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Cute quotes by Blake Lively
#1. I think it's very attractive when people cook. So I don't wear sweatpants. When you dress sexy to cook, too, it's like, damn, I got a girl who can cook and look like that? And I always have really cute aprons. #Quote by Blake Lively
Cute quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#2. I instantly thought the guy was cute, in that gaunt, never-sees-the-light-of-day, New York street urchin kind of way. And he never stood still for a second. From across the tracks I read his expression as I have everything on my side except destiny, only his expression clearly hadn't informed his head or heart yet. The guy looked over and caught me staring, and once his eyes met mine they never deviated. He took several cautious steps forward, stopping abruptly at the thick yellow line you weren't supposed to cross. His arms dangled like a puppet and he seemed to skim the ground when he walked, as if suspended over the edge of the world by a hundred invisible strings. #Quote by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Cute quotes by Marc Maron
#3. I'm just saying, 'Hey, throw me a bone. How about a smile, cute t-shirt? Look at me.' Nothing - unless it's a turn to their friends to go, 'Hey, why is that weird guy looking at us?' #Quote by Marc Maron
Cute quotes by Julianna Margulies
#4. I was never much of a kid person. I mean, I thought they were cute to look at, but I didn't want them in my house. #Quote by Julianna Margulies
Cute quotes by Liz Grace Davis
#5. I need a friend and you seemed nicest. I think you and I can have more fun than those fake people on the other side. #Quote by Liz Grace Davis
Cute quotes by Melissa Jensen
#6. Leo!
Scusi, Nonna." But he still managed to get a good, quiet curse or two out as he backed his way gingerly through the swinging door.
"Here.I got it." Tina took the beer and glass from me. "Ya know them?"
I nodded.
"She looks like butter wouldn't melt.But her kid..." She pursed brilliantly pink lips. "All that and a bag of baked tofu chips?"
I had to smile a little at the image. "No.He's not...He doesn't act like..." I wasn't entirely sure why I was defending him.He hadn't exactly been the Prince Charming of Dinner Orders. Come to think of it, I couldn't completely vouch for Alex Bainbridge being Prince Charming of Anything. Except my own little Villink fantasy. "Maybe."
"Yeah?" I have no idea what is was Tina saw in my face. Something. "Aw, sweetie." She sighed. "Want me to shake up Daddy's beer a little?"
"No," I answered. "but thanks for the offer. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Cute quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#7. I rolled my eyes. "For defending my honor, you dullard."
He yanked me beneath a shadowed awning. I had a moment's panic when I thought he'd spotted trouble, but then his arms were around me and his lips were pressed to mine.
When he finally drew back, my cheeks were warm and my legs had gone wobbly.
"Just to be clear," he said, "I'm not really interested in defending your honor."
"Understood," I managed, hoping I didn't sound too ridiculously breathless. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Cute quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#8. It was almost cute, I thought, except I don't do cute. But I wanted to do her. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cute quotes by Krystal Sutherland
#9. She's cute. In a weird, Janis Joplin, will probably die at twenty-seven kind of way. #Quote by Krystal Sutherland
Cute quotes by Nora Roberts
#10. God, I love men." She got up from the desk, walked to him, cupped his face in her hands and
gave him a smacking kiss on the mouth. "You're just so cute."
One hard tug on her hand had her tumbling into his lap. An instant later her quick laugh was cut
off, and her heart pounding.
He hadn't kissed her this way before, with impatience and heat and hunger all mixed together in a
near brutal assault. He hadn't kissed her as if he couldn't get enough. Would never get en #Quote by Nora Roberts
Cute quotes by Thomas M. Disch
#11. The toaster (lacking real bread) would pretend to make two crispy slices of toast. Or, if the day seemed special in some way, it would toast an imaginary English muffin. #Quote by Thomas M. Disch
Cute quotes by Tracey Garvis-Graves
#12. I scrolled through your order history at Victoria's Secret."
"Well, that's not at all creepy," she deadpanned.
"Did you know there are items in your shopping cart? Sweaters. Lots of thick, long, skin-covering sweaters. Frankly, it confused me."
"Maybe I already own plenty of lingerie. Considering I walk to work, sweaters are much more practical. Plus they're awfully cute."
"I added a few things to your cart and checked out for you. I paid for it with my credit card. Expedited the shipping too, so you should have it by Monday."
"You added a few things?"
"One hint: not sweaters."
"How wildly inappropriate."
"Kid in a candy store. Couldn't help myself. #Quote by Tracey Garvis-Graves
Cute quotes by Richelle Mead
#13. Didn't need to see your aura." He tapped my forehead. "You get a cute little frown there when
you've got something bothering you."
"Not everything about me is cute."
"That's true. Some things are cute. The rest are sexy." His voice was low as he leaned toward
me. "So amazingly, agonizingly sexy that it's a wonder I can get anything done when all I ever think
about is the taste of your lips and the touch of your fingertips on my skin and the way your legs feel
when I - "
"Adrian," I interrupted.
His eyes smoldered. "Yes?"
"Shut up. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Cute quotes by Kreayshawn
#14. I like Goodwill and the thrift stores. I don't like going into a store and picking from a bunch of cute stuff that's already been found. One of the best parts is finding it myself. #Quote by Kreayshawn
Cute quotes by Nicola Yoon
#15. I'm desperate to prevent her tears, but not because I'm noble or anything. I'm kind of a contagion cryer. You know how when one person starts yawning, everyone else starts yawning too? Or when someone vomits, the smell makes you want to hurl? I'm like that, except with crying, and I have no intention of crying in front of the cute girl whose headphones I just broke. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Cute quotes by Walt Disney Company
#16. You little fool. You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth. #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Cute quotes by Colin Farrell
#17. I got to work with Jared Leto. Jared's cute. Oh, I'll tell you. Jared will make you doubt about your sexuality. #Quote by Colin Farrell
Cute quotes by Rachel Platten
#18. I refuse to dress 'hot' for Halloween, 'cause I always have to have makeup and hair and look cute for my job. So on Halloween, I either go gory or weird or funny. #Quote by Rachel Platten
Cute quotes by Aaron Spelling
#19. It's OK to do cute little things like kissing a turtle, but you can't kiss another person because he's a different color? Give me a break. And you have to remember, I'm from Dallas, Texas. #Quote by Aaron Spelling
Cute quotes by Michael Jackson
#20. Because I think every child star suffers through this period because you're not the cute and charming child that you were. You start to grow, and they want to keep you little forever. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Cute quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#21. Amy is so correct that a good personality can make a guy better-looking. #Quote by Daria Snadowsky
Cute quotes by
#22. Hippos are the very definition of Disney cute. There is no way you could look at a big, fat, squishy, huggable hippo and not think, "Id she could talk like a human, she would sound just like Jada Pinkett Smith and be oh so sassy." You would totally name her Sassy-baskets, and she would be your tutu-wearing, ballet-dancing, strut-walking pal for life. Just you and Sassy-baskets against the world! #Quote by
Cute quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#23. Yes, well" - he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose delicately - "the burner phone we had accidentally fell out of the car, and someone accidentally backed over it. Because someone was in a rush after she accidentally alerted some skip tracers we were nearby when she accidentally used her abilities to move a light pole out of the road after she had accidentally backed into it."
"Someone better shut their mouth before I accidentally slam my fist into their teeth." She punched his shoulder, and it was almost ... playful.
"Shut his mouth, fist into his teeth."
"Really? A grammar lesson? #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Cute quotes by Jessica Martinez
#24. He's kind of cute,' Charly said. She was still sideways on the couch, face-planted in throw pillows. 'You should go for him. He has that same serious, never-say-what-I'm-thinking thing as you. You guys would be perfect together. You could just sit around being broody together. #Quote by Jessica Martinez
Cute quotes by Taya Kyle
#25. He brought them a lot of joy, whether by tossing a ball around or tickling them, teaching them how to hunt or just watching TV. Angel loved to climb into his lap and cuddle. His tensions and cares would melt away as he held her.
I know there's a saying about "Daddy's little girl wrapping him around her finger." Chris and Angel didn't have that kind of relationship, exactly. She was definitely his girl--he was closer to her than probably any other female on the planet, including me. But he also held her to high standards. She couldn't get away with being bad or taking advantage of him.
She could see in his face that he was absolutely delighted by her. He "got" her humor, and he definitely got her.
One day he had to leave on an overnight trip. We said good-bye and closed the door; Angel and I went into the kitchen.
She had tears in her eyes.
"Okay, honey?" I asked.
"Yeah. I know he's coming back tomorrow," she said. "I guess I just miss him already."
I told Chris what she'd said later on that night when he called to check in. It was something cute she'd done.
"Wow," he said. "I feel like I've just been punched in the stomach."
He slid down the wall to the floor, hand to his face, devastated by his daughter's simple statement of love.
"I wasn't trying to make you feel bad," I told him. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay."
We talked a little more, then he hung up the phone. The man he was traveling with said later that he looked w #Quote by Taya Kyle
Cute quotes by Bruce C. Hafen
#26. Looking back, Colleen and Neal have somewhat different perspectives. . . . She remembers she "was impressed that he seemed to have so much charisma. People were looking to him for answers and just had a great regard for him." Then Neal adds, "So much charisma [that] she turned me down when I first asked her for a date." Fortunately for both, he called again, and this time she said yes. . . .

