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Daquila Bakery quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#1. My uncle Alex Vonnegut, a Harvard-educated life insurance salesman who lived at 5033 North Pennsylvania Street, taught me something very important.
He said that when things were really going well we should be sure to NOTICE it. He was talking about simple occasions, not great victories: maybe drinking lemonade on a hot afternoon in the shade, or smelling the aroma of a nearby bakery; or fishing, and not caring if we catch anything or not, or hearing somebody all alone playing a piano really well in the house next door.
Uncle Alex urged me to say this out loud during such epiphanies: If this isn't nice, what is? #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Daquila Bakery quotes by Ian MacKaye
#2. American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it's profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It's just about sucking everything up. My idea was: Enjoy baking, sell your bread, people like it, sell more. Keep the bakery going because you're making good food and people are happy. #Quote by Ian MacKaye
Daquila Bakery quotes by Irynka
#3. i said, so
what do you want to do?

you said
paint the sky black, break
pearl necklaces and watch the beads
dance on the wooden floor,
open a bakery and only serve
pecan pies, take
my dog to church, open windows
in the middle of winter, burn
the taste of your tongue off
of my skin, ask strangers for their
laughter, open your neighbors mail,
tip the waitress way too much,
fly myself
to anywhere but
open doors for all kinds of people,
bleed my secrets into
your soul, cancel credit cards,
watch old couples, young
couples, say things like
i love you
and mean it #Quote by Irynka
Daquila Bakery quotes by Jen Calonita
#4. Tomally had always wanted children of her own. Unfortunately, she'd never been able to conceive. Tomally said she had made her peace with it years ago, but Iduna suspected there was still a part of her that longed to be a mother. Iduna had always thought Tomally would make an exceptional one... and now she'd have the chance. Tomally loved hearing stories about Anna's spunk- Tomally had been just like her when they were young- and expressed delight whenever Iduna wrote about Anna doing something precocious. Iduna knew they'd get along well. She could just picture Tomally and Anna baking in their shop. Anna loved to bake and was always so proud of her krumkaker. Tomally would have to be the one to teach her new recipes now and help her keep up with her studies and learn about the world around her. It wasn't the childhood Iduna had envisioned for Anna, but it would still be a good life and excellent training for her future as a princess. When Elsa someday ascended to the throne, it would be Anna who understood their people and could help her sister relate to their kingdom. Their relationship would be much like the one she and Tomally had shared when they were children. #Quote by Jen Calonita
Daquila Bakery quotes by Rumi
Moon and evening star do their
slow tambourine dance to praise
this universe. The purpose of
every gathering is discovered:
to recognize beauty and love
what's beautiful. "Once it was
like that, now it's like this,"
the saying goes around town, and
serious consequences too. Men
and women turn their faces to the
wall in grief. They lose appetite.
Then they start eating the fire of
pleasure, as camels chew pungent
grass for the sake of their souls.
Winter blocks the road. Flowers
are taken prisoner underground.
Then green justice tenders a spear.
Go outside to the orchard. These
visitors came a long way, past all
the houses of the zodiac, learning
Something new at each stop. And
they're here for such a short time,
sitting at these tables set on the
prow of the wind. Bowls of food
are brought out as answers, but
still no one knows the answer.

