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Cyler Miles quotes by Rumi
#1. Because I Cannot Sleep

Because I cannot sleep
I make music at night.
I am troubled by the one
whose face has the color of spring flowers.
I have neither sleep nor patience,
neither a good reputation nor disgrace.
A thousand robes of wisdom are gone.
All my good manners have moved a thousand miles away.
The heart and the mind are left angry with each other.
The stars and the moon are envious of each other.
Because of this alienation the physical universe
is getting tighter and tighter.
The moon says, 'How long will I remain
suspended without a sun?'
Without Love's jewel inside of me,
let the bazaar of my existence be destroyed stone by stone.
O Love, You who have been called by a thousand names,
You who know how to pour the wine
into the chalice of the body,
You who give culture to a thousand cultures,
You who are faceless but have a thousand faces,
O Love, You who shape the faces
of Turks, Europeans, and Zanzibaris,
give me a glass from Your bottle,
or a handful of being from Your Branch.
Remove the cork once more.
Then we'll see a thousand chiefs prostrate themselves,
and a circle of ecstatic troubadours will play.
Then the addict will be freed of craving.
and will be resurrected,
and stand in awe till Judgement Day #Quote by Rumi
Cyler Miles quotes by Jason Robert Brown
#2. I want you and you and nothing but you--miles and piles of you! Finally, I'll have something worthwhile to think about each morning. You and you and nothing but you--no substitution will do! Nothing but fresh, undiluted and pure; top of the line and totally mine! #Quote by Jason Robert Brown
Cyler Miles quotes by Jojo Moyes
#3. I could hear her babbling away beside me, but I wasn't really paying attention. I could barely focus on anything. My nerve endings seemed to have come alive; they almost jangled with anticipation I was going to see Will. Whatever else, I had that. I could almost feel the miles between us shrinking, as if we were at two ends of some invisible elastic thread. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Cyler Miles quotes by Susan Sontag
#4. Everyone else not real-very distant, small figures. I would have to swim a thousand miles to reach the margin of the relationship, on the other side of which might lie other people, and it was too far, I was too tired.
The almost infinitely extending network of that relationship; its dense weave That's what held me- #Quote by Susan Sontag
Cyler Miles quotes by Brian Epstein
#5. When I was six, Hitler, who had become rather a nuisance, launched a sustained attempt to destroy Liverpool, and though we lived several miles from the vulnerable docks target, our Childwall suburb became too close for comfort and safety. #Quote by Brian Epstein
Cyler Miles quotes by Dave Barry
#6. Auto racing is boring except when a car is going at least 172 miles per hour upside down. #Quote by Dave Barry
Cyler Miles quotes by Les Miles
#7. They're great kids, great young people, and they fight like hell. #Quote by Les Miles
Cyler Miles quotes by Joel C. Rosenberg
#8. 9:12 P.M. - GROUND ZERO, WASHINGTON, D.C. Without warning, the capital of the United States was obliterated. At precisely 9:12 p.m. Eastern, in a millisecond of time, in a blinding flash of light, the White House simply ceased to exist, as did everything and everyone else for miles in every direction. No sooner had the first missile detonated in Lafayette Park than temperatures soared into the millions of degrees. The firestorm and blast wave that followed consumed everything in its path. Gone was the Treasury building, and with it the headquarters of the United States Secret Service. Gone was the FBI building, and the National Archives, and the Supreme Court, and the U.S. Capitol and all of its surrounding buildings. Wiped away was every monument, every museum, every restaurant, every hotel, every hospital, every library and landmark of any kind, every sign of civilization. #Quote by Joel C. Rosenberg
Cyler Miles quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#9. I rode horseback three miles each way to get to high school, and in bad weather it was a problem sometimes to make my eight o'clock class on time. Like others, I often missed school to help on the farm, especially in the fall, until after harvest, and in the spring, during planting season. #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Cyler Miles quotes by Martha Gellhorn
#10. Someday our children, whom we love, may blame us for dishonoring America because we did not care enough about children 10,000 miles away [written, 1967]. #Quote by Martha Gellhorn
Cyler Miles quotes by Matt Haig
