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Cut Up quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#1. Classic Christmas cookies are really time-consuming. Instead, make a bar you can bake in a pan and just cut up, like a brownie or a blondie or a shortbread, which still has that Christmas vibe. #Quote by Zooey Deschanel
Cut Up quotes by Milan Kundera
#2. After Chopin's death, Polish patriots cut up his body to take out his heart. They nationalized this poor muscle and buried it in Poland.
A dead person is treated either as trash or as a symbol. Either way, it's the same disrespect to his vanished individuality. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Cut Up quotes by Joan Aiken
#3. They came to the high stone shaft with the face of Sul; they descended to the terrace below. And here Caradog waited, leaning on his silver-tipped rod and eying the horizon, until the delicate slip of the new moon moved out from behind the shoulder of Mount Damyake, with the mysterious, shadowy ghost of the old moon cradle inside it, like an egg inside its egg cup.

"Now it is time," he said.

"Blame it!" expostulated Dido. "It ain't right for me to die! Have you thought of that, mister? You're and old gager; you've lived nigh on fourscore years, I shouldn't wonder. You did a whole lot of things and learned a lot o' stuff --- though mussy knows, you ain't put it to very good use. But I haven't hardly done nothing! And I ain't learned much, neither, except the use of the globes that Mr. Holy taught me, and how to curtsy and cut up whales."

At the thought of Mr. Holystone her voice, to her shame, began to wobble dangerously; she stopped speaking and drew a deep breath.

"Cease repining, child, and go down those steps," said Caradog. "Do not quarrel with your destiny. If Sul wishes you to die, then it is your time."

Dido remembered the story that Bran had told about the man who picked up the necklace. Well, if it is my destiny, she thought, best not to make a pother about it. #Quote by Joan Aiken
Cut Up quotes by Jay-Z
#4. Little brothers ring fingers get cut up to show mothers they really got em. #Quote by Jay-Z
Cut Up quotes by Nicholas Roe
#5. Whereas Hunt recommended universal charity, Keats, feeling himself 'in a Mist', relied on a knowing passivity: 'Men should bear with each other - there lives not the Man who may not be cut up, aye hashed to pieces on his weakest side'. #Quote by Nicholas Roe
Cut Up quotes by Eve O. Schaub
#6. I began the process of cutting up my random fabrics into strips. Of course, I chose easy things first, items that didn't' hurt me very much to cut up: torn sheets. A flannel nightgown so tattered it could never be worn again, one of Steve's worn-out t-shirts, couch upholstery.

The resulting balls of fabric yarn that I wound together after cutting astounded me. They were gorgeous--each one prettier than the last, which made me braver.

I took some photographs. And I heaved a sigh. Things in me were changing, I could feel many months focusing on Stuff, Stuff, STUFF had made me bolder. What's the worst that could happen? I thought to myself. It reminded me of the day I finally, after ten years of kicking and screaming, took that first half pill [for OCD]. To someone else it might be no big deal, but to me? It felt like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. #Quote by Eve O. Schaub
Cut Up quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#7. Meg cut up some celery and mixed it in with the tuna. After a moment's hesitation she opened the refrigerator door and brought out a jar of little sweet pickles.-Though why I'm doing it for her I don't know, she thought, as she cut them up.-I don't trust her one bit. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Cut Up quotes by George Grosz
#8. In 1916, when Johnny Heartfield and I invented photomontage in my studio at the south end of the town at five o'clock one May morning, we had no idea of the immense possibilities, or of the thorny but successful career, that awaited the new invention. On a piece of cardboard we pasted a mishmash of advertisements for hernia belts, student song books and dog food, labels from schnaps and wine bottles, and photographs from picture papers, cut up at will in such a way as to say, in pictures, what would have been banned by the censors if we had said it in words. #Quote by George Grosz
Cut Up quotes by Lindsay McKenna
#9. No! No matter how cut up she was, no matter how many scars on her body, no matter that every man who looked at her thought she was repugnant, she wanted to live! "Lia," Robert asked quietly, "how #Quote by Lindsay McKenna
Cut Up quotes by Iain Pears
#10. Although of course I am aware that it changes colour in a jar. But we know why, surely? The heavier melancholic elements in the blood sink, making the top lighter and the bottom darker."
"Not so," I said firmly. "Cover the jar, and the colour does not change. And I can find no explanation of how such separation could occur in the lungs. But when it emerges from the lungs - at least, this is the case in cats - it is very much lighter in colour than when it goes in, indicating that some darkness is withdrawn from it."
"I must cut up a cat and see for myself. A live cat, was it?"
"It was for a while. #Quote by Iain Pears
Cut Up quotes by Jo Nesbo
#11. We're capable of understanding that someone has to drop an atomic bomb on a town of innocent civilians, but not that others have to cut up prostitutes who spread disease and moral depravity in the slums of London. Hence we call the former realism and the latter madness. #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Cut Up quotes by Brian Eno
#12. Classical - perhaps I should say 'orchestral' - music is so digital, so cut up, rhythmically, pitchwise and in terms of the roles of the musicians. It's all in little boxes. The reason you get child prodigies in chess, arithmetic, and classical composition is that they are all worlds of discontinuous, parceled-up possibilities. #Quote by Brian Eno
Cut Up quotes by C.S. Lewis
#13. If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Cut Up quotes by Georgi Vladimov
#14. Divided, cut up by borders, frontiers, fences and prohibitions, our wretched planet flew on, spinning into the icy emptiness of space, toward the sharp pinpoints of those stars --and nowhere on its surface was there a place where someone was not keeping someone else behind bars; where one lot of prisoners, helped by other prisoners, was not guarding a third set of prisoners --and themselves-- against the risk of taking an undesirable, lethally dangerous gulp of the bright blue air of freedom. #Quote by Georgi Vladimov
Cut Up quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#15. I have something really important to tell you," he said. "Are you ready? It's really important. It's breaking news."

"Tell me."

"I'll love you forever."

"I already knew that," I said. "And I'll love you forever, too."