Food for the soul stays secret.
Body food gets put out in the open

like us. Those who work at a bakery
don't know the taste of bread like

the hungry beggars do. Because the
beloved wants to know, unseen things

become manifest. Hiding is the
hidden purpose of creation: bury

your seed and wait. After you die,
All the thoughts you had will throng

around like children. The heart
is the secret inside the sec #Quote by Rumi
Daquila Bakery quotes by Daniel Keyes
#6. Don't misunderstand me," I said. "Intelligence is one of the greatest human gifts. But all too often a search for knowledge drives out the search for love. This is something else I've discovered for myself very recently. I present it to you as a hypothesis: Intelligence without the ability to give and receive affection leads to mental and moral breakdown, to neurosis, and possibly even psychosis. And I say that the mind absorbed in and involved in itself as a self-centered end, to the exclusion of human relationships, can only lead to violence and pain. "When I was retarded I had lots of friends. Now I have no one. Oh, I know lots of people. Lots and lots of people. But I don't have any real friends. Not like I used to have in the bakery. Not a friend in the world who means anything to me, and no one I mean anything to. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Daquila Bakery quotes by Frederick Buechner
#7. The congregation just sat or stood on the sidelines watching the splendor of it but without, as far as my experience went anyway, having any very satisfactory part in it. I felt like a child with his nose pressed to a bakery shop window - impressed by what I saw but a little lonely and unnourished. The sermon, on the other hand, was one that I will long remember. It was preached by a huge monk in cloth of gold, and his point was that there are many people in this world who do not realize how impoverished they are spiritually. "Even a dog knows when it is uncomfortable" was a phrase he used, but we whose spiritual discomfort is apt to be so profound are in many cases entirely unaware of it. #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Daquila Bakery quotes by Zomick's Bakery
#8. If baking at Zomick's bakery is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from one Zomick's generation to the next one. #Quote by Zomick's Bakery
Daquila Bakery quotes by Rob Thomas
#9. Was it tacky to get a cake during a hostage crisis? What was the protocol? She pictured chocolate frosting with white lettering: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOPE YOUR DAUGHTER ISN'T DEAD. But this year was her fiftieth, a year with a zero. Veronica had to do something. So on her way to the condo she'd swung by a bakery and picked up a small German chocolate cake. It was her mom's favorite - or at least it had been, a decade ago. #Quote by Rob Thomas
Daquila Bakery quotes by Alice Waters
#10. First, kids should be involved in the production of their own food. They have to get their hands in the dirt, they have to grow things. They also have to become sensually stimulated, and the way to begin is with a bakery. #Quote by Alice Waters
Daquila Bakery quotes by Alison Lohman
#11. My dad's an architect and my mom owned a French bakery for twelve years. #Quote by Alison Lohman
Daquila Bakery quotes by Buddy Valastro
#12. My kids are always in the kitchen with me - I bring them to the bakery and let them decorate cakes, and they also try to help me and my wife, Lisa, cook dinner at night. #Quote by Buddy Valastro
Daquila Bakery quotes by Stacey Ballis
#13. Whether you're a bride or a birthday boy, your options are much the same. Cake comes in chocolate, yellow, or white. Frosting comes in chocolate or vanilla buttercream, or you can opt for whipped cream. Fillings are either chocolate or vanilla custard, fresh bananas, or strawberries or raspberries in season. For birthday cakes, you can have either flowers or balloons in your choice of colors. For wedding cakes, you can add either fondant or marzipan covering, or either smooth or basket-weave buttercream, in white or ivory, with either pearl-like dots or ribbony swags made of frosting, and fondant faux flowers are extra. #Quote by Stacey Ballis
Daquila Bakery quotes by Andy Stanley
#14. Serving people we don't see eye to eye with is the essence of Christianity. Jesus died for a world with which he didn't see eye to eye. If a bakery doesn't want to sell its products to a gay couple, it's their business. Literally. But leave Jesus out of it. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Daquila Bakery quotes by Nicole  French
#15. We passed one couple who were practically horizontal over the pier railing. They didn't stop. I bit my lip as we passed, trying to ignore the ache flowering in my lower belly. It had been humming there all night.
"Remember when that was us?"