Colleen found herself increasingly drawn to him. She found him "really cute and interesting," even if he did lack just a little social polish. He didn't care for dancing and didn't like small talk, both of which were more important to other people than they were to her. He "was so knowledgeable and such a good speaker, even though he did talk fast. But if you could listen fast you could learn a lot." As Neal came to know her better, he was impressed with her maturity, her sensitivity to other people, and the depth of her spiritual convictions. He began feeling a "spiritual impetus that this was a young woman out of the ordinary." . . .

Emma remembered, "Our first introduction to Colleen was when you came home one night and said, 'I've got to see more of that girl. She has some thinking under her hood.'" . . . "I knew I was not dealing with an eighteen-year-old co-ed who was so anxious to please me that I'd have my way when I shouldn't," he said. "We hadn't been married long before I knew I had a kind of Gibraltar--someone who would be tough and strong in the storms o #Quote by Bruce C. Hafen
Cute quotes by Meghan Quinn
#27. She tilts her head to the side after taking a sip of her tea, studying us. "You know, I can't get over how beautiful you two are together. One of those couples you love to follow on Instagram, you know, the really cute ones that are so sickening in love that you can't get enough of them."

Way to drop the love bomb, Mom.


Thankfully Emory doesn't show any kind of hatred for the term but instead says, "Like Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod?"

"Yes," my mom answers with excitement. "Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with watching their stories. The little videos they do together, I just can't get enough of them. J-Rod," my mom says dreamily. "Oh gosh, what would your couple name be?" She thinks about it for a second. "Emox . . . or Knemory. Oh I love Knemory. Sounds so poetic."

"Knemory does have a nice ring to it," I add.

"I don't know, what about Emorox?"

"Ohhh, that sounds like a name that belongs in The Game of Thrones." Taking on a more masculine voice, my mom says, "Look out, Jon, Emorox is coming over the hill, with her fire-spitting dragons, Knemory and George."

"George?" Emory laughs out loud, covering her mouth. "Why George?"

"Well, look at the names they have in that show? They're all exotic names you've never heard before - Cersei, Gregor, Arya - and then in waltzes good old Jon Snow. It's only fair that the dragons have a lemon in the bunch as well."

"Uh, Jon is anythin #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Cute quotes by Emma Chase
#28. And another thing - don't get too comfortable. Take chances. Don't be afraid to lay it on the line. Even if you're happy. Even if you think life is freaking perfect. #Quote by Emma Chase
Cute quotes by Qian Zhongshu
#29. Why do charming girls all have fathers? She can be hidden away all by herself in one's heart to cuddle, but when her father, uncle, and brother are dragged along with her, the girl stops being so cute and carefree and it's not so easy to conceal her away in your heart anymore. Her charm has been mixed in with the dregs. Some people talk about marriage as though it were homosexual love. It's not the girl they fancy, but her old man or her elder brother they admire. #Quote by Qian Zhongshu
Cute quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#30. A girl does not need anyone who does not need her. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Cute quotes by Ciro Correia
#31. I want to create beautiful things, beautiful stories,with my art and my words. It is about the story telling aspect, no matter what the theme or genre. Whether, the stories and art are modern, grotesque, real, fantastical or cute, I want my stories to speak and to have their own voices. To speak to us about our desires and the human condition, but also to inspire. To ultimately draw us towards a positive and connect us with a higher note. #Quote by Ciro Correia
Cute quotes by Non Nomen
#32. I live in a world were businesses have become "private corporations."
Assassinations have become "target neutralisations."
Being unfaithful now is "to sleep around ... " How cute.
The banks taking your money is now called a "stimulus package."
I can go on and on and on ... and that really saddens me. #Quote by Non Nomen
Cute quotes by Bridget Zinn
#33. Ari, maybe we should get you out of here. No joke. You really are dangerous with thus truth serum in you, You might sat something you wished you hadn't."
"Like that your mum scares me, but I think your dad is kind of cute in and old-guy sort of way?"
"Exactly like that."
"Eh. I'm not worried. #Quote by Bridget Zinn
Cute quotes by Katie Heaney
#34. Apparently she didn't know about that abomination of the senses in which cute boys can hear you speak their names from literally any distance in space and/or time. #Quote by Katie Heaney
Cute quotes by Frank Ocean
#35. No, I don't like you, I just thought you were cute enough to kiss you. #Quote by Frank Ocean
Cute quotes by A.J. Young
#36. Frowning I playfully blow a fresh handful of bubbles at him as we walks back out, laughing over his shoulder at me. #Quote by A.J. Young
Cute quotes by James S.A. Corey
#37. There was an old joke. Miller didn't remember where he'd heard it. Girl's at her own father's funeral, meets this really cute guy. They talk, hit it off, but he leaves before she can get his number. Girl doesn't know how to track the guy down. So a week later, she kills her mom. Big laugh. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Cute quotes by April Rose
#38. I think rejection is a huge part of the business and there's so many cute girls that grow up with kind of being adored or people kind of bending over backwards for them. I see a lot of girls who aren't used to rejection because of that, and now all of a sudden they drop out of the business. #Quote by April Rose
Cute quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#39. Autumn is here
and I am in love.
My heart has taken residence in my mind.
I pick the crisp ochre leaves
and put them in my pocket.
I am in love. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Cute quotes by James Patterson
#40. I'm not comfortable in this stadium," I explained, trying to look calm.
"I know. And you hate Fang looking at those girls. But we're still having
fun, and Fang still loves you, and you'll still save the world. Okay? #Quote by James Patterson
Cute quotes by Ann Coulter
#41. Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Cute quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#42. I pointed behind me. They're my guys. It's not that you aren't cute, but when this is already waiting at home it makes a girl a little less eager to add new men. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Cute quotes by Renita Pizzitola
#43. Brinley pulled me to the side while Ryder and Cade fetched drinks at the bar.

"He's so cute!" She clasped both my hands and practically squealed.

And I'm not going to lie, part of me wanted to hop around squealing "I know" because he was the hottest guy I'd ever dated.


