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Curse quotes by Sarah Cross
#1. You're safe with me, Mira. And I'm safe with you."

He kissed her again to prove it. And when the clock struck one - that lone, ominous tone hovering in the dark - they were still kissing. Her razor blade had snagged his shirt and nicked his chest, and they'd ended up lying in the grass, hidden inside a shadow, ignoring their names whenever someone called them. He traced her mouth again and again, like he still couldn't believe it was real.

There would always be a part of him she couldn't know. A secret place where his heartbreak was stored, where lost innocence and regret filled the air like smoke. She had no desire to open that door ... but she didn't know if that would change one day. If the key would tempt her, if a fairy would manipulate her or she would just be curious. But she had to believe she could be strong enough to resist. That what she wanted - what they both wanted - mattered more than the path that had been laid out for them.

She let her hand slip under his shirt to touch the heart mark on his back, and he brought her other hand to his lips, and kissed every finger he'd entrusted with the key. He was so much more than his curse, and she was so much more than the girl who could betray him.

Together ... they could be anything. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Curse quotes by Galileo Galilei
#2. After an injunction had been judicially intimated to me by this Holy Office, to the effect that I must altogether abandon the false opinion that the sun is the center of the world and immovable, and that the earth is not the center of the world, and moves, and that I must not hold, defend, or teach in any way whatsoever, verbally or in writing, the said false doctrine, and after it had been notified to me that the said doctrine was contrary to Holy Scripture - I wrote and printed a book in which I discuss this new doctrine already condemned, and adduce arguments of great cogency in its favor, without presenting any solution of these, and for this reason I have been pronounced by the Holy Office to be vehemently suspected of heresy, that is to say, of having held and believed that the Sun is the center of the world and immovable, and that the earth is not the center and moves:

Therefore, desiring to remove from the minds of your Eminences, and of all faithful Christians, this vehement suspicion, justly conceived against me, with sincere heart and unfeigned faith I abjure, curse, and detest the aforesaid errors and heresies, and generally every other error, heresy, and sect whatsoever contrary to the said Holy Church, and I swear that in the future I will never again say or assert, verbally or in writing, anything that might furnish occasion for a similar suspicion regarding me; but that should I know any heretic, or person suspected of heresy, I will denounce him #Quote by Galileo Galilei
Curse quotes by Sabahattin Ali
#3. People can only get to know each other up to a point and then they make up the rest, until one day, seeing their mistake, they turn their backs on sadness and run away. Would this ever happen, if they stopped believing their dreams and made do with what was possible? If everyone accepted what was natural, then no one would suffer disappointment, no one would curse fate. We have every right to see our situation as pitiful, but we must confine our pity to ourselves. To pity another is to assume superiority and that is why we must never think we are superior to others, or that others are more unfortunate. #Quote by Sabahattin Ali
Curse quotes by Harlan Coben
#4. Genius is a curse. That's how I look at it. Some think that the brilliant comprehend the universe in a way the rest of us can't. They see the world how it truly is - and that reality is so horrible the lose their minds. Clarity leads to insanity. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Curse quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#5. My soul always reverts to the Old Testament and to Shakespeare. There at least one feels that it's human beings talking. There people hate, people love, people murder their enemy and curse his descendants through all generations, there people sin. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Curse quotes by Criss Jami
#6. The writer's curse is that even in solitude, no matter its duration, he never grows lonely or bored. #Quote by Criss Jami
Curse quotes by Fredrika Bremer
#7. Ah! the curse of slavery, as the common phrase goes, has fallen not merely on the black but perhaps at this moment still more upon the white, because it has warped his sense of truth and has degraded his moral nature. The position and the treatment of the blacks, however, really improve from year to year; while the whites do not seem to advance in enlightenment. #Quote by Fredrika Bremer
Curse quotes by Lauren Wolk
#8. Blame comes from the Greek for "curse". That's the root of it. A curse against the sacred, which is what sisters are or should be to each other. #Quote by Lauren Wolk
Curse quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#9. Shirking responsibilities is the curse of our modern life-the secret of all the unrest and discontent that is seething in the world - Gilbert Blythe #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Curse quotes by Soseki Natsume
#10. - I don't even trust myself. It's because I can't trust myself that I can't trust others. I can only curse myself for it.

= Once you start thinking that way, then surely no one's entirely reliable.

