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Curriculum quotes by Shivanshu K. Srivastava
#1. The ocean of knowledge is profound and the deeper you dive, the more insight you will gain from it. #Quote by Shivanshu K. Srivastava
Curriculum quotes by Janet Robertson
#2. Engaging with children in troublesome thinking is problematic, but important. Ignoring the hard stuff and only engaging in the fluff and fun from curriculum choices is to keep underground issues of social justice and to further silence and compound the inequity #Quote by Janet Robertson
Curriculum quotes by Kelsey Chow
#3. I definitely want to study global health. Right now I'm working on all the prerequisite core curriculum that Columbia has. So getting all of that out of the way. And I definitely want to pursue something along the lines of public health. #Quote by Kelsey Chow
Curriculum quotes by Paul Goodman
#4. To learn theory by experimenting and doing.
To learn belonging by participating and self-rule.
Permissiveness in all animal behavior and interpersonal expression.
Emphasis on individual differences.
Unblocking and training feeling by plastic arts, eurythmics and dramatics.
Tolerance of races, classes, and cultures.
Group therapy as a means of solidarity, in the staff meeting and community meeting.
Taking youth seriously as an age in itself.
Community of youth and adults, minimizing 'authority.'
Educational use of the actual physical plant (buildings and farms) and the culture of the school community.
Emphasis in the curriculum on real problems and wider society, its geography and history, with actual participation in the neighboring community (village or city).
Trying for functional interrelation of activities. #Quote by Paul Goodman
Curriculum quotes by Susan Mann
#5. Technology is a cross-curriculum perspective running through the new Australia curriculum, and there are a number of technology subject areas as well which include coding which has not previously been part of the Australian Curriculum. #Quote by Susan Mann
Curriculum quotes by Rebecca West
#6. It's an absurd error to put modern English literature in the curriculum. You should read contemporary literature for pleasure or not at all. You shouldn't be taught to monkey with it. #Quote by Rebecca West
Curriculum quotes by Ivan Illich
#7. Creative, exploratory learning requires peers currently puzzled about the same terms or problems. Large universities make the futile attempt to match them by multiplying their courses, and they generally fail since they are bound to curriculum, course structure, and bureaucratic administration. In schools, including universities, most resources are spent to purchase the time and motivation of a limited number of people to take up predetermined problems in a ritually defined setting. The most radical alternative to school would be a network or service which gave each man the same opportunity to share his current concern with others motivated by the same concern. #Quote by Ivan Illich
Curriculum quotes by Abraham Kuyper
#8. Knowledge (curriculum) and behavior (pedagogy) are embedded in everyone's core beliefs about the nature of God, humanity, and the world. #Quote by Abraham Kuyper
Curriculum quotes by Cheikh Anta Diop
#9. By the Middle Ages… the introduction of the Trivium was well-known: SÂDI, an educated black from Tombouctou, author of the well-known work entitled, 'Tarikh es-Soudan' cites amongst the subjects that he mastered, logic, dialection, grammar, rhetoric, not to mention law and other disciplines...the long lists of subjects studied and the lettered African intellectuals who taught them at the University of Tombouctou… #Quote by Cheikh Anta Diop
Curriculum quotes by Louis Menand
#10. I think at a place like Harvard, our experience, I was involved with, at various stages, in trying to implement a new general education curriculum, our experience was that Harvard's all about specialization, that's not just true of the professori, it's also true of a lot of the undergraduates, too, and they come, they kind of know what they want to do, they select it because they have a strong aptitude for something in particular. #Quote by Louis Menand
Curriculum quotes by Denis Waitley
#11. Be a role model not a critic. Don't tell your children, your peers, or your subordinates what to do - show them. And when the lesson is over, keep showing them by demonstrating that your actions are part of your character, not part of their curriculum. #Quote by Denis Waitley
Curriculum quotes by Carl Jung
#12. One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child. #Quote by Carl Jung
Curriculum quotes by Alasdair MacIntyre
#13. Imprisoning philosophy within the professionalizations and specializations of an institutionalized curriculum, after the manner of our contemporary European and North American culture, is arguably a good deal more effective in neutralizing its effects than either religious censorship or political terror #Quote by Alasdair MacIntyre
Curriculum quotes by Alexei Panshin
#14. A book isn't a single, static thing with one unarguable meaning. Each reader who comes to it brings his own special knowledge, habits and attitudes. Each reader reads a different book. Each reader imagines a different story.
A few years ago, for instance, a friend of my mother's sent me a copy of a test on Rite of Passage that she had given her students. The first question read: "True or False? The theme of Rite of Passage is ... " I can't tell you what the presumed themed was, but I can tell you that I didn't recognize it. Beads of sweat leaped out of my forehead. After two more questions, I had to put the test aside. I didn't know the "right" answers. #Quote by Alexei Panshin
Curriculum quotes by E. V. Lucas
#15. The world no doubt is the best or most serviceable schoolmaster; but the world's curriculum does not include Latin and Greek. #Quote by E. V. Lucas
Curriculum quotes by Seymour Papert
#16. Do away with curriculum. Do away with segregation by age. And do away with the idea that there should be uniformity of all schools and of what people learn. #Quote by Seymour Papert
Curriculum quotes by Andy Hargreaves
#17. We must never return to the Julie Andrews curriculum where we teach "a few of my favorite things"! #Quote by Andy Hargreaves
Curriculum quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#18. She gave a brittle smile. "The curriculum can be challenging, but I have no doubt that Sophie will do very well."
Never had encouragement sounded so much like a threat. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Curriculum quotes by Glenn Beck
#19. Progressives wrote the Common Core standards, used money from the 2009 stimulus bill to bribe states into adopting them, and are now "vetting" the tests that will eventually shape the curriculum used by school districts all across the United States. #Quote by Glenn Beck
Curriculum quotes by Gordon Korman
#20. Justice and fairness aren't just part of the social studies curriculum, you know. They're the building blocks of our entire society. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Curriculum quotes by Pema Chodron
#21. I saw a cartoon that describes this. A head of iceberg lettuce is sitting in a garden saying, "Oh, no, how did I get in this vegetable garden again? I wanted to be a wildflower!" The caption reads, "Oscar is born again as a head of iceberg lettuce in order to overcome his fear of being eaten." One can think from a bigger perspective than this whole notion of reward and punishment. You could see your life as an adult education course. Some of the curriculum you like and some you don't like; some of what comes up you find workable, some you don't. That's the curriculum for attaining enlightenment. The question is, how do you work with it? #Quote by Pema Chodron
Curriculum quotes by Linda Åkeson McGurk
#22. The national curriculum for the Swedish preschool is twenty pages long and goes on at length about things like fostering respect for one another, human rights, and democratic values, as well as a lifelong desire to learn. The document's word choices are a pretty good clue to what Swedish society wants and expects from toddlers and preschoolers. The curriculum features the word "play" thirteen times, "language" twelve times, "nature" six times, and "math" five times. But there is not a single mention of "literacy" or "writing." Instead, two of the most frequently used words are "learning" (with forty-eight appearances) and "development" (forty-seven).