Wow #Quote by Renita Pizzitola
Cute quotes by Kurt Cobain
#44. I was accepted by cool people because the cheerleaders thought I was cute. The jocks knew the jock-girls thought I was cute. I just chose not to hang around with them. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Cute quotes by Richelle Mead
#45. I think Adrian really likes you. Like, in a wanting-to-be-serious way."
I shook my head and stepped back. "Nope. He likes me in a wanting-to-get-the-clothes-off-the-cute-dhampir way. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Cute quotes by Ed Sheeran
#46. Cause honey your soul
could never grow old
its evergreen #Quote by Ed Sheeran
Cute quotes by Meg Cabot
#47. All right, Simon," Gina said, lowering herself into one of the hard plastic chairs that littered the food court. "What were you up to while I was coordinating Ms. Webb's spring wardrobe?"
I held up my bag from Music Town. "I bought a CD," I said lamely.
Gina, appalled, echoed, "A what?"
"A CD." I hadn't even wanted to buy one, but sent out into the wilds of the mall with instructions to return with a new purchase, I had panicked and headed into the first store I saw.
"You know malls give me sensory overload," I said, by way of explanation.
Gina shook her head at me, her copper curls swaying. "You can't really get mad at her," she said to Adam. "She's just so cute. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Cute quotes by Charles Yu
#48. Probably it goes without saying, but time machine guys don't get a lot of action. Had a one night stand with something cute a couple of years ago. Not human exactly. Human-ish. Close enough that she looked awesome without her shirt on. #Quote by Charles Yu
Cute quotes by Eliphas Levi
#49. When we love, we see the infinite in the finite. We find the Creator in the creation. #Quote by Eliphas Levi
Cute quotes by Christopher McDougall
#50. We're all Running People, as the Tarahumara have always known. But the American approach
ugh. Rotten at its core. It was too artificial and grabby, Vigil believed, too much about getting stuff and getting it now: medals, Nike deals, a cute butt. It wasn't art; it was business, a hard-nosed quid pro quo. No wonder so many people hated running; if you thought it was only a means to an end
an investment in becoming faster, skinnier, richer
then why stick with it if you weren't getting enough quo for your quid? #Quote by Christopher McDougall
Cute quotes by Samson Raphael Hirsch
#51. If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give. #Quote by Samson Raphael Hirsch
Cute quotes by Margaret Atwood
#52. How much longer can I be so fucking cute? #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Cute quotes by Mae West
#53. You may admire a girl's curves on the first introduction, but the second meeting shows up new angles. #Quote by Mae West
Cute quotes by Jessica Day George
#54. [Lily] "Petunia's hair is too curly to braid," She said conversationally. Oliver wasn't sure why, but that was what finally made him blush. #Quote by Jessica Day George
Cute quotes by Ian Shoales
#55. Americans will buy anything, as long as it doesn't cross the thin line between cute and demonic. #Quote by Ian Shoales
Cute quotes by Trevor Alan Foris
#56. Aww, look...' placing them on her lap, stroking the new arrival. 'Look at their cute ears and all their sticky up hair and those big eyes and the squidgy pot bellies... #Quote by Trevor Alan Foris
Cute quotes by Sakazaki Freddie
#57. Listen and listen good Log Lady. This wood fetish might be cute in Twin Peaks, but it sure ain't gonna cut it here. #Quote by Sakazaki Freddie
Cute quotes by Lebo Grand
#58. Sensuality is subjective. What turns you on won't appeal or make sense to everyone. Not everyone will find your brand of sensuality cute, intoxicating or even morally acceptable, and that's ok. Just do you. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Cute quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#59. A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Cute quotes by Rick Riordan
#60. Piper bit her lip. The last thing she wanted to do was check Katopris for more terrifying images.
'I've tried,'she said.'The dagger doesn't always show what I want to see. In fact,it hardly ever does'
'Please,'Percy said.'Try again.'
He pleaded with those sea-green eyes, like a cute baby seal that needed help.Piper wondered how Annabeth ever won an argument with this guy.
'Fine,'she sighed,and drew her dagger #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cute quotes by Amie Kaufman
#61. Then she smiles, and it turns out she has dimples, and it's all over. #Quote by Amie Kaufman
Cute quotes by Dakota Fanning
#62. I remember when I was very little my idol was Britney Spears. I had just come to California and that's just who I wanted to meet. So I was in a store and she walked in and my jaw just fell to the floor. I started like sweating. I could not believe that I was meeting her. She told me that I was very cute. And I lost it - I was so excited. #Quote by Dakota Fanning
Cute quotes by Sonya Loveday
#63. See, admit it, you need my help."

"Fine. I need you… your help." My admission made Ace's half smile bloom into a full one. He really was devastatingly handsome. And so very, very unattainable.

"What makes you say that, Riles?" His thumb brushed up my neck, as his other hand splayed a little wider along my hip.


He winked at me. "I've never been unattainable."

I stood there, dumbfounded. "I said that out loud? #Quote by Sonya Loveday
Cute quotes by Holly Smale
#64. I came to get you. I knew you'd freak out."
"But ... " My head still feels like a helium balloon. "Why?"
Nick looks blank. "Because you always freak out."
I shake my head. My voice feels like I've swallowed it. "I mean, why do you care if I freak out?"
There's a long silence.
"Well," Wilbur finally bursts, "I can take a shot in the dark, if you want."
"Seriously," Nick snaps, making his fingers into a gun shape. "I'm going to take a shot in the dark in a minute and it will make contact."
Wilbur looks charmed. "Isn't he adorable?" he says fondly. "My duty as Fairy Godmother is complete, anyhoo, and I believe it's time to spread my magic dust elsewhere. So many pumpkins after all; so little time. #Quote by Holly Smale
Cute quotes by Victoria Dahl
#65. He was crushing. Hard. Veronica was cute and sweet and smart. And the sex was fucking fantastic. #Quote by Victoria Dahl
Cute quotes by Brad Barkley
#66. Cal: "I'm really sorry, Professor, but how do you explain these ? Swiss Cake Rolls. That doesn't rhyme; it's not cute; it's not childlike. And this is one of our most-respected snack foods, is it not? How is that, Professor? Hmmm?"
Eliot: "Well, isn't it obvious? We trust the Swiss for their ability to engineer things, to build with precision."
Cal: "We do?"
Eliot: "Do I even have to mention Swiss watches? Swiss Army knives? Swiss cheese? If anyone can build a non-threatening, non-lethal snack cake, it's the Swiss. They're neutral, we can trust them not to attack us with trans-fatty acids and sugar. I think you would feel differently if they were German Cake Rolls. North Korean Cake Rolls. I bet you wouldn't eat them."
Cal: "I bet I would. #Quote by Brad Barkley
Cute quotes by M. Leighton
#67. She grins at me. It's a cute, sexy little grin that makes me want to kiss her. -Nash #Quote by M. Leighton
Cute quotes by Cynthia Voigt
#68. Where the veil broke, you could see silvery clouds on which tall angels might stand. Not cute little Christmas angels, but high, stern angels in white robes, whose faces were sad and serious from being near God all day and hearing His decisions about the world. #Quote by Cynthia Voigt
Cute quotes by Wilbur Smith
#69. I'm a feminist. The women in my books in recent years have been powerful characters and I love to see a woman with a cute bottom walking past. #Quote by Wilbur Smith
Cute quotes by Orson Scott Card
#70. In the silence, the bear died. It was a cute death, with funny music. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Cute quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#71. That's the problem with college kids. I blame Hollywood for skewing their perspective. Life is just a big romantic comedy to them, and if you meet cute, happily-ever-after is a foregone conclusion. So there we were, the pretty blond girl milking her very slight congenital limp in order to seem damaged and more interesting, and the nervous boy with the ridiculous hair trying so hard to be clever, the two of us hypnotized by the syncopated rhythms of our furiously beating hearts and throbbing loins. That stupid, desperate, horny kid I was, standing obliviously on the fault line of embryonic love, when really, what he should have been doing was running for his life. #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Cute quotes by Emma Chase
#72. Ding!