- It's not thinking that's led me here. It's doing, I once did something that shocked me, then terrified me #Quote by Soseki Natsume
Curse quotes by George Michael
#11. It was like I had a curse on me. I couldn't believe how much God was piling on. There was so much death around me. #Quote by George Michael
Curse quotes by Melissa Jensen
#12. Leo!
Scusi, Nonna." But he still managed to get a good, quiet curse or two out as he backed his way gingerly through the swinging door.
"Here.I got it." Tina took the beer and glass from me. "Ya know them?"
I nodded.
"She looks like butter wouldn't melt.But her kid..." She pursed brilliantly pink lips. "All that and a bag of baked tofu chips?"
I had to smile a little at the image. "No.He's not...He doesn't act like..." I wasn't entirely sure why I was defending him.He hadn't exactly been the Prince Charming of Dinner Orders. Come to think of it, I couldn't completely vouch for Alex Bainbridge being Prince Charming of Anything. Except my own little Villink fantasy. "Maybe."
"Yeah?" I have no idea what is was Tina saw in my face. Something. "Aw, sweetie." She sighed. "Want me to shake up Daddy's beer a little?"
"No," I answered. "but thanks for the offer. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Curse quotes by Christopher J. Yates
#13. But what if shyness was simply a curse and in the world beyond his sealed lips a whole better life awaited him #Quote by Christopher J. Yates
Curse quotes by Sakshi Narula
#14. This longing is my curse
and your burden
to carry till the end
One has to pay a price
for breaking something
and staying broken #Quote by Sakshi Narula
Curse quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#15. The Winner's Curse is when you come out on top of the bid, but only by paying a steep price. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Curse quotes by Zoey Hunter
#16. My trouble is, I have stopped believing in miracles. Or rather, I have learned from experience that what is at first touted as a miracle, soon shows itself to be a curse. #Quote by Zoey Hunter
Curse quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#17. Fulfillment comes from striving to succeed, to survive by your own wits and strength. Such things make each of us who we are." Using the blanket, he rubbed his hair. "You lose that in captivity, lose yourself, and that loss saps your capacity for joy. I think comfort can be a curse, an addiction that without warning or notice erodes hope. You know what I mean?" He looked at each of them, but no one answered. "Live with it long enough and the prison stops being the walls or the guards. Instead, it's the fear you can't survive on your own, the belief you aren't as capable, or as worthy, as others. I think everyone has the capacity to do great things, to rise above their everyday lives; they just need a little push now and then. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Curse quotes by Douglas Clegg
#18. We kill, kill, kill. Flesh, spirit, whatever gets in our way. It's like our whole purpose is to extinguish life. And for those who live, there's memory, like a curse. We're such a mixture of frailty and cruelty. #Quote by Douglas Clegg
Curse quotes by John Bunyan
#19. Pharisee, God hath appointed, that by the righteousness of his Son, and by that righteousness only, men shall be justified in his sight from the curse of the law. Wherefore, take heed, and at thy peril, whatever thy righteousness is, confront not the righteousness of Christ therewith. I say, bring it not in, let it not plead for thee at the bar of God, nor do thou plead for that in his court of justice; for thou canst not do this and be innocent. #Quote by John Bunyan
Curse quotes by Ayn Rand
#20. Faith is the wors curse of mankind, as the exact antithesis and enemy of thought. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Curse quotes by Rick Yancey
#21. The cold stars spun to the ancient rhythm, the august march of an everlasting symphony. They are old, the stars, and their memory is long. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Curse quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#22. Kresh kept silent beside me as Baron rehearsed his deadly plan. I listened with my eyes aimed at the horizon, witnessing the night consume a final red vein of daylight. It struck me that nightfall always drowned the sunset. Never did the sun resurface from where it sank, nor would it ever. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Curse quotes by Salman Rushdie
#23. This may be the curse of human race . Not that we are different from one anther , but we are so alike . #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Curse quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#24. Mother said, haven't you seen older boys of your age, that you should take your rotten hands and play with my son's penis?
I held my mouth, and i really stiffled a giggle. Now i understood the bloody vexation and the reckless act performed by our housegirl.
She was fondling my infant part, and i knew she was horny and lost in the act. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Curse quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#25. In the heroic effort of the individual to attain universality, in the attempt to transcend the curse of individuation and to become the one world-being, he suffers in his own person the primordial contradiction that is concealed in things, which means that he commits sacrilege and suffers. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Curse quotes by Terry Pratchett
#26. Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Curse quotes by Wendell Berry
#27. But is work something we have a right to escape? And can we escape it with impunity? We are probably the first entire people ever to think so. All the ancient wisdom that has come down to us counsels otherwise. It tells us that work is necessary to us, as much a part of our condition as mortality; that good work is our salvation and our joy; that shoddy or dishonest or self-serving work is our curse and our doom. We have tried to escape the sweat and sorrow promised in Genesis
only to find that, in order to do so, we must forswear love and excellence, health and joy. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Curse quotes by Alain De Botton
#28. We are never through with the requirement for acceptance. This isn't a curse limited to the inadequate and the weak. Insecurity may even be a peculiar sign of well-being. It means we haven't allowed ourselves to take other people for granted, that we remain realistic enough to see that things could genuinely turn out badly and that we are invested enough to care. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Curse quotes by Cassandra Rose Clarke
#29. Then I saw that sparkle in Naji's eye and knew he was laughing at me.
"See?" he said. "Now you know how it feels"
I glared at him for a few seconds. He looked kind of pleased with himself, but he also looked kind of happy, and that was enough for me to turn back to my equations. #Quote by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Curse quotes by Michael S. Horton
#30. In its character, therefore, the Sabbath is not cessation from activity but cessation from a particular kind of activity - namely, the six-day labor that is intrinsically good but has suffered the curse after the fall. God did not rest because he was tired; rather, it was the rest of completion, the rest of a king who has taken his throne. Representing the consummation, this sabbatical pattern was the way not only of hoping for the new creation but of experiencing it and participating in its peace. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Curse quotes by Michael Scott
#31. Immortality is a curse. It is heartbreaking. You cannot afford to get close to people. #Quote by Michael Scott
Curse quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#32. The religion that has to be supported by law is without value, not only, but a fraud and a curse. The religious argument that has to be supported by a musket is hardly worth making. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Curse quotes by Dawn Kurtagich
#33. I curse anyone who reads this book. If you touch it, hell will be waiting. Screw you. Happy reading. #Quote by Dawn Kurtagich
Curse quotes by Mark Batterson
#34. Self-consciousness isn't just A curse. It is part of THE curse. #Quote by Mark Batterson
Curse quotes by Thomas Chalmers
#35. By the very constitution of our nature moral evil is its own curse. #Quote by Thomas Chalmers
Curse quotes by Sally Rooney
#36. My favourite part of the gospels was in Matthew, when Jesus said: love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. I shared in this desire for moral superiority over my enemies. Jesus always wanted to be the better person, and so did I. I underlined this passage in red pencil several times, to illustrate that I understood the Christian way of life. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Curse quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#37. Surrounded by them all, she was reminded of the old parental curse - May you have six children just like you. Except that this curse seemed to have gone awry. Miles would have reveled at six children just like himself; he'd have known exactly what to do. Instead, he seemed to have received six children, none in the least like himself, and furthermore, each one different from all the others. As parental revenges went, this was actually much better. #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Curse quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#38. Pure love' means that it never increases or decreases. If it does not decrease when you curse him and it does not increase when you give him garlands of flowers; it is 'Pure Love'. 'Pure love' is considered Paramatma prem (Love of God). That is indeed true religion. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Curse quotes by Yash Gupta
#39. Ever thought of updating yourself instead of updating your mobile #Quote by Yash Gupta
Curse quotes by Carl Honore
#40. Then there is the curse of multi-tasking. Doing two things at once seems so clever, so efficient, so modern. And yet what it often means is doing two things not very well. Like many people, I read the paper while watching TV - and find that I get less out of both. #Quote by Carl Honore
Curse quotes by Laura Thalassa
#41. Mighty Nyx came,

Mighty Nyx sought,

All that he could,

Of his dark lot.

In the deep night,

His kingdom rose,

Beware, great king,

Of that which grows.

Easy to conquer,

Easy to crown,

But even the strongest,

Can be cut down.

Raised in the shadows,

Reared in the night,

Your child will come,

And ascend by might.

And you, the slain,

Shall wait and see,

What other things,

A soul can be.

A body to curse,

A body to blame,

A body the earth,

Will not yet claim.

Beware the mortal,

Beneath your sky,

Crush the human,

Who'll see you die.

Twice you'll rise,

Twice you'll fall,

Lest you can,

Change it all.

Or perish by day,

Perish by dawn,

The world believes,

You're already gone.

So darken your heart,

My shadow king,

And let us see,

What war will bring.

- The Prophecy of Galleghar Nyx #Quote by Laura Thalassa
Curse quotes by Alice Walker
#42. The absence of models, in literature as in life, to say nothing of painting, is an occupational hazard for the artist, simply because models in art, in behavior, in growth of spirit and intellect
even if rejected
enrich and enlarge one's view of existence. Deadlier still, to the artist who lacks models, is the curse of ridicule, the bringing to bear on an artist's best work, especially his or her most original, most strikingly deviant, only a fund of ignorance and the presumption that as an artist's critic one's judgement is free of the restrictions imposed by prejudice, and is well informed, indeed, about all the art in the world that really matters. #Quote by Alice Walker
Curse quotes by Mark Hopkins
#43. Everywhere the tendency has been to separate religion from morality, to set them in opposition even. But a religion without morality is a superstition and a curse; and anything like an adequate and complete morality without religion is impossible. The only salvation for man is in the union of the two as Christianity unites them. #Quote by Mark Hopkins
Curse quotes by Peter Marshall
#44. Preaching after the battles of Lexington and Concord, William Stearns had said: We trust that all whose circumstance will admit of it will go. that none such will refuse to enlist in defense of his country. When God, in His providence, calls to take the sword, if any refuse to obey, Heaven's dread artillery is leveled against them, as you may see ... Cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood! (Jeremiah 48:10). Cursed is the sneaking coward who neglects the sinking state, when called to its defense - O then flee this dire curse - let America's valorous sons put on the harness, nor take it off till peace shall be to Israel. #Quote by Peter Marshall
Curse quotes by Steven Erikson
#45. Ah, Fist, it's the curse of history that those who should read them, never do. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Curse quotes by John Green
#46. She's still taking on water. A desert blessing, an ocean curse. #Quote by John Green
Curse quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#47. The person who takes every opportunity to "pick on" others is often mistakenly called "sadistic". In reality, this person is a misdirected masochist who is working towards his own destruction. The reason a person viciously strikes out against you is because they are afraid of you or what you represent, or are resentful of your happiness. They are weak, insecure, and on extremely shaky ground when you throw your curse, and they make ideal human sacrifices. #Quote by Anton Szandor LaVey
Curse quotes by Charles Bukowski
#48. But now and then, a woman walks up, full blossom, a woman just bursting out of her dress ... a sex creature, a curse, the end of it all. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Curse quotes by Anonymous
#49. But I say unto you which hear, aLove your enemies, do good to them which hate you, 28 Bless them that curse you, and apray for them which despitefully use you. #Quote by Anonymous
Curse quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#50. Easy writings curse is hard reading. #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Curse quotes by Bree Despain
#51. The Tiger's Curse Series has everything my heart could desire in a fantasy: exotic locations, two dashing princes, good vs. evil, the promise of danger and adventure lurking around every corner - and did I mention two dashing princes? Warning: these books may cause you to forget anything else exists until you've turned the last enthralling page. And then you'll want to start all over again! #Quote by Bree Despain
Curse quotes by Christopher Buehlman
#52. I assume you are the sort of person who would go backstage after the opera in hopes of hearing the prima donna crying on the telephone, or walking in on the baritone fellating the basso buffo. I respect that-I was always the same way myself-though I suspect you are not very happy. Happiness is the province of those who ask few questions. I remember, even before this was visited upon me, how I envied those who eagerly did what they were told: those who married without complaint at father's behest; those who looked up rather than sideways in church; those, in short, who honestly believed in God, good kings, and righteous wars. #Quote by Christopher Buehlman
Curse quotes by Alexander Pope
#53. Curse on all laws but those which love has made. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Curse quotes by VaZaki Nada
#54. She was an incomplete human yet a complete catastrophe, one that I curse and crave. #Quote by VaZaki Nada
Curse quotes by Agatha Christie
#55. Getting soft - that's the curse of the present day. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Curse quotes by A.C. Heller
#56. The curse of eternity is not everlasting life. It is running out of life to live. You have not even begun to live, my friend. #Quote by A.C. Heller
Curse quotes by W.B.Yeats
#57. And now he is singing a bard's curse upon you, O brother abbot, and upon your father and your mother, and your grandfather and your grandmother, nd upon all your relations.'
Is he cursing in rhyme?'
He is cursing in rhyme, and with two assonances in every line of his curse.'
("The Crucifixion Of The Outcast") #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Curse quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#58. Remember," she repeated, "magic is Chaos, Art and Science. It is a curse, a blessing and progress. It all depends on who uses magic, how they use it, and to what purpose. And magic is everywhere. All around us. Easily accessible. #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski
Curse quotes by Elizabeth Vaughan
#59. Muttering something, Tant raised his hands to the sky as he walked beside me. I wasn't sure if it was a prayer or curse, but I distinctly heard "Why me? #Quote by Elizabeth Vaughan
Curse quotes by Antonia Michaelis
#60. My child, I know you're not a child
But I still see you running wild
Between those flowering trees.
Your sparkling dreams, your silver laugh
Your wishes to the stars above
Are just my memories.

