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Cute Stuff quotes by Kreayshawn
#1. I like Goodwill and the thrift stores. I don't like going into a store and picking from a bunch of cute stuff that's already been found. One of the best parts is finding it myself. #Quote by Kreayshawn
Cute Stuff quotes by J.M. Richards
#2. Nice slippers," Davin grinned. They were green and furry. "Thanks." I shrugged and looked him over, half expecting to see a new injury. "So what's up?" He had one hand behind his back. #Quote by J.M. Richards
Cute Stuff quotes by Melissa Blue
#3. Because when you love someone, you don't be daft. You let them know. Who gives a shite if they throw it back at you or walk away from you? You tell them. As fucking loudly as you can. Just so they know. That's living, Joce. #Quote by Melissa Blue
Cute Stuff quotes by Wendy Wunder
#4. Cam lifted the back of the U-Haul door to find Perry holding up a pair of Nana's enormous, silky white underpants.
'Whoops,' said Cam. 'You'll have to make do.' And she shut the door, ignoring Perry's continued pounding on the side of the trailer.
'I packed some cute stuff for her, too,' Asher said regretfully. #Quote by Wendy Wunder
Cute Stuff quotes by Colleen Chen
#5. I was having a terrible nightmare," the penis said then, its voice high-pitched, but quite male. The small hole on the round end moved a little bit as it talked - could it possibly be a mouth? Then the head swiveled a little, directing the small hole toward Vesper. "Ooh, a female. Hello there, cute stuff."
"Oh…hello." Not attached to a man, it actually wasn't so intimidating. She leaned closer. How could something like that actually articulate sounds? Could there be a tiny tongue, vocal cords in there?
"Pick me up why don't you? I can tell you want to."
Vesper drew back again. She did admit an urge to poke it with her finger, but it was a detached talking penis, and that in itself made it suspect. Then something occurred to her. "Are you under a spell?"
"Not exactly," it replied. "But you can kiss me if you want. #Quote by Colleen Chen
Cute Stuff quotes by Noelle Adams
#6. I'm usually happy with anything."
"Are you? Or are you just happy because the person you're with is happy?"
"I like it when other people are happy. What's wrong with that?"
"Nothing. But other people should wnat you to be happy too, right? #Quote by Noelle Adams
Cute Stuff quotes by Noelle Adams
#7. So if it's so important for you to be self-sufficient, why do you call my self-sufficiency stubborn? Why can't I be self-sufficient too?" Her voice got strangely hoarse on the last words, and it wasn't because she wanted to cry.
He lifted the hand that had been caressing her back and cupped her cheek with it instead. "Because I'm here", he murmured. "Because I'm here, and I want to help you. #Quote by Noelle Adams
Cute Stuff quotes by Queenie Law
#8. Every day may not be sweet. But thereis something sweet in every day. #Quote by Queenie Law
Cute Stuff quotes by J.M. Richards
#9. Who are you?" he asked, in a bewildered tone. I cocked my head at him, totally baffled. "I told you. Anna Fisher. And I happen to be starving, so let's go." I tugged at his arm and led him back in line. #Quote by J.M. Richards
Cute Stuff quotes by Kevin Hearne
#10. Awesome! I'd just bullied Jesus into doing a shot with me. Nobody would ever believe it, but I didn't care. We ordered the insanely expensive stuff, seventy-five dollars for a 1.75-ounce pour of premium Irish whiskey, because if you're doing a shot with Jesus, you don't buy him scotch. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Cute Stuff quotes by Adam Rich
#11. Musicians don't respect a lot of the stuff that is on TRL and a lot of musicians think that stuff on the radio is not good musically so when musicians say that they like us it obviously feels good. #Quote by Adam Rich
Cute Stuff quotes by Kylie Scott
#12. Clearly, there were far more northern Idaho sex gods than I'd given the region credit for. Further classifications were going to be required. If Vaughan topped the super-cool category, then maybe this new guy should win on the lumbersexual front. Given my abrupt return to singledom, I'd have to give this important man-classification system more thought.
Disclaimer: Objectifying people is wrong and stuff. #Quote by Kylie Scott
Cute Stuff quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#13. Could words and symbols wield such power? Could mere scribblings on parchment unmake a person's moral fiber? Weren't we made of sterner stuff? #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Cute Stuff quotes by Laura Marano
#14. At the prom, you are more about boys thinking you're cute. On the red carpet, you have to please everyone because there are a lot more people looking at those pictures. #Quote by Laura Marano
Cute Stuff quotes by Daniel Clowes
#15. That's the biggest part of doing comics: You have to create stuff that makes you want to get out of bed every morning and get to work. #Quote by Daniel Clowes
Cute Stuff quotes by J.D. Salinger
#16. Oh, this happiness is strong stuff. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Cute Stuff quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
#17. Dean coughed helpfully. Somewhere in the cough was the word "persuasion." He was throwing Mo a lifeline.
