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Dancing quotes by Michael Morpurgo
#1. That's what sailing is, a dance, and your partner is the sea. And with the sea you never take liberties. You ask her, you don't tell her. You have to remember always that she's the leader, not you. You and your boat are dancing to her tune. #Quote by Michael Morpurgo
Dancing quotes by Heinrich Heine
#2. And the dancing has begun now, And the Dancings whirl round gaily In the waltz's giddy mazes, And the ground beneath them trembles. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Dancing quotes by Aaron Johnson
#3. The buzz you get when you're playing a song and everyone is screaming and dancing and what have you and singing along is incredible. #Quote by Aaron Johnson
Dancing quotes by Paullina Simons
#4. Now she had words to dull her senses. English words, a new name, and covering it all like a warm blanket, a new life in amazing, immoderate, pulsating America. A sparkling new identity in a gilded immense new country. God had made it as easy as possible to forget him. To you, I give this, God said. I give you freedom and sun, and warmth, and comfort. I give you summers in Sheep Meadow and Coney Island, and I give you Vikki, your friend for life, and I give you Anthony, your son for life, and I give you Edward, in case you want love again. I give you youth and I give you beauty, in case you want someone other than Edward to love you. I give you New York. I give you seasons, and Christmas! And baseball and dancing and paved roads and refrigerators, and a car, and land in Arizona. I give it all to you. All I ask, is that you forget him and take it. #Quote by Paullina Simons
Dancing quotes by Juniper Bell
#5. His lap looked like it was already occupied
by a giant boner. It pressed against his pants like a circus tent pole. Elephants could fit under there. A lion tamer and some flying trapeze artists. A dancing bear, or five. #Quote by Juniper Bell
Dancing quotes by Christine Feehan
#6. No, they would not be happy to take my place at your side, cara mia, because I would promptly end their lives in a most unhappy way.'
'You are such a caveman, Julian. You look tall and elegant and princely, yet you have not matured beyond the cave.'
…'I have no intention of riding above caveman mentality,' he growled in her ear, his breath teasing tendrils of hair and sending little flames dancing through her bloodstream. 'There are so many benefits for the caveman. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Dancing quotes by Christina M. Ward
#7. paint the pony I will ride
soft hues that gather childhood
and thrust forward, to nowhere

back again, we turn
to plunking calliope tune
loud, round notes, we lift higher

hollowed ponies with painted ribbons
between our thighs,
laughter in her eyes

-- from 'Paint the Dancing Pony' (a poem) #Quote by Christina M. Ward
Dancing quotes by Katherine Anne Porter
#8. These beliefs were mainly Protestant but not yet petty middle-class puritanism: there remained still an element fairly high stepping and wide gestured in its personal conduct. The petty middle class of fundamentalists who saw no difference between wine-drinking, dancing, card-playing, and adultery, had not yet got altogether the upper hand in that part of the country - in fact, never did except in certain limited areas; but it was making a brave try. #Quote by Katherine Anne Porter
Dancing quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#9. Dancing daily is a good physical activity. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Dancing quotes by Voltaire
#10. Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world. #Quote by Voltaire
Dancing quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#11. You presume to name those who have no name. We are pandemonium and disaster. We are the dancing, gibbering horror of the world. #Quote by Brenna Yovanoff
Dancing quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#12. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sakes. Now, I mean, I'm talking about singing in the shower, I'm talking about dancing to the radio, I'm talking about writing a poem to a friend
a lousy poem. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Dancing quotes by Andrea Gibson
#13. Right now there's a man on the street outside my door
with outstretched hands full of heartbeats no one can hear.
He has cheeks like torn sheet music
every tear-broken crescendo falling on deaf ears.
At his side there's a boy with eyes like an anthem
no one stands up for. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Dancing quotes by Bebe Neuwirth
#14. You have to be aware. Like, I'm not going to do any downhill skiing. It looks like a whole lot of fun, but I'm not going to risk breaking a leg. I want to be dancing the way I'm dancing now for 30 more years. #Quote by Bebe Neuwirth
Dancing quotes by Anne Sweeney
#15. 'Dancing with the Stars' is a great format for us. It's a format we license from the BBC, so that can't travel for us, but we consider it a great success. 'Desperate Housewives,' on the other hand, a huge success for us internationally. 'Missing' has actually sold to 80 territories before it's even gone on the air. #Quote by Anne Sweeney
Dancing quotes by Michele Jennae
#16. On the great canvas of time
We all create our own masterpiece.
Choreographing our steps across minutes and hours
Dancing over the days
Painting pictures over months and
Writing our stories on the years.
Singing our songs that echo across eons.
We are all a thread in the talent tapestry.
A snapshot in the cosmic, collective collage. #Quote by Michele Jennae
Dancing quotes by Maisie Williams
#17. Doing the sword fighting is like picking up a dance routine ... I think dancing really helps with the picking up of it. #Quote by Maisie Williams
Dancing quotes by Robbie Williams
#18. Tel Aviv, Israel, me, Robbie Williams. I'm coming to see you. It's like a first date. I've got butterflies in my stomache, I can't wait. I hope you feel the same way too. There will be singing, there will be dancing, there will be banter, there will be love. Mainly from me, beaming it to you, from my heart into your heads and minds. #Quote by Robbie Williams
Dancing quotes by David Wroblewski
#19. He woke one morning tantalized by an idea: if he could catch the orchard trees motionless for one second -- for half of one second -- then none of it would have happened. The kitchen door would bang open and in his father would walk, red-faced and slapping his hands and exclaiming about some newly whelped pup. Childish, Edgar knew, but he didn't care. The trick was to not focus on any single part of any tree, but to look through them all toward a point in the air. But how insidious a bargain he'd made. Even in the quietest moment some small thing quivered and the tableau was destroyed.

How many afternoons slipped away like that? How many midnights standing in the spare room, watching the trees shiver in the moonlight? Still he watched, transfixed. Then, blushing because it was futile and silly, he forced himself to walk away.

When he blinked, an afterimage of perfect stillness.

To think it might happen when he wasn't watching.

He turned back before he reached the door. Through the window glass, a dozen trees strummed by the winter wind, skeletons dancing pair-wise, fingers raised to heaven.

Stop it, he told himself. Just stop.

And watched some more. #Quote by David Wroblewski
Dancing quotes by Belinda Carlisle
#20. Oh my love, it's you that I dream of
Oh my love, since that day
Somewhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain #Quote by Belinda Carlisle
Dancing quotes by Liza Minnelli
#21. He [Gene Kelly] once told me dancing was a man's game, as much of a sport as baseball itself. And he made us believe that. He changed our minds and suddenly, all of America wanted to dance just like Gene Kelly. #Quote by Liza Minnelli
Dancing quotes by OMOSOHWOFA CASEY
#22. People love it when you criticise some things which they do not believe in, practices which are contrary to what they practice or contrary views. They call you objective and truthful

But immediately you start disagreeing with their views, criticising their beliefs, expressing contrary views against what they support, they call you foul names, say you are not a child of God, ask who you are to judge.

Listen and listen good, I love writing and I write based on inspiration and experience.

I don't just write, I write to capture the minds of my readers and to spark reaction. I welcome contrary views, I love you opposing my stance cos in the process I learn some things from you.

Don't get mad at me for expressing myself via writing. I love putting things down. Learn to tolerate my views and counter me when you don't agree.

Stop holding grudges and developing unnecessary hatred. Life is too short to be closed minded and inclined. Life is too short for me to idolize anybody.