The other Scandinavian countries have similar early childhood education traditions. In Finland, formal teaching of reading doesn't start until the child begins first grade, at age seven, and in the Finnish equivalent of kindergarten, which children enroll in the year they turn six, teachers will only teach reading if a child is showing an interest in it. Despite this lack of emphasis on early literacy, Finland is considered the most literate country in the world, with Norway coming in second, and Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden rounding out the top five, according to a 2016 study by Central Connecticut State University. John Miller, who conducted the study, noted that the five Nordic countries scored so well because "their monolithic culture values reading. #Quote by Linda Åkeson McGurk
Curriculum quotes by Paul Hawken
#23. It costs the same to send a person to prison or to Harvard. The difference is the curriculum. #Quote by Paul Hawken
Curriculum quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
#24. Self-regulation can be taught to many kids who cycle between frantic activity and immobility. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, all kids need to learn self-awareness, self-regulation, and communication as part of their core curriculum. Just as we teach history and geography, we need to teach children how their brains and bodies work. For adults and children alike, being in control of ourselves requires becoming familiar with our inner world and accurately identifying what scares, upsets, or delights us. #Quote by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Curriculum quotes by Thomas Sowell
#25. People who have already been out in the real world, practicing for years whatever their particular specialty might be, have some basis for determining which things are relevant enough to go into a curriculum to teach those who follow. The idea that students can determine relevance in advance is one of the many counterproductive notions to come out of the 1960s. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Curriculum quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#26. But for the children of the poorest people we're stripping the curriculum, removing the arts and music, and drilling the children into useful labor. We're not valuing a child for the time in which she actually is a child. #Quote by Jonathan Kozol
Curriculum quotes by Melanie Pinola
#27. Your LinkedIn profile must include keywords for specific skills that match your desired job. #Quote by Melanie Pinola
Curriculum quotes by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
#28. Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event. #Quote by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Curriculum quotes by Adam Braun
#29. There are many challenges in the global education ecosystem: from top-down systemic issues in how educational services are organized and delivered, to bottom-up issues of curriculum effectiveness, accountability, and human resource allocation. #Quote by Adam Braun
Curriculum quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#30. I would have got past Mr. Rochester's chamber without pause; but my heart momentarily stopping its beat at that threshold, my foot was forced to stop also. No sleep was there: the inmate was walking restlessly from wall to wall; and again and again he sighed while I listened. There was a heaven-a temporary heaven-in this room for me if I chose. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Curriculum quotes by Emmy Rossum
#31. If I can't find a project that I'm really interested in, I'll just go back to college where I've been studying art history and French. I'm also going to study English and philosophy - the whole curriculum! #Quote by Emmy Rossum
Curriculum quotes by Rod Paige
#32. It is inappropriate (to allow parents) to design the curriculum and to run the school. #Quote by Rod Paige
Curriculum quotes by Brent Evans
#33. The overemphasis on standardized tests forces teachers to teach the same restricted, unintuitive curriculum. Longtime educator Brent Evans has said that today's schools are organized as assembly lines, "(running at a set speed) and with each worker (teacher) at designated places (way levels) on the assembly line performing predetermined actions on products (students) considered to be somewhat generic (one-size-fits-all) and passive (waiting to be filled or formed to the desired shape). #Quote by Brent Evans
Curriculum quotes by John Merrow
#34. There's a lot of feeling that the school curriculum has been bare-bones, just drill and, again, no art, music, and so on and so forth #Quote by John Merrow
Curriculum quotes by Howard Gardner
#35. In biology, the most basic assumptions of evolutionary theory elude otherwise able students who insist that the process of evolution is guided by a striving toward perfection. College students who have studied economics offer explanations of market forces that are essentially identical to those preferred by college students who have never taken an economics course. Equally severe biases and stereotypes pervade the humanistic segment of the curriculum, from history to art. Students who can discuss in detail the complex causes of the First World War turn right around and explain equally complex current events in terms of the simplest "good guy-bad guy" scenario. (This habit of mind is not absent from political leaders, who are fond of portraying the most complicated international situations along the lines of a Hollywood script.) Those who have studied the intricacies of modern poetry, learning to esteem T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, show little capacity to distinguish masterworks from amateurish drivel once the identity of the author has been hidden from view. #Quote by Howard Gardner
Curriculum quotes by Hedley Beare
#36. The intuitive, the expressive, the un-measurable, the intensely personal have never found a satisfactory place in the curriculum, in assessment, in the publics esteem. #Quote by Hedley Beare
Curriculum quotes by Susan Bass Marcus
#37. Over the years I have written creative non-fiction related to the curricula I produced, first as an elementary school art instructor, then for nearly two decades as a museum education curator. While any curriculum I wrote was based on facts as well as best and accepted practices, to add imaginative interest and encourage my students' engagement I put those facts in the context of stories, invented situations that brought to life the remote or unfamiliar #Quote by Susan Bass Marcus
Curriculum quotes by Gagan Narang
#38. Sport is an important part of the development of kids, and hence, it should be made a part of their curriculum. #Quote by Gagan Narang
Curriculum quotes by Max Lucado
#39. Immerse yourself in the curriculum of grace. #Quote by Max Lucado
Curriculum quotes by Carl R. Rogers
#40. Perhaps it is less important that a teacher cover the allotted amount of the curriculum, or use the most approved audio-visual devices, than that he be congruent, real, in his relation to his students. #Quote by Carl R. Rogers
Curriculum quotes by Alexei Panshin
#41. If you read Rite of Passage and enjoy yourself, I couldn't be more pleased. I hope it gets you of.
On the other hand, if you should be assigned Rite of Passage, and you start to read it and it doesn't work for you, just put it aside and forget the whole thing. Tell the teacher I said it was okay. Okay? #Quote by Alexei Panshin
Curriculum quotes by Patricia Sequeira Belvel
#42. We are more than role models for our students; we are leaders and teachers of both an academic curriculum and a social curriculum. #Quote by Patricia Sequeira Belvel
Curriculum quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#43. 'Creation science' has not entered the curriculum for a reason so simple and so basic that we often forget to mention it: because it is false, and because good teachers understand exactly why it is false. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Curriculum quotes by Margaret Whiting
#44. So many schools have cut the music classes out of their curriculum. We're trying to fill that gap by teaching the teachers how to educate the kids about their musical heritage. #Quote by Margaret Whiting
Curriculum quotes by Michael Moritz
#45. It's obviously unfair to paint with a broad brush here, but the germ of an idea for a breakthrough in technology doesn't come out of a business school curriculum. It comes out of a laboratory or a math lecture or a physics tutorial. #Quote by Michael Moritz
Curriculum quotes by Edwin Moses
#46. My father was also a principal of a school and mother was a curriculum advisor. Both were educators. #Quote by Edwin Moses
Curriculum quotes by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
#47. The keys are, or were, the training methods used by the ancient mystery schools. We've got hints and tips, we've got little bits on the papyri, but we don't have, in our hands, a complete curriculum of the ways in which they induced altered states of consciousness and the projection of the mind. #Quote by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
Curriculum quotes by Neil Postman
#48. Every television program must be a complete package in itself. No previous knowledge is to be required. There must not be even a hint that learning is hierarchical, that it is an edifice constructed on a foundation. The learner must be allowed to enter at any point without prejudice. This is why you shall never hear or see a television program begin with the caution that if the viewer has not seen the previous programs, this one will be meaningless. Television is a nongraded curriculum and excludes no viewer for any reason, at any time. In other words, in doing away with the idea of sequence and continuity in education, television undermines the idea that sequence and continuity have anything to do with thought itself. #Quote by Neil Postman
Curriculum quotes by Mario Livio
#49. The curriculum for the education of statesmen at the time of Plato included arithmetic, geometry, solid geometry, astronomy, and music-all of which, the Pythagorean Archytas tells us, fell under the general definition of "mathematics." According to legend, when Alexander the Great asked his teacher Menaechmus (who is reputed to have discovered the curves of the ellipse, the parabola, and the hyperbola) for a shortcut to geometry, he got the reply: "O King, for traveling over the country there are royal roads and roads for common citizens; but in geometry there is one road for all. #Quote by Mario Livio
Curriculum quotes by Richard Dawkins
#50. I think that the Bible as literature should be a compulsory part of the national curriculum.. you can't understand English literature and culture without it. But insofar as theology studies the nature of the divine, it will earn the right to be taken seriously when it provides the slightest, smallest smidgen of a reason for believing in the existence of the divine. Meanwhile, we should devote as much time to studying serious theology as we devote to studying serious fairies and serious unicorns. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Curriculum quotes by Louis Menand
#51. I don't think the same curriculum fits every student body. #Quote by Louis Menand
Curriculum quotes by Randi Weingarten
#52. If we use these common standards as the foundation for better schools, we can give all kids a robust curriculum taught by well prepared, well supported teachers who can help prepare them for success in college, life and careers. #Quote by Randi Weingarten
Curriculum quotes by Melanie Pinola
#53. Your LinkedIn profile should leave no room for doubt about the kind of job you're looking for and why you're the best person for that position. #Quote by Melanie Pinola
Curriculum quotes by Dan Gelber
#54. A strong accountability system needs to broaden, not narrow, the curriculum. That cannot happen if you only have accountability without adequate school funding. Until Tallahassee understands the need to raise the bar as well as the financial investment, Florida will continue to celebrate mediocrity at the expense of true achievement. #Quote by Dan Gelber
Curriculum quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#55. I think they assign things to students which are way over their heads, which destroy your love of reading, rather than leading you to it. I don't understand that. Gosh. #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Curriculum quotes by Greg Toppo
#56. said Paul Howard-Jones, the British neuroscientist who leads the University of Bristol's NeuroEducational Research Network, games will become central to schools. "I think in thirty years' time, we will marvel that we ever tried to deliver a curriculum without gaming. #Quote by Greg Toppo
Curriculum quotes by Jeb Bush
#57. I don't believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of standards directly or indirectly, the creation of curriculum or content. It is clearly a state responsibility. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Curriculum quotes by Nicholas Lemann
#58. I am not against standardized tests. There are tests and tests and tests, and, to simplify, the ones I favor are criterion-referenced tests of skills, aligned with the curriculum. Social and emotional skills are important but skills are too. I find it heartbreaking that this is so often seen as an either-or choice. To get to the richness of studying literature, for example, you must first be an adept and confident reader. Whether you are is something a good test can measure. #Quote by Nicholas Lemann
Curriculum quotes by Alice Waters
#59. I really am at a place where I think we need to feed every child at school for free and feed them a real school lunch that's sustainable and nutritious and delicious. It needs to be part of the curriculum of the school in the same way that physical education was part of the curriculum, and all children participated. #Quote by Alice Waters
Curriculum quotes by Cornelia
#60. If practice makes you perfect
shouldn't good behavior be added
to the curriculum #Quote by Cornelia "Connie" DeDona
Curriculum quotes by Rumi
#61. You're a mountain
searching for it's echo! Whenever you hurt, you say, Lord God! The answer lives in that
which bends you low and makes you cry out. Pain and the threat of death, for instance, do this.