Princess Alpacca, pronounced like the animal, first in line to the throne of Alieya Island, a small nation below the south of France. The Queen invited her to Wessco after an attempted coup forced her family into exile last year. She doesn't speak English and I don't know a word of Aliesh. This is going to be a challenge.

Guermo, her translator, glares at me like I'm the bubonic plague in human form - with a mixture of hatred, disgust, and just a touch of fear.

She speaks in Aliesh, looking at me.

And Guermo translates. "She says she thinks you are very ugly."

Princess Alpacca nods vigorously.

She's pretty in a cute kind of way. Wild curly hair, round hazel eyes, a tiny bulbous nose, and full cheeks.

"She says she doesn't like you or your stupid country," Guermo informs me.

Another nod and a blank but eager smile.

"She says she would rather throw herself off the rocks to her death in the waves and be devoured by the fish than be your queen."

I look him in the face. "She barely said anything."

He shrugs. "She says it with her eyes. I know these things. If you weren't so stupid you would know too."

More nodding.


She says something to Guermo in Aliesh, then he says something back - harshly and disapproving. And now, they're arguing.

But they can stay.

Guermo is obviously in love with Alp #Quote by Emma Chase
Cute quotes by Billy Al Bengston
#73. I never do the cute thing with animals; they are interesting shapes. I just use their profile. Because German shepherds are so easily recognizable, they would fall outside my purview. #Quote by Billy Al Bengston
Cute quotes by Jennifer Harlow
#74. You're cute, but..."
He steps away from me, and I can breathe again. "Cute?" he spits. "For centuries women have wanted me, desired me. Royals requested me by name, and you think I am cute? #Quote by Jennifer Harlow
Cute quotes by Ian McClellan
#75. Todd's wife was one of those women with a forced smile perpetually cemented on her face. Even after being chased by a mob of homicidal maniacs and attempting to barricade doors with barstools she kept up appearances, practicing for the days when her husband would be running for public office. When she saw her son poking at their former mail carrier's dead body a look of utter horror came across her face for the slightest instant. She caught herself and put that smile back on so quickly Will wondered if she might have pulled a few cheek muscles.
"Trevor!" she hissed through clenched teeth. "Trevor, you get away from that this instant! You don't know what kind of diseases that man had. Children shouldn't play with dead things."
Will looked at Todd and smirked. "Cute kid. How many of those things do you think are out there? #Quote by Ian McClellan
Cute quotes by Katrina Abbott
#76. No one would ever make the mistake of calling this guy cute. This guy was sexy. Incredibly, dangerously, devastatingly sexy. #Quote by Katrina Abbott
Cute quotes by Katie McGarry
#77. Will we have pets?" I bite back the question regarding kids. While this might be a fun fantasy, imagining being responsible for something like that is terrifying.
"Sure." Noah stays near the fire on one bent knee and occasionally pokes it to keep the dwindling flames alive. "I had a dog once."
"What type?"
"A mix of some sort. Part Lab, part something smaller than Lab. Its paws were too big for its body, so it skidded across the kitchen floor."
"Is that what you want?"
"If we're going to live alone on a mountain, we need a guard dog. A German shepherd. Something like that."
"Guard dog?" Not what I had in mind for the fantasy. "We need something cute and cuddly." I squish my fingers in the air as if I have the little puff ball in my hands. "It can sleep in our bed."
"No fucking way, Echo. I'm not sharing my bed with a dog. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Cute quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#78. One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Cute quotes by A.D. Starrling
#79. This is the only profession in which another human being can crap, pee and puke on you and you still think they're cute. #Quote by A.D. Starrling
Cute quotes by Jules Barnard
#80. If one wishes to elicit a reaction from the elusive species known as 'reservus quietgirlius,' one must poke. #Quote by Jules Barnard
Cute quotes by Mary Papas
#81. - If you could describe my son in 3 words, what would you say?
- Sweet. Cute. Funny.
- That could be a description of a puppy she says dryly. #Quote by Mary Papas
Cute quotes by Walt Whitman
#82. We were together. I forget the rest. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Cute quotes by Amelia Mangan
#83. His first thought – what felt like his first thought ever, it formed so slowly in his brain – was that she looked like a doll. Just like a doll. Her eyes were large and bright and feline; her hair
was chestnut, brushed to a hardwood shine, parted sharply and flowing to her thighs; her lips were cupid's-bow-cute; her head was tilted to one side on a long, long neck. She had skin that had never seen sunlight, and wore no expression at all.

He noticed her. And she noticed, and kept on noticing, him.