I can't always be dancing to your tunes, you also have to dance to mine. #Quote by OMOSOHWOFA CASEY
Dancing quotes by Mia Michaels
#23. Dancing is a feeling expressed from the inside out. #Quote by Mia Michaels
Dancing quotes by Donna Goddard
#24. Dancing, at its best, is independence and intimacy in balance. #Quote by Donna Goddard
Dancing quotes by Steve Paxton
#25. Just the pleasure of moving and the pleasure of using your body is, I think, maybe the main point. And the pleasure of dancing with somebody in an unplanned and spontaneous way, when you're free to invent and they're free to invent and you're neither one hampering the other - that's a very pleasant social form. #Quote by Steve Paxton
Dancing quotes by Sasha Graham
#26. I hope you find your truth and when you do, you stand in the middle of it strong, beautiful and nimble like the World dancer. Because when the Fool followed her own path and trusted herself, she found herself in the World. And by the time she did, she was so high on the music-so enraptured by the dancing, so lost in the beauty, so in tune with herself, and so filled with magic-she didn't even realize she's arrived at her destination. #Quote by Sasha Graham
Dancing quotes by Isadora Duncan
#27. Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual. #Quote by Isadora Duncan
Dancing quotes by Rajneesh
#28. I celebrate myself, and I hope soon the day will come you will be celebrating yourself. And when thousands and thousands of people around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk with the divine, there is no possibility of any global suicide. With such festivity and with such laughter, with such sanity and health, with such naturalness and spontaneity, how can there be a war? #Quote by Rajneesh
Dancing quotes by Michael Jackson
#29. There is no greater bliss than dancing and performing. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Dancing quotes by John Mark Green
#30. The self-righteous scream judgments against others to hide the noise of skeletons dancing in their own closets. #Quote by John Mark Green
Dancing quotes by David Gallagher
#31. I'm more into beats than rhymes. I'm a huge fan of anything touched by the Neptunes. Dancing is kind of my thing. I go out with my friends as often as I can on the weekends, and I'm always drawn to girls with rhythm. #Quote by David Gallagher
Dancing quotes by Fiphie
#32. [...] The fact is that in order to be loved and to accept love you have to get naked to the very bone of your own being. Taking off every layer of skin that gives us humans the illusion that in some way we're different from the rest. For better or for worse. Truth is though that under that burden of skin and flesh we're all the same mortal skeletons dancing to the same bittersweet song of life. [...] #Quote by Fiphie
Dancing quotes by Nick Carter
#33. I'm most excited to see how I've grown as a performer. After Dancing With the Stars I really was able to evolve in a lot of ways and I'm excited to put that to use on stage. #Quote by Nick Carter
Dancing quotes by Annie Ward
#34. I feel more like I am in the Middle East than in any recognizable part of Europe. There really are wild dogs everywhere, and they cry all night long. There is a least a miserable, bohemian glamour to the life here. There are a ton of outdoor cafes with people smoking and drinking rakia. Gypsies leading dancing bears around on leashes, attractive people, glue-sniffing teenage gangs - contradictions everywhere. My email is hard-wired into a big, gaping hole in the apartment wall and ants and little spiders keep crawling out. I am trying to keep an open mind. #Quote by Annie Ward
Dancing quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#35. This is it. It's finally happening. I finally get to dance with him!
At that moment - as the music began - Elend reached into his pocket and pulled out a book. He raised it with one hand, the other on her waist, and began to read.
Vin's jaw dropped, then she whacked him on the arm. "What do you think you're doing? Elend! I'm trying to have a special moment here!"
He turned toward her, smiling with a terribly mischievous grin. "Well, I want to make that special moment as authentic as possible. I mean, you are dancing with me, after all."
"For the first time!"
"All the more important to be certain that I make the right impression, Miss Valette!"
"Oh, for … Will you please just put the book away? #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Dancing quotes by Taylor Swift
#36. Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22 ... #Quote by Taylor Swift
Dancing quotes by Ruth Buzzi
#37. Around 7 years old, we girls took dancing lessons, joined the Brownies, the Girl Scouts, the 4H Club. #Quote by Ruth Buzzi
Dancing quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#38. My friends and I had taken dancing lessons, although none of us would ever admit it. In those depression days, a friend of my mother was trying to make a living by teaching dancing in the evening, in an upstairs dance studio. There was a back door to the place, and she arranged it so the young men could come up through the back way without being seen. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Dancing quotes by Cracked.com
#39. Hippos are the very definition of Disney cute. There is no way you could look at a big, fat, squishy, huggable hippo and not think, "Id she could talk like a human, she would sound just like Jada Pinkett Smith and be oh so sassy." You would totally name her Sassy-baskets, and she would be your tutu-wearing, ballet-dancing, strut-walking pal for life. Just you and Sassy-baskets against the world! #Quote by Cracked.com
Dancing quotes by Cory Booker
#40. My grandmother from Iowa, she is dancing in Heaven at the prospect that the next president of the United States is going to be Hillary Rodham Clinton. #Quote by Cory Booker
Dancing quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#41. To regard the economic process of a society as the essence of the bio-social process of the human animal's society is the same as equating the piece of ground and the house with the rearing of children, or of equating hygiene and work with dancing and music. But it was precisely this purely economic view of life (a view that Lenin had strongly opposed even in his time) that forced the Soviet Union to regress to an authoritarian form. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Dancing quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#42. Just remember that the only question in a house is who is to rule. The rest is only dancing around that, trying not to look it in the eye. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Dancing quotes by Maha Al Musa
#43. The main goal of Bellydance for birth within the framework of actual labour is to fully allow the labouring woman to help nature by moving with and not against the contractions she welcomes. Instead of tensing her muscles and mind with fear and apprehension toward pain, she accepts and surrenders actively, consciously and as best she can to each contractile wave she experiences. #Quote by Maha Al Musa
Dancing quotes by Bruce C. Hafen
#44. Looking back, Colleen and Neal have somewhat different perspectives. . . . She remembers she "was impressed that he seemed to have so much charisma. People were looking to him for answers and just had a great regard for him." Then Neal adds, "So much charisma [that] she turned me down when I first asked her for a date." Fortunately for both, he called again, and this time she said yes. . . .

Colleen found herself increasingly drawn to him. She found him "really cute and interesting," even if he did lack just a little social polish. He didn't care for dancing and didn't like small talk, both of which were more important to other people than they were to her. He "was so knowledgeable and such a good speaker, even though he did talk fast. But if you could listen fast you could learn a lot." As Neal came to know her better, he was impressed with her maturity, her sensitivity to other people, and the depth of her spiritual convictions. He began feeling a "spiritual impetus that this was a young woman out of the ordinary." . . .