"Yeah," I said. "I'll love you until we're so old we can barely walk on our own and we have to get walkers and put those cut-up yellow tennis balls on them. I'll love you past that, actually. I'll love you until the end of time. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Cut Up quotes by Tom Wolfe
#16. The Grateful Dead did not play in sets; no eight numbers to a set, then a twenty-five-minute break, and so on, four or five sets and then the close-out. The Dead might play one number for five minutes or thirty minutes. Who kept time? Who could keep time, with history cut up in slices. The Dead could get just as stoned as anyone else. The ... non-attuned would look about and here would be all manner of heads, including those running the show, the Pranksters, stroked out against the walls like slices of Jello. Waiting; with nobody looking very likely to start it back up. Those who didn't care to wait would tend to drift off, stoned or otherwise, and the Test would settle down to the pudding. #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Cut Up quotes by Richard Dean Anderson
#17. My back has been compressed and operated on, my feet have been surgically cut up, and I have a knee that's just going wacky. So I do my own driving, and I ski and skate. I'm playing hockey again. Anything that immobilizes my feet I'm OK with. #Quote by Richard Dean Anderson
Cut Up quotes by Renée Watson
#18. I write my resolution in black Sharpie marker on top of a background made out of cut-up scriptures, words from newspaper headlines, and numbers from last year's calendar.
Be bold.
Be brave.
Be beautiful.
Be brilliant.
Be (your) best. #Quote by Renée Watson
Cut Up quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#19. Somewhere outside the hospital, in a motel room full of bloody towels with his tool box of knives and needles, or driving down the highway to his next victim, or kneeling over a dog, drugged and cut up in a dirty bathtub, is the man a million dogs must hate. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Cut Up quotes by Chris Campanioni
#20. I wrote a trilogy out of order and then rearranged it, because the whole of life is like that
a cut-up
and when you cut into the present, the future leaks out. #Quote by Chris Campanioni
Cut Up quotes by Ilona Andrews
#21. My cell phone rang on the table. I never went far without it, even in the house. I picked it up. An unlisted number. Oh goodie.
"Nevada Baylor."
"I need to talk to you," Mad Rogan said into the phone. "Meet me for lunch."
My pulse jumped, my body snapped to attention, and my brain shut down for a second to come to terms with the impact of his voice. I'd slap myself except my mother and grandmother already thought I was nuts, and hurting myself would get me committed for sure.
"Sure, let me get right on that." Hey, my voice still worked. "Should I bring my own chains this time? Or do you have bigger plans, and this is some freaky murder foreplay" - why did the word foreplay just come out of my mouth? - "and I'll end up cut up into small pieces inside some freezer at the end? I can just spray myself with mace and shoot myself in the head now and save you some trouble?"
"Are you done?" he asked.
"Just getting started." I was so brave over the phone.
"Lunch, Ms. Baylor. Concentrate. Pick a place."
"You seem to be under the impression that I work for you and you can give me orders. Let me fix that." I hung up.
Grandma looked at my mom. "Did she just hang up on Mad Rogan?"
"Yes, she did. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Cut Up quotes by Silouan The Athonite
#22. A certain monk told me that when he was very sick, his mother said to his father, "How our little boy is suffering. I would gladly give myself to be cut up into pieces if that would ease his suffering." Such is the love of God for people. He pitied people so much that he wanted to suffer for them, like their own mother, and even more. But no one can understand this great love without the grace of the Holy Spirit. #Quote by Silouan The Athonite
Cut Up quotes by Joseph Mitchell
#23. I'm not going to stand for it any longer," said Mr. Flood. "I'm going to put my foot down. All I want in this world is a little peace and quiet, and he gets me all raced up. Here a while back I heard a preacher talking on the radio about the peacefulness of the old, and I thought to myself, 'You ignorant man!' I'm ninety-four years old and I have never yet had any peace, to speak of. My mind is just a turmoil of regrets. It's not what I did that I regret, it's what I didn't do. Except for the bottle, I always walked the straight and narrow; a family man, a good provider, never cut up, never did ugly, and I regret it. In the summer of 1902 I came real close to getting in serious trouble with a married woman, but I had a fight with my conscience and my conscience won, and what's the result? I had two wives, good, Christian women, and I can't hardly remember what either of them looked like, but I can remember the face on that woman so clear it hurts, and there's never a day passes I don't think about her, and there's never a day passes I don't curse myself. 'What kind of a timid, dried-up, weevily fellow were you?' I say to myself. 'You should've said to hell with what's right and what's wrong, the devil take the hindmost. You'd have something to remember, you'd be happier now.' She's out in Woodlawn, six feet under, and she's been there twenty-two years, God rest her, and here I am, just an old, old man with nothing but a belly and a brain and a dollar or two."

"Life #Quote by Joseph Mitchell
Cut Up quotes by Jo Frost
#24. 1 cup milk plus: 1. Small bowl cold cereal + blueberries + yogurt 2. 1 egg, scrambled or boiled + 1 slice toast + strawberries 3. 1 cut-up chicken sausage + toast + ½ banana 4. ½ bagel + cream cheese + raspberries 5. 1 slice ham on toast + ½ orange 6. ½ tortilla rolled up with cheese + melon + yogurt 7. Small bowl oatmeal + cut-up bananas and strawberries Lunch and Dinner 1. 1 salmon cake + carrots + rice 2. Fish pie + broccoli 3. 3 oz salmon + cup of pasta + peas 4. 2 fish sticks + cup couscous + veg 5. ½ breast of chicken + veg + small potato 6. Roast chicken + dumplings + veg 7. 1 meat or peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich + apple + yogurt 8. 1 small homemade pizza + fruit 9. Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese + veg 10. Chicken risotto + veg 11. Ground beef + potato + peas 12. Small tuna pasta bake + veg 13. 4 meatballs + pasta + veg 14. Chicken stir-fry with veg + rice #Quote by Jo Frost
Cut Up quotes by William S. Burroughs
#25. Naked Lunch was from about a thousand pages of material. A lot of it overflowed, then, into the cut-up trilogy including Nova Express. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Cut Up quotes by Kirthi Jayakumar
#26. She felt no pain, the men in surgical scrubs said, but how could they know?
Did they realize that another heart bled as she fought for life?
Did they realize the invisible cord that connected her to me, was still firmly in place despite the only physical one being cut up?
Or did they see those dreams as she did- those years of school, college, fun, happiness and childlike love that would never happen, ever, between them?
Did they know, I wanted to call her Hope? #Quote by Kirthi Jayakumar
Cut Up quotes by Anne Sexton
#27. Again And Again And Again

You said the anger would come back

just as the love did.

I have a black look I do not

like. It is a mask I try on.

I migrate toward it and its frog

sits on my lips and defecates.

It is old. It is also a pauper.

I have tried to keep it on a diet.

I give it no unction.

There is a good look that I wear

like a blood clot. I have

sewn it over my left breast.

I have made a vocation of it.

Lust has taken plant in it

and I have placed you and your

child at its milk tip.