#11. For me, personally, the point of writing is to connect me to this world, to my fellow humans. We are all miles apart. We have no real means of connecting except via language. And the deepest form of language is storytelling. #Quote by Matt Haig
Cyler Miles quotes by Richard Russo
#12. Interesting, Miles thought. Like himself, Father Mark, as a child, had been reassured by the imagined proximity of God, whereas adults, perhaps because they so often were up to no good, took more comfort from His remoteness. #Quote by Richard Russo
Cyler Miles quotes by Mitta Xinindlu
#13. I've travelled for miles to be here. #Quote by Mitta Xinindlu
Cyler Miles quotes by Don McLean
#14. The Byrds flew off the fallout shelter, eight miles high and falling fast. #Quote by Don McLean
Cyler Miles quotes by Bob Seger
#15. Moving eight miles a minute for months at a time. #Quote by Bob Seger
Cyler Miles quotes by Frederick Lenz
#16. The kundalini energy enables us to do things that would not happen otherwise, to apply an occult pressure, to use energy to create effects perhaps thousands of miles away. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Cyler Miles quotes by T.E. Lawrence
#17. shortly I should be able to live at peace in my cottage, with all the twenty four hours of the day to myself. Forty-six I am, and never yet had a whole week of leisure. What will 'for ever' feel like, and can I use it all? Please note its address from March onwards - Clouds Hill, Moreton, Dorset - and visit it, sometime, if you still stravage the roads of England in a great car. The cottage has two rooms; one, upstairs, for music (a gramophone and records) and one downstairs for books. There is a bath, in a demi-cupboard. For food one goes a mile, to Bovington (near the Tank Corps Depot) and at sleep-time I take my great sleeping bag, embroidered MEUM, and spread it on what seems the nicest bit of floor. There is a second bag, embroidered TUUM, for guests. The cottage looks simple, outside, and does no hurt to its setting which is twenty miles of broken heath and a river valley filled with rhododendrons run wild. I think everything, inside and outside my place, approaches perfection. #Quote by T.E. Lawrence
Cyler Miles quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#18. Juan Fernandez islands." Cochrane drew on the cigar and watched its smoke drift out the window. "The islands are three hundred fifty miles off the coast, in the middle of nothing! They're where Robinson Crusoe was marooned, or rather where Alexander Selkirk, who was the original of Crusoe, spent four not uncomfortable years. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Cyler Miles quotes by Robert Macfarlane
#19. I remembered what Thoreau had written in his journal about thinking nothing of walking eight miles to greet a tree. #Quote by Robert Macfarlane
Cyler Miles quotes by James Frey
#20. Thank you Lilly, Leonard, MIles, I love you and I thank you #Quote by James Frey
Cyler Miles quotes by A.R. Von
#21. He takes my mouth with such fervor, my heart pounds harder than after I've just run for miles. My legs now feel like over cooked noodles. #Quote by A.R. Von
Cyler Miles quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#22. Now I happen to possess the bump of locality. It is not a virtue; I make no boast of it. It is merely an animal instinct that I cannot help. That things occasionally get in my way - mountains, precipices, rivers, and such like obstructions - is no fault of mine. My instinct is correct enough; it is the earth that is wrong. I led them by the middle road. That the middle road had not character enough to continue for any quarter of a mile in the same direction; that after three miles up and down hill it ended abruptly in a wasps' nest, was not a thing that should have been laid to my door. If the middle road had gone in the direction it ought to have done, it would have taken us to where we wanted to go, of that I am convinced. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Cyler Miles quotes by Nick Hornby
#23. I was still owed an explanation, I thought, but so what? What good was it going to do me? It wouldn't have made me any happier. It was like scratching when you have chicken pox. You think it's going to help, but the itch moves over, and then moves over again. My itch suddenly felt miles away, and I couldn't have reached it with the longest arms in the world. Realizing that made me scared that I was going to be itchy forever, and I didn't want that. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Cyler Miles quotes by Anna Bennett
#24. The chandelier's teardrop crystals twinkled above them like stars. It was easy to imagine that they were miles away from London, and that only the two of them existed. #Quote by Anna Bennett
Cyler Miles quotes by Charles Sheehan-Miles
#25. Someday you going to make some man very happy
I hope its going to be Ray ...