Eric was watching the same couple with…was that longing in his gray eyes? He chewed absently on his lower lip for a minute and squeezed my hand a little harder.
"A bit, yeah," I said. "We had a little more style, though. You were never one for PDA, to start."
"I had you in that alley in Allston once. Behind the bakery, remember?"
"Had me? What am I, a pastry?"
The right side of his full mouth tugged up in a smirk. "What do you want me to say? I pounded you like bread dough?"
"I believe the term is 'fucked,' sir," I proclaimed. "It was a shag fest. #Quote by Nicole French
Daquila Bakery quotes by Colleen Clayton
#16. He cups the back of my neck with his hand and holds the other against my face, rubbing my cheek with his thumb. Slowly, he leans down and kisses me.
Soft, then deep.
I ooze against the house. I can feel his kiss in my whole body, like warm liquid pouring through me - gold, rich, and melting. After about a minute of what can only be described as sheer ecstasy, Corey rests his forehead against mine so we can both catch our breath. Then he takes my head into his hands and looks at me hard, like his heart is breaking.
'I have wanted to do that for so, so long.'
I cannot speak. I can only nod yes and hope he knows what I mean. He kisses me more...
"... for months and months..."
"... when you sprayed me with Dr. Pepper..."
"... at the bakery when you were holding that corned beef..."
"... and every single time I see you..."
I lean against the house and hold on to his wrists so I don't dissolve into a puddle. And I kiss him back. Over and over, I kiss him back. #Quote by Colleen Clayton
Daquila Bakery quotes by Florence Weinberger
#17. My mother's death
changed the alchemy of food.
Holidays run together now
like ungrooved rivers. I forget
what they are for. I buy bakery goods.
They look dead
under the blue lights.
I don't do anything the way she taught me
but I get fat.
I don't look like her and I don't sound
like her, but I stand like her. #Quote by Florence Weinberger
Daquila Bakery quotes by T.J. Klune
#18. My love!" Kevin said. "You must rise. Get up! Get up so far into the future, we can meet and I can go to your bakery and eat the royal hell out of your croissants! #Quote by T.J. Klune
Daquila Bakery quotes by Hank Bracker
#19. My mother worked as a saleslady at the well-known Five Corner bakery in Journal Square during the day. Her orders were that I do at least one page of homework for every one of my subjects before she came home. It didn't matter what my teachers would assign, those were her rules and I didn't dare to violate them! However, I usually allowed others to make the rules and then decide whether I would follow them. Turning on our small Bakelite radio, I would ignore my mother's rules and listen to my favorite adventure shows.
"Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, Superman, who could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and Tom Mix were my favorite daily half-hour radio programs during the week. Tom Mix was forever solving some mystery that I could help him with, since I had a decoder badge that cost only 10 cents, along with a box top from a Ralston Purina's "Wheat Chex" cereal box. Since it tasted like straw, wanting to get a decoder badge was the only way I would eat this blah cereal for breakfast.
The radio shows were way too exciting, and my homework always took second place. When my mother finally came home and saw that I had not done my work, she would get quite upset and make me do twice as much, seated at the kitchen table where she could keep her eye on me. Being under her direct supervision wasn't much fun, but I would sit there until she was satisfied that I had finished my assignments. My mother showed no mercy! If my father found out about my being lax, ther #Quote by Hank Bracker
Daquila Bakery quotes by Irv Kupcinet
#20. As a kid, I'd get up at 3 in the morning during school vacations to help my father on his bakery-truck route. He didn't get a vacation from that schedule. #Quote by Irv Kupcinet
Daquila Bakery quotes by Anthony Riches
#21. Dubnus. Brother. I wouldn't have amounted to anything better than a rotting corpse in a ditch on the road south from Yew Grove without your help over the last few months. Nor can I pretend that I was responsible for turning the Ninth from a waste of rations to a fighting century, that was mostly you too. But trust me when I tell you this, these men will not respond to your style of leadership. They are lonely, frightened, but worst of all they feel worthless. They've sat here for the last month watching Gaulish farm boys in armour get snapped up like the last cake in the bakery while they, with all their abilities, are demeaned as incapable of fighting our war. #Quote by Anthony Riches
Daquila Bakery quotes by Nora Ephron