They make you clear. When they're gone, you lose purpose. You wonder what to do, where
to go. This is because you're uneven in your opening: sometimes closed and unreachable,
sometimes, with your shirt torn with longing. Your discursive intellect dominates for a
time; then the universal, beyond-time intelligence comes. Sell your questioning talents, my
son; buy bewildering surrender. Live simply and helpfully in that. Don't worry about
the University of Bukhara with its prestigious curriculum. #Quote by Rumi
Curriculum quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#62. The school curriculum today, particularly American history, is a shame. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Curriculum quotes by Linda Lantieri
#63. We found out that the young people who had a substantial number of lessons in the Resolving Conflict Creatively Curriculum ... not only did better in terms of people skills, that they managed their emotions, they were less violent and more caring, but they actually did better on their academic achievement tests. #Quote by Linda Lantieri
Curriculum quotes by Jane Mayer
#64. He argued that conservatives should control the political debate at its source by demanding "balance" in textbooks, television shows, and news coverage. Donors, he argued, should demand a say in university hiring and curriculum and "press vigorously in all political arenas." The key to victory, he predicted, was "careful long-range planning and implementation," backed by a "scale of financing available only through joint effort." Powell #Quote by Jane Mayer
Curriculum quotes by Seth Godin
#65. Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers. It's not just about entertainment - it's about education. Permission marketing is curriculum marketing. #Quote by Seth Godin
Curriculum quotes by Daryl C. Cornett
#66. Jefferson also founded the first intentionally secularized university in America. His vision for the University of Virginia was for education finally free from traditional Christian dogma. He had a disdain for the influence that institutional Christianity had on education. At the University of Virginia there was no Christian curriculum and the school had no chaplain. #Quote by Daryl C. Cornett
Curriculum quotes by Leonard Sax
#67. The change in the early elementary curriculum and the consequent neglect of teaching socialization places a greater burden than ever before on the American parent. But just when kids need parents more than ever to teach them the whole package of what it means to be a good person in this particular culture, the authority of parents to do that job has been undermined. We now live in a culture in which kids value the opinion of same-age peers more than they value the opinion of their parents, a culture in which the authority of parents has declined not only in the eyes of children but also in the eyes of parents themselves. Parents today suffer from role confusion. #Quote by Leonard Sax
Curriculum quotes by Alice Waters
#68. Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it's important that parents and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well - a teaching garden, connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum. #Quote by Alice Waters
Curriculum quotes by Alan Moore
#69. The real curriculum is punctuality, obedience and the acceptance of monotony, those skills we shall require later in life. Oblique aversion therapy to cure us of our thirst for information, and condition us so that thereafter we forge an association between indolence and pleasure. We confuse rebellion with a hairstyle #Quote by Alan Moore
Curriculum quotes by Tom Peters
#70. I imagine a school system that recognizes learning is natural, that a love of learning is normal, and that real learning is passionate learning. A school curriculum that values questions above answers ... creativity above fact regurgitation ... individuality above conformity.. and excellence above standardized performance ... And we must reject all notions of 'reform' that serve up more of the same: more testing, more 'standards', more uniformity, more conformity, more bureaucracy. #Quote by Tom Peters
Curriculum quotes by Megan Smith
#71. We need to have making, including computer science, shop, etc. as part of the core curriculum from the beginning, not just an optional afterschool thing. Things like First Robotics and all of those great programs need to become mainstream. #Quote by Megan Smith
Curriculum quotes by George W. Bush
#72. So community colleges are accessible, they're available, they're affordable, and their curriculums don't get stuck. In other words, if there's a need for a certain kind of worker, I presume your curriculums evolved over time. #Quote by George W. Bush
Curriculum quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#73. What if racism is so perfect, it made you believe the boycotting and peaceful protests of the civil rights movement actually changed policies, but in actuality policies were gonna change anyway.
"Hell, let them sit whereever they want on the bus. Just don't sit with them. Let them into our schools, the teachers will still teach from a eurocentric curriculum anyway. Let them eat with us, they'll need the energy and strength to build our homes."
Racism is a perfect system with an impenetrable barrier. #Quote by Darnell Lamont Walker
Curriculum quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#74. A healthy and ideal system of education would be where a teacher would patiently impart knowledge, instead of curriculum, upon the students, only after assessing their acceptability – where a student would acquire knowledge in order to learn, not to earn – where the parents would be willing to make necessary sacrifices in order to adorn their child with curiosity and thereafter nourish that curiosity, regardless of how absurdly impractical it becomes to the eyes of the society. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Curriculum quotes by John Hume
#75. Like everybody at that age, I read an awful lot of pulp fiction. But at the same time, I also read quite a bit of history and read that as much for pleasure as part of a curriculum. #Quote by John Hume
Curriculum quotes by David Small
#76. Things like anatomy and drawing and design and color had pretty much been drop-kicked out of the curriculum in the '70s, when I was studying art, in favor of abstraction and minimalism. #Quote by David Small
Curriculum quotes by Azar Nafisi
#77. American students, we are told, are falling behind in reading and math; on test after test, they score below most European students (at the level of Lithuania), and the solution, rather than seeking to engage their curiosity, has been testing and more testing - a dry and brittle method that produces lackluster results. And so resources are pulled from the "soft" fields that are not being tested. Music teachers are being fired or not replaced; art classes are quietly dropped from the curriculum; history is simplified and moralized, with little expectation that any facts will be learned or retained; and instead of reading short stories, poems and novels, students are invited to read train schedules and EPA reports whose jargon could put even the most committed environmentalist to sleep. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Curriculum quotes by Rafe Esquith
#78. These days, many well-meaning school districts bring together teachers, coaches, curriculum supervisors, and a cast of thousands to determine what skills your child needs to be successful. Once these "standards" have been established, pacing plans are then drawn up to make sure that each particular skill is taught at the same rate and in the same way to all children. This is, of course, absurd. It gets even worse when one considers the very real fact that nothing of value is learned permanently by a child in a day or two. #Quote by Rafe Esquith
Curriculum quotes by Louis Cozolino
#79. discover that the quality of our relationships with our teachers, families, friends, and communities is as important to learning as the curriculum, testing, and technologies which usually occupy our attention. #Quote by Louis Cozolino
Curriculum quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
#80. If the dominant ideology is to be liberalism - a doctrine of tolerance - then to what extent can liberalism tolerate anything other than itself?