Emma remembered, "Our first introduction to Colleen was when you came home one night and said, 'I've got to see more of that girl. She has some thinking under her hood.'" . . . "I knew I was not dealing with an eighteen-year-old co-ed who was so anxious to please me that I'd have my way when I shouldn't," he said. "We hadn't been married long before I knew I had a kind of Gibraltar--someone who would be tough and strong in the storms o #Quote by Bruce C. Hafen
Dancing quotes by Gene Kelly
#45. I got started dancing because I knew it was one way to meet girls. #Quote by Gene Kelly
Dancing quotes by Jerry Springer
#46. I'm always playing a role, whether it's the role of the mayor, the role of a news anchor, or a role of a crazy talk-show host. But there was a specific function. 'On Dancing With The Stars', I had nothing to do but be me, schlepping around the floor. And when I host 'America's Got Talent', that's really me just talking to regular folks. #Quote by Jerry Springer
Dancing quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#47. They went Indian file. First came the scouts, clever, graceful, quiet. They had rifles. Next came the antitank gunner, clumsy and dense, warning Germans away with a Colt .45 automatic in one hand and a trench knife in the other.
Last came Billy Pilgrim, empty-handed, bleakly ready for death. Billy was preposterous - six feet and three inches tall, with a chest and shoulders like a box of kitchen matches. He had no helmet, no overcoat, no weapon, and no boots. On his feet were cheap, low-cut civilian shoes which he had bought for his father's funeral. Billy had lost a heel, which made him bob up-and-down, up-and-down. The involuntary dancing, up-and-down, up-and-down, made his hip joints sore. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Dancing quotes by David H. Koch
#48. The only dancing I did was at the discotheques. I was a very good disco dancer. I say that I learned disco dancing at the wrong places. #Quote by David H. Koch
Dancing quotes by Charles Sorel
#49. Music and Dancing, not only give great pleasure but have the honour of depending on Mathematics, for they consist in number and in measure.....Therefore, whatever the old doctors may say, to employ oneself at all this is to be a Philosopher and a Mathematician. #Quote by Charles Sorel
Dancing quotes by Julie McElwain
#50. She shook off her sense of amazement, and tried to pretend she was watching a period play. There was a lot of flirting going on, plenty of fluttering of ivory fans and eyelashes. It was weird to think that in another two hundred years people would flirt by pole dancing, twerking, and sexting. The #Quote by Julie McElwain
Dancing quotes by Debbie Reynolds
#51. Anything worthwhile is hard, and dancing is very hard, and if you've ever studied dancing of any kind you'd know that to be in precision, three people dancing together. #Quote by Debbie Reynolds
Dancing quotes by Barry Humphries
#52. To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one's mother. #Quote by Barry Humphries
Dancing quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#53. More than anything, rave was an intentionally designed experience. The music, lighting, and ambience were all fine-tuned to elicit and augment altered states of consciousness. The rhythm of the music was precisely 120 beats per minute, the frequency of the fetal heart rate, and the same beat believed to be used by South American shamans to bring their tribes into a trance state. Through dancing together, without prescribed movements, or even partners, rave dancers sought to reach group consciousness on a level they had never experienced before. #Quote by Douglas Rushkoff
Dancing quotes by Charlie Brooker
#54. On clubbers: They were all photographing themselves. In fact, that's all they seemed to be doing. Standing around in expensive clothes, snapping away with phones and cameras. One pose after another, as though they needed to prove their own existence, right there, in the moment. Crucially, this seemed to be the reason they were there in the first place. There was very little dancing. Just pouting and flashbulbs. #Quote by Charlie Brooker
Dancing quotes by Martha Graham
#55. Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground. #Quote by Martha Graham
Dancing quotes by Guy Ritchie
#56. I got too fed up with films that didn't make you think. I liked the idea of one that you'd have to be dancing around with. I like my mind to be engaged when I watch a film. #Quote by Guy Ritchie
Dancing quotes by David Rat
#57. Dancing Master of the On-Going"
-Scott Wannberg- #Quote by David Rat
Dancing quotes by William F. Buckley Jr.
#58. Halfway through the second term of Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal braintrusters began to worry about mounting popular concern over the national debt. In those days the size of the national debt was on everyone's mind. Indeed, Franklin Roosevelt had talked himself into office, in 1932, in part by promising to hack away at a debt which, even under the frugal Mr. Hoover, the people tended to think of as grown to menacing size. Mr. Roosevelt's wisemen worried deeply about the mounting tension ...