Mo preferred to go down. "I haven't actually read any Austen. I'm more into mysteries, crime fiction, courtroom stuff." This was disappointing, but not damning. On the other hand it was a failing; on the other, manfully owned up to. If only Mo had stopped there.
"I don't read much women's stuff. I like a good plot," he said.
Prudie finished her drink and set her glass down so hard you could hear it hit. "Austen can plot like a son of a bitch," she said. "Bernadette, I believe you were telling us about your first husband."
"I could start with my second. Or the one after that," Bernadette offered. Down with plot! Down with Mo! #Quote by Karen Joy Fowler
Cute Stuff quotes by Deyth Banger
#18. I never thought I am going to be so followed and to see my stuff and on some other places... so I want to say big Thanks to all. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Cute Stuff quotes by Thomas Mars
#19. It's hard to write new stuff when the songs you have written before are still changing and evolving. It would be like building something when the foundations there are not really solid. #Quote by Thomas Mars
Cute Stuff quotes by Eric Clapton
#20. A British pressing with a compilation of the best stuff really, I mean actually not only that but, these were all kind of semi hits for the people on it in America. #Quote by Eric Clapton
Cute Stuff quotes by Lisa Birnbach
#21. Even if you're starting from scratch and buying a new wardrobe, preppy clothes are very fairly priced compared to high fashion. They're very easy to absorb into your wardrobe. You probably already have stuff you can wear and there's a safety factor. You're dressed for success, in a way, if you look like you grew up with success. #Quote by Lisa Birnbach
Cute Stuff quotes by Stephen King
#22. Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open. #Quote by Stephen King
Cute Stuff quotes by Brian McGreevy
#23. She had not been conferred with a practical sense of how one went about this strange and all inverted business of being a girl, where seemingly natural stuff like going on about all the great things you just learned about Siberian tigers on National Geographic was suddenly weird, but totally weird stuff in and of itself like drawing around your eyeball with a pencil became normal, and it impressed to no end that it was a product of meticulous effort that made the twins seem so perfectly and effortlessly feminine. #Quote by Brian McGreevy
Cute Stuff quotes by Andy Borowitz
#24. Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard. #Quote by Andy Borowitz
Cute Stuff quotes by Cassie Mae
#25. I knew it!
Cards fly everywhere, as if he had them hidden in his gym shorts. #Quote by Cassie Mae
Cute Stuff quotes by Julie James
#26. I thought you'd want the honor of taking down Martino."
"Oh, hell yes."
"Then what's with the look?"
"It just occured to me that as U.S. attorney, you're now in a position of authority over me."
Cameron raised an eyebrow. "Yuo're right, Agent Pallas. There is a new sheriff in town."
"Cute. How long have you been waiting to say that?"
(Jack & Cameron) #Quote by Julie James
Cute Stuff quotes by Peta Credlin
#27. I find stuff written about me is in stark contrast to who I am. But I can sleep well at night knowing that I did my best - I'm looking forward to my next chapter, whatever that is. #Quote by Peta Credlin
Cute Stuff quotes by Robert Duvall
#28. Some Russian ballet master woman said there's no culture in America, but if you look you can find interesting stuff in this country, don't you think? #Quote by Robert Duvall
Cute Stuff quotes by Jason Blum
#29. I try not to put pressure on filmmakers to come up with a big scare at the beginning. I think that helps let the audience settle in and get to know the people they're about to spend 90 minutes with. Once the scarier stuff happens, it's scarier because of that. #Quote by Jason Blum
Cute Stuff quotes by Steve Albini
#30. I hate 'foodie' because it's cute, like pretty much all diminutives associated with eating. 'Veggies,' 'sammies,' 'parm.' I eat food, and I cook it: it's for eating, preferably with friends, and I don't make a fetish out of it. #Quote by Steve Albini
Cute Stuff quotes by Laurie Anderson
#31. The only stuff I don't like are Broadway musicals. I hate them. I don't even like to talk about it. I can't bear musicals. #Quote by Laurie Anderson
Cute Stuff quotes by Gerardo Marti
#32. Some of us enter deconstruction willingly. We sat through too many church services that made us queazy with songs-with-words-we-stopped-feeling-good-about-singing, predictable messages, certainty, and focus on belief instead of practice. Something stirred within us, and we started asking the questions swirling around in our head. Others of us were pushed into deconstruction by wounding church experiences. We saw one too many inconsistencies, abuses of power, or crazy-stuff-that-only-insiders-sometimes-see that pushed us over the edge and called everything into question. #Quote by Gerardo Marti
Cute Stuff quotes by Levon Helm
