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Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Berkowitz
#1. Experimenting with different sounds is great, but when it comes down to it, you're still playing a guitar. #Quote by Daisy Berkowitz
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Suanne Laqueur
#2. I only want you. No one could hold me in the dark the way you do. #Quote by Suanne Laqueur
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Prescott
#3. Keep it in your pants, Day. #Quote by Daisy Prescott
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#4. When Maura opened the door of 300 Fox Way, she found the Gray Man standing pensively on the other side. He had brought her two things: a daisy-chain crown, which he somberly placed on her head, and a pink switchblade, which he handed to her. Both had taken some effort to procure. The first because the Gray Man had forgotten how to efficiently link daisies and the second because switchblades were illegal in Virginia, even if they were pink. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Daisy Trinidad quotes by A. Yavuz Oruc
#5. Like a daisy fortune,
The pendulum of time
Beats in Dilara's heart
Loves me, loves me not...

October 1942, p.305. #Quote by A. Yavuz Oruc
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Ridley
#6. I went to a school called Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. I went because initially I was very naughty, and my mom thought if I was busy, I'd be better. And I didn't really do acting until later on in the school, with an amazing teacher. I left, went traveling, came back. #Quote by Daisy Ridley
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Koren Zailckas
#7. I've been thinking I'd like to be Daisy; I'd like to have someone like Gatsby stare at my house for whole years and never stop dreaming of me #Quote by Koren Zailckas
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Danielle Weiler
#8. You will do well in everything you seek out to do ... because you don't give up. Others make mistakes, fall down, lose heart, and you do too, but you don't give up. You don't lose yourself in the process. You keep moving forward and pushing for only the very best' (Miss Shaw to Daisy, 'Friendship on Fire', p. 446) #Quote by Danielle Weiler
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Toni Blake
#9. It just makes me realize how ... fleeting life can be. How quickly it all passes by. And it's strange to read something written by someone whose life was really just beginning then but who's dead now."
He nodded, looking like he was taking that in. But then he said, "That's kinda deep, Daisy."
She laughed, rolled her eyes. "Well, you asked. So if that's too deep for you, tell me about your fish."
"Well, they were small and blue and I feel emotional because their lives were really just starting but they're dead now. #Quote by Toni Blake
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Ridley
#10. Both my parents are creative. My dad did act when he was younger, but they're both very creative. #Quote by Daisy Ridley
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Steven D. Levitt
#11. A story, meanwhile, fills out the picture. It uses data, statistical or otherwise, to portray a sense of magnitude; without data, we have no idea how a story fits into the larger scheme of things. A good story also includes the passage of time, to show the degree of constancy or change; without a time frame, we can't judge whether we're looking at something truly noteworthy or just an anomalous blip. And a story lays out a daisy chain of events, to show the causes that lead up to a particular situation and the consequences that result from it. #Quote by Steven D. Levitt
Daisy Trinidad quotes by John Green
#12. I've got a theory about uniforms. I think they design them so that you become, like, a nonperson, so that you're not Daisy Ramirez, a Human Being, but instead a thing that brings people pizza and exchanges their tickets for plastic dinosaurs. It's like the uniform is designed to hide me. #Quote by John Green
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Thomas Mallon
#13. Daisy loved all parades, especially this one, whose crush of observers, prone to impulsive kisses, made it one more piece of the mistletoe under which she lived her life #Quote by Thomas Mallon
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Cath Crowley
#14. You've been looking like this for months." Leo does something strange with his face.
"I don't look like that."
"Yeah. You do."
"I'll look like that if Daisy dumps me, and she'll dump me if she thinks I lied," Dylan says.
"You threw eggs at her head. Odds are she's dumping you anyway." I turn to Leo. "We decided. We said that we weren't telling anyone. We said it was art for art's sake. We said the more people knew, the more chance the cop's pick us up. We said it was you and me, no crew."
"Are you sure I didn't say it was to score girls? #Quote by Cath Crowley
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Krista Ritchie
#15. I've heard that people spend a really long time finding their soul mates."
I squeeze Lily's shoulder. She's been in her soul mate's arms since she was little.
"It took you two long enough, didn't it?" Lo says. "No thanks to me." He pauses. "But I want you two to know - from the bottom of my black, decaying heart - I love you both, and the only perfect world has Ryke standing beside Daisy and Daisy standing beside Ryke. Anything less is fucked up. Remember that, will you? #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Ashford
#16. I am very fond of fresh air and royalties. #Quote by Daisy Ashford
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Erica Goros
#17. Unfortunately we do treat others as we treat ourselves. We should try being genuinely kind to ourselves first and the rest will come naturally, like an 18-kt. Golden Rule."
― Erica Goros, The Daisy Chain #Quote by Erica Goros
Daisy Trinidad quotes by F.C. Yee
#18. Quentin and I crawled outside the building and flopped onto the grass. I was bleeding from a gash across my forehead that he promised would seal itself and disappear within minutes, as long as I didn't die first. With the way I felt, we'd have to wait and see.

