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Curvy Sex quotes by Elle Chase
#1. I sometimes use the word "fat," as I consider it to be an accurate descriptor of some curvy gals, including me. I believe using "fat" in a nonpejorative way helps destigmatize and inure us to the word as the insult it's become, and gets us used to seeing it as it was meant to be used: As a neutral descriptor. I use the words curvy, plus-size, zaftig, plump, larger, and bigger in the same spirit. Some of these words may make you bristle at first, but they are not meant negatively but solely as adjectives. #Quote by Elle Chase
Curvy Sex quotes by Madeline J. Reynolds
#2. I offer a kiss, my bed, my body. And then, for my own trick, I disappear. #Quote by Madeline J. Reynolds
Curvy Sex quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#3. Firen didn't waste any time setting up the meeting with Egnatious. The following day she was in such a rush to tell me about it that she burst into my room without knocking and found Andrew and me in an intimate and compromising position reminiscent of the game Twister. Also, I cannot confirm or deny if there was food involved. Let's just say I toppled over in embarrassment, taking Andrew down with me in a great heap. Firen didn't fare any better, as she nearly knocked herself out when she ran into the doorframe in an attempt to escape. We were both scarred for life, especially after Firen apologized for walking in on our "naked fun time," which was apparently what Joseph called it. There were some things people should never know, and that was one of them. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Curvy Sex quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#4. Pagans earn their reputations for relaxed sexual mores, often in rebellion from the repression of their religions during adolescence. At a Pagan festival, one need only lower one's guard to be offered sex under the cloaking of the sacred. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Curvy Sex quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#5. We sometimes hear people voice doubts about opposition to sex trafficking, genital cutting, or honor killings because of their supposed inevitability. What can our good intentions achieve against thousands of years of tradition? Our response is China. A century ago, China was arguably the worst place in the world to be born female. Foot-binding, child marriage, concubinage, and female infanticide were embedded in traditional Chinese culture...So was it cultural imperialism for Westerners to criticize foot-binding and female infanticide? Perhaps. But it was also the right thing to do. If we believe firmly in certain values, such as the equality of all human beings regardless of color or gender, then we should not be afraid to stand up for them; it would be feckless to defer to slavery, torture, foot-binding, honor killings, or genital cutting just because we believe in respecting other faiths or cultures. One lesson of China is that we need not accept that discrimination is an intractable element of any society. If culture were immutable, China would still be impoverished and [women] would be stumbling around on three-inch feet. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Curvy Sex quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#6. I've missed you, Sebastian."
"Have you, love?" He unfastened the buttons of her robe, the light eyes glittering with heat as her skin was revealed. "What part did you miss the most?"
"Your mind," she said, and smiled at his expression.
"I was hoping for a far more depraved answer than that."
"Your mind is depraved," she told him solemnly.
He gave a husky laugh. "True. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Curvy Sex quotes by Scarlett Avery
#7. Cocky Hunter or dirty-talking Jake? Lucky for you, you don't have to choose! #Quote by Scarlett Avery
Curvy Sex quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#8. Sex should be friendly. Otherwise stick to mechanical toys; it's more sanitary. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Curvy Sex quotes by Emily Trunko
#9. I don't want my life to not be the way I expected.
I may not be scared of crowds. Or the dark. Or small spaces. But I am afraid.
I am afraid of responsibility; I am afraid of not living up to expectations, of the changing future, of growing up, not knowing, sex, relationships, hardship, secrets, grades, judgement, falling short, loneliness, change, confusion, arguments, curiosity, love, hate, losing, pressure, differences, honesty, lies.
I am afraid of me.
Yet, despite this, I know I am brave. I know I am brave because I've accepted my invisible fears and haven't let them overcome me.
I want you to know that you're brave because you know your fears. You're brave because you introduced yourself. You're brave because you said 'No, I don't understand.' You're brave because you are here. #Quote by Emily Trunko
Curvy Sex quotes by Gloria Steinem
#10. Anyone who believes we're living in a postfeminist age will learn that violence against females - from female infanticide and child marriage to honor killings and sex trafficking - has now produced a world with fewer females than males, a first in recorded history. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Curvy Sex quotes by Penny Reid
#11. In that moment the world tilted, and I completely lost control of my sex organs. Apparently my vagina, uterus, and ovaries were Italian and, when spoken to in Italian by Nico Manganiello, no longer belonged to me. I had no idea what he'd said. Just the sound, coming from his mouth – no lie – was the sexiest thing of all time. #Quote by Penny Reid
Curvy Sex quotes by Nikki Sex
#12. Life in Lubbock, Texas taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth, and you should save it for someone you love. #Quote by Nikki Sex
Curvy Sex quotes by Dennis Rodman
#13. It's just like we do over here in America, right? It's amazing that we have presidents over here do the same thing, right? It's amazing that Bill Clinton could do one thing and have sex with his secretary and really get away with it and still be powerful. #Quote by Dennis Rodman
Curvy Sex quotes by Felicity Brandon
#14. Slowly he f**ks my arse, pushing himself in and out of me. The sensation is so intense. I feel like my inner slut has finally been freed, and I revel in her carnal abandonment; throwing my head back while Mike rides me like an animal. #Quote by Felicity Brandon
Curvy Sex quotes by H.G.Wells
#15. There comes a moment in the day when you have written your pages in the morning, attended to your correspondence in the afternoon, and have nothing further to do. Then comes that hour when you are bored; that's the time for sex. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Curvy Sex quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#16. Go take a shower, you smell like good sex and unnecessary regret. #Quote by Cassandra Giovanni
Curvy Sex quotes by Thomas Hood
#17. My brain is dull, my sight is foul,
I cannot write a verse, or read
Then, Pallas, take away thine Owl,
And let us have a lark instead. #Quote by Thomas Hood
Curvy Sex quotes by Camille Paglia