And then, suddenly, the academic community came to the rescue. Economists across the length and breadth of the land were electrified by a theory of debt introduced in England by John Maynard Keynes. The politicians wrung their hands in gratitude. Depicting the intoxicating political consequences of Lord Keynes's discovery, the wry cartoonist of the Washington Times Herald drew a memorable picture. In the center, sitting on a throne in front of a Maypole, was a jubilant FDR, cigarette tilted almost vertically, a grin on his face that stretched from ear to ear. Dancing about him in a circle, hands clasped together, their faces glowing with ecstasy, the braintrusters, vested in academic robes, sang the magical incantation, the great discovery of Lord Keynes: "We owe it to ourselves." With five talismanic words, the planners had disposed of the problem of deficit spending. Anyone thenceforward who worried about an increase in the national debt was just plain ignorant of the cent #Quote by William F. Buckley Jr.
Dancing quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#59. I've been known to have a good step or two. I'm half Samoan, you know, and part of our culture is singing and dancing daily. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Dancing quotes by Jordin Sparks
#60. When I go out clubbing I can dance 'til three o'clock in the morning with just a water bottle in my hand. I love dancing to anything with a good beat really. My favorite song to dance to at the moment is probably Drake's 'Best I Ever Had.' #Quote by Jordin Sparks
Dancing quotes by Mark McKinney
#61. You don't go dancing in the day. You don't go golfing in the night. #Quote by Mark McKinney
Dancing quotes by Riker Lynch
#62. Ever since I was little I would always be singing and dancing. I learned dance moves from Michael Jackson and *Nsync. My brothers, Rydel, and I would always put on shows for family members in our basement and we charged everyone $1 to get in. #Quote by Riker Lynch
Dancing quotes by Mary Jane Hathaway
#63. I have a bad feeling about this," she said.
"We'll fake it. And if push comes to shove, we can just sing Goober Peas and waltz around."
"Rebecca might not find that very funny."
"Rebecca is a Northerner. You can tell because there aren't any cheese straws on the snack table. #Quote by Mary Jane Hathaway
Dancing quotes by Suzanne Farrell
#64. That the work involved, the willingness to take chances, the commitment, the opportunity to get on stage and make people happy, was more important than becoming famous, or even what I was dancing. #Quote by Suzanne Farrell
Dancing quotes by Ovid
#65. Or that writing a poem you can read to no one
is like dancing in the dark. #Quote by Ovid
Dancing quotes by Courtney C. Stevens
#66. Because Bodee pulls back when other guys his age rush forward. Because his two fingers on my hips while we're dancing and swaying to slow songs don't threaten me. #Quote by Courtney C. Stevens
Dancing quotes by Judith McNaught
#67. Didn't anyone ever tell you that a lady never deserts her partner before the dance is over?"
"It's over!" Elizabeth said in a choked whisper, and they both knew she referred to more than just the dancing. "I'm not nearly the greenhand you must take me for," she warning, frowning darkly at his frilled shirtfront. A ruby winked back at her from the folds of his white neckcloth.
"I give you my word," he said quietly, "not to force myself upon you tomorrow."
Oddly, Elizabeth believed him, but even so she knew she could never keep such an assignation.
"I give you my word as a gentleman," he said again.
"If you were a gentleman, you'd never make me such a proposition," Elizabeth said, trying to ignore the dull ache of disappointment in her chest.
"Now there's an unarguable piece of logic," he replied grimly. "On the other hand, it's the only choice open to us."
"It's no choice at all. We shouldn't even be out here."
"I'll wait for you at the cottage until noon tomorrow."
"I won't be there."
"I'll wait until noon," he insisted. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Dancing quotes by Ann Reinking
#68. Sometimes I gave conflicting emotions because it's been going on for so long now, but then I see somebody dancing real well and it just comes back like an old love. The flame ignites again. #Quote by Ann Reinking
Dancing quotes by Ilchi Lee
#69. Heaven is dancing
Dancing and laughing,
Ocean and land
Are dancing along,
Undulating to the breath of the sky. #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Dancing quotes by Roselee Goldberg
#70. I grew up as a dancer. I did tap, classical ballet, all of that. I did Indian dancing, or Bharata Natyam, classic temple dancing from Madras, originally. My mother always had the great idea that I should learn it. #Quote by Roselee Goldberg
Dancing quotes by Philippa Gregory
#71. No, you look like the beauty you are, and you know it. You have that gift, which our mother had, of growing older and becoming more lovely. Your features have changed from being merely those of a pretty girl to being those of a beautiful woman with a face like a carving. When you are laughing and dancing with Edward, you could pass for twenty, but when you are still and thoughtful, you are as lovely as the statues they are carving in Italy. No wonder women loathe you. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Dancing quotes by Nina Post
#72. He took the laser pointer off the side table and flicked it on, dancing its red light over the wall. Comet finished eating then walked over like he wasn't really interested, like he just happened to be passing by, but then went predictably crazy. #Quote by Nina Post
Dancing quotes by Merce Cunningham
#73. The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast and willing devotion to the labor that makes the classwork not a gymnastic hour and a half, or at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom discipline to become moments of dancing too ... #Quote by Merce Cunningham
Dancing quotes by Wernher Von Braun
#74. My friends they were dancing here in the streets of Huntsville when our first satellite orbited the Earth. They were dancing again when the first Americans landed on the Moon. I'd like to ask you, don't hang up your dancing slippers. #Quote by Wernher Von Braun
Dancing quotes by Gelsey Kirkland
#75. When you are on stage you are having an affair with three thousand people. #Quote by Gelsey Kirkland
Dancing quotes by Marty Rubin
#76. The artist is always dancing with death. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Dancing quotes by Damian Woetzel
#77. I guess I was phenomenally lucky that I was introduced to dancing because I'm suited to it. It would be very weird if you had this natural ability for something and you never discovered it. It must happen all the time. #Quote by Damian Woetzel
Dancing quotes by Juliet Marillier
#78. Breath of the winds; dancing flame; peace of the earth; song of the waves. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
Dancing quotes by Denise Hunter
#79. Take off your shoes," Jake said after the kids disappeared up the stairs. Meridith eyed her leather loafers. For some reason, she was reluctant to part with them. Not to mention she needed every inch of height. "You're still wearing yours." "I'm not planning on trampling your feet." She removed her shoes and set them by the wall, taking her time. "You want something to drink? I made coffee. Or there's always tea or soda if you prefer." He tucked the corner of his lip. "No, thanks. You want to come closer? I can't teach you from over there." She inched closer. "I'm really bad." "So you said." He gestured to the blue box. "We'll start with a basic box step. Ballroom dancing is counted off like this: one-two-three, one-two-three. Max said he knows how to lead, so I'll teach you to follow." "Good luck with that." "Stand #Quote by Denise Hunter
Dancing quotes by Daphne Kapsali
#80. Dancing on the street's not crazy. What's crazy is trying to capture freedom with rules, and how we make our lives so small that there's no room for dancing. #Quote by Daphne Kapsali
Dancing quotes by Lewis Carroll
#81. The further off from England the nearer is to France-
Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Dancing quotes by J.D. Robb
#82. Well ... yeah. It just goes to show. (Peabody)
Show what (Dallas)
You should get dressed up, go dancing, drink grown-up cocktails, and have sex as much as you can before you're dead. (Peabody) #Quote by J.D. Robb
Dancing quotes by Callie Hunter
#83. Her entire life was obeying orders. She'd left her Father behind, only to fall into the hands of another dictator. Was her life her own anymore, or was she a puppet on a string, dancing to Ryan's tune? #Quote by Callie Hunter
Dancing quotes by Cesar Romero
#84. I was out dancing with one actress or another. And that got press. Even when it didn't, the whole town knew I was a dancing fool, and since I couldn't very well dance with a man, they saw me dancing with a lady, and they assumed the rest. #Quote by Cesar Romero
Dancing quotes by ASAP Ferg
#85. With 'Dope Walk,' I wanted to bring back kids dancing and having fun again. That's how it used to be in Harlem. I remember everybody Harlem-shaking and 'Chicken Noodle Soup'-ing. Those were some of the most fun and memorable times in my life. #Quote by ASAP Ferg
Dancing quotes by Tami Hoag
#86. I have no desire to spend my life dancing backward. #Quote by Tami Hoag
Dancing quotes by Joseph Campbell
#87. You don't ask what a dance means. You enjoy it. You don't ask what the world means. You enjoy it. You don't ask what you mean. You enjoy it. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Dancing quotes by Ariana Grande
#88. All I have to say is basically if performing, singing, acting, and dancing is what you want to do, then you just have to do it - no matter where it is. #Quote by Ariana Grande
Dancing quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
#89. St. Lawrence River
May 1705
Temperature 48 degrees