Quentin grabbed his own fingers and pulled, relocating his joints. The popping noise made me want to vomit.

"Dear god," I croaked. "How did . . . why was that . . . so hard?"

"He was an identical copy of me," Quentin said. He spat a bloody tooth out to the side. "What were you expecting, a pushover?"

I watched his blood sink into the ground and sprout a little daisy with perfect white petals. Whatever. I was beyond surprise when it came to Quentin at this point. #Quote by F.C. Yee
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Julia Quinn
#19. Listen to me," Iris said again. "If we attempt this piece, we will
be massacred."
"By whom?" Daisy asked.
Iris just looked at her, completely unable to articulate a reply.
"By the music," Sarah put in.
"Oh, you've decided to join the discussion, then," Honoria said.
"Don't be sarcastic," Sarah snipped.
"Where were the two of you when I was trying to pick
something out?"
"They were moving the piano."
"Daisy!" all three of them yelled.
"What did I say?" Daisy demanded.
"Try not to be so literal," Iris snapped. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Matthew Quick
#20. When I read the actual story-how Gatsby loves Daisy so much but can't ever be with her no matter how hard he tries-I feel like ripping the book in half and calling up Fitzgerald and telling him his book is all wrong, even though I know Fitzgerald is probably deceased. Especially when Gatsby is shot dead in his swimming pool the first time he goes for a swim all summer, Daisy doesn't even go to his funeral, Nick and Jordan part ways, and Daisy ends up sticking with racist Tom, whose need for sex basically murders an innocent woman, you can tell Fitzgerald never took the time to look up at clouds during sunset, because there's no silver lining at the end of that book, let me tell you. #Quote by Matthew Quick
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Whitney
#21. My heart hammers and my head hurts and there's this taste in my mouth. This dry, parched taste. This taste of a night I don't remember with….

I squeeze my eyes shut. This can't be hard. What's his name?

Remember, Goddamn it, remember.