Liberalism seems to be increasingly coercive. 'You must have such and such a curriculum...You must have certain views on alternative sexualities...You must have certain views about gender...etc etc' in an increasing set of boxes which one is expected to tick, which seems to sit ill with the basic premise of liberalism which is to open the horizon for people to think and behave as they will as long as they do not constitute a threat to public order. The current strange liberal inquisition in the schools: Thou Shalt Be A Liberal, is just an example of the paradox of this Late Liberal or Coercive Liberal Project. #Quote by Abdal Hakim Murad
Curriculum quotes by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
#81. As educators, we are only as effective as what we know. If we have no working knowledge of what students studied in previous years, how can we build on their learning? If we have no insight into the curriculum in later grades, how can we prepare learners for future classes? #Quote by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Curriculum quotes by Neil A. Maxwell
#82. So much of life's curriculum, therefore, consists of efforts by the Lord to get and keep our attention. Ironically, the stimuli He uses are often that which is seen by us as something to endure. Sometimes what we are actually being asked to endure is His "help": help to draw us away from the cares of the world; help to draw us away from self-centeredness; attention getting help when we have ignored the still, small voice; help in the shaping of our souls; and help to keep promises we made so long ago. #Quote by Neil A. Maxwell
Curriculum quotes by Alastair Reynolds
#83. Volyova felt as if her brain consisted of a room full of precocious schoolchildren: individually bright, and - if only they would pool themselves - capable of shattering insights. But some of those schoolchildren were not paying attention; they were staring dreamily out of the window, ignoring her protestations to focus on the present, because they found their own obsessions more intellectually attractive than the dull curriculum she was intent on dispensing. #Quote by Alastair Reynolds
Curriculum quotes by Mo Willems
#84. A picture book is a motorcycle: small, loud, fun, and zippy.
An easy reader is a chartered bus: obliged to carry a rather dull passenger roster of sanctioned curriculum, plus the baggage of an approved, limited vocabulary. The trick is to design your chartered bus to be as cool and sexy as a motorcycle. #Quote by Mo Willems
Curriculum quotes by Katrina Kenison
#85. Perhaps it's human nature: We want to shield our children from pain, and what we get instead is life and heartache and lessons that bring us to our knees. Sooner or later we are handed the brute, necessary curriculum of surrender, we have no choice, then but to bow our heads and learn. We struggle to accept that our children's destinies are not ours to write, their battles not ours to fight, their bruises not ours to bear, nor their victories ours to take credit for. We learn humility and how to ask for help. We learn to let go even when every fiber of our being yearns to hold on even tighter. #Quote by Katrina Kenison
Curriculum quotes by Edward Kennedy
#86. My colleague Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican, erroneously suggested that I support the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution. That simply is not true. ... Unlike biological evolution, intelligent design is not a genuine scientific theory and, therefore, has no place in the curriculum of our nation's public school science classes. #Quote by Edward Kennedy
Curriculum quotes by Lake Bell
#87. I'm not a drug person. I don't like drugs. I went to college in London, so it was kind of the curriculum there. I got it out of my system really young. #Quote by Lake Bell
Curriculum quotes by Kelly Gallagher
#88. What do teachers and curriculum directors mean by 'value' reading? A look at the practice of most schools suggests that when a school 'values' reading what it really means is that the school intensely focuses on raising state-mandated reading test scores- the kind of reading our students will rarely, if ever, do in adulthood. #Quote by Kelly Gallagher
Curriculum quotes by James Baldwin
#89. It is not really a "Negro revolution" that is upsetting the country. What is upsetting the country is a sense of its own identity. If, for example, one managed to change the curriculum in all the schools so that Negroes learned more about themselves and their real contributions to this culture, you would be liberating not only Negroes, you'd be liberating white people who know nothing about their own history. And the reason is that if you are compelled to lie about one aspect of anybody's history, you must lie about it all. If you have to lie about my real role here, if you have to pretend that I hoed all that cotton just because I loved you, then you have done something to yourself. You are mad. #Quote by James Baldwin
Curriculum quotes by Richard Dawkins
#90. tried to impose 'intelligent design' creationism on the science curriculum of a local public school - a move of 'breathtaking inanity', to quote Judge Jones #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Curriculum quotes by John Dewey
#91. I do not think that any thorough-going modification of college curriculum would be possible without a modification of the methods of instruction. #Quote by John Dewey
Curriculum quotes by Rob Nilsson
#92. I don't think film schools are mentoring kids. I think they just send them through the curriculum, so now you know how to hold a camera, how to use a Dx3 menu. You can learn that in five minutes from somebody that doesn't even know anything. But what do you know if you haven't read anything - studied art and studied literature - what do you have to contribute? #Quote by Rob Nilsson
Curriculum quotes by Matt Schiariti
#93. My mother's going to love you, you know. Although," I paused, "I'm not sure the feeling will be mutual."
"You make her sound like such an ogre."
"Ogres are male. Harpies are female. At least, I think so. Shit, I don't know. I'm a graphic designer. Mythology wasn't on the curriculum." Cat worked at a local bank as an IT consultant, and I doubted she knew much more about mythic creatures than I did. "Anyway, I think she's too short to be an ogre. #Quote by Matt Schiariti
Curriculum quotes by Pico Iyer
#94. Dalai Lama has made new opportunities for women that they never had in Tibet, introduced science into the monks' curriculum and had Tibetan students in exile take their classes in English after the age of ten so that they will know more about the outside world. But one of the great things he's done is to bring all the Tibetan groups together in exile, as perhaps they couldn't have been when they weren't in exile and they weren't under such pressure. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Curriculum quotes by Kanye West
#95. [J.Ivy:]
We are all here for a reason on a particular path
You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math
Cats think I'm delirious, but I'm so damn serious
That's why I expose my soul to the globe, the world
I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls
I'm not just another individual, my spirit is a part of this
That's why I get spiritual, but I get my hymns from Him
So it's not me, it's He that's lyrical
I'm not a miracle, I'm a heaven-sent instrument
My rhythmatic regimen navigates melodic notes for your soul and your mental
That's why I'm instrumental
Vibrations is what I'm into
Yeah, I need my loot by rent day
But that is not what gives me the heart of Kunte Kinte
I'm tryina give us "us free" like Cinque
I can't stop, that's why I'm hot
Determination, dedication, motivation
I'm talking to you, my many inspirations
When I say I can't, let you or self down
If I were of the highest cliff, on the highest riff
And you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life in my grip
I would never, ever let you down
And when these words are found
Let it been known that God's penmanship has been signed with a language called love
That's why my breath is felt by the deaf
And why my words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind
I, too, dream in color and in rhyme
So I guess I'm one of a kind in a full hous #Quote by Kanye West
Curriculum quotes by Ben Hewitt
#96. My success or failure in school was dependent on my ability to follow a curriculum that felt as if it had very little to do with me as a human being. #Quote by Ben Hewitt
Curriculum quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#97. Life is a curriculum unique to every student. #Quote by Joyce Rachelle
Curriculum quotes by Daniel Marques
#98. It's hypocritical to expect a job based on a curriculum built out of companies that for whatever reason rejected you. #Quote by Daniel Marques
Curriculum quotes by Dan Kindlon
#99. He talks some more about classes he likes--not many--and those he doesn't like, and it is clear that, whatever sophisticated planning has gone into curriculum design at Alan's school, the distinction between a good class and a bad class, from his point of view, has a lot to do with the freedom it offers to stand up and walk around. #Quote by Dan Kindlon
Curriculum quotes by Paul Lockhart
#100. [Math] curriculum is obsessed with jargon and nomenclature seemingly for no other purpose than to provide teachers with something to test the students on. #Quote by Paul Lockhart