And in your eyes the ocean
And in your eyes the sea
The waters frozen over
With your longing to be free.

Yesterday you'd awoken
To a world incredibly old.
This is the age you are broken
Or turned into gold.

You had to kill this child, I know.
To break the arrows and the bow
To shed your skin and change.
The trees are flowering no more
There's blood upon the tiles floor
This place is dark and strange.

I see you standing in the storm
Holding the curse of youth
Each of you with your story
Each of you with your truth.

Some words will never be spoken
Some stories will never be told.
This is the age you are broken
Or turned into gold.

I didn't say the world was good.
I hoped by now you understood
Why I could never lie.
I didn't promise you a thing.
Don't ask my wintervoice for spring
Just spread your wings and fly.

Though in the hidden garden
Down by the green green lane
The plant of love grows next to
The tree of hate and pain.

So take my tears as a token.
They'll keep you warm in the cold.
This is the age you are broken
Or turned into gold #Quote by Antonia Michaelis
Curse quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#61. Hence the vanity of translation; it were as wise to cast a violet into a crucible that you might discover the formal principle of its color and odor, as seek to transfuse from one language into another the creations of a poet. The plant must spring again from its seed, or it will bear no flower - and this is the burden of the curse of Babel. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Curse quotes by Erich Fromm
#62. As long as we can think of other alternatives, we are not lost; as long as we can consult together and plan together, we can hope. But, indeed, the shadows are lengthening; the voices of insanity are becoming louder. We are in reach of achieving a state of humanity which corresponds to the vision of our great teachers; yet we are in danger of the destruction of all civilization, or of robotization. A small tribe was told thousands of years ago: "I put before you life and death, blessing and curse - and you chose life." This is our choice too. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Curse quotes by Mark Twain
#63. It put our energies to sleep and made visionaries of us - dreamers and indolent ... It is good to begin life poor; it is good to begin life rich - these are wholesome; but to begin it prospectively rich! The man who has not experienced it cannot imagine the curse of it. #Quote by Mark Twain
Curse quotes by E.N. Joy
#64. There are Christian fiction writers and then there are Christians who write fiction. There is Christian fiction, then there is what some consider to be church fiction or church drama. You have some authors who didn't necessarily set out to write Christian fiction, but they were placed in that category by either their publisher or the book stores simply shelve them that way. And of course you have the writers whose work is categorized as Christian fiction but they do not write for a Christian fiction imprint, which means they are not necessarily writing with any type of guidelines. I can't speak for any other Christian fiction author or author who either chose or by default was placed in the Christian fiction category, but I am a Christian fiction writer who writes for a Christian fiction imprint. That is my choice on purpose.

I'll be the first to admit that yes, I have a ghost writer; the Holy Ghost! I take dictation from the Holy Spirit when I write my stories. My Holy Spirit does not curse nor does He describe explicit sex scenes for me to deliver to God's people. I write Christian fiction, not inspirational fiction, not faith based fiction or anything else. Christ is in what I do "CHRISTian" fiction. I'm not worrying about "keepin'" it real. The Bible is as real as it gets and if the Holy Spirit didn't instruct the authors of the Bible to curse people out and describe explicit sex scenes, then why on earth should He start using me to do it now? So my concern is #Quote by E.N. Joy
Curse quotes by David Sedaris
#65. I was a smart-ass, born and raised. This had been my curse and would continue to be so. #Quote by David Sedaris
Curse quotes by June Jordan
#66. If we lived in a democratic state our language would have to hurtle, fly, curse, and sing, in all the common American names, all the undeniable and representative and participating voices of everybody here. #Quote by June Jordan
Curse quotes by Alexander Chee
#67. And I would tell him, as we rise into the air, The curse is not that we cannot choose our Fates.
The curse, the curse we all live under, is that we can. #Quote by Alexander Chee
Curse quotes by William, Saroyan
#68. All I can say is that there is indeed a crisis here. We cannot speak to one another in a meaningful way, every one of us is a leader, a general of the army, a king, a president, the greatest thinker of all time, and so on and so forth. This is the curse of the Armenian race. #Quote by William, Saroyan
Curse quotes by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
#69. I remember when I was growing up and there would be sick people in the church. I was always so sensitive to them sitting in the pews alone, and I would not pass by without saying hello. But even at those tender ages of 5 through 14, I felt like they carried the plague, and after seeing them I would turn around praying really hard to never experience sickness like that, ever. I'd pray that I wouldn't make God angry enough to curse me like that with really awful things, but I didn't think about grace. I did not understand that it does not work that way, that God's grace is so much bigger than our sin because of Jesus - but I do get it now. We go through what we do so that we can fulfill God's glory in our lives. #Quote by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
Curse quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#70. I have found that the people who shout their opinion the loudest are usually the ones most insecure in their position.
I don't think it is as much a human foible as it is a human curse that we cannot understand the beauty of a thing until it is gone.
It's not that there wasn't anything to say. It's that there was too much and words were poor substitutes for our feelings.
But Korczak's greatest legacy is not a public one, the massive stone mountain that he conquered, but the mountain he first conquered in himself-a mountain that he climbed alone-in this we can all empathize. (about the sculptor of Crazy Horse) #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Curse quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#71. Never value anything as profitable that compels you to break your promise, to lose your self-respect, to hate any man, to suspect, to curse, to act the hypocrite, to desire anything that needs walls and curtains: #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Curse quotes by Neal Shusterman
#72. It's a curse to see all that might happen but never know what will. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Curse quotes by H.G.Wells
#73. Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Curse quotes by Fay Weldon
#74. Of course men can't know you when you're unclean,' said Hilda. 'It says so in the Bible. That's why it's called the curse. It's God's punishment.'

'For what?'

'Giving Adam the apple, I suppose.'

'He didn't have to eat it.'

