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Dahas In English quotes by Billy Connolly
#1. ,000 people in Hampden Park. Of course they're all Scottish. Because no one else goes there. The English have an unwritten rule: they only go to places they might get back from. #Quote by Billy Connolly
Dahas In English quotes by Napoleon A. Chagnon
#2. It is appalling how complicated it can be to make oatmeal in the jungle. First, I had to make two trips to the river to haul the water, Next, I had to prime my kerosene stove with alcohol to get it burning, a tricky procedure when you are trying to mix powdered milk and fill a coffee pot at the same time. The alcohol prime always burned out before I could turn the kerosene on, and I would have to start all over. Or, I would turn the kerosene on, optimistically hoping that the Coleman element was still hot enough to vaporize the fuel, and start a small fire in my palm-thatched hut as the liquid kerosene squirted all over the table and walls and then ignited. Many amused Yanomamo onlookers quickly learned the English phrase "Oh, shit!" and, once they discovered that the phrase offended and irritated the missionaries, they used it as often as they could in their presence. #Quote by Napoleon A. Chagnon
Dahas In English quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#3. The English patrician bloomed in his natural climate. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Dahas In English quotes by Richard Holmes
#4. The celebrated Parisian doctor Professor Xavier Bichat developed a fully materialist theory of the human body and mind in his lectures Physiological Researches on Life and Death, translated into English in 1816. Bichat defined life bleakly as 'the sum of the functions by which death is resisted #Quote by Richard Holmes
Dahas In English quotes by Martha Gellhorn
#5. The English are very proud of their Parliament, and week in, week out, century after century, they have pretty good cause to be. #Quote by Martha Gellhorn
Dahas In English quotes by Jill Paton Walsh
#6. It's the Queen's English now,' observed Peter mildly.

'Is there a difference?' asked Oundle rhetorically. 'I fervently hope not.'

'There will be in time,' said Peter.

'That will be deplorable,' replied Oudle. 'I shall not myself deviate by a syllable from correct usage.'

'My language is foul, and yours is Fowler?' said Peter, and added one of his sudden quirky smiles, 'or know your Onions.'

This quip crossed the barrier of the table, because the man sitting nearly opposite Peter laughed.

'Onions?' said Oudle.

'C.T. Onions, I imagine,' said the man opposite. 'Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.'

'Oh, I see,' said Oudle. 'Very droll. #Quote by Jill Paton Walsh
Dahas In English quotes by A. J. Jacobs
#7. I found myself speaking more slowly (in an attempt to obey the Bible in speech), as if I was speaking French instead of English. #Quote by A. J. Jacobs
Dahas In English quotes by Anonymous
#8. The mistakes were made by people who did not know how to wield the concepts University, division and team-spirit. Their puzzles arose from inability to use certain items in the English vocabulary. #Quote by Anonymous
Dahas In English quotes by Theodore Zeldin
#9. The English reputation for humour is a way by which people avoid revealing themselves and have superficial relationships, so that you can engage in banter without making yourself vulnerable. #Quote by Theodore Zeldin
Dahas In English quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#10. And yet sometimes she worried about what those musty old books were doing to her. Some people majored in English to prepare for law school. Others became journalists. The smartest guy in the honors program, Adam Vogel, a child of academics, was planning on getting a Ph.D. and becoming an academic himself. That left a large contingent of people majoring in English by default. Because they weren't left-brained enough for science, because history was too dry, philosophy too difficult, geology too petroleum-oriented, and math too mathematical
because they weren't musical, artistic, financially motivated, or really all that smart, these people were pursuing university degrees doing something no different from what they'd done in first grade: reading stories. English was what people who didn't know what to major in majored in. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Dahas In English quotes by Veronica Rossi
#11. No mistaking his accent. He was English. And rich, judging by his threads. Double-breasted coat. Fisherman-style, but the kind you saw on runways, not gangways. He was weaving in place and reeked of alcohol.
That sealed it for me. I hauled off and punched him.
He fell gracefully. Knee, hip, shoulder. Like some part of him had decided,What the heck. I'm passing out tonight anyway. Might as well get started now. #Quote by Veronica Rossi
Dahas In English quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
#12. And in busy London there now grew up one of the greatest gifts that the English genius was to leave the world. For in the reign of Elizabeth I began the first and greatest flowering of the glorious English theatre. #Quote by Edward Rutherfurd
Dahas In English quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#13. The whole strength of England lies in the fact that the enormous majority of the English people are snobs. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Dahas In English quotes by Frederick Marryat
#14. The squadron of men-of-war and transports was collected, the commodore's flag hoisted, and the expedition sailed with most secret orders, which, as usual, were as well known to the enemy, and everybody in England, as they were to those by whom they were given. It is the characteristic of our nation, that we scorn to take any unfair advantage, or reap any benefit, by keeping our intentions a secret. We imitate the conduct of that English tar, who, having entered a fort, and meeting a Spanish officer without his sword, being providentially supplied with two cut-lasses himself, immediately offered him one, that they might engage on fair terms.