Your soldier? I nodded, a half smile in my face
You love him?
Yes ... Yes I do ... #Quote by Charles Sheehan-Miles
Cyler Miles quotes by Rick Riordan
#26. It's not so bad," Bast said. "We just climb our way down to the river through a few miles of sand, cacti, and rattlesnakes, looking out for the Border Patrol, human traffickers, magicians, and demons - and summon Nephthys."
Sadie whistled. "Well, I'm excited!"
"Agh," Khufu agreed miserably. He sniffed the air and snarled.
"He smells trouble," Bast translated. "Something bad is about to happen."
"Even I could smell that," I grumbled, and we followed Bast down the mountain. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cyler Miles quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#27. My father had been from Glasgow; my mother, from Los Angeles. They had both enjoyed the quip that the difference between an American and a European was that to an American, a hundred years was a long time, and to a European, a hundred miles is a big journey. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Cyler Miles quotes by John Muir
#28. I was a few miles south of Louisville when I planned my journey. I spread out my map under a tree and made up my mind to go through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia to Florida, thence to Cuba, thence to some part of South America; but it will be only a hasty walk. I am thankful, however, for so much. #Quote by John Muir
Cyler Miles quotes by Clint   Smith
#29. Only a few days after my encounter with the police, two patrolmen tackled Alton Sterling onto a car, then pinned him down on the ground and shot him in the chest while he was selling CDs in front of a convenience store, seventy-five miles up the road in Baton Rouge. A day after that, Philando Castile was shot in the passenger seat of his car during a police traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, as his girlfriend recorded the aftermath via Facebook Live.

Then, the day after Castile was killed, five policemen were shot dead by a sniper in Dallas. It felt as if the world was subsumed by cascades of unceasing despair. I mourned for the family and friends of Sterling and Castille. I felt deep sympathy for the families of the policemen who died. I also felt a real fear that, as a result of what took place in Dallas, law enforcement would become more deeply entrenched in their biases against black men, leading to the possibility of even more violence.

The stream of names of those who have been killed at the hands of the police feels endless, and I become overwhelmed when I consider all the names we do not know - all of those who lost their lives and had no camera there to capture it, nothing to corroborate police reports that named them as threats. Closed cases. I watch the collective mourning transpire across my social-media feeds. I watch as people declare that they cannot get out of bed, cannot bear to go to work, cannot function as a human being is mea #Quote by Clint Smith
Cyler Miles quotes by Christopher Moore
#30. The Angel Gabriel disappeared once for sixty years and they found him on earth hiding in the body of a man named Miles Davis. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Cyler Miles quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#31. She knew what it was like to miss someone, for she missed Cory so continually and pressingly that the feeling was like its own shattering bass vibrating through her, and he was only 110 miles away at Princeton, not across the world. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Cyler Miles quotes by Philip Alston
#32. Because operators are based thousands of miles away from the battlefield, and undertake operations entirely through computer screens and remote audio feed, there is a risk of developing a 'PlayStation' mentality to killing. #Quote by Philip Alston
Cyler Miles quotes by Georgi Gospodinov
#33. Why is it that places thousands of miles from my childhood village home send me back, opening the sluice-gates of the past? Well, we are all emigrants from the homeland of our childhoods. It may be, then, that the natural place to meet ourselves as children is 'abroad', and that includes the foreign country of our growing up and aging. So it is that the personal, physical feeling of departure from the time of childhood may merge in a special symbiosis with geographical departure, biography and geography resonating now on a single wavelength. #Quote by Georgi Gospodinov
Cyler Miles quotes by Keith Laumer
#34. I rode up, walked past a few miles of wallpaper that was someone's revenge for life's disappointments. #Quote by Keith Laumer