Stanley looked down for a third and longer time. It wasn't polite to stare. Not at girls. Or anyone. But especially not girls. Not even girls who looked like perfect porcelain dolls. #Quote by Amelia Mangan
Cute quotes by Katie Allen
#84. Come on, buddy
she's pretty cute. After another beer, she'll go up to really cute. #Quote by Katie Allen
Cute quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#85. As Gansey led the way out, Noah said to Ronan, "I know why you're mad."
Ronan sneered at him, but his pulse heaved. "Tell me then, prophet."
Noah said, "It's not my job to tell other people's secrets. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Cute quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#86. Kenji snorts."That's because you're not fragile," Kenji says. "If anything, everyone needs to protect themselves from you. You're like a freaking beast," he says. Then adds, "I mean, you know - like, a cute beast. A little beast that tears shit up and breaks the earth and sucks the life out of people. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Cute quotes by Lea Michele
#87. It's just really important I think for fashion to be affordable, because everyone should have the opportunity to wear cute things and be happy and comfortable in what they are wearing. That's definitely how I like to shop and how I like to think about clothes and fashion. #Quote by Lea Michele
Cute quotes by Bill Condon
#88. Hey, Tiffany. If I have to walk - if I have to steal a horse - I'll be there #Quote by Bill Condon
Cute quotes by Lisa Kotin
#89. Jenny is what people would call a "big girl." Jenny from screenwriting class. I watch how she lives in her own imperfect skin, recognizing her limitations but still going for what she wants and doing what she loves - writing, smoking, drinking coffee, eating cake, listening to rock 'n' roll, reading Shakespeare, and wearing cute, punky clothes, all despite being a "big girl." It's like she actually believes she has a right to be in this world. #Quote by Lisa Kotin
Cute quotes by Lauren Layne
#90. This is a part of post-college life that nobody ever warns you about. Your social life is no longer dropped into your lap by virtue of shared classes and extracurricular activities. Relationships, whether with friends, family, or romantic partners - from here on out, they're going to take a lot more work. No more built-in friends at the sorority, or hollering down the stairs when I need my mom. It's certainly not going to be as easy to meet guys now that I'm done with school. It's not like I can just chat up the cute guy in econ class anymore. #Quote by Lauren Layne
Cute quotes by Morgan Matson
#91. You + Me
saw this ...
Thank you for finding America with me #Quote by Morgan Matson
Cute quotes by Skyla Madi
#92. I wanted a guy who made my stomach flutter, who was polite and respectful to everyone because he didn't think of anybody as beneath him, a man who did good things not because of what he'd gain but simply because it was the right thing to do. I wanted someone that cared about the injustices of the world and tried to help even if the issue didn't affect his life. #Quote by Skyla Madi
Cute quotes by Erin McCarthy
#93. Alright, good night," he said, his words a little slurred. "But before I pass out, I want you to know that you're the hottest biscuit this side of the gravy boat. #Quote by Erin McCarthy
Cute quotes by Jack Campbell
#94. Can dragons fly?"
The apparent change of subject didn't seem to startle the Mage. "No. Not at all. They do not have wings, ... "If you want a flying spell creature, you need a Roc."
"A what?"
"A Roc. It is a giant bird," Alain explained.
Mari shook her head. "A giant bird. I'm crazy to be listening to this, you know that?"
"I have thought…" He fumbled for words, for a moment looking just like any other seventeen-year-old young man. Was that actually embarrassment showing? "You might…be interested…someday….in flying…on a Roc. I mean…with me." 
"Are you asking me on a date?" Mari tried desperately not to laugh at his discomfort. "A date on a giant bird?"
"Um…I do not know…just something to do…together. That is not dangerous," Alain added hastily. 
"Doing something together, that isn't dangerous?" Mari asked. "That would be a change of pace for us, wouldn't it? … "Have you ever gone…flying…with a girl before?" 
Was he blushing? Just the faintest hint of it, but - stars above. She had made a Mage blush. 
"No," Alain said. #Quote by Jack Campbell
Cute quotes by Kathleen Madigan
#95. Kids? It's like living with homeless people. They're cute but they just chase you around all day long going, 'Can I have a dollar? I'm missing a shoe! I need a ride! #Quote by Kathleen Madigan
Cute quotes by Laura Marano
#96. It's possible to look really cute and still be comfortable. You don't have to kill your feet to have a fashionable look. #Quote by Laura Marano
Cute quotes by Gayle Forman
#97. Look I accept Adam because you love him. And I assume he accepts me because you love me ... your love binds us.' ... The funny thing was, I never really bought into Kim's notion that they were somehow bound together through me- until just now when I saw her half carrying him down the hospital corridor. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Cute quotes by Karen Robards
#98. You need to eat more." ( ... )
"Then I'd get fat, and you wouldn't like me."
Johnny tweaked her nose in teasing response and shifted her into a more comfortable position with her back against his chest. Her head lolled against his shoulder, and his arms hugged her waist before they were settled to his satisfaction. Rachel, spellbound, cast a sideways glance up and back to find that his eyes on her face were as bright and hot as the clear August sky overhead.
"You still don't get it, do you, teacher? I'd like you any way I could get you, any way at all. Besides, I bet you'd be cute fat. A little round dumpling. #Quote by Karen Robards
Cute quotes by Barbara Walters
#99. Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy. #Quote by Barbara Walters
Cute quotes by Breehn Burns
#100. Throw a blanket over it! #Quote by Breehn Burns
Cute quotes by Lisa Unger
#101. We have more patience for girls who act like boys than boys who act like girls. A tomboy is considered cute. One day she'll shuck her muddy jeans and put on a dress, and everyone will gasp at her beauty. They'll all laugh about her tree-climbing, frog-catching days.
But there's no such tolerance for the boy who puts on a dress, who wants a toy kitchen or a baby doll to love. Jung would say that this is because, even culturally, our anima is repressed, hated, derided. We hate our female selves. A boyish girl is perfectly acceptable. A girlish boy? Not so much. In certain places, you'd get your ass kicked, find yourself "gay-bashed." You might even get yourself killed. That's how much we hate our anima. #Quote by Lisa Unger
Cute quotes by Dustin Hoffman
#102. I mean, I don't think I'm alone when I look at the homeless person or the bum or the psychotic or the drunk or the drug addict or the criminal and see their baby pictures in my mind's eye. You don't think they were cute like every other baby? #Quote by Dustin Hoffman
Cute quotes by Alice Clayton
#103. I'm very cute when I'm vulnerable. #Quote by Alice Clayton
Cute quotes by Sandra Bullock
#104. I've lived next door to people all my life. I don't know how cute they think I am. #Quote by Sandra Bullock
Cute quotes by Margaret Atwood
#105. Human tool-makers always make tools that will help us get what we want, and what we want hasn't changed for thousands of years because as far as we can tell the human template hasn't changed either. We still want the purse that will always be filled with gold, and the Fountain of Youth. We want the table that will cover itself with delicious food whenever we say the word, and that will be cleaned up afterwards by invisible servants. We want the Seven-League Boots so we can travel very quickly, and the Hat of Darkness so we can snoop on other people without being seen. We want the weapon that will never miss, and the castle that will keep us safe. We want excitement and adventure; we want routine and security. We want to have a large number of sexually attractive partners, and we also want those we love to love us in return, and be utterly faithful to us. We want cute, smart children who will treat us with the respect we deserve. We want to be surrounded by music, and by ravishing scents and attractive visual objects. We don't want to be too hot or too cold. We want to dance. We want to speak with the animals. We want to be envied. We want to be immortal. We want to be gods.
But in addition, we want wisdom and justice. We want hope. We want to be good. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Cute quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#106. Deryn put her own arms around herself, but it didn't feel the same.
"Barking spiders," she muttered softly, #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Cute quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#107. It's not the same," I whispered. "It never has been. You have my heart… and I only want to share my heart with you. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cute quotes by Britney Spears
#108. Justin Timberlake is everything, and what more could you want in a person? He's funny. He's cute. He's great. He just understands. I get him and he gets me, and that's cool. #Quote by Britney Spears
Cute quotes by Malorie Blackman
#109. I mean you're cute, but not that cute. Would Rhea really risk life in a maximum security detention unit just so that she could press herself against your manly body? #Quote by Malorie Blackman
Cute quotes by Isaac Oliver
#110. In terms of theatrics and mind-boggling intimacies, the subway cannot be beat - people you see every day and smile at, people who subtly protect each other just by shifting how they're standing, people who compliment each other's outfits, ask where they bought them and for how much. I've seen people meet-cute, make out, and break #Quote by Isaac Oliver
Cute quotes by Wendy Spinale
#111. Oh, aren't you cute? It's absolutely...," Hook says, scratching his head, "darling. #Quote by Wendy Spinale
Cute quotes by Jarod Kintz
#112. I gave him a pet name, even though he wasn't my pet, he was my boss. I don't know why he fired me. I thought "Dick Nose" was a delightfully cute name. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cute quotes by Stacey Farber
#113. I remember there were days when - and this is kind of gross - I would sleep in my uniform to save time in the morning and then get up and go to school ... it didn't matter because I didn't have to impress anyone, and I didn't have to look cute in class. #Quote by Stacey Farber
Cute quotes by Melissa Landers
#114. No scarf tonight?" the captain asked, pointing at Solara's neck.
"I guess you finally beat that cold virus."
"I don't believe she had a cold," Renny said thoughtfully.
"I'll bet it was the Hoover flu. You know, named after the old vacuum cleaners on Earth?"
"Oh, I've heard of that disease," Cassia chimed in. "Doesn't it cause a rash that looks like suction marks? Highly contagious when mixed with cute guys and Crystalline? #Quote by Melissa Landers
Cute quotes by Anneke Lucas
#115. We are all born same, we are completely cute, innocent, sweet, and we need that reflection of ourselves as little human beings to live, and I was not receiving that from my mother but there was a caretaker who did give me that. #Quote by Anneke Lucas
Cute quotes by Chuck Wendig
#116. Buying gifts for a kid. Can we get him a cute little cape and a mustache so he looks like old Uncle Lando?" Lobot #Quote by Chuck Wendig
Cute quotes by Rainbowbrook
#117. Normally I'd have given up by now, but he was so cute I decided that he was entitled to be difficult. I mean, I may get distracted sometimes, but I always saved a special space at the back of my mind for Sean, like the Presidential Suit at Ritz Carlton. Throughout the first two years of high school, I let him stay there in peace, undisturbed by my meaningless flings which came and went in the hotel lobby. #Quote by Rainbowbrook
Cute quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#118. Well, what do you think you're doing, then? Spying?"

