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Famous Quotes About Dangereuse Attraction

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Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#1. The basis of love that most people share is the intimacy they developed with their partners, the intensity of their attraction, or the similarity of their thought patterns, #Quote by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Starhawk
#2. The Goddess falls in love with Herself, drawing forth her own emanation, which takes on a life of its own. Love of self for self is the creative force of the universe. Desire is the primal energy, and that energy is erotic: the attraction of lover to beloved, of planet to star, the lust of electron for proton. Love is the glue that holds the world together. #Quote by Starhawk
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Vanessa North
#3. It's the kind of kiss that ends with clothes on the floor and somebody getting dicked out up against the wall. #Quote by Vanessa North
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Sherwood Smith
#4. If more people recognized the difference between friendship and mere attraction, or how love must partake of both to prosper, I expect there'd be more happy people."
"And a lot fewer poems and plays," I said, laughing as I splashed about in the scented water. #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Bella Forrest
#5. Now I realized just how stupid I had been to even think that I might be able to undo a lifetime of love and attraction in just one conversation. #Quote by Bella Forrest
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#6. Why didn't you become a sorcerer, Geralt? Weren't you ever attracted by the Art? Be honest.'
'I will. I was.'
'Why, then, didn't you follow the voice of that attraction?'
'I decided it would be wiser to follow the voice of good sense.'
'Years of practice in the witcher's trade have taught me not to bite off more than I can chew. Do you know, Vilgefortz, I once knew a dwarf, who, as a child, dreamed of being an elf. What do you think; would he have become one had he followed the voice of attraction? #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Suenammi Richards
#7. She hadn't known that the ability to make pancakes from scratch made a man brutally hot. Now she did. #Quote by Suenammi Richards
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#8. The Universe offers all things to all people through the law of attraction. #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by John Noble Wilford
#9. Mars tugs at the human imagination like no other planet. With a force mightier than gravity, it attracts the eye to the shimmering red presence in the clear night sky ... #Quote by John Noble Wilford
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Eileen Caddy
#10. Be very very still and allow every new experience to take place in your life without any resistance whatsoever. You do not have to do anything, you simply have to be and let things happen. #Quote by Eileen Caddy
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Stephen Richards
#11. Every sunrise is priceless and you can experience the richness that life holds only when you live life to the full instead of just being an onlooker. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#12. Start by using this sentence for all of your wants: "I'm so happy and grateful now that ... " #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#13. Receiving involves feeling the way you feel once your desire has manifested. #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Mwanandeke Kindembo
#14. Seduction like attraction, is spoken about in a more positive manner in our generation. Forgetting the fact that these attributes involve bending the will of another person in order to make our ends meet our means. #Quote by Mwanandeke Kindembo
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#15. With the attraction for lust and lucre working the other way, how many long for the realisation of God? #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#16. Love and gratitude can part seas, move mountains, and create miracles. #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Esther Hicks
#17. There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance - and in any moment, you are allowing it or not. What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Michael Beckwith
#18. You attract the predominant thoughts that you're holding in your awareness. #Quote by Michael Beckwith
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Lebo Grand
#19. A man, ladies, is not only attracted and retained by your sensuality or charm, he is also guarded (from cheating) and motivated (to succeed) by it too. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Hal Elrod
#20. Have faith in the magic and miracles of life, for only those that do get to experience them. #Quote by Hal Elrod
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Enid Shomer
#21. Attraction

The whites of his eyes
pull me like moons.
He smiles. I believe
his face. Already
my body slips down in the chair:

I recline on my side,
offering peeled grapes.
I can taste his tongue
in my mouth
whenever he speaks.

I suspect he lies.
But my body oils itself loose.
When he gets up to fix a drink
my legs like derricks
hoist me off the seat.
I am thirsty, it seams.

Already I see the seduction
far off in the distance
like a large tree
dwarfed by a rise
in the road.