Oh the blackness is murderous

and the milk tip is brimming

and each machine is working

and I will kiss you when

I cut up one dozen new men

and you will die somewhat,

again and again. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Cut Up quotes by Orson Scott Card
#28. She likes us," said Umbo. "I know, I could feel it too," said Rigg. "She's really glad to have us here. I think she loves us like her own children." "Whom she murdered and cut up into the stew." "They were delicious. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Cut Up quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#29. How does she do it? She makes it sound like she is so cut up to be giving them this information, and it's all just bumph out of her head. She never told them ANYTHING. I don't think she's given them the right name of any airfield in Britain except Mainsend and Buscot, which of course were where she was stationed. They could have easily checked. It's all so close to truth, and so glib
her aircraft identification is rather good considering what a fuss she makes about it. It makes me think of the first day I met her, giving those directions in German. So cool and crisp, such authority
suddenly she really was a radio operator, a German radio operator, she was so good at faking it. Or when I told her to be Jamie, how she just suddenly turned into Jamie.
This confession of hers is rotten with error ... #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
Cut Up quotes by Stephen King
#30. This Land is mostly white space on the map ... which is how it should be; I'll leave more detailed map making to those graduate students and English teachers who feel that every goose which lays gold must be dissected so that all of its quite ordinary guts can be labelled; to those figurative engineers of the imagination who cannot feel comfortable with the comfortably overgrown (and possible dangerous) literary wilderness until they have built a freeway composed of Cliff's Notes through it - and listen to me, you people: every English teacher who ever did a Monarch or Cliff's Notes ought to be dragged out to his or her quad, drawn and quartered, then cut up into tiny pieces, said pieces to be dried and shrunk in the sun and then sold in the college bookstore as bookmarks. #Quote by Stephen King
Cut Up quotes by Anne Bishop
#31. Daemon picked her up, took her into the bathroom, and filled the tub with hot water. She'd been unnaturally quiet all day, and he'd feared she was becoming ill. Now he feared she was in shock. There were dark smudges beneath her eyes, and she didn't seem to know where she was. She struggled when he tried to lift the nightgown over her head. "No," she said feebly as she attempted to hold the garment down. "I know what girls look like," Daemon snapped as he pulled off the nightgown and lifted her into the tub.

"Sit there." He pointed a finger at her. She stopped trying to get out of the tub. Daemon went into the bedroom and got the brandy and glass he kept tucked in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. Returning to the bathroom, he sat on the edge of the tub, poured a healthy dose into the glass, and handed it to her.

"Drink this." He watched her take a small taste and grimace before he put the bottle to his own lips and took a long swallow. "Drink it," he said angrily when she tried to hand him the glass. "I don't like it." It was the first time he'd ever heard her sound so young and vulnerable. He wanted to scream. "What - " He knew. Suddenly, all too clearly, he knew. The mud, the dirge, her hands cut up from digging in the hard ground, the dirt beneath her fingernails. He knew. Daemon took another long swallow of brandy. "Who?"