The idea is generous, but not wise. But I rather imagine that this want of secrecy arises from all matters of importance being arranged by cabinet councils. In the multitude of counsellors there may be wisdom, but there certainly is not secrecy. Twenty men have probably twenty wives, and it is therefore twenty to one but the secret transpires through that channel. Further, twenty men have twenty tongues; and much as we complain of women not keeping secrets, I suspect that men deserve the odium of the charge quite as much, if not more, than women do. On the whole, it is forty to one against secrecy, which, it must be acknowledged, are long odds.

On the arrival of the squadron at the point of attack, a few more days were thrown away, - probably upon the same generous principle of allowing the enemy sufficient time for p #Quote by Frederick Marryat
Dahas In English quotes by Graeme Simsion
#15. I'm sorry, sir, but we have a dress code," said the official.
I knew about this. It was in bold type on the website: Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket.
"No jacket, no food, correct?"
"More or less, sir."
What can I say about this sort of rule? I was prepared to keep my jacket on throughout the meal. The restaurant would presumably be air-conditioned to a temperature compatible with the requirement.
I continued toward the restaurant entrance, but the official blocked my path. "I'm sorry. Perhaps I wasn't clear. You need to wear a jacket."
"I'm wearing a jacket."
"I'm afraid we require something a little more formal, sir."
The hotel employee indicated his own jacket as an example. In defense of what followed, I submit the Oxford English Dictionary (Compact, 2nd Edition) definition of jacket:1(a) An outer garment for the upper part of the body.
I also note that the word jacket appears on the care instructions for my relatively new and perfectly clean Gore-Tex jacket. But it seemed his definition of jacket was limited to "conventional suit jacket."
" We would be happy to lend you one, sir. In this style."
"You have a supply of jacket? In every possible size?" I did not add that the need to maintain such an inventory was surely evidence of their failure to communicate the rule clearly, and that it would be more efficient to improve their wording or abandon the rule altogether. Nor did I mention that the cost of jacket #Quote by Graeme Simsion
Dahas In English quotes by George Berkeley
#16. There being in the make of an English mind a certain gloom and eagerness, which carries to the sad extreme; religion to fanaticism; free-thinking to atheism; liberty to rebellion. #Quote by George Berkeley
Dahas In English quotes by David Graeber
#17. In fact this is precisely the logic on which the Bank of England - the first successful modern central bank - was originally founded. In 1694, a consortium of English bankers made a loan of £1,200,000 to the king. In return they received a royal monopoly on the issuance of banknotes. What this meant in practice was they had the right to advance IOUs for a portion of the money the king now owed them to any inhabitant of the kingdom willing to borrow from them, or willing to deposit their own money in the bank - in effect, to circulate or "monetize" the newly created royal debt. This was a great deal for the bankers (they got to charge the king 8 percent annual interest for the original loan and simultaneously charge interest on the same money to the clients who borrowed it) , but it only worked as long as the original loan remained outstanding. To this day, this loan has never been paid back. It cannot be. If it ever were, the entire monetary system of Great Britain would cease to exist. #Quote by David Graeber
Dahas In English quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#18. As you are aware, E is the most common letter in the English alphabet, #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Dahas In English quotes by Oscar Wilde
#19. Of course to one so modern as I am, `Enfant de mon siècle,' merely to look at the world will be always lovely. I tremble with pleasure when I think that on the very day of my leaving prison both the laburnum and the lilac will be blooming in the gardens, and that I shall see the wind stir into restless beauty the swaying gold of the one, and make the other toss the pale purple of its plumes, so that all the air shall be Arabia for me. Linnaeus fell on his knees and wept for joy when he saw for the first time the long heath of some English upland made yellow with the tawny aromatic brooms of the common furze; and I know that for me, to whom flowers are part of desire, there are tears waiting in the petals of some rose. It has always been so with me from my boyhood. There is not a single colour hidden away in the chalice of a flower, or the curve of a shell, to which, by some subtle sympathy with the very soul of things, my nature does not answer. Like Gautier, I have always been one of those 'pour qui le monde visible existe. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Dahas In English quotes by Charisma Carpenter
#20. I had my heart set on becoming an English teacher, but stumbled into acting after meeting a theatrical agent in my dad's restaurant in San Diego. #Quote by Charisma Carpenter