'Yes he did. If someone offers you food, it's only manners to take it. Why are you always so argumentative? #Quote by Fay Weldon
Curse quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#75. They said I would d never remember how strong and powerful I am until someone reminded me, " said Hanuman. "Sometimes I wonder if it is a curse that we are all under at some point or another. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Curse quotes by Cassandra Rose Clarke
#76. You know, that pissed me off. We'd traveled half around the world to get to him, and there were monsters chasing us and Naji's curse was impossible to break, and here he was cracking jokes about our professions. #Quote by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Curse quotes by Rick Riordan
#77. Curse us eh/I'll make you pay!/I don't want to rhyme all day! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Curse quotes by Jeff Nixa
#78. Ask yourself one question. It is the question that only a very old man asks: Does this path have a heart? One path makes for a joyful journey. The other path will make you curse your life. - Carlos Castaneda, #Quote by Jeff Nixa
Curse quotes by Gore Verbinski
#79. The curse is an incredible set of blue balls. #Quote by Gore Verbinski
Curse quotes by Elinor Glyn
#80. The early symptoms of the disease [California Curse], which break out almost on arrival in Hollywood, are a sense of exaggerated self-importance and self-centeredness which naturally alienates all old friends. Next comes a great desire for and belief in the importance of money above all else, a loss of the normal sense of humor and proportion and finally, in extreme cases, the abandonment of all previous standards of moral value. #Quote by Elinor Glyn
Curse quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#81. The problem holding everything up thus far is that Homo sapiens is an innately dysfunctional species. We are hampered by the Paleolithic Curse: genetic adaptations that worked very well for millions of years of hunter-gatherer existence but are increasingly a hindrance in a globally urban and technoscientific society. We seem unable to stabilize either economic policies or the means of governance higher than the level of a village. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Curse quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#82. What was a kiss without a kiss?
It was a tablecloth tugged from beneath a party service, everything jumbled against everything else in just a few chaotic moments. Fingers in hair. Hands cupping necks. Mouths dragged on cheeks and chins in dangerous proximity. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Curse quotes by Phil Pringle
#83. When we withhold the tithe we bring upon ourselves a curse. #Quote by Phil Pringle
Curse quotes by Henri Nouwen
#84. What once seemed such a curse has become a blessing. All the agony that threatened to destroy my life now seems like the fertile ground for greater trust, stronger hope, and deeper love. #Quote by Henri Nouwen
Curse quotes by Eddie Vedder
#85. She said to me, over the phone
She wanted to see other people
I thought, Well then, look around. They're everywhere
Said that she was confused...
I thought, Darling, join the club
24 years old, Mid-life crisis
Nowadays hits you when you're young
I hung up, She called back, I hung up again
The process had already started
At least it happened quick
I swear, I died inside that night
My friend, he called
I didn't mention a thing
The last thing he said was, Be sound
I contemplated an awful thing, I hate to admit
I just thought those would be such appropriate last words
But I'm still here
And small
So small.. How could this struggle seem so big?
So big...
While the palms in the breeze still blow green
And the waves in the sea still absolute blue
But the horror
Every single thing I see is a reminder of her
Never thought I'd curse the day I met her
And since she's gone and wouldn't hear
Who would care? What good would that do?
But I'm still here
So I imagine in a month...or 12
I'll be somewhere having a drink
Laughing at a stupid joke
Or just another stupid thing
And I can see myself stopping short
Drifting out of the present
Sucked by the undertow and pulled out deep
And there I am, standing
Wet grass and white headstones all in rows
And in the distance there's one, off on its own
S #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Curse quotes by K'wan
#86. Love is a double-edged sword. It can be a gift from God or a curse from the devil, all depending on how you chose to wield it. #Quote by K'wan
Curse quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#87. Now those memories come back to haunt me they haunt me like a curse. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Curse quotes by Roger Zelazny
#88. You were correct, for all men have within them both that which is dark and that which is light.
A man is a thing of many divisions, not a pure, clear flame such as you once were. His intellect often wars with his emotions, his will with his desires ...
his ideals are at odds with his environment, and if he follows them, he knows keenly the loss of that
which was old, but if he does not follow them, he feels the pain of having forsaken a new and noble dream.
Whatever he does represents both a gain and a loss, an arrival and a departure. Always he mourns that
which is gone and fears some part of that which is new. Reason opposes tradition. Emotions oppose the
restrictions his fellow men lay upon him. Always, from the friction of these things, there arises the
thing you called the curse of man and mocked; guilt! #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Curse quotes by Julia Quinn
#89. Daphne Bridgerton, I don't - "
" - like my tone, I know." Daphne grinned. "But you love me."
Violet smiled warmly and wrapped an arm around Daphne's shoulder. "Heaven help me, I do."
Daphne gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek. "It's the curse of motherhood. You're required to love us even when we vex you."
Violet just sighed. "I hope that someday you have children - "
" - just like me, I know." Daphne smiled nostalgically and rested her head on her mother's shoulder. Her mother could be overly inquisitive, and her father had been more interested in hounds and hunting than he'd been in society affairs, but theirs had been a warm marriage, filled with love, laughter, and children. "I could do a great deal worse than follow your example, Mother," she murmured. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Curse quotes by Anthony Doerr
#90. Her father says to tamp down her imagination. Stones are just stones and rain is just rain and misfortune is just bad luck. Some things are simply more rare than others, and that's why there are locks. "But, Papa, do you believe it's real?" "The diamond or the curse?" "Both. Either." "They're just stories, Marie. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Curse quotes by Frederick Reiken
#91. In a world that was created by God's words, words are not symbols. They are things. You call a demon, you make a demon. You curse at God and you risk dying. #Quote by Frederick Reiken
Curse quotes by Monica Murphy
#92. I really need to break him of the bad language habit he's developing at a rapid pace, but who am I to talk? I curse all the fucking time. #Quote by Monica Murphy
Curse quotes by John Steinbeck
#93. A twitch at the controls could swerve the cat', but the driver's hands could not twitch because the monster that built the tractor, the monster that sent the tractor out, had somehow got into the driver's hands, into his brain and muscle, had goggled him and muzzled him - goggled his mind, muzzled his speech, goggled his perception, muzzled his protest. He could not see the land as it was, he could not smell the land as it smelled; his feet did not stamp the clods or feel the warmth and power of the earth. He sat in an iron seat and stepped on iron pedals. He could not cheer or beat or curse or encourage the extension of his power, and because of this he could not cheer or whip or curse or encourage himself. He did not know or own or trust or beseech the land. If a seed dropped did not germinate, it was nothing. If the young thrusting plant withered in drought or drowned in a flood of rain, it was no more to the driver than to the tractor. He #Quote by John Steinbeck
Curse quotes by Bill McKibben
#94. In the United States, cheap fossil fuel has eroded communities. We're the first people with no real practical need for each other. Everything comes from a great distance through anonymous and invisible transactions. We've taken that to be a virtue, but it's as much a curse. Americans are not very satisfied with their lives, and the loss of community is part of that. #Quote by Bill McKibben
Curse quotes by Laurence D. Fink
#95. To finance longer life spans, we must convince individuals to start investing now for the long term. But longevity should be an asset that can be levered, not a curse. They must understand that there's a cost to sitting in cash. No one talks about that cost. #Quote by Laurence D. Fink
Curse quotes by James MacDonald
#96. We also notice that Paul was focused. He had a clear goal, and he would not veer to the right or to the left from it. We can't help but wonder how many emails Paul would have skipped over, or how current he would have been with the news of the day, or even how vigorously he would be rooting for his favorite sports teams or athletes. Our ability to have information quickly is both a blessing and a curse. Our ability to function in a fast-paced society sometimes encourages us to focus on nothing of lasting value, just running from one temporal thing to the next. Just #Quote by James MacDonald
Curse quotes by Lao Tzu
#97. When the world's on the Way,
they use horses to haul manure.
When the world gets off the Way,
they breed warhorses on the common.

The greatest evil: wanting more.
The worst luck: discontent.
Greed's the curse of life.