"Rose," Jaenelle replied in a hollow voice. "He killed my friend Rose. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Cut Up quotes by Frederick Lenz
#32. We cut up time and space and mind and place and being and non-being. We create a world of ideas. This is duality, pairs of apparent opposites. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Cut Up quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#33. The formula for this brand of "historical" writing is to put the public on the inside; to let them feel the palpitations of royal and imperial lovers and to overhear their lispings and cooings. It can be argued that a man has to live somewhere, and that if his own time is so cut up by rapid change that he can't find a cranny big enough to relax in, then he must betake himself to the past. That is certainly one motive in the production of historical romance, from Sir Walter Scott to Thornton Wilder. But mainly this formula works as a means of flattery. The public is not only invited inside but encouraged to believe that there is nothing inside that differs from its own thoughts and feelings. This reassurance is provided by endowing historical figures with the sloppiest possible minds. The great are "humanized" by being trivial.
The debunking school began by making the great appear as corrupt, or mean and egotistical. The "humanizers" have merely carried on to make them idiotic. "Democratic" vanity has reached such proportions that it cannot accept as human anything above the level of cretinous confusion of mind of the type popularized by Hemingway's heroes. Just as the new star must be made to appear successful by reason of some freak of fortune, so the great, past or present, must be made to seem so because of the most ordinary qualities, to which fortune adds an unearned trick or idea. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Cut Up quotes by Sylvia Plath
#34. Now, lying on my back in bed, I imagined Buddy saying, 'Do you know what a poem is, Esther?'
'No, what?' I would say.
'A piece of dust.'
Then just as he was smiling and starting to look proud, I would say, 'So are the cadavers you cut up. So are the people you think you're curing. They're dust as dust as dust. I reckon a good poem lasts a whole lot longer than a hundred of those people put together.'
And of course Buddy wouldn't have any answer to that, because what I said was true. People were made of nothing so much as dust, and I couldn't see that doctoring all that dust was a bit better than writing poems people would remember and repeat to themselves when they were unhappy or sick and couldn't sleep. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Cut Up quotes by Kelly Osbourne
#35. I just think you would never kill and cut up a human to wear so why do it to animals? I just think it's horrible, I would never wear fur, although I guess if it was a really vintage piece you might just get away with it. #Quote by Kelly Osbourne
Cut Up quotes by Sendhil Mullainathan
#36. Time can be dissected easily: an hour can be cut up in many ways. Fifteen minutes on this memo, a five-minute walk to another meeting, 30 minutes at that meeting and then 10 minutes debriefing. Oh, and maybe a quick phone call on the walk to that meeting. The busy are expert at dissection: that's how they make it all fit. #Quote by Sendhil Mullainathan
Cut Up quotes by Charles Franklin Thwing
#37. To save time, take time in large pieces. Do not cut up time into bits. Adopt the principle of continuous work. The mind is locomotive. It requires time for getting under headway. Under headway it makes its own steam. Progress gives force as force makes progress. Do not slow down as long as you run well and without undue waste. Take advantage of momentum. Prolonged thinking leads to profound thinking #Quote by Charles Franklin Thwing
Cut Up quotes by Cassandra Clare
#38. What's this?"
"That's a mango." Simon stared at Jace. Sometimes it really is like Shadowhunters were from an alien planet.
"I don't think I've seen one of those that wasn't already cut up," Jace mused. "I like mangoes."
Simon grabbed the mango and tossed it into the cart. "Great. What else do you like?"
Jace pondered for a moment. "Tomato soup," he said finally.
"Tomato soup? You want tomato soup and a mango for dinner?"
Jace shrugged. "I don't really care about food. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Cut Up quotes by Chuck Wendig
#39. The boy is young, only twelve standard years, not old enough to fight. Not yet. He looks to his father with pleading eyes. Over the din he yells: "But the battle station was destroyed, Dad! The battle is over!" They just watched it only an hour before. The supposed end of the Empire. The start of something better. The confusion in the boy's shining eyes is clear: He doesn't understand what's happening. But Rorak does. He's heard tales of the Clone Wars - tales spoken by his own father. He knows how war goes. It's not many wars, but just one, drawn out again and again, cut up into slices so it seems more manageable. #Quote by Chuck Wendig
Cut Up quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#40. The circle of life is cut up into segments. All lines are equal if they are drawn from the centre and touch the circumference. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Cut Up quotes by Kate Noble
#41. Long ago, before England was cut up with pavement, or bisected by railways, there existed in the county of Lancashire a small village named Reston that never bothered anyone. #Quote by Kate Noble
Cut Up quotes by Theophilus London
#42. I always tell myself, 'When I'm working on my record, I won't cut my hair.' I get so focused on the music that I'm not really going to the hair shop and getting cut up. I just have one thing to focus on. #Quote by Theophilus London
Cut Up quotes by Scott Anderson
#43. It seems to me that we are rather in the position of the hunters who divided up the skin of the bear before they had killed it. I personally cannot foresee the situation in which we may find ourselves at the end of the war, and I therefore think that any discussion at the present time of how we are going to cut up the Turkish Empire is chiefly of academic interest. BRITISH GENERAL GEORGE MACDONOGH, DIRECTOR OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, JANUARY 7, 1916 #Quote by Scott Anderson
Cut Up quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#44. The Fairies called it a paw because they wanted to believe I was an animal-and not the sort of animal that discusses junkyard philosophy and enjoys Turkish coffee and knows Bone Magic and holds down a mortgage, no, the kind you can cut up for meat and only feel bad about it on Fridays. It's easier to use somebody if you can think of them as mute and dumb and made for your pleasure. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Cut Up quotes by Garth Ennis
#45. I looked at this kid from West Texas, feelin' all cut up an' betrayed 'cause he suddenly realized the Land of the Free been fuckin' him in the ass all his life--an' I told myself, 'Shit, so that's what it's like to be the white boy. Any nigga you ask can tell you that's how America works. #Quote by Garth Ennis
Cut Up quotes by John Donne
#46. For this, Love is enraged with me;
Yet kills not. If I must example be
To future rebels, if the unborn
Must learn by my being cut up and torn,
Kill and dissect me, Love; for this
Torture against thine own end is:
Racked carcasses make ill anatomies #Quote by John Donne
Cut Up quotes by Stephen Mitchell
#47. Prince Wen-hui's cook, Ting, was cutting up an ox. Every touch of his hand, every ripple of his shoulders, every step of his feet, every thrust of his knees, every cut of his knife, was in perfect harmony, like the dance of the Mulberry Grove, like the chords of the Lynx Head music. Well done! said the prince. How did you gain such skill? Putting down his knife, Ting said, I follow the Tao, Your Highness, which goes beyond all skills. When I first began cutting up oxen, all I could see was the ox. After three years, I had learned to look beyond the ox. Nowadays I see with my whole being, not with my eyes. I sense the natural lines, and my knife slides through by itself, never touching a joint, much less a bone. A good cook changes knives once a year: he cuts. An ordinary cook changes knives once a month: he hacks. This knife of mine has lasted for nineteen years; it has cut up thousands of oxen, but its blade is as sharp as if it were new. Between the joints there are spaces, and the blade has no thickness. Having no thickness, it slips right through; there's more than enough room for it. And when I come to a difficult part, I slow down, I focus my attention, I barely move, the knife finds its way, until suddenly the flesh falls apart on its own. I stand there and let the joy of the work fill me. Then I wipe the blade clean and put it away. Bravo! cried the prince. From the words of this cook, I have learned how to live my life. #Quote by Stephen Mitchell
Cut Up quotes by Bill Ectric
#48. Idols of the injury,
dug in behind the least understood
motor plan information.
The vile abomination temporal lobes and
The four loathsome memory walls and
The four reasoning, arithmetic beasts
are found for all behind pain and planes.
Portrayed as a house,
Go in, function, cause blindness from
The house's hearing spirit, judgment and
The court's four bronze woes and
The functioning brain lobe wings,
Go in, hearing and perception,
I dig under door fronts, pain and plans. #Quote by Bill Ectric
Cut Up quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#49. When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Cut Up quotes by Andy Ruffett
#50. My favourite part of my new book so far:

Chapter 48: Creatures of The Night

A figure stood in the stairwell beneath the Smoke's Poutinerie close to Simcoe Street and Adelaide Street West. He munched his pulled pork poutine and watched the strange object glide through the fog that engulfed the tall blue R.B.C. building.
"Nice night for a stroll," smiled The Rooster.

