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Dagdagan Ng quotes by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla
#1. If I die of heatstroke, I want to be reincarnated as a beauty queen, I thought. Ma-experience ko man lang na sumakay ng pink na float at hindi maglakad habang nauusukan ng tambutso. #Quote by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Chip Ingram
#2. Remember that you are not called to produce successful, upwardly mobile, highly educated, athletically talented machines ... Givi ng your children great opportunities is good; it is not, however, the goal of parenting. Christlikeness is. Above all, seek to raise children who look and act a lot like Jesus. #Quote by Chip Ingram
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#3. She thought, as she would often for many years, of the photograph from that day, with the one golden feather inside it: Was it a portrait of her, or her daughter? Was she the bird trying to batter its way out, or was she the cage? #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Neal Stephenson
#4. Ng Security Industries Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit #A-367 lives in a pleasant black-and-white Metaverse where porterhouse steaks grow on trees, dangling at head level from low branches, and blood-drenched Frisbees fly through the crisp, cool air for no reason at all, until you catch them. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Ayn Rand
#5. Poverty is not a mortgage on the labor of others-misfortu ne is not a mortgage on achievement-fai lure is not a mortgage on success-sufferi ng is not a claim check, and its relief is not the goal of existence-man is not a sacrificial animal on anyone's altar nor for anyone's cause-life is not one huge hospital. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#6. Her preferred form of exercise, she told Wendy, was stress. "Clench muscles, hold for twelve hours, release for a count of five, then clench again #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#7. It was so easy, she thought with some disdain, to find out about people. It was all out there, everything about them. You just had to look. You could figure out anything about a person if you just tried hard enough. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Ren Ng
#8. Basically, with a regular camera, you have to take time or allow the camera to focus before you take the shot. #Quote by Ren Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#9. In many ways, Navidson's house functions like an immense isolation tank. Deprived of light, change in temperature and any sense of time, the individual begins to create his own sensory [
], [ ]d depen[ ]ng on the duration of his stay begins to project more and more of [ ] personality on those bare walls and vacant []allways. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#10. There was no room left in her for anger. Something within her tipped and cracked. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Philip Graham Ryken
#11. The content of worship comes from the Bible, the goal of worship is to give praise to God, and the basis for worship is the saving work of Jesus Christ. Put more simply, true Christian worship is Word-communicat ing, God-glorifying, and Christ-confessi ng. #Quote by Philip Graham Ryken
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#12. People decide what you're like before they even get to know you #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#13. Everyone in the Richardson family noticed Izzy's improved demeanor. "She's almost pleasant around you," Lexie told Mia one day. Izzy's adoration for Mia, like everything she did, did not come by halves: there was nothing Izzy wouldn't do for her. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Ren Ng
#14. The reason we know as human beings that pictures have to be focused before you take the shot is because we know if we're not focusing our eyes on something that happens, then it's too late - you can't go searching in your memory to find it because that light never struck your mind. #Quote by Ren Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Maya Soetoro-Ng
#15. Government should exist in order to help fortify the country and make those who are in need better able to meet their own. #Quote by Maya Soetoro-Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#16. The things that go unsaid are often the things that eat at you--whether because you didn't get to have your say, or because the other person never got to hear you and really wanted to. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#17. They never discussed it, but both came to understand it as a promise: he would always make sure there was a place for her. She would always be able to say, Someone is coming. I am not alone. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#18. They did not care if Pearl saw them this way. They were so artlessly beautiful, even right out of bed. Where did this ease come from? How could they be so at home, so sure of themselves, even in pajamas? #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Jason Y. Ng
#19. Americans think New Yorkers are property obsessed, but clearly they haven't lived a day in Hong Kong. In this part of the world, a man isn't a man until he is a homeowner. His entire life leads up to the singular moment when he hands over the down-payment check and puts his signature on the triplicate purchase agreement. All the good grades and job promotions he has received are mere preparation; and every source of happiness - marriage, children and retirement - depends on it. #Quote by Jason Y. Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#20. Pearl was smarter than any of them and yet she seemed comfortable with everything she didn't know: she lingered comfortably in the gray spaces. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Ren Ng
#21. Catching the right fleeting moment, with the right focus, is a very difficult thing to do. #Quote by Ren Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Ren Ng
#22. Yes, we are a producer of cameras, but we understand that at the end of the day, you have to make photos in software. A lot of companies focus on the camera side, and a lot are on the software side. There's a chasm between the two. #Quote by Ren Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#23. Found, except for X. I and U are used for J and V. There was no rune for Q (use CW); nor for Z (the dwarf-rune may be used if required). It will be found, however, that some single runes stand for two modern letters: th, ng, ee; other runes of the same kind ( ea and st) were also sometimes used. The secret door was marked D . From the side a hand pointed to this, and under it was written: The last two runes are the initials of Thror and Thrain. The moon-runes read #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#24. Here, she found, everything had nuance; everything had an unrevealed side or unexplored depths. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#25. She had learned that when people were bent on doing something they believed was a good deed, it was usually impossible to dissuade them. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#26. [Mia] didn't care, Mrs. Richardson realized, what people thought of her. In a way, that made her dangerous. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Guy Finley
#27. Real prayer, the soul-transformi ng kind, is self-discontinu ity. It is a conscious act of self-suspension arising from the wish for something new to occur.. #Quote by Guy Finley
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#28. Unconsciously, one hand crept down to her belly, where an ache was beginning to blossom. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#29. Hannah, as if she understood her place in the cosmos, grew from quiet infant to watchful child: a child fond of nooks and corners, who curled up in closets, behind sofas, under dangling tablecloths, staying out of sight as well as out of mind, to ensure the terrain of the family did not change. #Quote by Celeste Ng
Dagdagan Ng quotes by Celeste Ng
#30. Journalists...chronicle our everyday lives. They reveal truths and information that the public deserves to know, and they provide a record for posterity, so that future generations can learn from our mistakes and improve upon our achievements. #Quote by Celeste Ng

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