The dancing began. Along with ancient percussion instruments that crackled and rattled, rasped and banged, the St. Francis Indians had French bells, whose clear chimes rang, and even a bugle, whose notes trumpeted across the river and over the trees.
"Mercy Carter!" exclaimed an English voice. "Joanna Kellogg! This is wonderful! I am so glad to see you!" An English boy flung his arms around the girls, embracing them joyfully, whirling them in circles.
Half his head was plucked and shiny bald, while long dark hair hung loose and tangled from the other half. His skin was very tan and his eyes twinkling black. He wore no shirt, jacket or cape: he was Indian enough to ignore the cold that had settled in once the sun went down.
"Ebenezer Sheldon," cried Mercy. "I haven't seen you since the march."
He had been one of the first to receive an Indian name, when the snow thawed and the prisoners had had to wade through slush up to their ankles. Tannhahorens had changed Mercy's moccasins now and then, hanging the wet pair on his shoulder to dry. But Ebenezer's feet had frozen and he had lost some of his toes.
He hadn't complained; in fact, he had not mentioned it. When his master discovered the injury, Ebenezer was surrounded by Indians who admired his silence. The name Frozen Leg was an honor. In English, the name sounded crippled. But in an Indian tongue, it sounded strong.
The boys i #Quote by Caroline B. Cooney
Dancing quotes by Jim Butcher
#90. I'm never really comfortable at parties. Maybe I'm just not the partying type.
... I think it's because I'm never sure what to do with myself.
I mean, there're drinks, but I don't like being drunk ... There's music, but I never really learned to dance to anything that involved an electric guitar. There are people to talk to ... but once you put all the stupid things I do aside, I'm really not that interesting. I like reading, staying home, going on walks with my dog ... Who wants to hear about that? Especially when I would have to scream it over music to which no one dances.
So I'm there but not drinking, listening to music but not dancing, and trying to have conversations with near-strangers about anything other than my own stupid life ... Leads to a lot of awkward pauses. And then I start wondering why I showed up in the first place.
Cold Days (The Dresden Files Book 14), pg. 33 #Quote by Jim Butcher
Dancing quotes by Nicholson Baker
#91. I hadn't played any music since freshman year of college, more than thirty years ago, so I had to relearn everything. I started writing songs. Some were dance and trance songs (I listen to them a lot while I'm writing), and some were love songs, because that after all is what music is about - dancing and trancing and love and love's setbacks. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
Dancing quotes by Eugen Herrigel
#92. The spider dances her web without knowing there are flies that will get caught in it. The fly, dancing nonchalantly on a sunbeam gets caught without knowing what lies in store. But through both of them "It" dances. So, too, the archer hits the target without having aimed-more I cannot say. #Quote by Eugen Herrigel
Dancing quotes by Jarod Kintz
#93. My shoes are scuffed and dirty from dancing. The grave of my enemy is where I go to find my inner Astaire. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Dancing quotes by HOT CHILI PAPEr
#94. Boys are cheats and liars, they're such a big disgrace. They will tell you anything to get to second base... ball, baseball he thinks he's gonna score. If you let him go all the way then you are a hor... ticulture studies flowers, geologist studies rocks. The only thing a guy wants from you is a place to put his cock... roaches, beetles, butterflies and bugs. Nothing makes him happier than a giant pair of jug... glers and acrobats, a dancing bear named Chuck. All guys really want to do is - forget it, no such luck. #Quote by HOT CHILI PAPEr
Dancing quotes by Owen Wilson
#95. There's something people find hilarious about dogs surfing and dancing and talking in the movies. I think it's nice for people - I think it's wish fulfillment - to see animals talking. #Quote by Owen Wilson
Dancing quotes by Rita Hayworth
#96. From the time I was twelve I was dancing for bread and butter, but in my heart I was always an actress. #Quote by Rita Hayworth
Dancing quotes by Joanna Weaver
#97. I'm trying to learn that in my Christian walk as well. If I'll move to the beat of the Spirit and relinquish control of my life to Him, I'll be able to dance to the music God has playing in His head rather than movin' and agroovin' to the catchy little tunes I've got going in my own. For when I allow the Lord to provide the accompaniment to my life, I discover a richly layered soundtrack more beautiful than anything I could compose myself. But following God's beat, dancing to His rhythm, trusting in His sovereignty - all that can be hard for a rhythmically challenged, control-loving person like me. Because when it comes right down to it, I'm a headstrong little girl who wants her own way in pretty much every area of life. Fortunately, I have a Father who loves me in spite of that. But while He loves me as I am, He also loves me too much to leave me that way. So He insists I follow His lead in order to "grow up" in my salvation (1 Peter 2:2). Becoming more like Jesus and less like me. #Quote by Joanna Weaver
Dancing quotes by Jacob Artist
#98. I grew up dancing my whole life, and I always kind of perceived that's what I would do professionally. But when I caught the acting bug, I knew I needed to go with no turning back. #Quote by Jacob Artist
Dancing quotes by Charles Walters
#99. Timing and pace are important in any film, whether it be comedy or drama. And how better to learn the fundamentals of these show show business ingredients than by dancing? #Quote by Charles Walters
Dancing quotes by Sibella Giorello
#100. I felt a surge of love for my aunt. We disagreed about so many things, yet here was family: the people who kept dancing with you, even after the music stopped. #Quote by Sibella Giorello
Dancing quotes by Jerry Springer
#101. When I was first on 'Dancing With The Stars', people were really shocked and surprised. #Quote by Jerry Springer
Dancing quotes by Stephen Boss
#102. It's been part of my signature to incorporate my humor with my dance, or even just how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling humorous, which I am, most of the day, I tend to incorporate that. If I'm dancing freestyle, if I feel like I've gotten too serious, while I'm moving, I'll think, "All right, it's time to lighten up a little bit," and I do. It just feels good. #Quote by Stephen Boss
Dancing quotes by Willa Strayhorn
#103. Considering our states of mind just the week before, it was hard to believe that the five of us could all be so free and happy, so uninhibited, and all dancing at once, but I guess when we joined together and finally opened up, we made more than a star: We made music. #Quote by Willa Strayhorn
Dancing quotes by Bianca Sparacino
#104. Trust that some of the best days of your life haven't even happened yet. There are going to be parties that leave you dancing until 6am, spontaneous adventures that teach you more than you ever learned in a classroom. There are going to be nights that will stay burned beneath your eyelids, memories that dance underneath your skin. Life is going to exceed your expectations, it is going to astonish you with its timing.

Remember - you have not felt it all.
The world still has so much left for you #Quote by Bianca Sparacino
Dancing quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#105. Life is like dancing, sometimes one of you leads, sometimes the other, and if you do it right it's beautiful, even when it's hard. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Dancing quotes by H.S. Crow
#106. The elasticity of our dreams can take us to unspoken worlds, but our innate horror of the unknown is what weighs us down. Fight it.