Upon heading North, Fred had decided to take a detour and glide the exact opposite way: South. It was why he was now flying through the fog that suspended over the R.B.C. building. Through the billowing cloud he sailed and higher up into the air as he was heading towards the business district of Toronto where all the skyscrapers were. As Fred got closer, he understood why they were labeled as skyscrapers: they basically scraped the sky. But the view from up here was fantastic. It was a rainy and cold night, but Fred felt very warm in his upgraded suit. Soon, he was zooming past the green windowed T.D. building and back towards the North side of Yonge Street.
However, as he sailed home, he began to worry about Allen. The Rooster had already cut up his ex-girlfriend so what would he do to Allen? Allen had been a friend to Fred when no one else had been there. Of course, he used to have many friends in preschool, elementary school, and high school but no one he clicked with. Allen McDougal was really the only family he had left and he didn't want The Rooster to kill his old f #Quote by Andy Ruffett
Cut Up quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#51. Because what my gradmother did with her fine coat (the loveliest thing she would ever own) is what all women of that generation (and before) did for their families and their husbands and their children. They cut up the finest and proudest parts of themselves and gave it all away. They repatterned what was theirs and shaped it for others. They went without. They were the last ones to eat at supper, and they were the first ones to get up every morning, warming the cold kitchen for another day spent caring for everyone else. This was the only thing they knew how to do. This was their guiding verb and their defining principle of life: They gave. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Cut Up quotes by Warren G
#52. Seeing Dre looking all cut up and in shape made me want to get myself together and look right, too. #Quote by Warren G
Cut Up quotes by Plato
#53. [there are] two kinds of things the nature of which it would be quite wonderful to grasp by means of a systematic art ...
the first consists in seeing together things that are scattered about everywhere and collecting them into one kind, so that by defining each thing we can make clear the subject of any instruction we wish to give ...
[the second], in turn, is to be able to cut up each kind according to its species along its natural joints, and to try not to splinter any part, as a bad butcher might do ...
phaedrus, i myself am a lover of these divisions and collections, so that i may be able to think and to speak. #Quote by Plato
Cut Up quotes by Tracy Anne Warren
#54. Charles, a footman who had once worked on his father's farm and who loved animals, appeared and came over to help her prepare dishes of boiled chicken and brown rice for the cats and dogs waiting eagerly at their feet.
When guests were staying, Charles often assisted with the care of her furry brood. Without asking, he set to work, even taking a few moments to gather fresh meat scraps for Aeolus, her wounded hawk, and cut-up apple and beetroots for Poppy, a convalescing rabbit who had an injured leg. He gave her several more apple quarters for the horses, who got jealous if she didn't bring them treats as well.
Once all her cats and dogs were fed, Esme set off for the stables, laden pail in hand, Burr trotting at her heels. She stopped along the way to chat with the gardener and his assistant, who gave her some timothy grass, comfrey and lavender to supplement the hay she regularly fed Poppy. #Quote by Tracy Anne Warren
Cut Up quotes by Gena Showalter
#55. Lucien bent down and once again sifted through rock and sand, looking for gods knew what. Sunlight stroked him lovingly, the bitch. He's mine. "Go away, Anya," he repeated. Grrr! She materialized. Rather than slap him, though, she sat on a boulder beside him. He was shirtless again, his skin slightly burned, cut up and bruised. He didn't face her. "I said go away." "Like I'm going to obey you. You aren't my daddy. Unless you want to be. 'Cause I've been a bad, naughty girl and I need a spanking." A #Quote by Gena Showalter
Cut Up quotes by Will Self
#56. Instead of looking at individual buildings, it makes more metaphorical sense to think of New York as one enormous chunk of masonry that has been cut up and carved away. It says, 'This is the ultimate polis, through which humans move like nematodes.' #Quote by Will Self
Cut Up quotes by Anthony Lawlor
#57. The word sacred comes from sacrifice, to cut up. That means that in order to have a sacred journey, you have to give up something, sacrifice; but few people today in the West want to hear about that. Americans want the boon without the labyrinth.Pilgrimage starts the wheel, it turns the wheel of samsara, the wheel of life, and we have to live with the consequences. #Quote by Anthony Lawlor
Cut Up quotes by Robin McKinley
#58. The merrel also knew its wing had not healed. But I could reach a great height once more before it failed me, it said. And from there I would fold my wings and plummet to the earth as if a hare or a fawn had caught my eye; but it would be myself I stooped toward. It would be a good flight and a good death. And so I eat their dead things cut up on a pole, dreaming of my last flight. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Cut Up quotes by Russell Wilson
#59. Being a quarterback, the way I believe is there's always so much room to improve. Any little detail. I always cut up the film and try to watch what I can improve on, whatever little detail it is. #Quote by Russell Wilson
Cut Up quotes by Angron, Wahammer 40K
#60. What would you know of struggle, perfect son? When have you fought against the mutilation of your mind? When have you had to do anything other than tally compliance's and polish your armor? The people of your world named you "Great One". The people of mine called me slave. Which one of us landed on a paradise of civilization to be raised by a foster father, Roboute? Which one of us was given armies to lead after training in the halls of the Macraggian High Riders? Which one of us inherited a strong, cultured kingdom? And which one of us had to rise up against a kingdom with nothing but a horde of starving slaves? Which one of us was a child enslaved on a world of monsters, with his brain cut up by carving knives? Listen to your blue clad wretches yelling courage and honor, courage and honor, courage and honor! Do you even know the meaning of those words? Courage is fighting the kingdom which enslaves you, no matter that their armies outnumber yours by ten-thousand to one. You know nothing of courage! Honor is resisting a tyrant when all others suckle and grow fat on the hypocrisy he feeds them. You know nothing of honor! #Quote by Angron, Wahammer 40K
Cut Up quotes by Mark Twain
#61. We must have a religion - it goes without saying - but my idea is, to have it cut up into forty free sects, so that they will police each other, as had been the case in the United States in my time. Concentration of power in a political machine is bad; and and an Established Church is only a political machine; it was invented for that; it is nursed, cradled, preserved for that; it is an enemy to human liberty, and does no good which it could not better do in a split-up and scattered condition. That wasn't law; it wasn't gospel: it was only an opinion - my opinion, and I was only a man, one man: so it wasn't worth any more than the pope's - or any less, for that matter. #Quote by Mark Twain
Cut Up quotes by Sloane Crosley
#62. After a breakup, I'll conduct the normal breakup rituals. I'll cut up photographs, erase voice mails, gather his dark concert T-shirts I once slept in and douse them with bleach before I use them to clean my bathtub. #Quote by Sloane Crosley
Cut Up quotes by Rick Danko
#63. As time goes on we get closer to that American Dream of there being a pie cut up and shared. Usually greed and selfishness prevent that and there is always one bad apple in every barrel. #Quote by Rick Danko
Cut Up quotes by Shana Abe
#64. My, my," Chloe murmured, studying the chocolate she held. "I do believe this one's gone off. It stinks like a cesspit." Her eyes lifted. "Oh, wait. It's only the guttersnipe."
"Or perhaps it's your perfume," I said cordially. "You always smell like a whore."
"It's French," retorted Runny-Nose, before Chloe could speak.
"Then she smells like a French whore."
"Aren't you the eloquent young miss." Chloe's gaze cut to Sophia, standing close behind me. "Slumming, little sister? I can't confess I'm surprised."
"I'm merely here for the show," Sophia said breezily. "Something tells me it's going to be good."
I took the brooch from my pocket and let it slide down my index finger, giving it a playful twirl. "A fine try. But, alas, no winner's prize for you, Chloe. I'm sure you've been waiting here for Westcliffe to raise the alarm about her missing ring, ready with some well-rehearsed story about how you saw me sneaking into her office and sneaking out again, and oh, look isn't that Eleanore's brooch there on the floor? But I've news for you, dearie. You're sloppy. You're stupid. And the next time you go into my room and steal from me, I'll make certain you regret it for the rest of your days."
"How dare you threaten me, you little tart!"
"I'm not threatening. You have no idea how easy it would be to, say, pour glue on your hair while you sleep. Cut up all your pretty dresses into ribbons."
Chloe dropped her half-eaten chocolate back into it #Quote by Shana Abe
Cut Up quotes by J.K. Rowling
#65. You should write a book," Ron told Hermione as he cut up his potatoes, "translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Cut Up quotes by Joseph Hall
#66. As the most generous vine, if it is not pruned, runs out into many superfluous stems, and grows at last weak and fruitless; so dote the best man, if he be not cut short of his desires and pruned with afflictions. If it be painful to bleed, it is worse to wither. Let me be pruned, that I may grow, rather than be cut up to burn. #Quote by Joseph Hall
Cut Up quotes by Agatha Christie
#67. Poirot closed his eyes. What he perceived mentally was a kaleidoscope, no more, no less. Pieces of cut-up scarves and rucksacks, cookery books, lipsticks, bath salts; names and thumbnail sketches of odd students. Nowhere was there cohesion or form. Unrelated incidents and people whirled round in space. But Poirot knew quite well that somehow and somewhere there must be a pattern ... The question was where to start ... #Quote by Agatha Christie
Cut Up quotes by Beryl Dov
#68. Tibet's Sky Burial
In Tibet cold makes it hard to pierce the earth
and wood, like air, is rare,
Death is no occasion for woe, but mirth -
So you're cut up into tiny tidbits bare.
They leave you chopped up upon a mountaintop,
your corpse ambrosial alms for the circling birds.
You ate crow all your life, now the crow eats you.