Cyler Miles quotes by Paul Tibbets
#35. A bright light filled the plane. The first shock-wave hit us. We were eleven and a half miles slant range from the atomic explosion but the whole airplane cracked and crinkled from the blast ... We turned back to look at Hiroshima. The city was hidden by that awful cloud ... mushrooming, terrible and incredibly tall. #Quote by Paul Tibbets
Cyler Miles quotes by Robert Frost
#36. But the flower leaned aside
And thought of naught to say,
And morning found the winter breeze
A hundred miles away. #Quote by Robert Frost
Cyler Miles quotes by Dave Barry
#37. Eugene is located in western Oregon, approximately 278 billion miles from anything. #Quote by Dave Barry
Cyler Miles quotes by Truman Capote
#38. The Garden City Telegram, on the eve of the trial's start, printed the following editorial: Some may think the eyes of the entire nation are on Garden City during this sensational murder trial. But they are not. Even a hundred miles west of here in Colorado few persons are even acquainted with the case - other than just remembering some members of a prominent family were slain. This is a sad commentary on the state of crime in our nation. Since the four members of the Clutter family were killed last fall, several other such multiple murders have occurred in various parts of the country. Just during the few days leading up to this trial at least three mass murder cases broke into the headlines. As a result, this crime and trial are just one of many such cases people have read about and forgotten ... #Quote by Truman Capote
Cyler Miles quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#39. She is sad. She does not speak Japanese. Her husband went to the desert months and months ago. Every day she goes to the market and brings back chocolate, a peach, and a salmon rice-ball for her dinner. She sits and eats and stares at the wall. Sometimes she watches television. Sometimes she walks three miles to Blue Street to look at necklaces in the window that she wishes someone would buy for her. Sometimes she walks along the pier to see the sunken bicycles, pinged into ruin by invisible arrows of battleship-sonar, crusted over with rust and coral. She likes to pet people's dogs as they walk them. That is her whole life. What should she dream of?"
"Something better. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Cyler Miles quotes by Eric Christian Olsen
#40. When I was in the gunner's bubble of a B25 bomber, taking off from an aircraft carrier 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, I remember saying to myself how amazing it was to get the chance to do that. #Quote by Eric Christian Olsen
Cyler Miles quotes by Gina Greenlee
#41. The goal of this book is do for you what Greg did for me: reframe 26.2 miles as accessible and inspire your first marathon journey, one mile at a time. #Quote by Gina Greenlee
Cyler Miles quotes by Denis Leary
#42. I would have to commit a crime and have cops chase me. That would be the only way to get me to jog five miles. #Quote by Denis Leary
Cyler Miles quotes by Carolyn Miles
#43. Love is a verb; an action word. Its not a noun or an adjective. #Quote by Carolyn Miles
Cyler Miles quotes by Steve Lukather
#44. I don't see why I can't listen to Miles Davis and Slipknot in the same afternoon. #Quote by Steve Lukather
Cyler Miles quotes by Charles Sheehan-Miles
#45. I don't understand you. Is this how you get girls in bed?"
"So what's different?"
"I'm not trying to get you in bed. Well ... I am. But not just temporarily. #Quote by Charles Sheehan-Miles
Cyler Miles quotes by Jasper Carrott
#46. There is no way in my right mind I would contemplate running 26 miles-plus unless it involved a chase with Pamela Anderson. #Quote by Jasper Carrott
Cyler Miles quotes by Suzanne Collins
#47. In stark contrast to two nights ago, when I felt Peeta was a million miles away, I'm struck by his immediacy now. As we settle in, he pulls my head down to use his arm as a pillow; the other rests protectively over me even when he goes to sleep. No one has held me like this in such a long time. Since my father died and I stopped trusting my mother, no one else's arms have made me feel this safe. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Cyler Miles quotes by Carrie Tollefson
#48. I think I was just trying to coast and you can't coast and try and win at the same time, you know? It'll be three years now since those wins, but the last couple of years I've just really been trying to put my miles in, get them up there to 80 miles a week, 90 miles a week and put the work in again. #Quote by Carrie Tollefson

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