To know enough's enough
is enough to know. #Quote by Lao Tzu
Curse quotes by Paul Harding
#98. But it's a curse, a condemnation, like an act of provocation, to have been aroused from not being, to have been conjured up from a clot of dirt and hay and lit on fire and sent stumbling among the rocks and bones of this ruthless earth to weep and worry and wreak havoc and ponder little more than the impending return to oblivion, to invent hopes that are as elaborate as they are fraudulent and poorly constructed, and that burn off the moment they are dedicated, if not before, and are at best only true as we invent them for ourselves or tell them to others, around a fire, in a hovel, while we all freeze or starve or plot or contemplate treachery or betrayal or murder or despair of love, or make daughters and elaborately rejoice in them so that when they are cut down even more despair can be wrung from our hearts, which prove only to have been made for the purpose of being broken. And worse still, because broken hearts continue beating. #Quote by Paul Harding
Curse quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#99. Let me be cursed, let me be base and vile, but let me also kiss the hem of that garment in which my God is clothed; let me be following the devil at the same time, but still I am also your son, Lord, and I love you, and I feel a joy without which the world cannot stand and be. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Curse quotes by Project Itoh
#100. To depart without giving a reason why is to leave a curse on those you leave behind. Questions linger: Why didn't i realize something was wrong? What could I have done differently? Was it my fault? And, of course, the dead don't reply. So there's basically no way to lift the curse. Time is a great healer, but an imperfect one, as anyone who has ever been assaulted in the dead of night by uneasy, shameful feelings knows. Even those memories consigned to oblivion by the conscious mind may still be in there somewhere, lurking, never completely forgotten by the unconscious mind. #Quote by Project Itoh
Curse quotes by Larissa Ione
#101. He dragged his mouth along her jaw. She smelled so good, so feminine. He moved his mouth to her neck, and instantly, she went taut and recoiled. Right. He was a vampire. Worth about as much as a stray dog. And this stray dog was humping her leg. She must be mortified. Fucking humiliating. He shoved himself off her, averting his gaze so she wouldn't see the color change in his eyes that signified arousal. She was too aware of his desire as it was, and he was an idiot for letting it go as far as it had. With a curse, he grabbed up his ruined shirt. It was bloody, dirty, and torn to shit. It wasn't wearable, but he put it to good use while he waited for his heart rate and breathing to return to pre-hump-the-enemy levels. #Quote by Larissa Ione
Curse quotes by Colleen Houck
#102. Shhh Kelsey. I'm here. I'm not leaving you priya. Hush now. Mein aapka raksha karunga. I will watch over you priyatama. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Curse quotes by Kato Kaelin
#103. Sometimes people who get wealthy when they are very, very young, it's a curse to them. They don't realize it. #Quote by Kato Kaelin
Curse quotes by Frank Belknap Long
#104. It is beyond dispute that Osiris made his worshipers dream strange things of him, and that he possessed their bodies and souls forever. There is a devilish wrath against mankind with which Osiris was for Death's sake inspired. In the cool of the evening he walked among men, and upon his head was the Crown of Upper Egypt, and his cheeks were inflated with a wind that slew. His face was veiled so that no man could see it, hut assuredly it was an old face, very old and dead and dry for the world was young when tall Osiris died.
("A Visitor From Egypt") #Quote by Frank Belknap Long
Curse quotes by Ciara
#105. I don't curse when I talk. Unless I'm mad. #Quote by Ciara
Curse quotes by Wes Craven
#106. A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction? #Quote by Wes Craven
Curse quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#107. A noble person confers no such gift as his whole confidence: none so exalts the giver and the receiver; it produces the truest gratitude. Perhaps it is only essential to friendship that some vital trust should have been reposed by the one in the other. I feel addressed and probed even to the remotest parts of my being when one nobly shows, even in trivial things, an implicit faith in me ... A threat or a curse may be forgotten, but this mild trust translates me. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Curse quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#108. Harry paused with his fork held in midair, mesmerized by the sight of her slim fingers twirling the honey stick, meticulously filling each hole with thick umber liquid. Realizing that he was staring, Harry took a bite of his breakfast. Poppy replaced the honey stick in a small silver pot. Discovering a stray drop of sweetness on the tip of her thumb, she lifted it to her lips and sucked it clean.
Harry choked a little, reached for his tea, and took a swallow. The beverage scalded his tongue, causing him to flinch and curse.
Poppy gave him an odd look. "Is there anything the matter?"
Nothing. Except that watching his wife eating breakfast was the most erotic act he had ever seen. "Nothing at all," Harry said scratchily. "Tea's hot."
When he dared to look at Poppy again, she was consuming a fresh strawberry, holding it by the green stem. Her lips rounded in a luscious pucker as she bit neatly into the ripe flesh of the fruit. Christ. He moved uncomfortably in his chair, while all the unsatisfied desire of the previous night reawakened with a vengeance. Poppy ate two more strawberries, nibbling slowly, while Harry tried to ignore her. Heat collected beneath his clothing, and he used a napkin to blot his forehead.
Poppy lifted a bite of honey-soaked crumpet to her mouth, and gave him a perplexed glance. "Are you feeling well?"
"It's too warm in here," Harry said irritably, while lurid thoughts went through his mind. Thoughts involving honey, and soft #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Curse quotes by Rosemary Clement-Moore
#109. [W]hen Ben was kissing me, the whole world retreated. I felt things I'd never felt before, in places I never knew were connected.
But I was pretty sure that whatever was buzzing against my thigh was not normal. For one thing, it was ringing.
Ben dragged his mouth away from mine and mumbled a curse that was a little shocking and kind of hot.
"Ignore it," he said.
That was easy for him to say when his cell phone was rounding third base. If anyone got a home run tonight, I didn't want it to be Verizon Wireless. #Quote by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Curse quotes by Anthony Liccione
#110. Today I seen a dove collide into the sunset, on the way to heaven and a ruined raven chewing on death, over the pavement. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Curse quotes by Thanhha Lai
#111. My curse: rebellious in my head but oh-so-lovely in real life. #Quote by Thanhha Lai
Curse quotes by Mike Mignola
#112. Since the beginning of the world, a prayer is a prayer and a curse is a curse
no matter the people
no matter the language
Man has given a thousand different namesto his god, but look into the face of each one
long enough
hard enough
You will find one truth. #Quote by Mike Mignola
Curse quotes by Melina Marchetta
#113. And I hate him and love him and curse him and feel sorry for him, all at the same time. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Curse quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#114. And you, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Uhtred of Nothing, will die last and die slowest because you have betrayed the gods. You are cursed. You are all cursed!" She cackled then, a mad sound, before pointing the blade at me again. "The gods hate you, Uhtred! You were their son, you were their favourite, you were loved by them, but you chose to use your gifts for the false god, for the filthy Christian god, and now the real gods hate you and curse you! I speak to the gods, they listen to me, they will give you to me and I will kill you so slowly that your death will last till Ragnarok! #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Curse quotes by Steven Pinker
#115. A word is an arbitrary label - that's the foundation of linguistics. But many people think otherwise. They believe in word magic: that uttering a spell, incantation, curse, or prayer can change the world. Don't snicker: Would you ever say, 'Nothing has gone wrong yet' without looking for wood to knock? #Quote by Steven Pinker
Curse quotes by Anonymous
#116. 9 We praise our D Lord and Father with it, and we curse men who are made in God's likeness with it. #Quote by Anonymous
Curse quotes by Rick Riordan
#117. Carter started down the stairs, but I grabbed his arm.
"Hang on. What about traps?"
He frowned. "Traps?"
"Didn't Egyptian tombs have traps?"
"Well ... sometimes. But this isn't a tomb. Besides, more often they had curses, like the burning curse, the donkey curse - "
"Oh, lovely. That sounds so much better. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Curse quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#118. The power of the word is completely misused in hell. We use the word to curse, to blame, to find guilt, to destroy. Of course, we also use it in the right way, but not too often. Mostly we use the word to spread our personal poison - to express anger, jealousy, envy, and hate. The word is pure magic - the most powerful gift we have as humans - and we use it against ourselves. We plan revenge. We create chaos with the word. We use the word to create hate between different races, between different people, between families, between nations. We misuse the word so often, and this misuse is how we create and perpetuate the dream of hell. Misuse of the word is how we pull each other down and keep each other in a state of fear and doubt. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Curse quotes by Jack London
#119. Perrault took a hand. Between them they ran him about for the better part of an hour. They threw clubs at him. He dodged. They cursed him, and his fathers and mothers before him, and all his seed to come after him down to the remotest generation, and every hair on his body and drop of blood in his veins; and he answered curse with snarl and kept out of their reach. He did not try to run away, but retreated around and around the camp, advertising plainly that when his desire was met, he would come in and be good. #Quote by Jack London
Curse quotes by Terry Hayes
#120. You gonna curse the darkness or light a candle? #Quote by Terry Hayes
Curse quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#121. The god which the vast majority of professing Christians love is looked upon very much like an indulgent old man, who himself has no relish for folly, but leniently winks at the indiscretions of youth ... For one sin God banished our first parents from Eden; for one sin all the posterity of Canaan fell under a curse which remains over them to this day; for one sin Moses was excluded form the promised land; Elisha's servant smitten with leprosy; Ananias and Sapphira were cut off from the land of the living. #Quote by Arthur W. Pink
Curse quotes by Xinran
#122. (While interviewing at the Hunan women's prison
'I have lived with several men, and let them amuse themselves with me. Because of that, I have been sent to two labour reeducation camps and been sentenced to prison twice. ( ... ) When people curse me for having no shame, I don't get angry. All the Chinese care about is "face", but they don't understand how their faces are linked to the rest of their bodies. #Quote by Xinran
Curse quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#123. The legalized liquor business is the tragedy of our civilization. Alcohol is the greatest and most blighting curse of our modern civilization. The liquor seller is simply and only a privileged malefactor - a criminal. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Curse quotes by Lev Shestov
#124. Plato would hardly need to change a single word of his myth of the cave. Our knowledge would not be able to furnish an answer to his anxiety, his disquietude, his "premonitions." The world would remain for him, "in the light" of our "positive" sciences, what it was - a dark and sorrowful subterranean region - and we would seem to him like chained prisoners. Life would again have to make superhuman efforts, "as in a battle," to break open for himself a path through the truths created by the sciences which "dream of being but cannot see it in waking reality." [1] In brief, Aristotle would bless our knowledge while Plato would curse it. #Quote by Lev Shestov
Curse quotes by Payne Hawthorne
#125. Teaser from the soon to be released: Redemption of Fire; My Demon Master Book 2. (with Reference to the character, Cain, from Dormant Desires, Book 4; CAIN.

