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Darkthrone Logo quotes by Amber Hurdle
#1. Your ideal customer should be attracted to the brand that rests on the fabulous culture you
created, but they don't have to share your personal interests or have the same lifestyle you do. #Quote by Amber Hurdle
Darkthrone Logo quotes by R.D. Ronald
#2. The bar staff and croupiers all wore black with the same green triangle logo emblazoned on their shirts, and contact lenses which made their eyes shine an eerie, vibrant green. The bar optics glowed with the same green light, the intensity of which was linked to the music. As the bartender walked away to fetch the drinks, a breakdown in the techno track commenced and the bottles began to palpitate. The bartender's eyes glowed with a hallucinatory felinity that made Mangle feel nervous. #Quote by R.D. Ronald
Darkthrone Logo quotes by S.M. Reine
#3. Were preparing to moor a visiting dirigible. With such fantastic zoom, she could see that there were OPA guards in black suits waiting to receive the airship. A lot of them. Whoever was on the dirigible must have been important. She focused on the airship. The sanctuary logo marked the side. Rylie Gresham was arriving for her meeting, just as Stark had said she would. The Godslayer was right there. She'd have all the answers that Deirdre wanted. "Having trouble?" the old tourist asked kindly. #Quote by S.M. Reine
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Maggie Macnab
#4. Effective problem solving in design requires a balance of strategy and spontaneity, intelligence and creativity. #Quote by Maggie Macnab
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Joseph Finder
#5. She smiled, nodded, and kept walking. She waved her badge at the proximity sensor, stepped into the revolving door, and entered the cavernous atrium. Right in the center, surrounded by tropical foliage, was a huge bronze globe, the continents sculpted in sharp relief. On the front of the globe, set at a jaunty angle, was the Gifford Industries logo, which couldn't have been more hokey: retro squared-off streamlined script that must have looked futuristic when it was designed in the 1930s. A couple more people waved at her, flashed sympathetic looks, and she ducked into the express elevator to the twenty-fourth floor. She slid her security card into the slot, and the elevator rose. The lights in the executive suite were already on, which surprised her. She was normally the first one in. She passed her prox badge against the sensor until it beeped, then pushed open the glass doors. When she rounded the corner, she saw someone sitting at her desk. Noreen Purvis. 23. #Quote by Joseph Finder
Darkthrone Logo quotes by David Ogilvy
#6. Making the logo twice the size is often a good thing to do, because most advertisements are deficient in brand identification. Showing the clients' faces is also a better stratagem than it may sound, because the public is more interested in personalities than in corporations. Some clients can be projected as human symbols of their own products. #Quote by David Ogilvy
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Tina Fey
#7. To this day, all I know is there are between two and four openings down there and that the set up inside looks vaguely like the Texas Longhorns logo. #Quote by Tina Fey
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Melissa Jensen
#8. He sighed again, but I couldn't see the fate of his dolphin logo person. I was completely fixated on his eyes. They're a pretty amazing combination of green and bronze. "I don't know what's going on, but it's weird, and it shouldn't be. I'm a decent guy."
"Of course you are." I sighed. And caved. Apparently, my Phillite defenses were worthless around this particular specimen, no matter that he couldn't seem to make up his mind whether I was worth noticing or not.
Truth: Yes,I am that naive.
"Good.So.Friday after school. We can meet down here."
I could just see Amanda's face when she caught us on our way into the dark depths of the school. "No."
"Fine.Your house."
"Do you make everything this complicated?" he asked. "No. Don't answer that. Would you come to my house?"
That sounded doable.If we were at his place, I could leave whenever I wanted. "okay."
As I watched, he did a slo-mo, surprisingly graceful flop onto the floor. "Finally!"
I stepped over him and headed for the stairs. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#9. Everybody should have their own personal logo. Mine is a smiley face that's winking, as if I'm passing on secret knowledge. But it's not like I tell just anybody. My secrets are so sought after that the NSA is always whispering at me to try to get me to give them something, anything. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Darkthrone Logo quotes by James Glaeg
#10. All that day we went about stunned – we, the small town of real people behind the corporate logo of a ringed blue planet spinning through starry space. In the studio's Corner Store, in small groups that met on the company streets and in a hundred offices, we pieced our own experiences together with what was coming to light in the media. The suspect: a deranged, 43-year-old drifter who two days earlier had allegedly killed three people in Albuquerque, NM. He had fled to California where for reasons unknown he had been trying to contact actor-producer Michael Landon on the day of the shootings. The employees he had approached had repeatedly turned him away, since Landon had no particular connection with our studio. But just after dark the man had come back to the main gate again. He had walked up to a young actress waiting for her ride after an audition, said "hello" to her and then stepped over to the guardhouse.