Travel to the isolated coils of smoldering dust trapped in our dusky sky or explore the unseen timeless vibration of dancing particles that fashions existence. Whatever choice you make can change your life forever. The same applies to a story. Words are the atoms of a tale, and together they compose a universe. #Quote by H.S. Crow
Dancing quotes by Anne Lamott
#107. Creative expression, whether that means writing, dancing, bird-watching, or cooking, can give a person almost everything that he or she has been searching for: enlivenment, peace, meaning, and the incalculable wealth of time spent quietly in beauty. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Dancing quotes by Stephen Boss
#108. Dancing is so physical and so athletic. I think it rings to the boy that is in my soul because you get to run and jump and climb and act as aggressively as you'd like. #Quote by Stephen Boss
Dancing quotes by Plato
#109. A good education consists in knowing how to sing and dance well. #Quote by Plato
Dancing quotes by James Corden
#110. I just wanted to perform. I just wanted to perform in whatever capacity, whether it was acting, singing, dancing, comedy - whatever it was, I just loved it and felt at my absolute happiest when I was performing for people. #Quote by James Corden
Dancing quotes by Edouard Leve
#111. You couldn't have been said to dance, exactly. Despite the music sounding around you, bodies being carried away by the whirling bass, it didn't get inside you. You used to trace out the steps, but you were mimicking dancing, rather than doing it. You would dance alone. When a look crossed yours, you'd smile like someone caught off guard in an absurd situation. #Quote by Edouard Leve
Dancing quotes by Tracy Morgan
#112. Black people dance well because we start early - there's music being played everywhere. White people? They don't start dancing until they get to college, and by then, it's too late; the bottom don't move with the top no matter how hard they try. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Dancing quotes by Claire Fullerton
#113. There's a period of uncertainty that comes into play upon meeting someone who interests you. It must be inherent in attraction, for I've never met anybody who hasn't experienced it, it's just a question of to what degree they're going to admit it. #Quote by Claire Fullerton
Dancing quotes by Isabel Lopez
#114. There isn't a dance that can compare to the gaiety, the timing and cohesiveness of hand maneuvers, the provoca-tive movements in unison of an upbeat salsa dance. The sweating, the writhing bodies, the facial expressions; the start of a moderate sensual beat climaxing in the middle to a crescendo and then ending with a slower consummation is like making love in its most exquisite form. #Quote by Isabel Lopez
Dancing quotes by Heath Ledger
#115. The reason that you dance and sing is to make the audience feel like they're dancing and singing. As long as you're having fun with it and giving it 100 percent, they're gonna feel that. #Quote by Heath Ledger
Dancing quotes by Gena Showalter
#116. Apparently, dancing for him and throwing herself at him weren't enough. Apparently, she had to nearly commit murder to arouse him enough to attack her. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Dancing quotes by Jim Butcher
#117. Put some clothes on, you weird, yellow-eyed, table-dancing, werewolf-training, cryptic, stare-me-right-in-the-eyes-and-don't-even-blink wench. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Dancing quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#118. But be careful; sand is already broken but glass breaks. The shoes are for dancing, not running away. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Dancing quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#119. Big Brother isn't watching. He's singing and dancing. He's pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother's busy holding your attention every moment you're awake. He's making sure you're always distracted. He's making sure you're fully absorbed. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Dancing quotes by Debasish Mridha
#120. This is a beautiful morning; the sun is rising with a smiling face. Everything around me is alive and smiling. Everything is whispering in my ear to enjoy every moment and enjoy the morning. My heart is dancing with you, with morning light. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Dancing quotes by Martha Graham
#121. My dancing is not an attempt to interpret life in the literary sense. It is an affirmation of life through movement. #Quote by Martha Graham
Dancing quotes by Rachel Vincent
#122. Sabine gestured to him with the half-eaten crust. "I like him. Not sure why he's wasting his time with the pole dancer, though."
Tod laughed out loud and I groaned. "Sophie takes ballet and jazz. She's not a pole dancer."
"There's more money in pole dancing," Sabine insisted. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Dancing quotes by Debasish Mridha
#123. On a silent moonlit night look at the sky and see yourself dancing with those distant twinkling stars. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Dancing quotes by John Green
#124. Hey, I notice you look like you're coming down off a meth binge and smell vaguely of algae. Were you perchance dancing with a snakebit Margo Roth Spiegelman a couple of hours ago? #Quote by John Green
Dancing quotes by Amy Poehler
#125. People are their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth, and being chased in a fun way. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Dancing quotes by Hakim Bey
#126. The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself, an invisible golden chord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. #Quote by Hakim Bey
Dancing quotes by Adam Carolla
#127. This is why the terrorists hate us. And it's not the glitter and it's not the pomp and circumstance. We've got black and white, we've got Hispanic and Asian, we got gay, straight, and Guttenberg, all working together for one common goal: to get the mirror ball. And the mirror ball doesn't care what color you are, and it doesn't care how rich your parents are, and it doesn't care what God you pray to. It's an even wooden floor, and may the best man or woman win. And I say God bless Dancing with the Stars, and God bless the USA. #Quote by Adam Carolla
Dancing quotes by Sarah Hepola
#128. He nursed one beer each night. Sometimes two. He poured the beer into a glass, and I could smell the hops dancing in the air as I passed. Few scents crackle my nerve endings like beer. As gorgeous as campfire, as unmistakable as gasoline. I sidled up to him. Can I have a sip? Just one. I placed my nose in the glass, and I could feel stardust on my face. I don't know if parents still let their kids taste beer, but it wasn't uncommon at the time. The bitterness was supposed to turn us off the stuff, but that one sip lit a fuse in me that burned for decades. #Quote by Sarah Hepola
Dancing quotes by Delilah S. Dawson
#129. He was gazing down at me, and his eyes were endless, deep pools of pleading and fire and barely restrained something or other, and they were magnetic, like black holes, but full of flames, and yet gray, and yet full of colors and see-through and dancing with little flecks of glitter, and I couldn't look away, and what pretty eyelashes he had, as long and dark as a woman's, as a kitten's, as a panther's, and the smell, oh, the smell, like crushed heather and berries and springtime in the morning and bodies rolling over and over in the grass and everything covered with dew like cobwebs making mandalas of raindrops, and I couldn't stand it, couldn't hold back for one more second ... #Quote by Delilah S. Dawson
Dancing quotes by Rachel Cohn
#130. It's the great male fantasy-all it takes is one dance to know that she's the one. All it takes is the sound of her song from the tower, or a look at her sleeping face. And right away you know-this is the girl in your head, sleeping or dancing or singing in front of you. Yes, girls want princes, but boys want their princesses just as much. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Dancing quotes by Patricia Briggs
#131. You going to watch my butt all day, or are you going to join me?" asked my mate.
"What if I had said I was going to watch your butt all day?" I asked curiously as I opened the door an stepped into the hot water.
"I've been considering belly-dancing lessons," he told me in a serious voice. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Dancing quotes by Havelock Ellis
#132. The art of dancing stands at the source of all the arts that express themselves first in the human person. The art of building, or architecture, is the beginning of all the arts that lie outside the person; and in the end they unite. #Quote by Havelock Ellis
Dancing quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#133. My hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music and dancing. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Dancing quotes by C.J. Stone
#134. We live in a state of economic apartheid. The laws are there to protect the the haves from the have-nots. #Quote by C.J. Stone
Dancing quotes by Giles Andreae
#135. We can all dance when we find music that we love. #Quote by Giles Andreae
Dancing quotes by Douglas Adams
#136. It all sounds rather naive and sentimental to be talking about children laughing and dancing and singing together when we all know perfectly well that what children do in real life is snarl and take drugs. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Dancing quotes by Billy Bragg
#137. A nation with their freezers full are dancing in their seats, while outside another nation is sleeping in the streets. #Quote by Billy Bragg
Dancing quotes by Manu Bennett
#138. I was a breakdancer as a kid. I was on one of the top break dancing teams in Australia. #Quote by Manu Bennett
Dancing quotes by Drew Lachey
#139. I was a wallflower when I was younger, and at a young age, I was too embarrassed. So I didn't start dancing until around 20, and obviously when you're in a boy band, you kinda have to. #Quote by Drew Lachey