"I told you, it's the unfortunate hotness of evil. Hotness that burns like the flames of cute, cute hell." Rusty placed his hand on his heart. "But like I said, don't worry. I will overcome temptation, no matter how temptacious. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Cute quotes by Rachael Arsenault
#119. I missed all the people and places I didn't know if I would ever see again – my grandparents and their cute little house at Basin Head, where we used to visit the beach everyday and I would run barefoot over the singing sands and swim in the impossibly enormous ocean. #Quote by Rachael Arsenault
Cute quotes by Nick Park
#120. Americans like the British kind of quirkiness and the strange accent. They find it kind of cute or something, with a certain charm. #Quote by Nick Park
Cute quotes by Kristen Ashley
#121. Thank you for keeping it a secret. There aren't many of those in this tribe. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Cute quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#122. Crushes are so awful. I wonder if they suck worse for the crush-er or the crush-ee. I consider my three years of watching Josh from afar. Yeah, definitely the crush-er. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Cute quotes by Jenny Han
#123. Dear Peter,

I miss you. It's only been five days but I miss you like it's been five years. Maybe because I don't know if this is just it, if you and I will ever talk again. I mean I'm sure we'll say hi in chem class, or in the hallways, but will it ever be like it was? That's what makes me sad. I felt like I could say anything to you. I think you felt the same way. I hope you did.

So I'm just going to say anything to you right now, while I'm still feeling brave. What happened between us in the hot tub scared me. I know it was just a day in the life of Peter for you, but for me it meant a lot more, and that's what scared me. Not just what people were saying about it, and me, but that it happened at all. How easy it was, how much I liked it. I got scared and I took it out on you and for that I'm truly sorry.

And at the recital party, I'm sorry I didn't defend you to Josh. I should have. I know I owed you that much. I owed you that much and more. I still can't believe you came, and that you brought those fruitcake cookies. You looked cute in your sweater, by the way. I'm not saying that to butter you up. I mean it.

Sometimes I like you so much I can't stand it. It fills up inside me, all the way to the brim, and I feel like I could overflow. I like you so much I don't know what to do with it. My heart beats so fast when I know I'm going to see you again. And then, when you look at me the way you do, I feel like the luckiest girl in th #Quote by Jenny Han
Cute quotes by Katie McGarry
#124. Do you think we can just take it on faith right now that I want you, you want me, and we'll figure out the happy ending part later? #Quote by Katie McGarry
Cute quotes by Samuel Johnson
#125. There must always be a struggle between a father and son, while one aims at power and the other at independence. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Cute quotes by Tommy Wallach
#126. Life would take everything from you eventually. So who would be so stupid to leave someone they loved by choice? #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Cute quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#128. I don't think you want to know what it looked like."

"No. I do." I shifted my weight to my other foot. These heels were killing me.

Shaking his head, Seth sighed. "You were staring at him like an ugly chick stares at the last cute guy at the bar when they make the last call."

I choked on my laugh. "Oh. Wow. Thanks."

He raised his hands in a helpless gesture, which looked so strange for him. "I told you. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cute quotes by Julie Kagawa
#129. The mighty hunter," I quipped as we snuck out the backdoor, escaping into the yard. "He can take down vicious rabids and rampaging boars, but one old lady can make him flee in terror."
"One scary old lady," he corrected me, looking relieved to be out of the house. "You didn't hear what she told me when I got up - you're so cute I could put you in a pie. Tell me that's not the creepiest thing you've ever heard." His voice climbed a few octaves, turning shrill and breathy. "Today for dessert, we have apple pie, blueberry pie and Ezekiel pie. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Cute quotes by Kait Ballenger
#130. He frowned. "Naked baby photos should be outlawed."
She closed the photo album. "So tell me, do you still have those cute dimples on your ass? #Quote by Kait Ballenger
Cute quotes by Kate Hudson
#131. I always thought my mother was so damn cute! #Quote by Kate Hudson
Cute quotes by Tyler Oakley
#132. My ideal guy is my future husband. Not sure who he is yet, but he's out there. What impresses me in a gay guy? A warm smile, stubble, easy to talk to, thoughtful tattoos, kind eyes, wit, positivity, wanderlust, ambition, and a cute ass. #Quote by Tyler Oakley
Cute quotes by Thea Harrison
#133. She shook her head. "I don't know who the hell you are," she told the woman in the mirror. "But you look mighty cute. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Cute quotes by Thomas M. Disch
#134. But before any of the small appliances who may be listening to this tale should begin to think that they might do the same thing, let them be warned: ELECTRICITY IS VERY DANGEROUS. Never play with old batteries! Never put your plug in a strange socket! And if you are in any doubt about the voltage of the current where you are living, ask a major appliance. #Quote by Thomas M. Disch
Cute quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#135. Canada?" Ash said. "You didn't say it was in Canada.
"I said Ontario." (Maya)
"I thought you meant Ontario, California."
"Seriously?" Tori said,rolling her eyes. "A helicopter to California? You may be hot,but your sister clearly inherited all the brains in the family."
"Did she call me hot?" Ash whispered to me, looking more annoyed than he ever did when someone called him a jerk.
"She hasn't been on a date in six months", Derek rumbled behind us. "No offense, but as long as aren't related to her, you're fair game. Hell, even
Tori spun on him. "I didn't know."
"Um, wait a sec," Corey said. "So Ash is hot and I'm seriously cute? Is there a difference?"
"Yes," Hayley said, and propelled him through the line. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Cute quotes by Claudia Gray
#136. I'm going to marry Prince William! I'll get all Kate Middleton's cute coats! #Quote by Claudia Gray
Cute quotes by George Washington Carver
#137. Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise. #Quote by George Washington Carver
Cute quotes by Nora Roberts
#138. You'll feel better after you do a mile or two.'
'Why?' From her prone position, Emma threw up her hands. 'Who says? Who decided that people all of a sudden have to do miles every damn day, or that twisting themselves into unnatural shapes is good for them? I think it's the people who sell this hideous equipment, and the ones who design all the cute little outfits like the one you're wearing. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Cute quotes by Ashley Tisdale
#139. In high school, it was all about popularity, being with the boyfriend and all the girls thinking he's cute. #Quote by Ashley Tisdale
Cute quotes by Brent Weeks
#140. You can't understand a God who's all mercy and no justice. That cute, fuzzy God wouldn't last two minutes in the Warrens, would he? #Quote by Brent Weeks
Cute quotes by J.R. Ward
#141. I mean, come on. He's kind of cute, in a Godzilla sort of way. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Cute quotes by Lee Iacocca
#142. There are times when even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog, waiting to see where the dog wants to go so he can take him there. #Quote by Lee Iacocca
Cute quotes by Gracie Gold
#143. I always wear a pair of colored jeans and fun boots. I have a really cute pair of stars-and-stripes Converse, and I love wearing all my bright Nike shoes. #Quote by Gracie Gold
Cute quotes by Steven Erikson
#144. My God," Hadrian said. "They finally did it! All those oh-so-cute-my-cuddly-kitten-here's-a-pic bastard! They finally went and did it! #Quote by Steven Erikson
Cute quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#145. Most of all she loved that when she hugged him her head would rest neatly just below his chin, where she could feel his breath lightly blowing her hair and tickling her head. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Cute quotes by Patricia Briggs
#146. Werewolf games," Mercy said solemnly, "play for keeps, or go home." She was so cute sometimes it made Adam's heart hurt. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Cute quotes by Priya Kanaparti
#147. You're ridiculously cute. How did you ever survive? #Quote by Priya Kanaparti
Cute quotes by Joanna Wylde
#148. You're cute when you're pissed. Kind of like a wet kitten. Gets me hard. #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Cute quotes by Susan Ee
#149. Raffe holds me tighter. "It's about time you showed some sense. You should be afraid." "I'm shivering because I'm freezing." "You're cute when you're afraid." I give him a dirty look. "Yeah, you're cute when you're afraid too." He actually bursts out laughing. "You mean I'm devastatingly handsome when I'm not afraid. Because you've never seen me afraid." "I said you were cute, not 'devastatingly handsome.' #Quote by Susan Ee
Cute quotes by Angela Gutiérrez
#150. He Is Too Good To Be True!!