In Tibet, everything comes full circle,
our lives, our deaths, our words. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Cut Up quotes by Laurann Dohner
#69. Tiger chuckled. "Let me guess. Seared meat? Yeah, most humans get grossed out by that. You'll enjoy pizza. It's really good. She'll love it too. I think all humans eat it the way we do meat. It must be a nutritional requirement or something for them." He shrugged. "Everything on it is cut up into bit-sized slices to help them because of the flat teeth they have." Valiant followed him. "If we have a baby this must be good to feed them." "Yeah. They probably just cut the slices smaller for their little mouths." "I must try this food. Tammy will be pleased I am preparing for fatherhood." Tiger patted his back. "You're a good mate, my man." "I will try to be." Valiant missed Tammy. He couldn't wait to return home to marry her and remove her underwear. Not in that order though. #Quote by Laurann Dohner
Cut Up quotes by J.K. Rowling
#70. Harry's mouth fell open. The dishes in front of him were now piled with food. He had never seen so many things he liked to eat on one table: roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some strange reason, peppermint humbugs. The Dursleys had never exactly starved Harry, but he'd never been allowed to eat as much as he liked. Dudley had always taken anything that Harry really wanted, even if it made him sick. Harry piled his plate with a bit of everything except the peppermints and began to eat. It was all delicious. "That does look good," said the ghost in the ruff sadly, watching Harry cut up his steak. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Cut Up quotes by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
#71. Yeah, they told us that time flies, didn't know what it means
Now I feel like we just running around tryna
Catch it and hoping to cut up its wings
But that ain't gon' happen
Joy, when was the last time we had it?
I don't remember 'cause all that we do
Is go backwards but that's what you get
When you live in the past
And I know we breathing but we not alive
Really, is this the way we wanna die?
'Til you got everything bottled inside
If only they knew what goes on in our minds
I know what you thinking so don't try to hide
Why do you look at me like you surprised?
If you really mean what you write in these lines
Why don't you fix it? 'Cause I'm getting tired
Yeah, I can no longer do this
Ever since you fell in love with the music
See, you find a way to express what you feel
But the moment that you get away from the mic
You don't know what you doing
Is it clear to you yet?
I don't know what's going on in your head
But eventually, you'll have to deal with the things
That you talk about yeah, but I guess until then, we're lost #Quote by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
Cut Up quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#72. I was at a restaurant, and I ordered a chicken sandwich, but I don't think the waitress understood me. She asked me, "How would you like your eggs?" I thought I would answer her anyway and said, "Incubated! And then raised, plucked, beheaded, cut up, put onto a grill, and then put onto a bun. Damn! I don't have that much time! Scrambled!" #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
Cut Up quotes by Campbell Scott
#73. Actors are conditioned to develop a system for expressing as much as they can in the shortest amount of time because you're going to get all cut up in a movie. #Quote by Campbell Scott
Cut Up quotes by Elle Varner
#74. I love all things crafty. I love to make jewelry. I love to cut up old clothes and turn them into something new. I love projects like transforming a busted table into a shiny new table. I'm really into restoration and little side projects. #Quote by Elle Varner
Cut Up quotes by Meghna Pant
#75. Her young soul felt cut up like a fifty-year-old, like a squirrel that appeared content, but carried scars from the vestige of time in its black and gray grooves. #Quote by Meghna Pant
Cut Up quotes by Sharon Stone
#76. Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world, and it's wonderful that she didn't cut up her face. She addressed aging by picking up her chin and receiving the light in a better way. And she looked like a woman. She never tried to look like a girl. #Quote by Sharon Stone
Cut Up quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#77. Howl said, "I think we ought to live happily ever after," and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would make a good deal more eventful than any story made it sound, though she was determined to try. "It should be hair-raising," added Howl. "And you'll exploit me," Sophie said. "And then you'll cut up all my suits to teach me," added Howl. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Cut Up quotes by Thighpaulsandra
#78. I still use a lot of cut-ups, I physically cut-up pieces of paper and stick them all together on another piece of paper then I'll think, "Ah, that looks good," or shuffle them around a bit and then I'll photocopy it and then that's my lyrics. #Quote by Thighpaulsandra
Cut Up quotes by Jennifer Niven
#79. On my bed, I sit down and flip through the cut-up books one by one, reading all the cut-up passages. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Cut Up quotes by Jessie Ann Foley
#80. The show was chaos--moshing, shattered bottles, and music so loud that it didn't even feel like music but just a thumping in her chest, a wailing guitar, and Billy Corgan, who screamed until his throat sounded blood-gargled. After an hour, Maggie lost Uncle Kevin and stumbled through the crowd, fighting the urge not to panic, and then she found him in a corner making out with a blond woman whose shirt was all cut up so that Maggie could see not just the woman's cleavage but the cleavage _under_ her boobs--she had not known this was possible. He pulled away from the woman, wrapped Maggie in a sweaty hug, and took her up to the bar and bought her a pop. She drank it, fighting the feeling of exhaustion and fever that had descended on her brain and sinuses, and when it was over and the lights were turned on to reveal a shiny-eyed crowd wafting animal smells and trembling down from whatever high they'd been on, the music had latched hold of her. She felt half-crazed, elated, having forever transcended the world of high school, where she was noteworthy only for her ability to diagram sentences faster and more accurately than anyone else in Mr. Blackwell's English class. One thing was for sure: she would never diagram another sentence, at least not willingly, for as long as she lived. #Quote by Jessie Ann Foley
Cut Up quotes by Lynn Coady
#81. While Person A might believe the kitchen counter provides a reasonable surface on which to place one's balled-up sweatsocks post-gym, Person B - about to cut up some vegetables on that same counter, perhaps for a meal intended to be shared with Person A - can only read the sockball as a message that says, 'Hi! I have contempt for you!' #Quote by Lynn Coady
Cut Up quotes by Mark Cuban
#82. A long list. From getting cut from the high school basketball team, to getting fired from jobs, getting credit cards rejected and cut up. Rejection has only been a distraction, not a roadblock. "Every no gets me closer to a yes," was the saying I used to use. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Cut Up quotes by Sherwood Smith
#83. Flauvic was standing by the middle window, one slim hand resting on a golden latch. I realized that one window panel was, in fact, a door, and that a person could step through onto the rocks that just bordered the pool. Flauvic was looking down, the silvery light reflecting off rain clouds overhead, and water below throwing glints in his long golden hair.