#18. Venus of Willendorf carries her cave with her. She is blind, masked. Her ropes of corn-row hair look forward to the invention agriculture. She has a furrowed brow. Her facelessness is the impersonality of primitive sex and religion. There is no psychology or identity yet, because there is no society, no cohesion. Men cower and scatter at the blast of the elements. Venus of Willendorf is eyeless because nature can be seen but not known. She is remote even as she kills and creates. The statuette, so overflowing and protuberant, is ritually invisible. She stifles the eye. She is the cloud of archaic night. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Curvy Sex quotes by Elizabeth Tallent
#19. People open bookstores because they want their souls back.
(from "Two Women" published in Do Me: Tales of Sex & Love from Tin House) #Quote by Elizabeth Tallent
Curvy Sex quotes by Scarlett Avery
#20. Billionaires' Indulgence is decadent, debauched and sinfully delicious. #Quote by Scarlett Avery
Curvy Sex quotes by Robert Burns
#21. I look on the opposite sex with something like the admiration with which I regard the starry sky on a frosty December night. I admire the beauty of the Creator's workmanship, I am charmed with the wild but graceful eccentricity of the motions, and then I wish both of them goodnight. #Quote by Robert Burns
Curvy Sex quotes by Dark Jar Tin Zoo
#22. Making love to me is amazing. Wait, I meant: making love, to me, is amazing. The absence of two little commas nearly transformed me into a sex god. #Quote by Dark Jar Tin Zoo
Curvy Sex quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#23. When You Weren't Looking
... why.
... Can't you
... care
... more
... about
... me. #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Curvy Sex quotes by Cathy Burnham Martin
#24. If a man or a woman starts "expecting" sex, then it is no longer special, and a lover will likely start to feel used. #Quote by Cathy Burnham Martin
Curvy Sex quotes by Joseph Altuzarra
#25. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. I believe that clothes should make a woman feel beautiful. But sometimes it's the little things like cut and fit and sex appeal that make a large impact. #Quote by Joseph Altuzarra
Curvy Sex quotes by Robert Cormier
#26. He looks at me fondly. I know that the look doesn't have love in it. Or even lust. I still wonder about love or sex or lust. I saw lust in his eyes when he looked at that girl on the sidewalk ... I love him, anyway. I love him because he's kind to me and he doesn't want my body, doesn't want to feel me or touch me, like all the others ... and maybe after a while he might look at me with more than fondness, will kiss me sweetly, tenderly. #Quote by Robert Cormier
Curvy Sex quotes by Kevin Leman
#27. A fulfilling sex life is one of the most powerful marital glues a couple can have. #Quote by Kevin Leman
Curvy Sex quotes by E.L. Montes
#28. Babe, I thought you meant another game." His brows wiggled.
"Do you have to turn everything into sex?"
"When you're involved? Yes. #Quote by E.L. Montes
Curvy Sex quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#29. What's your favourite position?"
"I usually play winger."
"Zach, I adore you, but you can't make soccer jokes during phone sex. It just isn't done. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Curvy Sex quotes by Mary McCarthy
#30. Making love, we are all more alike than we are when we are talking or acting. #Quote by Mary McCarthy
Curvy Sex quotes by Laurann Dohner
#31. She's small, Valiant. You should ease up some on the sex."
Tammy and Valiant both shot him a glare. "Never," they said in unison. #Quote by Laurann Dohner
Curvy Sex quotes by Helen Fielding
#32. What about you, this week? First you completely ignore me like some Hitler Youth ice-maiden, then you turn into an irresistible sex kitten, looking at me over the computer with not so much 'come-to-bed' as just 'come' eyes, and now suddenly you're Jeremy Paxman." We #Quote by Helen Fielding
Curvy Sex quotes by Sarah Gadon
#33. I have these surreal moments where I'm like, 'I'm pregnant with Jake Gyllenhaal's baby' and 'I'm telling Robert Pattinson that he smells of sex.' But you're acting, so the focus is on the work. #Quote by Sarah Gadon
Curvy Sex quotes by Kirstie Collins Brote
#34. The Female Orgasm. The Big O. That elusive, reclusive Loch Ness of the labia. Does it prove the existence of God, or just His twisted sense of humor? #Quote by Kirstie Collins Brote
Curvy Sex quotes by Elizabeth Miller
#35. I grip Colin harder, kissing him longer, unwilling to let him go. This is what I want; this is what I've wanted since his damn phone interrupted us this morning, his mouth, his body claiming mine. I'm on fire, every muscle in my body attuned to his, my groin clenching with delicious need. When the voices grow louder his hold loosens.
"Don't stop, please," I beg into his mouth. Diving into me once more his tongue slays me, erases every thought of the outside world until the passion has left us breathless and we have to break away if only to live. His forehead presses to mine as we gasp together, the cold air barely cooling the heat raging between us.
-Midnight, A McKenna Chronicle #Quote by Elizabeth Miller
Curvy Sex quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#36. More than economic dependency of the wife and children on the husband and father is needed to preserve the institution of the authoritarian family [and its support of the authoritarian state]. For the suppressed classes, this dependency is endurable only on condition that the consciousness of being a sexual being is suspended as completely as possible in women and in children. The wife must not figure as a sexual being, but solely as a child-bearer. Essentially, the idealization and deification of motherhood, which are so flagrantly at variance with the brutality with which the mothers of the toiling masses are actually treated, serve as means of preventing women from gaining a sexual consciousness, of preventing the imposed sexual repression from breaking through and of preventing sexual anxiety and sexual guilt-feelings from losing their hold. Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology. Conservative sexual reform has always made the mistake of merely making a slogan of "the right of woman to her own body," and not clearly and unmistakably regarding and defending woman as a sexual being, at least as much as it regards and defends her as a mother. Furthermore, conservative sexual reform based its sexual policies predominantly on the function of procreation, instead of undermining the reactionary view that equates sexuality and procreation. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Curvy Sex quotes by Harold Laski
#37. Aside from theology and sex there is really nothing to talk about. #Quote by Harold Laski
Curvy Sex quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#38. Sex may not be the answer to everything, but it's also not the worst answer to a lot of things. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Curvy Sex quotes by J.D. Robb
#39. Licensed, regulated, taxed, safe. People pay for therapy, for physical training," he added, nodding at the board. "For spiritual guidance, and so on and so on. People pay for all manner of basic needs, and others train to provide those needs. Sex is a basic need. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Curvy Sex quotes by Jess C. Scott
#40. There's more to the erotic life than explicitness. #Quote by Jess C. Scott
Curvy Sex quotes by Scott Turow
#41. Wanna dance?" she asked. "I think they're playing our song."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"The hokey-pokey."