When I first meet you we were suppose to be friends
Who would of thought that I would love you in the end?
We talked and talked for months and months
Got to know each other in a way that no one would
I didn't want to give you my heart I was so scared that
You would tear it apart, but then I gradually let to commit the perfect crime
Cause you stole my heart with no intentions of giving it back
Now is the time for us to grow old together that is what you say
But I just cannot wait for that special day.
Every time that I'm with you I still get butterflies after all these months
You are so cute the way that you smile
Your eyes looking into mine makes me want to kiss you every time
The way that you hold me at night makes me feel like I am floating in the air
It all just feels so right to be next to every single second of the day
Your love lights up my life and when I am down it lights up the stars in the night.
I promise to love you in every way that I can and to be by your side in every way.
You just make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you as a boyfriend and my best friend. From now until forever I will always love you #Quote by Angela Gutiérrez
Cute quotes by Paul Burrell
#151. Princess Diana talking to Prince William about the loss of her title Her Royal Highness: She turned to William in her distress. She (Princess Diana) told me how he had sat with her one night when she was upset over the loss of HRH, put his arms around her and said: Don't worry, Mummy. I will give it back to you one day when I am king. #Quote by Paul Burrell
Cute quotes by T.J. Klune
#152. The big kid hasn't said anything yet. 'I do like hearing myself talk,' I say, 'only because I have a lot of neat things to say, but eventually the conversation will run out in, like, four or five years, and then where will we be?'
Wonder of all wonders, he cracks a little smile. I don't blame him. I am pretty funny. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Cute quotes by Robin Brande
#153. Besides, dressing like I want to be invisible only makes me feel weak. I have to be strong. So if that means wearing cute boots and nice pants and a sweet blue shirt that looks especially good on me today for some reason if I do say so myself, then so be it. #Quote by Robin Brande
Cute quotes by Rick Riordan
#154. When she kissed me, I had the feeling my brain was melting right through my body. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cute quotes by Ally Carter
#155. Count me in, Kat." He squeezed her tighter. "You should always count me in." - W. W. Hale the Fifth #Quote by Ally Carter
Cute quotes by Lauren Layne
#156. And here's what you don't learn in Film 101…in real life? The meet-cute isn't the least bit cute. It's more like a meet-awkward. Sometimes even a meet-shoot-me-now. #Quote by Lauren Layne
Cute quotes by Louis Tomlinson
#157. I'm not perfect.
Never have been.
Never will be.