He had to know I was there.
I said, "You do like being near to water, don't you?"
He looked up quickly. "Forgive me for not coming to the door," he said directly--for him. "I must reluctantly admit that I have been somewhat preoccupied with the necessity of regaining my tranquility."
I was surprised that he would admit to any such thing. "Not caused by me, I hope?" I walked across the fine tiled floor.
He lifted a hand in a gesture of airy dismissal. "Family argument," he said. Smiling a little, he added, "Forbearance is not, alas, a hallmark of the Merindar habit of mind."
Again I was surprised, for he seemed about as forbearing as anyone I'd ever met--but I was chary of appearing to be a flatterer, and so I said only, "I'm sorry for it, then. Ought I to go? If the family's peace has been cut up, I suppose a visitor won't be welcome."
Flauvic turned away from the window and crossed the rest of the floor to join me. "If you mean you'd rather not walk into my honored parent's temper--or more to the point, my sister's--fear not. They departed early this morning to our family's estates. I am q #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Cut Up quotes by Mark Twain
#84. We don't cut up when mad men are bred by the old legitimate regular stock religions, but we can't allow wildcat religions to indulge in such disastrous experiments. #Quote by Mark Twain
Cut Up quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#85. Life to the last drop
If someone said to me again: 'Supposing you were to die tomorrow, what would you do?' I wouldn't need any time to reply. If I felt drowsy, I would sleep. If I was thirsty, I would drink. If I was writing, I might like what I was writing and ignore the question. If I was having lunch, I would add a little mustard and pepper to the slice of grilled meat. If I was shaving, I might cut my earlobe. If I was kissing my girlfriend, I would devour her lips as if they were figs. If I was reading, I would skip a few pages. If I was peeling an onion, I would shed a few tears. If I was walking, I would continue walking at a slower pace. If I existed, as I do now, then I wouldn't think about not existing. If I didn't exist, then the question wouldn't bother me. If I was listening to Mozart, I would already be close to the realms of the angels. If I was asleep, I would carry on sleeping and dream blissfully of gardenias. If I was laughing, I would cut my laughter by half out of respect for the information. What else could I do, even if I was braver than an idiot and stronger than Hercules? #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Cut Up quotes by Enrique De Heriz
#86. We don't even survive in the memories of the living. Science has destroyed that myth. Whenever we remember something, what we're doing is remembering the last time we remembered it; our memory doesn't go back to the original notch, the first one was cut, but to the last one. Human memory is virtual, like that of a computer. When we open a file we're not opening it as it was when we first created it, but as it was the last time we used it. It is called hypercathexis and is our brain's most sophisticated recourse when it comes to confronting pain. #Quote by Enrique De Heriz
Cut Up quotes by Deborah Smith
#87. At the center, on the lawn of the courthouse, sat a log manger with a life-size nativity scene cut out of plywood. If an civil libertarian had complained about the nativity being on public property, he would have been hunted down like Santa's reindeer during bow season. #Quote by Deborah Smith
Cut Up quotes by John Le Carre
#88. The ground on which you once stood is cut away. You have become a citizen of No Man's Land. I send you my greetings.
the closing lines of Smiley's letter to Karla persuading him to defect. #Quote by John Le Carre
Cut Up quotes by Elizabeth Schechter
#89. I pulled on the restraints, frustrated, hurting, and completely devastated. I could feel tears sliding down my skin, into my ears, and back over my scalp. Which told me that they'd cut off my hair, too. For some reason, that little bit of vanity was what it took to undo me completely. #Quote by Elizabeth Schechter
Cut Up quotes by Jay McLean
#90. Babe," I cut her off. "I don't care about my friends, or what they think. I just care about you. #Quote by Jay McLean
Cut Up quotes by Rick Riordan
#91. I'm nobody's sidekick," Annabeth growled. "And, Percy, his accent sounds familiar because he sounds like his mother. We killed her in New Jersey."
Percy frowned. "I'm pretty sure that accent isn't New Jersey. Who's his - ? Oh."
It all fell into place. Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium - the lair of Medusa. She'd talked with that same accent, at least until Percy had cut off her head.
"Medusa is your mom?" he asked. "Dude, that sucks for you. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cut Up quotes by Alexis Bass
#92. I picture my pain separated into fragments. Instead of getting pierced with a giant knife that has the potential to kill, I'll just be stabbed occasionally with razor blades. So when he finally leaves me for good, and the last cut is inflicted, I'll be used to the pain. #Quote by Alexis Bass
Cut Up quotes by T.F. Hodge
#93. The first law of nature is self-preservation. Cut off that which may harm you. But if it is worth preserving, and is meaningful, nourish it and have no regrets. Ultimately, this is true living and love of self ... from within. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Cut Up quotes by Mike Leigh
#94. I do not make films which are prescriptive, and I do not make films that are conclusive. You do not walk out of my films with a clear feeling about what is right and wrong. They're ambivalent. You walk away with work to do. My films are a sort of investigation. They ask questions ... Sometimes I hear that some [Hollywood] studio is interested in me. Then they discover that this is the guy who works with no script, that there is no casting discussion, no interference, that I have the final cut, and that does it. #Quote by Mike Leigh
Cut Up quotes by David Grand
#95. The land afterward was cleared by oxen, the fallen trees stripped of their bark and cut for lumber that would be used in the construction of the villa, in which the women would live as servants, on whose property their daughters terraced the mountain for orange and lemon groves, where they could see to the east from the peak of Mount Terminus their sons raising swine in the valley below. #Quote by David Grand
Cut Up quotes by Novalis
#96. In most religious systems we are regarded as parts of the godhead which, if they do not obey the impulses of the whole, and even if they do not intentionally act against the laws of the whole, but only go their own way and do not want to be parts of it, are medically treated by the godhead - and either endure a painful cure or even are cut off. #Quote by Novalis
Cut Up quotes by Patrick Grant
#97. I think you'd have to be a pretty brave man to say "never go out of style," but men's suiting has been relatively stable for 100 years now. The single-breasted, two-button gray flannel suit, you could've worn it in exactly the same cut, shape and fabric in 1910 as you wear it in 2010. #Quote by Patrick Grant
Cut Up quotes by Julie Kagawa
#98. You've gone off the deep end. Time to cut back on the anime Rob. There's no
such thing as faeries. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Cut Up quotes by Frederick Seitz