Dahas In English quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#21. When a slave must be executed, the slaves from those plantations nearby are brought to watch; a deterrent, aye? against future ill-considered action." "Indeed," Jamie said politely. "I believe that was the Crown's notion in executing my grandsire on Tower Hill after the Rising. Verra effective, too; all my relations have been quite well behaved since." I had lived long enough among Scots to appreciate the effects of that little jab. Jamie might have come at Campbell's request, but the grandson of the Old Fox did no man's bidding lightly - nor necessarily held English law in high regard. MacNeill had got the message, all right; the back of his neck flushed turkey-red, but Farquard Campbell looked amused. He uttered a short, dry laugh before turning round. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Dahas In English quotes by Julie Anne Long
#22. They immediately spent a moment in bemused silence in honor of the perilous little paradox that was the English female #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Dahas In English quotes by Margaret George
#23. My firm resolve was to escape my wicked cousin and my English captors. But the wind was howling, and rain was coming down in sheets. And even as I relaxed in a hot bath in my snug apartments, the clamor of the storm outside was counseling me to be patient and wait.
A wise woman never does anything in a hurry. #Quote by Margaret George
Dahas In English quotes by Gordon Kirkland
#24. We will not be demanding service in both French and English at the gas pumps where we fill our cars for twenty percent less than it costs us in Canada. We don't even want to make Americans aware that beer should not have the taste and alcohol content of bottled water. #Quote by Gordon Kirkland
Dahas In English quotes by Josh Brolin
#25. I've been given an amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful. But I also know that all this will eventually die off. It's not real. It will go away and then you'll go away and then, I don't know, I'll be left sitting in some English hotel room. #Quote by Josh Brolin
Dahas In English quotes by Benjamin Mancroft, 3rd Baron Mancroft
#26. Cricket - a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented in order to give themselves some conception of eternity. #Quote by Benjamin Mancroft, 3rd Baron Mancroft
Dahas In English quotes by Kenzie Macallan
#27. He put his hands down slowly, saying something to Leigha in a language she didn't understand. His eyes glassed over. "My little angel," he repeated in English.
Her nerves came undone at the sight before her. Was this the him her father warned her about? She tried to mask her fear. "How can I help you?" Her soft voice didn't carry far in the empty space.
He stretched out his hand, motioning her to two chairs. "Please, come. Sit down. We have much to talk about. I mean you no harm."
"Who are you?" The words forced out of her mouth of their own volition. She started to freak out. Her hands shook as she smoothed them over the top of her head. #Quote by Kenzie Macallan
Dahas In English quotes by Dan Rhodes
#28. I fell in love the moment I saw her in her grandfather's kitchen, her dark curls crashing over her Portuguese shoulders. 'Would you like to drink coffee?' she smiled.
'I'm really not that thirsty.'
'What? What you say?' Her English wasn't too good. Now I'm seventy-three and she's just turned seventy. 'Would you like to drink coffee?' she asked me today, smiling.
'I'm really not that thirsty.'
'What? What you say?' Neither of us has the gift of language acquisition. After fifty years of marriage we have never really spoken, but we love each other more than words can say. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Dahas In English quotes by Go Ah-sung
#29. Prior to 'Snowpiercer,' I've done many other international project that forced me to be in an environment where I had to converse in English. #Quote by Go Ah-sung
Dahas In English quotes by Anita Diamant
#30. The tongue-in-cheek Yiddish-English "translation" for R.S.V.P. is "Remember to Send Vedding Presents. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Dahas In English quotes by Joan Of Arc
#31. I used to say, "Go boldly in among the English," and then I used to go boldly in myself. #Quote by Joan Of Arc
Dahas In English quotes by Steve McHugh
#32. Welcome to Tartarus, the griffin said. The first time I'd arrived in Tartarus, I'd expected them to have screechy, high-pitched bird voices, and when they spoke in their own language to one another, it did sound like birds chirping, with the occasional low growl. But when speaking in a human tongue, they copied the accent of the language and spoke in a much lower humanlike tone, which gave the slightly weird side effect of them all having British accents when they spoke English. #Quote by Steve McHugh
Dahas In English quotes by David Starkey
#33. Out of the chaos of post-Roman Dark Age Britain, the English had created the world's first nation-state: One king, one country, one church, one currency, one language and a single unified representative national administration. Never again in England would sovereignty descend to the merely regional level. Never again would the idea of England and the unity of England ever be challenged. #Quote by David Starkey
Dahas In English quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#34. The fact of the matter is that fewer people in Tokyo are able to do business in English than in many other big Asian cities, like Shanghai, Seoul or Bangkok. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Dahas In English quotes by Walter Scott
#35. It was in the beginning of the month of November, 17
, when a young English gentleman, who had just left the university of Oxford, made use of the liberty afforded him, to visit some parts of the north of England; and curiosity extended his tour into the adjacent frontier of the sister country. #Quote by Walter Scott
Dahas In English quotes by Gayle Forman
