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Famous Quotes About Dalessandros Cheesesteak

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Dalessandros Cheesesteak quotes by Jana Aston
#1. Sit." The stadium officer points to a chair. There's a table with two chairs on one side and one on the other. There's even a surveillance window on the wall, like an episode of Law & Order. This has got to be a joke.

I sit. What else am I supposed to do? Make a run for it? I'm not a run-for-it kind of girl. Besides, I've done nothing wrong. I am not a criminal. I'm a second-grade teacher. Maybe something awful happened to Cal? Maybe he tripped and hit his head. Stadium seating involves a lot of stairs. Or maybe he got shanked while in line for a cheesesteak. With a plastic knife. It happens. I think I saw it once on TV. What if they need me to provide medical information? I don't know any medical information about Cal, I've met the guy twice #Quote by Jana Aston
Dalessandros Cheesesteak quotes by Kevin Hart
#2. I'm a Buffalo wing magnet, a sandwich fanatic, a cheesesteak guy. But I'll only get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. No one else does it right. #Quote by Kevin Hart
Dalessandros Cheesesteak quotes by Rich Lowry
#3. John Kerry couldn't even order a Philly cheesesteak properly. #Quote by Rich Lowry
Dalessandros Cheesesteak quotes by Melissa Jensen
#4. In spite of the cold I took a seat at one of the sidewalk tables. It felt like a slab of ice under my butt. I shivered,but stuck it out.
"Hey, Loco Girl!"
Shout out "Hey, Gorgeous!" or "Einstein," and I don't budge. But this one had me at "Loco." Go figure. I looked across the sidewalk to see Daniel's face, so much like Frankie's, framed in the window of his Jeep. I felt a sad little tug in my chest.
"You are aware it's only forty degrees out there,aren't you?" he asked. I shrugged. "Meeting someone?"
"No," I admitted.
"Then get in.Your hands look like wax. It's seriously creepy."
I looked down at the hand gripping the blindingly cheerful cup.He was right.
He also got out to open the passenger's-side door for me. I was a little charmed, until he pointed at my partially eaten cheesesteak in its wilted paper wrapper. "You are not bringing that thing into my car. It's an abomination."
I eyed the cigarette he'd dropped in the gutter. He did his teeth-baring thing. I tossed my cold meal in the trash, knowing I wouldn't have eaten it anyway. The inside of the Jeep wasn't all that much warmer than out. "Here." Daniel took off his black leather jacket and held it out for me. It was heavy and smelled a little bit like a burned cookie. It went on over my own coat; the sleeves went past my fingertips. "You look like frozen-"
"Don't say it," I muttered as I settled into the battered seat.
"You have no idea what I was going to say," he sho #Quote by Melissa Jensen

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