Dancing quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#140. Painting seems to be to the eye what dancing is to the limbs. When that has educated the frame to self-possession, to nimbleness,to grace, the steps of the dancing-master are better forgotten; so painting teaches me the splendor of color and the expression of form, and as I see many pictures and higher genius in the art, I see the boundless opulence of the pencil, the indifferency in which the artist stands free to choose out of the possible forms. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dancing quotes by Leila Janah
#141. Dancing is my therapy. I also try to meditate every morning and take several two-hour yoga classes a week at my favorite yoga studio, Urban Flow. #Quote by Leila Janah
Dancing quotes by Lene Fogelberg
#142. Dancing is like poetry written by our bodies: our outstretched arms our words of longing. #Quote by Lene Fogelberg
Dancing quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#143. The snow fell and fell, dancing and curling like sparkling spindrifts, the white fresh and clean against the brown and gray of the world. And despite myself, despite my numb limbs, I quieted that relentless, vicious part of my mind to take in the snow-veiled woods. Once #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Dancing quotes by Suzanne Farrell
#144. Once I started dancing, I was not the spoiled brat or the rebellious child that I was as a child. #Quote by Suzanne Farrell
Dancing quotes by Heinrich Heine
#145. Twelve Dancings are dancing, and taking no rest, And closely their hands together are press'd; And soon as a dance has come to a close, Another begins, and each merrily goes. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Dancing quotes by Cassandra Clare
#146. You think that's the solution to everything, don't you, Bane? Drinking and dancing and making love ... but I tell you this, something is coming, and we'd be fools to ignore it."
"When have I ever claimed not to be a fool? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dancing quotes by Justine Bateman
#147. I like to go dancing, have a few beers. I like being alone, too. I have days where it's 'God, get me a shot of tequila.' #Quote by Justine Bateman
Dancing quotes by Zadie Smith
#148. Unlike my mother, he had no anxiety in connection with her, he found her single-minded dedication to her dancing sweet, and also, I think, admirable- it appealed to his work ethic- and it was very clear that Tracey adored my father, was even a little in love with him. She was so painfully grateful for the way he talked to her like a father, although sometimes he went too far in this direction, not understanding that what came after borrowing a father for a few minutes was he pain of having to give him back. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Dancing quotes by Megalyn Echikunwoke
#149. Obviously, there's the seedy side of the strip club world and pole dancing. But, pole dancing, as an art form, is really beautiful. It's been hyper-sexualized because it's associated with strippers, but if you think about it, just in terms of other kinds of dancing, they're using an instrument to create these amazing dance forms. #Quote by Megalyn Echikunwoke
Dancing quotes by Chasey Lain
#150. I didn't like dancing in Canada. The managers of the clubs treated me as less than a cow. And Canadians don't tip so you have to ask for more base pay. #Quote by Chasey Lain
Dancing quotes by Anton Du Beke
#151. I'm busier than ever and it's led to new opportunities. But I've never worried about being rich or famous - for me, it's all about the dancing. #Quote by Anton Du Beke
Dancing quotes by John Fowles
#152. Sex is just an activity, like anything else. It's not dirty, it's just two people playing with each other's bodies. Like dancing. Like a game. #Quote by John Fowles
Dancing quotes by Shameik Moore
#153. I was the one that was always dancing and got along with everybody, but I also spoke my mind. If I didn't agree with something the teacher would say, I'd tell her, so I would get in trouble for things like that. I've always been a good/bad boy. #Quote by Shameik Moore
Dancing quotes by Susan Cooper
#154. So the shortest day came, and the year died. #Quote by Susan Cooper
Dancing quotes by Leyla Najma
#155. Families are always in the details of dancers movements. Love, passion, anger and laughter, are the descriptive ways we bring to life…our lives. #Quote by Leyla Najma
Dancing quotes by Liane Moriarty
#156. She has become so irritatingly optimistic ever since she took up salsa dancing. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Dancing quotes by Cassandra Clare
#157. Sorry," she said breathlessly.
"I got lost in the crowd."
"I noticed," he said.
"One second I was dancing with you, and the next you were gone and a very persistent werewolf was trying to get the buttons on my jeans undone."
Sebastian chuckled. "Girl or boy werewolf?"
"Not sure. Either way, they could have used a shave. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dancing quotes by Meg Cabot
#158. Look, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I said no because the whole thing would just be too
Dirty Dancing , right? Summer fling at the resort, only with the roles reversed: you know, the poor
working girl and the rich doctor's son, nobody puts Baby in the corner, blah blah blah. That kind of thing. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Dancing quotes by Curt Sachs
#159. The peoples influenced by the animal dance have a variety of movements and dance with enthusiasm; those who do not know the animal dance have few movements and show little zest for dancing. #Quote by Curt Sachs
Dancing quotes by Bethany K. Lovell
#160. Dancing and fighting weren't that different, really. So what if she looked like she'd accidentally stuck her sword in a light socket every time she hit a dance floor? She could definitely throw down some fancy footwork while wielding said sword. #Quote by Bethany K. Lovell
Dancing quotes by Anonymous
#161. and create many more choices for ourselves. Without conscious attention, we are simply dancing around in the cage of our habitual patterns, thinking we are free #Quote by Anonymous
Dancing quotes by Joss Whedon
#162. You think we're dancing?" "That's all we've ever done. #Quote by Joss Whedon
Dancing quotes by Trevor Parks
#163. Dancing with the Devil is a lot more fun than dancing alone. #Quote by Trevor Parks
Dancing quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#164. As Merripen gave the ribbons to a stableman at the mews, Amelia glanced toward the end of the alley.
A pair of street youths crouched near a tiny fire, roasting something on sticks. Amelia did not want to speculate on the nature of the objects being heated. Her attention moved to a group - three men and a woman - illuminated in the uncertain blaze. It appeared two of the men were engaged in fisticuffs. However, they were so inebriated that their contest looked like a performance of dancing bears.
The woman's gown was made of gaudily colored fabric, the bodice gaping to reveal the plump hills of her breasts. She seemed amused by the spectacle of two men battling over her, while a third attempted to break up the fracas.
"'Ere now, my fine jacks," the woman called out in a Cockney accent, "I said I'd take ye both on - no need for a cockfight!"
"Stay back," Merripen murmured.
Pretending not to hear, Amelia drew closer for a better view. It wasn't the sight of the brawl that was so interesting - even their village, peaceful little Primrose Place, had its share of fistfights. All men, no matter what their situation, occasionally succumbed to their lower natures. What attracted Amelia's notice was the third man, the would-be peacemaker, as he darted between the drunken fools and attempted to reason with them.
He was every bit as well dressed as the gentlemen on either side … but it was obvious this man was no gentleman. He was black-haired and swa #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Dancing quotes by Antony Gormley
#165. The making of a whole person and the creation of true individuals can only happen by singing and dancing and making art. #Quote by Antony Gormley
Dancing quotes by Diogenes Laertius
#166. Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves. Whistle and dance and shimmy, and you've got an audience! #Quote by Diogenes Laertius
Dancing quotes by Maddie Ziegler
#167. My dance teacher will show me pictures of girls who are rhythmic gymnasts, and they are super skinny. But I don't want to be too skinny. I think that looks a little gross when you are dancing. You don't want to be a scrawny, bony thing. #Quote by Maddie Ziegler
Dancing quotes by Peter J. Leithart
#168. Dancing is forbidden to Christians. Isn't it suggestive that the word ballet comes from the Greek ballo, which is also the origin of diabolos, "devil"?8 #Quote by Peter J. Leithart
Dancing quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#169. The silky swirl of his tongue in the hollow of her navel sent fire licking through her veins. Hazily aware of the area his mouth was traversing, she stirred beneath him.
Not seeming to realize just where he was kissing her, Matthew persisted, sliding lower until Daisy let out a muffled yelp and pushed hard at his encroaching head.
"What is it?" he asked, rising to his elbows.
Crimson with mortification, Daisy could hardly bring herself to explain. "You were too close to my…well, you accidentally…"
As her voice faded, understanding dawned in Matthew's eyes. Quickly he bent his head to hide his expression, and a tremor ran through his shoulders. He replied with great care, still looking away from her. "It wasn't accidental. I meant to do that."
Daisy was astonished. "But you were going to kiss me right on my - " She broke off as his gaze met hers, laughter dancing in his blue eyes.
He wasn't embarrassed at all - he was amused.
"You're not shocked, are you?" he asked. "I thought you were well read."
"Well, no one would ever write about something like that."
He shrugged, his eyes glowing. "You're the literary authority."
"You're making fun of me," she said.
"Just a little," he whispered, and kissed her stomach again. Her legs jerked against his restraining hands. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Dancing quotes by Walter Savage Landor