His name is Carver. #Quote by Daisy Whitney
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#22. Do you ever feel like running away?" "Of course ... Sometimes I feel like I want to run away from everything." "I remember having that feeling once when I was at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm ... I climbed over the fence, but I was still in the world! #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Ben Driscoll
#23. In my dream, we were tiny specks in a vast, uncaring universe. I tried to count all the atoms, but I felt infinity staring back at me. And it was terrifying. I realized something. I'm just the vibration of a few atoms that happened to clump together, an impossibly unique combination that will eventually dismantle, and drift apart forever. And then I'll be gone too, into an unimaginable void, where even sadness can't exist. #Quote by Ben Driscoll
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Fuentes
#24. I believe my customer knows her style and knows how to mix and match your style. #Quote by Daisy Fuentes
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#25. With Matthew at her side, Daisy browsed the row of wooden stalls that had been erected along High Street, filled with fabrics, toys, millinery, silver jewelry, and glassware. She was determined to see and do as much as possible in a short time, for Westcliff had strongly advised them to return to the manor well before midnight.
"The later the hour, the more unrestrained the merrymaking tends to become," the earl had said meaningfully. "Under the influence of wine - and behind the concealment of masks - people tend to do things they would never think of doing in the light of day."
"Oh, what's a little fertility ritual here or there?" Daisy had scoffed cheerfully. "I'm not so innocent that I - "
"We'll be back early," Matthew had told the earl. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Deepak Chopra
#26. ... if you really see a daisy, you see from here to infinity... #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Goodwin
#27. one to know. I have spilt some ink on my dress and I am concealing it with paint.' Charlotte pointed at the blemish with her finger. 'There! Good as new.' 'But what on earth were you doing messing about with ink in a white ball gown? I thought girls had better things to do before a ball, like getting their hair arranged #Quote by Daisy Goodwin
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Hinton Davis
#28. Live long, Love hard, Learn to embrace life, Laugh out loud, and Leap into heaven dancing #Quote by Daisy Hinton Davis
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#29. Daisy: I run hot and I always have. I am not going yo sit around sweating my ass off just so men can feel more comfortable. It's not my responsibility to not turn them on. It's their responsibility to not be an asshole. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. Why didn't the others help you?" Daisy asked angrily, scrubbing the sleeve of her gown over her dripping face.
"They were busy saving their own skins. Although," Matthew added ruefully, "I would have thought I merited a little more importance than the horses. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#31. Love is giving, love is learning, love is willing to receive love and love in return, love is not only your bloodline, but love is also everywhere. Love is what you make of it, whether it's the birds singing you a personal melody or the waves in the ocean washing away the hate and turning it into unconditional, endless love. Love is the people who would never think of giving up on you. Love is the people who put your broken pieces back together. Love is when the storm comes - and the wind isn't too friendly, but it's here for a purpose as it blows the branches on the trees. The rain is pounding on the daisy in someone's front yard, yet the daisy weathers the storm and needs that extra shower - after the storm, the ground is still moist, there are still puddles of water and the rain still lingers on, but when you look up there is a rainbow of love. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#32. Daisy pulled away from Swift's grasp. "You've changed," she said, trying to collect herself.
"You haven't," he replied.
It was impossible to tell whether the remark was intended as compliment or criticism.
"What were you doing at the well?"
"I was ... I thought ... " Daisy searched in vain for a sensible explanation, but could think of nothing. "It's a wishing well."
His expression was solemn, but there was a suspicious flicker in his vivid blue eyes as if he were secretly amused. "You have this on good authority, I take it?"
"Everyone in the local village visits it," Daisy replied testily. "It's a legendary wishing well."
He was staring at her the way she had always hated, absorbing everything, no detail escaping his notice. Daisy felt her cheeks turn blood-hot beneath his scrutiny.
"What did you wish for?" he asked.
"That's private."
"Knowing you," he said, "it could be anything. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Rose McGowan
#33. I was a boy in the ads I did as a child. My sister was the girl, and I was the boy. I had short hair and I was in overalls and I was giving flowers to my sister Daisy, who fit their model of what a girl was supposed to look like. #Quote by Rose McGowan
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Fuentes
#34. To do a really good interview, you have to be truly interested in the person. #Quote by Daisy Fuentes
Daisy Trinidad quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#35. It excited him, too, that many men had already loved Daisy
it increased her value in his eyes. He felt their presence all about the house, pervading the air with the shades and echoes of still vibrant emotions. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Ashford