#36. In English class, someone flung a folded-up square of notebook paper onto the floor next to my right foot. I picked it up and opened it. It read, Bitch! Nobody had ever called me that before, and though I was automatically furious, deep down i was also flattered that I had elicited enough emotion to be worthy of the name. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Dahas In English quotes by Allan Hall
#37. We're in America; why do I have to "Press 1" for English? #Quote by Allan Hall
Dahas In English quotes by Joseph Hume
#38. There is abundant proof that the opening of our ports always tends to raise the price of foreign corn to the price in the English market, and not to sink the price of British corn to the price in the continental market. #Quote by Joseph Hume
Dahas In English quotes by Mary Higgins Clark
#39. The two more useless words in the English language - Don't worry. #Quote by Mary Higgins Clark
Dahas In English quotes by W. H. Auden
#40. That the speech of self-disclosure should be translatable seems to me very odd, but I am convinced that it is. The conclusion that I draw is that the only quality which all human being without exception possess is uniqueness: any characteristic, on the other hand, which one individual can be recognized as having in common with another, like red hair or the English language, implies the existence of other individual qualities which this classification excludes. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Dahas In English quotes by Daisy Goodwin
#41. The first thing to realize is that it is is a country that is still being imagined. Here every patch of earth has a story, all your places have nuances; if you say Cornwall to an English person, they think of smugglers, and King Arthur and fish. But there are great parts of my country about which American's know nothing beyond an idea of unimaginable vastness. Of course the Indians that live there know the spirits of these places, but that is not the point. You can't imagine how blue the sky is out West, Charlotte. So much space. It's really wild, not like your Lake District with its little stone walls. In the West the landscape is unmarked by man. #Quote by Daisy Goodwin
Dahas In English quotes by W.B.Yeats
#42. (I) only write it now because I have grown to believe that there is no dangerous idea, which does not become less dangerous when written out in sincere and careful English. ("The Adoration of The Magi") #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Dahas In English quotes by Ralph Vaughan Williams
#43. There [is] a feeling of recognition, as of meeting an old friend, which comes to us all in the face of great artistic experiences. I had the same experience when I first heard an English folksong, when I first saw Michelangelo's Day and Night, when I suddenly came upon Stonehenge or had my first sight of New York City - the intuition that I had been there already. #Quote by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Dahas In English quotes by Jana Oliver
#44. Ozymandias controls not only the dead, but the living. He works the dark magics, and it is said he knows the paths between the worlds and walks them without fear. He wields the-"
"Stop! In English, okay?""
"In English?" she asked, throwing the empty wineglass into the picnic basket. Riley nodded.
"You're in serious shit. #Quote by Jana Oliver
Dahas In English quotes by James Kelman
#45. Ninety-nine per cent of traditional English literature concerns people who never have to worry about money at all. We always seem to be watching or reading about emotional crises among folk who live in a world of great fortune both in matters of luck and money; stories and fantasies about rock stars and film stars, sporting millionaires and models; jet-setting members of the aristocracy and international financiers. #Quote by James Kelman
Dahas In English quotes by James Thurber
#46. My opposition to Interviews lies in the fact that offhand answers have little value or grace of expression, and that such oral give and take helps to perpetuate the decline of the English language. #Quote by James Thurber
Dahas In English quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#47. The English Language Amendment says above all, 'Let's see to it that our children, our young people, learn English. Let us not deny them the opportunity to participate in American life, so that they can go as far as their dreams and talents can take them. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Dahas In English quotes by Paula Stokes
#48. Gideon and I sit there in the dark, wordless for a while, only our ragged breaths disturbing the silence. Memories of my sister overwhelm me - I see her impish grin as she leans over me at the orphanage, tugging on my hair until I wake up. I remember us climbing up to the roof as kids, sitting cross-legged next to the herbs and vegetables our caretakers were growing while we read the English books Rose had "borrowed" from her class at school. And then there was L.A. - all of our hope for a better life so quickly crushed, but Rose never let despair overtake her. She was there after every single night to hold me until the pain went away. And later, when I got numb to it all, she still made a point of holding me, of promising me that one day things would be different. #Quote by Paula Stokes
Dahas In English quotes by Lisel Mueller
#49. When I was in college, I did do some writing of poetry, somewhat inspired, I think at that time, by Carl Sandburg, because English was still relatively new to me, and Sandburg, of course, wrote in a very easy-to-understand, very colloquial and informal manner. #Quote by Lisel Mueller

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