#33. The rock star stuff never came up for us. The Band was never attacked by groupies before, during or after any show that we ever played. #Quote by Levon Helm
Cute Stuff quotes by Glen Duncan
#34. The collective human unconscious can't stand it, the thought of stuff going on forever, so has decided (collectively, unconsciously) to bring the planet to an end. Eco-apocalypse isn't accident, it's deep species strategy. #Quote by Glen Duncan
Cute Stuff quotes by Colin Farrell
#35. I never think I'm capable of any of [action movies]! I'm always terrified, but luckily on this one it was directed by my husband [Len Wiseman]. 'I can't possibly do it. I'm too scared, I can't do it.' He says: 'Go on. DO it!' So it is shocking as I'm not one of those people who finds that stuff easy. #Quote by Colin Farrell
Cute Stuff quotes by J. Ryan Stradal
#36. Girls were lucky, they didn't have to have a thing. They just had to look nice and come to your shows and not call you all the time about stupid stuff. #Quote by J. Ryan Stradal
Cute Stuff quotes by Victoria Coren
#37. While I'm here, I'm making notes for a magazine article about the giant tournament. As I sit scribbling in my notebook, the producer of the Sky coverage beckons me over to the bar. He says, 'We're going live for the final on Sunday and we really need an attractive woman to interview the players, someone who knows her stuff and would look good on camera, and we suddenly realized it would be obvious to ask you, Victoria . . . can you think of anyone?' He wasn't kidding. #Quote by Victoria Coren
Cute Stuff quotes by Bubba Sparxxx
#38. When people screamed novelty the first time around talking about an ugly video and stuff I was really insulted because, hold on a minute, everyone you see in the video are real life. #Quote by Bubba Sparxxx
Cute Stuff quotes by Hugh Jackman
#39. My friends say, 'Man you're going to have kids sleeping on pillowcases with your face on it! You're going to be on toothbrushes and magnets and stuff.' I guess now that I'm a dad, I'm thrilled about that. #Quote by Hugh Jackman
Cute Stuff quotes by Alessia Dickson
#40. Supernaturals is a broad term used to classify beings that include Elementals and numerous other creatures. Like what? The list is endless. Witches, Demons, Spirits, stuff like that. Wow, I commented dryly. It's like a giant Halloween party isn't it? #Quote by Alessia Dickson
Cute Stuff quotes by Katja Millay
#41. I like finding things no one else is looking for. Things that got lost or forgotten, shoved in a corner. Stuff I never knew existed. I don't even need to buy it. I just like to find it and know that it's there. That's the part I like. #Quote by Katja Millay
Cute Stuff quotes by George MacDonald
#42. The region belonging to the pure intellect is straitened: the imagination labours to extend its territories, to give it room. She sweeps across the boarders, searching out new lands into which she may guide her plodding brother. The imagination is the light which redeems from the darkness for the eyes of the understanding. Novalis says, 'The imagination is the stuff of the intellect' -affords, that is, the material upon which the intellect works. #Quote by George MacDonald
Cute Stuff quotes by Betty Smith
#43. Brooklyn was a dream. All the things that happened there just couldn't happen. It was all dream stuff. Or was it all real and true and was it that she, Francie, was the dreamer? #Quote by Betty Smith
Cute Stuff quotes by John Lurie
#44. The loss of music is very painful, and I don't revisit stuff unless there is a solid reason to do it. #Quote by John Lurie
Cute Stuff quotes by Juicy J
#45. I used to read music books when I was 13. My mom was working at a library. She's a librarian. I would get my mom to check out any kind of books that had anything to do with the music industry. I read a lot about royalities, publishing, marketing, stuff like that. #Quote by Juicy J
Cute Stuff quotes by Mark Twain
#46. Out of the depths of my happy heart wells a great tide of love and prayer for this priceless treasure that is confided to my lifelong keeping. You cannot see its waves as they flow toward you, darling, but in these lines you will hear ... the distant beating of its surf. #Quote by Mark Twain
Cute Stuff quotes by Bill Keller
#47. There's a lot of stuff they don't teach you in the mythical editors' school. They don't teach you that you're going to have to spend a lot of your life in crisis management. #Quote by Bill Keller
Cute Stuff quotes by Stephen King
#48. Thanks to you guys and girls who read my stuff, too. May you have long days and pleasant nights. #Quote by Stephen King
Cute Stuff quotes by Louis C.K.
#49. Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don't care about other stuff. #Quote by Louis C.K.
Cute Stuff quotes by Kele Moon
#50. Life's pretty friggin' mean most of the time. People got real problems and real shit to cry about, but this isn't it. This is the good stuff, and I've been kicked by life one too many times to just ignore it when something sweet falls in my lap. #Quote by Kele Moon

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