"I heard a shot and looked up," a secretary who had been passing nearby told me. "I saw Jeren fall and heard him groan. And there was this guy in a gray jacket just standing over him, pointing down at him with a gun. Then he raised the gun and pointed it at the other guard and shot again, and I saw Armando fall out the other side of the guardhouse. For a split second – just because we're at a movie studio – I thought it must be a movie they were filming. But there weren't any lights or cameras, and I realized it was real, and I thought, 'He's gonna come after us #Quote by James Glaeg
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. This is my logo for Dora J. Arod #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Darkthrone Logo quotes by David Walker
#12. In contrast, the 'Old Europe' channels were showing film from reporters who had embedded themselves at the wrong end of the Baghdad blitz and the Basra bombardment. These films depicted the shattered homes, the killed and grieving civilians and the infrastructure chaos our armed forces are creating daily. Since this footage (none of it bearing the al-Jazeera logo) clearly exists, why does the Western media studiously ignore it or, when confronted by it, claim it to be Iraqi propaganda. #Quote by David Walker
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jack Heath
#13. The HBS logo shone high above, a surrogate sun for the overcast day. #Quote by Jack Heath
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Michael Trucco
#14. I have a coffee mug that my dad gave me years ago that has the San Mateo police logo and my dad's name on it, so I brought it to set and used it in a scene. I mean, you don't see it, it's not prominently featured, but I just wanted that connectivity. #Quote by Michael Trucco
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#15. Love isn't a series of slogans like "Just do it," "It's the real thing," or "Go ahead, stick it in my butt." Love is much more than that. Love is also a logo. I know, because I have it tattooed on my ass. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#16. I picked up the large lapel button richly worked in purple, green and yellow plastic. 'January 1997,' it announced, 'Day of Visionaries.' Beneath the slogan was a portrait of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And next to him, sharing the billing as it were, was a same-size picture of our newly elected President. And below was the official logo of the inauguration committee. I'm sorry, but that's too much. Much too much. I can tune out the Chief Executive when he drivels on about building a bridge to Newt Gingrich. I can be shaking a cocktail or grilling a lobster when he intones that 'nothing big ever came from being small.' I can be receiving a telephone call in a foreign language and still keep up with him when he says that the future lies before us, and the past behind, and that we must light the torch of knowledge from the fountain of wisdom (or whatever). As Orwell once remarked, after a point you stop noticing that you have said things like 'The jackboot is thrown into the melting pot,' or 'The fascist octopus has sung its swansong.' Motor-mouth and automatic pilot and sheer flatulence and conceit supply their own mediocre, infinitely renewable energy. But this cheap, cheery little button turned the scale. It's one thing to be bored, or subjected to boredom. It's another to be insulted. This is a pot of piss flung in the face. What does it take to get people disgusted these days? #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Seymour Papert
#17. We often treat children as if they're not very competent to do anything on their own. So we make them stop learning in a natural way - by exploring. Logo [the computer programming language ] allows them to find their way around the computer, as they would find their way around the house, uncontaminated by the bureaucracies of schools. #Quote by Seymour Papert
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Norman Foster
#18. I would never wear anything with a logo. That I really find difficult. It's a frustration that I'll find a nice shirt or something and it's got 50 prints of the logo on it - why do they do this? #Quote by Norman Foster
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jim Hightower
#19. Like NASCAR race drivers or PGA golfers, why not require each of the [US presidential] candidates to cover their clothing, briefcases and staff with the logo patches of their corporate sponsors? #Quote by Jim Hightower
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Peter Diamandis
#20. The fact that the Virgin logo was on the side of SpaceShipOne on October 4th, 2004 was fantastic. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Private Label Perfume In Uk
#21. Fragosmic Ltd. is a personalized perfume manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom that can help you in creating fragrances under your private label. It will also affix your brand logo.