In the oddest, surreal moment, I look out and see one lone face. It's Cain, the chimera by curse and not birth. He's been welcomed into Demon-kind as one of them. Almost a treasured being for all his uniqueness. In all reality, he is the most divine among us. The product of an angel and a Neanderthal. A very son of the first Eve. It is he alone who is not prostrate before me. Our eyes lock and my vision goes wonky. I can see details and colors and etched outlines like I never imagined. I see Cain's magnificent aura as it embraces him like a full-body halo. He is watching the spectacle that is me with detached interest. It's as if he has truly seen everything there is too see and this is nothing more than a repeat of some long forgotten original episode. He is unafraid. I can feel how calm he is. Before he drops his eyes, surrendering to the dominance of my dragon, he gives me a slightly amused expression and a small nod of encouragement. #Quote by Payne Hawthorne
Curse quotes by Marya Mannes
#126. The curse of the romantic is a greed for dreams, an intensity of expectation that, in the end, diminishes the reality. #Quote by Marya Mannes
Curse quotes by Tina Fey
#127. It's harder to make something good when you can't curse all the time. #Quote by Tina Fey
Curse quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#128. It's not that we don't have enough scoundrels to curse; it's that we don't have enough good men to curse them. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Curse quotes by Vladimir Mayakovsky
#129. Girl: The kid buys a new tie and you curse him like he was Ramsay MacDonald. #Quote by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Curse quotes by Sara  Humphreys
#130. A wicked look twinkled in her eye. "I'd say it's time to nut up or shut up. All this talking is gonna make me think you're all bark and no bite.
"Wouldn't want to let you down." On a curse, he covered her eager mouth with his, and the world he knew ripped wide open. She tasted cool, sweet, and rich, like ice cream in the summertime, and in that instant Killian knew he would never, ever get enough of her. Laws of nature could be damned. This woman's taste was all he would ever crave. Were there other women? Who the hell cared?
Sadie's soft, pliant lips opened to him as he ran his tongue along the seam of her mouth and she welcomed him in. Grasping her head with both hands, he groaned and took full control of the plundering kiss. He tangled his hands in her long, wet hair, which felt like ribbons of satin as it rushed through his fingers. Killian groaned when her tongue swept along his, seeking him out with the same desperation and urgency.
This was what he needed. This woman. Her touch. Her taste. How on earth could this be wrong? #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Curse quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#131. Diversity is Nature's stronghold, yet that very diversity has become a curse for an entire species, which is supposedly the most advanced one on its planet. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Curse quotes by Dallas Willard
#132. Great power requires great character if it is to be a blessing and not a curse, and that character is something we only grow toward. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Curse quotes by Ann Voskamp
#133. And I see what I am. I'm amputated. I have hacked my life up into grace moments and curse moments. The chopping that has cut myself off from the embracing love of a God who "does not enjoy hurting people or causing them sorrow" (Lamentations 3:33), but labors to birth grief into greater grace. Isn't this the crux of the gospel? The good news that all those living in the land of shadow of death have been birthed into new life, that the transfiguration of a suffering #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Curse quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#134. Boredom is a blessing when it leads you to wisdom. And boredom is a curse when it leads you to frustration and depression. #Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Curse quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#135. A rattle of dishes warned of a servant's entry into the hall, but Christopher was incensed, and half turning with a growl, he gestured Paine back.
"Get out of here, man!"
"Christopher!" Erienne gasped and took two halting steps to follow the befuddled servant, but Christopher came around to face her with a glare.
"Stay where you are, madam! I am not finished with you."
"You have no right to give orders here," she protested, her own ire growing. "This is my husband's house!"
"I'll give orders when and where I damn well please, and for once, you will stand and listen until I'm through!"
More than a trifle outraged herself, Erienne hurled back her answer. "You may command the men on your ship to your will, Mister Seton, but you have no such authority here! Good day to you!"
Catching up her skirts, she whirled and stalked toward the tower until she heard the sound of rapid footsteps coming behind her, then a sudden panic seized her that he would make such a scene that she would not be able to face the servants… or her husband. She raced into the entry, stepping over the puddle, and took to the stairs, forcing every bit of strength she could into her limbs. She had barely gained the fourth step when she heard sliding feet, a loud thump, and then a painful grunt followed by an angry curse.
When she whirled, Christopher was just coming to rest in a heap against the wall after sliding across the floor, partway on his back. For a moment #Quote by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Curse quotes by John Calvin
#136. To be Christians under the law of grace does not mean to wander unbridled outside the law, but to be engrafted in Christ, by whose grace we are free from the curse of the law, and by whose Spirit we have the law engraved upon our hearts. #Quote by John Calvin
Curse quotes by Ann Charles
#137. being the key word there." Her grin took the sting out of her words. Juan chuckled, patting her on the head. "You're getting more and more like your mother every day." Tilting her head, she batted her eyelashes several times. "You mean intelligent and beautiful?" "Mouthy and obstinate." He pointed at the carvings on the wall. "Whether you like it or not, this curse could mean trouble. #Quote by Ann Charles
Curse quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#138. Bury it with me. Time was I thought it was a blessing and a curse. But it's only a curse, and I ain't about to curse some other poor bastard with it. Time was I thought it was reward and punishment both. But this is the only reward for men like us.' And Whirrun nodded down towards the bloody spear-shaft. 'This or … just living long enough to become nothing worth talking of. Put it in the mud, Craw.' And he winced as he heaved the grip into Craw's limp hand and pressed his dirty fingers around it.
'I will.'
'Least I won't have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?'
'Every sword's a weight to carry. Men don't see that when they pick 'em up. But they get heavier with time. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Curse quotes by A.W. Tozer
#139. But be sure that human feelings can never be completely stilled. If they are forbidden from their normal course, like a river they will cut another channel through the life and flow out to curse and ruin and destroy #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Curse quotes by Karl Kristian Flores
#140. Are you in there? If not here, then where'd you go?
They say the living arena Earth and the dead are out,
But where are those trapped in-between high and low?
Where exactly are you wandering about?