"No shit."

"Sure," she said, "don't you hear it?"

She left her bikini top on, but she removed the bottom and then wrestled off my trunks. She held our suits in one hand and with the other grabbed hold of the horn of plenty.

"Salve work?" she asked.

"Miracle drug," I said

"And how to you do the hokey-pokey?" she asked. "I forget."

"You put your right foot in."


"You put your right foot out."


"You put your right foot in and you shake it all about."

"Great. What's next?" she asked and kissed me sweetly. "After the foot? #Quote by Scott Turow
Curvy Sex quotes by Nora Roberts
#42. I won't consider getting horizontal with someone I can barely tolerate when we're vertical. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Curvy Sex quotes by Micheline Jean Louis
#43. I've always thought that the reason the devil approached Eve and not Adam is because the devil Recognized the power, courage, and the tenacity of a woman, the world would have you believe that Eve was a weaker sex and that is why the devil approached her, But think about it, a weak person would never disobey let alone desire to be God. #Quote by Micheline Jean Louis
Curvy Sex quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
#44. For example, when Christians discuss sex, it often sounds as if we are somehow "against sex". What we fail to make clear is that sexual passion (the good gifts of God's creation) is now subservient to the demanding business of maintaining a revolutionary community in a world that often uses sex as a means of momentarily anesthetizing or distracting people from the basic vacuity of their lives. When the only contemporary means of self-transcendence is orgasm, we Christians are going to have a tough time convincing people that it would be nicer if they were not promiscuous. #Quote by Stanley Hauerwas

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