#36. My own idea is that these things are as piffle before the wind. #Quote by Daisy Ashford
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Goodwin
#37. the postal official, said, 'Pray continue, Mr Hill.' Hill took a deep breath. 'In answer to your question, Ma'am, as to why the postage should cost the same no matter the distance travelled, I say this: should a girl in Edinburgh writing to her sweetheart in London pay more than the one who lives in Ealing? Should the merchant in Manchester pay more to write to #Quote by Daisy Goodwin
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#38. Times and scenes like that put Janie to thinking about the inside state of her marriage. Time came when she fought back with her tongue as best she could, but it didn't do her any good. It just made Joe do more. He wanted her submission and he'd keep on fighting until he felt he had it. So gradually, she pressed her teeth together and learned to hush. The spirit of the marriage left the bedroom and took to living in the parlor. It was there to shake hands whenever company came to visit, but it never went back inside the bedroom again. So she put something in there to represent the spirit like a Virgin Mary image in a church. The bed was no longer a daisy-field for her and Joe to play in. It was a place where she went and laid down when she was sleepy and tired. She wasn't petal-open anymore with him. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#39. Did your dad say anything about Nick and Daisy?"
"He-" I started. Then I caught a blur out of the corner of my eye, and something landed in the fountain with a resounding splash, drenching me and Jenna in a wave of pink water.
Nick surfaced, tossing his head back and sending dropets flying. If a demon and a vampire both staring at him with identical looks of "WTF,dude?" bothered him, he didn't show it.
Instead,he gave his usualy creepy grin and asked, "Did one of you lovely ladies say my name?"
"Yeah," I said,glaring at him as I wrung water out of my braid. "We were just saying, 'Man,I wish Nick would fling himself into the fountain like a nut job and totally ruin our clothes.' So thanks for that."
"Sophie's right," Daisy said, coming to stand next to the fountain. Apparently, wherever Nick was, she was right behind. "Tell them you're sorry." Her words might have sounded sterner if she hadn't been looking at Nick like he was something tasty to eat. God,they were weird.
Nick sloshed through the water until he was right in front of me and Jenna. "That's actually why I came out here, my darling," he said to Daisy. "Sophie, I was a jerk to you yesterday."
He didn't actually say 'jerk," but another word that was way more accurate. I just raised my eyebrows and waited for him to continue. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Ridley
#40. Goals are ever-changing. I didn't set out to be in a 'Star Wars' film but now I've been in one. #Quote by Daisy Ridley
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Cath Crowley
#41. You say one more word to anyone and I'm telling people you cried in here tonight because you thought Daisy was breaking up with you.' 'You wouldn't.' Leo's phone rings. 'He would,' he says, laughing as he answers it. #Quote by Cath Crowley
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Eugene Ionesco
#42. DAISY: I never knew you were such a realist-I thought you were more poetic. Where's your imagination? There are many sides to reality. Choose the one that's best for you. Escape into the world of imagination. #Quote by Eugene Ionesco
Daisy Trinidad quotes by R.J. Palacio
#43. Mom and Dad came home two hours later. We knew the second they opened the door and Daisy wasn't with them that Daisy was gone. #Quote by R.J. Palacio
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#44. Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed Nick's free arm. His wet white T-shirt and jeans rippled, and suddenly he was wearing a Day-Glo yellow tank top and acid-washed jeans. "And you look better like this."
(…) As Daisy hooted with laughter, Nick narrowed his eyes at me. "Okay, now you're in for it." He waved his hand, and suddenly I was sweltering. When I glanced down, I saw that it was because I was now dressed like the Easter Bunny. But with the flick of one fuzzy paw, I'd transformed Nick's jeans and tank top into a snowsuit.
Then I was in a bikini.
So Nick was wearing a particularly poofy purple prom dress.
By the time he'd turned my clothes into a showgirl's costume, complete with a feathery headdress, and I'd put him in a scuba suit, we were both completely magic drunk and giggling. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Whitney
#45. We are what we love. We are the things, the people, the ideas we spend our days with. They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.
Without them, we are empty. #Quote by Daisy Whitney
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Daisy Harris
#46. If this was their only time together, Peter wanted to make sure Chris would never forget. #Quote by Daisy Harris
Daisy Trinidad quotes by Unknown
#47. Sourwood Mountain

Chickens a-crowin' on Sourwood Mountain,
Hey, ho, diddle-um day.
So many pretty girls I can't count 'em,
Hey ho, diddle-um day.

My true love's a blue-eyed daisy,
She won't come and I'm too lazy.

Big dog bark and little one bite you,
Big girl court and little one spite you.

My true love's a blue-eyed daisy,
If I don't get her, I'll go crazy.

My true love lives at the head of the holler,
She won't come and I won't foller.

My true love lives over the river,
A few more jumps and I'll be with her.

Ducks in the pond, geese in the ocean,
Devil's in the women if they take a notion. #Quote by Unknown

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