For more information please visit our website. #Quote by Private Label Perfume In Uk
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Michael Connelly
#22. The bag was a hybrid I had picked up at a store called Suitcase City while I was plotting my comeback. [ ... ] It had a logo on it
a mountain ridgeline with the words "Suitcase City" printed across it like the Hollywood sign. Above it, skylights swept the horizon, completing the dream image of desire and hope. I think that logo was the real reason I liked the bag. Because I knew Suitcase City wasn't a store. It was a place. It was Los Angeles. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Judith Thomas
#23. My absolute favourite one is " Seize the Day " I did Latin for A level and the same in the original, " Carpe Diem " is now a great T shirt and coffee mug logo. I love it. #Quote by Judith Thomas
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Kate Bornstein
#24. Being transgender guarantees you will upset someone. People get upset with transgender people who choose to inhabit a third gender space rather than "pick a side." Some get upset at transgender people who do not eschew their birth histories. Others get up in arms with those who opted out of surgical options, instead living with their original equipment. Ire is raised at those who transition, then transition again when they decide that their initial change was not the right answer for them. Heck, some get their dander up simply because this or that transgender person simply is not "trying hard enough" to be a particular gender, whatever that means. Some are irked that the Logo program RuPaul's Drag Race shows a version of transgender life different from their own. Meanwhile, all around are those who have decided they aren't comfortable with the lot of us, because we dared to change from one gender expression or identity to some other. #Quote by Kate Bornstein
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
#25. But Sir, he works with NT? Why would he tell us where to go? Aren't we the competition?' Satya asked.
Nagesh shook his head gravely. 'Actually the competition starts at the headquarters and is between the people who come on TV, and want to make sure their face is noticed by the rival channel, so that they get picked up for a higher salary. Between us camerapersons, there is no rivalry. We don't do piece to cameras, we don't come on TV. We do all the jostling to get you the best visuals to show on the channel. We just want to get the news to the viewers, no matter which logo is pasted on it. #Quote by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Dylan Penn
#26. I didn't want to go to college, and my parents said, 'Well, then you'd better get a job, because we're not paying for you to drop out of school.' So I delivered pizza near USC for a while. We had to wear khakis and a baseball hat with the logo on it, and I worked almost every day. #Quote by Dylan Penn
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#27. A cluster of yachts was anchored at the far side, and a smaller boat with a National Park Service logo on the side was tied at the dock. We slowed, turned, and slid in next to it. I #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Stephen R. Donaldson
#28. Of the authors published under Ballantine's Adult Fantasy logo, only Evangeline Walton 'spoke' to me. #Quote by Stephen R. Donaldson
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#29. This is my logo for Mike #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Matthew B. Christensen
#30. Gifts that are most appreciated are often associated with the country, or even better, the specific location you are from. These kinds of gifts may include coffee table picture books of your city or national parks, or mugs, t-shirts, paperweights, and so on that display your company or school logo. #Quote by Matthew B. Christensen
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#31. This is yet another logo for Kintz #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#32. He came forward, holding his belt by one hand. The holes in it marked the progress of his emaciation and the leather at one side had a lacquered look to it where he was used to stropping the blade of his knife. He stepped down into the roadcut and he looked at the gun and he looked at the boy. Eyes collared in cups of grime and deeply sunk. Like an animal inside a skull looking out the eyeholes. He wore a beard that had been cut square across the bottom with shears and he had a tattoo of a bird on his neck done by someone with an illformed notion of their appearance. He was lean, wiry, rachitic. Dressed in a pair of filthy blue coveralls and a black billcap with the logo of some vanished enterprise embroidered across the front of it. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Neil Oliver
#33. The little logo that sits at the top of the screen of any 'Bluetooth-enabled' hardware () is actually a monogram created from the two runes that represent Harald's initials #Quote by Neil Oliver
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Dana Thomas
#34. Unlike perfume, handbags are visible on the body, and--like Air Jordans for teenagers--give the wearer the chance to brandish the logo and publicly declare her status or aspiration. #Quote by Dana Thomas
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Hillary Clinton
#35. The clearest way to know whether you are with a poor person in America is not by the logo on the clothes, because we all wear pretty much the same anymore. It's by looking into their eyes and seeing whether they look into yours, and seeing what kind of teeth they have. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Darkthrone Logo quotes by Carolyn Gibbs
#36. Claire started to unbutton her blouse and looked over her shoulder at Sam, who tried to discreetly sneak a peek at her. She reached down to the bed and picked up the nightshirt the hotel staff provided, per Lacy's request, an extra-large white cotton T-shirt sporting the hotel's name and logo in classy gray lettering.
They also provided a pair of gray cotton boxers for Sam. He picked them up. "Not bad. They really thought of everything, huh?"
"Yes, it was very thoughtful of Lacy. We won't have to sleep in our clothes," Claire agreed on her way to the bathroom to change.
"Or in the buff, which wouldn't be such a bad thing," Sam said in a low voice.
"I heard that, Sam," Claire yelled from the bathroom.
"Wouldn't be such a bad thing." Sam called back.
"That remains to be seen." She giggled.
"Yeah, well you can't blame a guy for trying. #Quote by Carolyn Gibbs

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