I put away objections
as quietly as quilts.
Already I explain to myself
how marriages are broken--
accidentally, like arms or legs. #Quote by Enid Shomer
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Conor McGregor
#22. I've read a lot of books on the laws of attraction, and in my home I have a big book on Muhammad Ali, which I've read, because he is like a hero of mine, but other than that, no, I'm not a big reader. #Quote by Conor McGregor
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by George Monbiot
#23. An attraction to large predators often seems to be associated with misanthropy, racism and the far right. #Quote by George Monbiot
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Neal Stephenson
#24. And yet all the gold is in England, it is dug up from Portuguese and Spanish mines, but it flows by some occult power of attraction to the Tower of London." "Flows," Caroline repeated. "Flows, like a current." Sophie nodded. "And the English have grown so used to this that they use 'currency' as a synonym for money, as if no distinction need be observed between them. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Marisette Burgess
#25. You will be an attraction for the people of this village," Señor Castillo #Quote by Marisette Burgess
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Patrick Suskind
#26. She was one of those languid women, made of dark honey, smooth and sweet, and terribly sticky, who take control of a room with a syrupy gesture, a toss of the hair, a single slow whiplash of the eyes - and all the while remain as still as the centre of a hurricane, apparently unaware of the force of gravity by which they irresistibly attract themselves the yearnings and the souls of both men and women. #Quote by Patrick Suskind
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Stephen Richards
#27. When you begin to entertain the more positive possibilities, hope for the best, plan for the best and expect the best, your eventual attraction of the best possible circumstances is almost guaranteed. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Richelle Mead
#28. I'd realized then just how strong our connection was, how perfectly we understood each other. I'd been skeptical about people being soul mates in the past, but at that moment, I knew it was true. And the emotional connection had come a physical one. Dimitri and I had finally given in to the attraction. We'd sworn we never would, but... well, our feelings were just too strong. Staying away from each other had turned out to be impossible. ~Rose, Pg.74 #Quote by Richelle Mead
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Brianna Wiest
#29. Love is soul work. Love can be met and joined with attraction and infatuation and all of that, but love will not fade when those things do. You can choose to close your heart to love, and run away, and avoid it for as long as you can in every way you can think of but if it was really, truly, the other-worldly, almost supernatural kind of love that we can only hope to be graced with at least once in this life experience, it will not leave you. You can love many people, but at the end of the day, the love you need to choose is the love that, even if you close your heart to, still moves you. The love you still write about. The love you can't face. The love you're still not okay with losing, that you're angry about; the love that uprooted your life and contorted your being. The love you ran away from because it showed you who you are without the guise of worth given from someone else. This is love because these are all signs that you are closing your heart and to be doing so, there has to be something going through you for you to be able to close off. Real love will be the love you realize that remains even after you close your heart to it, because it sustains itself. It drives you forward. It brings up all the unhealed parts of you that you have to reconcile. #Quote by Brianna Wiest
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#30. It is more offensive to outshine in dignity than in personal attractions. #Quote by Baltasar Gracian
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by William L. Shirer
#31. This crude, cowardly bargain seems not to have unduly bothered Hitler. If Mussolini was personally attracted to him, as Ciano said, by "something deeply rooted in his make-up," it might be said that the attraction was mutual, for the same mysterious reasons. Disloyal as he had been to some of his closest associates, a number of whom he had had murdered, such as Roehm and Strasser, Hitler maintained a strange and unusual loyalty to his ridiculous Italian partner that did not weaken, that indeed was strengthened when adversity and then disaster overtook the strutting, sawdust Roman Caesar. It is one of the interesting paradoxes of this narrative. #Quote by William L. Shirer
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Debasish Mridha
#32. Every intention emits a power of attraction, which brings all the forces of universe to fulfill your dreams. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Michael Beckwith
#33. A person all wrapped up in themselves makes for a mighty small package. #Quote by Michael Beckwith
Dangereuse Attraction quotes by Lee Nichols
#34. He stripped to his trunks, then dove into the pool. We all watched as he broke the surface and climbed from the water, his muscles slick and wet, his green eyes glowing in the half light of the glass ceiling. I heard Natalie and Sara both sigh, and Harry murmur that it almost made him want to go gay. Coby stretched out on a chaise beside me and asked, So you still sorry you moved here? #Quote by Lee Nichols

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