#99. It is one thing to impose drastic measures and harsh economic penalties when an environmental problem is clear-cut and severe ... It is foolish to do so when the problem is largely hypothetical and not substantiated by observations ... we do not currently have any convincing evidence or observations of significant climate change from other than natural causes. #Quote by Frederick Seitz
Cut Up quotes by Plato
#100. The greatest penalty of evil-doing is to grow into the likeness of bad men, and, growing like them, to fly from the conversation of the good, and be cut off from them, and cleave to and follow after the company of the bad. #Quote by Plato
Cut Up quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#101. We discover truth by asking rapier-like questions that cut through the thick fog of doctrinarism. Artists and philosophers must be subversive: we need these rebellious cynics to ask questions, they must resist cultural norms; seek out truths that are not self-evident and challenge everything. Doubt, not blind belief, is essential for discovering truth. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Cut Up quotes by Pierce Brown
#102. He is like any other petty tyrant of history. A slave to his own whims. A master of nothing but selfishness. He is the Society - a monster dripping in decadence, yet seeing none of his own hypocrisy. He views all this wealth, all this power, as his right. He is deluded. They all are. But I cannot cut him down from the front. No, no matter how well I fight. He is too strong. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Cut Up quotes by Patrick Ness
#103. I rub the ears of my dog, my stupid goddam ruddy great dog that I never wanted but who hung around anyway and who followed me thru the swamp and who bit Aaron when he was trying to choke me and who found Viola when she was lost and who's licking my hand with his little pink tongue and whose eye is still mostly squinted shut from where Mr. Prentiss Jr. kicked him and whose tail is way way shorter from where Matthew Lyle cut it off when my dog - my dog - went after a man with a machete to save me and who's right there when I need pulling back from the darkness I fall into and who tells me who I am whenever I forget. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Cut Up quotes by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
#104. The Pan-Africanism that envisaged the ideal of wholeness was gradually cut down to the size of a continent, then a nation, a region, an ethnos, a clan, and even a village in some instances But Pan-Africanism has not outlived its mission. Seen as an economic, political, cultural, and psychological re-membering vision, it should continue to guide remembering practices #Quote by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
Cut Up quotes by Jay Kristoff
#105. My gift to you, Yukiko-chan.' He nodded. 'Use it to cut away your fear, and leave nothing in its wake. Cherish it. And cherish this truth I speak to you now, if no other before or after: The greatest tempest Shima has even known waits in the wings for you to call its name. Your anger can topple mountains. Crush empires. Change the very shape of the world.'
He pressed the blade into her hand, watched her with cool eyes the colour of steel.
'Your anger is a gift. #Quote by Jay Kristoff
Cut Up quotes by James Wylie
#106. On all other Christian societies the Church of Rome pronounces a sentence of spiritual outlawry. She alone is the Church, and beyond her pale there is no salvation. She recognises but one pastor and but one fold; and those who are not the sheep of the Pope of Rome, cannot be the sheep of Christ, and are held as being certainly cut off from all the blessings of grace now, and from all the hopes of eternal life hereafter. In the hands of Peter's successor are #Quote by James Wylie
Cut Up quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#107. Why? Why do you care what happens to scum like them?'
De Loungville moved his horse alongside Erik's, so he was almost nose-to-nose with Erik when he answered. 'I don't care what happens to scum like them. You could cut off a piece at a time over a week and I wouldn't give a whore's promise for what it would do to them. But I do care what it would do to you, Erik. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Cut Up quotes by Ryan Lilly
#108. 20% of management theories are responsible for 80% of results. That's assuming the Pareto Principle makes the cut. #Quote by Ryan Lilly
Cut Up quotes by Tara Westover
#109. We had been bruised and gashed and concussed, had our legs set on fire and out heads cut open. We had lived in a state of alert, a kind of constant terror, our brains flooding with cortisol because we knew that any of those things might happen at any moment. Because Dad always put faith before safety. #Quote by Tara Westover
Cut Up quotes by Arthur Golden
#110. I cannot tell you what it is that guides us in this life; but for me, I fell toward the Chairman just as a stone must fall toward the earth. When I cut my lip and met Mr. Tanaka, when my mother died and I was cruelly sold, it was all like a stream that falls over rocky cliffs before it can reach the ocean. Even now that he is gone I have him still, in the richness of my memories. #Quote by Arthur Golden
Cut Up quotes by William Shakespeare
#111. Hold, or cut bowstrings. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Cut Up quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#112. We will never have peace in the world until men everywhere recognize that ends are not cut off from means, because the means represent the ideal in the making, and the end in process, and ultimately you can't reach good ends through evil means, because the means represent the seed and the end represents the tree. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cut Up quotes by Allyse Near
#113. The bathroom was jungle-fogged, flooded with puddles, piled with soaked towels; cakes of soap with long strands of blonde baked in.
A girl in pieces: Barbie-thin ankles, a shaving cut on her knee; hipbones she could stab you with; white hands gelled with strawberry body lotion. #Quote by Allyse Near
Cut Up quotes by Siobhan Davis
#114. You cut your hair," she blurts out randomly. "I like it. It suits you." I send her a cocky grin. Can't help it. If this is how she wants to play it, I'm game. "Shame about the ears, though. There's no hiding them now."
Immediately, my fingers fly to my ear lobes. "What's wrong with my ears?"
Her lips curve into a teasing smile. "Dude, if you don't know what's wrong with your ears, far be it from me to burst your ignorant bubble." She stifles a giggle, and my heart soars. God, I've missed this so much. Missed her.
"Ha! Good one. You almost had me there." I nudge her shoulder, and for a split second, it feels like old times. Like no separation exists. Like we haven't hurt each other so much. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Cut Up quotes by Victoria Schwab
#115. I am Delilah Bard, she thought, as the ropes cut into her skin. I am a thief and a pirate and a traveler. I have set foot in three different worlds, and lived. I have shed the blood of royals and held magic in my hands. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Cut Up quotes by Cornelia Funke
#116. True love, selfless and deep as the oceans in their most fathomless depths." Orlando let the glove run along the thread, which glistened like a ray of sunlight. "But I fear this one is not meant for me. This kind of thread is not spun in mere days."
He let his hand drop, and the gold disappeared as though it really had been nothing but a ray of sunlight. "The Golden Yarn ... or the inseverable bond, as it is also called. As inseverable as the threads of fate. And there is only one who can spin them and who can cut them. #Quote by Cornelia Funke

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