Curriculum quotes by JoeAnn Hart
#101. No one then considered the privilege implied in the fact that white literature was the core curriculum and black literature was the elective. And with no people of color in the student body, it was as if we were studying an ancient civilization with no connection to our lives. #Quote by JoeAnn Hart
Curriculum quotes by Antonya Nelson
#102. I'm not entirely sure why I write about family, but I do know that it hasn't stopped interesting me. You meet and leave other people at different stages of your evolution, whereas family is made up of people who are constant links in your life, who know you over the course of time and have your complete curriculum vitae in their heads. #Quote by Antonya Nelson
Curriculum quotes by Douglas Wilson
#103. It makes a difference whether Moses or Jeroboam writes the history curriculum. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Curriculum quotes by Zephyr Teachout
#104. As a school board member, I might have particular views about the ways we might increase the economics curriculum in a local high school, but I'm not sure I should mandate that for the entire country. #Quote by Zephyr Teachout
Curriculum quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#105. I taught public school for 26 years, but I just can't do it anymore. For years I asked the school board to let me teach a curriculum that doesn't hurt kids, but they always had other fish to fry. If you hear of a job where I don't have to hurt kids to make a living, let me know. The truth is that schools don't really teach anything, but blind obedience. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
Curriculum quotes by Henry Doss
#106. a large-scale policy mandating a mono-cultural curriculum – focused on teaching to the job may very well create a society of trained workers; but it will fail at creating a learning society. If we want to maintain a position of being inventive and vibrant and robust, we need an inventive, vibrant and robust educational philosophy. Just as teaching to the test distorts the learning process in ways that are often directly in opposition to the desired outcomes of the test, a teaching policy aimed at jobs alone may very well end up destroying jobs, or at the very least compromising a truly innovative culture. #Quote by Henry Doss
Curriculum quotes by Shivanshu K. Srivastava
#107. I've realised that the most diverse academic disciplines are not really incompatible but are rather harmonious. #Quote by Shivanshu K. Srivastava
Curriculum quotes by Julia Ann Charpentier
#108. The authors we classified as villains, detractors, and bad role models for our children are part of the educational curriculum. Freethinkers and the gutsy ones who pursued love and went against what society preordained are those we admire. The talented that wrote about these adventurous escapades and secret interludes are part of our literary tradition. #Quote by Julia Ann Charpentier
Curriculum quotes by Gary Thomas
#109. Bruner discusses the need for teachers to understand that children should want to study for study's own sake, for learnings's sake, not for the sake of good grades or examination success. The curriculum should, in other words, be interesting. (Yes, it sounds too obvious even to say, but sometimes the emphasis on content has trumped all other considerations, including that of making learning interesting.) #Quote by Gary Thomas
Curriculum quotes by Alice Waters
#110. Change the food in the schools and we can influence how children think. Change the curriculum and teach them how to garden and how to cook and we can show that growing food and cooking and eating together give lasting richness, meaning, and beauty to our lives. #Quote by Alice Waters
Curriculum quotes by Corra May Harris
#111. As I have grown older I am more and more convinced that I have not grown up, that my powers have not come to me, not my real wisdom to do and achieve the right thoughts. I lack some dear grace. I cannot seem to steady down and get the single eye. There is a curriculum in living in which I have not studied. This may be happiness. I want to know it; I should feel better prepared for immortality. I do not wish to arrive fagged at last and a bit slipshod in the spirit, as if I had a hard time all my mortal life. It is not complimentary to God. #Quote by Corra May Harris
Curriculum quotes by Henry A. Giroux
#112. Pedagogy is always about power, because it cannot be separated from how subjectives are formed, desires mobilized, how some experiences are legitimized and others are not, or how some knowledge is considered acceptable while other forms are excluded from the curriculum. #Quote by Henry A. Giroux
Curriculum quotes by Peggy Grant
#113. Technology also addresses the necessity to cover a wide range of content in a short length of time by minimizing the need to take each step of the curriculum at a slow enough pace to teach the slowest learners in a single, teacher-directed way. #Quote by Peggy Grant
Curriculum quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#114. There has been so much recent talk of progress in the areas of curriculum innovation and textbook revision that few people outside the field of teaching understand how bad most of our elementary school materials still are. #Quote by Jonathan Kozol
Curriculum quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
#115. The solution which I am urging is to eradicate the fatal disconnection of subjects which kills the vitality of our modern curriculum. There is only one subject-matter for education, and that is LIfe in all its manifestations. Instead of this single unity, we offer children
Algebra, from which nothing follows; Geometry, from which nothing follows; Science, from which nothing follows; History, from which nothing follows; a Couple of Languages, never mastered; and lastly, most dreary of all, Literature, represented by plays of Shakespeare, with philological notes and short analyses of plot and character to be in substance committed to memory. Can such a list be said to represent Life, as it is known in the midst of living it? The best that can be said of it is, that it is a rapid table of contents which a deity might run over in his mind while he was thinking of creating a world, and has not yet determined how to put it together #Quote by Alfred North Whitehead
Curriculum quotes by Donalyn Miller
#116. I believe that this corporate machinery of scripted programs, comprehension worksheets (reproducibles, handouts, printables, whatever you want to call them), computer-based incentive packages, and test practice curriculum facilitates a solid bottom-line for the companies that sell them, and give schools proof they can point to that they are using every available resource to teach reading, but these efforts are doomed to fail a large number of students because they leave out the most important factor. When you take a forklift and shovel off the programs, underneath it all is a child reading a book. #Quote by Donalyn Miller
Curriculum quotes by Elaine N. Aron
#117. In the first twenty years we are given our curriculum. In the next twenty we study it. #Quote by Elaine N. Aron
Curriculum quotes by Spike Lee
#118. When I went to school, you had to take art, you had to play an instrument. You had to play an instrument. But it's all degraded since then. I do not know what kind of nation we are that is cutting art, music, and gym out of the public-school curriculum. #Quote by Spike Lee
Curriculum quotes by Quincy Jones
#119. Everybody, no matter what vocation they're looking at, should add music as an essential to their curriculum. Music can be a very important part of your soul and your growth as a human being. It's so powerful. #Quote by Quincy Jones
Curriculum quotes by Tony Danza
#120. If you're a teacher you have to teach the curriculum, all that stuff, you have to teach morals, you have to teach values, and you have to teach, all-importantly, self-control. Because a lot of kids don't have it. #Quote by Tony Danza
Curriculum quotes by Betty Leask
#121. It is common to hear staff talk with both passion and concern about the "crowded curriculum;" how there is never enough time to "fit everything in." Often such comments result from a focus on the delivery of content rather than a focus on engaging students in active learning. An internationalized curriculum must focus on more than content. To make sense of and thrive in the world, students need to develop their ability to think critically, their intercultural competence, and their problem-solving skills as well as the ability to apply these skills and competencies in a rapidly changing, increasingly globalized and interconnected world. #Quote by Betty Leask
Curriculum quotes by Adrienne Rich
