a pretty village girl. That would be wise. That's the difference between clever and wise. I prefer to be clever, and that's why I told you to surrender, when you get to the village, no matter what you find when you get there. Okay. I'm going. Come and see me when you get back. I look forward to it. I really do. #Quote by Gregory David Roberts
David Thewlis quotes by David Letterman
#39. Holyfield won the fight. It's not the first time Romney has been knocked out by a black guy. #Quote by David Letterman
David Thewlis quotes by David Lynch
#40. I like to feel like you can bite my paintings. Not to eat them, to hurt them. I like to feel like I'm painting with my teeth. #Quote by David Lynch
David Thewlis quotes by David Hale Sylvester
#41. Love is waiting there within your own abundant being. You just have to overcome the fear of it, unshackle it, and trust where it will take you. #Quote by David Hale Sylvester
David Thewlis quotes by David Baldacci
#42. This passage and escaped via the cafeteria or #Quote by David Baldacci
David Thewlis quotes by David K. Miller
#43. true that there is much work for all to do in the times ahead. The work you are going to do will be lighter and easier because you are going to connect with your galactic consciousness. You left part of yourself #Quote by David K. Miller
David Thewlis quotes by David Rakoff
#44. Is there some lesson on how to be friends?
I think what it means is that central to living
a life that is good is a life that's forgiving.
We're creatures of contact regardless of whether
we kiss or we wound. Still, we must come together.
Though it may spell destruction, we still ask for more
since it beats staying dry but so lonely on shore.
So we make ourselves open while knowing full well
it's essentially saying please, come pierce my shell. #Quote by David Rakoff
David Thewlis quotes by Epictetus
#45. Epictetus has had a long-standing resonance in the United States; his uncompromising moral rigour chimed in well with Protestant Christian beliefs and the ethical individualism that has been a persistent vein in American culture. His admirers ranged from John Harvard and Thomas Jefferson in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau in the nineteenth. More recently, Vice-Admiral James Stockdale wrote movingly of how his study of Epictetus at Stanford University enabled him to survive the psychological pressure of prolonged torture as a prisoner of war in Vietnam between 1965 and 1973. Stockdale's story formed the basis for a light-hearted treatment of the moral power of Stoicism in Tom Wolfe's novel A Man in Full (1998).52 #Quote by Epictetus

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