~ Louis Tomlinson #Quote by Louis Tomlinson
Cute quotes by Shay Mitchell
#158. I think it would be cute to marry your high school sweetheart, but I think it would also be nice to be sitting on a plane with somebody who lives across the world from you. #Quote by Shay Mitchell
Cute quotes by Lynsay Sands
#159. Maybe I should do this for y-" (Samantha)
"No, I'm cooking. If you want to be helpful, you can bring me my wine. I poured us both a glass." (Mortimer)
"No," he insisted, pushing her toward the door. "In you go. I'm the man. I get to barbecue while you stand around and look cute. #Quote by Lynsay Sands
Cute quotes by L.A. Casey
#160. I looked to the sitting room then and gaped at Alec's body lying across my sofa making it look smaller than it was. He was reading something.
A book.
"What are you readin'?" I curiously asked.
"That porn book we were talking about earlier at my house. This dude is my God! He just fucked this Ana chick while she was on her period."
"Stop it!" I screeched. "Stop readin' and put the bloody book down!"
He was reading Fifty Shades of Grey.
I was both horrified and mortified.
Alec got up from the sofa, placed the book on the coffee table and turned in my direction.
"Why are you blushing?"
Him noticing my embarrassment only caused my already red cheeks to heat up even more.
"Oh damn, your cheeks are so flushed," Alec said and took a step towards me. #Quote by L.A. Casey
Cute quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#161. I have people calling me cute. Like I'm a fucking puppy!" she sneered at me, pushing me aside in order to continue on her way. "I am Melody Giovanni Callahan, cute is not the adjective used to describe me! #Quote by J.J. McAvoy
Cute quotes by Saim Cheeda
#162. Those eyes so ecstatic with the gleam of new life, the wide laugh that no doubt uses up so much of the breath contained in those tiny lungs. #Quote by Saim Cheeda
Cute quotes by Kasie West
#163. A wrong was just righted. Take care of my best friend. #Quote by Kasie West
Cute quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#164. You had to been there, kid. Everybody thinks now the Eisenhower years were so quaint and cute and boring, but all that had a price, just underneath was the pure terror. Midnight forever. If you stopped even for a minute to think, there it was and you could fall into it so easily. Some fell. Some went nuts, some even took their own lives. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Cute quotes by Karen Swart
#165. You have to see your own face one day. A long time ago it unnerved me, but now it's kind of cute. #Quote by Karen Swart
Cute quotes by Mohan Edwards
#166. I'm not famous because I'm not cute or anything. I'm not famous because there's something in my future that'll be famous than others. #Quote by Mohan Edwards
Cute quotes by Jennifer Echols
#167. Now there was some motivation to get over this problem quickly. Chloe was a notorious betty.On the rare occasion when she graced the slopes with her prescence, boys zoomed toward her because she was so cute in her pink snowsuit,then zoomed away again as she lost control and threatened to crash into them.
She'd made the local snowboarding news a few years ago when she lost control at the bottom of the main run, boarded right through the open door of the ski lodge,skidded to a stop at the entrance to the cafe,and asked for a table for one. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Cute quotes by Ai Yazawa
#168. Nana Oosaki, about Shin: I wonder if he's really eighteen. He looks sixteen. I'm sure he lied about his age ...
Nana Komatsu: See! You were complaining but you still read the application!
Shin: The studio's free! Great! <3
Nana Komatsu, thinking: So cute!
Nana Oosaki: I hope he's not in primary school ... children today are advanced. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Cute quotes by Jessica Capshaw
#169. As cute as baby clothes are ... I try to buy less. #Quote by Jessica Capshaw
Cute quotes by Jenna Bush Hager
#170. Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated and fraught with the effects of moments from the past. My mom knew this and wanted me to know it too. On one visit home, I found an essay from the Washington Post by the linguistics professor Deborah Tannen that had been cut out and left on my desk. My mom, and her mom before her, loved clipping newspaper articles and cartoons from the paper to send to Barbara and me. This article was different. Above it, my mom had written a note: "Dear Benny" - I was "Benny" from the time I was a toddler; the family folklore was that when we were babies, a man approached my parents, commenting on their cute baby boys, and my parents played along, pretending our names were Benjamin and Beauregard, later shorted to Benny and Bo.
In her note, my mom confessed to doing many things that the writer of this piece had done: checking my hair, my appearance. As a teenager, I was continually annoyed by some of her requests: comb your hair; pull up your jeans (remember when low-rise jeans were a thing? It was not a good look, I can assure you!). "Your mother may assume it goes without saying that she is proud of you," Deborah Tannen wrote. "Everyone knows that. And everyone probably also notices that your bangs are obscuring your vision - and their view of your eyes. Because others won't say anything, your mother may feel it's her obligation to tell you." In leaving her note and the clipping, my mom was reminding me that she accepted and loved me - #Quote by Jenna Bush Hager
Cute quotes by Brandy Norwood
#171. Nothing can stop me from loving my brother. #Quote by Brandy Norwood
Cute quotes by Manuel Gonzales
#172. ... the bunch of us thinking to ourselves, What strange and thrilling times we live in. Thinking : How amazing that we are alive and part of such a unique world. A world you felt, at one point, might be full of nothing more than reality singing competitions and Donald Trumps and Kardashians and Angelina Jolie's cute ethnic kids and Carson Daly, a world that hardly seemed worth saving, worth all of this effort. #Quote by Manuel Gonzales
Cute quotes by Michelle Paver
#173. When a wolf doesn't want to do something, they look really cute. #Quote by Michelle Paver
Cute quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#174. You're a lot of things, Nell Hawthorne. You're complex. You're cute. You're lovely. You're funny. You're strong. You're beautiful." She seems to be struggling with words and emotions. I keep going. "You're tortured. You're hurting. You're amazing. You're talented. You're sexy as fuck. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Cute quotes by William Shakespeare
#175. Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made For kissing, lady, not for such contempt. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Cute quotes by Peter Moskowitz
#176. The hipster narrative about gentrification isn't necessarily inaccurate - young people are indeed moving to cities and opening craft breweries and wearing tight clothing - but it is misleading in its myopia. Someone who learned about gentrification solely through newspaper articles might come away believing that gentrification is just the culmination of several hundred thousand people's individual wills to open coffee shops and cute boutiques, grow mustaches and buy records. But those are the signs of gentrification, not its causes. As #Quote by Peter Moskowitz
Cute quotes by Ratan Tata
#177. If I were to look in the United States or in Europe, in some of the garages, you would have a Bentley or two Bentleys or a high-end Mercedes, and you may find a Smart also in that same garage because that person thinks it's a fun extra car to have. He may have four cars but also have a Smart because he thinks it is cute. #Quote by Ratan Tata
Cute quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#178. Thunderstorms and rainbows wrapped together in a convenient pocket-sized parcel. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Cute quotes by P. Carey Reid
#179. When your own father never, ever laughs at you, not even when your little twisted movements are unbearably cute, when there's never a little hidden snicker at the edge of his lips after you risk a question that exposes the very marrow of your soul, then perhaps certain spiritual muscles within you are given a chance to develop, and sometimes to a point where no one can overpower them. #Quote by P. Carey Reid
Cute quotes by Stevie Nicks
#180. I can be. I do not normally try to be. In fact, there have been some reviews-which I've loved-that said I didn't
try to sell my show on sex, that I sang my show. On the other hand, I know I'm cute. I can dance. I don't have a
bad figure. I know exactly what I am. I'm certainly no great beauty. I know exactly how far I can go. #Quote by Stevie Nicks
Cute quotes by Ariana Grande
#181. I like either skinny jeans or the ripped, casual, super-sloppy boyfriend jeans. A lot of ripped jeans. They are so early 2000, but they are so cute, I love them. I love surfer jeans, too! #Quote by Ariana Grande
Cute quotes by J.M. Richards
#182. Nice slippers," Davin grinned. They were green and furry. "Thanks." I shrugged and looked him over, half expecting to see a new injury. "So what's up?" He had one hand behind his back. #Quote by J.M. Richards
Cute quotes by Nicole Christie
#183. Ben ambles over, a smirky grin on his face. I glare at him. "You set me up," I accuse as he squeezes in next to me. He cocks his head to the side innocently. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Hey, you look cute in that shade, Juliet. Humiliation red, is it? #Quote by Nicole Christie
Cute quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#184. They had lunch in the kitchen, everyone naked and enjoying the sight of one another's bodies. Hans had never been happier. He felt as if he were surrounded by family. Thomas and Boris weren't treating him like a housekeeper or even a cute guy they wanted to fuck occasionally. They seemed happy to welcome him back. Hans was still intensely aware they were married, and he was a third wheel, but for now it didn't matter. He belonged with them. #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Cute quotes by Lynda K. Scott
#185. (Liane to Devyn) "Cute outfit. Where'd you get it? Scots R Us? #Quote by Lynda K. Scott
Cute quotes by Amelia Hutchins
#186. I should spank you; I didn't enjoy you impulsively ditching me, but I did enjoy your driving."
"Wait, back up. You ... " She paused as she replayed what he'd said earlier. "I was watching for you; how the hell?"
"I think somewhere between screaming freedom, and crying your pretty little eyes out, you missed me sifting in and I was at a loss for the weirdness of the situation. I was also pretty sure you wanted some alone time #Quote by Amelia Hutchins
Cute quotes by Alison McGhee
#187. It's very cool to be short, very cool. When I was in eighth grade, and the height I am now, I would just look at the cute little short girls and think, 'If only, if only.' #Quote by Alison McGhee
Cute quotes by Lawrence Anthony
#188. It is also vital that our relationship with nature and the environment be included in our education systems. This is not longer something cute or nice to do; it is now a singular imperative. #Quote by Lawrence Anthony
Cute quotes by Nalini Singh
#189. You were cute in a tutu." Desiree scowled. "Why don't you ever forget shit?" She turned on her heel without waiting for an answer. "Should've been an elephant instead of a leopard. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Cute quotes by C.D. Reiss
#190. Her sexuality wasn't coy or cute. She wasn't saucy; she was feral. Her very presence on the earth stirred me. #Quote by C.D. Reiss
Cute quotes by Miranda Kenneally
#191. Shut up!" Henry says, "You're going to wake up Jerry Rice."
"Jerry Rice?" Carter says, covering his mouth with a hand. I don't think I've ever seen Carter laugh so hard.
"Carter, would you like to be the godfather?" Henry asks. "You know, in case anything happens to me and Woods this week?"
"Charming," Carter says. "I'd be honored. Does JJ get to be godmother?"
"Obviously," I say.
"Can I hold Jerry Rice?" JJ asks. "He's so cute."
"No way, man," I reply. "I don't want to wake that thing up before practice. We'll be late if we have to feed it."
"What does it eat?" Carter asks.
"I have to breast-feed, cause I'm the mom," Henry says, continuing to push the stroller toward the locker room.
"Actually," I say, "It eats a metal rod, made out of, like, lead. So basically, we're learning how to poison babies."
"Radical," JJ says as we approach the gym, #Quote by Miranda Kenneally
Cute quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#192. Life is nothing without friendship. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Cute quotes by Christian Siriano
#193. Well I am from Annapolis Maryland. I went to High school in Baltimore, but I grew up in Annapolis. It was a cute town. We lived on a waterfront community. It was good, even though I don't really fit the preppy boater kind of style. #Quote by Christian Siriano
Cute quotes by Jamie Oliver
#194. My aim is to achieve sustainable change, not just make a cute little makeover. #Quote by Jamie Oliver
Cute quotes by Colleen Hoover
#195. I know you are mad at me. I need you to be mad at me, Sky. But think I need you to still want me here with you even more. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Cute quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#196. But, do you know, once you get used to it's rather cute. I mean, if a girl looks alright to start with, she still looks alright with her head smooth. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Cute quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#197. Taking pity on me, Carissa kept her voice low. "You were calling out for Daemon."I dropped my face in my hands and moaned. "Oh, God."
Lesa giggled. "It was kind of cute."
A minute before the tardy bell rang, I felt an all-too-familiar warmth on my neck and glanced up. Daemon swaggered into class. Textbook-less as usual. He had a notebook, but I don't think he ever wrote anything in it. I was beginning to suspect our math teacher was an alien, because how else would Daemon get away with not doing a damn thing in class? He passed by without so much as a look.
I twisted around in my chair. "I need to talk to you."
He slid into his desk chair. "Okay."
"In private," I whispered.
His expression didn't change as he leaned back in his chair. "Meet me in the library at lunch. No one really goes in there. You know, with all those books and stuff. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cute quotes by Jessica Khoury
#198. Have I told you I love you?" he whispers.
I smile. "Not since this morning."
"Unforgivable. I will tell you every hour of every day. #Quote by Jessica Khoury
Cute quotes by Ashley Tisdale
#199. People see me as cute, but I'm so much more than that. #Quote by Ashley Tisdale
Cute quotes by Abraham M. Alghanem
#200. Then she smiled and told me I was cute, and that I should be careful, and I asked her why, then she said that she might fall for me, but I know she was joking, because who would want to fall for me? I'm a mess. #Quote by Abraham M. Alghanem

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