#122. Woman-identification is a source of energy, a potential springhead of female power, violently curtailed and wasted under the institution of heterosexuality. The denial of reality and visibility to women's passion for women, women's choice of women as allies, life companions, and community; the forcing of such relationships into dissimulation and their disintegration under intense pressure, have meant an incalculable loss to the power of all women to change the social relations of the sexes to liberate ourselves and each other. The lie of compulsory female heterosexuality today admits not just feminist scholarship, but every profession, every reference work, every curriculum, every organizing attempt, every relationship or conversation over which it hovers. It creates, specifically, a profound falseness, hypocrisy, and hysteria in the heterosexual dialogue, for every heterosexual relationship is lived in the queasy strobe-light of that lie. However we choose to identify ourselves, however we find ourselves labeled, it flickers across and distorts our lives. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Curriculum quotes by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
#123. Better I would have been at pulling parsnips out of my nose than charming any man, even if I so desired it, even if I quadrupled my studies in her unique curriculum. #Quote by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Curriculum quotes by Carol Ann Tomlinson
#124. Differentiated Instruction is a teaching philosophy based on the premise that teachers should adapt instruction to student differences. Rather than marching students through the curriculum lockstep, teachers should modify their instruction to meet students' varying readiness levels, learning preferences, and interests. Therefore, the teacher proactively plans a variety of ways to 'get it' and express learning. #Quote by Carol Ann Tomlinson
Curriculum quotes by Amartya Sen
#125. The curriculum of the school did not neglect India's cultural, analytical and scientific heritage, but was very involved also with the rest of the world. #Quote by Amartya Sen
Curriculum quotes by Bobbejaan Schoepen
#126. I have never been a child prodigy. When I think back to my childhood, I can not discern any sign of future success. My only real talent couldn't be found in any curriculum: whistling. #Quote by Bobbejaan Schoepen
Curriculum quotes by Anna Quindlen
#127. There are obvious places in which government can narrow the chasm between haves and have-nots. One is the public schools, which have been seen as the great leveler, the authentic melting pot. That, today, is nonsense. In his scathing study of the nation's public school system entitled "Savage Inequalities," Jonathan Kozol made manifest the truth: that we have a system that discriminates against the poor in everything from class size to curriculum. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Curriculum quotes by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
#128. We often assume that all teachers within a discipline address the same curriculum. This isn't always the case. We frequently find gaps between goals and what is actually taught, and these gaps can have a lasting impact on a child's learning. #Quote by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Curriculum quotes by William J. Reese
#129. Bruno Bettelheim, a psychologist and educator at the University of Chicago, wrote one of the most perceptive articles about education in the aftermath of Sputnik. He observed that while liberal policymakers urged racial integration they simultaneously favored intellectual segregation. Writing in Commentary in 1958, he said that northern white liberals wanted to obliterate the color line while replacing it with a hierarchical caste system based on intelligence. The movement to the suburbs was one way to ensure that their own children had a leg up on everyone. But gifted programs (and the new Advanced Placement programs in high school) promised middle- and upper-class whites (and some blacks who made it out of poverty) greater access to the highest-quality education. Despite all the Jeffersonian talk about how talented inhered in all classes, the poor were unlikely to benefit from gifted programs or the new curriculum projects. A new caste system was in the making, parodied so brilliantly in Michael Young's 1958 fantasy, The Rise of the Meritocracy. Bettelheim sarcastically asked why elite liberals were so worried. "Have these so-called gifted been winding up in the coal mines, have so few of them managed to enter Harvard, Yale, City College, or the University of Chicago? #Quote by William J. Reese
Curriculum quotes by Alexei Panshin
#130. Classics aren't books that are read for pleasure. Classics are books that are imposed on unwilling students, books that are subjected to analyses of "levels of significance" and other blatt, books that are dead. #Quote by Alexei Panshin
Curriculum quotes by Fannie Hurst
#131. But suppose, asks the student of the professor, we follow all your structural rules for writing, what about that something else that brings the book alive? What is the formula for that? The formula for that is not included in the curriculum. #Quote by Fannie Hurst
Curriculum quotes by Bel Kaufman
#132. Dear Bea - I've been wading through a pile of "Due before 3" mimeos - but now at last I know what to do with them: into the wastebasket! I'm also hep to the jargon. I know that "illustrative material" means magazine covers, "enriched curriculum" means teaching "who and whom," and that "All evaluation of students should be predicated upon initial goals and grade level expectations" means if a kid shows up, pass him. Right? #Quote by Bel Kaufman
Curriculum quotes by Elliot W. Eisner
#133. The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships. Unlike much of the curriculum in which correct answers and rules prevail, in the arts it is judgment rather than rules that prevail. #Quote by Elliot W. Eisner
Curriculum quotes by Alfie Kohn
#134. To control students is to force them to accommodate to a preestablished curriculum. #Quote by Alfie Kohn
Curriculum quotes by George Will
#135. The problem with intelligent-design theory, is not that it is false but that it is not falsifiable. Not being susceptible to contradicting evidence, it is not a testable hypothesis. Hence it is not a scientific but a creedal tenet - a matter of faith, unsuited to a public school's science curriculum. #Quote by George Will
Curriculum quotes by Amy Chua
#136. I do believe that when your child does poorly on a test, your first step should not necessarily be to attack the teacher or the school's curriculum. It should be to look at the idea that, maybe, the child didn't work hard enough. #Quote by Amy Chua
Curriculum quotes by Noah Feldman
#137. The yeshiva where I studied considers itself modern Orthodox, not ultra-Orthodox. We followed a rigorous secular curriculum alongside traditional Talmud and Bible study. #Quote by Noah Feldman
Curriculum quotes by Azar Nafisi
#138. Those who can afford private schooling need not worry about their children being deprived of art, music and literature in the classroom: they are more sheltered, for now, from the doctrine of efficiency that has been radically refashioning the public school curriculum. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Curriculum quotes by Kimberly Quinn
#139. Parents matter, buildings count, curriculum choices, materials, resources - all these things are important in a top-class education. But, in the end, it comes down to the teachers. #Quote by Kimberly Quinn
Curriculum quotes by Ken Robinson
#140. The mistake that many policymakers make is to believe that in education the best way to face the future is by improving what they did in the past. There are three major processes in education: the curriculum, which is what the school system expects students to learn; pedagogy, the process by which the system helps students to do it; and assessment, the process of judging how well they are doing. #Quote by Ken Robinson
Curriculum quotes by Gary Snyder
#141. All this new stuff goes on top
turn it over, turn it over
wait and water down
from the dark bottom
turn it inside out
let it spread through
Sift down even.
Watch it sprout.
A mind like compost. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Curriculum quotes by Brian Henson
#142. But curriculum-wise, I was drawn to the sciences and specifically to physics, and I really enjoyed it and I think for a little while there, I was really thinking my schooling would be in physics, that that was something I loved. #Quote by Brian Henson
Curriculum quotes by John Ortberg
#143. When I teach the formal curriculum, I have the chance to think about it ahead of time. I can rehearse it. I can illustrate it with self-deprecating humor and humble-sounding personal disclosure. I can try to make it comes out just right. #Quote by John Ortberg
Curriculum quotes by Russell Kirk
#144. The trouble with purging the school curriculum of religious knowledge is that ultimate questions cannot be answered without reference to religious beliefs or at least to philosophy. With religion expelled from the schools, a clear field was left for the entrance of the mode of belief called humanitarianism, or secular humanism--the latter a term employed by the cultural historian Christopher Dawson. During the past four decades and more, the place that religion used to hold in American schooling, always a rather modest and non-dogmatic place, has been filled by secular humanism. Its root principle is that human nature and society may be perfected without the operation of divine grace. . . .

In his book A Common Faith (1934), [John] Dewey advocated his brand of humanism as a religion. "Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class, or race," he wrote. "Such a faith has always been implicitly the common faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant."