#170. Not dancing well, I never danced at all
and how grievously has my heart ached when others where in the full enjoyment of that conversation which I had no right even to partake. #Quote by Walter Savage Landor
Dancing quotes by Rachel E. Pollock
#171. Down we felt as up we grew, dancing our didn'ts and drinking our dids. #Quote by Rachel E. Pollock
Dancing quotes by Rudzani Ralph
#172. Faith is when music stops but you continue dancing. #Quote by Rudzani Ralph
Dancing quotes by James A. Newman
#173. The alcohol danced down his throat like a contented snake on the way to a magic ball... The lights seemed suddenly brighter... He felt an immediate sense of danger... Electricity... Fear... Excitement... The glass left his lips he needed another. He needed ten, twenty, thirty more...
He needed rivers, seas, oceans...
He swore under his breath. Somewhere a woman laughed and a man shouted... He looked at the stage. Temptresses dancing... Strange Northern music.... Whores... laws... violence... #Quote by James A. Newman
Dancing quotes by Lisa Kemmerer
#174. The same patriarchy that oppresses women oppresses nonhuman animals. Farmed animals and "housewives," "lab" animals and prostitutes, dancing bears and girls in the sex trade - all have too long been exploited by the same patriarchal hierarchy wherein the comparatively weak are exploited for the benefit of the powerful. #Quote by Lisa Kemmerer
Dancing quotes by Crystal Rose
#175. Now wait a second ... " Kenneth butted in.
"Yeah, we haven't asked you the questions yet," Brandon finished for Kenneth.
"Yeah, like what are your intentions toward our little Ryan," Patrick added, smirking.
"What do you do for a living?" Brandon added.
"Can you support Ryan's shoe fetish?" Kenneth threw his question in too.
"Hmm, okay, here are my answers. I plan on feeding him, dancing with him and God willing fucking him until he can't walk straight. I help infertile chickens have baby chickens, and I think so. I'm hoping his feet are about my size. We can share shoes and everything," Phillip answered. #Quote by Crystal Rose
Dancing quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#176. Eyes closed, feet dancing their way toward the pond, she was her own music, her body her favorite thing she'd ever owned. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Dancing quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#177. How inimitably graceful children are in general-before they learn to dance. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Dancing quotes by Lindsay Arnold
#178. A busy person is usually the most efficient because they know how to manage their time. That's something I learned through dancing all through school and all throughout my life. #Quote by Lindsay Arnold
Dancing quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#179. A perfect night... a perfect forever #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Dancing quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#180. She said there was no tactful way for a naked person to cope with a runny nose, especially while dancing. Orly grudgingly agreed. #Quote by Carl Hiaasen
Dancing quotes by Oksana Rus
#181. It was a vision of the one thing that we both hoped someday would be...the warmth of our bodies next to each other's, reflected in sunset of our secret place... We longed for it to be like this, each and every evening... Dancing in the night, playing hide-and-seek in the day, the beauty of our souls blossoms... Never before had we felt so happy, never before had we felt so alive... We hear the birds, sensing the cheerful breeze, the rainbow's end does linger here....our tenderness, sighs and spirits speak and we do know clear... This place is where love and laughter meet... You take my hand, kiss each finger tip, with tears in your eyes you touch my cheek and whisper of how wondrous this, we share our love once again. The love that gives us wings to fly anew. Our hearts in sweet pleasing pain beat as one in the rhythm of long forgotten yet melody... Together again at this wondrous place, where just our presence adds more grace and makes it what was meant to be - a place for you a place for me... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Dancing quotes by Andy Partridge
#182. Ballet for a rainy day Silent film of melting miracle play Dancing out there through my window To the backdrop of a slow descending grey #Quote by Andy Partridge
Dancing quotes by Debasish Mridha
#183. I want to be born and reborn as a cherry tree so that I may beautify this world with my blossoms, feed everyone with my nectar of love fruits, and purify the air with my calmly dancing leaves. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Dancing quotes by Rick Riordan
#184. He extended his fingers and felt them tingle, like they were waking up - pins and needles. Then flames flickered to life, curls of red-hot fire dancing across his palm. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dancing quotes by Apolo Ohno
#185. The first question is always, 'We loved him on 'Dancing with the Stars,' we loved him in the Olympics, but can he speak English?' Yes I speak English. Yes, I can. #Quote by Apolo Ohno
Dancing quotes by Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
#186. The French are completely without scruples, energy or valor - the Great War castrated them and left them diminished, whiney, mistaking bickering for debate and shrillness for eloquence, they are a nation in such effete decline that Shickelgrubber, when he finally attacks them, might be dancing with the keys to Paris in his hand after a week or two of puny skirmishing. #Quote by Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Dancing quotes by Toni Morrison
#187. There is no civilization that did not begin with art, Whether it was drawing a line in the sand, painting a cave or dancing. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Dancing quotes by Ryan Guzman
#188. I was a professional fighter for a while, and I trained in martial arts for seven years, so I think that kind of helped form a base for me as far as dancing. #Quote by Ryan Guzman
Dancing quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#189. Here's one night when I control the chaos. I participate with the doom I can't control. I'm dancing with the inevitable, and I survive ... My regular little dress rehearsal ... the day I finally meet Death, the two of us will be old, long-lost friends. Me and Death, separated at birth. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Dancing quotes by Lara Adrian
#190. With him, I'm dancing right up next to the flames of everything I'm afraid of and I'm learning that I can actually enjoy the burn.
With him, I'm learning that I crave it. #Quote by Lara Adrian
Dancing quotes by Walt Whitman
#191. WE two boys together clinging,
One the other never leaving,
Up and down the roads going, North and South excursions making,
Power enjoying, elbows stretching, fingers clutching,
Arm'd and fearless, eating, drinking, sleeping, loving.
No law less than ourselves owning, sailing, soldiering, thieving,
Misers, menials, priests alarming, air breathing, water drinking, on
the turf or the sea-beach dancing,
Cities wrenching, ease scorning, statutes mocking, feebleness
Fulfilling our foray. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Dancing quotes by Ashlan Thomas
#192. This was it. I had front row seats to the beginning of Xander and Danielle. Tonight, he would kiss her if he hadn't already. Groping would ensue, and then removal of their clothes because they were in the way of the groping. Lips would be all over each other, hands touching parts only touched in private. Her blonde hair would spread over him as they moved like that in bed. Oh, they were going to have sex! The way they were dancing, they wouldn't even make it to a bed; it would be down in the fish room. Those poor fish wouldn't know it was coming, still happily sucking down their stinky flakes. They would scare the fish! #Quote by Ashlan Thomas
Dancing quotes by Billy Idol
#193. Well there's nothing to lose And there's nothing to prove I'll be dancing with myself. #Quote by Billy Idol
Dancing quotes by Gordon Lightfoot
#194. I remember when I first rocked in it was a great big dance hall and Tommy Young was blowing trombone and Louis [Armstrong] was singing a tune and it was just Satchmo and you could hear it resounding through the dance hall and people were dancing. It was a highlight. #Quote by Gordon Lightfoot
Dancing quotes by Ana Blaze
#195. Amy let him lead her to the dance area. She gasped when he immediately tugged her body against his. Clearly Erik had not learned the dance rules taught at St. Francis High School. He didn't leave room for air, much less a holy presence. #Quote by Ana Blaze
Dancing quotes by Martha Graham
#196. You will only get out of a dance class what you bring to it. Learn by practice. #Quote by Martha Graham
Dancing quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#197. Also, it's good to have more than one profession, in case your own profession goes out of style. A Wall Street trader who's also a belly dancer will do a lot better than a trader who winds up driving a taxi. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Dancing quotes by Bob Hope
#198. Most of the people who came for dancing lessons had Rumba ambitions and minuet bodies #Quote by Bob Hope
Dancing quotes by Linda Howard
#199. There couldn't be anything more perfect, she thought, than slow dancing, barefoot, on a balcony in New Orleans, while the rain poured down and twilight wrapped around them #Quote by Linda Howard
Dancing quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#200. With the advent of this something-not-known (which he scarcely dares consider lest it vanish), the metastasizing animosities among the witness bearers are dissolving, as if the Dancing were sealing their acceptance of all woebegone humankind in all its greed and cruelties as the only creature capable of evil and the only one - surely those two are connected - aware that it must die. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen

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