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Dasent quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#1. She was only a few yards from the door. If she lunged, she could be safely inside with solid metal between her and the bear. But she had called to him, and he had come. The tranquilizer dart that she had shot on the sea ice now lay in front of her. Impossibly, inexplicably, the bear had brought it back to her. She felt light-headed, and she knew she was shaking. She raised her eyes to look at the bear.
He was a mass of shadows at the edge of the station floodlights. She could make out the shape of his muzzle and the hunch of his shoulders. "Cassandra Dasent," he said. His voice was a soft rumble.
She felt as if her heart had stopped beating. #Quote by Sarah Beth Durst
Dasent quotes by George Webbe Dasent
#2. It is said that true tricstkers can make trouble between two pans in a kitchen. #Quote by George Webbe Dasent

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