Much more evidence exists to suggest that humanitarianism, or secular humanism, should be regarded in law as a religion, with respect to both establishment and free exercise in the First Amendment. It is this non-theistic religion, hostile to much of the established morality and many existing American institutions, that has come close to being established as a "civil religion" in American public schools. #Quote by Russell Kirk
Curriculum quotes by Ashley Montagu
#145. Love is the supreme form of communication. In the hierarchy of needs, love stands as the supreme developing agent of the humanity of the person. As such, the teaching of love should be the central core of all early childhood curriculum with all other subjects growing naturally out of such teaching. #Quote by Ashley Montagu
Curriculum quotes by Pankaj Ghemawat
#146. Business schools are failing to teach the students about the risks of market failures. We need to include some material on market failures in the core of curriculum. #Quote by Pankaj Ghemawat
Curriculum quotes by Michael Gove
#147. One of the problems we've had is that the ICT curriculum in the past has been written for a subject that is changing all the time. I think that what we should have is computer science in the future - and how it fits in to the curriculum is something we need to be talking to scientists, to experts in coding and to young people about. #Quote by Michael Gove
Curriculum quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#148. Not only does every Hebrew word have its own definition, but every Hebrew letter, within the word, has its own meaning. God placed before you a great banquet of universal truths. All this in 22 Hebrew letters. Every letter contains a progressive curriculum designed to teach you about this marvelous world that God gave us. These letters will flavor each word's definition claiming its place in God's well organized universe. #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Curriculum quotes by Nel Noddings
#149. It still amazes me that we insist on teaching algebra to all students when only about 20 percent will ever use it and fail to teach anything about parenting when the vast majority of our students will become parents. #Quote by Nel Noddings
Curriculum quotes by Lilian Katz
#150. Curriculum should help children make deeper and fuller understanding of their own experience #Quote by Lilian Katz
Curriculum quotes by Garry Kasparov
#151. In an age when schools are facing significant budgetary restraints, there is a greater need than ever to make chess available to as many students as possible. We've assembled the very best in chess education to develop a complete chess curriculum - K through 12. We've designed a program that encourages creativity, instills self-discipline and offers hope and a feeling of accomplishment to millions of children. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Curriculum quotes by Dave Barry
#152. I am absolutely sick unto death of hearing people say - they all say this; it must be Item One on the curriculum in Trend College - "I just hate to talk to a machine!" They say this as though it is a major philosophical position, as opposed to a description of a minor neurosis. My feeling is, if you have a problem like this, you shouldn't go around trumpeting it; you should stay home and practice talking to a machine you can feel comfortable with, such as your Water Pik, until you are ready to assume your place in modern society. #Quote by Dave Barry
Curriculum quotes by Kerry Healey
#153. Well, I think that abstinence has its place as part of a comprehensive health and sex education curriculum. It would be wrong to exclude abstinence from a health curriculum, because there are some potentially very serious ramifications for early sexual activity. #Quote by Kerry Healey
Curriculum quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#155. In the early 1970s in Atlanta, I attended what had formerly been an all-white school but had become a black school after integration and white flight. Perhaps because of this, the teachers created a curriculum that included a focus on African American literature and history year-round, not just in February. #Quote by Natasha Trethewey
Curriculum quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#156. That seemed crazy on the face of it, but slowly I began to realize that the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the age-segregation, the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of the national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
Curriculum quotes by Peter Kreeft
#157. Music is more powerful than reason in the soul. That is also why Plato made music the very first step in his long educational curriculum: good music was to create the harmony of soul that would be a ripe field for the higher harmony of reason to take root in later. And that is also why he said that the decay of the ideal state would begin with a decay in music. In fact, one of your obscure modern scholars has shown that social and political revolutions have usually been preceded by musical revolutions, and why another sage said, 'Let me write the songs of a nation and I care not who writes its laws. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Curriculum quotes by Renee Fleming
#158. Fostering creativity in children is as important as any other part of the school curriculum because it feeds the soul. A daily dose of creativity helps children imagine a better world and then create it. #Quote by Renee Fleming
Curriculum quotes by Dan Meyer
#159. Students need to decide, 'All right, well, does the height matter? Does the side of it matter? Does the color of the valve matter? What matters here?' - such an underrepresented question in math curriculum. #Quote by Dan Meyer
Curriculum quotes by Conrad Wolfram
#160. Every math curriculum in the world is based on the idea of hand-calculating, and most of what you're teaching is how to calculate. And I think the resistance to this is very variable. #Quote by Conrad Wolfram
Curriculum quotes by Donald Jeffries
#161. Our society has come to adopt many of the draconian measures Orwell
tried to warn us about. Cameras monitor citizens from nearly every street
corner in the United Kingdom, and there are a steadily growing number
of them mounted on traffic lights in America. The fact that Orwell's 1984
remains a part of the required reading curriculum in many high schools
across the country is laughably ironic. What is truly sad is how many readers
acknowledge the brilliant foresight of Orwell yet fail to grasp how closely
present-day America (and England) resemble Winston Smith's Oceania. #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Curriculum quotes by Donovan L. Graham
#162. School curriculum, learning activities--all educational pursuits--should be characterized by and should lead to a sense and experience of wholeness. (p25) #Quote by Donovan L. Graham
Curriculum quotes by Zac Goldsmith
#163. All schools should teach children basic cooking skills. Every school should be able to buy sustainable, good quality food wherever possible from local sources. Every school should include food-growing in the curriculum. For some, that will mean twinning with willing farms. For others, it will mean literally building their own small farms. #Quote by Zac Goldsmith
Curriculum quotes by Albert Einstein
#164. Only in mathematics and physics was I, through self-study, far beyond the school curriculum, and also with regard to philosophy as it was taught in the school curriculum. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Curriculum quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#165. School programs the schooled to type a CV. Life inspires the unschooled to type a business plan. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Curriculum quotes by Shana Abe
#166. The duke's son and the pauper girl. I suppose as a couple we were the most interesting thing in view.
I took the champagne glass from Armand and finished what he hadn't. As Sophia had said, it wasn't swill.
So much for my manners.
"Why am I here?" I asked curtly, handing back the empty flute.
"Because I invited you."
I dropped my voice. "Did you find out anything about Rue?"
"Is that why you came?"
"No, I came because I simply can't get enough of people looking down their noses at me. The girls at school are getting frightfully lax about it."
"Are they? How remiss of them. We're taught from the cradle how to look down our noses, you know, we rich sons of bitches. Perhaps Westcliffe's curriculum is a tad too liberal these days."
"Why, yes, my lord," I said very audibly. "I would enjoy seeing the rest of the boat."
"The yacht."
"That, yes. #Quote by Shana Abe
Curriculum quotes by Christopher Lasch
#167. The left sees nothing but bigotry and superstition in the popular defense of the family or in popular attitudes regarding abortion, crime, busing, and the school curriculum. #Quote by Christopher Lasch
Curriculum quotes by Gary Thomas
#168. Aside from the straightforwardly visible curriculum, there is the hidden curriculum. This exists in the wider set of beliefs and values pupils acquire because of the way that a school is run and its teaching organized. It is about the behaviour of the teachers, the textbooks chosen, the school rules. #Quote by Gary Thomas
Curriculum quotes by John Thune
#169. Chuck Swindoll is somebody who I've read a lot over the years and have used his curriculum when I've taught Sunday school classes. #Quote by John Thune
Curriculum quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#170. That thing, multiculturalism, has basically taken over the curriculum, or what is taught in the public school system. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Curriculum quotes by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
#171. No one likes to feel used. When the perceived focus becomes the content over the person, people feel used. When teachers are valued only for the test scores of their students, they feel used. When administrators are "successful" only when they achieve "highly effective school" status, they feel used. Eventually, "used" people lose joy in learning and teaching. Curriculum does not teach; teachers do. Standards don't encourage; administrators do. Peaceable schools value personnel and students for who they are as worthy human beings. ... If your mission statement says you care, then specific practices of care should be habits within your school. #Quote by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
Curriculum quotes by William Shakespeare
#172. Prophet may you be!
If I be false, or swerve a hair from truth,
when time is old and hath forgot itself,
when waterdrops have worn the stones of Troy,
and blind oblivion swallowed cities up,
and mighty states characterless are grated
to dusty nothing, yet let memory,
from false to false, among false maids in love,
upbraid my falsehood! #Quote by William Shakespeare
Curriculum quotes by Bertrand Russell
#173. More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Curriculum quotes by Seymour Papert
#174. Every maker of video games knows something that the makers of curriculum don't seem to understand. You'll never see a video game being advertised as being easy. Kids who do not like school will tell you it's not because it's too hard. It's because it's
boring #Quote by Seymour Papert
Curriculum quotes by Bill Ayers
#175. We have sex education - I'm for it, I'm not against it. But any curriculum should recognize that it's young people's job to invent it themselves. You're not going to teach them; they're going to reinvent it. #Quote by Bill Ayers
Curriculum quotes by Joe Biden
#176. Based on my own experiences, I made sure, and I'm proud of this, that the Common Core curriculum is hard on plagiarizers. #Quote by Joe Biden
Curriculum quotes by Shana Abe
#177. Is that why you came?'