Why would this happen to a human being?
I want to curse God and call him a fake,
But I am too desperate to risk ruining
The chance he may choose to help today. #Quote by Karl Kristian Flores
Curse quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#141. Well, what is a blessing but a curse from another point of view? #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Curse quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#142. Love is the crown that glorifies; the curse That brands and burdens; it is life and death. It is the great law of the universe; And nothing can exist without its breath. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Curse quotes by Adela Rogers St. Johns
#143. The modern woman is the curse of the universe. A disaster, that's what. She thinks that before her arrival on the scene no woman ever did anything worthwhile before, no woman was ever liberated until her time, no woman really ever amounted to anything. #Quote by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Curse quotes by Robin Bridges
#144. All romances ended exactly the same way: a girl realized the surly boy she had hated all along was the only person in the universe who could complete her soul. I did not believe for a minute that my soul could be completed by some surly boy. And I would not wish my curse to harm anyone else. So how could I dare long for love? #Quote by Robin Bridges
Curse quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#145. Our relationship seems to tick forward like the hands of a clock, always changing in relation to each other. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Curse quotes by J. Tonzelli
#146. I'm an old man, now. I've been alone since my 17th birthday. I'd wanted to marry, have a bunch of kids, and maybe be a grandpa. The big family around the Thanksgiving table, laughing and pouring wine and cracking jokes and harmlessly teasing the missus - I wanted that. I wanted to do something good with my life - something right. I didn't want what happened to Danny, my best childhood friend, to be the only mark I'd ever make in this world. But I thought it best not to fancy such hopes and dreams: a family, love. I'd been cursed by my best friend, and I thought it right not to inflict that curse on anyone who'd be foolish enough to love me. #Quote by J. Tonzelli
Curse quotes by Taylor Momsen
#147. I'm always writing. It's kind of a curse: You never stop. But I need isolation to write. So the real meat of the material comes when I'm off the road. #Quote by Taylor Momsen
Curse quotes by Steve Sailer
#148. Racism is to the current era what unAmericanism was to the Fifties: a curse word that provides a handy substitute for logical thought. #Quote by Steve Sailer
Curse quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#149. You can curse the dead or pray for them, but don't expect them to do a thing for you. They're far too interested in watching us, to see what in heaven's name we will do next. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Curse quotes by Himmilicious
#150. Being understanding is a curse because even if they hurt you,they are convinced "you will understand #Quote by Himmilicious
Curse quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#151. In the land of Uz, there lived a man, righteous and God-fearing, and he had great wealth, so many camels, so many sheep and asses, and his children feasted, and he loved them very much and prayed for them. 'It may be that my sons have sinned in their feasting.' Now the devil came before the Lord together with the sons of God, and said to the Lord that he had gone up and down the earth and under the earth. 'And hast thou considered my servant Job?' God asked of him. And God boasted to the devil, pointing to his great and holy servant. And the devil laughed at God's words. 'Give him over to me and Thou wilt see that Thy servant will murmur against Thee and curse Thy name.' And God gave up the just man He loved so, to the devil. And the devil smote his children and his cattle and scattered his wealth, all of a sudden like a thunderbolt from heaven. And Job rent his mantel and fell down upon the ground and cried aloud, 'Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return into the earth; the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever and ever.'