#22. My idea of a perfect day is a frozen custard at Shake Shack and a walk in the park. (Followed by a Lactaid.) My idea of a perfect night is a good play and dinner at Orso. (But no garlic, or I won't be able to sleep.) The other day I found a bakery that bakes my favorite childhood cake, and it was everything I remembered: it made my week. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Daquila Bakery quotes by Stacey O'Neale
#23. If the lords of the underworld can't bring me out of this funk, no one can. #Quote by Stacey O'Neale
Daquila Bakery quotes by A.M. Willard
#24. Today I realize that I'm not marrying the one I thought loved me, I'm just Morgan Lewis, the owner of a bakery, a tiny apartment in downtown Atlanta, and a 2012 Camry. Nothing special, just another person walking through town to start her day. #Quote by A.M. Willard
Daquila Bakery quotes by Barbara Fialho
#25. I'm not very into pastas or heavy foods like meat, but pastries, especially if they come from a really nice French bakery, I go crazy over! I try to allow myself those little treats in the morning for breakfast, then I have a lighter lunch. #Quote by Barbara Fialho
Daquila Bakery quotes by Jamie Farrell
#26. Her eyes slid closed, her secret places pulsed in anticipation, and his lips settled onto the skin beneath her ear.
That was magic.
She held perfectly still.
He pressed a kiss to her neck. Then another, lower. A third, even lower.
She squirmed.
He dropped his hands. "Sorry. I---"
"Don't stop," Kimmie whispered. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Daquila Bakery quotes by Stacey O'Neale
#27. Since the moment I saw you, all I can think about is ways to get you out of that dress." Squeezing her perfectly rounded ass, he softly growled. "So yeah, I like it. #Quote by Stacey O'Neale
Daquila Bakery quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#28. I walked into a bakery seven years later and there he was. He had dogs at his feet and a bird in a cage beside him. The seven years were not seven years. They were not seven hundred years. Their length could not be measured in years, just as an ocean could not explain the distance we had traveled, just as the dead can never be counted. I wanted to run away from him, and I wanted to go right up to him. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Daquila Bakery quotes by Tite Kubo
#29. I had a lot of things I wanted to do ... I want to be a teacher ... I also want to be an astronaut ... and also make my own cake shop ... I want to go to the sweets bakery and say "I want one of everything", ohhhh I wish I could live life five times over ... Then I'd be born in five different places, and I'd stuff myself with different food from around the world ... I'd live five different lives with five different occupations ... and then, for those five times ... I'd fall in love with the same person ... #Quote by Tite Kubo
Daquila Bakery quotes by Sophie Monroe
#30. Why does everyone expect me to sugarcoat stuff? Do I look like a fucking bakery? I just tell it like it is, and she looks like shit. #Quote by Sophie Monroe
Daquila Bakery quotes by Robert Clear
#31. Whenever Elliot Norther's wife was nervous she baked. With the murder of Harriet Mason, her husband's close colleague at the Faculty, she had been unable to resist a couple of Victoria sponges. During the frenzied press speculation about the identity of the murderer, a Dundee cake had appeared, followed swiftly by a Battenberg and a Lemon Drizzle. Since news of the Wildencrust murder broke, the kitchen, dining room and study had come to resemble the storerooms of an industrial bakery, every surface heaving with the weight of sponge and cream. Yesterday, having at last been overwhelmed by the fear and rumour that swept the town, she had taken herself off to her mother's house in Hampstead, leaving her husband to soldier on alone. When he had last seen his wife, Elliot Norther noticed that she had been putting the finishing touches to an impressive, triple-tiered wedding cake, beating a batch of royal icing into a sickly paste. #Quote by Robert Clear
Daquila Bakery quotes by -Dr Sivakumar Gowder
#32. -If birthday(BD)is full of light settings, then it will become a BRIGHT DAY.

- If BD is full of bakery items, then it is BREAD DAY.

- If you take rest in your BD all the time, then it will become BERTH DAY.

- If you do excercise/ yoga, then your BD will become BREATH DAY.

-If you spend time in hotel or tasmac, then it is BAR DAY.

- If your BD leads to expenses, then it is BEAR DAY.

-If your BD is not so active, then it is BORE DAY.

Whatever, we need to make our BIRTH DAY , a WORTH DAY. #Quote by -Dr Sivakumar Gowder
Daquila Bakery quotes by Zomick's Bakery
#33. Preparing Zomick's recipes makes me focus. On weighing the sugar, sieving the flour. I find it calming and rewarding because, in fairness, it is sort of magic - you start off with all this disparate stuff, such as butter and eggs, and what you end up with is so totally different. And also delicious. #Quote by Zomick's Bakery

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