'No, I came because I simply can't get enough of people looking down their noses at me. The girls at school are getting frightfully lax about it.'
'Are they? How remiss of them. We're taught from the cradle how to look down our noses, you know, we rich sons of bitches. Perhaps Westcliffe's curriculum is a tad too liberal these days. #Quote by Shana Abe
Curriculum quotes by John Goodlad
#178. The curriculum of the future will be what one might call the humanistic curriculum. #Quote by John Goodlad
Curriculum quotes by Rick Warren
#179. Life is a school and problems are the curriculum. #Quote by Rick Warren
Curriculum quotes by Louis Menand
#180. My own view is that the general education curriculum that a college picks has to be appropriate for the kind of student body that it has. #Quote by Louis Menand
Curriculum quotes by Glenda Green
#181. The practice of discernment is part of higher consciousness. Discernment is not just a step up from judgment. In life's curriculum, it is the opposite of judgment. Through judgment a man reveals what he needs to confront and learn. Through discernment, one reveals what he has mastered. #Quote by Glenda Green
Curriculum quotes by Alain De Botton
#182. In the field of education, it seems 'normal' to run stories about class sizes, teachers' pay, the country's performance in international league tables and the right balance between the roles of the private and state sectors. But we would risk seeming distinctly odd, even demented, if we asked whether the curriculum actually made sense; whether it really equipped students with the emotional and psychological resources that are central to the pursuit of good lives. When it comes to housing, the news urges us to worry about how to get construction companies working, how to make purchasing a home easier for first-time buyers and how to balance the claims of nature against those of jobs and businesses. But it doesn't tend to find time to ask primordial, eccentric-sounding questions like: 'Why are our cities so ugly?' In discussions of economics, our energy is channelled towards pondering what the right level of taxation should be and how best to combat inflation. But we are discouraged by mainstream news from posing the more peculiar, outlying questions about the ends of labour, the nature of justice and the proper role of markets. News stories tend to frame issues in such a way as to reduce our will or even capacity to imagine them in profoundly other ways. Through its intimidating power, news numbs. Without anyone particularly rooting for this outcome, more tentative but potentially important private thoughts get crushed. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Curriculum quotes by Tim Hunt
#183. At the age of 14, I moved across town to Magdalen College School, Oxford, where science played a much larger role in the curriculum. #Quote by Tim Hunt
Curriculum quotes by Socrates
#184. Let the questions be the curriculum. #Quote by Socrates
Curriculum quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#185. If a nation reads what is good with a good understanding, it gets a good understanding for a good nation building! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Curriculum quotes by Charles Schwahn
#186. Most frequently, groups are formed and assigned the task of setting goals for a specific part of the strategic plan. One group might be working on the mission statement, another on curriculum, another on instruction, another on technology, another on facilities, and so forth. Groups work simultaneously with little communication between them before they present their recommendations to the total group. How can they do this??? Won't the mission be a strong influence on curriculum, won't a new vision have a strong influence on facilities, etc.? #Quote by Charles Schwahn
Curriculum quotes by James S. Coleman
#187. It is one thing to take as a given that approximately 70 percent of an entering high school freshman class will not attend college, but to assign a particular child to a curriculum designed for that 70 percent closes off for that child the opportunity to attend college. #Quote by James S. Coleman
Curriculum quotes by Will Richardson
#188. We have to stop delivering the curriculum to kids. We have to start discovering it with them. #Quote by Will Richardson
Curriculum quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#189. We think scientific literacy flows out of how many science facts can you recite rather than how was your brain wired for thinking. And it's the brain wiring that I'm more interested in rather than the facts that come out of the curriculum or the lesson plan that's been proposed. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Curriculum quotes by Charles Handy
#190. Home is the first school for us all, a school with no fixed curriculum, no quality control, no examinations, no teacher training #Quote by Charles Handy
Curriculum quotes by Alasdair MacIntyre
#191. For by either eliminating mention of God from the curriculum altogether (departments of religious studies concern themselves with various types of belief in God, not with God), or by restricting reference to God to departments of theology, such universities render their secular curriculum Godless. And this Godlessness is, as I already noted, not just a matter of the subtraction of God from the range of objects studied, but also and quite as much the absence of any integrated and overall view of things. #Quote by Alasdair MacIntyre
Curriculum quotes by Milan Kundera
#192. I had all kinds of answers ready for the commissions that called me in and asked me what had made me become a Communist, but what had attracted me to the movement more than anything, dazzled me, was the feeling (real or apparent) of standing near the wheel of history. For in those days we actually did decide the fate of men and events, especially at the universities; in those early years there were very few Communists on the faculty, and the Communists in the student body ran the universities almost single-handed, making decisions on academic staffing, teaching reform, and the curriculum. The intoxication we experienced is commonly known as the intoxication of power, but (with a bit of good will) I could choose less severe words: we were bewitched by history; we were drunk with the thought of jumping on its back and feeling it beneath us; admittedly, in most cases the result was an ugly lust for power, but (as all human affairs are ambiguous) there was still (and especially, perhaps, in us, the young), an altogether idealistic illusion that we were inaugurating a human era in which man (all men) would be neither outside history, nor under the heel of history, but would create and direct it. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Curriculum quotes by Lisa Delpit
#193. If the curriculum we use to teach our children does not connect in positive ways to the culture young people bring to school, it is doomed to failure. #Quote by Lisa Delpit
Curriculum quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#194. For instance, few realize that we are changing the brains of schoolchildren through medication in order to make them adjust to the curriculum, rather than the reverse. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Curriculum quotes by Salman Khan
#195. Personal responsibility is not only undervalued but actually discouraged by the standard classroom model, with its enforced passivity and rigid boundaries of curriculum and time. Denied the opportunity to make even the most basic decisions about how and what they will learn, students stop short of full commitment. #Quote by Salman Khan
Curriculum quotes by Cate Malek
#196. So when I went to school, I studied a Jordanian curriculum. We never studied anything about Palestine or its history. We never saw a Palestinian map. We studied the history of Jordan, of China, of Germany, of England - I remember learning about all the families who ruled England - but nothing connected to our history, nothing connected to our geography, nothing connected to our culture. #Quote by Cate Malek
Curriculum quotes by Carol Ann Tomlinson
#197. In differentiated classrooms, teachers begin where students are, not the front of a curriculum guide. #Quote by Carol Ann Tomlinson
Curriculum quotes by Tamara L. Chilver
#198. I want home educators to look beyond the lesson plans, curriculum, and grades to see the abundant blessings. My desire is for parents to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the destination.
When you begin to embrace the journey- TRULY embrace the journey- the joy of homeschooling will be absolutely A.MA.ZING. You will begin to see the much larger picture and God's work in your homeschool day more than you ever have before. #Quote by Tamara L. Chilver
Curriculum quotes by Dan Greathouse & Kathleen Donalson
#199. Assessment can be either formal and/or informal measures that gather information. In education, meaningful assessment is data that guides and informs the teacher and/or stakeholders of students' abilities, strategies, performance, content knowledge, feelings and/or attitudes. Information obtained is used to make educational judgements or evaluative statements. Most useful assessment is data which is used to adjust curriculum in order to benefit the students. Assessment should be used to inform instruction. Diagnosis and assessment should document literacy in real-world contexts using data as performance indicators of students' growth and development. #Quote by Dan Greathouse & Kathleen Donalson
Curriculum quotes by Pallam Raju
#200. I think it is very important to build the moral fibre of the youth. Moral education should be part of the curriculum, and I will work towards introducing that. #Quote by Pallam Raju

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