Fathers and teachers, forgive my tears now, for all my childhood rises up again before me, and I breathe now as I breathed then, with the breast of a little child of eight, and I feel as I did then, awe and wonder and gladness. The camels at that time caught my imagination, and Satan, who talked like that with God, and God who gave His servant up to destruction, and His servant cryi #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Curse quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#152. Can you do it? When the time comes? When the time comes there will be no time. Now is the time. Curse God and die. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Curse quotes by Torii Hunter
#153. I try to walk like Christ in my life. If I strike out, I don't curse, or throw my bat or hit things back in the dugout, I try to quietly just put my helmet back. I may be very upset but I try to control myself. #Quote by Torii Hunter
Curse quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#154. It's what I call common sense, properly understood,' replied Father Brown. 'It really is more natural to believe a preternatural story, that deals with things we don't understand, than a natural story that contradicts things we do understand. Tell me that the great Mr Gladstone, in his last hours, was haunted by the ghost of Parnell, and I will be agnostic about it. But tell me that Mr Gladstone, when first presented to Queen Victoria, wore his hat in her drawing-room and slapped her on the back and offered her a cigar, and I am not agnostic at all. That is not impossible; it's only incredible. But I'm much more certain it didn't happen than that Parnell's ghost didn't appear; because it violates the laws of the world I do understand. So it is with that tale of the curse. It isn't the legend that I disbelieve - it's the history. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Curse quotes by Philippa Gregory
#155. Take care with your words, Jacquetta, especially in cursing. Only say the things you mean, make sure you lay your curse on the right man. For be very sure that when you put such words out in the world they can overshoot-like an arrow, a curse can go beyond your target and harm another. A wise woman curses very sparingly. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Curse quotes by Andy Andrews
#156. The answer, of course, is that we are always and forever influenced by those with whom we associate. If a man keeps company with those who curse and complain - he will soon find curses and complaints flowing like a river from his own mouth. If he spends his days with the lazy - those seeking handouts - he will soon find his finances in disarray. Many of our sorrows can be traced to relationships with the wrong people. #Quote by Andy Andrews
Curse quotes by Mary Parker Follett
#157. Coercive power is the curse of the universe, coactive power, the enrichment and advancement of every human soul. #Quote by Mary Parker Follett
Curse quotes by Anne Rice
#158. We all suffer under a curse, the curse that we know more than we can endure, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do about the force and the lure of this knowledge. #Quote by Anne Rice
Curse quotes by Nora Roberts
#159. And not without sympathy, Aidan turned the shower on full cold and shoved his beloved brother under the heartless spray.
Oh, the scream but peeled the skin off his face, and the curse that followed battered his ears.
But Aidan held ground, dodged a fist when he had to, and clamping Shawn in a headlock, held him mercilessly under. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Curse quotes by J.R. Ward
#160. Out into the staff quarters. Over to the entrance to the movie theater. Tohr stopped dead. "If this is another Beaches marathon, I'm going to Bette your ass until you can't sit down."
"Aw, look at you! Trying to be finny."
"Seriously, if you have any compassion in you at all, you'll let me go to bed - "
"I have peanut M&M's up there."
"Not my style."
"Sam Adams."
Tohr narrowed his eyes. "Cold?"
"Downright icy."
Tohr crossed his arms over his chest and told himself he was not pouting like a five-year-old. "I want Milk Duds."
"Got 'em. And popcorn."
With a curse, Tohr yanked open the door and ascended into the dimly lit red cave. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Curse quotes by Kim Harrison
#161. Your welcome means more to me, Ivy Alisha Tamwood, than a thousand souls. Watching Rachel work is a wonder of one catastrophe after another. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Curse quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#162. To a fireman, wind is a curse. To a sailor, wind is a blessing. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Curse quotes by Pat Conroy
#163. A portion of guilt is standard issue for southern boys; our whole lives are convoluted, egregious apologies to our mothers because our fathers have made us such flawed husbands. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Curse quotes by Max Scheler
#164. The precepts "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you" ... are born from the Gospel's profound spirit of individualism, which refuses to let one's own actions and conduct depend in any way on somebody else's acts. The Christian refuses to let his acts be mere reactions - such conduct would lower him to the level of his enemy. The act is to grow organically from the person, "as the fruit from the tree." ... What the Gospel demands is not a reaction which is the reverse of the natural reaction, as if it said: "Because he strikes you on the cheek, tend the other" - but a rejection of all reactive activity, of any participation in common and average ways of acting and standards of judgment. #Quote by Max Scheler
Curse quotes by Chelsea Fine
#165. For all the glamour of living forever ... immortality is really just a long curse. Finite life is precious; it's fleeting and significant. But immortality ... immortality isn't living at all. It's a permanent existence void of meaning. #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Curse quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#166. If a strong man has not in him the lift toward lofty things, his strength makes him only a curse to himself and his neighbor. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Curse quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#167. I'd been wandering about in the enchantments of romance, afflicted with the worst female curse on earth, the need to mold myself to expectations. #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
Curse quotes by William Blake
#168. Christianity is art and not money. Money is its curse. #Quote by William Blake
Curse quotes by T.H. White
#169. Long ago, when I had my Merlyn to help, he tried to teach me to think. He knew he would have to leave in the end, so he forced me to think for myself. Don't ever let anybody teach you to think, Lance: it is the curse of the world. #Quote by T.H. White
Curse quotes by Bryan Callen
#170. Some comics really thrive on being disrespectful, especially toward women, and it's somehow understood as edgy, but I'm the opposite. I've never liked curse words for that reason. #Quote by Bryan Callen
Curse quotes by Nick Hornby
#171. Few of us have chosen our clubs, they have simply been presented to us; and so as they slip from Second Division to the Third, or sell their best players, or buy players who you know can't play, or bash the ball the seven hundreth time towards a nine foot centre-forward, we simply curse, go home, worry for a fortnight and then come back to suffer all over again. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Curse quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe
#172. When I have been travelling up and down on our boats, or about on my collecting tours, and reflected that every brutal, disgusting, mean, low-lived fellow I met, was allowed by our laws to become absolute despot of as many men, women and children, as he could cheat, steal, or gamble money enough to buy,-when I have seen such men in actual ownership of helpless children, of young girls and women,-I have been ready to curse my country, to curse the human race! #Quote by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Curse quotes by Dean Lombardi
#173. First of all, it's a curse. Voodoo. As soon as a guy gets put on the cover of The Hockey News, it's like Sports Illustrated. He goes right into the tank. #Quote by Dean Lombardi
Curse quotes by Elizabeth George
#174. He managed to make his request with the minimum of time given to speculating what she looked like naked, forgiving himself for the instant of fantasy by telling himself it was the curse of being male. In the presence of a beautiful woman, he had always experienced that knee-jerk reaction to being reduced - if only momentarily - to skin, bone, and testosterone. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Curse quotes by Natalie Lloyd
#175. If you're brave enough to love, and forgive, and call up the factofabulous memories ... there's no curse in the world that has any power over you. #Quote by Natalie Lloyd
Curse quotes by Mary Collyer
#176. Oaths and curses are a proof of a most heroic courage, at least in appearance, which answers the same end. #Quote by Mary Collyer
Curse quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#177. The history of the atom -- it's not just a military secret and a curse. It's also our youth, our era, our religion. #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Curse quotes by William Boyd
#178. Those were the years when I was truly happy. Knowing that is both a blessing and a curse. It's good to acknowledge that you found true happiness in your life - in that sense your life has not been wasted. But to admit that you will never be happy like that again is hard. #Quote by William Boyd
Curse quotes by John D. MacDonald
#179. Vulnerability is the curse of the thinking classes. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Curse quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#180. This instance in particular proves that beneath all that cool pseudo-academic hogwash lurked a very passionate man who knew how important it was to say "fuck" now and then, and say it loud too, relish its syllabic sweetness, its immigrant pride, a great American epic word really, starting at the lower lip , often the very front of the lower lip, before racing all the way to the back of the throat, where it finishes with a great blast, the concussive force of the K catching up then with the hush of the F already on its way, thus loading it with plenty of offense and edge and certainly ambiguity. FUCK. A great by-the-bootstrap prayer or curse of you prefer, depending on how you look at it, or use it, suited perfectly for hurling at the skies or at the world, or sometimes, if said just right, for uttering with enough love and fire, the woman beside you melts inside herself. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Curse quotes by David Jones
#181. It is both a blessing
And a curse
To feel everything
So very deeply. #Quote by David Jones
Curse quotes by J.K. Rowling
#182. Avada Kedavra!" "Expelliarmus!" The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided. Harry saw Voldemort's green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the enchanted ceiling like the head of Nagini, spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last. And Harry, with the unerring skill of the Seeker, caught the wand in his free hand as Voldemort fell backward, arms splayed, the slit pupils of the scarlet eyes rolling upward. Tom Riddle hit the floor with a mundane finality, his body feeble and shrunken, the white hands empty, the snakelike face vacant and unknowing. Voldemort was dead, killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy's shell. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Curse quotes by Juliette Lewis
#183. Being beautiful can be a curse, especially if you want to be an artist and create. #Quote by Juliette Lewis
Curse quotes by Mitch Albom
#184. The Reb once did a sermon on how the same things in life can be good or evil, depending on what, with free will, we do with them. Speech can bless or curse. Money can save or destroy. Science can heal or kill. Even nature can work against you: fire can warm or burn, water can sustain life or flood it away. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Curse quotes by Robyn Young
#185. Affraig's eyes moved to the oak tree that towered above her, its branches like antlers against the white sky. Her gaze travelled up to the weathered web that hung from one of the higher boughs, the slender noose swinging inside. In her mind she saw herself weaving it while she chanted words against Malachy's wrathful curse. She remembered the lord's hand settling on her shoulder, the hiss of the fire,
his breath on her neck and, outside, stars falling like fiery rain. Her gaze moved west towards Turnberry.
Her memory clouded with thoughts of the earl, but as she thought of his son her mind cleared. The stars had been falling too on the night he was born. She remembered seeing Mars, full and red, a bloody eye winking in the black. #Quote by Robyn Young
Curse quotes by Jim Rohn
#186. You say, 'The country is messed up.' That's like cursing the soil and the seed and the sunshine and the rain, which is all you've got. Don't curse all you've got. When you get your own planet, you can rearrange this whole deal. This one you've got to take like it comes. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Curse quotes by Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
#187. There are places I cannot visit. Places of unbearable sadness, grief, mourning. They say places are made by people. I say places are defined by the memories they conjure - the lunge of a curse, a shared and shattered history, a loved one drowned and lost in the ocean of forgetting. #Quote by Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
Curse quotes by Leife Shallcross
#188. Enchantments and dreams: I suspect they are made of the same stuff. They each beguile the mind and confuse the senses with wonder and strangeness so all that was familiar becomes freakish, and the most bizarre of things intimate and natural. For the longest time after the curse fell, I did not know if I was a beast who dreamed of being a man, or a man who dreamed he was a beast. #Quote by Leife Shallcross
Curse quotes by S.L. Jennings
#189. Sometimes, loving people can be as much of a gift as it is a curse. Because some people ... you can't help but love. Even if you know it will hurt you in the end. #Quote by S.L. Jennings
Curse quotes by Jean M. Grant
#190. Did he actually believe in this curse? A curse! He snorted. Deirdre stirred.
Impossible. Curses were for witches, spell casters and the weak-minded. #Quote by Jean M. Grant
Curse quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#191. I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today
my own government ... There is something strangely inconsistent about a nation and a press that would praise you when you say, 'Be nonviolent toward Jim Clark,' but will curse and damn you when you say, 'Be nonviolent toward little brown Vietnamese children!' There is something wrong with that press ... #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Curse quotes by Rick Riordan
#192. Why won't you drown?" he wailed, pummeling me with his fists.
"I'm Poseidon's son," I said.
"Curse that upstart! I was here first! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Curse quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#193. I just sit at my typewriter and curse a bit. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Curse quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#194. But if you in your pain call birth an affliction and the support of the flesh a curse written upon your brow, then I answer that naught but the sweat of your brow shall wash away that which is written. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Curse quotes by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
#195. But to make the intangible tangible, to pick the emotion out of the air and make it true for others, is both the blessing and the curse of the writer, for the thing between book covers is never as beautiful as the thing he imagined. #Quote by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Curse quotes by Annie Dillard
#196. Self-consciousness is the curse of the city and all that sophistication implies. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Curse quotes by Steven Erikson
#197. It is not enough to wish for a better world for the children. It is not enough to shield them with ease and comfort. Lostara Yil, if we do not sacrifice our own ease, our own comfort, to make the future's world a better one, then we curse our own children. We leave them a misery they do not deserve; we leave them a host of lessons unearned. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Curse quotes by Brene Brown
#198. To become fully human means learning to turn my gratitude for being alive into some concrete common good. It means growing gentler toward human weakness. It means practicing forgiveness of my and everyone else's hourly failures to live up to divine standards. It means learning to forget myself on a regular basis in order to attend to the other selves in my vicinity. It means living so that "I'm only human" does not become an excuse for anything. It means receiving the human condition as blessing and not curse, in all its achingly frail and redemptive reality. #Quote by Brene Brown
Curse quotes by Woody Allen
#199. Music has always helped my films. In 'The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion,' you can hear 'Sunrise' by Glenn Miller, an idol of my childhood, in the surprise ending. I like mixing comedy with suspense and action. #Quote by Woody Allen
Curse quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#200. Oh," Cretia said, raking her with a smug sneer. "She's your bodyguard. I get it now. Makes sense, since she has more testosterone than both of you combined." She drifted off. Zarya glared at him as he finally released her. "You should have let me rip her hair out by the dyed roots." Maris tsked at her. "Oh please. The last thing you want to do is get her acidic blood on your beautiful dress. Think of the poor designer who'd curse you for the affront to his hard work." "Yes, #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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